Kingswood Index: A – B


Adams, 1704, Mangots, see E.J., p145

Abraham, minor, bach, coalminer, Kingswood, father William, cm &Elizabeth Kirby, sp, KW, father Joseph, hatter, mar HTKW 5 Apr 1842

Betty, see Thomas Haskins, 1759; Charlotte, see Geo Williams 1833

Elizabeth, & Mr Ford her hsb, MD 1721, died 1722, MD

James W., salesman, Redfield, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835

James, 76, wife, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Mr & Mrs, sub post office ca 1924 see “All Around Oldland” EP (BT) 12.9.2006

Widow, see Sir John Newton, 1674

William, see John Britton, 1648; William, see Abraham, 1842



Ann, see John Chick, 1748



Leighton, d.25.5.1763, aged 50, Susanna his wife, d. 21.11.177, aged 68, Bitton, Bigland

Mary, sp of Bitton = Joseph Painter, sojourner, Keynsham 1762



Thomas, of Bitton, hung himself, buried Bitton 15 May 1821



John, gent of P & J, died 1 Sep 1778 aged 63, MI St George



Ann, 21, Westerleigh, labourer, transported 7 yrs March 1832. GRO L 1832-350

Capt Samuel, native of New England. MI Bitton. Died aged 45 10 Oct 1757. Erected by wife Edith, later Mrs George Williams. She was buried in same grave as above Nov 29 1775 aged 55. Bitton, Bigland



Eleanor: “nee Silk, a native of Devizes, missing from her lodgings in Lawrence Hill, since February 1815, in a deranged state of mind. Reward Offered.” FFBJ 7.2.1818



William, of Westerleigh & Dorothy Bristow married Wapley & Codrington 19 Sep 1759



James, 30, Yate tsp life Aug 1840 (alias Wm Rodman) GRO 5/6/S 1840-23



Rev. George, Vicar of Mangotsfield, 1881- ? see E.J. p 61; 1896. See Braine, p 199



Mr R.G. of Winterbourne, of the Royal College of Surgeons, London to Miss K. Valyer, d.o. Thomas Valyer, esquire.



Nicholas, mason, Winterbourne, Probate Inventory 1736 BRO



Ann, One of 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick after his expulsion by John Wesley, 1740. “With these 24 I came to Stephen Tippett’s house, a little way from London Road and we sat down & wept together but resolved to continue as hearty friends to each other and to meet often. John Cennick’s diary, Bristol University and F.C. Jones collection at BRO

Edward, s.o John husbandman of Siston’ apprenticed as “taylor” (tailor),  March 12 1605. Bristol Apprents, BRO

Frederick, 19, breaking windows, 1820, BAFHS Journal, no 61, p31

Isaac, see Wm Lacey 1844

James, of Bitton, cm, bach, over 21 & Mary Hake of Redcliffe sp over 21. Thomas Chapman Miller of St John, gent as bondsman. BMLB, 22 May 1804 BRO.

James (or Jeremiah?): “1840, Aug 22, the Nelson sank at the Dog House abt 9 o’clock at night loaded with ashes by the neglect of Jem Allen or Louseham” (Couch). (Diary of John Couch, quarryman, author’s own copy)

John, see Edward 1605;

John see Robt Moss, 1815

Sarah, see Henry Ellacombe, 1871

Susanna, see Moses Robbins 1797

Thomas of Bitton & Mary —- of Mangotsfield, BMLB 13.12.1705

Thomas, yeoman of Mangotsfield, Bristol Electoral Roll 1734 & 1739

Thomas, 77, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

William, Frampton Cotterell lab, tsp 7 yrs Jan 1833 GRO 5/4/L/1833/120

Allen & Prior, boot factory, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer.



Family: John Alley, husbandman, Men & Armour, 1608, see “The Peacock-Alley Family” 1589-1647 in “The Simple Annals of the Poor” (DPL Dissertation)



Lucy, wife of William, merchant of Bristol, and sister of Charles Bragge of Cleeve Hill. d.14.12.1741, MI Mangots, E.J., page 38



Henry, committed to Glo’shire gaol by Richard Haynes esq. stealing 2 bank of England notes from pocket of Richard Fenning esq. of Bitton. FFBJ Jul 17 1813



Sarah, see William Leonard 1793



Mrs Elizabeth, “servant to my Lady Hart”, died Jul 1724, MD refers to her cottage in Hanham.



John, see Benjamin Owen, 1777



Thomas, of Berkeley Rd, Eastville, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP (KIACP)



Abraham, see Elizabeth Willis, 1789; Anne, see Stephen 1735

Daniel, see Jonathon 1701; Daniel, see Mary Dennis 1719

Daniel, kcp & bur Westerleigh 14 Feb 1786

Daniel, “vereing boy” (coalmine worker) 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George, cm aged 46 killed by falling down waymouth of No. 6 pit, 142 fathoms to bottom, Inq held 16 Dec 1805 at Ring of Bells Coalpit Heath, Bur Westerleigh 17 Dec 1805 see KIACP

Fred, miners’ leader, Frog Lane, see Roy Crew, 2012. SGMRG

George, Stephen, Sampson, John, “hewers” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George, see James 1841

Giles, of St P & J, feltmaker & Susannah Hinney of Westerleigh. John Morgan P & J, labourer as bondsman. Mar. Lic. Jan 1727 BRO

Hannah, see William 1841

Henry, cm bastardy order issued at Westerleigh 7 May 1717 for female child of Frances Harris.(BRO)

Henry, cm bur Westerleigh 12 Mar 1752 PR BRO

Isaac, see Uriah 1773 & 76; Jacob, see Uriah 1773

James, see Uriah 1773 & 76; James, “landsman” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James, cm aged 60. 1841 census Westerleigh in family group of Lydia aged 45, Sarah aged 15, Mary Ann, 15 & George aged 10.

John, see Mary Mozley, 1682; John, cm, bur Westerleigh, 12.3.1752 (PR)

John, see William 1762, see George, 1789, see Wm, 1789

John, kcp bur Westerleigh 14 Feb 1792. (KIACP)

John, cm, kcp belonging to Tippett & Co by large qty stone & rubbish falling on him. Inq at St George 25 Apr 1801 (KIACP)

John, cm, aged 7, killed Whimsey Pit by a wheel striking him on head. Inq 27 Jun 1820 at Westerleigh.(KIACP)

Jonathon (Allsupp), s.o. Daniel of Westerleigh apprenticed to Peter Wilkins, house carpenter, 23 May 1701. Bristol apprents.

Jonathan, see Rachel Milsom

Jonathon, John, William & John, “sinkers” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Lydia, see James 1841

Mary, of Mangotsfield & William Baldwin, cooper, St Mary Redcliff. 6 Aug 1716, mar. Lic. bond, BRO

Mary (Ellsopp), Winterbourne & George Williams, yeoman of same. Bonds. Stephen Ellsopp of Westbury on Trym. Mar Lic bond 6 Aug 1716

Mary, see William Landsdown 1819; Mary Ann, see William Landsdown 1819

Mary Ann, see James 1841

Moses, cordwainer, Black Horse, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1835

Nancy, see Stephen Dando 1772; Nancy, see Isaac Turner 1778

Peter, see Ann Pinnell; Roland, drowned Crews Hole, Bs Mi, Feb 28 1824

Sampson, see George, 1789; Samuel, see William Landsdown 1819

Sarah, see Elizabeth Willis, 1789, see James 1841 see William 1841

Stephen (Alsope), s.o. William of outparish, bp St P & J 24 Nov 1723

Stephen (Alsup), of St P & J cm, “now as my dear wife have been truly affectionate to me & by her industry it is that we have got our small substance” Will of  Stephen Alsup 16.4. 1735. Witnesses Christopher Moore & Thomas Dearie, Will proved by widow Ann as executrix 14 Mar 1737. BRO

Stephen see George, 1789

Thomas = Sarah Wigmore both of Westerleigh mar Yate Feb 27 1719

Thomas, cm, bur Westerleigh Mar 20 1748

Uriah:  Jacob Alsop s.o. Uriah Alsop cm of Stapleton, Glo’shire apprent. to Richard Champion, china manufacturer & Judith his wife as painter, 18 Jan 1773 & Isaac s.o. Uriah Alsop late of St George, Glo’shire, cm, deceased to James Alsop, potter, 7 yrs. 28 Nov 1776. (Bristol Apprentices BRO

Uriah, of Lawrence Hill, bur 6.9.1832 aged 62. Holy Trinity Chapel of Ease to St P & J.

William, see Stephen 1723, see Jonathon, 1789

William, cm aged 25. Census 1841 Coalpit Heath in family gp with Hannah aged 15 and Sarah aged 11 mths.

William, cm, s.o. John, kcp & bur 10 Dec 1762 at Westerleigh (KIACP)



Mary Ann, 37, wid, 2 ch, KW North, outdoor poor 1897



Benjamin – see William 1738

Mr Ames – see Thomas Horsman 1893

William & Benjamin, infants. Frenchay, Bur in woollen 1738 B32433/5 BRL



Abraham, born Bitton, Royal Artillery, 1795-1814 discharged aged 42. (NA)

Abraham, many years faithful bailiff of T.P. Peterson esq, Mangots House. Obit BGaz Jul 19 1849

Abraham: worker pre 1900 (?) at Howes Candle Factory KW Hill, 1820-1842 etc, see article by DV EP 3.12.1953

Daniel, cm, aged 19, killed with Henry Bright of Kingswood, at Soundwell by rubbish falling on them. Inq 5 Jul 1820 at Bitton (GRO D 260)

Elizabeth, see Wm Butler, 1708

Gabriel, of Westerleigh feltmonger & Sarah Charles of Doynton mar Doynton, Lic. 14 Apr 1770

Martha, see Thomas Bowen 1785

Thomas, Winterbourne, hat manufacturer, a truly honest man, obit FFBJ 11.7.1807


Amos family group supplied by Keith Amos, 37 Mars Street, Cromer, NSW 2099 Australia:


James Amos bc1804, Bristol  = (1) Jane Bennett 24 Apr 1825 at St Pauls, & (2) Sarah Powell or Griffin, 5 Apr 1844 at St Mary le Port.


Children: (1)John b c1828 = Elizabeth Street, Parish Trinity St Philips 30 May 1852. By 1871 she was remarried to James Brown, shoemaker, and residing 15 Lower Castle Street, St P & J.

(2) Emma b 28 Jun 1842 St James Back. (3) Louisa b Bristol c1846 (4) Sarah b Bristol c1849


Grandchild: John .o. John & Elizabeth b 9 Oct 1853 at 4 Aldens Ct, St James, shoemaker,  = Matilda Smith 28 Jul 1872 at St Peter


Children of John & Martha: Joseph (1872), Henry b 24 Feb 1876 at 11 Lower Castle St, became a shoemaker, Emily (c1874) Jessie (c1878) Charlie (c1880)  In 1881 Henry’s family living at 2 Soper’s Lane, Bristol.



Ann, see William Willis 1793

Martha, see Charles Emerson 1724; Sarah, see William Willis 1793



Annie, see Moses 1881

Charlotte, see Moses 1881

Moses, cm, aged 10, earned 3 shillings a week at tugging, Kingswood Lodge Collieries, 1841 (Waring) KIACP

Moses, of 9 Gladstone Place, St George, 1881 census: Moses, widower, aged 50, cm, b Mangotsfield, Charlotte, dau, unm, staymaker, b St George, 19, Annie, dau, unm, boot machinist, b St George, 16.



Francis, cm, kcp, Pile Marsh belonging to Mr George Jones by 3 ton weight earth & rubbish falling on him. Inq 22 Dec 1804 at Don John Cross,  St George. (D260 GRO) (KIACP)



Edward, esq., 1743, see E.J. p192; Edward Andrewes, 1751, Mangots, E.J. 158

Edward, esq, of Church Hill House, Mangots., d.18.7 1758 aged 49. Monument erected by Elizabeth his relic (sic) second d.o. Edward Turner of Stoke Rochford, Lincoln, by whom he had 4 sons now surviving and one dau, Elizabeth d.8.7.1749 and lies with him in a vault adjoining this place. Elizabeth, his relic, d. 10.11.1774 aged 54, also S.M., s.o. above, 1786, 42. With heraldry. “This was one of the tombs tampered with in the forgery of 1896”. (MI, Mangots, E.J., p38 & pages re Herbert Davies’ forgery 283-5.)

Elizabeth, 50, wid, 2 ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Mercy, 74, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Richard, 82, wife, aged, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897



Thomas, 37, wife, 5 ch, illness Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

William, see Anthony Pitcher 1689


ANGORSON see Anchorson



Arabella, of St P & J, re female bastard child of James Kerr, labourer of same. Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions. 21 Feb 1829. (Vol 22 WOT BRO)



Elizabeth, see Aaron Brain 1804

John, 29, of St George. Traveller with fruit. Tsp 7 yrs July 1832 (GRO 5/4/S1832/87)

Thomas, see Ann Pinnell; Thomas, see James Ludlow 1781



Ann – see Aaron Brain, 1823



Sarah see Sam Griffin,1790



Madam: see Frances Lewton, 1721; “Mrs Archer’s Liberty” see Thomas Britton 1755

Miss: P. Kenefeck of Millbrook House, Stapleton & Miss Archer, eldest d.o. late Thomas Archer of Sutton Coldfield, and granddaughter of John Chivers, esq, Stapleton, marriage, FFBJ 27.6.1807.

Mrs, see Edward Willmott 1757; Lady Archer – see Mr Whittuck 1783

Squire: MD 1722

Susanna Archer: Ref 35223 BRO. Various deeds: 1a:  1747 15 March: lease Susanna Archer, Barres Court widow, William Liddiard of Hanham, yeoman

1b: 1748 Jan 6, William Liddiard to Charles Cool, Oldland, cordwainer.

1a: Oct 14 1794 (1) Geo Cool of Gloucester, William Cool, Hanham, James Cool, St Giles, London, cordwainers & Samuel Brain, Oldland, William Smith. Blacksmiths. (2) Charles Cool, Hanham cordwainer, John West, Hanham, mariner

2: 1 July 1747 Susanna Archer to Charles Cool, Hanham, cordwainer

3: 19 Mar 1772: (1) Michael Newton, esq, Barrs Court & (2) Charles Cool, shoemaker Hanham.

4: Notice to quit Samuel Brain to Timothy Bailey Mar 13 1836, Cottage Mount Hill; Tenancy 6 Jan 1837 Samuel Brain George Bryant of Oldland & 2. George Milsom, Oldland.

William (Will) MD1722



William, Stapleton, 1684, Probate Inventory, BRO



Anthony & Katherine, see Francis Creswick 1674



William, 21, making a bonfire in the street,  LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, no 61, p31



Mr: an officer of Excise who fell down a coalpit in Kingswood; see FFBJ 8 Feb 1766



“John Armitstead well known as a coal adventurer — a colliery proprietor had a pit between Church Road and Whitehall Road, St George where he installed a pumping engine for raising coal. Power was generated from water by means of a fire and ergo the device was called a Fire-engine. It stood on Colt’s or Boulter’s Ground but the land came to be known as the Engine Ground. To this day, a pub in the area is called the Fire Engine.” From Paul Townsend’s website, source Sanigar:


Bigland, Church of St George (now demolished) in the South Aisle, Marble Tablet: (In Latin) Here lies the mortal remains of Christiana wife of John Armitstead Oct 24 A.D. 1772 aged 54. Latin verse, recognise “the life eternal” etc..


John Armitsead, widower otp, & Hannah x Manley, widow of Bathford married by lic. St George (Kingswood) 21.8.1777


Hannah buried 1778


John buried St George 18.5.1793


No children.


Will (PCC) proved 1794 nephew Richard Faraday of Romsey, Hants & legacy to sister Elizabeth Burchett. Mentions nothing about coalpits – only vague property.


Wm T. Sanigar (1936) says “Armitstead was a relative of the local family Burchell” but he has  misread the name, possibly from Armitstead’s PCC will. John sister was


Elizabeth Armitstead = Thomas Burchett, 23 Jan 1759 London (Archbishop of Canterbury Lic) mar at St Benet, Pauls wharf, London



James, 77, wife, rheumatic gout, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897

John, aleseller, now Mary Arnold. Survey of Inhabitants of Kingswood Chase 1684. (Ellacombe II)

Margaret, Westerleigh, Barbados, 1658, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Mary, see John, 1684

Mary, aleseller, wid, 1 ch, survey of KW Chase 1691, Bitton Vol, 10, Ellacombe

Thomas, aged 13, labourer of P & J, tsp 14 yrs Mar 1835. (GRO 5/5/L 1835-276)



Peter, Upper Berkley Placesee Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

  1. Arrive & W.B. Cross, secretaries; meeting of first day Cock Road School. See Bs Gazette Oct 24 1816



—–Arthurs see Francis Shipley, 1687

Ann, Elizabeth, widow, Elizabeth & Sarah Arthur. Inhabitants of Siston noted in a perambulation of the parish, 1674. (PR)

Charles, of Stapleton & Sarah Simmonds of Mangots, mar  St P &  J, 10.9.1735

Charles, 1743, see E.J. p193

Charles, the ygr, cm see Norborne Berkeley, 1747

Charles, Mr, Steward of Coalworks of Norborne Berkeley, esquire, married Mrs Martin, a gentlewoman with a handsome fortune. BWI 30.12.1749

Charles, “Monday died at his house in the Lodge KW, Mr Charles Arters (sic) senior, director of CWs there and steward to Norborne Berkeley esq., MP for the County of Gloucester. By his profession he acquired a handsome fortune with a fair character.” BWI 24 Feb 1750. MI at Westerleigh (Bigland) 19 Feb 1749, old dating, aged 72; also Sarah wife of Charles A, 4 Mar 1739 aged 58 and Elizabeth, 2nd wife 15 Sep 1748 aged 65.

Charles, the elder of Kingswood Lodge, parish of Stapleton.  His will 4 Mar 1759. (BRO)

Mentions: dau Mary Lovel, Mary Lovel’s children William, Charles, Celia, Love Lovel & Lucy wife of Charles Lutton; dau Hannah Arthur; dau Sarah Arthur; grandson Charles Arthur: two houses in Downend occupied by Charles Lutton & Edward Spicer, grand dau Mary Arthur (when 21) son Charles Arthur; grandson Samuel Punter, grand dau Elizabeth Coleman, nephew Edward Webster, niece Elizabeth Smith, niece Martha Jeffery. Elizabeth Emett, wife of William Emmett of Stapleton; all goods that were wife Elizabeth’s before marriage; signed by Charles Arthur and wit: Joseph Scuse, John Palmer & Richard Noble.

Charles, the younger – see Norborne Berkeley 1761; Charles, see Benjamin Woodward, 1767

Charles, see Nathaniel Fry, 1773

Charles, of KW Lodge. Obit of his wife “Mrs Arthurs” Bristol Gaz 20 Mar 1777

Charles: Deed of exchange of lands in Stapleton between (1) Prince Henry, Duke of Beaufort & (2) Charles Arthurs, 25 Jul 1781. BRO 19835/69

Charles, steward to Duke of Beaufort at KW, obit 12 Jul 1783 FFBJ

Charles, see Samuel Arthurs 1822

Charles, at Bath, formerly of the Lodge Kingswood. See FFBJ 17 May 1823

Elizabeth, see Ann 1674, see Elizabeth Shipley 1707, see Charles 1750, see Charles 1759

Hannah, see Charles 1759; John, invent 1748, wid Rachel. See BAFHS 72, p15

John, Stapleton, 1748, Probate Inventory, BRO

Mary, see William Lovell 1725

Nathaniel, Mangots, 1721, & “Arters”, 1754, see E.J. p145

Nathaniel, 1743, see E.J. p192; Rachel, see John, 1748

Samuel, aged 15 & Charles aged 12, drowned at Hanham. Buried Bitton 3 Jul 1822

Sarah, see Elizabeth 1674, see Charles 1750, see Charles 1759

Thomas Arthur, see Francis Creswick 1674

Thomas Arthur, aged 24, fireman of St George. TSP for 7 yrs April 1821 GRO 5/2/L 1821-26

At Mangotsfield  in the Churchyard earlier Arthurs:

Here lyeth the body of John Arthur of this parish who departed this life 9 of Jan 1708/9 aged 86 years also Martha wife of afsd J.A. dtl 10 May 1708 aged 83.    Bigland


Mangotsfield appears to be their home parish, as I’ve found baptisms there for

Mary 1703, Sarah, b 8 Dec 1708,  bp 13 Dec, John 28 March 1711, Charles 20 Nov 1714, Hannah Oct 1715, all children of Charles/Sarah Arthurs

Way back:  Jonas Shipley, alias Arthurs s o.Katherine alias Shipley bp 15.4.1632

At St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol: Charles son of Charles Arthurs bp 22.2.1735



John, see John Osborne, 1627



Ann, see Richard Sylvester 1663; Betty, see Joseph Hall 1753

Denis, yeoman, see Sarah; Farmer Ashley of Wick, see Annals of KW, 1774

Jacob, yeoman, W & A, will 1852, GRO

Jane, see Thomas 1769

John, s.o. William of Dyrham, apprent. to Thos Brooks, feltmaker. Bristol Apprents. 28 Jun 1621

John, see Sarah, 1735, see Thomas 1769

Richard, of Wick & Abson, butcher & Sarah Williams, mar St James, Bristol by Lic. 28 Jan 1799 (Bach & Sp. Both over 21. Mar Lic dated 25.1.1799, Christopher Williams of Siston, bondsman. BRO)

Sarah, aged 13, d.o. John, cm, apprent to Denis Ashley, yeoman, until 21 or married. Westerleigh Apprents, 9 Apr 1735 (BRO)

Thomas, s.o. William of Westerleigh, hatmaker, defunct, put self  apprent to Richard Franklyn & Marie his wife as merchant. Bristol apprents 26.11.1701, (BRO)

Thomas, of Wick & Abson, yeoman, wid, over 21 & Jane Ashley, sp, of St P & J, Bristol,. John Ashley of W & A, her father to consent. Mar Lic 8 Apr 1769 (BRO)

Thomas Ashley & Martha Bryan mar 19.3.1812 Cold Ashton, Lic.

Thomas, see William Ettle, 1817

Thomas, 57, wife, 4 ch, illness, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

William, see Thomas 1701

William, of Wick & Abson & Mary Pierce otp mar St P & J, lic, 18.11.1750

William, & Betty Ashley, late Snailham, mar W & A, lic of parish of Doynton, 7 Jul 1762, witnessed by Thos Gunning & Ann Snailum.



Amos, tiler & plasterer, his house, part of Lot, 2, Notice of Auction at Fire Engine, St George, 15.8.1842.



Eliza see James Manning 1843



Samuel see John Stone, 1685



Samuel of Clements Inn & Thos Breton of London refers to Manor of Westerleigh with minerals & coalmines. 18.3.1676/7 Ref BRO AC/AS 18/3/



Abraham, gent of St George, 1857, BAFHS 74, p37



Elizabeth, see Esau Edwards 1788

John, yeo, d.26.7.1716 aged 60, Martha wife of William of Upton, d.2.2.1767 aged 72, William Atkins, d. 1.7.1774 aged 78. Bitton, Bigland

Martha see John, 1716

William, yeo, of Bitton & Martha Biggs of St Aug. Bristol; John Jones, bricklayer of St James as bondsman. BMLB 9.11.1716 BRO

William see John, 1716



Abigail, d.21.7.1702, aged 73, Edward Hollister of Upton, Bitton, gent, d.10.3.1734 aged 58, also Abigail Hollister d.o. Abigail Atwood, also Wm Atwood, s.o. Abigail Atwood, Bitton, Bigland

Agnes, Stapleton, 1649, Probate Inventory, BRO

Andrew, see George 1622

Andrew see John Burnley, 1684

Bridget, widow, Mangots. 1706. No.1 BAFHS Journal  36, p25, and Probate Invent, BRO

Elizabeth, widow of Siston, will 1644

F., see J.S. Moore, 1910-20

Francis, St Philips, feltmaker, wid/Alice Buppell, Bitton, widow, BMLB 1676

Francis, feltmaker, Barton Regis, 1689, Probate Inventory, BRO

George, s.o. Andrew, butcher, as mercer. Bristol Apprents 23 Aug 1622

George, see Andrew Burnell 1637

George, dead before 1677, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

Henry, Stapleton, 1609, Probate Inventory, BRO

Henry, see Thos Burnell, 1630

Joan, widow, Stapleton, 1627, Probate Inventory, BRO

John, husbandman, Stapleton, 1637, Probate Inventory, BRO

John (1786) see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26

John, and wife, near Queens Head, Hanham, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).

Joseph, Winterbourne, bodyesmaker, & Sarah Harris, St James, BMLB 1662

Joseph, Winterbourne, 1705, Probate Inventory, BRO

Joseph, coalminer, Hanham, killed Golden Valley Pit, buried at Bitton, 28 Dec 1834. (See Bristol Gaz. 25 Dec 1834)

Mary, see Wm Player 1636

Philles, of Bristol, widow of George, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

Philip, Stapleton, 1686, Probate Inventory, BRO

Rebecca, Stapleton, 1694, Probate Inventory, BRO

Richard, of Mangots, husbandman mar Sarah Hathway d.o. Anne Dymock at Siston, 14 Jan 1654

Richard, Stapleton, 1664, Probate Inventory, BRO

Sarah, see Thomas 1635, see Nehemiah Champion, 1665, see Richard Bright, 1676

Thomas, of Doynton, will proved 10 May 1635. Relict  Sarah. Year Books of Probates 1635-9, BRL

William, Stapleton, 1648, yeoman, Probate Inventory, BRO

William, yeoman, Mangots. 1697. No1 BAFHS Journal 36, p25. In ts of Wills 1697 BRO and Probate Inventory, BRO

William see Abigail,1702

William, aged 25, of St George, hanged at Gloucester for horsetheft, 16 Aug 1800



Aaron, see Margaret, 1809

John, killed by a kick from a horse; buried I.A. 1 Jun 1732

Margaret, wife of Aaron, died 26.9.1809, MI St George.



Elizabeth, see Thomas 1782; George, alias Botty, see George Caines, 1817

Hannah, see William Simmons 1802; Hester, see Thomas 1782

John, cm, admitted to Bristol Liberties by marriage to Hester d.o. Thomas Whittington, gardener, dec’d. Pd 4/6d, 15.10.1774. (Bristol Burgesses, BRO)

John, cm, of Bitton, Bristol Poll Book 1774 Voted Cruger/Burke; 1781 voted Cruger.

John, see Thomas 1782

Susannah, see Thomas 1782

Thomas, labourer, dec’d = Elizabeth, children Thomas of P & J, horsedriver, William cm of Hanham = Susannah, John, cm of Hanham = Hester, Susannah = William Horton, glassmaker outparish of  P & J. Deed 19488/6 23.9.1782, BRO.

Thomas, horsedriver see Thomas 1782; Thomas, see William 1796, see Wm Simmons 1802

Thomas Evory (sic) of Bitton, d 24 Sep 1803, aged 35, Thomas, his son, died in infancy & William Hodge, his nephew, died 28 Jan 1864 aged 62. MI St George

William, see Thomas 1782

William, cm of St George: Hannah, widow, executrix, effects under £20. Bondsmen William Simmons of St George, cm & Thomas Avery of St George, cm, intestate 26 May 1796. BRO



Caroline see Edward Wm Pople, 1843; Mary, see Charles Emett, 1811



William, journeyman weaver without Lawford’s Gate; advert to apprehend servant Thomas Box, stuffmaker who had absconded with property. See Farley’s newspaper 6 May 1727



Rachel, see Benjamin Fawkes, 1725



Alfred Charles, of Mangotsfield; accidental death from burns, Inquest. GRO Ref COI/1/4/D/I

Ann Bever, see Filkes Gay 1745

Ann Maria, Inquest 14.4.1857. Gloucester Coroner’s Book, CO/1/3 B5

Charles, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p193

Charles, collier, wife Sarah, daus Charlotte bp 30 Jul 1826, Emily bp 25 May 1828, Matilda bp 10 Nov 1833 at Mangots.

Charles Bever, census 1851, North Common, Hamlet of Bitton, aged 28, coal haulier, b Mangots. Wife Martha aged 15, b Bitton; son William, 2, b Bedwelty, Mon.

Charles: census 1861: Charles aged 42, coal haulier b. Mangots, 91 Kingswood Rd, Mangots.

Charles, 72, Bitton, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Charlotte, see Charles 1828; David, Mangotsfield Wills, 1616, see BAFHS Journal No 2.

