Bristol History – Celebrating the lives of ordinary people

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Hello I’m DP Lindegaard and I’ve been researching social history in the West for nearly 50 years

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Warts and all - my family history: Honours; Pillingers; Frays & Lindegaards

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Norton James’ official MN card stating him to be a “Man of Colour”.

Domille Lucia James – A story of a black Bristol woman for Black History Month

Please Note: This post contains words which are no longer acceptable but were commonplace during the 2nd World War when these incidents occurred. I cannot say that DOMILLE LUCIA JAMES is inspirational; in fact,...

“Free Coloured Persons”: the ancestral story of Charles Walter Cumberbatch

“Going to Barbados” (a euphemism for being “under the influence”.)  Benjamin Franklin, 1737. (attrib.) [1] “Barbados is the other place where I like to be.” Cliff Richard. Introduction This is the sequel to “Pamela...

My Pillinger Women: No. 4 – Martha Britton Pillinger and her daughter, Pamela Pillinger Cumberbatch

On 12th May 1850 when a baby girl was baptised at a small village in Somerset called Queen Charlton, her first name may have caused a slight flutter of interest, as it did to...

Fossil Hunters on Charmouth Beach

Charmouth Tales: “All he did was sell Monmouth some fish……”

Only a few days back from Charmouth in Dorset, so I’m still demob-happy, not yet ready to contemplate the list of historical ideas I’ve got for future blogs in the dark days and long...

A jam pan for making jam

The Family Tree of a Jam Pan

Today, 7 August 2023, I made five pots of Strawberry Jam in the Jam Pan. My young man grows fruit at the allotment but don’t worry if you don’t do the same. Strawberries are...

Comet 1811

Is Your Name Comet?

As my small band of followers will know I have a family connection with Outer Space. Way back in the days of yore I was idling through the Brislington parish registers when I spotted...

Sad Memories of a failed Rock Chick

On 23 March 1958 Buddy Holly and the Crickets played at Bristol’s Colston Hall. I had a ticket but nobody to go with. I was in the doldrums, and it was a Sunday. I...

Colin Pillinger and DP Lindegaard

Colin Pillinger – The ‘rock fan’ who set his sights on Mars

9 May 1943, something was up, my cousin Joyce Comley arrived “to mind me”. She was sixteen and very grand. Children then were supposed to be “seen and not heard” which didn’t suit me...

Coronation day, 1953

Tuesday June 2nd, 1953, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. I was 16, pleased to get the day off school, [five years of misery], and shortly due to start work at J.S. Fry &...

Coronation 1937 Herbert St Whitehall

Coronation Street Party, George VI, Herbert Street, Whitehall, 1937

12.5.1937, one month before I was born. Very few men, except for those in drag; women in pinnies; numerous kids….…. Do you recognise anyone? First posted in Thanks to Dorothy Acford.