Kingswood Index: K – O




Betty see Richard Parker, 1778



Marian see Ann Wilkins, 1833



Richmond see George Brain, 1899



See Long & Keeling, 1841

Thomas, potter, Avon St, St Philips, 1801 &c,”Bristol Potters, 1775-1906″, R.K. Henrywood



Henry, Mangots, surgeon, widower o21 & Mary Sutton, Mangots, Widow o21, BMLB 4.2.1771, BRO



John Kippen, mar Elizabeth Higgins, Temple, 1724

John Keepen “of this parish who died Apr 1 1779 aged 65 years. The voice of innocent Abel’s blood cried loud for justis, on Cain, who by the law was dead but oh! May the blood of our Lord cry more loud for mercy on my guilty murderer’s head”. MI at Iron Acton. See BAFHS Journal no 101, September 2000 p21-23 for more information on the Keepen etc family.

Joseph Kippen,  s.o. Walter of Bitton, apprent to Wm Royet, 9/1/1644, p78. Bristol Apprents.

Ruth, Kippen,  “of riper years” bp Temple, 28.8.1728; Walter Kippen, see Joseph, 1644



Amelia, wife of James, surgeon of Bristol, d October 1796, James, died 6 Dec 1820 aged 66. Elizabeth Ann Yateman dau of the above died May 18 1818 aged 28, also her infant Elizabeth. Maria, wife of Joseph James Kelson, ob Sep 22 1850 aet 49. Also of above Joseph James Kelson obt Jany 22 1866, aet 74, MRCS, Assistant Surgeon, Army at Waterloo. MI St George.



Ann Kemis, see Wm Player, 1636; Arthur Kemys, Mangots, 1642, see E.J. p154

Isabel Kemis, see Wm Player, 1636

Joane Kemis, see Wm Player, 1636

John Kemys see Ralph Golding 1417



Esther see John Baber 1782



Alice, 39, wid, 4 ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Anne see Christopher, 1684; Christopher, now Anne, bagman, inhab KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Eleanor see Daniel Cribb, 1689

John coal carrier, inhab KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe.

John, horse driver, P & J, 19.7.1736, BRO 04435/3

John, collier, committed to Newgate after 1753 colliers’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26 & 31 May 1753 & AKW

Robert see Thos Jones, 1794; Sarah, 79, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

William, collier, 30, of St George, 5′ & 8 and a half inches tall, illiterate, brown sandy hair, sandy whiskers, ruddy complexion, orderly behaviour, charged with Francis Williams & Wm Smith with stealing 2 cwt of hay, value 2 shillings, sentenced 4.4.1833, 9 mths, Glos Felons Register, GRO



John, Sergeant of Marines, served aboard First Fleet, mar to Mary Stone, d.o. James Stone, niece of John Cennick, see Mary & James Stone & John Cennick.  See BAFHS Journal 51, p32. See also Annals of KW 1725-49 & 1750-74.



  1. of Millbrook House, Stapleton & Miss Archer, eldest d.o. late Thomas Archer of Sutton Coldfield, and granddaughter of John Chivers, esq, Stapleton, marriage, FFBJ 27.6.1807.



Mercy, 49, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



John, 64, wife, paralysis, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



James see Arabella Annely 1829



Francis, 32, Bitton, contused knee, BRI Inpatients, 1788, BRO

Francis, see James Rogers, 1841

Richard: 1740’s, Haynes’ Rent Lists, W & A, Haynes’  Papers, BRO.(see Pillingers of KW)

Sarah see James Rogers, 1841



E.J, see Sam Wilcox, 1827

Sampson, 16, Bitton, contused leg, cured. BRI Inpatients, 1788



Joseph, 15, worked 3 yrs at Easton Pit. Heard rush of “muck” as it fell as he was assisting David Webb, gave evidence at Inquest, see David Webb, 1894



Toby, keeper of 4 cole horses, KW Forest 1666, Ellacombe

Kid’s Tenement shown on map of West Hanham, 1670, BRO “Ellacombe Parish of Bitton”, mss



Walter, Bitton, 1658, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson



William Kidwilliyder & Henry Coulstring hath 1 landing coale and 1 open near John Sutton’s stone pits in Mr Berkeley’s Liberty. Shown as coal carrier on list of inhabs of KW 1684.

William see Cad(wallader) Jones, 1684



George & Harriett see Isaac Evans, 1846



Mrs Elizabeth, at Stapleton, obit FFBJ 16.10.181916



Charles, bp 1819 at Westerleigh, pit foreman, mar Sarah England, bp 1819 Puck, children: Mary Jane, 1838, John, 1841 (miner) William, 1844 (miner), James, 1846, (miner), Joseph, 1856, (overman at colliery), Thomas, 1858, all at Westerleigh, & Hannah, 1852, Alicia, 1860, Sarah Ann, 1862

Charles Franklin, 28, miner s.o. John, railway guard. & Fanny Whiteman, 39, sp, d.o. Wm Whiteman, railwayman, mar Westerleigh, St Silas, 11.6.1901

Edwin, miner, s.o. Joseph, overman at colliery & Annie Minnie Hickmott, d.o. Stephen, railwayman, mar West., St Silas, 19.10.1907

James see Charles, b 1819; John see Charles, b 1819; John see Chas F. Kilminster 1901

Joseph see Charles, b 1819; Joseph see Edwin, 1907

Mary Jane see Charles, b 1819; Thomas see Charles, b 1819;William see Charles, b 1819



Widow, see Francis Creswick, 1674



Elizabeth, Mary & Peter see James Hathaway, 1814



King, a baker, 1721, for trial with a gang of thieves in KW, hanged 1722, with Kanton & Harvor, the other, Forfis was transported, see MD.

Ann, wid or St George, 1.1.1767; Ann see Joseph Burchill, 1848

Ann d 1851, aged 61, Downend Baptists, E.J. p78

Ann (d. 1851) – see Joseph, 1856

Charles, charged housebreaking Gloucester Assizes, 1800, condemned & reprieved, see BMBJ 9.8.1800

Charley of Frenchay, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP

Elizabeth, Stapleton, 1684, Jamaica, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Elizabeth see Samuel, 1825; George, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p195

George, 20, bach, collier, Hanham, s.o, William, collier & Jane Bryant, d.o. George, collier, mar Bitton, 25.12.1841

George, collier, present when explosion took place at Starveall pit St George in which Francis Bryant & 7 others were killed, & gave evidence at Inquest, see FFBJ 14.6.1851

George, assistant engineer at Deep Pit when Stephen Newman was killed see BM 6.9.1851

Henry, 37, wife, 4 ch, heart disease, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Hester see Samuel 1841

James see Phoebe 1772; James “at the farm” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James, 13, vagrant, LG 1820, BAFHS Journal p31, no 61

Jane see Phoebe 1772; John see James Powell, 1759

John: contractor, entertained workmen building new Wesleyan Day School, BM 5.3.1859

John King, cm, St P & J, subs. for John Hilhouse, outparish of St Geo, deserted S. Glos Militia, 23.4.1804, Glos J.

Joseph: petition for discharge from bankruptcy. His wife, Ann King, died 29.7.1851 and letters of administration were granted to him. Subsequently he became a patient at Gloucester Asylum, Overseers of Mangotsfield set up claim for his maintenance at the Asylum. See The Times, 5.5.1856.

Joyce, nee Powell, great-granddaughter of Underhill Tucker, 1709, see E.J. p158

Martha, 52, wid, 2 ch, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Mr of Iron Acton, drowned in his fishpond. FFBJ 16.7.1808

Phoebe, d.o. James & Jane King of Bitton, bp Kelston 27.2.1772

Robert, killed by fall from horse. Bur Pucklech. 9 Feb 1707/8

Robert see Giles Daubeny, 1789

Robert, aged 14 and Elizabeth Haskins (13) killed crossing the railway line at QWarmley Station. See The Times, 22.5.1872.

Robert, c1843-c1918: grandfather of Bert Gay who recalled that R.B. had gone into the mines at the age of 7, “sitting in a bucket on a miner’s lap, carrying a candle”. Mr Gay gave me R.B.’s miner’s candlestick, used by him about 1851. See “Colliers in South Gloucestershire 1841” Patricia Lindegaard, BAFHS Journal Winter 1978

Robert of Frenchay: injured thigh in Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP

Samuel, cm, Soundwell, wife Elizabeth, dau Susannah bp HTKW 1825

Samuel, collier, 35, with Hester & 6 children, 1841 cens Warmley

Samuel, Mounthill, KW, examiner at Hanham Pit, Jubilee Deep side, No 12; gave evidence at Inquest on Alfred Jabez Tippet, BGuardian, 29.1.1898

Susannah see Samuel 1825

Thomas, Stapleton & Hester Taylor, of same, 1662, BMLB

Thomas: Lease 99 yrs and 3 lives between Thos Haynes & Thomas King, currier. 13 Jul 1737/8 BRO 14581 HA/D/225

Thomas see Geo Ruddle 1742

Thomas, 21, Downend, charged stealing half a neck handkerchief, blue cloth coat, waistcoats etc, value 15 shillings, dark brown hair & eyes, dark complexion, long nose rather snubbed, scars in back, left hip, forefinger, elbow, mark on left thigh. Has been a sailor aboard “Minden” man of war & been in E. Indies, illiterate, 5’6 and threeqtrs inches tall, conduct very bad. Not guilty, 7.4.1818, Glos Felons register, GRO, see also Samuel Garland, 1818

Thomas, 74, of  Pucklechurch, “the poor man’s friend in time of need”. Obit FFBJ 21.4.1821

William 1709 see E.J. p158 ,see Geo Balsome, 1730

William, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30 GRO; William, see Geo, 1841

William “wrought at Soundwell Pit” ca 1859, see E.J. p223

William, collier doing banksman’s work, fell down shaft at Cook’s Pit, Puck, 20.3.1860, GRO, COI/Acc/1291. See also BMerc 24.3.1860, when Charles Lacey, 19, almost charged with manslaughter.



John, 40, blacksmith, born Bristol & Eliza 37, born Bristol, 1861 cens Tipton, West Midlands

William, engine driver at Shortwood pit, gave evidence at Inquest on Samuel Bennett, see BG 3.2.1853



Richard see John Goodwin, 1757





Edward see John Coleman 1632

Elizabeth see Abraham Adams, 1842; Joseph see Abraham Adams, 1842



Abel of Bristol, merchant to John Guy of same, merchant of Doynton, Bitton, W & A, property 1614, SRO DD/GL 86

Robert, Alderman of Bristol, benefactor to Oldland, see Bigland



John, dyer, Bitton, bur in woollen, May 1720, B32433/5, BRL

Joseph, lab, Bristol, see John Pugh, 1778



Daniel, convicted with John Blancher of housebreaking in KW, sentence of death on both, commuted; Kitley died in gaol. See FFBJ 26 Apr, 16 & 30 August, 1783.



Caroline, see Henry 1886

Henry, 29, stole 2 tea cloths, cups & saucers, glasses etc, property of Samuel Wade from Dissenting Chapel, Oldland, Conduct bad. TSP for life 10.8.1836, G/QC-5 1/3 GRO

Henry, 35, collier, Lamb Hill, St Geo, attempt to murder his wife Caroline, see Clifton Chronicle, 17.11.1886

James, of Westerleigh. Bankrupt. FFBJ 3 Jul 1793, page 1.

James, “Jams Nap” inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30 GRO

John Napp, of Hanham, 47, fell from a wagon, Bitton burials register, 27.9.1821

William, landsman, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Charles, 81, of Oldland Common, late of N. Stoke, bur N. Stoke, 14.5.1885

Emily, landlady of White Hart, Bitton, witness in trial of Joseph Brittain & others for highway robbery, see BJ 6.4.1850

Mr see Mr Ford, 1683



James aged 27, coalminer. Bitton, 5.11.1867. Inquest GRO CO1/N/13/131.


John, see James Lear, 1834



Samuel, 33, wife, 3 ch, scarlet fever, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Aaron see John, 1791

Aaron of Mangots kcp 9.8.1881 by falling from the landway of the pit. Inq 13.8.1811, GRO D260

Ann see Elisha Rogers 1757, see John, 1791, see Solomon 1841

Arthur see Robt Bassett 1488

Charles see Mary Ann Hand, 1841, see Wm King, 1860

Edward see Sampson Crew, 1795

Elizabeth, removed from Keynsham to Bitton, 25.6.1755 SRO Q/SR 323/3

Emma see Aaron Roger 1848

George, cm & Sarah his wife, from Mangots to Westerleigh, Settlement Cert. 2.1.1717, BRO

George, cm, (7.1.1744) & Susanna his wife (5.2.1744) Westerleigh Settlement exams, BRO

George see John, 1749; George see James, 1802, see Solomon 1841

George, proprietor of a coal yard nr Warmley; convicted of assaulting Thos Chambers. Chambers was at work during miners’ strike, 1874. Lacy used abusive language towards Chambers & expressed a wish the rope would break and all men who worked would break their necks. Mr Horridge, manager of the Colliery intervened and hit Lacy to the ground. Magistrates found that those who chose to work should not be molested for it, and sent Lacy to gaol, 2 mths with hard labour. See WDP 26.6.1874

Hannah see James, 1802; Harry see Henry Watts, 1788

Henry: 3 “cole horses” list of keepers of horses in KW, 1666, Ellacombe

Henry: of  Bitton, horsedriver. GRO ref D2957/146/93, 22.9. 1678.

Henry: see Fra: Creswick 1674, see Edward Parker, 1687

Henry of Bitton, & Elizabeth Sympkins, of Puck, mar there 27.10.1707

Henry, Hanham, will at GRO, 1728; Henry, Bitton, will at GRO, 1729

Henry of Bitton mar Mary Bryan of FC, at I.A. 10.8.1747, by lic

Henry of Bitton & Mary Organ of FC mar I.A. 1747

Henry: assignment Henry of KW Oldland, Bitton, cm to Geo Jones, horsedriver of cottage & land in KW, Cockshott Hill. 25.10.1764, BRO 5755/13

Jacob Lacy. “Jan 15 1830: Jacob Lacy drawn at Stoke £3 to pay the boating of the Lime Stone….&c. Feb 10 1830, The Trow had 40 ton of coal & 6 rough block of stone which we had nothing to do with no further than Worcester but we paid the boating of the stone 4 tons 9/4d, which is allowed to me again so the people who drawn the money of Mr Wall had no right to it whatever. My man Jacob Lacy say he know nothing of it neither does he know any man of the names you have stated to me.” .  (Couch )

James, of Mounthill Hanham, one of the drivers of wagons & carts to be requisitioned in event of invasion of Bitton, 1800, see KW v. Napoleon, D. Vinter, BRL

James, collier, I.A., wife Hannah Packer, ch: George 1802, Rachel, 1805, James, 1807, all bp I.A.

John, 1556 see Rowland Hayward 1553;

John Lacy, Barton Regis, 1659, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

John see Fra: Creswick, 1674

John, a bastard of George Lacey, cm, dec’d & Susannah his wife, before marriage, removed from Mangots from West. 23.1.1749, see Geo Lacey, 1744

John, collier of I.A., wife Sarah, children Rose, infant, Ann (6) & Sarah (3) bp I.A. 24.7.1791, and Aaron bp 4.8.1793.

John: at St George’s, Rev John Lacey to Susan d.o. late Henry Davis of Bristol, FFBJ 23.12.1815

Joseph see Solomon, 1841

Mary see Fra: Creswick, 1674

Mary: Will of Mary Lacy, widow of St George, 31.1.1782, grandchild Mary Lacy, dau of William & Mary Milsom, Sarah wife of Samuel Bishop of Bedminster, Mary Milsom, dau, William Webb, coalmerchant, sole exec. Witnesses; Elizabeth Webb, Sam Plummer & Betty Fleming.(filed BRO with Brislington papers)

Mary  see Mary Phipps, 1796

Mary see Solomon, 1841

Matilda, 31, 4 ch, wid, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Moses, of Castle Precincts/Hester Hickman mar 12.11.1706

Mrs, burnt to death, Chapel Rd, Warmley, see B.O. 16.2.1924

Peter, seaman, Warmley, s.o. Mrs Holloway, Warmley Tower, died North Sea, 1 Mar, aged 25, formerly a miner at Deep Pit, see B.O. 17.3.1917

Rachel, see James, 1802; Robert, Fystor’s Court, Mangots, 1615, see E.J. p143

Rose, see John, 1791

Sir Rowland, c1606-1615 see Braine, p55 & p60, see John Norden 1615

Sarah, see George 1717, see John, 1791, see Wm Powe, 1813, see Solomon 1841

Sarah, gave evidence at Inq on Samuel Cook, murder & suicide, see FFBJ 2 & 9 April 1842, & Samuel Cook, 1842.

Solomon, 50, collier, Ann, 50, Mary, 20, George, 15, Joseph, 8, & Sarah, 1841 cens Warmley

Susanna, see George, 1744, see John, 1749

Thomas, of St George, cm, & Mary Cook, sp, mar Bitton, 31.12.1758

Thomas, see Wm Milsom, 1769

Thomas: Will of Thomas Lacy of St George, horsedriver, 3.1.1771, son Thomas, one shilling, dau Mary Milsom, one shilling, dau Elizabeth Lacy, one shilling, Mary, wife, dwelling house & household goods. Mark of Thos Lacy, Witnesses John Gore, Mary Gage, James Harding. (filed BRO with Brislington papers)

William, 1675, BAFHS 52, p36

William, see Wm Lewis, 1754, see AKW 1757, see Geo Flower, 1798,

William, alias Hay or Hagg, see Wm Powe, 1813. Wm Lacey alias Hagg, stealing bread from house of Sarah Townsend of Oldland, 28.8.1813

William, bach, cm, & Jane Gage, sp, servant, mar Bitton, 18.6.1815

William, “riotous outrage at Lansdown”: In custody for affray were William Lacey, Hanham, Henry Williams, Woolands (sic) Common, William Fudge, KW, Samuel Pullen, Marshfield, Samuel Poole, KW, Peter Britton, KW, Isaac Allen, Bitton and a second William Lacey. Hanham. Stephen Bennett, Downend, “who was accused of throwing a stone at a man called Buss, causing him to lose the sight of one eye” “A murderous party of ruffians from KW armed with bludgeons.” See Bristol Times & Bath Advocate 17.8.1844

—- Leacey, (sic) see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.

Lacey family: “Gifts to Bristol Museum – Model of Winding Gear used in Deep Pit St George. (WDP 27.6.1947)



Ann, wife of Thomas, d.o. John Seed, d 18.8.1776 aged 36, see Brice Seed, 1682, Bitton, Bigland



Elizabeth Lambart, see John Stone, 1685

Charles Lambert, St George, pin manufacturer, bach, 20, (father dead, no guardian) & Mary Burgess of same parish, sp, o21, BMLB 2.4.1825. The marriage was at St George. – additional. FFBJ 16.4.1825, marriage announcement. His father was the late Edward of Chalford, Glos.



John see William Lovell, 1795/8; John “Lanany” inhab of Mangots, 1798, GRO D674/H30



Samuel T, 16, illness, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



William, 50, wife, 2 ch, rheumatism, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897



Samuel Landsdown, yeo, Mangots & Mary Lovell, wid, of same, bondsman William Cole, P & J, weaver) BMLB 17,6,1717

Samuel Lansdowne, Mangots, Samuel Simons of same, gent, William Sheppard, same, tailor, 27.11.1731, Bond re the will of Sam Lansdown, the elder of Brislington. SRO DD/X/SR/15.