Elizabeth see Henry Prior, 1664/5

George Beaver, gent. “at the Windmill” inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684 in Chester’s Liberty, Ellacombe Vol II, George Baber alias Beaver, see Fra Creswick, 1684

George, 1861 census Hanham, aged 32, coal haulier b. Mangots.

Henry Baber’s farm, W & A, Ref BRO P/S/PL/1(plan)

Isaac, adult, bach, collier of KW s.o. John, lab, mar Ann Sheppard, adult, sp, KW, d.o. William, lab

mar HTKW 23 Jul 1840

Isaac, 71, wife, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

James, executed in Bristol. Report FFBJ 4.5.1799

James Beaver, aged 63, Chandos Rd, St George, banksman at Deep Pit, gave evidence at Inquest on William Jesse Cox, see BO 20 Jun 1923

Joel, Mangots, 1820, see E.J. p198

John, senior, Mangotsfield, husbandman, 1675, Probate Inventory, BRO

John, of Mangots & Esther Kemmerley otp mar St James, Bristol;, 14 Feb 1782

Martha, see Charles, 1851; Matilda, see Charles 1826

Sarah, see Charles 1826; Thomas, census 1861, Hanham aged 24, cm b Bitton.

William, see Charles, 1851

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11


*In a local Kingswood peculiarity, the names Baber & Beaver are synonymous.



James, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Mary, 76, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Mary, Mangots, 77, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Thomas, cm of Bitton & Rebecca Collins of Mangots; Bondsman Edmund Stone, cm, 6.11.1662, St Aug, BMLB

William Badarr, (sic) “keeper of cole horses in Kingswood Forest” 1666. List, Ellacombe Mss, BRL.



& Jenkins, sheep stealing from Mr Jefferies of Griffin Inn, Warmley, FFBJ 14 Mar 1801


BAILEY (Bayley, Bayly, Baily)

Abram, see Edward Parker, 1687

Abraham Bayley, cm aged abt 13, killed Soundwell Pit, Inq. 2 Dec 1795, D260 GRO; KCP (KIACP)

Abraham, conveyed to Lawford’s Gate House of Correction for leaving family chargeable to parish of Hanham, see p 178, volume 3, W.O.T, BRO

Albert, manager of Deep Pit. Gave evidence at Inquest after Deep Pit disaster see WDP Nov 1910

Charles H, b Downend, 27, 1881 census of RN at sea etc. BAFHS 73, p26

Eliza, see William Benden, 1841; Elizabeth, see Richard, 1676

Elizabeth, Bayly 1720 Stapleton, see BAFHS 72, p15

Elizabeth see Richard, 1734, see Samuel 1760

Ezekiel Bayly & Susannah Smith, both of Mangots mar Almondsbury 1723

George Bayly, husbandman, Mangots/Judeth Noble, 1676, BMLB

George, house & land – see Player’s Map 1750 & Joseph Bailey

Hester, see John Stott, 1727; Hester Baily see John Palmer, 1756

James Baylie, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

James Purnell Bailey, 23, victualler of St George, 1824, BAFHS 74, p36

Joane see Nicholas Britton, 1661

John, Mangotsfield, 1609, Probate Inventory, BRO

Jonas, Mangots, admitted 1897, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Joseph: “A plan of Mr Player’s Manors & that of Sir John Newton’s etc. lying in parishes of Bitton & Mangotsfield, truly transcribed from Mr Player’s original plan, 1750, by Daniel Cook, 1779.” Joseph Bailey’s name appears marked on the spot where he lived as do many other miners who lived in KW Forest at the time. The other miners who appear will be referred to Player’s Map 1750 & sometimes to Joseph Bailey.

Mary see Richard 1734; Mr, see John Gibbs, 1735

Mr Sheriff Bailey, whose house was on road beyond Totterdown: mentioned in colliers’ riot Oct 1738, see Gloucester Journal, 17 Oct 1738

Richard, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36; Richard, 1712-5, Mangots, see E.J. p145

Richard, & Elizabeth his wife, 1676, Mangots, see E.J. p145; 1716, see E.J. p158

Richard, d 25.1.1734 aged 62, Mary wife of Thomas Bailey, sen, d 15.6.1768 aged 68, Thomas, her husband, d 13.11.1775, aged 78, Elizabeth wife of Thomas, jun, d 5.3.1768 aged 23, MI Bitton, Bigland

Richard Bayley, “Adventurer in Coalmines” No 3 Liberty, Player’s Map 1750. See Joseph Bailey

Richard, of Stapleton, lease 1753, BRO P/Xch/D/45c

Richard Bayly, 1759 to Thos; 1788, etc. Mangots, E.J. p 145

Samuel see Chas Brooks, 1759

Samuel, d 5.9.1760 aged 24, Elizabeth wife of Samuel Bailey, sen, d 15.4.1761, MI Bitton, Bigland

Samuel, 32, of St George, brickmaker, TSP 14 years, Aug 1832, 5/4/S1832/140

Susan, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

Thomas see Richard 1734; Thomas, merchant, Mangots. Electoral Roll, 1739

Thomas Baily, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p193

Thomas Bayley & Thomas Smith, coalminers, impeached by another collier John Pearce for robberies at Hanham in houses of Mrs Brayne, Mrs Shatford, Mrs Harris & theft of a pit rope from Norborne Berkeley. See Bath Journal 9 Jan & 13 Mar 1749 (Also Thomas “of Stapleton, theft coalpit ropes, sent Lent, 1749” see “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Vols V-IX, Coldham. BRL

Thomas, see Joseph & Player’s Map, 1750; Thomas, see Richard, 1759

Thomas, of Moorend “Did make pits and carry away soil & turf, a nuisance to neighbours,” 1765, see Emlyn-Jones, p202

Thomas, “timber cutter” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Thomas, 29, Mill Farm, Siston, killed leading his master’s team, 10 May 1853. Buried Siston.

Timothy, (1836) see Susannah Archer; William, see John Stott, 1727

Zechariah, see Henry Watts, 1788



Donald: H.M. Inspector of Mines; gave evidence at Inquest on David Webb, killed Easton Pit 1894. Said he thought place had been well timbered. See also David Webb 1894. (KIACP)

Joseph, cm, & Eleanor Prigg. Warrants for apprehension of reputed fathers. Bitton. 5 May 1746, P/B/OP/8/2, BRO



Albert, aged 24, miner s.o. Charles, miner, mar Mary Rolph aged 21, d.o. Thomas, miner, mar St Silas, Westerleigh, 27 Sep 1891

Charles, see Albert 1891; Dianna, (sic) see James Stone, 1858

Elizabeth, robbery of Joseph Stone, collier of Bitton, (18 shillings) at St Philips, see Bs Merc 27 Oct 1817 & Bs Gaz 30 Oct 1817

Elizabeth of Warmley, TSPorted, life, 1832, (GBR 1573 Aug 1832/916)

Henry see Thos Patrick, 1811

Henry, 20, of St P & J, shoemaker, TSP life, Apr 1822, 5/2/L 1822/18

James driver of common stage Bristol/Bath fined at Crown Inn, Hanham for riding in the shafts. FFBJ 26 May 1781

James see Chas Emett, 1799

James, alias Joy, stealing a hat & wig & assaulting William Brimble aged 84 of Bitton, FFBJ 8 Oct 1814.

James accused of breaking into Thomas Pratten’s house, 1817. See “The Cock Road Gang” by I Wyatt, BRL

Jane, 39, of Bitton, labourer, TSP life, Aug 1819, 5/2/1819/54, see also Isaac Ballard

John, husbandman Mangots, 1675, See BAFHS Journal 36, p25.

John of Bitton, cm, see John Britton, 1692; John, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p196

Mr Baker & Co, Mr Bond, Adventurers in Coalmines, 1750, see Joseph Bailey, Player’s Map.

Mr Baker, Adventurer in Coalmines at Gee Moor, 1750 see Mr Bond

Mr Baker the baker, ca 1925, with horse drawn cart. “All Around Oldland” EP (BT) 12.9.2006

Thomas, of Pucklechurch, killed by stone, Parkfield, Inquest 8.10.1861, COI/1291/Acc GRO (CO1/N/7/B/39)

William, aged 18, collier of KW, charged with stealing a bundle of clothes from Edward Martin, value 3 shillings plus 2 shillings and sixpence in silver and 2 halfpence. Description: dark hazel eyes, regular features, large scar on left arm and marks on both knees. Condemned & reprieved. Glos Qtr Sessions, 29 Sep 1815. Sent to hulks to await transport 1816/7. See “The Cock Road Gang” I. Wyatt, BRL


Baker Family History Assn – c/o Jane Baker, 17 Gorse Hill, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 4EG



Abraham, 18, KW, labourer, TSP life, Apr 1830, 5/4/L1830-304

Alfred Baldwin & Thomas Hurd, alias Drippin: foot race at Hanham: see B.O. 11.5.1867

George, KW, Military Medal, B.O. 6.4.1918; William see Mary Alsop, 1716



Edward of Stapleton. Sent summer 1748, highway robbery.  (see “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Vols V-IX, Peter Wilson, Coldham. BRL)

Emma see H.M. Grace family, 1861 census



Miss A, dau of E. Ball, of Frenchay, mar Rev Geo Shute, Winterbourne, FFBJ 2.8.1809

Susanna see Edward Chambers, 1812

Albert, 19, b Stapleton, 1881 census of RN at sea etc. BAFHS 73, p26

Celia, 1743, see E.J. p193

Charles, 52, of Bitton, bur at St Michael, Bristol, 22 Nov 1800

Edward, Highway Robbery, Stapleton, sent 1738. (see “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Vols V-IX, Peter Wilson, Coldham. BRL)

Frederick, Bitton, admitted 1893, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

George, miner of Royate Hill; brought to surface in stupefied state after fire which killed Joseph Gaynor at Easton Pit. See Joseph Gaynor, 1910

Hester see Roger Tibot, 1718

Isaac, Bitton, shoemaker, Elizabeth Holbin, same, bondsman John Cope, Bitton, farmer, 1664, BMLB

James, cm aged 30, killed with Robert Williams aged 17 ascending Wimsey Soundwell Pit, Mr Whittuck’s. Three men were on the rope – the other collier escaped. Inquest 27 Apr 1810. Ball buried at Mangots, aged given in burial register “34”. KCP (KIACP)

John, husbandman/yeoman; Mangots. 1625, see BAFHS Journal no 36, p25 & Probate Inventory, BRO

John of Mangotsfield, aged 80 in 1629, see E.J. p181; John see John Harding, 1629

John husbandman, Mangots. 1637, see BAFHS Journal no 36, p25 & Probate Inventory, BRO

John, 1743, see E.J. p193; John see Michael Lines, 1761

John of Bitton & Susannah Haskins mar Siston, 14 Apr 1734

Margery, widow, Mangots. 1635, see BAFHS Journal no 36, p25 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Matthew of Nags Head Hill; gave evidence at Inquest on Thomas Cowles, killed Hanham, 1910. See WDP 21 Nov 1910

Nathaniel aged 26, killed coalpit (Mr Cossham). See Bristol Mercury 9 Jan 1858 & KCP. (KIACP)

Richard see William Hutson 1838; Robert see John Manners, 1804

Sarah see Francis Sweet, 1719

  1. “2 & 1 pits with E. Stone & Roger Jones, Newton’s Liberty, 1684. (“Our Parish….”Emlyn-Jones)

Thomas, husbandman , Mangots. 1613, see BAFHS Journal no 36, p25 & Probate Inventory, BRO

  1. Ball’s farm, Mounds Court, plan, BRO P/S/PL/1

William s.o. William of Mangots, tanner apprent to John Scandrett, grocer, 1.11.1701 (Bristol Apprents, BRO)

William, 17, b Mangots, 1881 census of RN at sea etc. BAFHS 73, p26



Isaac, 22, cm of Hanham. Charged with Joseph John Parker stealing 10 shirts and shifts value £4 & potatoes value £2 from Thomas Pratten: description Light brown hair, light grey eyes, fair complexion, oval face, long nose, large scars down back from having been hurt working in a coalpit. Illiterate. 5’8″ tall. Conduct “indifferent”. Discharged  22.8.1817. Glos Qtr Sessions, GRO.

Isaac, 22, “alias Isaac Garland” TSP life Aug 19 1819. See GRS Vol I (Wyatt) p7 (Isaac Ballard, Joseph Parker, Wm Bryant, alias Dagger, and Jane Baker, for robbing Stephen Hood, Bitton, FFBJ28.8.1819)

John, Bitton, 1659, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

“Joey”, “The Miser of Holly Lodge”, Speedwell, d 1936, see BAFHS 69, p8

Mary, 1800, see BAFHS 74, p35

“Sooty” chimney sweep, Speedwell, see BAFHS 69, p8

Thomas see Fra Creswick, 1684



Ann Balsome, Upton Bitton, wills at GRO, 1727

Eliza, 18, Hanham, killed by a stone “wilfully thrown at her by one Horwood.” Bur at Bitton, 25 Feb 1821. John Horewood was later hanged for murder.

John, 24, Bitton, smelter, TSP 7 yrs Jan 1829. See GRS Vol I (Wyatt) p7

George Balsome, William King & William Perry. Supposed thieves: Certain Bitton persons, including Sir John Newton subscribed to a reward for their capture. (Ellacombe Mss p185 KWII)

Mary see John Greenaway 1735

Richard Balsam, keeper of cole horses, Bitton, 1666



John of Hanham, Bitton, coleminer and John & William, his sons. 3.9.1666 ref. D 2957/146/63 (GRO)

John see Francis Creswick (1) 1674



George, 23, labourer, Stapleton, TSP life Aug1817, (GRS Vol I, Wyatt, p8)

George see William Lovell, 1874

Joseph Bamfield  wit mar of Charles Burchill/Eliza Summerill,1848, see Joseph Bamford.



George, tailor, 14 Tottenham Court Rd, London, s.o. Jeremiah, nailmaker of Littledean, formerly of Pucklechurch. Freeman of Gloucester, 1830

James see Joseph, 1805; Jeremiah see Thomas & George, 1830

John see William, 1780

John, labourer of  Stapleton, s.o. Thomas, labourer of Littledean, Freeman of Gloucester, 1789

Joseph, pin wiredrawer, freeman of Glucester,1805,  s.o. John, pin wire drawer of Siston; James, wiredrawer, s.o. above, 1805, ditto. (Bristol & Glos. Arch Socy)

Joseph parish clerk of Mangotsfield, bur aged 89, 8.7.1830(?)

Joseph, witnessed mar of Joseph Burchill/Ann King, 1848, and Joseph Bamfield (sic) wit mar of Charles Burchill/Eliza Summerill, 1848, same man?

Mr. His house in Siston. See Perambulation of Parish, 10 May 1689 (PR)

Thomas, of Siston, labourer & Eleanor England, sp, mar Doynton, 9.4.1777

Thomas, see William 1780

Thomas, tailor of Littledean, s.o. Jeremiah nailmaker of Pucklechurch. Freeman of Gloucester 1830 . (Bristol & Glos. Arch Socy)

William, labourer of Siston: his sons Freemen of Gloucester 14.7.1780: William, cordwainer of Mangots, Thomas, labourer, John, wiredrawer of Mangots.  (Bristol & Glos. Arch Socy)



Annie, see Samuel, 1734

Daniel, s.o. Henry, Mangots, apprent as tailor, 10 Oct 1625, Bristol Apprents.

Henry see Daniel, 1625

Henry, 1660, (Yew Tree Farm House occupied by Samuel Bampton) Wear Bridge Moorend, Mangots 1670, E.J. p154

Henry, Mangots, yeo/Rachel Bampton, Mangots/bondsman Robt Guest, Mangots, yeo, 1662, BMLB

Henry, yeoman, Mangots, 1670, BAFHS Journal, 36, p25 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Henry, Mangots, bequeathed land to dau Bridget Tippet wife of William, for life and after her death to his grandson, Henry Bampton, 1704, see E.J. p154 Henry & Samuel Bampton, E.J, p155.

John see John Wood, 1653

John. One of a list of persons who took part in a Kingswood Forest riot Sept 1670. Ellacombe Mss.

“Several cottagers indicted for their tricks at Glo’shire Sessions but when officers came to arrest them 300-400 met riotously at the call of trumpet & drum & beat the officers severely”. See Latimer’s Annals, 17th Cent, p357.

Mary see Thos Cambridge, 1725; Rachel, see Henry, 1662

Samuel, see Henry, 1660

Samuel yeoman, Mangots, 1669, BAFHS Journal, 36, p25 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Samuel, 1716, Mangots, see E.J. p158

Samuel, gent otp d 25 Sep 1734 aged 63; obit Mangots. See Emlyn-Jones p 37, also Samuel his son 12 Nov 174 – aged 30 and a half : Mrs Annie, widow of Samuel the elder, gent, d Oct 27 1758 aged 82

Samuel, Mangots, 1712-15 see E.J. p145 & p154

Thomas of Acton & Joane Pratt of Thornbury mar St Werbergh’s, Bristol, 21 Jun 1648





Alfred, about 12, St George – Inquest Gloucester GRO. CO1/1/18/C/10 22.7.1872

Alfred BANFIELD, aged about 12, of St George, drowned while bathing, Inquest at the Black Horse, Kingswood, 22.7.1872. (GRO CO1/N/7/A/38, BM, 27.7.1872)

Charles CLARKE, 7, drowned in a pool of water at a stone quarry. Inquest at Winterbourne. (GJ 15.8.1835)

James MACK, 6, fractured skull while assisting his father blasting a quarry at Fishponds. Hopes were entertained for his recovery. (BG 5.2.1835)

William, 69, aged KW North, outdoor poor 1897



Mary, Stapleton, 1673, Probate Inventory, BRO



Catherine: Nov 7, at Bitton, CB aged 98, after a long, painful illness; relict of Robert Barber, inventor of The Panorama. Obit Bs Gaz 17 Nov 1842.

Robert see Catherine, 1842



John, 1619, see John Burnell

Mrs, 1724, MD



Molly, see AKW 1767



Samuel see Elizabeth Willis, 1789



Henry, aged 18, stole 1 fowl and 1 live hen from Benjamin Iles. 15.5.1833. removed 10.8.1833, behaviour indifferent. Glos  Sessions. Death recorded.



Abraham Barnes of Bitton & Jane Woodington otp , mar Twerton  lic 5.5.1780

Anne see George Bennett, 1719, see Wm, 1723

David see Samuel Haynes, 1762,see Mrs Mary 1775; David of Bitton, bur Kelston, 13 Aug 1786

Elizabeth see Charles Lovell, 1825/6

Mr John Barnes of Hanham, gent, & Mrs Grace Robinson otp mar St Werbergh’s Bristol, 10 Oct 1667

John see Wm 1723; John, cm at Speedwell, see Stanley Nash

Mark of FC & Constance Organ mar Winterbourne, 18 Feb 1795

Martha, wife of John, d.9.4.1755 aged 23, Thomas, d.13.3.1754 aged 51, John s.o. (son in law?) Abraham Whittuck, d. 3.6.1731 aged 36, Mary wife of Thomas Barnes & d.o. Abraham Whittuck, 27.4.1743 aged 38, Hannah 2nd wife of Thos Barnes, 6.12.1777, aged 61, Bitton, Bigland

Mary see Benjamin Tucker, 1745

Mrs Mary, wife of David of Bitton, bur Kelston 17 Feb 1775

Thomas see Nicholas Reed 1691

Thomas, tythingman of Oldland, 1722. Ellacombe Mss, BRL; Thomas see Wm 1723

William, yeo, d 26.11.1723 aged 49, John, yeo, d 5.9.1724 aged 55, Thomas, senior, d 11.1.1753 aged 80, Ann his wife d 20.3.1771 aged 91, MI Bitton, Bigland



Mary and William, see Weare family, 1754

William see George Weare 1682



Nathaniel, Barton Regis, 1685, Jamaica, servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson



Ann see Samuel Harver, 1815



Stephen, tiler & Plasterer, his house, Lot 4, Notice of Auction at Fire Engine, St George, 15.8.1842, bill in author’s possession.

William Barratt, Benjamin Price, Wm Hands, guilty of theft from H. Lines, St George, 14 years transportation see FFBJ 20.4.1822



Alexander s.o. John, Barton Regis, yeoman to William Webb, 1 Oct 1700, Bristol Apprents.

Alice Maud, admitted 1895, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Ann see Joseph Greenaway 1780; Ann of Whitehall, died cholera St George 1832, PR

Daniel see Mary Hemmings, 1679/80

Elizabeth, inhabitant of Siston, perambulation 1674 (PR)

Elizabeth see John 1755 and 1757

Isaac Barrett & Sampson Milsome (sic) part of a gang of 13 from KW indicted for stealing books. See FFBJ 4 Jun 1762

John: “Thos Long of Bristol, merchant to John Barrett of Siston, land in Siston adj lane in Puck to Mangots,” 1.7.1654 BRO 6609(7)

John, inhabitant of Siston 1674, perambulation.

John see Alexander 1700; John, horsecarrier, 1721, MD

John Barrott, 1755 to dau Eliza; Eliz 1757 to Sam Wilcocks (who she married) Mangots,  E.J. p145

John of Siston, sent Lent, 1763. ” see “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Vols V-IX, Peter Wilson, Coldham. BRL)

John see Abraham Milsom,1763, see William, 1806

Joseph, 20, St George, gardener, TSP life Apr 1816. (GRS Vol I, p8, Wyatt)

Robert, s.o. Robert of Barton Regis, yeo, to William Webb, 16.11.1699, Bristol Apprents.

Robert the carrier, MD 1722see

Robert & Samuel Barrett of St George, committed to Gloucester by Henry Creswick for stealing a she-ass from Jacob Hollister & ditto value 30s from George Burley. FFBJ 9 Oct 1813.

Samuel see Robert 1813

Samuel, aged 31, executed at Over Gallows, Gloucester, 31 Aug 1822 for stealing 3 geldings the property of Mr R. Hooper. (FFBJ 24 Aug 1822. Details of capture & burial in St Geo PR)

William see George Lewis, 1797

William & John Barrett & Francis Cook, fined for driving their jack-asses on footway at St P & J. FFBJ 22 Feb 1806

William, 20, St George, labourer, TSP 7 yrs Apr1822. (GRS Vol I, p8, Wyatt)

William, overman at Easton Colliery. Gave evidence at Inquest on Joseph Gaynor. “The body was quite cold. Clutched in his hand was a rope. His lamp was burning and there was some tea in his bottle. If he could have crawled 50 yds, he might have been saved, The miners here used naked lights.” See Joseph Gaynor 1910 & Walter Coles, 1910

See Bussie & Barrott, 1653



Helen & Richard see AKW 1756



Catherine see Wm, 1737

Charles, youngest son of Rev Richard Barry, senior, rector of Upton Skidmore, Wilts, & brother of Rev Richard Barry, late vicar of this parish, died 2.12.1768, aged 64, Bitton, (Bigland)

Richard, MA,Vicar of Bitton, 1724, see Bigland; Richard, 1752, see Joannah Flower

William s.o. Richard & Catherine bp Bitton 14 Dec 1737.



Nich. Vicar of Mangots 1412. (E.J. p61)



Benjamin of Bitton & Ann Smith otp, sp, mar Stanton prior, Som, 12.4.1802.

Elizabeth see John Bassett, 1796

John, transcript of Mangots wills, 1697, BRO

William, “Sep 1, at an advanced age, W.B. of Barton Hill, the oldest Queen’s Ware potter in this City.” Obit, Bs Gaz 14 Sep 1843



Edward & John see Ann Strange, 1611



William, died Aug 1759, with Susanna wife of Will Yorberry and d.o. Rosewell, d. Feb 5 —-, and Joan wife of Joseph Rosewell, d.3.9.1734 aged 87, Bitton (Bigland)



Adam, cm & Ann Stone, mar Bitton, 2 Mar 1756 by lic.



“cousin” Bassett, see Edmund Weston, 1580

Giles see Robert, 1488

               History of Manor of Upton, 1488

               Giles, d 1543


William 1609

Brice Seed 1650

His dau Alice Seed

Rev Edward Parker of Bitton, 1701

Anthony Lacy

Tobias Seed   – see Braine p 129/130

John of  S. Glos Militia, & Elizabeth Bartlet mar All Sts, Wyke Regis, 6.6.1796

Richard, 63, wife, gout, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas, lab, 28, Bitton, accused of slaying Thomas Bown of Bitton. Description sandy hair & whiskers, blue eyes, fresh complexion, 2 wounds on breast, little finger right hand stiff at joint & large wound on shoulder. 5’4″ tall, Fined 1 shilling & discharged 3 Apr 1834. Glos Qtr Sessions.

William see Robert 1488,see John Denys 1592, see Dionesia Meredith, 1702

William, cm, between 60-70 killed Soundwell Pit. See KCP, & Bs Mirror 1 Nov 1845, see Wm Harris, 1845.



Francis Bastyn, “A warrant for the Sheriff of Somerset to apprehend the Fugitives from Kingswood List of people, 1667. See Ellacombe Mss, BRL

Isaac, Baston, coal carrier in 1684 list of inhabitants of KW Chase, E. Rochester’s Liberty. Ellacombe Mss Vol. II no 7

Isaac alias Bastings, of Bitton. For America, July 1696.  (see “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Vols V-IX, Peter Wilson, Coldham. BRL)



Rev Ed, & Samuel see Richard Woodward, 1794





Ellen, 60, ill, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897; Mr. See Francis Creswick, 1674



John, drowned coalpit near Two Mile Hill. See “Remarkable Rescue in a Coalpit, Ellacombe MSS, BRL & KCP.



Aaron, witness at Inquest on Samuel Cook & his sister, KW, see FFBJ 2 & 9 Apr 1842

Elizabeth see James Stibbs, 1679, see Mary Wornell, 1721

Elizabeth: agreement between Thomas Player of Cleeve Hill & Mangots, Sir John Newton, Barr’s Court, Elizabeth Batt & others to dig coal on a level in KW. GRO Papers & Corres. Relating to Player family.

Elizabeth see Henry Ellacombe, 1871

Gilbert, 20,Siston, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Giles, 18, Mangots, Fractured Arm BRI inpatients, 1791

Henry Batt, Henry Hollis, Geo Fisher, Michael Green, Wm Nutt, Richard Tilzey, Derby Winchester, Robt & John Gore, Robt Phipps, and John Shepherd, guilty of an affray when the prisoners and “1000 others” assembled in a field belonging to Mr Cox at St George  from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon to watch fights. Bound over £10 each, see BT&M, 11.3.1866

James, house on Player’s Map, see Joseph Bailey.

John took part in KW riot, 1670, Ellacombe Mss KW II

John see Francis Creswick, 1674, see James Stibbs, 1679

John, collier in KW Chase, 1684, Mr Chester’s Liberty, Ellacombe Mss, BRL, see Fra Creswick, 1684

John, cm, of Bitton, widower & Hannah Garland, sp, over 21 at Mangots. Mar Allegation, 10 Jan 1746, BRO

John, aged 53, killed coalpit, Hole Lane, Leonard & Co, Inquest 28 Nov 1809. See KCP  (KIACP)

John killed coalpit, bur Siston 4 Jan 1810. See KCP (KIACP)

Mary see Henry Pegley, 1729; Matthew, 1750, Mangots, see E.J. p158

Moses see William Powe, 1813

Moses, constable of Bitton see FFBJ 16 Oct 1814. & see Thomas Caines, 1814

Moses see Benjamin Caines, 1816 & Aaron Luton, 1816

Mrs, MD 1722

Stephen of Bitton & Bazil Brimble of Wick, mar Pucklechurch, 7 Jan 1729

Stephen, cm, wid, & Ann Neats, sp, botp, mar Bitton 7 Jul 1754

Thomas killed falling out of a cart at Wimsey Pit, Yate works, Inquest 12 June 1811. (See KIACP)

Widow Batt, with Edward Stone & Roger Jones, 2 pits open: inhabitants of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe Mss, BRL.

Widow Batt, house on Player’s Map 1750, see Joseph Bailey.

William, cm of Siston, see Edward Lewis,1815

William, aged 33, cm, KW Hill, kcp & bur Bitton, May 22; see “Trapped in the Pit”, D. Vinter & KIACP



Anna: “Anna Maria Susan Sophia Mary Maud Batten” name supposedly of  a girl known to my grandmother Laura Hester Pillinger, nee Burchill, c1910?

Ann see Ann Pinnell; Betty see Ernest 1841

Elam, cm, s.o. Robert, lab, mar Harriet Reed, d.o. John, farmer, at St Silas Westerleigh, 20 May 1873

Ernest, aged 40, cm, Westerleigh, 1841 census, in family group with Betty & 5 children, plus Sarah Rowland, aged 85, and next door to George Rowland & family.