Rebecca Lansdown, see Nathaniel Crew, 1654

Samuel Lansdown, 1731, Mangots, see E.J. p158; Sarah Landsdown see Wm, 1819

William Landsdown, St P & J, will dated 1819, wife Sarah, children James, Sarah, Mary, William, grandchild Mary Ann Alsop, d.o. his dau Mary, house at Lawrence Hill in occ of William Hollister, bro in law, Thomas Halstone; witnesses: Richard Ponting, George Whitehead, William Bryant, testator died about 1820, probate granted to Mary Alsop, one of children, wife of Samuel Alsop, collier of Mangotsfield, 1838. Alsop was one of bondsmen, the other Wm Bryant, collier.



Hannah, Hanham, Name included in a list of “Persons Receiving Pay from Clifton Parish for themselves and their families” FFBJ 10.1.1818

John, of Mangots, yeoman, d. 30.12.1708 aged 67. MI Mangots, E.J. p37, see also BAFHS 36, p27

John, lab, Flower Pot Hill, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1835

Richard, Mangots, collier, “made oath that very early on St Valentine’s Day he saw John Bennett, collier of Mangots with his dog pull down & kill a deer in the Chase at KW, and afterwards cut its

throat with a knife.” Signed Richard // Lane, 20.4.1688, Ellacombe

William, 1675, BAFHS 52, p36



Roger & Christopher Martin, dual lordship of Down Hanham, 1565, sold to Wm Neale then to West family (Weston Court) thence to Francis Woodward of Grimsbury, Henry Weston etc, see Braine p127/8



Henry of Bitton & Hester Wilcoxon mar St P & J, 9 Dec 1703

Edward = Mary Haines mar Bitton 1724

.Samuel, see Robt Churchill, 1850; Stephen see Henry Mills Grace, 1851 census

Widow, see John Jeffrys, 1684; William, 1651, Mangots, see E.J. p145

Gilbert, Great War 1918 ‘Submarine Service’ D.S.M. awarded to Stoker Petty Officer G. Langley, Royal Navy
Gilbert Langley was born in Winterbourne, Gloucestershire in May 1891. He was employed as a Colliery Ropeman prior to joining the Royal Navy as a Stoker 2nd Class in April 1914. After service at H.M.S. Dolphin, he served with the Submarine depot ship H.M.S. Maidstone. Having advanced to Stoker 1st Class, Langley served with H.M.S. E 45 after the Great War. Langley advanced to Stoker Petty Officer and was ‘Pensioned’ in April 1936 (awarded L.S. & G.C. in July 1929).

D.S.M. London Gazette 21 June 1918.

For services in H.M. Submarine E45 in 1918. (Lt. Commander John A. Gains, the submarine commander’s D.S.O. recommendation states: ’11 minelaying operations have been carried out since 5 January 1918, many of considerable difficulty and danger.’) Advertised on ebay 2020. Distinguished Service Medal, G.V.R. (K.22301. G. Langley, Sto. 1Cl. Submarine Service. 1918.) worn, fine £500-£600


The late Sheriff Langman’s house where Roger Purnell, hid after colliers’ riot Oct 1738, see GJ 17.10.1738.

William, d 13.4.1785 aged 54 & Joys his wife d23.7.1781 aged 67, MI Bitton, Bigland



Joseph, Deeds re lead & calamine mining, 1765, Doynton, between J.L., Rev Thos Cohen, rector of Doynton, & Richard Haynes, Wick & Abson, SRO DD/GL 96. (The Langtons were Lords of the Manor at Brislington, and later at Newton St Loe.)



The body of a man called Lann found in the river near overfall at Crew’s Hole, had been in river nearly five weeks, having been drowned last year in a barge swamping below Hotwell House, on a tempestuous night. (FFBJ 24.1.1824.)



Thomas, 1720, MD

William, constable of police, Hanham, witness at trial of Joseph Brittain and others for highway robbery, see BJ 6.4.1850



Edward, husbandman, 43, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

John, 1624, see BAFHS 52, p35; John, see Martha Wade, 1712

William, 1624, see BAFHS 52, p35



Hannah see Wm Fletcher, 1803, see Wm Lee, 1808



Albert see Henry Thomas, 1886; Charles see Farnam 1789

Farnam s.o. Chas & Mary Latham, d 19.4.1789, MI Mangots, E.J. p37

James, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

Mary see Farnam 1789

Peter, 24, breaking down a garden fence, LG, BAFJS Journal, p31



Robt see Wm Smith, 1693


LAUNCLOTT (Lancelot?)

Edward, s.o. Edward, collier, bur St P & J, 14.12.1698



James, St George, glassman, 3rd Company, see John Pugh, 1778



Daniel, yeoman, d.4.9.1716 aged 44. MI Mangots, E.J. p39

Daniel, the elder, see Eleanor Johnson, 1815

Elizabeth, d.o. John, brickmaker of Lar Hill (Lawrence Hill?) bp St P & J, 30.6.1723

Emma Grace see Isaac, 1861

George, perambulation of IA, 1745  & George, boy, perambulation of IA, 1745

George see Isaac, 1861;Grace see Isaac, 1861

Henry, Bitton, cordwainer & Ann Benfield, Bitton, BMLB, 1662/3

Henry, 65, wife, aged, blind, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Henry, 65, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Isaac, head, mar, cm, 52, b. Westerleigh, Grace, wife, 55, b. Horfield, George, son, 17, cooper’s apprentice, b. Bath, Emma Grace, grand dau 4, b. Yate. 1861 cens Westerleigh Street, Winterbourne.

John see Elizabeth, 1723

John, ragged vagabond of Pucklechurch, see Bath J, 25.11. & 2.12. 1751 & Annals of KW.

John ,”smith”16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Joseph, kcp precipitated over spiver wheel at Ramshill Colliery, Coalpit Heath, see BM 2.10.1852, see also Spring Edition 1984 of A.I.H.C.A.M. Magazine.

Martha see Thos Hudd, 1838; Mary see Solomon Chandler 1771; Susannah see Ann Pinnell

Thomas, elder & ygr, perambulation of IA, 1695; Thomas, boy, perambulation of IA, 1745

Thomas, of W’bourne Court, Obit FFBJ 4.5.1816

William, tanner of Mangots, bondsman at marriage of Robt Roffe & Ann Tyler, 1670, BMLB

William, tanner, Mangots & Elizabeth Conway, Mangots, BMLB, 1694

William of Mangots & Elizabeth Rendall of Stapleton, mar Stoke Gifford, 26.10.1714.

William, tanner, of Downend, 1714, see BAFHS 36, p27

William, tanner, 1718, Mangots see BAFHS 36, p27; William, West, will at GRO, 1725



See Thos Fennel, 1886



Thomas, 18, b St George, 1881 cens RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73, p28


LEABORD (Lebord?)

Rebeckah, s.o. Stephen Leabord, a ffrenshman, by Rebeckah his wife, bp Bitton, 1.5.1706



Joel, keeper of Fishponds Asylum, 1817-37, and school at Beechwood. See BAFHS Journal 101 p17, Summer 2000



Catherine mar Samuel Jefferies, Bitton, 15.9.1746

Catherine see John Pillinger, 1761 & see AKW 1763

Francis see Wm Boyd, 1817

Francis, Mangots, 23 Dec 1843, Q/Gc5/7, gaol reg. GRO

George: kcp by car when handle broke at mouth of coalpit in Bitton. Bath Chron 17.8.1793

Hannah, Oldland/Bitton, 1802/129, wills 1801-58, GRO

Humphrey & William, tythingmen to serve court, Oldland 1747, Ellacombe

Humphrey, cm & Betty Fudge, wid, mar Bitton, 21.10.1759

Humphrey see Wm, 1770

Isaac, 1842-1890, son of Isaac of Bitton, Australian whaler, see “Death at Sea”, Wm Piper, Family Tree Magazine, February 1993.

James: “Jan 22, 1834, John Knowles Wheat Mow & Bean Mow burnt. Supposed to be Wm Pollinger & Jim Lear”,  “Jan 26th, Sunday night the fowl house rob’d again of about 16 fowls, Lears, Pollinger & others with Bob Cherson (?) W. Lear came with an excuse the night before to see the Hams. Some was sold and some drest at Tho Bryant, Blacksmith. The Lears help eat them. Sam Perrinson (Perriman?) had part of the Mutton Ham and carried it home, his wife would not dress it because it was stolen and he thrown (sic) at her and there is a stain of it now against the wall in the fire rank of house at the Waterside.” (Couch)

James see John Rawbones, 1836/7

John = Joan Harris mar Bitton 1748; John see Wm 1750/1779

John, Stapleton, 66th Foot, 1813-21, discharged aged 36. N.A.

John, cm, 35, kcp belonging to Mr Whittock by roof fall. Inq 30.10.1811 Oldland, D260/GRO & KCP

John, Bitton, 12 Dec 1839, Q/Gc5/6, gaol reg. GRO

John, Bitton, 12 Mar 1843, Q/Gc5/7, gaol reg. GRO

Joseph, Kingswood, 3 Aug 1867, Q/Gc6/5, gaol reg. GRO

Joseph, Kingswood, 17 Feb 1874, Q/Gc6/6, gaol reg. GRO

Mary, see Matthew Powell, 1757, see Wm, 1770

Phoebe, see Wm, 1770; Richard see Wm, 1770, see Sampson Crew, 1795

Robert, (Bob) see Thomas Williams, 1844

Samuel, cm, kcp dislocation of neck falling from Landway of pit (Messrs Baugh & Co), Inq 10.5.1799, Crown, Warmley, D260/GRO & KCP

Samuel, Frampton Cotterell, 10 Aug 1815, Q/Gc5/1, gaol reg. GRO

Samuel, 13, FC, stealing large chain, property of Moses Davis. Light bro hair, light grey eyes, thick nose, long features, large scar under lower lip, mark under left arm. Illiterate, conduct very bad, discharged by proclamation, 6.4.1816, GRO Q/GC 1-5

Samuel, Kingswood, 20 Feb 1856, Q/Gc6/3, gaol reg. GRO

Sarah see Wm, 1770, see Isaac Britton, 1787:

Stephen, Bitton, 27 mar 1820, Q/Gc5/2, gaol reg. GRO

Stephen, 21, see Joseph Brain, 1820: description of Stephen: Brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, scar on chin, mole on rt cheek, lame in rt leg from having his thigh put out, several large holes and scars on back of his breach. Unable to read. Cordwainer, 5’3″ tsp life, 2 May 1820 for theft of patent cord & kerseymere etc at Lechlade with Joseph Brain & David Moreton.  GRO Q/GC 1-5

His record in Australia shows that he arrived per “Maria”, Aug 31 1821, absent from muster for church; Jan 12 1822, “Shannon, absent from muster and from church. Conduct, transported being a capital respite, Gaol report, bad character, his father in law and brother were transported abt 2 years ago and his mother is transported for life. Hulk report, orderly. Executed 26 Feb 1825. (being researched by Bill Piper, Sutton House, Sutton Valence, Maidstone, ME17 3HH.)

Thomas, 11, see Solomon Britton, 1813

  1. March 7 1833 & Jan 18 1834: “Fowl house rob’d, 3 ducks, 12, fowls, W. Lear is concerned in the robbery” (Couch), see James, 1834.

Wallace, Hanham Court Cricket Club, picture 11.8.1900 (with Creswick papers?)

William = Mary White mar Bitton 1725

William, “an ancient man, his labour done” paid 2/- 13.5.1743. List of poor of Hanham & Oldland, Ellacombe.

William see Humphrey, 1747; William = Sarah Roach mar Bitton 1749

William & John, named in Plan of Mr Player’s Manors & Sir John Newton’s, 1750, copied by Daniel Cook, 1779.

William = Hannah Roach mar Bitton 1752

William, Bitton, 1770/201, wills 1541-1800, GRO

William, cm, Oldland, admon 19.10.1770. He named his grandson William, executor, but William renounced as only debts were left. Sol Leonard, ygr of P & J, principal creditor took over, with 2 bondsmen Richard Northcote of P & J, & Joseph Betts of Mangots, all maltsters. (which may speak for itself). The will itself names son Humphrey & his dau Phoebe, son William & his son William, son Richard & his dau Sarah, dau Betty Harris, (ie mar William Harry (sic) Bitton 1744), dau Mary Powell & Ann & Hannah Powell, her daus, his wife Mary.

William, witness to will of Morris Britton, 1779; William, d 29.6.1781 aged 70,  MI Bitton, Bigland

William Lear, 19, and Wm Bryant, 29, both of Bitton, charged by Moses Jefferies of Bitton with stealing 1 blanket, a check apron, part of a buff striped cotton apron, 1 child’s cap, value 40 shillings. W.L. had light brown hair, dark blue eyes, fresh complex, oval face, short nose, wide nostrils, small scar on left breast, 5’3″ lab, well behaved, reads a little, discharged by proclamation, Lent assizes, 2.4.1817. GRO Q/Gc/5 1-5

William, Bitton, 15 Feb 1817, Q/Gc5/1, gaol reg. GRO

William, Bitton, 14 Jul 1818, Q/Gc5/2, gaol reg. GRO

William, 20, tsp 17 yrs 1818, see James Baker

William (Bill) see Nancy Nurse, 1840

William, St George, 12 Mar 1842, Q/Gc5/7, gaol reg. GRO

— Lear, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Ann, see Daniel Durnell, 1730

Ann Leigh see Wm Fletcher 1802

George Lee see Thos Hobbs, 1838

Joan Lee see Richard Hannis, 1663

Sarah Lee see Chas Palmer 1770

“Tansy” cm at Speedwell, see Stanley Nash



—-Legg, 1704 Mangots, see E.J.p145

Beth, see John, 1781

Charles of Stapleton, sojourner & Betty Rees, sp,  mar Keynsham 3.8.1775

Henry, husbandman, 1664, Mangots see BAFHS 36, p27

Henry, P & J, coledriver, 22.12.1739 BRO04435/4

Hester, widow of Hanham, her house burgled, see BG 27.2.1772. & Annals of KW.

James, collier of FC, inventory 1722, “Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers”.

James, cm, kcp Pile Marsh, by rubbish fall. Inq 4.12.1804. D260/GRO, & KCP

John Legge, seaman, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe; John see John Jeffrys 1684

John, committed to Newgate, coalminers’ rising 26.5.1753, see FFBJ & AKW.

John, cm, St Geo, intestate Jan 1781, under £100, widow Beth to administer, BRO

Joseph, cm, Stapleton, cottage & garden near Fishponds, yearly value £5, Minute Book of KW Enclosure Commissioners, 1779-84, BRL.

Mary, see Abraham Caines, 1665,  see Thomas Willis, 1709, see Wm Hawkins, 1759

  1. Private, 240278 Bedfordshire Rifles, died Mar 1917 aged 32, Not forgotten, St Geo MI

Solomon, cm, 12, drowned Pile Marsh St Geo, by water bursting in. Inq 24.4.1794 at Jolly Sailor (Mr Roach’s, St George, D260/GRO, & KCP. See also Bath Chron. 8.5.1794: father and brother both saved.

Thomas Legge, cm, KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas, cm, Stapleton, “antient cottage” nr Upper Fishpond, Minute Book of KW Enclosure Commissioner, 1779-84, BRL.

Thomas: “1840 on Monday 3rd Feby the barge Sally went on the Damm with a high fresh with 50 tons well stones through the neglect of Tom Legg”, (Couch).

William Legge, hatter, inhab KW Chase, Mr Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe

William, Stapleton, feltmaker & Mary Roach of same, BMLB 1694



Mary Ann b1884, mar Samuel Britton, 1939, lived 34 Victoria Park, KW, see “A Victorian Girl” BAFHS 72, p28-32. Our next door neighbour.  I only wish she had lived to know of my uncovering of her tragic history.  (NB her mother, Mary Ann Matilda Leighton of Great George Street, aged 27, died 9.6.1887, and was buried 14 June 1887 at Greenbank. Her father was Fred Leaton (sic) card sharper, of Jack Reeve Lodging House, Ann Street, St Philips.)



Ann see Robt 1762

Isaac Lennott (no parish) & Mary James, Winterbourne, 1668, BMLB

Isaac, Fystor’s Court, Mangots, 1671, see E.J. p143

Isaac Lennett, (married to Katherine Milsom) see Henry Prewett, & James Bundy, 1691.

“25 Feb 1691: Henry Prewett of West Hanham and Henry Braine of Bitton, gamekeepers, heard the report of a gun and found a deer newly shot and wounded to death and looking about them they found the footsteps of a man, and following these footsteps, they came to Katherine Melsome’s house and upon reaching the house they found in a cockloft which had no way to it but by a trapdoor without steps or ladder, three pieces of venison newly killed with a great deal of parts of deer and blood. Searching the premises again next day they came across a hand gun hidden in the thatched roof of a pigsty. Katherine denied all knowledge saying that her new husband Isaac Lennett had let the cottage. Isaac himself, called up by Francis Creswick 3 days later, said, all innocence, well, yes, he did use the cottage, he sold ale there, but he let it out when he could, and suddenly – cocky with it – why even the justices held meetings there! Later Isaac confessed to the deer, he had taken it to Bath & sold it for 55 shillings. Later he retracted the confession, and then opened a coalpit and was cutting down trees for his propping.” (Gamekeepers’ depositions, Ellacombe).

Jonathon Lennott, Mangots, carpenter & Mary Witty, St Philip, BMLB, 1687/8, bondsman Richard Pontin, Mangots, carpenter.

Jonathon see Robt 1762

Robert s.o. Jonathan & Ann, d. 23.9.1762 aged 30. MI Mangots, E.J. p37

Sarah see Hugh Smyth 1681



“Leonard’s barne” shown on map of West Hanham, 1670, BRO “Ellacombe Parish of Bitton”, mss

— Lennard, 1719 MD

Anne, see Joseph 1824; Catherine see Francis Tippett, 1724

Charles, cm, Bitton, 25, Martha, 25, Isaac, 2, 1841 cens Bitton

Edward, 12, apprenticed to Joseph Samuel Witchell, 1864, blacksmith of West.

Francis see Josiah Brain, 1790

Francis, 18, of Bitton, in Ilchester gaol, 21.1.1833, SRO Q/AGi 15/3

George s.o. Solomon & Susannah of Bitton, born 12.10.1820, bp Penn St Tabernacle, Bristol, 14.8.1822.

George mar Mary Ann, of Oldland, their son Joseph born 2.10.1823, Keynsham Baptists.

George see Wm Waters, 1825, see Hester Evans, 1849

George H, bought Hanham Colliery from J.J. Whittuck, which became Leonard, Boult & Co, see Collieries of KW & S. Glos, John Cornwell. Bought Hanham Lodge Farm, 1924, see BAFHS 87, p11

Isaac, 1 pit open, near Trinity Vale, Player’s Liberty, KW 1684, Ellacombe, “Not now working, closed four years” see E.J. p227

Isaac (1698) see Francis Tippett, 1724, see James Pinker, 1756, see Wm Waters, 1825, see Chas, 1841

Isaac, farmer, Fire Engine, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835

Isaac, junior, lot 1, dwelling house with small gdn in front and paved court behind. Notice of Auction at Fire Engine, St George, 15.8.1842, bill in author’s possession.

James see Francis Creswick, 1674, see Wm Horrell, 1684

John of Bitton mar Elizabeth Cook, St P & J, 17 Apr 1722 (Poss Elizabeth Coole – see Licence, 1722, no 72, bondsman Wm Purdue, St P & J, weaver)

John, 17, Hanham, charged with Thos Caines & Robt England with theft of £5 note from Hester Hodges. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, short nose, scarred on hands, very well behaved, discharged 9.4.1817, GRO/QS Q/Gc 5/1,2,3

Jonathan, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p 195; Joseph see George 1823

Joseph, cm of Cockshead (Cockshott?)  Hill, mar Anne, dau Anne bp HTKW 1824

Louisa Lennard see Robert Burchill, 1870; Lydia see Solomon 1799

Mary see Abraham Jefferies

Mary Ann, Oldland, admitted 1864, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Mr Leonard’s & Co, see Simon Watson, kcp, 1795, see Charles Short, Samuel Bryant, Henry Green, Henry Hulbert, John Rawlings, 1874 – these men were delegates to pit during strike.

Mrs Martha see Rev J.A. Curtis, 1798

Mrs, wife of Sol of Lawrence Hill, obit FFBJ 19.9.1812

Mrs: “the first person bur at the Church at Jeffries Hill was Mrs Leonard, granddaughter to David Weston, died Aug 18th and bur the 23rd 1844″ (Couch)

Martha see Chas 1841; Mary Ann see Geo, 1823

R., of St George: John, James, Thos & George Weeks, who were accused of stealing hay from him, FFBJ 25.2.1815

Robert & Sarah Cook, both of Bitton, mar Yate, 24.11.1719

Robert of Hanham, publican, arrested for stealing from James Davis at his public house, arising from Davis refusing to pay. Charged with his wife & Thos Richards who was in the house at the time. All three discharged “Not a true bill” see Bristol Oracle 14.6. & 4.8. 1750 & Annals of KW.

Robert see Solomon 1799

Robert, cm, Cowhorne Pit, Inq Kings Arms Oldland, 20.4.1809, D260/GRO & KCP

Robert see John Vowles, 1849; Robert Walker, d1871 aged 55, MI Downend, E.J. p65

Robert, market gardener, St George, “Paradise Seeds to be mixed with fennel to cure rheumatism” see letter from Mr Leonard, EP, Bristol Times, 30.1.2001

Samuel see Wm Horrell, 1684, see Thos Caines, 1814,  see Daniel Rogers, 1816

Samuel, over 21, bach, KW Hill, s.o. Joseph miner & Elizabeth Peacock, minor, sp, d.o. Aaron, miner, mar 24.2.1848, HTKW

Sarah see Wm Bolt, 1759; Sol, of Hanham, collier, 3.1.1730/1, see BRO 04435/3

Solomon, born 12.3.1799 & bp 14.8.1822, s.o. Robt & Lydia of Bitton, Penn St Tabernacle, Bristol.

Solomon, see Wm Lear, 1770, see Mrs Leonard, 1812; see John Fisher 1812; see George, 1820, see Hester Evans, 1849

Susannah see Geo, 1820

Thomas, cm, otp, & Jane Sweet, St Geo, sp, mar Bitton, 22.10.1759

Walter, 23 & Charles Wheeler; alleged highway robbery of Isaac Britton, St George, see B.O. 5.10.1895

Widow, see Robt Long, 1684

William, Stapleton, 12th Dragoons, 1795-1816, discharged aged 40. N.A.

William, see Sam Wilcox, 1827

Leonard & Co, see Wm Bush, 1798, see Pitman Price, 1804, see John Batt, 1809, see Wm Gay, 1817

Leonard Boult & Co, owners of Easton Pit, see Geo Leonard 1872, see William Bolt Monks, suicide, WDP 14.3.1892 & KCP, see Mr Monks, 1894

Leonard Jefferies & Co, see Thos Pearsall, 1804; Leonard Waters & Co, see Daniel Jefferies 1802

—- Leonard, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21; —- Leonard see John Coggins, 1828

Lennards, shoe shop, Staple Hill, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer.



Elizabeth see Francis Creswick, 1674

John see John Wood, 1653



Amelia see Joseph Crew, 1841, Ann see Edward Humphreys, 1743

Anthony see Francis Creswick, 1674

Benjamin & wife, Elizabeth, his servant, inhabs of Siston  1674, perambulation of Siston, BRO

Benjamin, house carpenter, Scission, (Siston), Electoral Roll, 1739

Bruce, boot factory, KW, See “From Colliers to Clickers” S. Fryer.

Charles, boy entombed underground, see Geo Garland, 1833

Charles, bach, cm, KW, s.o. William, lab & Sarah Bowyer, servant, KW, d.o. Joseph, lab, mar 12.4.1840, HTKW

Daniel, butcher, KW Hill, Wesleyan Sunday School teacher, obit, BG 6.2.1817

David, mason, Mangots, 1614, see E.J. p177

Edward, mason, dead, now Widow Lewis: inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Edward, charged with theft of 3/- & waistcoat from Wm Batt of Siston. 24.4.1815 Glos Journal

Edward see Hannah, 1824; Elizabeth see Daniel Nichols, 1730, see George, 1813

Emma, piecer, aged 15, born Bristol, Glos, 1851 Census Ellen Holme, Sowerby, Nr Halifax, see BAFHS 11, April 1978, p15

George, farmer of Bitton, chosen by ballot for the militia; provided as sub, Wm Barrett of Bristol, cordwainer, 1.3.1797.

George & Sarah of Bitton, their children Elizabeth, b 21.12.1813, Hannah b 7.9.1815, William, b 30.7.1818, Keynsham Baptists

George see Hester Hill, 1814; George, 25, Hannah & child, 1841 cens Westerleigh.

Hannah, wife of Edward, witness to murder of Isaac Gorden, Tennis Court Inn, Warmley. Siting in her cottage near fire, heard heavy blows and thought it was someone beating an ass. BM 4.12.1824. James Caines Bush & Mark Whiting were hanged for this murder.

Hannah see George, 1813, see George, 1841

Henry, p209, Ellacombe’s History of Bitton, 50 guineas reward for riotous assembly, proclamation issued by Bristol Council House, 8.5.1795 & see Annals of KW

Isaac, farmer of Bitton, who offered £20 rewards for capture of Benjamin Webb & George Ward, see Cock Road Gang by I. Wyatt & FFBJ 27.3.1784 & Annals of KW

Isaac alias Cox, see Thos Caines, 1814

Isaac, cm, mentioned in Inq on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, Feb 1862

James see Sarah, 1817

John, Westerleigh, lab, Virginia, 1656, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

John, IA, will GRO,1728; John see Thomas 1759, John, collarmaker see Thos Willis, 1769

John of Mangots & Margaret Thomas mar Winterbourne, 23.11.1783

John of Siston, 12, kcp by fall of stone, in Mr Toghill’s pit. Inq 28.11.1809, Marshfield, bur Siston, 31.12.1809, D260/GRO & see KCP.

John, cm, settlement exam, West., 18.9.1813; John see William, 1841

Jonas, over 21, miner, KW s.o. Wm, lab, & Esther Iles, sp, seamstress, d.o. George, hatter, mar HTKW 26.12.1837

Lavinia, 6, orphan, KW North, outdoor poor 1897; Luke see Sarah, 1798

Mary, see George Parsons, 1733; Moses see Isaac Britton, 1816, see Chas Stone, 1874

Robert, “at the farm” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Robert, see Susanna Dauncey, 1796, see Thos Roberts, 1811

Robert, former merchant of Bristol, Cleve Lodge, d 94, 1840, MI Mangots, E.J. p58

Samuel, see Phoebe Pagler, 1791; Samuel, married with 5 ch, see James Gay, 1835

Sarah, wife of Luke, of F.C. serving as sub for Isaac Ship of Bitton, 8.12.1798, Bitton  Militia lists, BRO.

Sarah, see George, 1813; Sarah wife of James, d 1817 aged 49. MI Mangots, E.J. p59

Thomas, see John Wood, 1653

Thomas, s.o. John, Bitton, lab, to Wm Pym, joiner, Bristol apprents, 12.5.1759

Thomas, cm & Mary Packer mar Bitton, 29.7.1759; Widow see Edward 1684

William, perambulation of IA, 1745

William Lewis of Warmley, James Fuggall of Downing, (Downend), John Bryant, Downing, James Malpas, Warmley, John Turner, Downing, Samuel Sweet, KW (drowned Nov 5) William Sweet, (discharged Nov 8) Jona Bisp, Winterbourne, Robert Brown, Bitton, John Fuggall, Downing, William Lacey, Bitton (deserted). Muster Roll, Merchant Venturers. 31.1.1754 (This event is given in AKW as “1757” – those searching for their ancestors would be wise to check both dates.)

William, see George 1813, see Jonas, 1837, see Charles, 1840

William, carpenter, John, cm, 13, 1841 cens West

—Lewis,  Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11





Dan, of the Causeway, Fishponds, Injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP



Jean Lias has a tobacco box with this name on it.

Sarah Lios, appears in list of inhabs of Siston, 1674, perambulation by vicar.



Jacob, 80, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



John Liddiard, see Wm 1668-71

John Liddiard, yeo, Hanham 70, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

Mr, d 1720, MD

Mrs (Martha) courted by Mary Dafter’s son, see MD 10 Jun 1721 when she was 43 and Richard Dafter was “going in 21”. “Lidiard’s son in small pox” 1721, see Mary Dafter.

William Liddiard s.o. John, yeoman of Hanham, apprenticed as carpenter, 1668-71

William see Susanna Archer, 1747



Henry of Hanham, won Monte Carlo Rally, 1964. Also given award by Royal Humane Society for rescuing a horse during 1968 floods. See “A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter, p42





Anne see Joseph, 1830; Elizabeth see Joseph 1830; Frederick see Sarah Ann, 1911

  1. of St George, see Benj Price, 1822.

Herbert, 51, bach, Tramway worker, 27 Belle Vue Rd, Easton, s.o. John, miner, dec’d & Annie L.G. Martin, 46, wid, d.o. T.W. Pincombe, dec’d, brewer’s asst, mar 28.8.1937, All Sts, Bristol.

Hester see Ann Wilkins, 1833

Isaac see John, 1825; Jane Lyne see Wm Smallman, 1738

Jane see Joseph. 1830, see Joseph 1841

John Lynn (Lines?) named in list of fugitives from KW, 1667

John, cm, KW Hill, mar to Mary, son Isaac bp 1825 HTKW.

John, 13, works for Sir John Smyth & Co., hauls by the girdle, has done for 4 years. The girdle never hurts him, earns one shilling a day, works 8 hrs, has potatoes & meat for dinner when he goes home, Attends Wesleyan Sunday School in KW, can read a little, walks 4 miles to the pit every morning. Waring, 1841

John, St George, cm, will 1853, BRO; John see George Harding, 1897, see Herbert, 1937

Joseph mar Jane Jones, Bitton, 1819 (informant Martin Lynes)

Joseph, cm, wife Jane, ch: Robt, 1830, Mary, 1833, Elizabeth, 1836, Joseph, 1839, Jane, 1841, Anne, 1845, all bp Siston (informant Martin Lynes)

Joseph 40, cm, Jane, 40 & 6 ch, 1841 cens Siston; Joseph see Sarah Ann, 1911

Mary see John, 1825, see Joseph, 1830

Michael, Olveston, Glos, collier & Margaret Howell of Cromhall, sp, bondsman John Ball of Cromhall, yeo, BMLB 27.9.1761

Michael Lynes of Bitton, kcp & bur Siston, 10.5.1766; Robert see Joseph, 1830

Robert, 22, convicted of housebreaking at house of Charles Trubody, Bitton, 9 mths, FFBJ 13.7.1850

Sarah Ann, will 1911: of North Common, Warmley, wife of Joseph, probate Bristol 7.1.1911 to Frederick Lines, miner & Wm Henry Isaac, bootmaker. (informant Martin Lynes)

William Lyndes of Abson & Sarah Williams, mar Siston, 7.3.1735

William, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

William Charles “Sky” Lines, Bristol ‘s Lightweight Boxing Champion of the West of England, bca 1866, mar 11.7.1887 Martha Bodman. Labourer of Old Market Street, s.o. Isaac Lines. Mar (2), ca 1890, Rosina Clark (her will 1934, 9 Easton Rd, admin to William Chas Lines, by then a retired furniture dealer). He died 30.1.1942, aged 76. (informant Martin Lynes)



Elizabeth see Henry Birchell, 1741





Cecily, see John, 1690; Henry, collier, bur Siston, 20.10.1711

J.P. & Son, Hanham, estab. 1873, employs over 100 hands, (Progress Commerce, 1893, BRL B26385

John & wife, inhabs of Siston, 1674

John, a lad, s.o. John & Cecily, kcp & bur Siston, 13.6.1690.

John see Samuel Short, 1838

William, an old inhabitant of Cock Road, recalled paying a penny to see the hanged bodies of the Caines brothers (Francis executed 1804, Benjamin executed 1817, and their nephew James, executed 1825. Only in the case of Benjamin is there a record of the body being exhibited for money. ) See Braine, p177



Edith see Poyntz Fox, 1698



Aaron, yeo, 1730, Mangots see BAFHS 36, p27



Mary see Edward Harding, 1676



Thomas, of Acton, Glos, bur St James, Bristol, 1.7.1695



Charles see Chas Cole, 1882

Elizabeth of Siston & John Horward, St Michael, gunsmith, 1664, BMLB

Mr: John Cennick: “I began a free school for the colliers’ children & settled Mr Little as master – paid out of weekly collections. Mr Little took to drinking & obliged us to break up the school.” 29.5.1749, Diary of John Cennick.



George, 71, wife, rheumatism, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897



Ric Livings of Barton Regis in Co of Glos coledriver exchanges one white nagg 14 hands high with Wm Powell of Bristol, butcher for a bay nagg, 14 hands and gave him £3 to boot. Said Powell warranted the bay nagg to have good eyes. Voucher for Livings: Benj Willis of Hannam, cole driver and Gabriel Britton of Bristol, yeoman, 16.10.1705. BRL B32433-5

Richard see John Roger 1736



See also FLUELLING. See Thomas Fluell (sic), 1684 & William Flueling, 1678

Ann see Geo Powell, 1720, see John Willis, 1800

Ann & Thomas see John Willis, 1799

Diana, d.o. William, “learned collier” and beneficiary of his will, 1773, see AKW 1773

George, horsedriver, 1709, Mangots see BAFHS 36, p27

George, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George, cm, 24, burnt to death nr Serridge by fire damp, 13th inst, Inq 26.11.1818, Coalpit Heath, D260/GRO & KCP

Grigorie Lluellin, Hanham, 1656, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

Henry Lluellin, cm, bur West. 5.10.1748 ; Humphrey see William, 1511

Isabel see William, 1511

Isaac & Samuel, Mangots, no land tax, Glos Election, see SFBJ 15.2.1777

Isaac: “Mr Isaac Llewellin to Mrs Cook of the Fleur de Lys, Pucklechurch, marriage announced FFBJ 11.4.1795. Isaac Llewellin, cm, o21 & Hester Cook, Puck., o21, Samuel Martin of Castle Precincts, grocer, tea dealer, bondsman, BMLB 6.4.1795

Isaac (“Isik Leveling”) inhab of Mangots, 1798, GRO D674/H30L

Isaac see Geo Whitmore, 1803

Isabella Llewellyn, d 1875, aged 38, Downend Baptists, E.J. p 77

James, yeoman, of West, & Sarah Belchier of St Ewins, Samuel Belshier of West., butcher as bondsman, BMLB 19.11.1743

James, s.o. late Thomas, kcp & bur 19.12.1811, West.

John, took part in KW riot 1670, Ellacombe

John, in partnership with Benjamin Tucker, 1684, see E.J. p227

John the elder, cm, Mangots, 1711, No 26, probate inventories, Mangots, Peris Jones, see BAFHS Journal no. 36. See also Sarah Llewellin

John Lewelling see John Nichols 1715

John, cm, inventory, 1732, no 43, probate inventories, Mangots, Peris Jones, see BAFHS 36, p27.

John kcp bur West 29.4.1758 & KCP

John kcp Coalpit Heath by bell mould dropping on him, see FFBJ 5.6.1784 & KCP

Jonathon, late Mangots, cm, Mary, his widow to administer, intestate 11.6.1777, BRO

Mary see Jonathan, 1777; Moses, Mangots, 1743, see E.J., p195

Moses Elwelen (sic) Player’s Map, 1750, shown living in Mangots. Ellacombe.

Philip see William, 1511; Samuel see Isaac 1777, see William Willis, 1793

Samuel, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

Sarah of Mangersfield (sic) baptised Baptists, 9.10.1673, see p88/9 “Records of a Church of Christ”.

Sarah: “Sister Sarah Llewellin of Mangotsfield propounded & spoke her will”, 9.10.1673, page 142, Records of a Church in Christ, BRL

Sarah, wife of John, cm, inventory 1703, no 12, probate inventories, Mangots, Peris Jones, see BAFHS 36, p27.

Sarah, wife of William, senior, bur West, 24.12.1775

Thomas, see Ann, 1799,  see John Willis, 1800

Thomas, cm, “about hour of 6 in afternoon of 9th inst, being in perfect health and washing himself after work, dropped down dead. Inq 11.11.1801, West. D260/GRO

Thomas see James, 1811; Widow see Francis Creswick, 1674

William, lease from Wm Llewellin to Humphrey Llewellin, Isabel his wife, re house at Churchleigh called Himtys occupied by Philip Llewellin  for life. 20.5.1511, 14581/HA/D/140

William, Mangots, cm, & Susan Sutton, Mangots, bondsman Edward Lewis, Mangots, roughmason, BMLB 12.8.1665.

William Fluellin “a constant deer killer”, convicted, said “his Lords had undone him” but was let out before he finished his sentence. (Ellacombe) see James Bundy 1691

William, cm and astronomer, “Philosophical Collier of Mangotsfield” bur Mangots aged 86, 2.12.1773. See article “A Learned Collier of Mangotsfield” Patricia Lindegaard, Journal Glos FHS no 3, winter 1979. See Diana. See E.J. p246-248. See AKW 1773

William see Sarah 1775; Llewellin & Co, see Samuel Jones, 1811, see Samuel Cowles, 1814



Abraham see Judith, 1764

David Loyde of Mangots & Dorothy Simmons, maid of Hereford, mar St Augustine, Bristol., 13.6.1713

John see Henry Mills Grace, 1871 census

Judith, sister of Abraham of Winterbourne and wife of Richard Champion, mar 1764, see “Winterbourne, Gloucestershire,” Elliott. p87

Miss W.F. see George Garland, & Stephen Hill, 1833

Samuel. St George, Glos, & Susannah Waite, mar Norton Malreward 4.4.1762.

William, accountant, Upper Easton, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835



Hannah see Aaron Pearce, 1798; John Locke, see Dame Elizabeth Seymore, 1637

Mary, see Aaron Pearce, 1798



Mr James, see James Guest, 1818



Stephen see Stephen Horwood, 1817



Elizabeth see John Bennett 1722



Ann see John Whittuck, 1709

Fred: eye injury at Parkfield Colliery see WDP 4.10.1922



Abraham, paid 20s for conveying James Cary to Gloster gaol, 9.2.1749/50. Bitton Orders & AKW

Abraham, see Wm, 1762; Abram see Samuel Haynes, 1762

Abram, being hurt in a coalpit, 1.10.1810, P/B/OP 2d Bitton, BRO.