Francis see Robert (1809)

Fred see Robert (1809); George see Robert (1809); George see William, 1920

  1. Battens, cornfactor, Bitton, bankrupt. Bath Gaz, 9.5.1799

James of St George, yeoman, & Sarah his wife. Deed 1805. BRO Ref 5918/33 ©-(d)t

Joan Battin of Bitton, & Alexander Phillips, weaver of Somerset; mar lic bond 20 Apr 1667. William Battin, collier of Hanham was bondsman. (BMLB, 1637-1700)

John of FC & Joan Geffreis (sic Jefferies?) wid, mar Swainswick 12.9.1588

John: property to let compact Farm near Norton St Philip, particulars to Mr John Batten of Bitton. See Bath Chron 10.3.1785

John of Bitton, 36, burnt face; cured. BRI inpatients, 1788

Maria charged with assaulting Mary Brain & her daughter Mrs Britton at KW. Mary Brain had taken a child of Batten’s into their house as they alleged she was ill treating him. Batten went to house, broke windows & assaulted Mrs Brain. See WDP 4 Feb 1870

Martha see Robert (1809)

Robert, bp Westerleigh 1809 mar Mary Ann Evans, bp Wick, 1814: their children: William bp Westerleigh 1835, miner, Francis bp W’leigh 1837, miner,  Martha bp W’leigh, 1839, Elam, bp W’leigh 1842, miner, Sherman, bp W’leigh 1844, miner, Ernest, Susanna, Lot, Tom, b 1846-53, George, bp W’leigh 1853, miner, Fred, bp W’leigh 1858, miner. (information from Hilary Cole, 26 College Rd, Fishponds)

Robert see Elam, 1873; Sarah see James, 1805; Sherman see Robt (1809)

Thomas, Winterbourne 1647, Probate Inventory, BRO

William see Joan, 1667; William see Robt (1809)

William, miner, s.o. George, miner & Susan Carlton, wid, mar St Giles, W’leigh, 17 Jan 1920



Thomas, 18, b W & A, 1881 census of RN at sea etc. BAFHS 73, p26



NB I have separated these two names, though I am aware that in some circumstances they are interchangeable..



Aaron see Stephen Williams 1829;

Abraham, see John Crump, 1816

Abraham of W & A, on quest at Bathwick, “found drowned” FFBJ 24.8.1822

Ann see William Long 1762

Ann Bateman, bastard,  pinmaker, near Two Mile Hill KW, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).

Arthur, 24,  TSP for life Mar 1801. See GRS Vol I p9 Wyatt.

Benjamin, 22, St George, lab, TSP 7 yrs Aug 1832. See GRS Vol I p9 Wyatt

Benjamin, labourer, Whiteway, Bristol Poll, 1835

Elias: “Mr Powell, I desire you to shew this coppy to that gent which was at Lawford’s Gate with Mr Burges whereas Elias Battman hath gave away his estate as from his wife & which except what is within mentioned hath nothing else to maintain himself and board up the child and the within mentioned Samuel & Thomas Battman…… etc, signed John Bush, Bitton, 17 July 1700 (GRO)

Elizabeth see Isaac Britton 1654

Francis aged 10 & Sampson Brain aged 8, coalminers, killed after letting go of timbrel rope at Siston Hill Pit. 16 Sep 1798. See KIACP.

George aged 9, poor child, apprenticed to Benjamin Fawkes of Saltford, Som, to learn art & mystery of papermaking. 22 Aug 1733. (?Son of Wm Batman,  executed 1727) Bitton PR

George: Justices removed George Battman, cm & Mary his wife from St P & J to Bitton. Removed from his cottage at Oldland after 20 years, which had been built at his own expense. 1768. See Ellacombe Mss, Vol 2, BRL.

Henry (Harry) see Mary Chicke, 1610

Isaac, 21, KW, haulier, TSP 7 yrs Aug 1833. See GRS Vol I p9 Wyatt

Isaac, aged 21, hatter, 5’4″ tall, brown hair, grey eyes, complexion pitted with small pox, 2 Sep 1833, Glos Qtr Sessions. “Death recorded” (Possibly same man as Isaac above: with error haulier/hatter?)  (With William Britton, George Caines alias Avery, Francis Courtney.)

James Bateman, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John see Stanton; John, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Mss, Ellacombe BRL

Mary see John Flower, 1705, see Stanton

Mary see Elizabeth Jones, 1726/7. (?Mary was widow of William Batman executed with Abraham see Caines, 1727)

Mary see George, 1768

Samuel, 1676, see William Bright, BAFHS 55 p34; Samuel see Elias 1700

Samuel bur 1705, see Stanton

Samuel Botman (sic) of Bitton & Sarah Bush, mar Keynsham, 8 Nov 1753

Samuel: overseer to get a warrant agt him for leaving family chargeable to parish. 7 Aug 1763; Bitton Vestry minutes, BRO

Samuel Battman, decd pre 1777, see Geo Willmott, 1777

Samuel, aged 19, killed Rudgeway Pit, c30 May 1801, bur Mangots. (see KIACP)

Samuel, cm, bastardy order, Westerleigh for female child of Jane Bryant, 6 Oct 1820, W’leigh PR.

Sarah see Stanton Sarah, 1752, see Joannah Flower

Sarah see Wm Long, 1762, see Wm, 1772

Stanton, 1 Dec 1599, Mary d.o. a certain woman brought to bed at Stanton Batman’s bap. (Bitton PR)

Stanton, accused of rape of Elizabeth Wise, by Christopher Wise of Bitton, her father. (GRO)

Stanton Batman, formerly of Bitton. St Thomas, Bristol burial register has: Mary 18.9.1710, Samuel, 9.9.1705, Mary, 2.5.1708, John, 26.5.1709, all children “of Stanton” & Sarah wife of Stanton, bur 3.4.1713.

Thomas Batman & Elizabeth Davis, being published in the parish of Bitton married this day 1 Aug 1655 by John Goslett, JP.

Thomas see Elias 1700

William, cm, “about 20, of meanest stature, suitable for service as a pyoner.” (pioneer), 1608.  Men & Armour for Gloucestershire.

William see Francis Creswick, 1674

William mar Mary Smith or Peacock, 16 Sep 1718, Bitton

William: appears in list of tythingmen of Bitton, 1722; Sentenced to death with Abraham Caines “for robberies in and around Mangotsfield”. Impeached by Aaron Gayne. FFBJ 18 Mar 1727. Also see Abraham Caines, 1726/7 and George Battman, 1733.

William see William Naish, 1735; William, 1752, see Joanah Flower.

William, d 18.8.1772 aged 90, Sarah his wife, d 19.2.1773 aged 72, MI Bitton, Bigland

William see John Bryant, 1809: William see William Bateman, 1819

William, 52, lab, TSP 7 yrs Mar 1824 .See GRS Vol I p9 Wyatt


“BATMAN – The Study” by Mark A.S. Grace. See BAFHS 70, p8



Albert of W & A, drowned in Avon. Inquest at Bathwick, FFBJ 24 Aug 1822

Daniel see Amos Bryant, 1834

Daniel Bateman, 1840,  “died, Oct 25, and Oct 28th his wife, J. Coles daughter, died, both buried at St George’s Church, Nov 1st 1840″, (John Couch).

Elizabeth see James, 1823

George of Bitton, coaldriver, 8.3.1741/2 see BRO 04435/5

George of Doynton, labourer, from Nicholas Mannings of Doynton, yeo, dec’d. 1861. See DD/GL, SRO

Harriet, 35, 2 ch, wid, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

James, cm of KW Hill mar Sarah: children Elizabeth bp 1823 & William bp 1825, HTKW.

John, 16, Bitton, compound fracture of arm. BRI Inpatients, 1789

  1. carpenter of KW Hill. His premises burnt down; he has a wife & 8 small children. See Bs Merc, 8 Dec 1817

Mark, 18, Edward Matthews, 17, Eli Jeffrey, 17, charged attempting to damage roof at Whitehall Colliery, to delay working. See WDP 14 Jan 1870.

Mary see William 1768; Samuel, settlement examination, Bitton, 15 Jan 1750

Sarah see James, 1823; Thomas see Thomas Horsman 1893

William, cm of St George, bach upwards of 20 & Sarah Phipps, St George, sp. upwards of 20. Sampson Phipps her father to consent and Mary Bateman, wid, his mother to consent. Bristol Mar Lic Bond, 15 Jun 1768

William, TSP 7 yrs, July 1788, GRS Vol I, p9, Wyatt

William, housecarpenter, “The workshop of William Bateman, house carpenter, of Bitton, caught fire & was entirely destroyed with working tools, chairs, tables, bedsteads, mahogany, &c to £60 upwards. Bateman an industrious young man who was working by candlelight, escaped with his life. FFBJ 7.2.1795

William, cm, aged 35, killed at Mr Baynton’s Pit. Inquest 26 Nov 1819 at Aaron Stone’s Kings Arms.  Burial register of Bitton 28.11.1819 says “William Bateman”. See KCP by DPL.

William see James, 1823



Baugh & Co see Samuel Lear, 1799






Elizabeth see Samuel, 1688/9; Samuel, 1676, see William Bright, BAFHS 55 p34

Samuel, gent, Bitton, Herald’s Visitation, 1682/3 see Bigland.

Samuel, bondsman at marriage of Sam Crisp of Marshfield & Elizabeth Bave of St Nich, 1688/9, BMLB



Betty wife of Nathaniel bur W & A 23 Dec 1759

Charles see Wm 1736, see John, 1841

Daniel Baun, b. Stapleton, 35th Foot, 1809-20, discharged aged 28. (W0)

George Baun, baker, Winterbourne, 1649, Probate Inventory, BRO

George, see John 1760

Hester see John, 1841; Honour see Wm 1736

James see Wm 1736; James mar Ann Wrench 2 Jul 1764 W & A

John Bane, Stapleton, 1693, Probate Inventory, BRO

John see Sarah 1722, see Wm 1736

John s.o. George of outparish of St P & J, labourer, to Henry Hooper, blockmaker, 20.10.1760, Bristol apprents.

John aged 25, cm, born county, 1841, census for Bitton, Cadbury Heath, with Hester 25, John, 5, Charles, 7.

John Baun see Mary 1849

Joseph, cm, saved from Coalpit accident at Bitton through heroism of Daniel Harding. See Bs Gaz 25 Dec 1834 & Daniel Harding 3 Jan 1835. (KIACP)

Leah, 68, aged, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897

Mary Baun sp over 21, works in fields, d.o. John, miner, mar Thomas Willsher, over 21, lab, son of James, hatter, mar HTKW 2 Apr 1849

Nathaniel Bawne Stapleton, Miller, 1667, Probate Inventory, BRO

Nathaniel & Betty Strange mar W & A 17 Apr 1750

Sarah d.o. John of Stapleton, base child, bp St P & J. 12 Aug 1722

William of Stapleton mar Elizabeth James St P & J 30 Nov 1721

William & Honour: their children Charles bp 12 Sep 1736, John bp 13 May 1739, James bp 15 Apr 1743 all at W & A.

William Bawn & John Wilkins, Calendar of Prisoners in Newgate, theft, 2.1.1795. See BRO Q/S transcripts.



  1. Corset Factory, girls pose ca 1914 “All Around Oldland” EP (BT) 12.9.2006



Benjamin – see Francis Creswick, 1674



Catherine, 1722, MD; Mrs, 1722, MD

Richard, 1722, MD; — Baylis see John Cripps, 1722

Robert, agent of coalworks, to Duke of Beaufort, died KW Lodge, see FFBJ 12 Mar 1803

Thomas, at residence of his brother, Kingswood Lodge, obit, FFBJ 21.8.1813

William: Married at St Paul’s, William Parsons of Brislington to Miss Baylis, only daughter of late William Baylis of Stapleton, 28.12. 1805, FFBJ

William, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813


I Robert Baylis of The Lodge, Stapleton in the County of Gloucester, gentleman, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first I desire to be decently interred agreeable to my wish which I have often expressed near my late deceased wife and friend and that all my just debts and funeral expenses and SOMETHING of proving this my last will be paid off and distributed. I give devise and bequeath to my son George Baylis all that my estate and lands called Nubridge (NEWBRIDGE?) Hill within the parish of Westerleigh in the said County of Gloucester which I hold by lease under the Lord of the Manor of Westerleigh and all other promises contained in said lease with all new rights chambers (?) and appurtenances to the SOMETHING Colonquin (?) (CANT READ) to hold unto him my said son George Baylis his executors, admons and assigns for and during my estate blah blah blah blah  ….the sum of five shillings to my son William Baylis weekly and every week out of the…   (estates ?) …. During his life on his demand as it shall grow out from the time of my decease by the person entitled to the rents and profits of the aforementioned estate and lands (I imagine the five shillings is an investment, – grow meaning interest payable? and rebutted (?) (word ……I bequeath to my son George Baylis all that estate and tenement called Nutridge Hill tbc (on ancestry, original)


IN 1800 George Baylis, Gent of Stapleton had a licence to hunt game.

Robert Baylis, etc: Westerleigh;

baptism Robt s.o. Thomas bp 11.6.1780, Wm s.o. Thomas Dec 26 1781 (I’m pretty sure Thomas was Robert’s brother)

Then a job lot of baptisms, entered  Dec 30 1781,

George Private Feb 16 1771, public Dec 30 1781

Charles Private Sept 13 1773 public Dec 30 1781

John Private Dec 12 1774, Public Dec 30 1781

Thomas Private Mar 7 1776, public Dec 30 1781

Sons of Mr Robt Baylis by Sarah his wife.

Several reasons for this – a private baptism took place if the child was sickly and not expected to live, and then a public one taking place afterwards. Or it could be that either Robert or Sarah were Methodists and the child was also baptised in a Methodist other non-conformist chapel. Or when Thomas – (Robt’s brother?) had his baby baptised on the 26th, there was a family gathering in the church and the  vicar discovered that the private bapts had not been entered in the Parish register so did them again to be on the safe had not been entered.  “MR” was important because it revealed Robert’s status as a gentleman.

Robert Baylis son of Thomas bp 21.2.1737 Westerleigh

Robert married  Sarah Simonds 12.12.1757

Burials Westerleigh, Sarah wife of Mr Robert Baylis, Stapleton, Sep 10 1800

Mr Robert Baylis of Stapleton, Mar 5 1803

Bigland: page 1427:

In Westerleigh Churchyard Arms:  Or, on a cross Azure between four ermine spots sable, five mullets, argent. Crest: a cock argent legged and beaked gules. (How’s your heraldry?)

Sacred to the Memory of Sarah, wife of Robert Baylis, of the parish of Stapleton, late of this parish,  whose remains are deposited under this tomb. She died Sep 6 1800, aged 64. Sincerely regretted by her Relatives and Friends for those virtues which constitute a good Christian. Nothing listed for Robert….


“The Goat House” Bitton Protestant Dissenters. 1705; GRO/Q/SO/3



Mr, Master at Wesley’s school, see AKW 1757

Mrs: “Thursday died Mrs Baynes, wife of Mr Baynes at the Boarding School, Hanham, obit FFBJ 12 May 1768

William: Advert. For School in Hanham, FFBJ 7 Jun 1766



Adam Baynsham (sic) see Francis Goodman, 1747

Martha see Samuel Jones, 1772; Robert, Yate, wills at GRO, 1728



Baynton & Co see John White, 1817, Abraham Bollard, 1822

Hannah, Mangots/Richard Sanford, St Stephen, 1667/8, BMLB

John, Barton Regis, 1660, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Mr see Williams Bateman, 1819; William see Nathaniel Fry, 1773



Philip, cm, admission to Bristol Liberties by marriage to Sarah, d.o. George Hollbrook, victualler, dec’d. Paid 4/6d, 8 Oct 1774



Ann see John Harding, 1743

George & wife & Ann Beachgood, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation



See Robert Clare 1684

Andrew, collier,1630, in Mr Player’s Liberty, I acre. See E.J, p177.

Andrew, collier ,in list of inhabitants of KW Chase, 1684. Ellacombe II Mss.

Andrew, 5 horses in “Maggersfelde Liberty” 1684 E-J p 229.

Jonathon see John Bennett, 1688; Richard, quarry, 1652 see E.J., p177

Richard, quarrier, in list of inhabitants of KW Chase, 1684. Ellacombe II Mss “One quarry not working in Player’s own liberty

Richard, 3 horses in “Maggersfelde Liberty” 1684  and “a quarry at Downing’s working”  E-J footnote p 227 & p 229.

Richard, quarrier, Downend, 1710 see BAFHS Journal 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Thomas, quarry, 1613, E.J. p 177

Thomas, “one of people concerned with riot 1670” see also John Bampton. E.J.

Thomas, 3 horses in “Maggersfelde Liberty” 1684 E-J p 229.

Thomas, junior, smith, dead, now Widow —-. in list of inhabitants of KW Chase, 1684. Ellacombe II .

William, Mangots, 1659, Nevis, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham



Henry see Ruth Beard

John, watchmaker, Lower Easton, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835

Ruth Beard, otherwise Phipps came before me this day & made oath that about 11 years ago she was lawfully married to Henry Beard, otherwise Weston, at the parish church of Bitton. Soon after her marriage, HB sold her to Nicholas Reed of Hanham, coalminer who afterwards married her at Bath by one Parson Grey, a lawless minister. She cohabited with Reed until his death abt 3 yrs ago, claimant now very poor & unable to relieve herself. H.B. is her only and first husband now living. Sworn by Ruth x Beard, before Henry Creswick. Undated. Ellacombe Mss Vol 9. NB: Henry Weston mar Ruth Phips, Bitton 25 Jan 1730, Bitton PR.

William of Bitton, lab, & Sarah Jones, sp, mar Winterbourne, 1.3.1783



Duke of: see Arthurs: & Beese, Britton, Blackborough, Burchill, Coleman, Flook, Fletcher, Harding, Jenkins & William Reeves, 1798, Moses Lovell, 1800, Samuel Powell, 1797,James Stibbs, 1810, Francis Stone, 1803 (Mostly concerning men killed in his pits in KW.)  See also Robert Baylis.



William, cordwainer, Hanham, Bristol Poll, 1820.





Frederick, cm, worked at Coalpit Heath Colliery, c1940. Then aged 20, having been brought up my foster parents. Supposedly went to Wales to work during World War 2. Information sought by niece Gillian Stamp, 65 Glasshouse Hill, Codnor, Ripley, Derby, DE5 9QS.



Elizabeth see William Pearce 1725; Joseph, 1788-91, Mangots see E.J. p145



Martha see Charles Birchall, 1741; Thomas see Thomas Cox, 1765



Martha, 74, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897



Frederick Percy, aged 3. Killed by stone throwing in KW. See BO 13 Jun 1896

Mrs, wife of John, of Upper Easton, obit 27.1.1816



Betty see Charles Legg, 1775; Caroline see Sampson, 1851

Charlotte see John, 1841, see Sampson 1851

Edward Bease, (sic) see Thomas Jones, 1726

Edward, cm, & Ann Tuder, mar Bitton, 22 Oct 1759

Edward Beese, of Crew’s Hole, seaman aboard “Sarah” Bristol/Virginia/Bristol, 16.8.1760. MV Muster Rolls.

Elizabeth see Sampson, 1851; Febe, see John 1841

George Biss (sic), 26, John Fudge, 19, William Powell, 26, John Milsom, 25, drowned in coalpit belonging to Denis Butler, from water breaking in from old works belonging to Samuel Ruddle. Inquest 26 Apr 1799. See KIACP

George, see John, 1841, see Samson, 1841 & William, 1841, see Isaac, 1851

Hannah see John, 1841; Isaac see Samson, 1841

Isaac: Census 1851 Rowley Regis, West Midlands, Old Hill: Isaac Beese, head, 26, miner born Mangotsfield, Mary, wife, 27, born Bitton, George, son,5, born Bitton, George Rogers, 19, cm, born Mangotsfield.

James, regular banksman at Easton when his assistant Charles Lovell was killed. See Bristol Mir, 14 Jan 1860

Jesse, cm, at Deep Pit, gassed in his house at St George, see BO 2 Jan 1904

John, aged 39, killed coalpit, Lodge Lower, Duke of Beaufort, Inq 4 Aug 1802, bur Mangotsfield 6 Aug, 1802. See KIACP

John, cm, aged 50, in family group with Charlotte, 45, John, 20, shoemaker, William, 20, mason

Charlotte, 12, Febe, 10, George, 5, 1841 census Soundwell.

John, cm, aged 25, in family group with Hannah aged 20 & Sampson, aged 1. 1841 census Soundwell.

John, 52, locomotor ataxy, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Lucy see Sampson, 1851

Mary, “poor collier woman” murdered by George Bird. See Bs Gaz 14 Mar 1776

Mary see Samson 1841, see Samson, 1851, see Isaac 1851

Sampson Biss (sic), 16, killed with  Thomas Britton, at Deep Pit, Duke of Beaufort, by broken rope, Inquest 10 Jul 1800, bur Mangots 11 Jul 1800. See KIACP

Sampson see John 1841

Samson, 1841 census Soundwell, Samson Beese, 50, in family group with Mary, 45, Isaac, 15, cm, William, 14, cm, George, 11, cm & Mary aged 5.

Samson: Census 1851 Rowley Regis, West Midlands, Tory Row, Waterfall Lane.: Samson Bees, 29, miner b Mangots, Lucy, 30, wife b Bitton, Caroline, 10, Elizaneth,6, Charlotte,3, Mary, 1, all born Bitton, George Thompson, visitor, 18, born Bitton.

William, killed in his quarry at Culverscliffe, 16 Oct 1827, Couch.

William, 14, & his brother George Beese,12, “haul coal by the girdle at Soundwell Pit abt 6 yds on wheels thro’ a 4 foot passage; earn sixpence a day each. Not injured  by their work, have good appetites & generally enough to eat. Are ready for a good run as soon as they come up. Both read and attend Sunday School. Report by Elijah Waring on Conditions of Children & Young Persons in Mines of S. Glos., 1841. KIACP

William see Samson, 1841, see John, 1841



Alexander Belsire of Yate, wife Elizabeth, 25 Aug 1638; Year Books of Probates 1635-9

Alex: Belshire see Francis Creswick, 1674

Benjamin Bolshier, sic, see Thomas Humphries, 1761

Benjamin: Mr Benjamin Belcher, of St Philips, many years clerk, Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel to Miss Mary Reynolds of Upper Easton. At St George’s. Marriage announcement, FFBJ, 3.5.1806

Edward “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Henry Bellsiah (sic) of Bitton & Elizabeth Dyer of Stoke Gifford, lic, mar 21 Dec 1733 at St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol.

Hester Belsire see William, 1704

James, “Jem Belcher” Boxing Champion, see John Slack, 1755

John, 20, Westerleigh, stonemason, Charged with stabbing John James of Westerleigh, FFBJ 16.9.1815. TSP life Apr 1816. GRS Vol I p10, Wyatt

John, tiler and plasterer, Whiteway, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835

Mary Belsire see William, 1704

Robert Belsire of Frampton & Jone Hoskins of Mangotsfield mar 21.5.1595 at All Sts, Bristol.

Samuel Belshire see James Llewellin, 1743;

Sarah Belshire see James Llewellin, 1743

Thomas Belsire of Winterbourne, 1718, see BRO 63778(1)
Thomas Belsire see William 1738

Thomas, see Thos Milsom, 1811

Thomas, 41, St George, slater/plasterer, TSP 7 yrs Mar 1832. GRS Vol I p10, Wyatt

William, collier, mar Mary; dau Hester bp Yate 22 Sep 1704

William, cm of Westerleigh, 1730/1 Inventory 5 Dec 1730 £132.17s.6d. See “Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers, 1539-1804 Phillimore Ref Gl Inv 1731/4

William son of Thomas, cm, Westerleigh, apprent to Elizabeth, widow of Edward Hancock, butcher, 16 Jan 1738, Bristol Apprents, BRO

William Belseir (sic) see John Gibbs, 1737



Josiah, of Stapleton, Corn Mill, 1846-99, see BAFHS Journal, no 101, p 17, Summer 2000



William, d 8.10.1767 aged 28, , Mary first the wife of William Bence, late wife of James Brimble, d 6.8.1781 aged 51, MI Bitton, Bigland

W.J. Founder of Longwell Green Coachworks & Bence’s buses. See EP 2.12.1988



Jane see AKW 1754

James Bendall, miner of Parson Street, brought to surface in stupefied state after fire which killed Joseph Gaynor, at Easton Pit 1910.

Sarah Bendell see Joseph Vowles, 1818; William see AKW 1754



William cm, son of Robert, cm mar Eliza Bailey, minor, 1 Mar 1841 at St P & J, Bristol



— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11


see Henry Lawrence, 1662

William, Lawrence Hill, grocer, obit 21.11.1829, FFBJ



Francis Fitz Benjamin, 22 miner, son of John, lab, & Hannah Gladys Hendy, 20, d.o. Thomas, signalman, mar St Silas, Westerleigh, 25 Nov 1892

John see Francis Fitz, 1892, see Thomas Webb, 1893

Laura Jane see Thomas Webb, 1893



Alfred Henry, owner of Deep Pit. Gave evidence at Inquest after disaster, see Western Daily Press, Nov 1910

Bertha, 23, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Celia, adult, sp, Soundwell, d.o. John, miner & John Pullin, adult, bach, lab, mar HTKW 2 May 1849

Charles Bennett & Hannah Crew, both of Bitton: mar lic bond 27.4.1720. Bondsmen Nathaniel & Francis, cms. At Stapleton. (BRO)

Charles, s.o. Charles of Downend, collier, to Benjamin Watkins, chandler 6.1.1761, Bristol Apprentices, BRO

Charles Bennett & James Gowing, workmen at Frenchay Ironworks, obit FFBJ 26.12.1829.

Charles, Mangots, 64, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Daniel, 12, s.o. George, cm & Daniel, 14, s.o. John, cm, both drowned in reservoir belonging to Soundwell Pit by falling out of a cart. Inquest 17 Jul 1821, and see KIACP.

Emma Jane, minor, sp, servant, d.o John, miner & Thomas Short, adult, bach, miner, KW, s.o. William, lab, mar HTKW 27 Feb 1843

George of Mangots, carpenter & Anne Barns of same, mar lic Bristol, 13 Aug 1719 (Married at Almondsbury on 17 Aug 1719)

George see Daniel, 1821

George, senior, aged 45, Soundwell, killed explosion at Easton Colliery 1886; buried Downend 23 Feb 1886. His funeral conducted by his brother in law Mr Boulton, collier of Durham. His son Henry, 23, died of injuries, bur 28.2.1886. Another son, George injured. See WDP 19,24 Feb &  Mar 1886 & KIACP.

George aged 22 see George, senior,1886

Hal, Mangots Parish; house marked on Player’s Map 1750 see Joseph Bailey

Henry, 23, see George, 1886

Mr J.R., managing director of coal company at Easton. “went down to take his share in the superhuman efforts of the rescue party.” After Easton Pit fire which killed Joseph Gaynor, 1910.

Job, 19, killed falling 37 yds down coalpit belonging to Mr Stockham, 2 Jul 1813. (D260 GRO & KIACP)

Job, 18, killed Parkfield, 6 Mar 1901. Present at Inquest Mr J.S. Martin, HM Inspector, Mr J. Whitefield, miners’ agent, Mr Robinson on behalf of Bedminster KW & Parkfield Colliery. Dec’d working with George Powell of Mangots repairing roof. Evidence also given by Felix Osborne, overman, Mr Harold Frederick Mole, house surgeon of Infirmary. See BO 16 Mar 1901 & KIACP

John see John Wickwick, 1684, see Richard Lane, 1688, see John Stone, 1688

John “cm of Mangots, makes oath that Jonathon Tucker, bayly to William Player. Esq, or Jonathon Beames, his menial servant did read a certain paper at coalworks of Mr Player forbidding any man that if they did see, discover or tell of killing of deer in the case with all threatening should never work more in any of Mr Player’s works, 12 Jun 1688. John Stone, petty constable levied a fine of £40 on J.B. but could find nothing to the value of above £5, 30,4,1688, Ellacombe Mss KW Vol II.

John, Mangots, housecarpenter & Elizabeth Lockstone, wid, (Bondsman Nicholas Palmer, Mangots, housecarpenter) Mar Lic 6.12.1722 BRO

John, Mangots Parish, Mr Player’s Map 1750, see Joseph Bailey

John, late of London, gent, died 1.11.1769 aged 50, Bitton, Bigland.