Abraham 65, cm, Hannah, 60, 1841 cens Oldland Common/Bitton

Alfred, 4, of Stapleton, died of burns, Inquest 5.5.1855, Inq Co I Acc 1291, GRO

Anne Maria, Mangots, admitted 1891, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Benjamin, 22, theft of a dog, 1820, LG, see BAFHS Journal 61, p30

Betty see Joseph Parker 1817; Blanche, 21, anaemia, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Charles see Hannah Bryant, 1800

David, bach, cm, & Honour Bryant, sp, servant, mar Bitton, 10.3.1815

Hannah see Abraham 1841; Harriet, 23, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Jane mar William Chaplin of Bitton, Compton Dando 13.4.1755

John, coaldriver see John Flower, 1675; John, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

John, cm, & Hannah Brain, mar Bitton, 11.4.1756

John, 75, cm, Martha, 70, 1841, cens Oldland Common/Bitton

Joseph, 46, killed Starveall coalpit St George, FFBJ 14.6.1851, see BAFHS 38, p30-31

Martha see John 1841, see Samuel 1841

Mary Long – her will 1731-2 see Mary Dafter

Mary see William 1762

Richard, gave by will, lands in Siston to City of Bristol, 1656, (History of Bristol, Barrett).

Richard Longe, d 1648, left a farm at Siston, Tibbotts Farm, see App 1, p253, Deposition Books of Bristol, BRL

Robert, see Ann Strange, 1611

Robert Longe, cm, dead, now John Grindam, mar to Widow Leonard, inhabs of  KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe.

Robert, “dropped 3 horse load of coal for 3 guineas & he thereafter served the vestry”, Stapleton Parish Records.

Robert, cm, charged with encroachment on to common with John Bryant & others, Oldland Court Leet, 1794, GRO D108/M187/8

Robert, hanged himself in his bedroom, verdict lunacy, Inq. 13.5.1803, Fishponds, Stapleton, D260/GRO

Robert, see Charles Stone, 1874; Sampson, see Richard Joy, 1758, see Wm, 1762

Samuel Long’s Sand Pitts: Bitton, Glos, trade plate (pre 1833, see below)

Samuel, of Bitton, obit, FFBJ, 31.8.1833

Samuel, 45, cm, Martha, 45, 1841 cens Bitton

Samuel, 48, Underground Manager at Hole Lane Colliery, Cowhorne Hill. see Waring 1841

Samuel, 38, of Bloy Street, Easton, killed Easton Pit explosion, see WDP 19,24 Feb & 1 Mar 1886

Sarah Ann, 47, wid, 3 ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Susanna see John Flower 1675

Thomas see John Barrett, 1654

Thomas see Edward Willmott, 1757

Thomas, s.o. Joseph & Mary Long, and grandson of Thomas & Mary Dafter, d. 7.2.1761 aged 41, Mary Bartlett, d.o. Joseph & Mary Long, d. 15.10.1760 aged 46, Richard Davis of Oldland, d.29.6.1725 aged 85, Sarah, wife of Bitton, Bigland, d. 6.6.1671, Eleanor wife of said Richard Davis, d. 12.5.1696, Joseph Long s.o. Joseph & Mary Long, d. 13.10.1759, aged 43, Bitton, Bigland

Thomas of St George & Hannah Hobbs, mar Winterbourne, lic, 1.9.1788

Thomas, Currier & Leather Merchant, trade plate (pre 1896, see below)

William, digger of coal in KW Forest, late 13th century. See “Coal mining in Bristol in the 13th C” E.P. 8.2.1934

William see John Wood, 1653, see Wm Parsons, 1750, see Sam Haynes 1762

William Long, 14, Sampson, 12, Abraham, 10, Samuel, 9, sons of Mary Haynes, Ann Batman, 8, d.o. Sarah, Solomon Chipper, children to be bound apprentices, Bitton Vestry Minutes, 19.2.1762

William, constable of Bitton, see Thos Caines, 1814.,see Jonas Wilcox, 1847

Long & Keeling, see John Pick, 1841




(“Long & Short” ancestors of Mrs L.M. Such, 11 Blackhorse Lane, Redbourn, St Albans, AL3 7EP,


Robert Long & Hester Prigg mar 17.5.1767, Bitton


Samuel Long 1778-1833 = Ann Burchell, 1783-1821 mar Bitton, 21.2.1803


Thomas Long 1808-1896 = Martha Short 1813-1901, mar St P & J 10.2.1839


Samuel Thomas Long 1845-1935 = Rebeckah Saunders Coles 1844-1925 mar Holy Trinity, Bristol, 10.4.1871



Elizabeth, d 1793, aged 34 see Charles Emet, jun, d 1794; James see Charles Emet, jun, d 1794



Elizabeth, IA, will at GRO, 1727



Benjamin esq., of City of Bristol, to Miss Cooper, only ch of Charles Cooper, Merchant of London, BG 12.9.1776

Joseph, notice of a robbery of a colliery at Hanham belonging to J.L. & Co., Brass Battery & Wire Co of Bristol, reward to be paid at their warehouse, Queens Square. BG 24.11.1764

Thomas, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe



Betsey Loveless, d.o. John & Dina of F.C, bp 7.4.1805 Whitefield School, KW

Dina see Betsey 1805

Edward Loveless, s.o. Edward, collier, bur St P & J, 14.12.1698

John see Betsey, 1805



  1. & Co, boot manufrs, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer.

Abraham, of Downend, cm, inventory 1713, see Probate Inventories of Downend, Peris Jones, BAFHS 36, p27.

Amelia, see George Johnson 1791, see Chas 1796

Ann, see Thos, 1820, see Samuel 1837, see Benjamin 1856

Benjamin, see Hester Stanton 1812-1898

Benjamin, of Staple Hill, par of Mangots, engineer, will dated 26.1.1856 & proved 30.8.1856, mentions William Jones, chandler; his children George, John, William & Ann Lovell, and the children of his son Isaac Lovell.

Sir Bernard, FRS, Astronomer, Old Scholar of Kingswood Grammar School, see article, E.P. 2.3.1991; see Who’s Who and Who’s Who in Science.

Betsey, see Chas, 1820; Betty see Chas, 1796

Celia, see Walter Smith, 1756, see Chas Arthur, 1759, see Charles, 1796

Charles, see Chas Arthur, 1759, see his father Charles, 1796

Charles, carpenter & sawyer, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Charles, of Mangots, cm, will dated 1794 & proved 4.2 1796, mentions wife Mary; sons William, George, Charles, Samuel, daus Celia, Sophia, Arnelia & Betty.

Charles, of KW, cm, & Martha, their dau Betsey aged 3, bp Hanham Abbots, 1.10.1820

Charles of Mangots, will dated 6.9.1825 and proved 15.3.1826, wife Elizabeth, son Thos, son Samuel, dau Sarah, dau Ann Cambridge, son John, dau Martha, dau Elizabeth Barnes.

Charles, married with one child; banksman at Easton Colliery, Leonard Boult & Co, on Tuesday morning 2 am overbalanced & the tram he was pushing overbalanced & fell on him. Assistant to regular banksman James Bees; Edward Harris, engine driver at pit and of Gothic Cottage, Upper Easton gave evidence at inquest, BM 14.1.1860

Charles, see Samuel 1869

Dr, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Elizabeth: “the daughter of a Kingswood Market woman, Elizabeth Lovell, aged 5, burnt to death, FFBJ 5 Mar 1792

Elizabeth, see Charles, 1825/6, see Isaac 1826, see Samuel 1837; Frances see Thomas, 1820

George, of Mangots, collier & Elizabeth Woodward of Puck, bondsman Thomas Lovell, coal driver, BMLB 28.6.1686

George, see Charles, 1796, see Samuel, 1837, see Benjamin, 1856

George, yeo, Mangots, Will dated 23.1.1850 Proved 16.6.1852. Wm Jones of Staple Hill, gardener, Charles Hill of KW, shopkeeper, dau Harriet Bird, wid of Thos Bird of KW, sons Wm, Thos, Geo, Sam Lovell, dau Charlotte Hobbs, dau Mary Lovell.

George, 45, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List; George see Hester Stanton 1812-1898

George: “Warmley workman’s claim for compensation”, 3.3.1900, BO.

George Henry, see Joseph Hyman, 1925

George (1934) see BAFHS Journal no 101 p16, Summer 2000

Hannah, 70, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Hannah, see Samuel Caines, 1828, see Samuel, 1837

Henry, see Jonathon Tucker, 1684

Henry & Jane of Bitton, their dau Rachel b Hanham Bitton 16.1.1814, Keynsham Baptist.

Henry, of Downend, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP

Hester, see Samuel, 1837

Isaac, of Mangots, collier & Jane Lyssiman, I.A., BMLB 2.9.1699

Isaac Lovell & Widow Lovell of Mangots, named on Player’s Map, 1750

Isaac, collier of KW Hill & Elizabeth, dau Mary HTKW

Isaac, see Benjamin, 1856; Isaac, 75, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Jane, see Henry, 1814; Joel, see George Groves, 1810

John, see Charles, 1825/6, see Benjamin , 1856

Joseph, see Samuel 1837

Joseph, 1842-1919, For 50 years a preacher on the circuit, “A sketch of the History of the KW Circuit and some of the men I have known in it.” (ref 287.142, St Geo Lib), records details of early KW Circuit & Zion Chapel, Page 3 says “First  Chapel at Lypiatt’s Lane, and model deed drawn up guidance of Mr W. Butler, Mr G. Brain….”

Love, see Chas Arthur, 1759; Martha, see Thos, 1748

Martha, 81, wife of William, cm, fractured skull by falling on a qty of stones causing instant death, Inq 12 Dec 1796, Mangots, D260/GRO

Martha, see Chas, 1820, see Charles, 1825/6; Marie, see Wm 1720

Mary, see Samuel Landsdown, 1717, see Chas Arthur, 1759, see Fra Pearce, 1764, see Charles, 1796, see Isaac, 1826, see Samuel, 1837, see George, 1850/2, see Samuel, 1858

Mary Ann, 80, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Moses, cm, kcp belonging to Duke of Beaufort, near Lodge, Inq 27.3.1800, Mangots, bur Mangots 13.3.1800, see KCP

Peter, see Wm Henry Ettle, 1908

  1. “died at his house in Old Market Street, s.o. Mr Lovell, pinmaker of Downend, obit FFBJ 7.5.1796

Rachel, see Henry Willis, 1738, see Henry, 1814

Robert Love(ll)? 1667, list of Fugitives from KW, Ellacombe

Robert, pinmaker of Downend, obit FFBJ 10.3.1804

Samuel, of Mangots, coal driver, & Elizabeth Smith, Mangots, BMLB 9.11.1663

Samuel, of Mangots & Elizabeth Holder of Thornbury, mar Yate 12.1.1711

Samuel, see Wm, 1720

Samuel, cm, bach Mangots,o21, & Hannah Stone, of Bitton, spinster. o21, bondsman Isaac Smith, Stapleton, cm, BMLB 25.3.1769

Samuel, see Charles, 1796, see Samuel Sheppard, 1800/1, see Charles, 1825/6 see Charles, 1825/6

Samuel: “Mr S.L., a respectable farmer at Bitton” obit 18.1.1827, BG.

Samuel, will dated 20.9.1837 & proved 16.10.1837, of St Geo, engineer, to wife Hester all tenements etc in Mangots, his children Mary, wife of George Rogers, Ann, wife of Thomas Bracey, Joseph Lovell, William Lovell, Elizabeth wife of William Abbot, Samuel Lovell, George, Hester & Hannah Lovell.

Samuel, see George, 1850/2,

Samuel, b 1858, s.o. Charles & Mary, 10 Market Place, cm, bp St Simons, 10.9.1869

Sarah, see Hester Stanton 1812-; Sophia see Charles, 1796

Thomas, collier, Mangots, 1632, see E.J. p177

Thomas, see John Wood, 1653, see John Owen, 1664

Thomas, jun, 1684, list of inhabs of KW Chase, Ellacombe; Thomas see George, 1686

Thomas, s.o. Martha, kcp & bur Mangots, 1748; Thomas see Thos Powell, 1808

Thomas, died of poison aged 5 mths. Bur Bitton, 25.4.1820. (It seems very strange that another person should die of poison so close to Thos Worlock in 1820, but nothing sinister is noted in the register)

Thomas, cm of Oldland, Cowhorne Hill, & Margaret, their children Ann (6) & Frances (3) bp Hanham Abbotts, 2.7.1820

Thomas, see Charles, 1825/6, see George, 1850/2; Widow, see Isaac 1750

William s.o. William, cole driver of Barton Regis, apprenticed to Samuel Lovell, farrier & Marie his wife, 7 yrs Mar 1720. Bristol Apprents, BRO

William, of FC & Mary Arthur of Stapleton, mar Yate 1725; William, see Charles Arthur, 1759

William, of this parish, died 15 Dec 1767 aged 63, St Geo MI

William, yeo of Bitton, mar Sarah Ockford, sp, otp, Almondsbury, 10.2.1791

William, lab, Downend, Will: friend John Lanaway, wife Martha, grandchildren Benjamin, William & Sarah Owles, son in law Samuel Newman. Signed. Witnessed Mary Magdaleen Sutton, wife of Nicholas of Downend, Hannah Nelmes, wife of William of Downend. Proved  27.10.1798 by Sam Newman. Under £20. BRO

William, see Charles, 1796, see Martha 1796.

William, 21, kcp belonging to Messrs Castle & Co, Stapleton, D260/GRO & bur Mangots 9.1.1809, see KCP

William, see Samuel 1837, see Benjamin, 1856

William: arraigned as a specimen case, 44 others also accused, in employ of KW Coal & Iron Co (Handel Cossham) employers claimed £4 in compensation in dispute about amount of coal per day brought up. William Fletcher was Underground bailiff and Lovell worked with George Bampfield & Benjamin Morton. Weigher at pit was William Ward who gave evidence, see WDP 9, 12 June, & 24 July 1874

— Lovell,  Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

“Recollections”, Lovell family of Siston, North Common & Oldland Common, by Percy Lovell.



Ann, bur Bitton, 14.4.1816, aged 75

Isaac, bur Bitton, 25.1.1848, aged 30

John, yeoman, d 20.4.1771 aged 78,  MI Bitton, Bigland

John, Bitton, will 1771, ref 1771/73, GRO

John, bur Bitton, 15.11.1849, aged 39



Ellen, known as “Mizzelly”. Romany of St George, married to John Hiscox, 1890s, see BAFHS Journal 102, p43, “Barefist Jack from Bristol”

Loveridge, “Romany family” of Lodge Causeway, see BAFHS 69, p9



Ann, see John Hayardin, 1684; Sarah, see Geo Garland, 1705; William see Thos Bryant 1768



Elizabeth see Richard Pearsall, 1791

George of Bitton, gardener & Anne Phillips of same, widow, bdsm Matthew Goodwin of St Philips, gardener, BMLB 7.4.1708

J.R. his house at Stapleton damaged in great storm. FFBJ 23.7.1808

Laura, 30, Beatrice, 10, Laura, 3, Bessie, 1, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

NB: Many Lucas entries at St P & J 1842-1863



John of Puck, collier & Elizabeth Gregory, 37, bondsman Roger Gregory of Puck, bondsman 11.9.1638, Gloucester Marriage Allegations



John see Wm Hayward, 1760



Ebenezer, see Ann Pinnell

Ebenezer, in Winterbourne Troop, see Wm Perry, 1803

Ebenezer: “1851 March 18th at Almondsbury, aged 74, Ebenezer Ludlow, esqr, Sergeant at Law and one of the Commissioners in Bankrupsy (sic) for Bristol District. Him and John Couch was schoolmates.” (Couch)

James of Old Sodbury, Glos, gent, to Thos Anstey of I.A., yeo, 25.7.1781 re premises in I.A. called Hi House. 29 Sep 1784 assignment to attend fee Robt Cole of Yate, yeo, John & Betty Walkley, Thos Anstey & Thos Perry of Wootton under Edge, gent, Jun 21/22, 1793 lease & release Thos Anstey to James Holman, mealman, BRO 29226/14, 17, 2.1

William, of Yate, burglary at his barn. “Banditti” named as John Tovey, alias Dando, John Dando, Robt Bryant, Wm Bryant, Joseph Matthews, Stephen Tovey, alias Dando, Jacob Tovey alias Dando, James Williams. Armed with a loaded gun. Robert and Wm Bryant escaped, rest taken to Gloucester. FFBJ, 21.3.1801

William, senior of Yate, his house unroofed & robbed of half a ton of cheese, FFBJ 14.8.1813



Jonathon, vicar of Siston, 1687-1725: see “The Remembrancer” Glos FHS Journal Summer 1980.

Jonathon, Siston, will at GRO, 1725, died Jan 21 1725. “Rector of Siston, 34 yrs and 4 mths, aged 74 yrs 7 mths.)

Mary wife of Jonathon, bur Siston, 13.12.1724 aged 84 within 17 days.



John, St George, victualler, widower, o21 & Hannah Flook of same, wid o21. John Dean of P & J, farrier, bondsman, BMLB 2.4.1771



Lionel & Co, Conham Works, Hanham, Advert. For horses 19.7.1803, see Saniger’s Notes, BRO



Samuel, William & James, pinmakers. See “Not Worth a Pin”, Doreen Street; William went to Two Mile Hill, 1851, see “Lusty girls & Pin Money”,  BAFHS Journal No 8.



John, labourer, making new railway at Warmley injured in accident breaking leg, ribs, & collarbone, at Infirmary, FFBJ 15.8.1829



Aaron Lewton, 31, cm, Bitton, 3 scars on left arm, light brown hair, long features, dark hazel eyes, very well behaved, can read a little, charged with assault on Constables Batt & Bull, & stealing 2 horses, 3.4.1816, Not guilty, Q Gs/5, 1-5, GRO

Ambrose Luton, follower of John Cennick, 1740; Charles Lutton, see Charles Arthur 1759

Charles, in Winterbourne Troop, see Wm Perry, 1803

Edith Luton see Pointz Fox, 1698; Edward (and to be overseer) see Margaret 1611

Edward Luton, s.o. Tobias, Doynton, yeo, apprenticed to Ann Hort, currier, Bristol Apprents, 3.11.1699, BRO

Elizabeth, see Mary 1772

Elizabeth Lewton, wife of John, cm, burnt to death in her clothes in absence of husband who was at work, near her confinement, seized by pain of labour, fell on the fire. Inq 29.1.1810, King’s Arms, Oldland, D260/GRO

Esther Lewton see Samuel Sartain, 1769

Frances Lewton, “Madam Archer’s Under-cook’s maid.” (evidently very low down the pecking order! Her mother was asking that she write home.) MD 1721

George, yeo, Longwell Green, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1835

Hannah Lewton, see Stephen Shipley, 1767, see Mary 1772

Hester Luton, see John, 1704; James, see Mary 1772

James Luton, “a beautiful boy aged 9 drowned in a pond at Mangotsfield, s.o. Mr J. Luton, 2 Sep BG 3.5.1804

Jane, see Mary 1772; Joan, see Ann Strange, 1611,see Henry Russell, 1634

Job Luton of Mangots, kcp 23.5.1752 FFBJ

Job Luton, of Mangots (John of Priston, Som as bonds) cornfactor & Lydia Rich of Pucklechurch, 29 Oct 1789, mar lic.

Job, (“Jabe Luten”), inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

Job Luton, see Samuel 1837; Johane see Margaret, 1611

John Luton see William Horrell, 1684, see Hugh Hyatt, 1684, see Wm Braine, 1686

John Luton of Yate, cm, mar Mary Poole of Wickwar, mar Yate 1702

John Luton, cm & Mary, their children John, 1704, Hester, 1705, John, 1708, bp Yate

John, see Mary 1772, see Nich Sweet, 1777, see Job, 1789, see Elizabeth, 1810

Lad called Lewton fell about 20 fathoms in a coalmine belonging to Mr John Stibbs called Babel’s Tower. Had two legs broken but in a fair way of recovery.” James White killed in same accident, 1 Sep 1806, D260/GRO

Lucy Lutton, see Chas Arthur 1759

Margaret d.o. Edward, Johane wife of Edward, see Ann Strange, 1611

Mary Luton, see John, 1704

Mary, wife of William Lewton, d 24.10.1772 aged 66, John Lewton, sen, Hanham, d 13.6.1772 aged 80, Hannah his wife, d 5.10.1743 aged 43, Sarah wife of John, jun, 28.9.1767 aged 43, Elizabeth d.o. James & Jane of Clifton, d 19.7.1784 aged 28, MI, Bitton, Bigland

Richard Lewton & S. Lewton, named in Player’s Map, 1750 (see Joseph Bailey)

  1. Lewton see Richard 1750

Samuel Luton, full age, bach, lab, of Westerleigh s.o. Job, lab. & Martha Flook, full age, sp, same, d.o. Samuel Flook, cm, mar West 25.9.1837

Sarah, see Mary 1772, Sarah Lewton, see Wm Olds, 1793

Susanna Lewton, see MD 1724

Thomas Luton, of Yate & Elizabeth Butler, same, mar lic Glos 26.3.1712/3, GRO

Tobias Luton, see Edward 1699, Tobias Lewton, see Roger Bryan(t) 1727

William Luton, of Yate, & Mary Werrett otp mar I.A. 22.4.1703

William Luton, cm, see James Harris, 1729, William, see Mary 1772, see Henry Watts, 1788

William, in Winterbourne Troop, see Wm Perry, 1803

William Luton, collier, dead in lane at bottom of KW Hill, on 22nd inst., Verdict, “Visitation of God” Inq. 23.3.1819 Tennis Court Inn, Warmley.

William, yeo, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1835

William Lewton, killed by a kick from a horse, see FFBJ 1.8.1835

——Lewton, see James White, 1806



John, butcher, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe



John & Richard, in list of rioters in KW, Nov 1670 & “remanded to next sessions for Meredith’s”, Ellacombe

Richard, collier, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe





Mary, mar Joseph Britton of Bitton, at Compton Dando 5.4.1756



Jane see Isaac Lovell, 1699



Richard see Joane Hawkins, 1653



William, collier, Westerleigh, 1608, aged abt 40, middle stature, suitable as a musketeer, Men & Armour, Glos.



Samuel of Mangots & Mary Turner mar Winterbourne, 30.3.1807


James MACK, 6, fractured skull while assisting his father blasting a quarry at Fishponds. Hopes were entertained for his recovery. (BG 5.2.1835)




Mr: Master at Wesley’s School, see AKW 1757



—- see John Scully, 1824

Ann, see Robt House, 1783

Edward, 37, of “Marckersfield” (Mangotsfield?) in Ilchester gaol, 14.1.1827,  SRO Q/AGi 15/2

Emmanuel, 77, Bitton, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

George, “in the year 1760, Champion of England” bur at Pensford 23.12.1810, see George Milsom, 1770.

George, see AKW 1763 & 1770

Joseph, St George, “no freeholder” Glos Election, see SFBJ 22.2.1777

Rosanna, 67, illness, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas,  in House of Correction, St P & J, 11.8.1742, charged with stealing coals from Aaron Brain & partners coalworks at Hanham, to be kept 10 days then sent to Castle in Gloucester. (GRO Q/S records)

Thomas, one of 30 colliers arrested & taken to Newgate after 1753 march on Bristol & subsequent riot. (later acquitted) see FFBJ 26.5.1753 & Annals of KW

Thomas, “mason & lab” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

—- Maggs, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.



Mary d.o. Richard, “run away for having two wives” bp St P & J, 8.12.1723



James, see Ann Pinnell


MAIR ? see Goodenough, 1816



Captain – see Capt James Stephenson, 1813

Micajah Malbon. At Stapleton, after a few days illness, Micajah Malbon, esq., Captain, Royal Navy, leaving behind an amiable widow, 4 children and many friends to deplore his loss. He had devoted 34 years of his life to His Majesty’s service and distinguished himself in many engagements. FFBJ 19.6.1813



John, see Nathaniel Fry, 1773



James, see Wm Lewis, 1754 & see AKW 1757

Samuel, 53, who kept, King’s Head, St Philips, obit, FFBJ 4.12.1819



Elizabeth, 80, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Mary, 58, fits, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



William, Mangots, Protestant building in Mangots is intended, Wm Mannering, J. Jones, Thomas Burchell, John Smith, John Burchell, H. Burchell, 1.9.1794, GRO/GDR 319A p187



Daniel, Bitton, cm, Chest pains. Going to work. Inquest Co I Acc 1291 GRO 2.9.1856

James, elder, perambulation of IA, 1695; John see Henry Warn, 1804

John, alias Maynard & Charles Fuller, alias “the Squire” condemned for stealing cloth from Mr Joyce of Freshford, on King’s Evidence of Joseph Smart, Robert Ball, for providing cart to take cloth away, 12 months. George Caines concerned in above remanded, Francis Caines & Henry Warn to be hanged for horsetheft. See FFBJ 18.8.1804, and see also “Cock Road Gang” by I. Wyatt, BRL.

John, o21, bach, collier, KW, s.o. Joseph, lab & Sarah Bush, o21, sp, KW, d.o. James, lab, mar HTKW 20.11.1842

Joseph, see John 1842



James Manning died, husband to Eliza Ashmead, 1843 Decr 28th, (Couch)

Nicholas, see Geo Bateman 1861

William “Bill”, “Stop me and buy one” ice-cream motorcycle in KW, 1920s. see EP 4.10.1982 & photo. (Bill was the brother of Elsie Wooff, nee Mannings, and the family lived at 31 Victoria Park, Kingswood, 1930s etc.)



Martha see Christopher Williams 1703/4



James, Moorfields, house sale, FFBJ 20.6.1812



James, of Westover House, Bitton, Obit FFBJ 18.8.1821

Mary, “Oct 21 at Bitton, Mary, the wife of F.R. Mantell, surgeon, BG 24.10.1844



Ken, of St George, various articles in EP, BT, 10.9.02, etc.



Thos & wife, 95th regt, Queen St, Castle St, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).



Thomas, bootmaker of St Philips, obit 23.4.1814



George, see Iddee, 1708; Ellen, 40, wid, 1 ch, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Hannah, see Wm 1858

Iddee wife of George Marke of Abstone, bur Puck, 6.7.1708

John, see Wm, 1757; Mary, see Wm 1757; Sam, see Wm 1757

Widow, see John Wood, 1653

William, wife Hannah, with children John, 6, Mary, 4, Wm, 2 & Sam, threequarters, of Weston Bath, Settlement Exam 17.10.1757 Bitton, P/B/OP/6/g/64

William of Bitton, accused of murder of his wife, FFBJ 12.9.& 19.9.1767 & Annals of KW



John of Barton Regis, gave evidence as to KW Liberties of Newton, Berkeley & others, 1629, see Braine, p65



Mr, owner of Crown Pit, mentioned at Inq report on Charles Dolling, BMerc 28..6.1856



Ann, see Henry 1841; Charles Bruton, see Jn Dando 1839

Daniel, 12, Mangots, tumour, ankle, BRI Inpatients 1791

Edith see Fra Woodington, 1793

Ellot of P & J, & Elizabeth Bryant of  Siston, mar Siston, 19.2.1729

Henry, born county, collier, 70, Ann, 70, 1841 census Abson.

  1. see Ann Johnson, 1812, see Eleanor Johnson, 1815, see Thos Stone, 1820

James, cm, Jane Bryant, pregnant, warrant of bastardy, 10 Oct 1823, Westerleigh, BRO

John, Winterbourne Rifle Brigade, 1818-41, discharged aged 39

Mary, servant of Hanham, charged with “murder of her bastard which she delivered herself privately and threw down a common sewer”. BG 12.4.1804

Mary see John Bryant, 1837

Robert, 76, bur 12.12.1851 Christchurch, Downend; (Robert was born at Leighterton, Glos, and is the ancestor of Andrew Plaster of BAFHS.)

Samuel see John Bryant 1837

Thomas of West, not rated, Glos Election, see SFBJ 22.2.1777, BG 20.2.1777

Thomas, 51, bur 26.12.1873 Christchurch, Downend

William, collier, Soundwell Pit, evidence at Inq on Wm Harris & others see BM 1.11.1845



Edward Marshall, Abson & Wick, 67th Foot, discharged 1785 aged 46, N.A

James, 29, illness of wife, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

John, barber surgeon, Mangots. Electoral Roll 1739

Lawrence Marshall, 1652, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27

Marshal’s Green shown on map of West Hanham, 1670, BRO “Ellacombe Parish of Bitton”, mss



Ann, see Wm Sweet, 1760; Ann, 78, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Christopher, see Roger Langesford, 1565; Edith, see Wm, 1716

Edward, see Wm Baker, 1815

George, see Chas Arthur 1749; George, see AKW 1759

George of Lawrence Hill, “a truly honest man; farmer & linen draper of Wine Street” Obit FFBJ 22.2.1800

George, cm, kcp by a large stone falling on his head (Mr Jefferies’s) Inq 22.2.1814, Crown, Warmley D260/GRO

Isaac, of St George, gardener, William Martin & Samuel Haynes, poor children of Brislington were apprenticed to him in 1784 (see Brislington Bulletins, no 5, DPL)

J.S. see Geo Brain, 1899, see Job Bennett, 1901

James, see Sam Wilcox, 1827

James of St P & J extra, brickmaker, bach, 20 & Ann Durbin, of Bitton, sp, 20, William Coombs of  St P & J, extra, waterman, bondsman, Hester Durbin, mother to consent. Will of William Durbin, dec’d father, £2.19.0d. BMLB 27.2.1806

John Martine, of Acton, Glos, bur Bath Abbey 11 Aug 1584

Margaret, see John Powell, 1758; Mary, see Joseph Willis, 1731

Mrs see Charles Arthurs, 1749

Oliver, 1691 survey of KW Chase, labourer, ability indifferent, wife, 2 ch, good house, eighth acre, 4 horses, see E.J. p179

Sarah, see Charles Hibbert 1795; Susannah, see Wm Tyler 1750, AKW 1750

Thomas, tailor of Winterbourne, see Henry Bowen, 1743

Thomas, landlord St George, allowing gaming with dice, convictions Lawford’s Gate Petty Session, 5.8.1848, Vol 22, W.O.T, p94-145, BRO

William, s.o. William, of Long Ashton, d.83rd year of his age, 1716, Edith his wife, d.12.4.1724 aged 80, Bitton, Bigland

William senior, at Baptists Mills, 74, 62 years in employ of Bristol Brass & Copper Co, Obit 23.3.1843



Amelia, 38, 2 ch, deserted, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Joseph, granted licence to keep an Asylum in Stapleton, 1774. After his death it was continued by his 2 daughters. See BAFHS Journal no 101, p17, Summer 2000. “of Fishponds”, Obit FFBJ 2.10.1779

Joseph, “the late Dr J.R.” = lot 1, Stapleton Enclosure, 28.10.1779, FFBJ

Joseph, see Sarah Carpenter, 1781; Rob James, see Thos Cross, 1818

William, clerk, Yate, KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book..



Geo H, 21, b St Philips, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p28



John & Sarah, see Nathaniel Burchill, 1816; Kate Louise, see Wm Trembling 1894

Thomas Master, see James Stibbs, 1810; William, see Wm Trembling 1894



Ann, residing Mangots & Edw Young of Norton Malreward, mar Mangots, 13.6.1757



Alice, see John Gregory 1794 etc; Edward, see Mark Bateman 1870

John, Mangots, 1704, see E.J. p145; John, see Wm 1723

Joseph, see Richard 1699

Joseph, see Wm Ludlow, 1801

Marie, see John Brice, 1650

Richard, Westerleigh, lab, Barbados, 1656, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Richard s.o. Joseph, Barton Regis, tailor, to Robt Dickenson, shipwright, Bristol Apprentice 31.1.1699

Richard, see James Purnell, 1814

William s.o. John, glassman of)  Screws Hole, bp St P & J, 30.6.1723

Matthews family (1760 &c) of Frampton Court Fam, Winterbourne, with connections at FC & Westerleigh, see “Winterbourne, Gloucestershire,” Elliott.



Jane, see John Pitt, 1694 (see also “Jane the wife of Pitt”)



Mary, youngest d.o. Mr Wm Maule, at Stapleton Rd, Obit 9.8.1828



Thomasie, see Thos Pearsall, 1813



Thomas see Mrs Turner, 1740 & AKW, 17.2.1739



Ann Mays, see Robt 1841; Betty May, see David Tanner 1796

Caroline May, see Joseph 1830

Charlotte Mays, see Wm 1841; Charlotte, 71, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Daniel May, see Joseph 1830; Eliza Mays, see Robt 1841

Fanny Mays, see Robt 1841;George May, see Joseph 1830

Henry May, see Francis Creswick, 1674, see Joseph 1830

Jacob Mays, see Wm 1841; Job Mays, see Wm 1841

John May, see Francis Creswick, 1674

John Mays, coal carrier, 1684 list of inhabs of KW Chase, Ellacombe

John May, otp coalpit man & Mary Hillman mar W & A 14.9.1766

John May, aged 14, s.o. Samuel of Nibley, cm, to Isaac Moreton of Chipping Sodbury shoemaker for 5 years, 11 Sep 1874, Westerleigh Apprentices, BRO

Jonathan Mays, see Geo Jefferies 1748

Joseph & Lydia, with children George, 15, Samuel 13, Caroline 8, Henry 3, Daniel threeqtrs, removed Bitton to Hanham 1.4.1830, P/B/OP/6/b/111 BRO

Joseph, 32, b St George, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p28

Lydia May see Joseph 1830

Robert May, 36, George Rickards, 46, John Williams, 19, suffocated & drowned Serridge Pit, Inq 16.12.1822, Coalpit Heath, D260/GRO

Robert, collier, 45, Fanny, 45, Eliza, 15 & Ann, 15, 1841 cens Wick

Samuel May, see Joseph 1830

Samuel Mays,  Oldland Common, 28, drowned in pit, bur 21.12.1846 Bitton.

Samuel May, see John 1874; Sarah Mays, see Wm 1841

William, collier, 40, Sarah, 40, Charlotte, 15, Jacob, 11, Job, 5, William, 2, 1841 cens Wick.

— May, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



John, gardener, of Lawrence Hill, robbed of £60 cash, six teaspoons and wearing apparel. A poor man, aged 84, thus deprived of his hard earnings of 50 years. FFBJ 30.10.1813

Mary, see Gabriel Jones, 1670

Mary see Wm Thompson, 1743

Susanna, see John Brown, 1677

Thomas, see John Wood, 1653

Thomas, collier, now Wm Morgan inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

William, potter, St Philips, 1798-1801, “Bristol Potters, 1775-1906”, R.K. Henrywood



William, farmer of Upton, witness in trial of Joseph Britton (Brittain) & others for highway robbery, see BJ 6.4.1850



Mary, 69, chronic asthma, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897



Daniel, inhab of Mangots, 1798, GRO D674/H30

Samuel, inhab of Mangots, 1798, GRO D674/H30



James: “in early part of April last, sincerely lamented in consequence of a fall ascending one of the Egyptian pyramids, James Maze, esquire, aged 32 years of Rownham Lodge and partner in the house of Peter Maze & Sons, merchants, of this City”. Obit. FFBJ 21.5.1831

Peter, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813



William, 20, kcp by fall out of a cart whilst ascending, Mr Whittuck’s near Hanham, Inq 12.11.1812 at Oldland. D260/GRO & KCP



Catharine, see Henry Mills Grace, census 1851


see Samuel Jones, 1759; Robert cm of Mangots, see Joseph Priske 1675



Jane, see Thomas Stickler, 1792

Lillie, see George Frame, 1901

Mary Ann, see Henry Ellacombe, 1871

Thomas, see George Frame, 1901



Mr, see Henry Watts, 1788



Giles, 71, Bitton, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Ann d 1846, see Henry Hill Budgett; George d 1866 see Henry Hill Budgett

Mary nee Budgett d 1835, see Henry Hill Budgett



Amy, 27, & Ellen, 2, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Rev.—- see William Mosely, 1727

Dionesia, d.o. John, Lord of Manor, by Elizabeth his wife, d.o. Wm Bassett of Claverton, Som, esq, d. 3.3.1702 aged 36. MI Mangots, p37, E.J.

Elizabeth, see Dionesia, 1702

Elizabeth, relict of John d. 22.7.1705 aged 75. MI Mangots, p37, E.J.

John, gent, d 9.2.1641, John his son, d 11.7.1697, see E.J. p97.

John Merideth esq, Mangots & Elizabeth Hollis widow of Claverton, mar there 2.1.1665/6

John, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

John, see Francis Woodward 1683, see Fra Creswick, 1684, see James Ricketts, 1691, see Dionesia, 1702, see Elizabeth 1705

John, 1712-15, see E.J. p145; John, 1716, Mangots, see E.J. p158

Squire: 1722 etc, MD; William, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

Meredith family at Winterbourne: Nicholas s.o. John, gent, bp 25.9.1654, John s.o. ditto, bp 8.8.1659, Elizabeth d.o. ditto, bp 14 .2.1659 (with Susannah d.o. Mr Thomas Symes, bp same day). John Meredith & Mrs Philippa Symes mar 21.12.1658.

Meredith family see E.J. p98



Anthony see Luke Symonds, 1865



William of Mangots & Mary Prosser mar Winterbourne 6.12.1768



Brian – article re Kingswood-Siegen (Germany) exchange 1952, see EP. BT 3.9.02



Cornelius, servant of Sir John Newton, 1685 during Francis Creswick affair



Edward, cm, 55, Martha,14, Edward, cm, 14, John, 9, 1841 census Wick

John see Edward 1841; Martha see Edward 1841



Lord, see Henry Watts, 1788

Matthew see Sarah Rich, 1684; Thomas, West., wills at GRO,1730



See John Wood, 1653

William, 1652, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27



Aaron see Wm Cryer 1840

George, “vereing boy” , 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Hannah, see Wm Cryer 1840, see Robt Mozley

John, 17, burnt to death in a cp near Serridge by firedamp. Inq 4.12.1818 at Coalpit Heath D260/GRO

John, see Job Dyer 1828

Richard Myles, “coledryver”, Wick & Abson, lower stature suitable for service with a calyver, Men & Armour for Glos, 1608

Robert: order by Joseph Atwell Small, DD & Henry Creswick, esq, JP, re Robert Miles of Warmley, servant to pay £1.15.0d & 1/- weekly re bastard of Hannah Clarke of FC, 21.8.1794, BRO P/FC/OP/6/23

Robert, coal hallier, 70, Sarah, 65, 1841 cens Siston Court; Sarah see Robt 1841



John, cm, Bitton, 26.11.1746, BRO 004435/4



Christopher, see Arthur Player 1598

Christopher of Doynton & Grace Morgan d.o. Thomas, clerk, 1612

Mistress: in list of inhabs of Siston during vicar’s perambulation 1674 (BRO)



George of Canterbury, late of Bitton, butcher, bankrupts, FFBJ 22.6.1765



Alice, 26, imbecile, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Charlotte, 57, debility, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Christopher, 1618, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27

Edgar Charles, killed mining accident at Mangotsfield, died 12.12.1915 aged 35. Information in letter from Joan M. Bush. Millard was her husband’s grandfather, also killed was a man called Milsom & Reece Hall.