John Bennett, b. F.C. served Somerset Militia, 1807-29, discharged aged 39 National Archives

John see Daniel, 1821, see Thomas Short, 1843, see Celia, 1849, see Emma Jane, 1843

John, 19, St Philips, 1881 census of RN at sea etc. BAFHS 73, p26

John, 39, wife, 4 ch, illness, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Louisa, 45, wid, 4 ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Mary Ann, 58, heart disease, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Messrs see Stephen Sheppard, 1805

Philip see Robert Howes, 1683

Philip, carpenter of Moorend. 1715, Mangots, BAFHS Journal 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Philip, cordwainer, 1733, Mangots, BAFHS Journal 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Philip, mealman of Downend, bankrupt, 2.2.1811, p1 FFBJ.

Robert, 83, aged, dead, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Samuel, shoemaker, inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe Mss II

Samuel see Ann Pinnel

Samuel, cm, Mangots, intestate 11 Feb 1801 “died abt five years ago” his wife Hester to administer. Effects under £100. (BRO)

Samuel, cm, 45, dropped dead by visitation of God, Inquest 21.6.1821. Mangotsfield (D260/GRO)

Samuel, minor, bach, cm KW s.o. Samuel, cm, mar Emma Davis, adult, sp, pin header, Soundwell d.o Thomas, cm, HTKW 14 Dec 1840

Samuel: fatal accident at Shortwood Colliery (Wethered & Cossham) descending pit Bennett got into a cart 10pm with Samuel Bryant & Isaac James. Cart fell 230-40 ft, and Bennett suffered internal injuries from which he died after a few hours suffering. Left a widow & 2 children. See Bs Gaz 27 Jan 1853 & Diary of Handel Cossham, 21 Jan 1853. See Joseph Fraglin, 1853. (see KIACP)

Samuel buried Easton Pit in roof fall, but taken to Infirmary & recovered see WDP 7 Aug 1895.

Selina, 58, epilepsy, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Sarah see John Golding 1727, see Edward Wilmot, 1755

Stephen, Mangots, 1702, see E.J. p158

Stephen: Mangotsfield Parish; house marked on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

Stephen see William Lacey 1844

Thomas, Moorend, carpenter, 1706, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Thomas, 61, wife, asthma, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

William Bennett and Elizabeth Lovell, both of Mangots. Married Almondsbury 1723

William, cm, Inquest 27 Dec 1806, Staple Hill. “found dead in morning of 24th inst.” Accident.  (D260/GRO)



Cicely see Nicholas, 1368

Lord, c1606 see Braine p 55, see Lord Stafford, 1610, see Braine, p60,1615, see John Norden 1615, see John Harding, 1629

Lord George see Nicholas Flower 1614

Lord Henry see Braine p 48; after 1529; p53, 1606; see John Britton, 1608, see John Noble, 1629, John Marne, 1629, Francis Creswick, 1674

Sir Henry, 1643, see BAFHS 52, p35

John of Stoke Gifford, 1687, see E.J. p157; Maurice, 1392 see Thomas Broke

Nicholas Berkele, knight and Cicely his wife re King’s Chase at KW, profits from woods, gorses & sea coals, exemption from chiminage as her ancestors used to have. Close roll, 15 May 1368. Typescript at BRO

Norborne, see Thomas Bayley & Charles Arthurs; 1717-70: One of “Lords of KW”. Served for long period as MP for Gloucestershire. “one of local coal adventurers who in 1761 joined the Warmley Company & this led to his financial downfall in 1768. (from “Newcomen Engine in West of England”, K.H.X. Rogers, quoting from article by Bryan Little: “Norborne Berkeley, Gloucestershire Magnate.” See article E.P. 27.2.1990, re Norborne’s gardening achievements at Stoke Park, and service as Governor of Williamsburg, Virginia, 1767-70 (title then Lord Botetourt).

See also article by Susan Weeks “The Monks Family of Fishponds” BAFHS Journal, no. 125, Sept 2006

Norborne – lease for 3 lives: Francis Punter, Hannah his wife & Samuel Punter, 12 Sep 1747: (1) Norborne Berkeley of Stoke Gifford, esq., (2) Charles Arthur, the ygr of Stapleton, cm: re messuage, garden in occupation of Zechariah Porter, tenant to William Pierce, cm; profits to Hannah Punter, nee Arthur, for her use for life & then to Samuel Punter, her son. (BRO ref 29996 Fishponds Lunatic Asylum)

Norborne see Charles Arthur, 1750

Richard: & William Chester & Sir Theodore Newton: c1606,1610 & 1615: see Braine p 54, 55 & 60: see Lord Stafford, 1610 see John Norden, 1615

Sir John Berkeley, Thomas Chester, Sir John Newton, Earl of Rochester, Mr Player, Mt Townsend, Mr Creswick, Mr Wickams, Lord Stafford – Liberties of KW, 1670; see Braine p83

Sir Maurice – keepership, KW, 1511, see Braine, p47

Thomas, Lord, d Mangots 1532, see Braine, p 198/9, and splendid funeral, see E.J. with much info re Berkeley family, p105-9

William see Sir Walter Dennys, 1485



John, “killed quarry under the road leading to Batch on Thursday 27 Feb 1806. Buried Bitton, 2 Mar 1806 aged 52. His wife died Sunday 20 Feb 1850 aged 101 & 4 mths, and buried 7 Mar. Jefferies Hill” (From Ledger of John Couch, quarryman.)



Ann d.o. Samuel & Mary of Hanham, bp Keynsham 16 Oct 1745

Ann, 17, Bitton, ulcer leg. BRI Inpatients 1789

Alice Berrott see Francis Creswick, 1674; Mary see Ann, 1745

Richard , cm Hanham/Bitton: about 40, middle stature, suitable as a musketeer. “Men & Armour for Gloucestershire, 1608”) See John Britton, 1608. See also Byrrett.

Samuel see Ann, 1745



Helen see Henry Creswick 1769

Rev Henry, will 1724, charity of £100 to Wick & Abson, see Bigland.



Harriet, 73, blind, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897



Edward, Mangots, husbandman/Hanna Cole, Winterbourne, 1676, BMLB



William, 78 ,aged KW North, outdoor poor 1897



George, gent. Mangots, 1647. See BAFHS Journal, 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

George, cordwainer, Mangots, 1675. See BAFHS Journal, 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

George, 1677, Mangots, account by Richard Powell, his administrator, BAFHS Journal, 36, p26

Hester see Thomas Cox, 1765



Phoebe, see Thos Waters, 1821

Samuel – One of 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick, after his expulsion by Wesley 1740. See Anne Allen.

Thomas & his wife Johanna Rider. 2 of 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick, after his expulsion by Wesley 1740. See Anne Allen

Thomas see Samuel Tippett, 1741

Thomas see John Cennick’s Diary, 25 Oct 1742. (Bristol University Library)


Other members of the Bissicks family were potters at Brislington.



Catherine d 1692, see Alice Jones



Betsey, 47, wife of Joseph of Upper Easton, obit FFBJ 21.4.1821

Mrs, wife of Mr Bettington, lead merchant, Upper Easton, obit FFBJ 8 Feb 1806.



Family – their barges: see Matthew Cox, 1826

John, Mangotsfield, lic for HM’s dissenting subjects called Baptists. 1725 (GRO/Q/SO Easter 1725)

John, 1743, see E.J. p193; John see William Walters, 1825

Joseph see William Wakley, 1769, see Thomas Burchill, 1769, see Wm Lear, 1770, see George Hemmings, 1777

Joseph of Mangots. & Elizabeth Davis, otp mar Stoke Gifford, 2.9.1779

Mary see Jonathan Short, 1721



Ann, d 1785 see Jeremiah, 1781

Henry see Jeremiah, 1781

Jeremiah departed this life 20 May 1781 aged 52, Ann his wife, d. 1785 aged 50, and to the memory of their children Henry, William & Mary. MIs. St George.

Jeremiah – Member of Kingswood Benevolent Society, 1833

Jeremiah– respectable shoemaker of Hanham, Preacher with the Methodist Connection. Killed on the Railway at Risca, Mon. See Bristol Times & Bath Advocate Nov 18 1843, see also Couch, 9.11.1843: “J.B. killed in Wales on the Tram Road, 7 miles from Newport. The trams broke both thighs. He lived only 5 hours after, died from loss of blood.”

Mary see Jeremiah, 1781; Mrs see Mary Brain, 1826

Samuel, Wholesale & Export Boot Manufrs, Hanham, founded 1873, see “Progress Commerce, 1893, BRL, B26385, p197

Thomas – (1814 – Boyd Mill) of New Mill Paper Mill, demanded that Boyd Mill be lowered or he would sue for £800. William Shipp gave evidence that he had built the Weir exactly as it was. (Information from late Matthew Southway, Kingswood Historian.) This Thomas supposed to be “Captain Bevan of the Kingswood Association.

William see Jeremiah, 1781

William, cordwainer, Hanham Street, Bristol Poll, 1835

William -: see Robert Williams. Robert a coalminer aged 27 of Bitton; stole straw value 1 shilling from him & was sentenced to 3 months at Lawford’s Gate House of Correction, 10 Jan 1837. (Ref GRO G/Qc/5 1-5



Betty d.o. John & Ann of Hanham, Bitton, bp Keynsham 26.12.1725



John see Walter Jones, 1662

John Byde, Winterbourne, casualty, BRI, 1800 (FCH/BRI/3 – BRO)

Robert, Stapleton, 1724, Probate Inventory, BRO

Robert, quarryman, fell into a quarry at Gold Hill, Mangots. Inquest 18 Aug 1794, (D260/GRO)

Samuel, Stapleton, millwright/Sarah England, Stapleton, 1691, BMLB



Abraham house marked on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey.

John Bigg, Hanham, lab, 1687, Settlement at St Luke’s Brislington, (BROP/StLB/OP/9)

—- Biggs – see James Hillman, 1684

John, 1691 survey of KW Chase, coleminer, ability rich, wife, 4 ch, 2 acres, 1 cow, see E.J. p179

Daniel, currier, Little Sodbury/Mary Sarjant, Mangots. Mar Lic Bond, 28.1.1713. Stephen Dandy of Westerleigh as Bondsman  (BRO); Marriage at St Augustine’s, Bristol, “Daniel of Mangots & Mary of Sodbury” 28.1.1713/4.

Elizabeth see Thomas Brain, 1766

Henry John Knapp: “January 22, at residence of his grandfather Mr Jenkins, surgeon, aged 4 yrs & 4 mths, HJKB, 2nd son of Mr Biggs, surgeon of KW Hill. This beloved & deeply lamented child survived his infant brother by only 15 days.” Obit. Bs Gaz 3 Feb 1842

John, one of a list of persons who took part in a riot in KW Forest, Sep, 1670. See Ellacombe Mss, BRL. See also John Bampton

John see Francis Creswick, 1674

John, cm, 1691, survey of KW Chase: ability rich, wife, 4 children, good house, 2 acres, 1 cow, yearly value, 4 shillings. See E.J.

Martha see Wm Atkins, 1716; Mrs, 1684, Mangots, see E.J. p178

Mrs – see Wm Nicholls, 1793.

Pheby see Thomas Brain, 1766

Robert Fryer, infant s.o. Mr Biggs, of KW aged 6 wks. Obit FFBJ 9 Apr 1836

Robert see Robert Fryer Biggs, 1836, Henry John Knapp Biggs, 1842, Samuel Weston Biggs, 1843 , Elizabeth Fry, 1842

Robert Joseph Biggs of Bitton, surgeon, over 21, bach & Emily Jenkins, of St Philips, dau of Charles, surgeon, Mar lic bond, 23 Mar 1831, (BRO EP/J/3/3/9) Mr Biggs, surgeon of Warmley gave evidence at Inquest on Joseph Jefferies, killed at Tennis Court Inn, and subsequent trial for murder. See FFBJ 6.4.1850; Mr Biggs, surgeon on the spot at pit, Starveall Boiler explosion, St George ( see Francis Bryant, 1851) FFBJ 14.6.1851; Mr Biggs, surgeon of KW, sewed up wound in throat of Samuel Cook, to no avail, see FFBJ 12 April 1842, and Samuel Cook, 1842, Elizabeth Fry, 1842.

Samuel Weston, “Mar 19, aged 6 mths, inf son of Robert Biggs of KW Hill.” Obit Bs Gaz 23 Mar 1843

Sarah see Nicholas Newman, 1759; Susanna see John Hutchins, 1798

William see Thomas Brain, 1766



Edward see Moses Gay, 1850



William, servant to Wm Hayward Winstone of Stapleton, alleged assault, robbery agt Thos Phillips, 9.2.1784.



Joane, wid & Mary, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation, BRO



Esther see Wm Burchill, 1753; Hannah see Samuel, 1841

Samuel, cm, aged 30, born county, 1841 census Warmley, also Hannah & 3 children.



Henry, lease from William Player of Mangots, 1580, “who may lawfully enjoy all fishings, fowlings, furze, heaths, waste ground,  mines of coal, quarries etc, lying in Mangotsfield” see “Some Coalpits in Neighbourhood of Bristol & KW” D.Vinter

Sir Henry, see Arthur Player, 1595, c1609, 1615 see Braine p55, 60, see John Norden, 1615. Queen Ann (wife of James I) stayed at Siston House with Sir H.B., 1617. See “Chronological Outline of Bristol.” Bought Manor of Siston from Sir Gilbert Dennis, and resold it to Early of Middx, 1637, see Braine, 133

Mr Billingsley – see —Paine, 1684



James, in Bitton parish; inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684. Ellacombe II



Thomas, fell into a coalpit & bur Mangots, 1744.



Ann, Mangots, admitted 1878, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Charles, over 21, collier of KW, s.o. Charles, engineer & Martha Daws, over 21, sp, laundrymaid, d.o. William, farrier, mar HTKW 27 Sep 1840

Charles, 24. Collier of KW, found hanging by his mother. See B.O 30 Jun 1886

George, see Mary Bees, 1776

George Bird, born Mangotsfield, served 67th Foot, discharged aged 23, 1846-49. WO 97/798/59

Harriet, widow of Thomas, see George Lovell, 1850/2,

John Byrd, cm, aged abt 40, of middle stature, suitable as a musketeer. See also John Britton. “Men & Armour for Gloucestershire, 1608”.

Samuel, 70, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Stephen, b. St George, 28th Foot, 1806-1814, discharged aged 29. (WO)

Thomas aged 40, killed Soundwell Pit; see 1,7,11, Nov, 1845. Bur Mangots, 2.11.1845. See also William Harris & Joseph Garland, 1845. See KCP

Thomas see Harriet, 1850/2; Thomas, 53, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Elizabeth see Wm Churchill, 1700; Hester, 80, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

James, 56, wife, palsy, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Joan, see Edward Tibbott, 1580

John see Catherine Rodman, 1630, see James Charmbury 1640

John, West., wills at GRO, 1729; John, 92, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Joseph, 1676, see William Bright, BAFHS 55 p34

Mary, widow, Mangots, 1713, BAFHS Journal 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Mary, West, wills at GRO, 1728; Paul, West, wills at GRO, 1725

Robert, 1743, see E.J. p193

Samuel, Bitton, yeo/Mary Clements, Mangots, bondsman Christopher Fowler, Mangots, feltmaker, 1669, BMLB

Sarah wife of William, of Bedminster, see Mary Lacy 1782

Thomas see James Charmbury, 1640; Thomas, Yate, wills at GRO, 1730

Thomas, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William of Pucklechurch & Elizabeth Smith otp mar Dyrham 1703



John of Bitton & Jane Bray of Castle Precincts mar 10.10.1714, St Augustine’s, Bristol



Jonathon see William Lewis, 1754

Mr D. of College Square to Jane, 2nd daughter of Wm Pope, Stapleton Rd, FFBJ 4.5.1816





—- Bissex 1820, Mangots, see E.J. p198

Jane Biswick see Stephen Pratton, 1716

Edward Bissix, s.o. Thomas of Bitton, cm, apprent. To Edward Ransford, feltmaker, 19 Dec 1760, Bristol Apprents.

Hannah see James Stone, 1858

John Bissux see John Britton, d 1648

Sophia Bissex, aged 17. Assaulted by young men at Mangotsfield. These men subsequently absconded. See The Times, 30.8.1857

Thomas Bissicks, see Thomas Waters, 1821, William Waters, 1825

Richard Bissicks, house shown on Mr Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

Thomas Bissix, see Edward 1760

Thomas Bissick, manager of Hall (sic) Lane Colliery, Warmley, “a very honest sober person” see FFBJ 3 May 1788 & Annals of Kingswood 1776-95 by DPL for full story.



John, cm, 15, killed coalpit, Castle & Co, Inquest Stapleton, 6 Jul 1813. See KIACP

Samuel see Samuel Brain, 1816



George, cm aged 18, killed falling down New Pit, belonging to Duke of Beaufort. Inquest 19 Feb 1799, Stapleton, see KIACP.



Henry, St Philip & Jacob:  stripping lead from a house, sent 1748.  See “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Vols V-IX, Peter Wilson, Coldham. BRL)



Bert: was in the Cyclist’s Corps in WW1, lost leg. I worked with him at Downend Garage, late 1950’s. Rightly named, I loved his black humour.

John, see Wm Tanner, 1702



Miss, see Thomas Jefferies, 1800



Ann d.o. Edward bp Bitton 31.3.1747

William Blathwayt see Daniel Bowman 1728

William of St Martin’s, London & Mrs Mary Winter, dau & sole heiress of John Winter of Dyrham, esquire, mar Dyrham 23 Dec 1686

William of Dyrham: colliers’ riot; see Annals of Kingswood 1725-49 by DPL

William of Dyrham died London, see FFBJ 26 May 1787

William of Dyrham see George Caines, alias Avery, 1833

Blathwayt fam of Dyrham – See Peter Clarke, 1855



Mary see Samuel Shipp 1729



John Blancher see Daniel Kitley, 1783; John Blanchard see John Jenkins 1786



John see Francis Woodward 1683



Betty & Samuel see Charles Harris 1784



Mary, aged 16, born “Mangotsfield, Downing” servant of Solomon Phillips, victualler of St Mary le Port, admitted theft from her master of 2 half guineas, & other money, value £4. 3.12.1774, Q/S ts BRO



Elizabeth, 80, aged, dead, KW North, outdoor poor 1897


BLOUNT (sometimes Blunt)

David le see Petronilla, 1276

Edmund, Close Rolls 2 Oct 1378, to keeper of Kings Chase at Kyngeswode for the time being….order to cease from hindering Edmund, s.o. Hugh Blount, cousin and heir of Edmond Blount lord of the moiety of the manor of Button within chase for wood, gorse, sea coals up to his own soil….for chiminage as his ancestors have been wont to have time out of mind. (Typescript at BRO)

Hugh see Edmund, 1378

Morys, will dated 21.1.1528 (property at Mangots.): sons Wm, Robt, Richard, sons, Margaret dau, Sir Wm Dennis, executor. See E.J. p97

Petronilla: wife of David le Blunt given permission to dig sea coal in her wood at KW. Proof given that she and her ancestors “time out of mind” had been accustomed to dig sea coal there until the Constable of Bristol attempted to stop her. See “Coalmining in Bristol in the 13th Century” Bristol Evening Post 8 Feb 1934



Elizabeth see Thomas Sartain 1723

Margaret, Stapleton, 1665, Probate Inventory, BRO



Edward, Westerleigh 1684, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Martha see William Charles Lines, 1887

Samuel, 32, Pucklechurch killed Parkfield Colliery, 24.10.1862 (COI/1291/Acc/GRO & KIACP )

Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Abraham, alias Taylor, aged 10. Killed by rubbish falling on him at Baynton & Co’s pit. Inq. 29 Nov 1822, Oldland. (See KIACP)



Mary see Samuel Jones, 1712





John, silkweaver Hanham, Electoral Roll, 1739



Betty see Lewis Moss, 1792



William aged 12,killed Cowhorn Hill Pit, by rubbish falling on him. Inq. 7 Oct 1809, Bitton. (See KIACP)



Dr, Mangots, 1820, see E.J. p197

George Gwinnett, bought Fishponds Lunatic Asylum & Beechwood School, 1839, see BAFHS Journal no 101, p17, Summer 2000

George W. M.D., d 1847 aged 58 Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78.

Joseph Carpenter, 1861 opened Lunatic Asylum at Fishponds see BAFHS Journal no 101, p17, Summer 2000

Mrs. of Fishponds, obit, FFBJ 22.7.1809 (probably Selina, below)

Selina, d 1809, aged 42, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78.


 (Many more Bompasses at Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78.



Dorothy buried Bitton 5 Sep 1685

Edmond, Aylesmere, St Briavels, gent., to nephew Richard Bond, s.o. brother Richard of Woolaston, Glos, “tenements, lands, messuages, mines & veins of coal lying in St James, Bristol, & Bitton.” Will 29 Oct 1739 proved 19 Nov 1743 & examined with probate 22 Sep 1748, BRO. See Elizabeth Bond.

Edmund see Samuel Whittick, 1739

Elizabeth of City of Bristol, spinster: Her father Edmond Bond, St Briavels, gent, manors messuages etc in Bitton, St Briavels & Bristol. Will BRO 26 Apr 1739

James (Jacobus) in list of “fugitives from KW” 1667, but not fined after the riot of 1670. See Francis Bastyn 1667 &.John Bampton, 1670

Jane: bca 1761, parentage unknown; ward of Samuel Webb, described “Miss Bond of Beach”, on her marriage to Edward Wigan at Bath. Information sought by the author. I have an extensive file on her if anyone can shed any light!

Mr Bond’s Liberty at Gee Moor: noted Player’s Map, 1750: Mr Bond, Mr Baker & Co were “Adventurers in Coalmines” see Joseph Bailey

Richard see Edmond, 1739/40

Richard, collier, committed to prison for stealing a mare from a field belonging to Phoenix Inn, Temple Gate. See Bath Journal, 7 Aug 1749

William see Francis Creswick, 1674

William, 53, eczema, Siston outdoor poor, 1897



John, aged 12 of Kingswood School; buried St Philips Chapel 31 Jan 1834.

Samuel, a boy, convicted for his part in colliers’ march on Bristol. Recommended to mercy on account of his youth. Six months in prison and fined 13/4. See FFBJ 26 May, 8 Sep & 22 Dec 1753. For a full account of the uprising see Annals of KW, 1753.



Mr T. Bonville, James Sq., see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to  Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813



John, glass-master, d 18.4.1770 aged 34. MI Mangots, E.J. p38

Mary see Stephen Tippett, 1773/4



Edward see John Denys, 1592



George see George Caines, 1817



James see AKW,1756

Richard of Bitton & Maria Brown of Cainsham (sic). Mar Lic, GRO 29 Aug 1713

Sarah see Robert Stone, 1783



John of  P & J, mar Hannah Newcombe, Bath Abbey, 8.9.1815

Leonard Boult & Co: coalpit owners. Various. See also Monks, 1892. See KCP

Martha see William Rogers, 1785

William Bolt, cm & Sarah Leonard sp, by lic, mar Bitton, 14 May 1759

William Bolt see Henry Creswick, 1769, see William Waters, 1825

William jun, see John Palmer, 1841



Ann see William Townsend, 1843

Frederick: killed Parkfield Pit, 21 Dec 1912. “Father died 6 days later from shock” Information from Terry Britton, 17 Richmond Rd, Mangotsfield.

George, under 21, bach, miner of KW Hill s.o. James, lab & Maria Cordy, u21,sp, mar HTKW 17 Sep 1848

Giles, condemned & reprieved. Gloucester Assizes. See BMBJ 9 Aug 1800

James see George, 1848; Mary see Thomas Moreman, Mangots, 1831

Jane, aged 14, accidentally killed by the letting of a gun, bur Mangots, 9.7.1864.

John, Bitton, 1659, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

Mr: “Collier from Durham” see George Bennett, 1886

Richard, see William Townsend, 1843



Albert: overman at Deep Pit, St George: gave evidence to Inquest on Wm Jesse Cox; see B.O, 30.6.1923.

John see Robert House, 1774; Mary see Robert House 1774



George of Hanham fined at Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions 10s for “not attending to his horses. James Stone, master of above fined £5 for not having his name painted on the cart. Reduced to 50s when he promised to do so immediately.” FFBJ 7 Jan 1815

Henry, enlisted 27th City of Winnipeg Battalion, 1914-1919 , next of kin, Henry Bowden, 221 Easton Rd, Bristol, see BAFHS 97, p14

James of FC, shooting house dove. Convicted Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions 28 Sep 1824. Vol. 22 W.O.T. at BRO

John, yeo, Mangotsfield, will 1621, see BAFHS Journal, 2



Henry, haberdasher of Winterbourne, allegation of theft against Thomas Martin, 22, tailor, also of Winterbourne. 7.1.1743, Q/S Ts BRO.

John, gave evidence to inquest on Chas Davis & Eli Rogers. Was in bucket with dec’d when they were killed. See Bs Mi 25 Dec 1852 (KIACP)

Thomas & Martha Amos of Bitton mar Winterbourne, 29 Dec 1785



Benjamin see Peter Moreton 1817

Thomas see Hugh Smith 1646



Edward see Edward Peacock, 1817



Benjamin, gent, bur in woollen Apr 1733; see BRL B32433/5 BRL

G.D. Curate of Bitton see Benjamin & Ann Caines, 1817



Daniel, theft of 300 guineas from Mr Philip West, steward to Wm Blaithwaite of Dyrham. Tried at Lawford’s Gate by Henry Creswick. Escaped, taken to Gloucester, reprieved. See Farley’s Bristol Newspaper 4 May & 24 Aug 1728

John, out, Chelsea Pensioner, bur Pucklechurch 16.11.1789



Thomas see Thomas Bassett, 1834



Joseph & Sarah see Chas Lewis, 1840



Alice see John Gregory 1794 etc; Anne see Thos Flower, 1558

Thomas see Wm Axon, 1727

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



John of St P & J. sent 1764. see “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Vols V-IX, Peter Wilson, Coldham. BRL)



William: shot dead Francis Lear who was stealing from his potato patch: Inquest at White Hart, Iron Acton, manslaughter. 6 mths. See Bs Gaz 9 Jan & 10 Apr 1817.



Henry see Thomas Price, 1718



Ann see Samuel Lovell, 1837

Edward of I.A. & Anne Watts of FC, mar St Werbergh’s Bristol, 18 Apr 1649

Elizabeth, 62, eczema, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Hester see Stephen Burchill 1797 & Richard Bracey 1802

James see Richard Bracey 1802

John, Winterbourne, yeoman 1694/9 “Guide to Probate Inventories”

Lancelot Skinner see Samuel 1824

Mary, Almondsbury, 1674/3 “Guide to Probate Inventories ”

Mary, wid, Almondsbury, 1707/85 “Guide to Probate Inventories ”

Mary see Henry Mills Grace, census 1871

Richard, yeo, Almondsbury, 1701/5 “Guide to Probate Inventories ”

Richard mar Hester Burchill, June 1802, widow of Stephen Burchill, KIACP 1797. Their children Richard aged 22 bp Mangots 1825, father collier, James, abt 10, bp Mangots 1823, father cartman, William aged 2, bp Mangots 1820, & Thomas, a child, bp Mangots, 1837

Samuel: Lancelot Skinner Bracey died abt 15 May 1824, intestate, his son Samuel coal haulier of Mangots, to administer, BRO EP/J/3/3/9

Sarah see Henry Mills Grace, census 1871

Thomas, Almondsbury, 1663/8 “Guide to Probate Inventories”

Thomas, Almondsbury, cordwainer, 1717/8 “Guide to Probate Inventories ”

Thomas, died Rangeworthy, bur IA 9 Apr 1701;

Thomas see Richard 1802, see Samuel Lovell 1837

William see Richard Bracey, 1802



William. Sgt Gordon re Henry Bradbury, aged 65, of Cromhall, limeburner. Inquest, 25.3.1861, GRO CO1/N/7/A/38.



James: with Edward Walter & James Williams: Lot 5 Stapleton Enclosure 28 Oct 1779 see FFBJ



Albert S., 18, b Siston, 1881 census of RN at sea etc. BAFHS 73, p26

Mary see Simon Weston, 1750

Mr, Frenchay, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813



Charlotte Mary, aged 6, of Mangotsfield, d.o. late John Bradshaw of Yate. Obit FFBJ 8.5.1819



Charles see Lucy Alleyne, 1741, 1743, see E.J. p193, see Jos(h) Morgan 1755,see AKW 1755,56 & 63

Charles see Thos Britton, 1755 & Peter Crow, 1756

Charles Brage (sic) of Mangots & Elizabeth Wayne sp of St B & J at St PJ, Stapleton, St James, bondsman Walter Pritchard, clerk. Mar bond 25 Jun 1744, BRO

Charles, “5 miners leasing land from Charles Bragge in 1779 paid £35 each for share, only one cm from KW.” GRO D421 T109 quoted “Local Govt in Glos 1775-1800, Esther Moir.