Emma, 73, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Emma, 35, 5 ch, confinement, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

George, 51, wife, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; George, 50, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Joane, wid, 1671, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27

John, o21, bach, miner, KW s.o. John, miner & Elizabeth Gifford, o21, sp, KW, d.o. Luke, stuffman, mar HTKW 25.12.1842

Martha, see John Tucker 1691, see Richard Francis, 1767

Michael see AKW 1753

Richard, executed for uttering forged notes, FFBJ 3.5.1828

Sarah, widow, now Sarah, her daughter, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Susan Agnes, Mangots, admitted 1893, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Susanna see Joseph Humphreys, 1720; Susanna see Susanna Millidge

Widow & her dau, Mangots, 1600’s see E.J. p177; Widow see Sarah, 1684

William of Wick, a jobber in cattle, returning from Cheddar Fair, his horse going at full gallop, fell & killed him on the spot, FFBJ 3.11.1754

William, see Richard Francis 1767, see BAFHS 52, p36

William, lab of Mangots, murdered in his bed with a coalpit mattock by intruder, John Stallard, who was later hanged. See BMBJ 9.2.1782, bur reg Mangots, 5.2.1782, and Annals of KW.

William, bach, Westerleigh, & Jane Cooksey, sp, otp, mar St Michael’s, Bath, licence, 23.10.1792, witnesses James Cooksey & Samuel Faulkner.  

William, see Samuel Bryant 1828



Elizabeth, bur Pucklech 21 Jun 1705

John, see Thos Burnell, 1630; John mar Priscilla Reeves, St Michael, 5.10.1705

John, tanner of Mangots & Hannah Hall of W & A, (bondsman John Green, of Bristol, gent) BMLB 5.2.1707

John s.o. John & Mary, bp St Michael, 9.5.1756

Mary, see John 1756; Mary, F.C. 1771, went to America, see “Coldham”

Susanna (Shuke) alias Millard: b St George, 1766, d.o. Thomas & Elizabeth, see below. Convicted 16.9.1786, tsp 14 yrs, aboard Lady Julian. (For background see “The Floating Brothel” by Sian Rees).   Thomas Davis also convicted 11.9.1786, TSP for life see QS Rolls ts, BRO. see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26. in Australia 1787 see article BAFHS 64, p20-21; James Morris of Minster Sheppey, of H.M. Hulk Broederscarp, mariner & Susanna Milledge of same, spinster, 5.4.1801, (BRL: Canterbury Licence, A.J. Wills)

Thomas, bur Pucklech, 28 Jul 1710

Thomas Milledge & Elizabeth Randall, mar St Geo, 1765. Parents of Shuke, b 1766, see above.



John, see Solomon Phipps, 1785

Lt-Col Miller, nephew of Fiennes Trotman of Siston, sent news from Waterloo, see FFBJ 8.7.1815

Mr, painter, without Lawford’s Gate, Flower Show, FFBJ 16.7.1726

Thomas Chapman, see James Allen, 1804



Eleanor, see Ezekiel Tucker, 1666; Ellenor, widow, 1696, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27

Elisha, theft of lambskins & sheepskins from John Hawkins, of Mangots, FFBJ 10.8.1822

George, “1850, Feby 28, Geo Millett was kill’d by one of the trains on the railway at the tunnell opposite Culverclift.” (Couch)

Isaac, Frampton Cotterell, 40th Foot, 1807-1814, discharged aged 32. N.A.

John, ts of Mangots wills, 1690, BRO; John, FC, wills at GRO,1726

Joseph, collier, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1835

Joseph, collier of Bitton, 1837 Poll Book, Bristol

Mary, of Mangots mar William Page, St Augustines, 29.4.1716

Thomas, yeo, ts of Mangots wills 1684, BRO & BAFHS 36, p27

William, FC, wills at GRO,1726

William of FC, feltmaker, bach o21 & Elizabeth Emett of Stapleton, sp o21 (bond: Charles Emett, jun, Mangots) BMLB 23.3.1763



Henry Millot, see Wm, 1761

Mary Page d.o. John & Ann Milot, d 1.12.1762, aged 75.  MI Mangots, p37, E.J.

William s.o. Henry of St George, yeo, apprenticed to Wm Stockwell, basketmaker, 23.2.1761, BRO.



Abraham Mills of Mangots & Elizabeth —- of Winterbourne, BMLB 5.1.1705/6

Elizabeth, see Henry Grace, 1801

George, 21, collier of Acton Lane, working at Dog Trap cp, roof fell & broke his back. Inq. Held by Dr E.M. Grace, coroner; Albert Pritchard entered cp with Mills, evidence also by Wm Townsend of Yate miner, se BMerc 20 & 27.2.1886

Jacob, IA, wid & Margaret Hodges sp mar lic at Castlemorton, Worcs,  27.9.1831

Mr, see Wm Ettle 1866; Morris, see Thos Burnell, 1630

William, see Thomas Gardner 1826



Aaron, see Francis 1871

Abraham, 1763, Siston, to America, see “Coldham” (and see below)

Abraham Milsom & John Barrett, 2 boys, robbery at house of Daniel Tucker & Hester Culshaw, one to be burnt in the hand, the other whipped, both transported, see FFBJ 19.3.1763

Abraham, see Samuel, 1861; Ann, see John Milsom, 1861

  1. Private, of 9 Burchells Green, KW, killed in action, worked at G.B. Britton’s, B.O. May 1918

Charles, widower, Stapleton & Hannah Cayford mar Keynsham 8.2.1791

Charles, P & J, shooting pigeons, conviction at Lawford’s Gate, 6.12.1827, (Vol 22 W.O.T, p65, BRO.)

Charles Francis, of Fitzroy Rd, Fishponds Underground mechanic, gave evidence at Inq after Deep Pit disaster, see WDP Nov 1910

Edward, see Jane, 1684; Eliza, see George, 1861; Elizabeth, see Samuel Powell, 1849

Emily, see John, 1861; Francis, see AKW 1771

Francis, head, mar, 38, engine driver at colliery, Maria, wife, 37, Grace, dau, 16, cotton weaver, Jane, 14, cotton weaver, William, 11, scholar, Aaron, 7, sch., Louisa, 4, sch., Mary Ann, 7 mths. 1871 census Speedwell, Fol 7, p6.

George Milsom & Richard Newell, committed to Gloucester Gaol for stealing a truss of bed tick from the Lamb Inn, without Lawford’s Gate. BWI 5.5.1750.

George, KW Collier & bare-knuckle fighter, bouts recorded against Stephens the nailer – Milsom won in 7 minutes and it was believed that Stephens “sold the fight” (Latimer’s Annals, 18thc, 391 & FFBJ 24.6.1769) & against George Maggs of Pensford at Leigh Down. Milsom won in 4 minutes. Maggs’ friends had laid odds of 2-1 against Milsom. FFBJ 26.5.1770. See also FFBJ 1.1.1763 for a previous bout with Maggs.

George see AKW 1763, 69, 70

George, committed to Gloucester stealing coal from works of Sir Hugh Smyth, West. FFBJ 18.9.1813

George Milsome, 22, horsedealer, formerly Stapleton Rd, now KW, 1824, BAFHS 74, p36

George (1837), see Susanna Archer, see Samuel, 1861

Hannah, see Wm, 1769, see John, 1861

Henry of Hungerford, Berkshire & Ann Harris, mar Keynsham, 11.8.1736

Henry 1761-1821 mar Mary Ann Pope at St Martins in the Fields London, 4.5.1789, See BAFHS 7, Sep 1994

Henry, 65, of nr Crofts End, drowned in water at bottom of cp where he had thrown himself through derangement of mind. Bur St George, 1836. (see also KCP)

Henry Mellsom (sic), 59, “miner in pits” born Bristol. 1861 census, Dudley Rd, Tipton, West Midlands.

Henry, see John, 1861

Henry, of St George, aged 90. Wounded at Ypres whilst serving Welch Fusiliers. Veteran of the Somme. Worked for Douglas, KW & BAC. Funeral at HTKW. (Personal friend of DPL.) Obit Evening Post, 2.4.1986

Hester, see John 1861

Jane, widow of Edward Mellsume. Inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe BRL

Jane, see Francis 1871

John Milsome, senior, see Thos Fluell, 1684, see John Jeffrys 1684

John, junior, cm, one horse in Berkeley’s Liberty, KW, 1684, Ellacombe

John, 1709, Stapleton, 1705 see BAFHS 72, p15, see Thos Willis, 1709, see George Beese, 1799

John, 44, cm, Ann, wife, 45, Henry, son, cm, Ann, dau, cotton weaver, Susanna, dau 17 cotton weaver, John, son, 13, cm, Hester, dau 11, Emily, 6, Hannah,2, all born St George, 1861 census, Starveall, St Geo, Fol 21, p2, reel 13.

John, 72, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Katherine, see Henry Prewett, 1691 & Isaac Lennett, 1691

Louisa, see Francis 1871; Maria, see Francis 1871

Martha, “from Hanam” bur St John Baptist, Bristol, 7.10.1770; Martha, see Samuel 1861

Mary, see Francis Tippett, 1724, see Victory Purdy, 1747, Mary see Thos Lacy, 1771

Mary see Sarah, 1832

Mary Ann, see Francis 1871; Mercy, see Samuel 1861; Mr, see Samuel Smith, 1797

Mr, Lebeck Inn, Stapleton, obit 16.1.1830, FFBJ

Nicholas, see John Wood, 1653

Rachel Melsume late of St George; Mary Elsip (=Alsop) wife of Jonathon Elsip of St Geo, cm, to administer, effects under £100, Dec 1784, intestate, BRO.

Sampson, see Isaac Barrett, 1762 & AKW; Samuel, see James Psalter, 1774

Samuel, of Whitehall, in his 51st year, obit 8.4.1820, FFBJ

Samuel of St George, coal carrier, intestate, effect under £20. Died in year 1810. Probate granted to his son Samuel, coachman, proved Feb 1834, BRO EP/J/3/3/9

Samuel, 49, cm, born Wales, Eliza,45 wife, shoemaker, George, son 16, cm, Abraham, son, 14, cm, Martha, dau,10, Mercy, dau, 5, all born St George. Census 1861 Starveall St George, Fol 21, page 2, reel 13.

Sarah of Whitehall, died cholera, 1832 & William, 2, Clayhill, Mary, 4, Clayhill, died cholera 1833, See St George burial register & Budgetts of KW Hill.

Sarah, 1857, see BAFHS 74, p37; Susannah, see James Psalter, 1774, see John, 1861

Thomas Mellsom, collier, St P & J, & Martha Smith, Castle Precincts, BMLB 28.9.1715

Thomas: his work at Chester’s Liberty, St P & J, named on Player’s Map, 1750, See Joseph Bailey.

Thomas Milsom, Sampson Cook, Thomas Belcher, theft at house of Job Phipps, St George, to Gloucester, FFBJ 21.12.1811

Thomas, “Tommy”, Boot & shoe manufr, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer

Widow, see John Jeffrys, 1684

William, St George, cm, son & next of kin of Hannah, late St Geo, intestate. Bondsmen Samuel Clark, cm & Thomas Lacey, horsedriver of same, admon 10.8.1769 BRO

William, see Sarah, 1832, 1833, see Samuel Powell, 1849, see Francis 1871

William & Mary see Mary Lacy, 1782

William Henry, labourer at Cattybrook brickworks, Shortwood, died after accident at work, see BO 29.4.1922

—– Milsom, see Edgar Chas Millard, 1915



Frances, (Fanny) born Stapleton, 1780, daughter of a parson, married Thomas Anthony Trollope, mother of 6, including Anthony Trollope, the famous novelist. Went to America without her husband, but with 3 of her children, 2 servants and a French artist. Devised several moneymaking ventures which eventually failed, returned to England and produced a best seller called “Domestic Manners of the Americans”. Widowed in 1835, she travelled widely, and died in Florence in 1863.

Mr John, carpenter of Lawrence Hill, 55, obit FFBJ 4.5.1816



Charles, see Miss E.M. Minty, 1809



Edward, 32, Charlton Rd, KW, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP

Miss E.M. Minty d.o. John Minty of Stapleton, & Mr Charles Miner of Bridgwater, mar at Stapleton, FFBJ 22.6.1811

Thomas, see Nathaniel Willis, 1735

William, Lodge Hill, Fishponds, gave evidence at Inq on William Jesse Cox, kcp Deep Pit, see BO 20.6.1923. In B.O. 4.8.1923, William fined for signalling cage away without gates in place, though magistrates said he was deserving of sympathy.



Edward, collier, 23, s.o, Henry, lab, & Ann Pearce, 29, d.o. Thos, lab, mar St Silas, West., 27.12.1852

Farmer aged 103; the oldest inhab of outparish of St P & J, see FFBJ 22.6.1782

George see John Vowles, 1849; Henry see Edward, 1852



George alias Powell, yeo, 1683, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27

William, 1674, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27; William Mittford, 1644, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27



David de, digger of coal in KW Forest,  late 13th cent. (See Coalmining in Bristol in 13th cent” EP 8.2.1934



Walter see William Hobins, 1684



Harold Frederick, see Job Bennett, 1901



Joseph, well sinker, Fire Engine, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835

— Monke see Wm Hawkins 1685

Abigail Monk, wid. Inhab of KW Chase, Chester’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe

Deborah Monck, see Deborah Iles, 1694

Edward Monk, 1817, See “Benjamin Caines’ Trial”, Barbara Mottershead, BAFHS 47, p26-29.

Edward W.B. Monks, coal merchant of Fishponds, gave evidence at inquest on his relative Wm Bolt Monks, 1892 see WDP 15.3.1892

Henry Monks, keeper of “cole horses”, KW 1666, Ellacombe; Henry Monks see Jerome Ford, 1738

Herbert Ernest Monks, manager of Jubilee Deep Side pit, see Albert Jabez Tippett, 1898; see William Palmer 1908, see Thos Cowles, 1910, see WDP 21.11.1910

James Henry Monk, lived in Stapleton, from 1840, see BAFHS Journal 101, p19

John Isles alias Monke, see Wm Horrell, 1684

Joseph: Partnership dissolved between George Tippett and Joseph Monks, of St Geo, quarriers & well sinkers. FFBJ 4.8.1810,

Joseph, well sinker, Fire Engine, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835

Mr Monks of Lodge Colliery, see John Brain, 1862, see George Rex 1892

Mr Monks, represented Leonard Bolt & Co at Inq on David Webb, Easton Pit, 1894, see David Webb

  1. Monk & Son, boot factory at Hanham, destroyed by fire, B.O. 16.12.1899

Samuel, 64, wife, injured arm, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Stephen, inhab of Mangots, 1798, GRO D674/H30

Stephen Monks, Stapleton, fell into a stone quarry of intoxication, Inq. Bristol Mirror, 17.1.1829

Thomas Moncke, cm, Bitton/Hanham, aged abt 40, suitable a musketeer (middle stature) Men & Armour, 1608

Walter Eeles alias Munck, cm, Barton Regis, aged abt 40, suitable a musketeer (middle stature) Men & Armour, 1608

Walter Monke, named in list of fugitives from KW, 1667, BRL, Ellacombe

William Monk & wife, inhabs of Siston, 1674, vicar’s perambulation, BRO

William Monk, see James Caines, 1841

William Bolt Monks, manager of Hanham Pit, committed suicide by jumping down the shaft. Lived at the Grange, Hanham, was 64 or 61 years old See WDP 14 & 15 Mar 1892

William Bolt Monks, jun, manager of Whitehall & Easton Pits, gave evidence at Inquest on his father, above, See WDP 14 & 15 Mar1892

“The MONKS family of Fishponds – see article by Susan Weeks, BAFHS Journal 125 Sept 2006.



A.F. Moon & Co, closed 1971, Boot & shoe manufrs, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer

Cliff, of Hanham referee at Cup Final, undated, see A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter, p41

Hannah see Samuel Jones, 1796

James see Edward Thrissell, 1776

John, born Mangotsfield, 50th Foot 1807-1810, discharged aged 21. (WO 121/104/52) “Trade: labourer, lost an arm

Samuel, inhab of Mangots, 1798, GRO D674/H30



Albert (1894) & Thomas, article & drawings of their weddings at P & J, see BAFHS 17, p5-8

Christopher see Stephen Alsop, 1735

Edward, 31.7.1828, St George, Edward Stone, 29.7.1828, St George, William Strong, 28.7.1828, P & J, Eli Tremlett, 5.8.1828, St Geo, John Southwood, 3.8.1828, Stapleton, Sampson Densley, 7.8.1828, St Geo, Thos Ryan, 24.7.1828, Bitton, Mary Perryman, 26.8.1828, Hanham, John Harris, 23.8.1828, P & J, & Mary Hodges, 9.10.1828, in Lawford’s Gate Bridewell, all charged with assault. See W.O.T, Lawford’s Gate, BRO.

George, Stapleton, 38th Foot, 1805-14, discharged aged 32, N.A.

J.S. Moore, instructor, T. Cockram, W. Hudd, I. White, F. Cole, F. Attwood, J.H. Stephenson, under manager: a photo of Hanham Colliery Rescue Team in “Collieries of KW & S. Glos”, J. Cornwell.

Joseph, 19, b Kingswood, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p28

Mrs, see John Burnell, 1674; Thomas, see Albert, 1894



Robt, see Thos Rodgers, 1722



Daniel, surveyor of coals, 1616, see Braine

Hannah, 1745-1833, dau of a Fishponds schoolmaster, famous writer, philanthropist and all round pain in the neck. See Bigland, Stapleton & Mary Webb, 1729.

Jacob, see Moses Flook, 1769



Some of the Moreman information was supplied by James R. Dixon, Court Lodge Fm, 1, Eastway, Epsom, Surrey. The events took place in Mangotsfield.

Ann Moorman, d.o. Richard, decd, see Ann Strange, 1611

Ann Moorman, widow of Puckchch, d.o. Peter Strange, will proved PCC 1611

Ann see Wm Johnson, 1755

Anthony of Puck., will proved 1607, kin Ann Moorman, Ann Toghill, wife Anne as executrix, friends Walter Strange & John Fowles, overseers, wit: Thos Wickeams, Walter Strange.

Anthony see Ann Strange, 1611

Elizabeth, now dau in law to John Read, see Ann Strange, 1611

Charles Moreman, 67, wife, heart disease, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Charles Moreman, 80, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Elizabeth Moreman, 76, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

George s.o. Samuel & Elizabeth, b 1812, Mangots, mar Rachel Demery 1832

Hannah Moreman, 76, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Henry b 1848 see Stephen 1821/59

John, b 1727 mar Priscilla Collins, 1749 Mangots

John s.o. John & Priscilla mar Hester Smith: their ch William bp 1784 Mangots mar Mary & Samuel bp 1787 Mangots mar Elizabeth Tanner

Peter, o21,cm bach, KW s.o. Samuel cm & Hannah Hurd, o21, sp, d.o John, lab, mar HTKW 20.9.1841

Ruth Moreman, 64, rheumatism, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Samuel, bp 1787, see John, see Geo, 1812, see Stephen 1821/59, Peter 1841

Stephen, “wrought at Soundwell Pit, Mr Whittuck’s” ca 1859, see E.J. p223. Probably the son of  Samuel Moreman, collier & his wife Elizabeth nee Tanner and bp Mangots Aug 1821. He was married to Ann and had a son Henry, bp 1848. Stephen Moreman, minor, bach s.o. Samuel & Ann Hibbs, minor, sp, d.o. Abraham lab, mar HTKW 2.1.1842

Stephen Moreman, 78, wife, 78, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas of Mangots & Sarah Church of same, wid, BMLB 14.4.1737

Thomas, s.o. William & Mary, b 182 Mangots, mar Mary Boulton, (b Puck) 1831

Thomas, s.o. John & Betty born 1825, mar Mary Moreman 1849, went to Dudley, Staffs.

Thomas, see Mary Boulton, 1831; Thomas, 69, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Walter, see Ann Strange, 1611

William s.o. John & Priscilla, b 1760, mar Hannah Glyde, 1785, Mangots, their ch: Thos 1789-1858 (went to Dudley) & John = Betty

William Moorman, born Mangotsfield, served 3rd Foot Guards, discharged aged 26. 1812-1814. WO97/193/125

William Moorman, born Mangotsfield, 52nd Foot Regt, 1831-53, diischarged aged 39. (WO 97/658/118)



Aaron, see Thos, 1848

Ambrose, see Mark, 1798, see Anne, 1805;

Ann, b 1805 bp 1807 d.o. Ambrose, collier & Martha, of Bitton, KW Wesley Sch

Benjamin Morton, see Wm Lovell, 1874

David, Oldland, cm, Inq 27.10.1808. kcp Cowhorne Hill by fall of rubbish, D260/GRO & KCP

David, see Joseph Brain, 1820

David Morton, over 21, bach, miner Cadbury Heath s.o. Wm, miner & Martha Cook, o21, cordwainer, d.o. Peter, lab, mar HTKW 12.11.1848

Emanuel, see Sampson, 1849 see Thos, 1840

Francis, adult of Bitton, bp Puck, aged 21, 10.10.1802

Henry, aged 21, kcp drowning Made for Ever by bursting of water spout from old pit. Inq 26.7.1810, Oldland/Warmley, D260/GRO

Henry, KW, 20, had previous conviction, and description not given. TSP life, see James (Caines) Bush, 2.9.1818

Hester, see Wm 1841

Isaac, of Oldland 24, kcp bur Bitton, 9.4.1840; Isaac see John May, 1874

John, see Maria 1667

Maria & John, “fugitives from KW” 1667, see Ellacombe BRO

Mark s.o Ambrose & Martha, bp Bitton, 1798; Martha see Mark, 1798, see Ann 1806

Mary, 6, killed by 16″ wagon wheel falling on her head. Inq 28.1.1795, D260/GRO & FFBJ 7.2.1795

Matthew, 32 of Staple Hill, injured Easton Pit Explosion, see WDP 19,24, Feb & 1 Mar, 1886

Peter, cm, 23, KW, charged by Benjamin Bower, Bitton. With stealing a gun, val. 20s. Brown Hair, dark grey eyes, short nose turned up a little, wide nostrils, wide mouth, thick lips, much marked with smallpox, “P.M. & Heart” tattooed on left arm, “P.M” on back of left hand. Large scar on small of back; had been a sailor on board “British Caledonia”  Man of War, Capt Harwood, discharged 2 yrs since, 5’3″, unable to read, well behaved. Not guilty, 9.4.1817, Ref GQC/5 1-5, GRO). Charged with Thomas Bryant.

Richard, capitally convicted and reprieved, housebreaking Bitton, BG 28.8.1817

Richard, cm, Cadbury Heath & Elizabeth White, sp, KW Hill, their son Robt bp HTKW 1823

Sampson Morton, over 21, bach, miner Mounthill s.o. Emanuel, miner,  & Eliza Powell, over 21, sp, greengrocer, Mounthill, d.o. Samuel, miner, mar HTKW 25.2.1849

Samuel, aged 26, Bitton, theft of 3 twig baskets property of Benjamin Water, value 3/- TSP 7 yrs, 11.4.1835 G Qs5/1-5, GRO

Samuel Morton alias Harris was killed in his quarry, 1845 Feby 20. (Couch)

Solomon, cm, & Mary Ovens, sp, mar Bitton, 7.11.1757

Thomas Morton, taking away wood from the Chase for his own use, 1374, Braine p38/9

Thomas, bach, miner, Soundwell, s.o. Emanuel, miner & Ann Harris, servant, KW, d.o. James, gardener, mar 10.5.1840, HTKW

Thomas Morton, under 21, miner of Cockshott Hill, s.o. Aaron, miner & Mary Ann Fry, under 21, shoemaker, d.o. George, carter, mar 20.12.1848, HTKW

William Morton, see Guy Palmer 1684

William Morton, cm, 40, Hester & 8 ch. 1841 census Bitton.

William see David, 1848; William, cm & Jane Cook, sp, botp, married Bitton, 26.1.1755

—–Morton, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Alice, wid, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe; Anne see George 1826

David see J. Wilkins, 1807

David & wife, lab, Made For Ever, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).

David, 35, cm, Elizabeth, 30, Thomas, 2 & Hester, 1, 1841 census Wick

Edward: Horse deal, 9.11.1705, John Curtis of St James, Middlesex, sells to Edward Morgan of Barton Regis, horse driver, one grislee mare with a white face 14 hands for 7 & 50 shillings. Voucher Thos Pope of Bristol, mariner

Edwin, junior, tailor of Oldland Common, member of school board, 1892, Oldland Common Sch,  see BAFHS 102, p11

Edwin, 23, dementia, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Eleanor & Sally Morgan, 2 of the 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick, 1740, see Anne Allen.

Elizabeth d.o. John, collier of Lower Easton, bp St P & J, 30.6.1723

Elizabeth, keeper of Black Swan, Stapleton Rd, obit, 11.1.1812

Elizabeth see Geo, 1826, see David, 1841

Fanny of Mounthill, 92, burnt to death, bur Bitton. 21.10.1819

Frances see Isaac Britton, 1787; Francis see Hannah Jefferis, 1708

George cm of KW Hill, mar Elizabeth, dau Anne bp 1826 HTKW

George aged 9, s.o. of labourer of Downend, crushed by a cart, se BMerc 26.7.1851

Grace see Christopher Mill, 1612; Hannah see Joseph 1841; Hester see David 1841

James see Abraham Sweet, 1810

James: “lately at St Augustines, James Morgan, millwright to Miss Sarah Sweet, of St George, Glos”, FFBJ 7.10.1815

Jane see Thos Hibbard 1852; Jesse, 73, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Joan of Stapleton – see Nicholas Brimble, 1707

John see Elizabeth Morgan 1723, see Giles Alsop, 1727, see Thos Willis, 1769

Joseph Morgan & Susanna Brain, b.o. Bitton, mar Yate 26.12.1708

Joseph see Abraham Brain, 1722; Joseph mealman, Bitton, Electoral Roll, 1734 & 1739

Joseph, tythingman of Oldland, 1750, Ellacombe

Joseph, named on Player’s map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

Jos(h) cottage drawn on map 1755, re land granted by Charles Bragg to Lawrence Price & others, GRO & Annals of KW

Joseph, 25, cm, Hannah, 25. Will, 8, Mary, 4, 1841 cens Bitton

Leonard, Oldland, admitted 1841, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Mary see Thos Redges 1722, see John Rodgers, 1722, see Thos Willis, 1769, see Joseph 1841

Mr: an Anglican minister becomes the first “field preacher” preaching to colliers outside their hovels, 1738, see KW Guide.

Peter, of Stanley Rd, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP.

Sally, see Eleanor, 1750; Samuel d10.3.1779 aged 27, MI Bitton Bigland

Sarah, d 1881 aged 35, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78

Stephen, see Edward Wilmot, 1755; Susanna see Abraham Brain, 1722

Thomas, see Christopher Mill, 1612

Thomas of St Phillips, cm & Judah Quarman, St Philips, BMLB 15.4.1690

Thomas (alias Davis) (1786) see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26

Thomas see David, 1841

Walt: coal carrier, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

William see Thos Maynard, 1684; William cm, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

William, gent, his widow, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

William, Bitton, lab, 26.11.1746, BRO 04435/4; William see Nathaniel Crow, 1765

William, 47, St George, fractured leg, cured, BRI Inpatients 1787, BRO

William, “mason & lab” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, s.o. William of Blackswarth, St George, copper refiner, apprenticed to Wm Hale, copper smith & Sarah his wife, 5.9.1778

William, 20, Bitton, stole 7 pieces of calico from Francis Morrish of Walcot, tattooed “W.M. & E.W.1837″ on rt. arm, stout build, 5’3” guilty TSP 7 yrs, 1838 QS GRO.

William see Joseph 1841

Pastor W.J., “respected minister in St Philips & Easton” no date, Photo, EP-BT 18.6.02

— Morgan, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Alice see John, 1684; Jean see Robt Sweet, 1716

John, now Alice, inhabs of KW Chase 1684

John of Barton Regis, for America, 1684 (Coldham)

Sergt  Morley re William Cooper, aged 32, Bitton, coalminer. Ref GRO CO1/N/18/C/47 14.8.1872



Eleanor, wife of John, distiller, Stapleton, bur in woollen, May 1726

John see Eleanor, 1726

Mary d.o. William, shoemaker Lar Hill (Lawrence Hill?) St P & J, bp 25..8.1723

William see Mary 1723



Francis see Wm Morgan, 1838



Sarah & William see Thos Reed, 1841



Samuel, collier on Lord Bathurst’s Estate, Mangots, 1758, for 3 months £2.3s.2d, see “The Colliers’ Friendly Society (1756)” by D. Vinter, in “Stories of the Kings Wood.”



Jane, West, wills at GRO,1729; Sampson, West., wills at GRO, 1726



Ann see Geo Price 1801

John, Rector of IA, during perambulation, 1695

— Mortimer, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11




Gilbert, killed coalpit, Frog Lane, see my book KCP

Giles Musley of Barton, 50, a yeoman, “knows the Heath, KW & New Pools (Stapleton); Deer belonging to the King had always been in KW. Deposition 1629, Forest Lawsuit, see Braine, p64

Isaac see John, 1789

Isaac Moseley, hatter of Oldland, Inq on him 11.5.1867, see B.O.

John Musley, cm, FC, Inventory 6.7.1737, “Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers ”

John, Isaac & Joseph Musley, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John Moseley see Thos Horsman, 1893

Joseph see John, 1789, see Michael 1789

Mary Moseley of Westerleigh & John Alsop, West, Glos Mar Allegs, 7.6.1682

Michael & Joseph Musley, “hewers” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Michael Moseley, Iron Acton, 46th Foot, 1817-34, discharged aged 36, N.A.

Robert Mozley, examinations in bastardy, 6.6.1823, cm of FC, “Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers

Samuel “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Sarah see Thos Gunning, 1787

Thomas Mosely, 1677, Fystor’s Court, Mangots, see E.J. p143

William Mosely, vicar of Mangots, 1727-64, bur Almondsbury 1764 where his father was vicar. Assisted by —Meredith, 1727, —-J. Warnford, 1759, Rainstorp, 1760 see E.J. p61



Benjamin, “Oct 7th, 1840, Benn Moss killd at the Ash Heap at the Spelter Works by a cinder rolling over him.”, (Couch).

Elihu, Bitton, 9th Dragoons, 1813-41, discharged aged 45, N.A.

Fred, born 1906, Coalminer at Speedwell, & author of “City Pit, Memoirs of a Speedwell Miner”.  Personal friend of DPL.

George, 21, cutting down trees, LG 1820, see BAFHS Journal, p31, no 61

John of KW, sailor aboard “Jason” from Antigua to Bristol, 8.5.1757, Muster Rolls, MV.

John, Pucklechurch, 1862, moved to Trowbridge 1864, d 20.1.1873, see Bristol Congregational Monthly 1940-1, BRL

John, fireman at Easton pit, gave evidence at Inq on David Webb 1894.

Lewis, spelterman, wid, 24, Bitton & Betty Bolwell, sp, Bitton, 23.7.1792, Glos Q2/143 1789-94

Robert Moss & Wm Hathaway, theft of potatoes, property of John Allen, W & A, FFBJ 27.5.1815

—-Moss, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



William, inhab of Mangots, 1798, GRO D674/H30



 Ernest W. 1899, see Snuff Box Detectives, SGMRG newsletter, no 32, Dec 2012



Abraham Muntin, Mangots, waggoner, 17.3.1730/1

Arthur Mounten, collier, Easton/Barton Regis aged abt 40, Men & Armour, 1608

Arthur Munten, cm, inhabs KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe see Thos Jones, 1684

Arthur Mountain for felony, 17.9.1737, BRO 04435/3

Daniel, 36, married with 8 ch. Killed boiler explosion at Starveall Pit, St George, see BTM 14.6.1851, & KCP, see BAFHS 38, p30-31

Elizabeth Munton, wid, inhabs KW Chase, 1683, Ellacombe

Francis Muntin & another Muntin, among colliers committed to Newgate after march on Bristol. Francis convicted of riot, 2 yrs imprisonment, see FFBJ 26.5.1753 & issues up to 8.9.173 which gives trial proceedings. See also “The Colliers’ Tale,” BAFHS Journal Spring 1978 & Annals of KW

Giles Munton, inhabs KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Isaac Mountain, 29, Stapleton Rd, kcp Easton explosion 1886, died of his injuries at the Infirmary, before midnight 20.2.1886. WDP 19,24, Feb & 1 Mar.

John Munton, coal carrier, see Mary, 1684; John Mountaine see Peter 1652

Mary Munton, widow, inhabs KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

One” Muntin, who attempted to escape in women’s clothes….” Otherwise the report is the same as “One Iles…” who attempted same thing. Glos Journal 14.8.1753, Bristol Journal says “One Iles” (After rebellion of 1753)

Peter s.o. John late of Barton, Apprent to Margaret Walford, taylor, 18.1.1652

Phillipe Mountayne, collier, about 40, of small stature, pioneer, Winterbourne, Men & Armour, 1608

Richard Munton, cm, inhabs KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Richard Mountain, coledriver of St P& J & Elizabeth Hill, bondsman John Smith, cm, BMLB 11.6.1709

William, engine driver, Fitzroy Rd, gave evidence at Inq after Deep Pit disaster, see WDP 1.12.1910



Bartholomew, “I Bartholomew Mountford of Pucklechurch doe hereby voluntarily make oath that I will never hereafter marry any persons whatsoever in an unlawfull and clandestine way without banns three times lawfully published as by law is required or a licence lawfully obtained from the Ordinary of the place where such persons inhabit or the Faculty Office. In further testimony of this my solemn oath I have here sett my hand this nine and twentieth day of November, Anno Domini 1679.”  (Evidently Mr Mountford had previously been “a lawless minister”.)



Thomas, surgeon, late Whiteshill, d 1797, aged 64, bur Winterbourne, see “Winterbourne Gloucestershire, C.H.B. Elliott, p90 (also mentioned in “Black Bristolians”)

Mrs, relict of Mr Mountjoy of Whiteshill, obit, FFBJ 31.5.1800



Ann see Joseph Gingell, 1702



Samuel see Henry Thomas, 1886

William, Jane, wife, Sarah, Jane & William, children, from Oldland, removal to Brislington, 1801. (St LB BRO)



Emily, 56, heart disease, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897





John, W & A, probate 27.11.1639, to brother Richard, Year Books of probates 1635-9, BRL



William, Irishman, found murdered at Doynton, see AKW 1762



John, cm, F.C., Invent 1737, G1 Inv 1737/35, “Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers.”



Francis Musgrave, kcp, bur 9.7.1760, Westerleigh;



Pinorell, gardener to Rev S. Parker of Winterbourne, employed at Rectory Gardens, 30-40 years, died by a fall from a mulberry tree, FFBJ 3.10.1812.

Robert see Robert Cole,1817



George, of Mangotsfield, 1670 riot, see E.J.

William, collier, Mangots, aged abt 20, tall, suitable for service as musketeer, Men & Armour, 1608.



Ann, niece of John Nair of Iron Acton, see W.S. Goodenough, 1816



Isaac, perambulation of IA, 1745; Isaac, boy, perambulation of IA, 1745

Jane, 55, paralysis, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

John, cm, see Josias Robins, 1717

John, paid 3/2d for mending Bitton stocks, 18.4.1785, Bitton Overseers, BRO

John, South Glos Militia, & Eliz Thorne mar All Sts Wyke Regis, 25.9.1797

Mark, boy, perambulation of IA, 1745;  Simon, boy, perambulation of IA, 1745

William of Upton, cordwainer (1) & William Batman of Upton, carpenter, (2) premises, mortgage, 28.1.1735, P/B/Chw/5a BRO

William see James Holbrook, 1797





Ann see John Burgess, 1786; Elizabeth see George Smith, 1709

Elizabeth see John 1729

Henry (“Old Yorky”) & Stanley Nash (“Young Yorky”). Henry was born about 1880 in Wakefield, Yorks, and was over 40 yrs a miner, worked at Crumlin, S. Wales, and at Hanham Pit 1927-9. Worked at Coalpit Heath last in 1930s, until last pit closed. Had 2 fingers crushed and got £50 compensation from Coalpit Heath. Married Florence Emily Winstone, a cook at Fishponds Lunatic Asylum. Their children were Gert, Stanley (informant) Harold, Hilda, Edith & Harry. Always bathed in front of fire, Had abt 30-36/- pw. Stanley followed his father down the pit. Was on the committee of the Union. The rider in No.2 was Jack Drake.  Johnny Barnes and Henry Williams, worked with Stanley at Hanham. Worked at the Duchesses under Stapleton, about 4 miles, by compass, “nearly walked to my doom. The main shaft was running in water all the time, with 2 pumps, one used to run outside the lily pond at Speedwell. At Speedwell worked with Fred and Bert Crew, also with Bert Tripp, the father of the taxi driver who was shot and murdered” (the murder was about 1950). Dan Jones was his boss. Also worked with under-manager Tansy Lee, and Zeph Stone: “he had a nasty scar on his cheek where he was  caught by a piece of coal. Cyril Todd, that was another one there. Between 1928 & 1930 Jack Hemery a fireman was killed, he had his lamp between his legs, gassed, dragged out by two other men. This was in Dad’s time. I heard of a banksman who was killed, he went round Toghill and the corner of his coat caught in the gear and there were teeth marks right through his stomach. There’s still plenty of coal there now, lovely steam coal, we weren’t sent deep enough.” (I met Stanley on 7.4.1981)

Isaac, farmer of Coalpit Heath, died aged 104, wife aged 114 died the day he was buried, BG 19.9.1771

John of Frampton Cotterell, bur Bath Abbey 19 Apr 1608.

John see Arthur Smith, 1684; John, 1752, see Joannah Flower; John see Thos, 1760

John, d 24.5.1729 aged 75, Elizabeth his wife d 22.5.1762 aged 83, MI Bitton, Bigland

John, engineer at Easton Pit at the time Jacob Pillinger &others were killed see FFBJ 23.6.1838

Joseph of Upton, Bitton, 9.6.1735, BRO 04435/3

Lily, 25 & John James, 4, Siston, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Rachel see Thos, 1760; Sarah see Thomas, 1760;

Stanley see Henry, above; Thomas see Walter Jones, 1662

Thomas Nash, Joseph Jefferies & Edward Wilmot who rented (1735) an old coalmine in Two Mile Hill KW by lease of Thomas Chester, esq., at the time Edward Peacock & others were miraculously rescued after 10 days and 10 nights underground; see “A true & particular account of the wonderfull deliverance of three men & a boy……” reprinted in Glos notes & queries from an old broadside, Ellacombe BRL. (see also Annals of KW)

Thomas s.o. John & Sarah Nash, d 3.2.1760 aged 23, Rachel, d.o. John & Sarah Nash d 30.3.1774 aged 34, Sarah wife of John Nash, 20.8.1774 aged 66, MI Bitton, Bigland.