Charles, of Cleeve Hill, JP, Deputy Lieut., Major Militia, Obit 27 Nov 1777, Bs Gaz.

Charles see Charles Burchill 1794.

Charles re-elected MP for Bristol 20 Aug 1803, Secretary for War 3 Dec 1803

Mr see Thos Burchill, 1746



Aaron, cotter; 1684, list of inhabitants of KW Forest, Ellacombe Mss BRL

Aaron see Kedgwin Webley, 1741, Thos Maggs, 1742, see Edward Willmott 1757

Thos Elliott, 1769. Thos Burchill, 1777, Richard Brain, 1779, Benjamin Brain, 1791, George Flower, 1798, Thos Pearsall, 1804

Aaron see Isaac, 1792

Aaron of Westerleigh & Elizabeth Anstey otp mar Stoke Gifford, 19.6.1804, lic.

Aaron: consideration money, Soundwell coalworks, 31 May 1813: “A.B’s family 3/24, £460.2s.6d; Moses Brain, £420.2s.6d. Ellacombe Mss.

Aaron, cm of Warmley & Ann Ansum of Soundwell, their child Ann Ansum bp HTKW 1823

Aaron see Moses 1833, see John, 1841,

Aaron, 20, bach, collier, s.o. George, broker & Elizabeth Ann Pillinger, 21, sp, d.o. Alfred, collier, mar Bitton, 4 Sep 1872.

Aaron, Boyd Mill, 1876: Aaron & William Brain, sons of James (see James 1845) took over mill & installed a steam engine to aid the water power. Aaron became manager of coalworks, William ran the mill. (Information from Matthew Southway)

Aaron, colliery proprietor, Golden Valley, member of school board, 1892, Oldland Common Sch,  see BAFHS 102, p11

Aaron, 72, aged KW North, outdoor poor 1897; Abigail see Abraham 1722

Abraham, will dated 29 May 1722, proved 17 Oct 1722, Gloucester, nephew William B. cm, Jane Britton wife of Francis, cm, Susannah Morgan wife of Joseph Morgan of Bristol, Hannah Iles wife of Wm Iles, cm, Caphen Weeks, wife of Robt Weeks of Bristol  shoemaker, Mary B, wife of Stephen B, cm, Susanna Peacock,, wid of John, cm, Hester Sweet wife of Richard, cm, Children of John Golding & Elizabeth his late wife; children of Wm Tippett & Frances his wife; dau of George Reed; Howell B. of Bristol, brazier; children of Robert B, late of Bristol, taylor, dec’d, Theophilus Cambridge, cm, Hester Cambridge Abraham Cambridge & Hester his wife; Lydia Cambridge, mother’s sister; Jane Willmott, wife of Edward Willmott; Abigail wife of kinsman Francis B. the son of nephew, Wm, B. (Abigail was nee Gay, mar Yate 1722)

Abraham see AKW 1774

Abraham, yeo, 60, hung himself in evening of 2 May, Inq 6 May 1813 at Flower Pot, Hanham. Verdict Lunacy, D260/GRO

Abraham see William Wilcox Flower 1838

Abraham, carter at Warmley coalworks, “do push with another boy” earns 3d a day, can read a little, does not go to Sunday School; has no shoes; complains of tightness in the chest; looks delicate.” Employment of Children & Young Persons in Mines of S. Glos, 17 May 1841, Elijah Waring, PRO

Amey see John Bryant, 1787

Ann see David Phipps, 1719, see Arthur Smith 1756, see Thos Elliott 1769, see William 1821/31, see Moses, 1833

Ann, 71, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Ann, 40, wid, 2 ch, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Benjamin s.o. Aaron, bp 28 Nov 1756, died 1794. Champion Boxer. Known as “Big Ben” – was the House of Commons great bell named after this Kingswood Man? (See Annals of KW 1775 – 1794 by DPL. Strange Encounters by Jim Brady, BRL & F.C. Jones Collection BRO. See also Richard Haynes, 1766)

Benjamin see AKW 1774

Brain & Co: see John Bright 1851, George English 1851, Geo Frankcom, 1839, Wm Frankcom, 1839, Joseph Parker, 1851, Francis Bryant, 1851, Nathaniel Dix, 1851, John Dursley, 1839, Joseph & Stephen Goolden, (Golding) 1839, Samuel Cool, 1865, Abraham Cook, 1882.

Charles see Thos Caines, 1829

Charles, bp 5 Jul 1807, s.o. Charles & Elizabeth. Killed Christmas Eve 1834 due to cross piece of cart snapping when descending a coalpit at Bitton. Buried 28 Dec 1834, “aged 28 of Oldland” See Bs Gaz 25.12.1834; GJ 25.12.1834 & Bs Mi 3.1.1835. See William, 1834

Charles, bach, collier Mangots s.o. Francis, cordwainer & Emma Summerill, sp, d.o. William, collier, mar Mangots 26.11.1848

Charlotte see Isaac Swift 1817

Charlotte: 1821 having 2 illegitimate children, she was sent to prison (6 mths) for having a third. 28 Jun 1821 Bitton Poor Law Records state: Funeral of Charlotte Brain’s bast. In the Lawford’s Gate prison” see I & J Wyatt, Poor Law Records of Bitton.

Eli see Thomas Britton, 1755; Eliza see Joseph 1800

Elizabeth see Henry Jones, 1687, see Charles 1807/34, see Wm Burchill, b 1852

Emma wife of John, North Common, Bitton.  Made an apology to Charlotte Jefferies for defamation of character. Witnessed by John Jacobs. See FFBJ 29 Jul 1820

Florence, 1, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Francis see Francis Creswick 1674, see Abraham Brain, 1722, see Francis Britton, 1742, see Thos Brain, 1766, see Stephen Flook, 1770

Francis mar Abigail Gay, both of Bitton, Yate, 1722

Francis see Charles, 1848, see Joseph, 1848

Francis Henry, d1860 aged 22, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78

George Brain & Co: Kingswood Collieries near Bristol beg to thank their friends & the public generally for the liberal support amended to them for the last 33 yrs & inform them they have sunk their Deep Pit to a vein of very superior house coal unsurpassed for strength durability & income: Best House Coal, 16s per ton delivered; Seconds, ditto, 14s, half & half ditto, 12s6d, housekeepers’ small, 8s. Bs Mi 12 Jul 1856 p5. “Mr G(eorge) Brain was proprietor of KW Colliery. He was of a fine commanding physique, standing 6 feet two inches in height ad proportionately built. He had a resonant voice. He could roar like thunder when denouncing wrong but as tender as a mother in encouraging the weak and struggling who were wishful to live a better life. As a preacher he was well received but his chief work was done as Supt of Zion Sunday School. In his later years he sustained financial losses but maintained his integrity. When he was urged to do something for his benefit to his estate he flatly refused saying it would be wrong to do it.” (Joseph Lovell, A Sketch of the History of KW Circuit, ref  287.142, St Geo Lib), records details of early KW Circuit & Zion Chapel, page 12/13.)

George see Moses Sweet, 1802, see Aaron , 1872,se Geo Harding, 1897

George, 52, killed California Pit. See B.O. 27 May 1899, evidence given by Peter Gay, Warmley Tower, miner, Richmond Keedwell, ditto, Mr J.S.Martin, Inspector of mines. Arthur Gardiner, mason said dec’d was his father in law. See KCP

Grace see Thomas 1766; H. Braine, Mangots, 1684, see E.J. p178

Hannah d.o. Hugh, cm, single woman, Bitton settlement exam. 10 Aug 1752 (BRO)

Hannah, sp, intestate: Samuel & Isaac Brain, coalminers, both of Bitton, lawful nephews & next of kin to dec’d. Effects under £800, died 22 Aug 1810; (dated 23 Feb 1811) – at Back of book of Mar Licences, BRO.

Harriet: d Aug 12, aged 18, youngest d.o. Mr William Brain of KW Lodge. Her sufferings were great but her death was eminently happy. Obit Bs Gaz 21 Aug 1845

Henry: demised Barton by Queen Catherine, 1547 see Braine, p50

Henry see Henry Prewett, 1691

Herbert Hill, born 1865, of KW, s.o. Isaac, a grocer of KW and Jane, nee Hill.

Hester see Samuel, 1794; Hester, 78, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Howell Brayn of St Nicholas, brazier & Hannah Ponting of Almondsbury; BMLB 26 Apr 1718.

Howell see Abraham, 1722

Hugh, inhabitant of KW Chase 1684. Ellacombe Vol I

Hugh see Hannah, 1752, see Wm Burchill, b1852,

Isaac see Hannah, 1810, see Thomas Britton, 1755, see Martha, 1795,

Isaac, s.o. Aaron, an adult of Bitton, bp Saltford, 3 Aug 1792

Isaac, cm  & Samuel, blacksmith: Circular requesting them to complete purchase: land at the Mount, KW. 10.10.1814 (See Brain, Cool & Treasure family papers: ref 35223 BRO)

Isaac, of Bitton, in Victoria, Australia, c1888, see BAFHS 63, p27, March 1991

Isaac, Bitton, 32, coalminer, GRO CO1/N/12/65, 2.7.1866

Isaac, 72, wife, ill, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

James, 1845: Boyd Mill. Sale of 3/28ths of capital estate. Farm & Mill occupied by James Brain, grandson of Aaron. (see Aaron, 1798) James’ daughter mar Wm Cater’s son, Richard Bryant Cater, a grocer from Bath. See Wm Cater, 1803. (Information from Matthew Southway.)

James: “May 3 1847, James Brain hit on the railway by the engine. Taken by train to Keynsham Station and put im (sic) at the White Horse and died the 8th at 2 o’clock in the morning and buried Bitton May 12th“, (Couch).

James see David Jones, 1853; Jane see Isaac, 1795

John Brayne, collier Bitton/Hanham aged abt 40, of middle stature, suitable for service as a musketeer  Men & Armour for Glos, 1608

John & William Brayne, on list of fugitives from KW, 1667. See Francis Bastyn.

John see James Hilman, 1684, see George Flower, 1798

John: Boyd Mill, 1799, assigned his share to Drusella Falkner, single woman: Information from Matthew Southway.

John see Emma, 1820, see Charles Butler, 1821,

John: Lawford’s Gate petty sessions: One mth for breaking 12 panes of glass at house of Susannah Brain at Bitton; FFBJ 16 Apr 1836

John, cm aged 20, born county: 1841 census Siston in family group with Aaron, aged 15

John of Hopewell Hill, bailiff to Mr Monks, proprietor of Lodge Colliery; gave evidence at Inq. On Thomas Brain, & Joseph Iles, killed Tom Joy’s Pit, KW, Feb 1862 (KIACP)

John, d 18.6.1865 aged 70, wife Elizabeth nee Hand, d 2.6.1883, with other family members, MI St Stephen’s Church, Hornby, Ontario Canada, see BAFHS 72, p18

Joseph see Thomas, 1766, see Thomas Burchill, 1777.

Joseph s.o. William, ironfounder & Eliza, “born at Wollen in parish of Beeton” (i.e. Oldland, Bitton) b 21 May 1800 & bp 15 Jun 1800, Kingswood School

Mr Joseph, yeoman, of Oldland, obit FFBJ 8.4.1815

Joseph, cm, killed in one of Mr Toghill’s Pits, Warmley. Inq. 29 Dec 1810, Siston. D260/GRO & KCP

Joseph, 24, Bitton, Stephen Lear, 21, Bitton & David Moreton, 19, Bitton. Theft of clothing from Wm Hall, lab. TSP Life, 29,3,1820 (GRO Q/Gc/1-5)

Joseph, aged 30, collier, b county, 1841 cens. Bitton, in family gp with Mary, aged 40.

Joseph, collier, Mangots, s.o. Francis, cordwainer & Ann King widow, d.o. Joseph Hendy, plasterer, mar Mangots ca Oct/Nov 1848, witnessed Joseph Bamford & Ann Flook.

Joseph see Wm Fry, 1850

Josiah & Partners see Thos Britton, 1755; Josiah see Susannah 1790

Josiah, of St George, cm, intestate; Thos Brain his son to administer; bondsman, Stephen Brain, cm, Henry Taylor, cordwainer, Francis Leonard, St George, cm. Under £100, July 1790, BRO

Josias Brayne; one of a list of persons who took part in riot on KW 1670, see John Bampton.

Josias, collier, 1684, list of inhabitants of KW Forest. Ellacombe Mss.

Martha d.o. Isaac & Jane of Bitton, bp Whitefield School 28 June 1795

Mary see Abraham 1722, see James Stone, 1754, Thomas Britton, 1781, Moses Sweet, 1802

Mary, Bitton, wills at GRO,1728

Mary wife of Richard, cm, see Richard 1779

Mary wife of Mr Moses Brain of Soundwell; Her Obit. FFBJ 16 Jul 1814

Mary, 11 Jan in the 94th year, at her lodgings at KW Hill. Mother of Mrs Harding of Jubilee Place, and Mrs Bevan, Portland Place. See Br Gaz 19 Jan 1826.

Mary see Joseph, 1841, see Maria Batten, 1870

Moses see Wm Hook, 1762

Moses of Bitton & Mary Hale otp mar FC lic 10.4.1806

Moses, see Mary, 1814, see George Potter, 1838, see Aaron, 1813.

Moses of Warmley, born 1818. “Picture taken on his 100th birthday 2.4.1918″ see BAFHS 45, p18. Refers to an offer of pic. to a descendant by a Mr Krych

Moses died 6 Nov 1833, a truly pious man of KW Lodge. Descended with another man into a coalpit at Pucklechurch which had taken fire and finding his companion senseless by gas fastened him to the rope by which he was saved. Moses himself died before he could be brought out. See Glos J. 16 Nov 1833. & KCP. Letters of admin granted to his father, Aaron, of Oldland, 15 Apr 1834, PRO, London, Aaron in turn, will dated 19 Mar 1834, proved 8 Mar 1836 PRO PROB/10/5602 left 12s per week to Ann  Brain, widow of his son Moses. (KIACP)

Moses Brain, John Hall, Solomon Darke, for disturbing the congregation at Hanham Wesleyan Chapel; evidence given by Mr Joseph Cusworth, governor of KW Sunday School, preacher, Isaac Cole, Francis Jarvis, groom at the school. All defendants were acquitted. See BJ 29.3.1851

Mrs see Thomas Bayley, 1749, see Peter Crow, 1756,

Mrs, dressmaker of College Green, obit 23.4.1814

Nurse, aged abt 60, burnt to death with grandchild at Grimsbury, KW, see FFBJ 2 Feb 1760

Richard see Roger Cottle, 1684

Richard, cm of Oldland, & Aaron, cm of same, Bond 5 Nov 1779. See Brain Cool & Treasure family papers BRO ref 35223. Probate of will (d 23 May 1791) proved 3.9.1803; Richard Brain of Britton, Glos, cm, married to Mary, ref. Ibid.

Richard, aged 37, fractured scapula, cured Apr 25, John Bryant, 13, fractured thigh & Concussion of brain (dead Mar 22) John Golding, 15, fractured ribs, cured Apr 13. These 3 brought in same day, 21 Mar 1789, in what looks like a coalpit accident.  BRI Inpatients, 1789.

Robert, see Abraham, 1722

Robert, cm, & Mary Harris, sp, mar Bitton, 14 Nov 1757

Robert, collier, 60, born county, census Oldland, in family group with Ruth, 50.

Robert, 30, perjury. Discharged 12 Aug 1820, orderly. (GRO Q/Gc/1-5)

Ruth see Robt, 1841

Sampson, cm & Ruth Hobbs, sp botp mar Bitton, 11 Nov 1754

Sampson see Francis Batman, 1798

Sampson, collier of KW Hill wife Sarah; son Samuel bp HTKW 1823

Samuel see Susannah Archer, 1747, also 35223 BRO: 6 1794 Oct 14: (1) Geo Cool, Gloucester, James Cool, St Giles, London, Chas Cool, Hanham, Samuel Brain, Oldland, blacksmith, & Hester his wife; John West of Hanham, mariner & Grace his wife; William Smith of Oldland & Martha his wife & (2) William Cool, Hanham, cordwainer. No 7. Will of Isaac Cool, 17 Nov 1735

Samuel, cm, settlement exam. Bitton, 3 Sep 1766 BRO

Samuel, of St P & J, 1768. see (“Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Vols V-IX, Peter Wilson, Coldham. BRL)

Samuel see George Flower, 1798, see Wm Powe, 1813; Samuel, smith, see Samuel Cool, cm, 1803

Samuel see Hannah, 1810; Samuel, blacksmith, see Isaac, 1814

Samuel, alias Black; cm aged 19, Bitton, dark brown eyes, long features, long straight nose, wide mouth, scars on back & thumb, 5’5″ tall, 12 mths. 3 Apr 1816. For charge see Francis Britton, 1816.

Samuel, collier, Bitton, see James Stone, 1819

Samuel see Wm, 1821/34, see Sampson, 1823,

Sarah see James Prigg. 1754, see Thomas, 1766, see Sampson, 1823

Saul, cm, & Sarah Webb wid, botp mar Bitton, 9.4.1755

Stephen see Abraham 1722, see John Bryant, 1787, see Josiah, 1790

Stephen, Bitton, wills at GRO, 1727

Stephen: “it is agreed that Stephen Brain’s two foolish children to have 6d a week added to their pay & to have a jacket & shift apiece, and the mother to have a shift.” Mangots. Orders, 4 Jan 1784, GRO

Stephen of Pilemarsh, cm, bankrupt, Glos J 14.5.1804

Susanna(h) see Joseph Morgan 1708, see Thomas Caines, 1829, see John, 1836

Susannah wife of Josiah Brain otp departed this life 24.6.1790 aged 52 & Josiah dtl 30.6.1790 aged 58. MIs St George

Thomas: his family: Sarah, 10, Joseph, 8, William,6, Francis,3, Grace 3/4: Ann Joy family: Lucritia,8, Elizabeth,7, James,6, Sarah,4, Samuel,2, Hester, 16 wks; Lewis Bright’s children: Lewis, 8, Henry,2: Widow Collins’ Children, Lewis Bryant,10, John Bryant, 8. William Bigg’s Children Elizabeth 10, Pheby, 5: see Bitton Vestry Minutes, 27 Jul 1766, people applying for parish pay.

Thomas see Josiah, 1790

Thomas, with Joseph Iles, killed Tom Joy’s Pit, KW, Feb.1862, see WDP

William Brayne, see John, 1667, Henry Prewett, 1691, John Trotten, 1682.

William Braine was assaulted by Everett Hall, Sir John Newton’s man & another unknown going home 22 Jul 1683: Ellacombe Mss. See Edward Jefferies, 1683. William “of Bitton, yeoman, keeper of HM Chase in KW” see Henry Cheney, 1685.

William Braine maketh oath that there were several colepitts open & now working, the particulars thereof are as followeth: Jonathon Tucker, 5, Walter Iles, 3, Isaac Coole, 3, John Trotten, 5, Morris Brittaine, 3, Nich Wornell, 2, Roger Jones, 3, Thos Phipps, 5, Thos Jones, 3, Anthony Cottswell, 3, John Lewton, 1, Ellacombe, KW, Vol II.

William, cm & Mary Nichols, both of Bitton, mar Yate 1702

William see Abraham, 1722, see Thomas, 1766, see Joseph 1800.

William bp s.o. Samuel, cm of Warmley & his wife Ann of Oldland, 29.4.1821, aged 10 mths;  killed Christmas Eve 1834 due to cross piece of cart snapping when descending at Bitton. Bur 28 Dec 1834, aged 14 of North Common. See Bs Gaz 25.12.1834, GJ 25.12.1834 & Bs Mi 3 Jan 1835. See also Charles Brain, 1834.

William & Co, of Cork Pit, Deep Pit & Starveall Pit, 1841 see Mr Bryant, 1841

William see Joseph 1800, see Harriet 1845, see Aaron, 1876

William H.R., Emily A, Walter E, Edwin F and Alfred P. Founder of “Brain’s Faggots”, 1925 see Article EP BT 10.9.02

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

Brain & Bryant, Wholesale & Export Boot & Show Manufrs, Clouds Hill, St George, see “Progress Commerce, 1893, BRL, B26385, p196 & Boot & shoe manufrs, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer


NB: A Comprehensive study of the Baptisms/births & marriages of the Brain family was undertaken by the late Walter Anthony Brain. I have now passed this on to another Brain researcher. See also article by G.R. Braine of Hednesford, Staffs, BAFHS, 55, p15



Richard: of a house called The Lamb, without Lawford’s Gate, mentioned in a deposition. See Henry Jones, collier, 1675. Ellacombe Mss.



Rev. K.N., vicar of Mangotsfield, 1875-81



Mrs of Stapleton, relict of Mr C. Branson, vintner of Bristol, obit FFBJ 8.4.1815



Jane see John Bisley, 1714



Sarah, see Daniel Flook



Jacob see Henry Burnell, 1650



David, Oldland, admitted 1883, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Francis, 35, wife, 2 ch, scarlet fever, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Margaret, 23, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897


BRETON (see Britton)

Thomas, see Samuel Astry, 1676



Hannah: The Bitton Postwoman: report B.O. 8 May 1897. She was born abt 1825 assistant to her father who was subpostmaster until his death 1887. Delivered letters from an early age, 11 miles daily and has continued to do so for 60 yrs. Now aged 72.

Henry see Wilfred Bruton, 1906

Mr Brewer: his house “without Lawford’s Gate” mentioned in connection with Abraham Caines: 14 Jan 1727.

Mary, 16, “idle & disorderly person” LG 1820 see BAFHS Journal no 61, p31

Nellie, see Crane’s Firework Factory, 1935

Richard, collier, Easton/Barton Regis; aged abt 20, lower stature, suitable as Calyver (light musket) Men & Armour for Glos. 1608

Richard of Bitton & Sarah Spencer mar Cold Ashton, 1770

William, tythingman of Bitton, 1722. Ellacombe Mss, BRL

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Edward, Frenchay, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock  Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

John “Brifse of Kainsome” & Marie Matthews of Hanham, mar St Werbergh’s Bristol, 25 Jan 1650

Messrs see Ebenezer Burgess, 1812

Police Sergeant: called to Easton Pit after suicide of William Bolt Monks, 1892

Samuel, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Samuel, eldest s.o. Samuel of Frenchay, Obit FFBJ 25.1.1816



Benjamin, 69, Fishponds. Drowned. Inquest 7.6.1855: GRO CO I Acc 1291

Eliza, 81, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Elizabeth Ann see George, 1872

George, d 1872, aged 61, Elizabeth Ann, his wife, d 1893 aged 74, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p77

Mary, 76, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



A.J. his house in KW Park struck by lightning, B.O. 13 May 1899

Frederick see John Sutton, 193

James, see Nich Sweet, 1777, see John Player, 1779

Sir Thomas, of Keynsham: visitor to Francis Creswick 25 Jun 1685, complaining of Duke of Monmouth using his house as HQ, (Rebellion). See Ellacombe “History of Bitton”, BRO.



Alice, 28, wid, 2 ch, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Ann, inhabitant of Siston, 1674, during vicar’s perambulation.

Ann see Ann Hook, 1788; Ann, 72, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Elizabeth see Francis Creswick, 1674; George see Samuel Cool, 1865

Hannah see James Cottle, 1794

Henry, d 8.12.1757 aged 60; Henry see Thos Brain, 1766

Henry killed Soundwell Pit, 1820 with Daniel Amos. See KCP.

Joan d.o. Master Bright of Bitton, bp St P & J, 1662

John, 1635 see BAFHS 52, p35

John, innholder, Bitton, bondsman at marriage of Richard Griffith, St Thomas & Jeane Stephens, 1681

Sir John see Sir John Newton, 1699

John see Wm, Hook, 1780, Ann Hook, 1788

John, a young married man hurt in an accident at Deep Pit; (Brain & Co). see Bs Mi 6 Sep 1851.

Lewis, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe Mss BRL

Lewis, sen & jun, see Thos Brain, 1766

Richard, yeo, bondsman at marriage Robt Bright, Dyrham/Sarah Atwood, St Werbergh, 1676, BMLB

Ric(hard): his daughter, see Wm Horrell, 1684; Robert see Richard, 1676

Samuel aged 24, killed coalpit 1825 – see Trapped in the Pit by D.Vinter & KIACP.

Susanna see Sir John Newton, 1699; Thomas see Wm Horrell, 1684

Thomas tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe Mss, BRL

Thomas b Bitton executed Ilchester for returning from transportation; 10 Apr 1799 (see Padre’s Notebook, Ilchester Gaol, SRO; BMBJ 6 Apr 1799. Bright had committed robberies with Abraham Scull & Abraham Iles of Bitton, also executed Ilchester; see FFBJ 17 Aug 1799, in which Widow Bright is described “a noted shoplifter”. See also Samuel Britton, 1799

Thomas “a lad” gave evidence after Tom Joy’s Pit KW accident, Feb 1862. (Later married Sarah Ann Pillinger & became a colliery foreman; Stephen Pillinger lived with them in his old age.)

Widow, see Thomas, 1799

William, yeo, 56, Stanton Butcher, yeo, 46, William Jones, esq., Westerleigh, 55, Samuel Bave, gent of Highfield, Bitton, 38, Gabriel Rymer, yeo, Cully Hall, Bitton, Edmund Jones, yeo, 60,Joseph Bishopp, husbandman, 40, Samuel Batman, carpenter, 40, Josias Tizard, servant to John Tyndale, 26, William Hodges, gent of Upton Cheney, Bitton, 31, & others, re Bitton Parsonage & Glebe. 1676,  BAFHS 55 p34

William of Brislington, collier & Elizabeth Parkisn (sic) (Parkinson?) of Westerleigh, by lic, 13 Jun 1709, at Bedminster.



Bazil see Stephen Batt, 1729; Elizabeth see John, 1861

Isaac, 20, Staple Hill, killed coalpit Pennywell Rd. Bur Downend Christchurch 12 Nov 1854. KIACP

Jacob see Isaac Gardiner, 1800

James, husband of Mary, see Wm Bence 1781

John, 51, spice bleacher, born Swinford, with wife Elizabeth & family, 1861 cens Liverpool, St Peter, 43 Parr Street, Fol 87, p29

Mary see Wm Bence, 1781; Prudence, see Walter Jones, 1662

Samuel see J. Faux, 1820

Thomas, aged 38, cm b Bitton, Esther, nee Church, 36, b Mangots, George, 18, cm, b Bitton, Esther, 15, b Mangots, Thomas, 12, cm, b Bitton, Jane, 7, b Rowley Regis, James, 4, b Tipton, Charles,2, b Tipton. (1861 census for Tipton, Staffs; information from Mrs T.M. Gosling.)

Martha, bur Pucklechurch 12.9.1722, Quaker’s Burying Place

Mary see Edward Harding, 1675

Nicholas of Stapleton coal driver & Joan Morgan of ditto, bdsm John New of ditto, BMLB 1.4.1707

Robert, cm of Mangots & Hannah Cox of same, bondsmen William Prewett of Mangots, blacksmith & John Danes of same, cm, 14 June 1664 at St Augustines, Bristol. BMLB BRO.

Robert, inhabitant of KW Chase 1684. Ellacombe Mss

Robert, house shown on Player’s Map, 1750, see John Bailey; Samuel see J Faux, 1820

Thomas, cm of Mangots, widower, over 21, & Mary Pick, Mangots, wid, over21, 23 Mar 1768, BMLB, BRO

William see James Baker, 1814



Mr – see John Burnell, 1674



Dorothy see William Aldham 1759

Francis, Westerleigh, Barbados, 1658, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson



John see John Britton, d1648



Aaron cm of Bitton, bach, 20 upwards & Ann Read of St George, 20 upwards; Mary Britton, wid, his mother & Tobias Read, her father to consent. BMLB Jan 1782, BRO

Albert, Gunner killed in action; formerly worked Hanham Colliery. See B.O. 15 Sep 1917

Alexander see Maurice, 1810

Ann d.o. Sarah bp Almondsbury 18.4.1703.

Ann see Henry Jones, 1760, see Thomas, 1781, see Aaron, 1782

Ann, 40, fell down Cowhorne Pit belonging to Richard Haynes, esq, 50 fathoms, Inquest Bitton, 12 Feb 1812. D260 GRO

Ann mar to Henry Hill, see George Garland, 1833

Ann d.o. William, 1850, gave evidence at trial after the murder at Tennis Court Inn. See Joseph Jefferies

Ann, 88, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Arthur, cm & Elizabeth Haynes, mar Bitton 25 Dec 1759

Benjamin see Nicholas, 1661

Benjamin, cm, found dead at 6 o’clock on 14 Jan 1814. Inquest at Oldland 17 Jan 1814 “visitation of God”. D260 GRO

Benjamin, discovered body of Isaac Gorden; see trial for murder, James Caines, alias Bush & others, 1824/5

Betty see William Summerill, 1756, Chas Hibbert, 1773, Thomas, 1781, Richard, 1800, Thomas 1810

Caroline, 75, aged KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Daniel, of Bitton, cm, & Daniel jun, cm, “bound over to be of good behaviour” 23.8.1739, see BRO 04435/4

Dinah see Morris, 1779, see Thomas 1810

Edward, cm/collier of Hanham, Electoral Roll, Bitton, 1832 & 1837, BRO, of Hanham Street, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1835

Elizabeth, wife of John, see John, d1648; Elizabeth see John Cox, 1734

Elizabeth, witness at trial for riot: see Edward Stone, 1738

Elizabeth see Morris, 1750 & 1779; Elizabeth wife of Thomas, see Thomas, 1781

Elizabeth, wife of Simon Britton, d. 1788. MIs St George.

Elizabeth see Thomas, 1799

Elizabeth d.o. Robert & Nancy of Bitton, b 18 Dec 1804 bp 28 — 1805 KingswoodSchool

Fitzall see Morris, 1779

Francis see Abraham Brain 1722

Francis, cm, will 1742: GRO ref 1742/98. All to wife Rose; witnesses Francis & William Brain.

Francis, adventurer in coalmines, 2nd Liberty, crossing London Rd, on  Player’s Map, 1750.

Francis see John 1810

Francis, cm of KW aged 20. Light Brown Hair, small eyes sunk in his head, short squat nose, much marked with smallpox, illiterate, 5’3″, convicted Gloucester 3 Apr 1816 stealing 2 hens, property of Robert Henderson, 6  mths; with Samuel Brain, alias Black. Convicted on further charge 22 Aug 1817, 12 mths, this time with Ambrose Willis.

G.B & Sons,  Boot & shoe manufrs, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer &  see C. Milsom, 1918, see Charles Johnson, 1921

Gabriel see Ric Livings, 1705

George of Soundwell, burnt to death, aged 4. Bitton burial reg. 31.10.1819(?)

George son of William, cm, Inquest 1 Nov 1817, Oldland, D260 GRO (Perhaps same as above?)

George & Isaac, brothers, gave evidence at inquest on Thomas Brain & Joseph Iles, Feb 1862

George gave evidence at inquest after Easton Pit explosion. Had worked Easton 34 yrs “on & off”. Probably s.o. Isaac (1833) WDP 19,24 Feb & 1 Mar 1886, see George Bennett, KIACP

George, cm at Soundwell Pit. Rescued after an accident at pit when 5 men were killed. “When George Brittan had recovered in some degree from the shock of the fall, although one of his arms was broken to pieces & his head & back cut in several places, he quietly took out his pipe and began to smoke which he continued to do till brought to the mouth of the pit & within a couple of minutes after the amputation of his arm by Mr Grace of Downend, he asked that gentleman if he might again smoke and receiving an answer in the affirmative he commenced blowing a cloud out of his short pipe with the utmost composure. See Bs Mi 1 Nov 1845; see also Joseph Garland & Wm Harris, 1845. KIACP

George see Abraham Cook, 1882

George: David Davies, a Rhondda collier was accused of his murder; writes home from Bristol Gaol. See Clifton Chron, 10 Aug 1910

Grace, d.o. Paul & Mary bp Almondsbury, 13.5.1750; Hannah see John 1810, see Matthew, 1861

Henry, see Richard Joy, 1758

Henry, s.o. Henry, cm, apprenticed to John Powell, brightsmith, & wife Martha, 3 Dec 1761. BROI

Henry, see Maurice, 1810; Henry William, see Samuel, 1901

Hester, see Thos Hadley, 1722, see William Powe, 1813

Isaac Britarne (sic) & Elizabeth Battman b.o. Bitton being published mar by John Goslett, JP. 2.10.1654, Marshfield PR.

Isaac, house on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey & on map 1755, see Thomas, 1755

Isaac see Thomas, 1781

Isaac, cm, will 1787 (ref GRO 1787/108) all to daughter Frances Morgan, witnessed Thomas Waters, John Brittain, Sarah Lear.

Isaac, “Caution to colliers and others: Saturday evening Moses Lewis & John Thorn committed for trial stealing new cut grass from Isaac Britton of Corston. Next day, George Stokes committed on same charge. Britton wished to make an example of them for “it is a well know fact that the generality of colliers’ horses are wholly maintained at the expense of other people from thefts of the above description.” See Bs Merc 19 Aug 1816

Isaac see Mary Hobbs, 1824

Isaac, boy collier, entombed underground, see George Garland, 1833

Isaac see George, 1862

Isaac Brittan former pit foreman under Mr John Jubilee Whittuck; said he was no relation to Isaac Britain, brother of George; both gave evidence on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, killed 1862 KIACP

Isaac see Walter Leonard, 1895

Isaac, 77, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897;Isaac see P, 1917

Jabez, cm aged 48, mar to Leah Hacker aged 17, lived at Court Lane Oldland, 1851

James, see Thos, 1789; Jane see Abraham Brain, 1722, see Morris, 1779,

Jasper see John, died 1648; Joanna see Stephen Cayford, 1775/6

John, cm, Hanham, aged 40, of middle stature, suitable as musketeer; see Men & Armour  1608

John born 1604, d 1648, cm of Grimsbury; grandson of Jasper, yeoman of Swynford, (d1590); will ref GRO 1648/76. Wife Elizabeth (nee Dean, mar Bitton 21 May, 1626); sons John,(1634) Thomas (1639), Morris (1646); executors wife Elizabeth & William Peacock; Debts owed to him by Nicholas Reede, Edward Tiler, jun, William Coates. John Corye, James Shepheard, John Brito, Wm Adams, John Bissux, Thos Prigg, Thos Warne, Thos Stone.

John 1672, BAFHS 52, p36; John Brittaine, see Francis Creswick, 1674

John, cm Bitton & Sarah Baker of St Stephens. Bondsman John Baker, Bitton, BMLB 30.7.1692.

John see John Hawkins, 1696

John, cm, letter of admin., to wife Mary; 1710 Ref GRO 1710/46

John see Isaac, 1787, see George Iles, 1836

John s.o. Francis & Mary of Bitton, b 13 Feb 1809, bp 7 Jan 1810, Kingswood School

John = Hannah; their children Wm b1807? Bp 30 Sep 1810, Martha, b30 Aug 1810, Mary, b 30 Aug 1810 all 30 Sep 1810 at Kingswood School.

John, gave evidence after explosion at Starveall Colliery, St George, see Francis Bryant, 1851 KIACP

John “wrought at Soundwell Pit” c 1859, see Emlyn-Jones

John see Matthew, 1861

Joseph of Bitton, lab, & Mary Lyons, mar Compton Dando, 25.4.1756

Joseph see Wm, 1789

Joseph of KW School, aged 13. Died consumption, 16 Jul 1830, bur St Philips Chapel (NC) BRO

Joseph see Benjamin Wiltshire, 1849

Joseph, aged 36 of Hanham, sentenced to transportation for 20 yrs, Highway robbery, BJ 6.4.1850. (Had previously been found not guilty of highway robbery of Wm Burchill, butcher of Bitton, Glos Qtr Sessions, 11,4,1835)

Joseph: “1850, April 2nd, was tried at Taunton Josh (sic) Britton alias Harris, Danl & John Roggers, William Gunning, Saml Bryant and Powell turned Evidence for Robbing —Wyatt on Brislington Common in Jany last and all transported except Powell” (Couch).

Lottie (Charlotte?) & Marion Bull, pictured in 1916. Supplied by Mrs D.M. Wiltshire, Soundwell, Bristol. B.O. 31 Aug 1996

Louis le Breton: 28, shot at Stapleton Prison by John Rolles, a sentry of Bucks Militia, “justifiable homicide” Inquest 26 Sep 1797, D260/GRO

Lucinda, see Maurice, 1810 & 1851. She was Lucinda Rebecca Watts Britton, nee Dallimore. They were married at Seend, Wilts.

Lydia, see Benjamin Caines, 1755; Margaret, wife ofMaurice (s.o. John, d 1648)

Marie see Wm Ford, 1647

Martha, wife of Samuel, collier, of Hanham, made oath that 25 yrs since she had a daughter who was entered Sarah at Hanham Chapel. She herself attended the christening, but for some reason her name not entered; 16 Aug 1832, Martha x Britton. (Bitton/Hanham Oldland register, loose sheet, BRO)

Martha see John 1810

Mary see John, 1710, see Grace, 1747, see Aaron, 1782, see John 1810 (2)

Mary d.o. Wm bur Almondsbury, buried Almondsbury 4.3.1730

Mary, aged 3, d.o. Simon, cm, supposed to have died from the want of necessaries of life. Body opened by Mr Jefferies, surgeon, Verdict “child died of smallpox” Inquest 1.11.1807, Oldland. GRO D260

Mary, adult, Soundwell, d.o. William, miner & Wm Woody, adult, bach, lab, s.o. Robert, mason, mar 1 Mar 1848, HTKW

Mary, Oldland, admitted 1871, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Mary, 83, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Mary Ann, Oldland, admitted 1882, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Mary Ann, wife of Samuel, see Mary Leighton

Matthew, 17, Robert, 15, Samuel, 13, cms, children of John, cm & Hannah, nee Joy, Bp HTKW 1844,1846,1847. Living nr Old School KW in 1861 with their grandmother Elizabeth Pillinger, widow of Jacob Pillinger, killed Easton Pit, 1838

Maurice Brittaine, John Trotten, & Henry Pratten “are keeping great dangerous dogs”, 2 Aug 1683, Ellacombe Mss

Maurice (Morris) se Roger Cottle, 1684, see Wm Braine, 1686, see Abraham Brain, 1722, see John d 1729,

Maurice d1729; Mining Adventurer of Gee Moor, s.o. John, d 1648. Will 1729, GRO 1729/60. Wife Margaret, sons Morris, & Stephen. Witnesses to will Elizabeth Stone, John Tunbridge, Charles Brain.

Maurice (Morris) house shown on Player’s Map, 1750 (see Joseph Bailey). His will 1779 (GRO Ref 1779/19), Morris B, cm, wife Elizabeth, daus Mary Cook, Dinah, Elizabeth & Jane, sons Samuel, Fitzall, Sampson, Morris. Witnesses to will, Jos. Owen, John Radford, Wm Lear.

Maurice = Lucinda: children Alexander b Aug 1810, bp (undated) Kingswood School, Alexander b 19 Apr 1814, bp 14 Jul 1814, Henry b 1815 & bp 14 1816, Susannah of Parish of St George, 1817. Kingswood School

Maurice, Head, mar, 65, stonecutter, born Bitton, Lucinda, wife. 62, born Seend, Wilts, Susannah, dau, unmar, dressmaker, b St George: 143 Bridewell Street, Devizes, Wilts:1851 Census, Devizes.,

Mr: Underground Manager to Wm Brain & Co. Cork Pit, Deep Pit & Starveall Pit. 300 Hands, 30 aged 11-13/ Older boys haul bushel and a half coal 60-100 yds in a days work at 1/2d a day. Not 4 out of 5 can read much tho’ majority go to Sunday School. Seams 52 fathoms down 2 ft, 2ft-6ins & 1 ft-5ins. Hours of work 8-10 hrs out of 24. 4 Jun 1841- Evidence to Enquiry by Elijah Waring “Employment of Children & young persons in collieries of S. Glos. (GRO)

Nancy see Elizabeth 1805, Ruth 1808

Nicholas Brittayne, yeo, Bitton/Joane Bayley, Almondsbury/ Benjamin Britton, Almondsbury, bonds/1661, BMLB

  1. Private, of Hanham, s.o. Isaac of Mounthill; Military Medal, 3 Nov 1917 (B.O.).

Paul see Grace, 1747; Peter, see Wm Lacey, 1844

Peter Brittan, sic, mentioned at Inquest on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, killed 1862

R.B., Dr, s.o. G.B.: his marriage to Irene North reported, B.O. 17 Jan 1920

Richard, cm & Grace Ovens, mar Bitton, 28 Apr 1755

Richard, collier, will 1800 GRO 1800.33; all to wife Betty. Witnesses Isaac Gwinnell, Thomas Jones.

Robert mar Ann Hawkins, see Thos 1781

Robert see Elizabeth 1805, see Ruth 1808, see Matthew, 1861

Robert: “Mar 10th 1841 Robt Britton hurt in his quarry by blasting a hole & a stone struck him in the head and died March 16 bur 21st Bitton.” (Couch).

Rose see Abraham Brain, 1722, see Francis, 1742

Ruth d.o. Robt & Nancy of Bitton b 17 Jan 1808 bp 20 Mar 1808, Kingswood School

Sampson mar Betty Node, Almondsbury, 1747

Sampson, cm & Mary Jones, mar Bitton, 19.10.1755

Sampson, cm, & Mary Crow, sp, mar Bitton, 6.6.1756

Samuel, cm, one of the leaders of the KW colliers march on Bristol, 1753. £100 on his head for High Treason. No evidence he was ever caught. See FFBJ 4.8.1753; see also Sampson Phipps, John Woody, alias Wordy, John Summers, Hezekiah Hunt & see AWK 1753

Samuel see Maurice, 1779

Samuel, Somerset Assizes: returning from transportation before expiration of sentence, with Thos Bright & Mark Parfitt. Bright executed, other 2 reprieved. BMBJ 6 Apr 1799

Samuel see Martha, 1832

Samuel, aged 18, carter at Crown Pit, Warmley, 1841.”Has worked for 11 yrs; now earns 9s a week, Can stand upright in most parts of the pit, Cannot read & does not go to Sunday School, This is a robust well grown lad with a healthy countenance.” (See Elijah Waring, 1841)

Samuel: “1847, May 11th, Saml Britton was very much burnt by powder taken fire in his shop and blew out the windows by a fellow smoaking (sic)” (Couch).

Samuel see Matthew, 1861

Samuel, licensee of Red Lion, Whitehall, 55. Fell to his death. Son Henry William, gave evidence. See B.O. 22 Jun 1901

Samuel, mar 1939, see Mary Ann Leighton.

Sarah see Ann, 1703, see Thomas 1810, see Martha, 1832, see Benjamin Willshire, 1849

Sarah Ann, 39, wid, 5 ch, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Simon see Elizabeth, 1788, see Rev Richard Hart, 1800, see Mary, 1817

Solomon, aged 9 & Thomas Lear, 11, drowned in a pit belonging to Samuel Whittuck, esq, whilst at work by water breaking in. Accident, Inquest 8 Apr 1813, see KIACP.

Stephen s.o, Maurice (d 1729) & Margaret

Stephen cm Bitton, 16.9.1732. Ref BRO 04435/3

Stephen, cm Oldland, Charged with assault on Henry Creswick; committed to House of Correction at St P & J for 10 days then to appear at Qtr Session, Gloucester, 11 May 1742. (GRO Lawford’s Gate)

Stephen: house shown on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

Stephen Britain see Henry Watts, 1788; Susannah see Maurice 1810 & 1851

Thomas, 1627, see BAFHS 52, p35; Thomas see John, d 1648

Thomas, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

Thomas of Bitton & Ann Grace, of same, mar lic, GRO 27.12.1712 (marriage at Yate, same day)

Thomas: in partnership with Lawrence Price, Mr William Webb to work “great vein, primrose vein, two foot vein & slate vein… south of starting level pit to Gee Moor” belonging to Josiah Brain & Partners. Ground granted by Charles Bragge esq, in Bitton, KW,. 24 Jan 1755, Map shows Mrs Archer’s Liberty, late Wm Demuck, now Ralenses, late Josh Morgan’s, late Eli Brain’s now Isaac Brain’s, Capt. Burges.

Thomas: & Henry Stone, John Peddigroves (Pettygrove) Nathaniel Crow, Joseph Clark, coalminers; letter dated 1745 in possession of late G.B. Spilsbury.

Thomas see AKW 1755

Thomas & James, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Thomas, cm, will, 1781: GRO 1781/8. Wife Elizabeth, son Charles married to Mary Iles, dau Mary Brain, dau Lydiah wife of Benjamin Caines, dau Ruth wife of William Jones, Ann wife of Henry Jones, Sarah wife of William Stephens, Jane wife of Daniel Pettygrove, son Robert married to Ann Hawkins; witnesses Isaac Britton & Joseph Owen

Thomas see Aaron Jefferis, 1795

Thomas, 27, killed coalpit by stone & rubbish falling on him. Inquest 22 Mar 1799 at Ring of Bells, Coalpit Heath; bur at Westerleigh 24 Mar 1799, “s.o. William & Elizabeth”, see KIACP

Thomas cm, killed coalpit; see Sampson Beese, 1800 & KCP

Thomas, 8, stealing coal, one month, LG 1820 see BAFHS Journal no 61, p31

Thomas, over 21, miner of Filwood, & Priscilla Harris, over 21, sp, factory, of Old School, d.o. Edward, lab, mar HTKW 23 Sep 1849

Thomas witness at Tennis Court Inn murder trial, see Joseph Jefferies, 1850

Thomas, 70, wife, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas 33, housebreaking Frank Hayward’s house, Gladstone Farm, Soundwell, see WDP 6.12.1912

Thomas, shoemaker, 62, 13 Broad St, Two Mile Hill, his wife Mary Ann found him hanging from a beam, B.O. 20 Mar 1920

William: his house on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

William, cm, will 1759, Ref GRO 1759/54. All to wife Catura; witnesses Henry Smith & John White

William & Joseph, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, encroachment of Common, Oldland, 1794, see John Bryant

William see Thomas, 1799

William, cm, killed Tyler’s Pit (Duke of Beaufort) by cartridge box falling on his head. Inquest 14 Feb 1805, Crown, Warmley, See KIACP

William, theft of clothes from John Packer at Oldland, property of John Pool. Richard Nelmes for receiving same. FFBJ 18.3.1815

William see George, 1817

William aged 17 of Kingswood. Charged with George Wilmot with theft of a silver watch from William Barrett. W.B. had “light hair, dark eyes, round face, 5’4” good countenance, scarred; Not guilty and discharged from Gloucester Q/S 9.4.1817

William: At St Stephens, Captain Wm Britton of New York and Miss Sarah Parker of Warmley, marriage FFBJ 25.7.1818

William, 24, collier of Bitton, 5’4″ dark complexion, grey, hollow eyes, can read a little, conduct very bad. Charged with theft in company with George Caines, alias Avery, Isaac Batman & Francis Courtney. Glos Q/S 2 Sep 1833; see Jane Gage, 1833

William, collier, aged 80, living at Cadbury Heath, 1841 census, with Hannah, 80.

William, “1842, March 6th Sunday morning 10 o’clock, William Brtittan formerly of Hannham Mills was killd at Keynsham Station by the train going over him in his 85th year of his age. He was going to Counter slipp Chapell.” (Couch).

William see Mary Ann 1848

William “an old man who interfered to prevent the quarrel” – see Joseph Jefferies, 1850

William, 43, drunk in charge of a horse & cart at Warmley, see WDP 6.12.1912

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

William, 78, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897


NB: For a comprehensive study of the Britton family, with a full family tree, see “The Brittons of Kingswood Chase” by G. Britton Spilsbury.


BRIXTON (Buxton)

Thomas; Stapleton, coal worker, killed falling shaft at Shortwood New Pit. Inquest COI/Acc 1291  (CO1/N/5/2) GRO 1.12.1858 see KIACP



George of Hanham bur Dundry 15 Aug 1799

John, warrener, Mangots,/Sarah Hemens, wid, Mangots, 1666, BMLB



Alfred Geo, KW, admitted 1897, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Ann, Bitton, wills at GRO, 1729; Mary see Wm Rogers, 1727



Mrs see AKW 1756



Rev Robert, incumbent Mangots, 1822-59, etc., see E.J. p42 & p61

Rev Robert, d 1873 aged 83, 37 years vicar of Mangots, Robert, son, died infant, Anna Alicia, dau, d 1848 aged 18, Robert, son, d 1850 aged 21, Anna Maria, wife, died 1870 aged 83, Hugh, son, d 1882, aged 50. MI at Mangots, E.J. p59.



Thomas & Maurice Berkeley, 1392; Commission of enquiry re destruction of game. Braine p41



Kitty, see Crane’s Firework Factory, 1935



Hannah see Thomas Roberts, 1738



James, 77, aged, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897



Coalowners: see George Rogers, 1805



Ann see Richard Simond, 1718; Frances , widow, see Thomas Emett, 1831

I(saac?)see Nathaniel Crew, 1654; John see James Charmbury, 1640

Rev Dr Thomas, 1806, Mangots; Vicar 1806-19 see E.J. p41 & p61

Thomas see Ann Pinnell



Ann, Bitton, wid, & Francis Wallis, 1693, BMLB

Ann see Charles, 1759; Ann see William Tippett 1760

Charles, d.12.1.1759 aged 86, Ann his wife d. 18.1.1740 aged 68, They lived 44 years a married life. Samuel their son, d. 22.4.1757, aged 55, Samuel Bailey, d 3.8.1751 aged 60, Samuel Haines, died 16.1.1770 aged 60. Bitton, Bigland.

Hester see Thomas, 1738

John, cm, Hanham, aged abt 20, of meanest stature suitable as pyoner (pioneer)  Men & Armour, Glos, 1608

John see Francis Creswick, 1674; John, 1725, MD

Robert, “near 11” fell down Stibb’s Pit, 40 fathoms, 21 Nov 1799, inquest Queen’s Head, Oldland 24.11.1799. D260/GRO & KCP

Samuel, 13, a poor child, s.o. Henry of Bitton, dec’d. Apprent to Poyntz Fox, 24.11.1737 (Bitton PR)

Samuel see Chas 1759, see Sarah, 1776; Samuel, servant see John Pugh, 1778

Sarah, wife of Samuel, d 4.2.1776 aged 81, MI Bitton, Bigland

Stephen of Bitton yeo & Mary Browning otp mar Bedminster, 24 Apr 1705

Thomas of St P & J, accused with wife Hester who was discharged, 1738. “Bonded Passengers to America 1663-1775 by Peter Wilson Coldham Vols V-IX



Lionel; Inspector of Mines; Gave evidence on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, killed 1862. Gave £1 to widows’ fund; see Benjamin Hamblyn 1867



Abraham see Daniel Smith, 1783

Agnes Broun, see William, 1403

Alban: Tragic Tale of sisters murdered by Congregational Minister (Winterbourne) 1906. Sisters were Mary Rider & Maria Catherine Elliott. Alban committed suicide. See Bristol Times, EP, 1999

Ann see AKW 1769; Benjamin see John, 1841

Betty see Francis Stone, 1759; Pit called Brown’s Break see Samuel Rawbones, 1803

Charles & Wife, soldier, Lawrence Hill, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).

Christopher 1690, Mangots, see E.J. p145

Esquire – the collier see 18 May 1682 (Baptists’ Persecutions)

George, founder of Crofts End Mission, see article EP (BT) 23.2.1999

Gilbert aged 18, of Charlton Rd, KW, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910 see WDP

Hannah see Sarah, 1800

Henry of Bitton & Hester Noble, mar I.A. 13 Dec 1761

Hugh, rich farmer of Mangots, gave Bristol Corpn lands, 1653, see Braine, p199

James, writer on Divinity, b Mangots, 1616, see Braine, p199

John, FC, 1658, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

John of Siston & Susanna Maynard mar North Stoke, Nov 5 1677

John, Bitton, gunsmith/Ann Champness, Barton Regis, Stapleton, bondsman, Christopher Price, Barton R, 1678, BMLB

John see Mary 1731,see Daniel Smith, 1783

John cm aged 35 & Sarah, 25, Benjamin, 15 & 5 more ch. 1841 cens. Bitton/Cadbury Heath

Joseph see Thos Iles, 1862

Lucian of Mangots & Ann Spencer mar by lic Winterbourne, 25 Feb 1797

Martha see Joshua Bryan, 1690

Mary see Richard Boucher 1713

Mary d.o. John, collier, bp Hanham Abbots, 5 Sep 1731; Mary see Robert 1841

Mr Browne, see James Charmbury, 1640

Mr, 1743 Mangots, see E.J. p143, see AWK 1753

  1. Wickwick, Mangots, see E.J. p154; Robert see Wm Lewis, 1754 & see AKW 1757

Robert Browne, Upton, 1660, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

Robert killed coalpit, bur Siston, 29 Nov 1778, see KIACP

Robert see Sarah, 1800

Robert, cm, 29 & Virtue, 27, with 3 ch, 1841 cens Pucklechurch

Robert, cm, 35, Mary, 35 & 7 ch, 1841 cens Bitton

Sarah, wife of Robert, cm, children Hannah 3 & William 1, from Nailsea to Bitton, 1800 “Order to be removed being wrong; pauper took back & paid out part of her maintenance, £1.4s.6d. Bitton removals.

Sarah see John, 1841

Thomas, “keeper of cole-horses”, 1666 list. Brown had 5 horses. Ellacombe Mss, BRO

Thomas inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe, 3 horses in  Mr Berkeley’s Liberty

Thomas of Bitton, aged 30, drowned in the Midland Railway Works, 25 May 1867. “True name said to be Paynes”. Buried Saltford.

Virtue see Robert, 1841

Walter, Stapleton, 1637, yeoman, Probate Inventory, BRO

Walter & family, Staple Hill, see article by Janet Tily, BAFHS 79, Mar 1995

William, seal on a deed dated 1403 at St Mary le Port with the mark (456) of William Brown of Oldland. See Proceedings of Clifton Antiquarian Club, 1909-1912, Vol VII.

William Broun, of Oldland, to Adam Inhyne, burgess, house on Weir, St Mary Port, Deed Mar 28 1404, later refers to Agnes Comflour, alias Broun, widow of Adam Comflour of Upton, Glos, to Adam Inhyne, 1409, D33b (Deeds at St Maryport, BRO).

William see Sarah 1800

—Browne 1679, 1693, Mangots E.J. p145



—–See Francis Creswick 1674

Frederick, 23, b Fishponds, 1881 census of RN at sea etc. BAFHS 73, p26

Hannah see Samuel Hemmings 1759; Henry, 1643, see BAFHS 52, p35

John, FRS, lived at “Royal Table” 1735-59, biog, see Sanigar

Mary see Stephen Brooks, 1705; Mary of Stapleton & Elias Bryan, mar lic 1763

Rachel see Lamarock Flower 1706; Robert, 1643, see BAFHS 52, p35

Robert, 1691, survey of KW Chase. Good House 3/4 acre, 3 horses, yearly value 3/-. See E.J.p179

Robert, senior, 1691 survey of KW Chase. Poor, wife & child, Indifferent House, one horse, yearly value 1/10d, p179

Robert, 1725, MD; Thomas, Mangots, 1704, E.J. p145

Thomas, s.o. Wm, (dec’d) 1752, see Joannah Flower; Thomas see James Thompson 1805

Thomas, carter, Yate, fell off coal wagon and run over, Inquest  25.9.1872, GRO COI/I/18/C/27.

William see Thos, 1752



General: a Frenchman confined in Stapleton, joined by his lady. See FFBJ 24 Jul 1813



Aaron, 31.1.1835 the Smith shop was robbed by Aaron Bruton. (Couch).

Emma, 32, Gilbert, 12, Fredk, 7, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Frederick: stoker at Easton pit: one of search party who found body of William Bolt Monks, 1892.

Gave evidence at Inquest. See WDP 14/15 Mar 1892  (KIACP)

Martha see Wm Friend, 1824; Thomas, killed coalpit & bur Bitton, 4 Jul 1819 (KIACP)

Wilfred, drowned Hanham River (Avon) Inquest, Henry Brewer commended for gallantry. See B.O. 14 Jul 1906



Aaron see John Cook  Rolphe, 1846;

Ann of Bitton see Richard Hayles, 1687

Charles, of Westerleigh. See Chas Emett, 1811

Christopher see Joseph 1759

Edith see Roger, 1701; Elias see Mary Browning, 1763

Elizabeth see Joshua, 1690

Elizabeth, see Samuel Lovell, 1837

Elizabeth see John Cook Rolphe 1846;

James killed during coalminers’ rising. See FFBJ 26 May 1753 see AWK 1753

James, son of Thomas, aged 22, of Hanham. Of Anabaptists. Bp Chew Magna 29 Mar 1782

John Brian, see Thomas Burgess 1668-71; John see Roger, 1701

John, wheelwright of Hanham. Went mad with a hatchet & murdered wife, a woman friend & two children who were coming along the road from school. See FFBJ 24 Jun, 1 Jul, 1780

Joseph s.o. Christopher of Mangots, yeo, to Edw Maddock, tallow chandler, Bs Apprents 10 Dec 1759

ations, Coldham-Wilson

Joshua Bryan, cordwainer, without Lawford’s Gate, d.11.8.1690; his wife Elizabeth d 29.11.1694, Martha Brown was probably his mother. Page 144 & appendix, Records of a Church in Christ, BRL

Lewis Brian, Bitton, 1659, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plant

Margaret Brian see Thos Burgess 1668-71

Martha see Thos Ashley, 1812; Mary see Henry Lacy 1747

Mary, Wick & Abson, wid. Will 1842. SRO DD/GL

Miss: Mr Henry Gingell of Wick, and Miss Bryan of same, married Abson, FFBJ 26.9.1807

Mr., pawnbroker “Without Lawford’s Gate” obit. See FFBJ 22 Jan 1803

Richard, butcher. Lease, 8 Dec 1742, between him & Thos Haynes on house called the Rose, Wick Street, occupied by Mary Bryan, widow. (The Rose & Crown pub?) ref 14581/HA/D/228

Roger, s.o. John & Edith, bp Doynton, 1701, hanged in chains for robbery & murder, 1727, of Hannah Williams, Tobias Lewton’s maid, see Farley’s Journal, 22 Apr & 19 Aug 1727 & Annals of Kingswood

Thomas, see James 1782

William, see Samuel Lovell 1837



Abraham, cm, KW Hill, wife Martha, children Israel, 14. Amos, 10, Dinah, 8, Jane, 5, Maria, 3, all bp HTKW 1825

Abraham cm Cadbury Hwath, insolvent debtor, Glos Chr 23.2.1829

Alfred, day deputy at Easton Pit at time of explosion when George Bennett & others were killed. Se Bs Merc 6 Mar 1886

Amos, cm, KW, aged 18. Charged with theft of a cotton handkerchief & provisions from Samuel Willis, Robert Jones, Daniel Bateman. 5’6″ tall, illiterate, dk br hair, sallow complex, long face, scarred on hands, back, knee and legs. Conduct bad. One mth imprisonment in solitary confinement. See Glos. QS 4/7/1834, GRO.

Amos see James Roberts 1836

Ann, inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684, Mr Chester’s Liberty. Ellacombe Mss Vol II

Ann see Thos English 1757, Samuel Holder 1805, Stephen Golding 1837, George 1841, Moses 1841,  see Thos Jones 1843

Ann, 59, ill, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897; Annie, 31, wid, 2 ch, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Arthur see Joseph Rolph 1856; Betty see Sam Bryant 1792

Caroline, 64, ill, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897; Charles, MD 1722

Charles, house marked on Player’s Map, 1750 (see Joseph Bailey, 1750)

Charles, “driver” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Charles aged 18 and Emanuel Jay aged 18, charged theft of gunpowder from Mr S. Whittuck, 10 Dec 1812. Gloucester Gaol Calendar, Lent 1812 GRO

Charles, cm, aged 14, kcp at Engine Pit by scaffold giving away. Inq at Stapleton 9 Jan 1815 D260 GRO, See also KIACP.

Charles see Stephen 1818, see John 1837

Charles, cm, 24, Whitehall, injured in Easton Pit explosion 1886 when George Bennett & others were killed. See WDP 19,24,Feb & 1 Mar 1886 & Bs Merc 1886. Also KIACP

Dinah see Abraham 1825, see James 1841; Eliza see Samuel Hulbert 1840, see Harry Webb 1889

Elizabeth see Thomas, 1817; Elizabeth see Henry Mills Grace, census 1851

Fanny see George 1824

Francis cm aged 10, kcp 18 Mar 1801 at Golden Valley Bitton, Mr Quarman’s, by falling out of a cart whilst ascending. Inquest at Hannah Flower’s, The Anchor, Oldland. 22 Mar 1801. D260/GRO & also KCP

Francis see Geo Howard 1839 & Samuel Hulbert 1840

Francis rented house from Samuel Cook in KW for 10 yrs. Gave evidence at Inq. See Samuel Cook, 1842.

Francis see James Williams, 1849

Francis cm, aged 62. Married with grown up family. KCP with 7 others at Starveall Pit, St George in boiler explosion. (Messrs Brain & Co) see FFBJ 14 Jun 1851. Bur 15 Jun 1851 by coroner’s order at St George. (Joseph Long, 46, Samuel Bryant, 49, Daniel Mountain, 36, James Ricketts, 29, John Burchill, 50, William Burchill, 22, John Burchill, jun, 16.), see BAFHS 38, p30-31 & KIACP

Frederick suffered “after damp” after Easton Pit explosion with killed Geo Bennett & others. See Bs Merc 20 Feb 1886

George see Samuel Haynes 1762, see Susannah Archer 1836

George cm & Samuel Peacock cm, kcp falling 15 fathoms at Soundwell by breaking of rope. Inq. At Johnson’s, Chequers, Oldland, 23 Aug 1804. See GRO D260 & KCP I

George, cm, Potter’s Wood; wife Fanny; children Isaac & Jane, bp HTKW 1824

George see George King 1841; George, cm, b. county, 1841 cens Wick

George, cm, b. county aged 45, 1841 cens Westerleigh in family gp with Ann, 45, Sarah, 20 & George, 15.

George cm, 50, b. county, 1841 cens. Westerleigh in family gp with Ann 50 & Mary, 11

George aged 15 see George 1841, see Thomas Jones, 1843

George kcp St George whilst ascending. Jury recommended no one should be allowed to ascend or descend without security of bonnet over the cage, See BJ 12 Jun 1852 KIACP

George played bas viol (sic) in church, Mangots, see E.J. p48

George, 68, wife, aged KW North, outdoor poor 1897

George, wife, 74, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Hannah, Bitton, 49, Tufsis Dyophea, relieved. 1775  FCH/BRI/3/(e) 9-12

Hannah, aged 20, single woman, killed by a gunshot in night of 5 Nov 1800, manslaughter agt Chas Long of Stapleton, lab, who was committed to Glos. Gaol. Inq 7 Nov 1800, Bell Inn, Stapleton, (GRO/D260)

Hannah see Geo Howard, 1839; Harriet see John Iles, 1842

Harriet, 73, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Harriet, 76, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Harry, “drove engine employed to marshal coal trains from both Speedwell & nearby Deep Pit” (1930’s) see Arthur Trott.

Henry, cm kcp Starveall 27 Apr 1795 by damp of sulphur. Inq 29 Apr Rose & Crown St Geo, (GRO D260 & KCP 1)

Henry, played Clarionett (sic) in church, Mangots, see E.J. p48

Henry, 42, wife, 1 ch, illness of ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Hester see Samuel Powell 1815; Honour see David Long 1815

Highnam, see Samuel Palmer, 1785

Isaac see Charles Burchill, bc 1745, see Samuel 1792, see George 1824

Isaac cm kcp at Jefferies & Co’s colliery at Pucklechurch. See Bs Journal 3 Feb 1853 & KCP.

Isaac & George Pool, both of St George, cms, drowned Upper Speedwell Pit, 2 Dec 1864. Inq (GRO/COI/1291/Acc & KIACP)

Israel see Abraham 1825

James, cm, Kingswood, executed for sheep stealing 1 Sep 1783; see Ellacombe Mss, Bs Ref Lib.

James, cm, kcp, ascending pit, hands slipping off rope. Inq 18 Nov 1809 Stapleton, (GRO/D260 & KCP)

James “a fellow of most forbidding aspect”, 1817, See “Benjamin Caines’ Trial”, Barbara Mottershead, BAFHS 47, p26.

James see Philip Skidmore 1832

James cm born county 1841 census Westerleigh in fam gp with Dinah aged 30 & 6 children.

James see John Iles 1842, see James Price, 1850

James, cm, gave evidence at inquest on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, killed 1862

James see Harry Webb 1889

Jane see Samuel Batman 1820 & James Marsh, 1823, see George 1824, see Abraham 1825, see Geo King 1841

Jane, 76, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Job, “Tuesday last as some workmen were ascending a coalpit at Fishponds a small fragment of stone from the side of the pit struck Job Bryant causing instant death. ” Bs Merc 1 Mar 1824 ,FFBJ 6.3.1824 (KIACP)

John s.o. John, yeo, Bitton, apprent as glover, Bs apprents, 24 Apr 1609

John s.o. John, husbandman, Hanham, apprent as Smith; Bs Apprents 2 Jun 1613

John Briant, see James Charmbury, 1640

John see Wm Lewis, 1754, & see AKW 1757; John see Thos Brain 1766

John, cm of Oldland, bach over 21 & Amey Brain of Mangots, sp, over 21. Bondsman Stephen Brain, cm, BMLB, 11 Dec 1787, BRO

John see Richard 1789

John & others made encroachment & enclosed part of the Common waste at Oldland. Ordered to get off by 2 Feb 1794 or be fined £5. Oldland Court Leet, (GRO D108 M187/8)

John accused of burglary at Wm Batman’s of Bitton. Acquitted, no bill found agt accomplice Hester Ward.  FFBJ 18 Mar 1809

John aged 24, bach, collier, KW, father Charles, collier & Mary Marsh, 20, sp servant, father Samuel dec’d, mar HTKW 26 Dec 1837

John, b 1843 see Moses Nicholas

John, cm, gave evidence at Inquest on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles killed 1862

John: “I read with interest the controversy over the naming of a new road in Winterbourne. If it’s going to have somebody’s name on it, it ought to be that of my late father, John Bryant. He built half of Winterbourne, and was for many years parish, district & county councillor.” G.J. Bryant, The Berkeley Arms Hotel, Berkeley, (Letter to Evening Post, 4.10.1994)

Joseph see Joseph Parker 1817

Joseph, bailiff at Easton pit at time of explosion, 1886, appeared at Inquest on Geo. Bennett & others. See Bs Merc 6 Mar 1886 KIACP

King, kcp, Inquest 11 May 1808 at Oldland. (GRO/D260)

Lad – called Bryant: leapt to safety during pit accident due to defect in cage when being brought up Deep Pit. Stephen Newman miscalculated & did not clear shaft, falling 882 ft. See Bs Mirror 6 Sep Lewis, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe Mss Bs Ref Lib

Lewis see Wm Hook 1762, see Wm Brain 1766

Maria see Abraham 1825; Martha see Abraham 1825, see Wm 1841

Mary see Robert Pillinger 1810, see Geo 1841, see Robert 1841

Matilda, 73, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Moses alias Woodington committed Gloucester Gaol by Henry Creswick, breaking into house of H. Hobbs of Mangots Mill, stealing a sack of wheat & qty of flour. (FFBJ 8 May 1813)

Moses, cm, 45, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh, in fam gp with Ann, 40 & 6 children.

Mr., butcher & constable of Mangots. FFBJ 18 Jun 1763. Robbery of a poor woman. See also Annals of KW.

Mr. Underground manager to Wm Brain & Co, Cork Pit, Deep Pit & Starveall Pit. 300 hands employed abt 30 aged 11 to 13. Older boys haul bushel & a half 600 yds by girdle on carts with slides. 70 carts hauled 60 yds is a days work at 1/2d a day; not 4 out of 5 can read much tho’ majority go to Sunday School. Seams 52 fathoms down 2 ft, 2ft 6 in & 1ft 5 in. Hours of work 8-10 hrs out of 24. 4 Jun 1841 Report by Elijah Waring Employment of Children & yg persons in collieries of S. Glos.

Mrs, wife of Mr R. Bryant, to the inexpressible grief of her husband and 9 children, at Siston Hill. Obit 19.2.1814

Nathaniel of Bitton; with “Dagger” Ward, found not guilty of theft from John Rogers 30 Mar 1837. Glos Qtr Sessions, GRO

Rebecca see Wm 1841

Richard, Siston, malter, 30, & Elizabeth Jefferies of Soundwell, 24, 6 May 1793, Mar Lic GRO Q2/143 1789-93

Richard “Has one arm: stout & hearty, lost his neddy. Wants some money to buy another. Overseers to provide one for him.” Bitton Orders & Resolves, 1807/32, BRO

Richard, maltster of Siston, obit FFBJ 13.3.1824.

Richard see Thos Stone, 1838

Robert see Francis Creswick, 1674

Robert, tythingman of Bitton, 1722. Ellacombe Mss, Bs Ref Lib

Robert see Wm Hook, 1762

Robert, “to place his son to Samuel Palmer, shoemaker” Bitton Vestry Minutes 11 Jun 1770, BRO

Robert “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Robert, collier, aged 75, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh, in fam gp with Mary aged 75.

Robert: “The first couple married at Hanham Chapel, Robt Bryant to Sarah White” (Couch).

Robert see Wm Ludlow, 1801

Robert, 67, asthma, wife, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Sampson, see Samuel 1795

Sampson, cm, kcp, one of Mr Whittuck’s pits, nr Hanham. Inquest King’s Arms Oldland, 31 Jan 1806, (GRO D260 & KIACP)

Samuel see Nic Sweet, 1777

Samuel, infant child s.o. Sampson, cm, drowned in a pool in a garden belonging to his father. Inquest 29 Apr 1795 at Queen’s Head, Oldland, (GRO D260 & Annals of KW)

Samuel see Thomas 1807

Samuel, cm, 22, kcp at No. 4 pit. 9 Feb 1813. Inquest 11 Feb 1813 at Coalpit Heath (GRO D260 & KIACP)

Samuel, cm, 26, kcp, concussion, Yate. Inquest 19 Feb 1816. (GRO D260 & KIACP)

Samuel, cm, prayer leader, pastor & teacher in Tent Missionary Society. “A burning shining light” s.o. Isaac & Betty, born St George 24 Oct 1792. Kcp by large stone when ascending Upper Whimsey Pit, Soundwell, 12 Jan 1827. See pamphlet “Sam Bryant, Kingswood Collier” Bristol ref Lib. KIACP

Samuel, George Rogers, Joseph Burchill, John Hawkins, William Millard, all Mangots, charged assault, 27 Jul 1828, Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions. See Vol 22, p65, W.O.T., BRO

Samuel, cm, see Thos Emett, 1831

Samuel, 21, Hanham, transported for life for highway robbery. See Bs Journal, 6 Apr 1850, see Joseph Britton, 1850, (Couch).

Samuel, 49, one of eight men kcp Starveall, St George after boiler explosion. Left wife & 8 children, four not old enough to work. See also Francis Bryant, 1851. See FFBJ 14 Jun 1851 & KIACP.

Samuel, gave evidence at inquest on Chas Davis & Eli Rogers. Said bailiff Charles James gave order for hole to be drilled; a small amount of water ran out. See Bs Mirror 25 Dec 1852 KIACP

Samuel, “leg broken & lying in precarious state” after accident at Shortwood colliery (Wethered. Cossham & Co. Samuel Britton killed in same accident. See Handel Cossham’s Diary, 21 Jan 1853, BRO & Bs Gazette 3 Feb 1853 KIACP

Samuel, cm, in delegation to Mr Leonard as miners’ rep. From Hanham pit when 4,000 miners on strike in Bristol district. See WDP 3 Jun 1874

Sarah see Wm Edeburn 1759, see Robt Gunning 1785, see James Howell 1787

Sarah, single woman for trial for wilful murder of her new-born child secreting him in a deep mine in Doynton abt 12 hrs after birth. Inquest 19 Aug 1813, W & A. GRO D260 & FFBJ 28 Aug 1813. KIACP

Sarah of Whitehall, 36, died cholera, bur St George 8 Sep 1832; Sarah see Geo 1841

Sarah, 68, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897; Sarah, 74, aged, dead, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Stephen, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b; Stephen see Samuel Stibbs, 1807

Stephen, cm aged 20, of Downend, charged stealing horses value £20 property of Samuel Sartain of Mangots. Dark brown hair, sallow complexion Mouth drawn down on one side by a burn, large scar on right side of neck 5’5″ tall. Condemned & reprieved 1 Apr 1818. Glos Qtr Sessions. In company of Charles Bryant, no details, who had previously appeared, Lent Assizes 1813, no. 57. GRO

Stephen, cm, Westerleigh bastardy order for female child of Hester Ricketts, 3 Nov 1820. West. PR.

Thomas, collier, Hanham/Bitton, abt 40, of middle stature suitable for service as a musketeer. “Men in Armour for Gloucestershire” 1608

Thomas, juryman, Oldland, 1722, Ellacombe Mss, BRL

Thomas of Stapleton, 1752, “Bonded Passengers to America” 1663-1775, Peter Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-1x

Thomas, the ygr, cm, bach, Bitton, over 21 & Mary Tillott, ygr of Mangots, sp. 20, (Mary Tillott, wid. Of Mangots, her mother to consent. Bondsman Wm. Lowe of Mangots, cordwainer. BMLB 20 Oct 1768, BRO.

Thomas, of Clifton, died 24.1.1773 aged 50, Bitton, Bigland.

Thomas, cm, kcp belonging to Messrs Robt Redderdone at Yate. Inquest 14 Mar 1808. Bur 15 Mar 1808, son of  Samuel, burial register Westerleigh.

Thomas = Sarah, children Betty b 1804 & Dinah b 1809 both bp 2 Nov 1810 at Kingswood School.

Thomas, b. Wick, 19th Dragoons, 1810-17, discharged aged 27 (NA)

Thomas, cm, Mangots, 16. Dark Hair & eyes, fresh complex. Long face, scars on forehead, right arm & several on back. Also marks of punishment. 5’2″, v well behaved. Discharged by proclamation Glos Qtr Sessions 9 Apr 1817. For charge see Peter Moreton, 1817.

Thomas Bryant, shoemaker of KW & Hannah Willmott: their dau Elizabeth, 18, bp Bitton, 15 Sep 1817. See also Benjamin & Ann Caines, 1817

Thomas see James Lear, 1834; Ursula see James Williams, 1849

William, “saler” served 10mths 1 day. Henry Morton, servant, “runaway”, 4 mths 2 days, Joseph Parsons, 4 mths 10 days, runaway, Kingswood seamen aboard the snow “Jane” 20 Jan 1759. Muster Rolls, Merchant Venturers, Bristol.

William, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, “stooping to look into the pit at steam engine at Downend, the workmen not noticing him, put engine in motion & he was instantly killed.” FFBJ 20.7.1793 KIACP

William cm, abt 14, kcp falling into Soundwell coalworks when at work on 17 Jun 1794. Inquest Oldland 20 Jun 1794. GRO D/260.KIACP

William see Wm Ludlow, 1801

William see John 1810, see Wm Landsdown 1819, see Isaac Ballard, 1819

William, cm, 18, Mangots, broke open house of Benjamin Gay. Brown hair, blue eyes, sandy complexion, short nose, letter “B” on left arm. Conduct indifferent. In prison in Bristol for rioting. Crime committed with George Hendy. Summer Assize, 10 Aug 1833. Death recorded. GRO Qtr Sessions.

William see John Stephen Golding 1837

William, underground manager, Golden Vale Colliery, Hole Lane Company; a collier all his life; used to cart coal by the girdle. No harm after first seasoning. It made his “raa” at first. Had one man killed some mths back by falling down shaft & another by neglecting to put in props whilst binching under a head of coal. Most of men and boys attend chapel, present generation an improvement on the last, “though rough enough still, a good many of  ’em”. Evidence to Enquiry by Elijah Waring “Employment of Children & young persons in collieries of S. Glos. 24 May 1841.

William, cm, 50, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh, Mays Hill, in fam gp with Martha, 45 & Rebecca 15.



Thomas of Stapleton & Dame Philippa Gore of Barrow, 18.10.1683 re gristmill at Stapleton, BRO 8016 (43)



Anne see Matthew, 1631

Edward, Stapleton, collier, 1661, Probate Inventory, BRO

Elizabeth, Winterbourne/Edward Powell, Brecknock, 1660, BMLB

Katherine, Winterbourne/John Powell, 1661 BMLB

Matthew of Winterbourne esquire, will proved by wife Anne, 18.11.1631. Year books of Probates 1630-

Matthew see Robt Champion, 1632

Richard, Stapleton, 1663, Probate Inventory, BRO



Caroline Buckle, 66, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Charles, collier, 25 with Charlotte & 3 children. 1841 cens Warmley

Charlotte see Chas 1841



  1. departed this life 26.7.1763. Here also lie two of his children.


“Short was his life

Great was his pain

Much is our loss

Great is his gain.” MIs St George.



Ann see Rev J.A. Curtis, 1798; Ann see Elizabeth 1826

Ann Smith d.o. Henry Hill & Betty bp 1814 KW Sch see Ann Smith Gaskin, 1842

Betty, wife of Henry Hill Budgett of KW Hill, bur Portland St Chapel, Bristol, 30.9.1824

Elizabeth d.o. Samuel & Ann Budgett b Apr 23 & Bp 4 Sep 1826. Kingswood School

Henry Hill, b 4 May 1804 & bp 7 Jun 1804 s.o. Henry & Susanna of Bitton (Wesleyan Register)

H.H. of Kingswood Hill, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Henry Hill Budgett widower of Bitton  & Betty Smith mar by lic 16 Oct 1806 at Midsomer Norton.  Henry Hill, see Ann Johnson, 1812, see Betty 1824, see Ann Smith Gaskin, 1842

Henry Hill of Kingswood, bur Portland St Chapel 12 Jul 1821 aged 17

Henry Hill, d 15.12.1849, aged 71. Wife Sarah, d 1.1.1859, a 55.(1) Elizabeth d 25.9.1826 a 4 wks & 5 days, infant, d.o. Samuel & Ann. Sara Ann d 25.11.1828 a 4 yrs 5 wks, Elizabeth d 1.2.1831 age 64 wife of James Budgett of Frome who died at Winterbourne; dau Mary d 12.3.1835, wife of George Mees. Ann Mees d 20.7.1846 a 91 late of Frome, who died at KW Hill. George Mees d 7.6.1866 a 74. William Morns Hunt d 21.11.1847 a 35, dau Mary Ann d 6.4.1857 a 13, dau Sarah Elizabeth d 1.2.1861, a 15. (2) (From Graveyard Survey HTKW)

Henry see Thomas Pearsall 1804

Henry Hill, first Sunday School Superintendent of Cock Rd School, who caused school to be erected on Chapel Hill in 1814. His brother Samuel among the teachers

Henry Hill; letter to Bristol Press, published as broadsheet refuting lies in :London papers blaming KW colliers for Bristol Riots. 4.11.1831

Henry Hill of Oldland, bur Portland St Chapel, 21 Dec 1849 aged 71.

James s.o. Henry & Betty bp 1807 KW Sch; James Smith s.o. Samuel & Ann bp KW Sch 1822

Martha see Rev J.A. Curtis, 1798

Mrs, wife of Mr Henry Hill Budgett, after a short but severe affliction. Her death dignified and triumphant as her life devoted and exemplary. Obit, FFBJ 2.10.1824

Samuel “The Successful Merchant” of Bitton mar Ann Smith, licence, 9.6.1822 at Midsomer Norton, see also Rev J.A. Curtis, 1798

Samuel see Elizabeth 1826;Samuel s.o. Samuel & Ann bp 1831 KW Sch

Samuel: “1842 Nov 29, Mr Budgetts shop & warehouses burnt down” & “Mr Budgett died 29th April 1851″  (Couch).

Sarah Ann d.o. Samuel & Ann bp 1832 KW Sch

Sarah of KW Hill aged 52, bur Portland St Chapel 7 Jan 1839

Susanna see Robt England, 1723, see Henry Hill 1804

William Henry s.o. Samuel & Ann bp 1828 KW Sch


NB: For a comprehensive history of the Budgett family of Kingswood see “The Budgetts of Kingswood Hill” by D.P. Lindegaard.



Ann, vagrant, with Mary, 19, Elizabeth, 13, William, 11, removed from Wellington to St P & J.  6.7.1749. SRO Q/SR 317



Susanna see Robert England, 1723



Betty: Mr Palmer of Doynton to see Betty Bull & give her necessary physical relief. See Bitton Vestry Minutes, 18.10.1761

Charles: constable of Bittonsee Wm Powe, 1813, Thos Caines, 1814, Aaron Luton, 1816, Benjamin Caines, 1816, Henry Willis, 1817

Francis see Nathaniel Fry, 1773; Marion see Lottie Britton, 1916

Sarah see Francis Sweet 1719



Ann, wife of Robert see Ann Strange, 1611

John & Ann Silcock both of Bitton mar Yate 8 Sep 1710

Martha d.o. Zephaniah Bullock, bp Publow, 5.12.1755
Robert, of Siston, mason, will dated 27/1/1638/9, daughter Martha, son James, sons Samuel, and grandsons Samuel & Daniel, the children of his son Samuel, son Daniel, son Zephaniah, son Obadiah. (For a full transcript of this will, see Simple Annals of the Poor, DPL.)

Robert of Mangots & Elizabeth Harding otp mar St Werberghs Bristol, 4 Apr 1672

Robert see Ann, 1611

Zephaniah, c1740, watch/clockmaker of Bath, see BAFHS 79, Mar 1995

Zephaniah see Martha, 1755


See “The Bullock/Strange/Wimboll/Clark Network” in the Simple Annals of the Poor. 1586-1640- dissertation DPL



Mr F. worked at Speedwell Pit to closure, aged 74 in 1978, lived Cavan Walk, Knowle.

James, gamekeeper: deposition against one Hawkins, (Warrant from Sir Richard Hart & Mr Meredith) against James Ricketts, William Fluellen, Isaac Lennett.

Rose, 13, orphan, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Alice, see Fra Atwood, 1676




Albert see Robert 1870; Alice see Wm, 1881

Amy see Wm, 1881

Ann Burchell, 1783-1821, who mar Samuel Long (see Long FT)

Celia see Samuel Tillott, 1788

Charles Birchall mar Martha Bedford at St Andrews, Clifton, 25 Jul 1741

Charles, b ca 1745 married Betty (Elizabeth) Pierce (at Bitton 15.9.1765): their children:

Francis bp 1766

Elizabeth bp 1771 (mar Charles Burchill, 1789, kcp 1794)

Nathaniel bp 1774

Charles bp 1777

George bp 1779

Love bp 1786, bur 1792 (All at Mangots)


Charles bp Mangots, 1777, see Charles b ca 1745

Charles, cm, Kingswood in par of Mangots: will 5 Sep 1795, proved by wife Elizabeth (sole exec) 21 Dec 1796. Mark of Charles Burchill. “House I now live in” to son George. Also mentions son Francis, “two tenements in occ of Daniel Summerill & Isaac Bryant. Son Nathaniel. Witnesses John Bennett & William Burchill. (See also Elizabeth Burchill, 1822

Charles, late Mangots, cm aged 29, killed in Chas Bragg’s coalpit, 20 Oct. Inq 22 Oct 1794 at Horseshoe, Downend. D260/GRO & KCP. (Mar to Elizabeth Burchill, qv)

Charles b 1802 see Francis (1766); Charles see George 1848

Charles, over 21, wid, collier Stapleton, s.o. John, collier mar Ann Parker, over 21, widow, dau of Thomas Norman, collier at HT Stapleton 15 Jul 1839

Charles see Chas Strange 1851

Charles mar Fanny Haskins, Lyncombe Bath, 1885, re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Charlotte see Samuel 1819

Dennis b 1798/9 Hanham/Oldland (see Francis, 1766) mar Hannah Newman, Mangots, 1821, collier, KW Mangots; ch George 1823

William b 1824 bp 1826

Mary bp 1826

Harriet bp 1829

Hannah bp 1830, all at Mangots.


Dorothy, Westerleigh, 1617/31, wills 1541-1800, GRO

Edmund Birchall, Yate, 1602/24, wills 1541-1800, GRO

Elizabeth, wid, Mangots, 1794, ch George

Hannah Tillott

Sylvia Tillott (see will of Thos Burchill, 1777)

Elizabeth b 1792 see Francis 1766

Elizabeth late Mangots, intestate: to Francis Burchill, cm, Mangots, lawful son, (George, cm of Stapleton & Nathaniel, yeoman of Stapleton as trustees) died about 1822 Effects under £20. Granted 27 Oct 1827. Ref BRO EP/J/3/3/9. (Eliz was wid of Chas, will 1796 see above.)

Elizabeth see Nathaniel 1816, see Wm, 1881

Florry see Wm 1881

Francis (son of Charles & Elizabeth) bp 1766 mar Hannah Pierce, Mangots 1789, collier

Ch: Francis bp 1790 Mangots

Elizabeth bp 1792 Mangots

Dennis bp Bitton 1798/9

Charles bp 1802 Mangots

William bp 1808 Mangots

Francis (s.o. Francis & Hannah) bp 1790 mar Charlotte Porter (or Punter?) St James, Bristol, 26 Nov 1815, cordwainer, ch Samuel 1819

Joseph 1822

Charles 1825

Mary 1829

James 1833

Elizabeth 1837 all bp Mangots.

Francis see Samuel 1819, see Elizabeth 1827

George see Thos 1777, see Eliz 1794; George bp 1779 see Charles

George & Betty, parents of Ann Burchell, 1783-1821, who mar Samuel Long (see Long FT)

George see Eliz 1827

George, aged 6. Inquest at Mangots. Getting into a garden of a neighbour over the mouth of a well fell in and drowned before assistance could be rendered. Bs Merc 12 Jul 1834

George see Robt 1870

George, over 21, wid, cm, Soundwell, s.o. Charles, cm, & Harriet Hollbrook, over 21, sp, d.o. Charles, cm, mar HTKW 13 Nov 1848

George, 71, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Gilbert, a youth charged housebreaking at house of Wm Henry Rowe of Soundwell Rd, KW; Not Guilty, see WDP 15 Jul 1898.

  1. see Wm Mannering 1794; Hannah see Thos 1777

Henry Birchell mar Elizabeth Ling, St Andrews Clifton, 1 Sep 1741

Herbert see Robt 1870; Hester see Thos Ward 1797

Hester widow of Stephen. 1797 see Richard Bracey 1802

James Burchill, butcher, Mangots, Bristol Poll, 1820

James Burchell, Wick/Abson, Q/Gc6/1, 11 Nov 1846, gaol reg. GRO

James, 1861 census of Kingsmead, Bath: mar 31, butcher, born Downend, Glos, with Joseph, 3, scholar, b Bath.

James see Robt 1870; Jane see Robt 1870

John see Thomas 1777, see Charles 1839

John, 50, & John, jun, 16, kcp Starveall, 1851, see BAFHS 38, p30-31

Joseph see Thos 1777

Joseph “It is agreed that Joseph Burchill’s wife shall have 3/- pw till her husband come home. May 1784, Mangots Order, GRO

Joseph, charged with robbery of Mr Parker, butcher, Staple Hill FFBJ 10.1.1829

Joseph see Sam Bryant 1828, see James 1861

Laura see Wm 1881; Louisa see Robt 1870; Love 1786-1802 see Charles

Maria see Chas Strange 1851; Mary see Thos 1777; Mary see Nathaniel 1834

Mary Jane, (May) see Charles, 1885, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Minnie see Robt 1870

Nathaniel bp 1774: s.o. Charles: mar Ann:

Children: George 1796, Charlotte 1800,

Charles 1803, Mary Ann 1807

Matilda 1810 all bp at Mangots

Nathaniel, cm, Mangots; will 1816 (BRO) mentions son, William, dau Hannah wife of Samuel Skuse, cm Stapleton, dau Elizabeth, dau Ruth, wife of Isaac Gingell, yeo of Bitton, dau Dinah Screechly of Redland, widow, dau Sarah, wife of John Masters, tiler & plasterer of St P & J, Bristol.

Nathaniel see Eliz, 1827

Nathaniel of Mangots, cm, intestate, admin to Mary, widow. Granted 17 Feb. 1834, effects under £100… Sureties Joseph & George Hobbs, labs, Mangots.

Nathaniel aged 67, on May 17, 40 yrs in service of Sir Isaac Elton of that place. See BsGaz 26 May 1842

Priscilla aged 61, found dead in her market cart at 9 am 16 July on publick highway nr Bristol. Inquest 19 Jul 1814 at Horsehoe, Downend. Verdict “Sudden death by Visitation of God.” D260 GRO

Robert Burchel, Winterbourne, yeoman, 1719, Probate Inventory, BRO

Robert born Fishponds Staple Hill, check weigher at pithead. Easton (ca1870) mar (1) ? ch: Jane, Minnie, Albert*, James*, (*both went to South Wales as colliers) married (2) Louisa Lennard of St George: children: Sidney, Louisa, Herbert, George. George was born 1878 and died Jan 1973. (Informant Alex George Burchill, 7 Oakdale Close Downend, son of George.

Samuel (b 1819) cm mar Hester Garland, d.o. Thos Garland. Mar Mangots 1841: ch: Charlotte, b 1846, Francis, b 1848, Samuel b 1850, William b 1852

Samuel b 1850 see Samuel & Hester; Sidney see Robt 1870

Silvia see Thos 1777, see Eliz 1794

Stephen see Hester; cm kcp aged 27; bur Mangots 24 Dec 1797. Killed pit belonging to Duke of Beaufort by 7 cwt of stone & rubbish falling on him. Inq Mangots D260 GRO & KIACP. (Mar Hester Hathway Mangots, 1790. Children: Love bp 1791 & Love bp 1796 Mangots.)

Thomas Burchall, Yate,  1619/169, wills 1541-1800, GRO

Thomas see Samuel Tippet 1741

Thomas: “Wm Clear broke open door of the school accompanied by several others but it was done by the instructions of Thos Burchill, bailiff the coalworks under Mr Bragge. Mr Jenkins, the dissenting minister at Maidstone (once a  Methodist) & Mr Humphries (ditto at Bradford) prompted them on. John Pool repented of it afterwards and joined the brethren, Clear also was sorry but went back to Burchill” From John Cennick’s Diary 23 Oct 1746. F.C. Jones Papers, BRO & at University of Bristol Library) & Annals of KW

Thomas, cm, wid of Mangots & Mary Pick sp of same mar lic, Bristol, 23 Mar 1768

Thomas, cm, Mangots, bondsman with Wm Wakley, house carpenter & Joseph Betts, mather, to admon of Daniel Wakley. BRO 13 Feb 1769

Thomas see Wm Wakley 1769

Thomas of Mangots, will 1777 at BRO: wife Mary, son Joseph, dau Sarah Selway, dau in law Hannah Burchill, late son John, grandson Thomas, granddaughter Mary Greenway, granddau Hannah Tillott, grandchildren George & Silvia Burchill, the children of son William, dec’d. Thomas x Burchill, witnesses Joseph & Aaron Brain.

Thomas kcp 18 Nov 1791 bur Mangots.

Thomas see William Mannering 1794

Mr Thomas Burchill, in 76th year, of Downend, obit 2.2.1811, FFBJ and Mrs Burchill, relict of late Thomas of Downend, obit 6.4.1811, FFBJ

Thomas, see Edward Wink, 1834

William Burchill of Mangots mar Esther Billet of Siston, 25 Aug 1753

William see Thomas 1777; William b1808 see Francis 1766

William see Nathaniel 1816, see Samuel Garland 1819, see Joseph Britton, 1835

William, 22, kcp Starveall, 1851, see BAFHS 38, p30-31

William b1852, see Samuel b 1819. Coalminer mar Elizabeth Brain d.o. Hugh Brain, quarryman at Bitton, 1872; see William, 1881

William, head cm, aged 29, mar, b Mangots: Elizabeth, wife, 31, b Bitton, Alice, dau 8, scholar, Amy dau, 6, sch, Laura, dau, 5 (the author’s grandmother) Florry, 8 mths. 1881 census at 24 Reformatory Lane, district of St George, lived next door to William English, Thomas Garland, Aaron Stone, Samuel English, all coalminers.

William, 33, wife, 4 ch, illness of wife, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Robert, of Winterbourne, yeo Bach o21 & Susannah Sprott, St Phillips, 8.10.1771, BMLB

Richard see AWK 1759

Richard s.o. Richard of Winterbourne, yeo, apprent to Benjamin Rutter, brushmaker, Bristol Apprents,  29.3.1763, BRO,



Francis, Barton Regis, lab, 1656, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham



John, yeoman of Stapleton, bur in woollen, Jun 1731. BRL B32433/5



Mr of St George’s, father of Richard confectioner of Barton Alley. Obit 12 Apr 1806, FFBJ

Richard, see Mr, 1806



Anna Maria, d.o. Mr George Burgess, the Queens Head, Willsbridge & Benjamin Hazell, of Park House Keynsham mar announcement FFBJ 16.12.1826.

—- Burgess, a poor labouring man, almost blind, very deaf and almost blind, named Burgess, robbed of £4.10s, all the money he had in the world, at Bristol Bridge, FFBJ 10.1.1829

Benjamin Burges & Rebecca Wilton, of Stapleton, mar St Werberghs, Bristol, 19 May 1666

Benjamin see John 1699

Betty d.o. Joseph & Judith Burgis, otp d.20 Nov 1757 (MIs. St George)

Captain see Thos Britton, 1755

Ebenezer Burges, 47, senior clerk at Old Market Sugar House, Messrs Brice, obit, FFBJ 11.4.1812

Mr E. “Sat 3.45, fast train from Bristol-Gloucester at Parkfield Colliery. Mr E. Burgess of Lyde Green was crossing line. Opened first gate & rook his horse & cart on the line. When he was shutting the gate, train came dashing up, killing horse & shivering cart to atoms, carrying one of wheels to Westerleigh.” BT&M, 20.1.1866

Elizabeth see John Willis, 1723; Francis see Thos 1668-71, see Thos 1830

  1. “Carnation & Gooseberry Festival at G.Burgess, Queens Head, Willsbridge” see BM, 7.8.1823

George see Anna Maria, 1826

Isaac of the par of St Geo, yeoman & Mary x Tyler otp by lic, Henbury, 14.7.1783. (Marriage also recorded at St George in August)

Isaac, 23, of St James, hanged horse stealing 16 Aug 1800 at Gloucester. List at GRO & BMBJ 9.8.1800; in company with Wm Attwood, Thos Cribb & Wm Stallard, two of who came from St George.

Isaac d. 1820 see James 1793

Isaac, 13, cm, St George, fell down Rubins Pit. Inquest 6.10.1855 Co I Acc 1291. See KIACP

Isaac gave evidence at Inquest on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, killed Feb 1862

James, collier, 1684 list inhabitants of KW Chase, Ellacombe Mss BRL, Vol II, see John Jeffrys, 1684

James see AKW 1757

James of Near the Old School (i.e. Blackhorse Rd, Kingswood.) in list of five guides & drivers of wagons who might be required to evacuate parish of Bitton in case of French invasion. ca1800. (Burgess had a thriving carrier’s trade with wagons travelling to London) see “Kingswood versus Napoleon, D. Vinter, BRL. (I understand that original mss lost when lent by Bitton vestry for an exhibition in Bath in 1960’s.)

James otp d. Feb 9, 1793 aged 90 & Martha his wife, d. 8 Apr 1792 aged 71.

“Thou Pious Fools on wings of Faith

Securely Mounts the Sky

Whilst Guardian Angels guard the safe

To Brighten Worlds on high.”


Isaac s.o. aforementioned James & Martha d. Jan 17 1820 aged 62

“Surprized by sudden death he doth sleep,

Secured by all things else doth keep

It was God that gave to him his rest

And now we hope he’s numbered with the blest.”. St George.

Joan see Leonard 1684; John see John Wood, 1653, see Margaret, 1661/2,

John, 1685, Fystor’s Court, Mangots, see E.J. p143

John see John Hawkins 1696; John Burgis, gent, d. 10.10.1697 aged 84

John Burges, s.o. Benjamin of Stapleton, yeo, apprent to John Bassett, baker, 16.1.1699. Refused freedom 28.8.1703. Bristol Apprents BRO

John of Stapleton & Ann Nash mar Stoke Gifford, 15.1.1786

John, 76, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Joseph see Betty, 1757

Joseph “Lot 6, Stapleton Enclosure, 28 Oct 1779” see local press

Joseph, d 2.4.1876, member of the church 68 years, preacher 58 years, class leader 56 years, In 1834 & 49 when cholera raged in KW “his philanthropic & heroic nature was remarkably displayed in his untiring and incessant visitation of the suffering & dying” etc., MI Zion Church, KW. Mentioned on pamphlet “KW Benevolent Society” BRL

Judith, see Betty, 1757

Leonard Burges, Stapleton, 1672, Probate Inventory, BRO

Leonard Burges, cm, Barton Regis/ Easton, Men & Armour for Glos 1608 “abt 20, of lower stature suitable as calyver (light musketeer).

Leonard, cm, dead. Now his widow Loan, 1 horse. Inhabitants of KW Chase, 1684 in Mr Berkeley’s Liberty. Ellacombe Mss Vol I. BRL.

Margaret, Bitton,/Thos George, Brecfa, Carmarthen, gent, Bondsman John Burgess, Bitton, gent, 1661/2, BMLB

Marie (Aburges) see Thos Nichols, 1663; Martha d. 1792 see James, 1793

Mary see Chas Lambert 1825; Mr see Elias Batman 1700

Peter, Cordwainer, 1781 Poll Book. St George

Samuel see Thos 1830; Susanna see Stephen Stone, 1774

Thomas, son of Francis, cm of Bristol to John Brian, pinmaker & his wife Margaret. Bristol Apprents 1668-71

Thomas, cm, and Job Wilmot, cm, killed 16 Nov 1799 by cart loaded with rubble & stone falling on them. Inquest 18 Nov 1799, St George, D260/GRO. See KIACP

Thomas, 44, cm, killed by a stone when descending pit at Golden Valley. Inquest 6 Apr 1801 at Rose & Crown St George, D260/GRO see KIACP

Thomas late of St George, intestate. Admin to Sarah Sidney, late Burgess, wife of James Sidney, lead smelter of nr Air Balloon, St George. Bondsmen Francis & Samuel Burgess, cms of Tredwin, Monmouth. 10.2.1830, BRO.

William, Hanham, gent/Ann Jones, Haverfordwest, 1661, BMLB

William coal carrier of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe Vol II, BRL

William, see Thos Davis, 1787

William, carpenter of Pucklechurch, drowned when swimming in  millpond at Bitton. Left a wife & 5 ch. See FFBJ 15 Jul 1820

William, 19, found guilty of theft of sheep from Walter Swayne of Pucklechurch. 9 mths. FFBJ 1841



Richard, Stapleton, 1663, Probate Inventory, BRO



Francis, & wife, collier, at Giles Peacey’s, Gloucester Lane, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).

George Burley see Robt Barrett, 1813

George Burleigh, gardener, Barton Hill, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835

George dec’d, paddock including crop of potatoes, Gasten Lane, nr Whitehall, Lot 5, Notice of Auction at Fire Engine, St George, 15.8.1842, bill in author’s possession.



Andrew. Grant of 1 acre with common rights in Bitton, A.B., George Atwood, Henry Burnell, all of Bitton, to Thos Underhill, Bitton, 1637. BRO Ref EP/E/22/1

Andrew, 1675, BAFHS 52, p36; Bridget see Henry, 1650

Edd: “1848, Jan 11th, Farmer Edd Burnell had his hand taken off by the bursting of a blunderbuss” (Couch).

Elizabeth see Thos, 1630; Frances see Henry 1650

  1. H. see Francis Creswick 1674; Henry see Thos, 1630, see Andrew 1637

Henry Burnell, wife Julian Reade, sister of Major Reade, died Barbados W.I. & sister of Margaret, wife of Jacob Brent, clerk; daus Frances, Catherine, Mary, Bridget, of Hanham. 6 Feb 1650 see Bristol Depositions Vol 2, 1650-54, pages 26 & 27, BRL.

Henry, 24, lab, TSP 15 years, Mar 1839, see GRS Vol I, Wyatt, p7

Japhet, Bitton, yeo,/Sarah Roach, Aust, 1664, BMLB;  Japhet, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

John of Upton, temp Henry VIII, and John Barker, 1619, Vincent Gookin, 1627, Archibald Drummond: see Braine, p 130

John see Thomas, 1630, John, 1663, see BAFHS 52, p35.

John Burnell & John Hobine, Ben Helliar, R.Jones, James Stibbs, Mr Pruett, Sir John Newton, Mrs Moore, Mr Briant, see Francis Creswick 1674

Jonas, 1675, BAFHS 52, p36; Katherine see Henry 1650

Joice, Stapleton, 1658, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

Mary see Thos, 1630, see Henry 1650

Richard, of Yate, in Victoria, Australia, c1888, see BAFHS 63, p27, March 1991

Robert see Thos, 1630

Thomas of Yate, gent, d 2.10.1630, refers to his father, also Thomas, and Thomas his grandfather = Elizabeth (alive 1631). His dau Mary, his brothers Henry, John & Robert, last named aged 16 yrs, 10m & 11 days, next heir to Thomas, mentions Margery Neale, wid, Henry Atwood, Old Sodbury, Wm Whittington, Cold Ashton, gent, Robt Neale, Morris Mills, Richard Witchell. John Milledge had a small tenement in Chipping Sodbury. (Inquisitions Post Mortem, BRL)

Thomas: his house to be the Workhouse. See Bitton Vestry Minutes, 9 Jun 1767 & see AWK 1767

Widow see Fra Creswick 1674



Francis Patrick, see Jane Haskins, 1856



Thomas, JP, chairman of KW Urban Dist Council see picture BO 19 May 1917



John Burnlie, vicar of Bitton, d 22.5.1627, MI Bitton, Bigland

John Burnley, vicar of Bitton, 1684, patron Andrew Atwood, see Bigland



Aaron: one of the 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick. See Anne Allen, 1740

Aaron, the ygr, Oldland, cm, re land and premises “back of Regent St Cinema” (eventually!) BRO 23/4, concerned Thos Willis, Hanham, quarrier, Moses Flook, late St George, now KW Hill, cordwainer & Joseph Hobbs, late Bitton, now Nailsea, quarryman. Jun 1824 32006 1-5 (4ab) BRO.

Aaron, collier of Soundwell, mar Ann; their dau Caroline bp HTKW 1823

Ann wife of James, d 27.7.1777 aged 25 MI Bitton, Bigland; Ann see Aaron 1823

Betty, a collier’s wife, mentioned ironically as “one of the perfect people” by John Cennick; 1740; see Annals of Kingswood.

Betty see Hugh Sutton, 1760 & see AKW 1775; Caroline see Aaron 1823

Dinah see Arthur Jones, 1793; Eleanor see Sam, 1744, see Wm 1754

Elizabeth see Elizabeth Stone, 1775; Francis see Timothy, 1817

George, tithingman of Oldland 1722; see Ellacombe Mss BRL

George, senior, yeo, d 4.5.1722 aged 70, also Samuel Evans, of St George, d 11.3.1765 aged 57, also Joan wife of Samuel Evans and late wife of George Godfrey, d 5.6.1774 aged 62, MI Bitton, Bigland

George & Sarah Hatherway both of Bitton mar Henbury 10 Jun 1714

George, mealman & maltster of Wick; obit FFBJ 27 Feb 1790

George. Inquest on George Bush of Wick/Abson who shot himself after the loss of his wife in childbed. FFBJ 20.8.1814

George, engineer at Soundwell Lower Pit. Escaped unhurt after boiler explosion which killed Thomas Waller. See BMi 13 Dec 1851

George see John Fudge 1863; Giles see Sam, 1744

Grace mar Samson Phipps, Bitton, 1712; Helen see Thos Collett 1713

Isaac, 22,  kcp & bur Bitton. Killed Hole Lane, Jefferies & Co, by rubbish falling on him, Inquest 9 Mar 1822, Oldland Common. Bur Bitton 10 Mar, “aged 28 of North Common” see D260/GRO, & KIACP

J & E: made Cornish Pumping Engine for Frog Lane Colliery, Coalpit Heath, 1852. See Collieries of KW & S. Glos, J. Cornwell.

James see Ann, 1777, James mar Martha Cheese, Bitton, 25 Dec 1804

James see John Wickham 1810.

James, cm, Bitton, 33, charged with stealing watch & wearing apparel value £10 from Hannah Wilmot of Bitton. Light brown hair, dark grey eyes, long face. Large nose, wide mouth, blue mark over left eyes & on right wrist Scars on back bone & bottom of back (large) 5’31/2″,TSP 14 years subject to opinion of 12 judges. Removed Gloucester 2.9.1818. In company with George Jefferies & Henry Moreton. Glos QS 1818, GRO.

James see John Manners 1842

James Caines Bush, see Timothy Bush 1813 & 1817 & see also James Caines

John, of Bitton, yeo & Elizabeth Britton of North Stoke, mar lic, Wells, 19.10.1686

John see Elias Battman 1700. John died 1711, Bitton, Bigland)

John & Margaret Jay, both of Bitton mar Yate 29.12.1707

John see Wm, 1754

John : 27/28 Jun 1764 Lease & Release, J.B., cm, John Standford Perrott & others in consideration 5 shillings  & maintenance cottage, garden on Oldland Common. BRO P/B/ChW/5c

John, labourer, Hanham, Bristol Poll, 1820

Judith see Abraham Golding 1758

Laurence: Deaths of Mr Laurence Bush and Mary his wife, who practised midwifery, both aged 70, married for 40 years, died within a week of each other in Bitton, were buried together. See Bath Chron, 22.5.1788.

Lawrence: “1778. Order from Henry Crosswicke (sic)  JP to Overseers of Poor of Bitton to pay Lawrence Bush relief of 1/6d per week as he is old and lame.” Bush was refused. From a catalogue of Leslie Aitchison, 22 West Shrubbery, Redland, Bristol, quoted in FT Magazine Feb 2001, p69

Ludovicus, fugitive from Kingswood 1667 see Francis Bastyn

Mary see Laurence, 1788

Mrs see Alice Weston, 1580; Peter see Wm Gunning, 1701

Peter one of the 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick, 1740  see Anne Allen.

Peter see Henry Dampier 1771, see Wm Haskins 1797

Peter, lab, Oldland, Bristol Poll, 1820

Robert  see Thos Hale, 1783

Robert, cm, 50, Soundwell, trapped in pit at Easton which killed Joseph Gaynor, (1910) rescued..

Miss S. Marriage announcement Mr S. Yandle of Bristol to Miss S. Bush, of Bitton, Bath Chron 17.10.1799

Samuel, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe Mss BRL

Samuel s.o. Wm & Eleanor, died 22.10.1744 aged 26. And Giles their son, died 29.12.1745 aged 24., Bitton (Bigland) , Samuel, gent, died 4.8.1751 aged 62, Bitton, Bigland

Samuel, carpenter, Rodney (Rodway?) Hill, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1835

Sarah of Bitton bur North Stoke, 8.3.1763

Sarah see Sam Batman 1753, see Chas Williams, 1787, see John Price, 1815, see John Manners 1842

Thomas, Winterbourne, miller, 1727, Probate Inventory, BRO

Timothy see Elizabeth Caines & The Cock Road Gang.

Timothy Bush, Thomas Willmot & Joseph Willis, committed to Glos Gaol by Richard Haynes esq. theft 2 horses from Richard Emerson Gerrish of Bitton, farmer. Mar 27 1813; sentenced to death Apr 10, FFBJ. Timothy Bush’s sentence was commuted to transportation. He was natural father of James Caines Bush & common law husband of Elizabeth (Betty) Caines.

Timothy, gardener of Kingswood & Elizabeth Caines: their sons James, 11, & Francis, 8 bp 15 Sep 1817 at Bitton, in job lot see Benjamin & Ann Caines, 1817

William, gent, Bitton, Herald’s Visitation, 1682/3 see Bigland

William of Bitton, collier & Mary Tyler of St P & J, (Edward Tyler of St P & J, collier as bondsman) mar lic BRO 15 Apr 1718, no 61.

William, tythingman, Sir John Newton’s Court, Court Leet held at Queens Head, Willsbridge, 22.3.1719

William, 1721, MD

William of Bitton & Elizabeth Jones, Wick & Abson mar Pucklechurch 21 Feb 1736

William, one of 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick 1740, see Anne Allen.

William see Sam, 1744, William the ygr, 1752, see Joannah Flower

William of Beach, died 21.4.1754 aged 77, Eleanor his wife died 26.7.1759 aged 66, John their don died 14.6.1760 aged 34, William, their son died 22.1.1780 aged 65, Bitton, (Bigland)

William “on Sat last several boys at play round the mouth of a coalpit at Bitton where they were roasting crab apples, one, Wm Bush took a crab apple which did not belong to him, was chased by the others and fell into pit. Lived 4 hrs after he was taken out. See FFBJ 11.1.1795 & KIACP. See also Btah Chron 16.1.1794.

William, cm, killed pit belonging to Mr Leonard & Co, 28 Dec 1798, Inquest at Oldland on 29.12.1798. D260/GRO & KIACP.

William, see Alice Whittuck, 1813

William, brickmaker, Pile March, Bristol Poll, 1835



Thomas; “had a workshop”, invent. Mangots, 1633, see BAFHS no 36, p26

Thomas, Acton,  Barbados, 1659, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Thomas, a stranger, d at Griffin Inn of smallpox, 1 Jan 1711, Siston P.R.



—– See Wm Lacey 1844



James (dead) Mangots, admitted 1897, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897



—- See John Wood, 1653



William, 10, theft of a bucket, LG 1820 see BAFHS Journal no 61, p31



John: “his 2 children to be annointed for the itch” 6 Feb 1769; he insults the churchwardens after being summonsed for leaving his family chargeable to the parish. 2 Jul 1770. Bitton vestry minutes.

John see Edgar Guest 1701

Stanton, 1676, see William Bright, BAFHS 55 p34

  1. see Francis Creswick 1674

William, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36, see Francis Creswick 1674

William, Winterbourne, 1693, Probate Inventory, BRO



Alice, servant of Rev Wm Vaughan, bur 1.12.1762, Siston PR (see also Mrs Bethia Vaughan, the rector’s  wife, who was bur 12.12.62 )

Ann see Charles Emett, 1799

Charles, 20, carter to John Brain. Fell off a shaft of a wagon & wheel passed over his body, causing death about 4 hrs later. Inquest 19 Dec 1821 at George Inn, Bitton, D260/GRO

Christopher see Arthur Player 1598

Mr Denis see Geo Beese, 1799; see Isaac Peacock 1803, Elizabeth see Thomas Luton 1712

James: lease 7 years (1) James Butler, esq. of Westminster, Middx (2) Thos Edwards of Bristol to (3) Thomas Punter of Mangots, yeo, re coalmines & lands belonging to Butler leased by B & E to P, liberty of coaling at Shortwood Farm. 10 Jan 1726/7. BRO AC/AS 62/2

James see Geo Hook 1820, John, butcher, bur Westerleigh 19 May 1740

Joseph, drowned in a pit at Mangotsfield, 1743, bones not discovered until 1759, Mangots PR 21 Nov 1759 & KCP

Lucy see Geo Toghill 1753. Mary see James Thompson, 1764, see Chas Emott, 1799

Mr & Co; see Thos Haskins, Wm Haskins, John Fudge & James Horwood, 1806

Mr W. one of founders of KW Circuit, see Joseph Lovell 1842-1919

Sarah see Geo Hook, 1820

William Butler & Eliz Amos b.o. Westerleigh, mar Wapley 1708

William, cm, Westerleigh, 28.10.1711, £32.14.3d, Gl INV

1712/54. See Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers” FC District probate invents 1539-1804.

William “came to Crews Hole c1843 as foreman of the new Tar Works” see “Bristol Times” in Evening Post 8.8.2000.

William, Tar distillers, Crews Hole, see EP (BT) 24.7.2001

“1780: A young man named Butler hanged at top of Peter Street, Bath for joining a mob & playing a fife when mob set fire to a Roman Catholic Chapel in Corn. Butler did nothing but the mob made him play the fife.” Couch.

 William, b. Bitton, 64th Foot, Regt. 1799-1819 discharged aged 43. (WO



Wm see Wm NUTT, 1675



Ambrose, 20, Hanham, contused knee; BRI Inpatients 1789

John, 63, Hanham, ulcer, leg, cured, BRI Inpatients 1789



Family – 1369 etc. see Braine, p 40; Matthew, 1365, 1369, see Braine, p 39/40



Thomas see Thos Brixton, 1858



Charles, inf. Stapleton; bur in woollen, Sep 1726 BRL B32433/5

Edward, gallipotmaker, Barton Regis, 1704, Probate Inventory, BRO

Elizabeth see John Pinnell 1781



John, cm Bitton/Hanham, 20, meanest stature suitable as a pyoner (pioneer). See Men & Armour for Glos, 1608 (see Also Berrett)