John see John Wood, 1653



Mrs. mar Rev Mr Elwes, Bitton, 1794



John of I.A., wife Agnes, will 20.2.1635/6 see Year Books 1635-9, BRL



Sarah, of Lawrence Hill. Name included in a list of “Persons Receiving Pay from Clifton Parish for themselves and their families” FFBJ 10.1.1818



  1. Needs of Bitton, theft of potatoes from him, by Isaac Cribb, see FFBJ 27.3.1819

William Neads: his wife died 23 August 1849, in the cholera, (Couch)



Daniel see AKW 1763; Francis see Daniel Pearce, 1761

John Neal of Pucklechurch & Mary Parker of same, mar Yate, 1.1.1706

John, butcher of Yate, fought 137 rounds on Yate Common against W. Giles, yeoman, which ended when Giles was completely blinded. BMBJ 25.3.1811

John, constable of I.A. 1828, see Mark Dyer; Margery, wid, see Thos Burnell 1630

Robert, see Thos Burnell 1630; Thomas, Yate, will GRO,1730

William see Roger Langesford, 1565,see Edward Wilmot, 1755

William, 29, 2 Dean Terrace, St George, injured Deep pit, Nov 1910, see WDP

Neale & Co, see James Williams, 1813



William, 9 b. St George, 1891 census Truant School for Boys, Southwell St, Bristol




Ann see Stephen Batt, 1754



Hannah, wife of William of Downend, see William Lovell, 1795/8

Man named Nelmes, accidentally killed by a dragoon at Wade Street, without Lawford’s Gate, Bath Journal, 18.4.1748

Richard, see William Britton, postscript, 1815

Sarah d 1883 aged 76, Downend Baptists, E.J. p78

Thomas, d 1897, aged 68, Downend Baptists, E.J. p78; William see Hannah, 1795/8



John of Stapleton, cordwainer, see Nich Brimble, 1707



Richard see Geo Milsom, 1750; Richard, of P & J, 1750, to America, see “Coldham”



Robert, cm, admitted to liberties of Bristol by his marriage to Ann, d.o. Samuel Child, hooper, dec’d, 7.5.1784, BRO Burgess books.



Abigail, wife of John, see Edward Willmott, 1757

Ann d 25.9.1759 aged 19, Grace, wife of Thomas, d 6.11.1759 aged 53, Thomas, d 19.11.1775 aged 72, MI Bitton, Bigland

Ann see Stephen 1826; Arthur, cm & Elizabeth Jones, sp, mar Bitton, 16.1.1758;

Betty, see Henry Waters, 1751

Charles see Joseph C, 1881;Charlotte, see Joseph C, 1881

Grace see Ann, 1759; Hannah wife of William see Wm Willis, 1743

Hannah see Dennis Burchill, 1798/9, see Wm Rawlings, 1815; Harriet see Joseph C, 1881

Henry of Mangots cm, bach o21 & Ann Cambridge, St George, sp. ,o21, John Pasco of St George, cm, bondsman, BMLB 23.2.1805. BRO

John, Bitton, cm, 27.7.& 22.8.1739, BRO 04435/4

John, “one of the colliers concerned in riot of October last & for the taking of whom a £20 reward was paid”. Sentenced to 6 mths & to give security for good behaviour for 12 mths, (no paper filed for Oct 1739) see GJ, 8.4.1740

John see Edward Willmott, 1757

John, underground agent to Sir Bethel Codrington at Wapley CP, 1841, see Waring.

John, 64, coalmine inspector, born Hanham, Elizabeth, wife, 56, b. Wraxall, Stephen, son, 16, b. Hanham: 1851 cens at Skin Lane, Bedminster.

Jone, one of inhabs of Siston, vicar’s perambulation of 1674, Siston PR, BRO

Joseph C. aged 75, “wid, formerly colliery proprietor, born St George” living 19, Portland Sq., St Paul’s,  1881. Household of his son,  Charles Newman, 31, physician & surgeon, b. St Geo, son’s wife Harriet, 23, b. Redcliff, and Charlotte, unmar, 39. St Geo,  his daughter & two domestics. .

Joshua, see Stephen 1826;  Mary Ann, 12, orphan, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Nicholas, cm, & Sarah Biggs, sp, mar Bitton, 22.4.1759

Robert, P & J, 1736, to America, see “Coldham”; Samuel see Stephen, 1826

Stephen collier of KW Hill, & Ann: their ch Joshua, Stephen & Samuel bp HTKW 1826

Stephen kcp Deep Pit St George, “quite young” & unmarried. Inq at Kings Arms, KW Hill, BM 6.9.1851

Stephen, 16, see John, 1851.

Tho(mas) of Mangots, named on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

Thomas, kcp Downend, see FFBJ 4.11.1752; Thomas see Ann 1759

William see Hannah 1743

William, 19, Staple Hill, injured Easton Pit explosion, see WDP 19 & 24 Feb & 1 Mar 1886



James, coal carrier, bur W & A, 30.4.1797; Sarah, of Bitton, 1748, to America, see “Coldham”



—– see John Marne, 1629

Abigail see Sir John, 1699; Gervase, see Sir John, d.1699

Grace see Sir John 1661; Henry of Stapleton, 1734, BRO 4550/75

Hester see John Seymour, 1698

Sir Isaac, all his coalworks stopped from working, Oct 1738 riot, see GJ 14.11.1738

Sir John: Leland describes “At this Hanham dwellyth one Sir John Newton” in “a fayre old mannar place of stone”….”the Forest of Kyngeswood commyth just on Barris Court, Master Newton’s house”. See Braine p123, see Braine p 125/6 Tomb: “s.o. Sir Theodore, wife Lady Grace, d.o. —– Stone, d1661, lost inscription, Bristol Cathedral.

Sir John, see Sir John Berkeley, 1670

Sir John & Dame Mary see Elizabeth Stringer & see Sir John, below

Sir John, 1626-1699, s.o. Thomas of Gunwarby in Co. of Lincoln, mar  Mary d.o. Sir Gervase Eyre of Rampton, in Co. of Nottingham, Knight, lived together 55 years, and by her had issue 4 sons & 13 daughters. Monument erected to charge of his son Gervase Newton. Bitton, Bigland

Sir Theodore, c1606, see Braine, p55, see Sir John

Sir John Newton, Wm Foxe, Ben Helliar, Edward Tippott, John Willis, William Pruett, Robt Stout, Widow Adams, J. Stibbs, Thos Willis, R. Hart, R. Pointz, see Francis Creswick, 1674

Sir John, Bart, Oldland, Herald’s Visitation, 1682/3 see Bigland

Sir John see Wm Braine, 1683

Sir John of Hadon, Lincs, adopted heir of Sir John, d 1661; he died 1699, Braine, 126.

Sir John, his house; coalpits open in his liberty, 10, Inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Also refers to Sir John Newton’s dangerous pit at Owles Head, ibid.

Sir John see T. Ball, 1684

Sir John, s.o. Sir John, d1699, mar (1) Abigail d.o. Wm Heveningham of Norfolk, (2) mar Susanna widow of Sir John Bright of Yorks; Son, Michael by 2nd marriage, see Braine, p126

Sir John see Elizabeth Batt, 1726, Samuel, Thomas & John Potter, 1726, Geo Balsome, 1730, Joseph Bailey, 1750, see AKW 1750,1756

Lady Newton, see John Norden, 1615, see Braine, p60, 1615

Dame Mary, widow, Hanham, Herald’s Visitation, 1682/3 see Bigland

Dame Mary, widow of Sir John, late of Barr’s Court, d.23.11.1712 in her 85th year, Bitton, Bigland

Michael, s.o. Sir John & Susanna Newton, 4th & last Baronet, of East Hanham, pulled down Barr’s Court, 1740, Braine p126, see Bigland

Michael see Susanna Archer; Susanna see Sir John, 1699

Theodore, esq., 1608, see John Britton, Sir Theodore, 1610, see Richard Berkeley & Lord Stafford , 1661, see Sir John

William of Cannington, nr Bridgwater, stonecutter & Prudence Quarinton, wid,  of “Hannam, St Philips” mar  Bedminster 26.5.1724

—-Newton see John Noble, 1629, see Henry Cheney 1685


The following letter written 4 November 1684 to Sir John Newton by his estate bailiff. (Not Thomas Dafter as he married in 1684, just after this letter as written, and this writer refers to his wife and children.)  It gives a taste of the bad feeling and innumerable disputes in Kingswood between the Newton’s, with the rest of the “lords” of Kingswood, and Francis Creswick of Hanham Court. I have to say that Francis was in the right, but they got him in the end when he was arrested on a trumped up charge of consorting with Monmouth and the rebels in 1685.


“This day came Mr Creswick abt ii o’clock and knockt att my door and askt  my wife to speake with me. When I came he said that I might remember that I was named one of the defendants to their bill and that now they had obtained a decree upon it passed on Monday last and by the decree my house with John Batts was decreed to them and said that he came to take possession thereof if I would deliver it quietlye. I told him I could not do it untill I had an answer from yor worship. Then he said that if I would not, he would take it by force verye shortly. I told him I hoped not soe: there was with him old Dover, Will Braine and 3 of their new keepers. I know not their names; they came from Hen Hopes where they took all his guns and shott at the ferretts att the borrow where he was hunting and tooke away what rabbitts he catcht. Sir, these pceedings doe extremely amaze us but I doe not in the least question but that you will in the next post send us some comfort. Att their coming my Children doe run out of the house Crying sadly for fear they should kill me or their mother. You will heare further of their pceedings shortly in more particular now mine & my wifes most humble service to yore worshipp.”


(I have added  punctuation and have substituted “the” for “ye” and “that” for “yt” as the “ys” are shorthand for “th”. Otherwise I have left the spelling. The late Mollie Ashley made the transcription).


Further information on Newton family and the feud with Creswicke, see “A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter  and “A History of Bitton” Ellacombe



Alfred, potter, Barton Hill, 1866 &c, “Bristol Potters, 1775-1906”, R.K. Henrywood

Philip of Yate mar Ann Burgess, lic, 7.1.1717/8 Collingbourne Ducis, Wilts.


NICHOLAS – (see also NICHOLS – these names are interchangeable. Pete Nicholas supplied much of the information)

Ann see Isaac

Francis s.o. Geo & Hester, bp 1796; was unmar I 1851, cm.; Francis see Moses

George Nicholas mar Hester Churchill 1795, both of Mangotsfield: their children, all bp Mangots: Francis, 1796, Isaac, 1798, George, 1806, John, 1808, Ruth, 1813, Elizabeth, 1816, William, 1818, Moses, 1819. (Father’s occupation “coalminer” 1813 onwards.

George s.o. Geo. & Hester, bp 1806 Mangots, resident in Eagle St, St P & J, 1841-71 census. His son George b1837 at Clayhill, Stapleton, also resident at Eagle Street, 1851 & 1861, occupation cm.

George, 49, wife, 1 ch, illness of ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Isaac s.o. George & Hester, bp 1798 Mangots, mar Ann from Corston, Som, & became resident of Corston. Sons William, b1828, & Joseph, b1830, worked as cms in census of Corston 1851. William moved to Twinnell, St P & J, and lived there 1861 & 1871.

Isaac, 17, scarlet fever, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

John s.o. George & Hester, bp 1808 Mangots, coalminer, resident in Staple Hill in 1841

Joseph see Isaac

Moses, s.o. Geo & Hester, mar Elizabeth Stone, St P & J, 1841, resident at Eagle St with brother George at Eagle St, 1841 cens, resident at John St, St P & J, 1861 with wife Elizabeth & family, occupation given as stoker. Son Francis, 18, cm, & lodger & John Bryant, 18, cm, Hanham, (1861cens)

Selina, 22, confinement, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

William s.o. Geo & Hester, bp 1818 at Mangots, mar Elizabeth Gardener of Winterbourne, resident Staple Hill in 1851, occ, cm.

William, see Isaac



Abrae, see Wm Summerell, 1759

Andrew, with John, Elizabeth & Arthur, fugitives from KW, 1667, see Francis Bastyn. (Ellacombe)

Andrew Nicolls, woolcomber, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Ann, see Robt, born 1797; Arthur see Andrew 1667

Charles see William, (1841)

Daniel of Mangots & Elizabeth Lewis, mar Siston 3.4.1730 by lic

Daniel, 1789 aged 86 & —– Nichols, 1765, MIs Mangots, E.J., p39

Daniel, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

Edward, 1691 survey KW Chase, victualler, ability rich, wife, no ch, good house, qtr acre, 1 horse, p179, E.J.

Edward, Mangots & Susanna Sarlam, of same, BMLB 24.7.1723

Edward mar Hannah Snailum, by lic, 23.6.1772, W & A; Edward see Moses 1847

Elizabeth, see Andrew 1667

Elizabeth, dead, now Henry, cm, inhabs of KW Chase 1684 in Rochester’s Liberty, Ellacombe

Elizabeth, Oldland, will 1737, GRO 134/70

Ferdinando Niccolls, sawyer, s.o. Gregory, schoolmaster, Westerleigh, freeman, Gloucester 1789, see also Geo, haulier, 1805 & Thomas, 1816

George, haulier, s.o. Ferdinando, sawyer, Westerleigh, Freeman of Gloucester 1805

Gregory of Westerleigh, s.o. Thomas, saddler of Hucclecote, freeman of Gloucester 1741, see Also Ferdinando, 1789.

Harriet (b1825) see John, b1804; Henry see Elizabeth 1684

Henry, a quarry, “colepitts open in Mr Player’s Rochester’s Liberty” inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe.

Henry, cm of Westerleigh, inventory 13.10.1711, signed by Robert Sherman & John Turner. (Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers).

Henry, Bitton, will, 1724, GRO 274/149

Henry Winchester, bp 1786, Mangots, 1841 cens Mangots, cm with Silvia

Henry, farmer of St Geo, 1822, BAFHS 74, p36, see Sarah 1822

James, see Thos Watkins, 1814

James: of Stapleton Rd, his 6 yr old son drowned at brickyard in Upper Easton. FFBJ 12.7.1834,

James, Bitton, admitted 1876, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

John, see James Charmbury, 1640, see Hugh Smyth, 1646, see Andrew, 1667

John, “being killed by falling into a coalpit at Serridge, bur West. 22.6.1715

John, cm of Westerleigh, inventory 5.12.1715, signed by John Lewelling (sic) & John Prichett. (Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers).

John, West, will GRO, 1730

John, butcher of Hanham, 3.4.1731, profanely swearing an oath in St Ewens, fine 1/- ad sent to churchwarden, BRO 04452(2)

John, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

John, bp 1804, wife Mary, baptism of dau Harriet in 1825 gives abode Mangots & occ collier. Resident Vinney Green, Mangots, 1851 with wife & 4 sons & 1 dau.

John, b 1827, see Robt, b1797; John, 1857, see BAFHS 74, p37

John, J.P. see Mary Ann Ricketts, 1871

John R., d 1889 aged 76, bur Downend, uncle of W.G. Grace. See E.J. p66

Joseph, “The Quaker” 1725 see MD; Joseph, named on Player’s map of Bitton, 1750.

Mary, see Wm Brain, 1702

Mary, Doynton, wid, will 1741, SRO DD/GL 99; Mary, Doynton, will, 1742, GRO 215/140

Mary, see Joseph Palmer 1765, see John 1804, see Stephen b 1822

Mary, 38, wid, 7 ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Mary Ann, see Mary Ann Ricketts, 1871

Moll, “Madam” of a brothel, without Lawford’s Gate, see Bath J, 7.11.1749

Moses, miner of  Soundwell, s.o. Edward, lab, & Ann Jones, sp, Soundwell, d.o. Job, miner, mar HTKW 27.12.1847

Mr Nicholls, 27, butcher, Winterbourne, killed when horse bolted, see FFBJ 11.9.1790

Robert, see Jane Hathway 1767

Robert, bp 1797, died 1847, wife Ann. Miner. Son Stephen bp Mangots 1822, dau Susannah bp Mangots 1824 & John, bp Mangots 1828.

Sarah, 20, wife of Henry, 1822, see BAFHS 74, p36

Sarah, see William (1841); Silvia, see Henry Winchester Nicholls, 1841

Stephen, Mangots, died suddenly, FFBJ 8.11.1788

Stephen, bp 1822, s.o. Robt & Ann, Vinney Green Mangotsfield Village, cm, 1851 cens, with wife Mary and 1 son & 2 daus.

Stephen, 71, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Susannah (b 1824) see Robt b 1797

Thomas, Puck, gent & Marie Aburges, Puck, wid, 1663, BMLB

Thomas, cm, s.o. Ferdinando, sawyer, West., freeman of Gloucester 1816

Tymothy, tithingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

W.S. Nichols, Corporal, 17th Lancers, & Private E. Cousins, Gloucestershire Regt.Gave their lives for their county in South Africa, (Boer War) 1899-1902. Plaque, Pucklechurch Parish  Church.

William, Pucklechurch: marriage announcement Mr Wm Nicholls to Mrs Biggs, widow of late Mr Biggs, butcher of Bath. Bath Chron 17.10.1793

William, cm, with Sarah, and Charles, (bp 1821), 1841 cens Mangots Common.

William, senior turnpike collector, bur Puck, 19.11.1788

William, tythingman, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

William, butcher, Mangots, Bristol Poll, 1820


Anne & William see Henry Ellacombe, 1818

Rev H.T. Ellicombe MA of Bitton to Anne, 4th dau of Wm Nicholson of St Margaret’s, Near Rochester, marriage announcement, FFBJ 11.4.1818.



Betty Node see Sampson Britton, 1747

Susanna Noad see John Collins, 1696

William Node, labourer, bur 13.6.1769, Siston PR



Edward see Jacob Smith, 1705



Ann see Job, 1761

Arthur, Rodney Rd, KW, gave evidence of Inquest, after Deep pit disaster, see WDP Nov 1910

Elizabeth see Charles Hales, 1719

Emmanuel, case of wife beating in KW, see BO 16.3.1895; Hester see Henry Brown, 1761

Job, s.o. Richard & Ann, bur Puck 27.12.1761, “his brains dashed out by falling into a coalpit”. See KCP

John, collier of Bitton, aged 70, referring to KW Chase Depositions, 1629, Ellacombe Mss I p187, BRL. Also in Braine.

John of Siston & Leddy Webb, of Mangots, mar Almondsbury 1730; Judeth see Geo Bayly, 1676

Richard see Chas Arthur 1759, see Job 1761

Thomas o21 bach miner s.o. Wm, miner & Mary Watts, o 21, sp, Cockskott Hill, d.o. Wm, miner, mar HTKW Dec 1849

William, tenant, 1693, Mangots, see E.J., p145; William, cm, bur West., 21.2.1749

William see Thos, 1849; William, Bitton, 91, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

— Noble, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Elizabeth, died at Stapleton, keeper of the “Great Tea Shop” see FFBJ 27.6.1752 & AKW



Thos see Arthur Jones, 1793



John: surveyed KW on behalf of the King, 1615, see Braine. Named the following: Mr Thomas Chester, Richard Berkeley, esq., Sir Henry Bilingsley, Lord Berkeley, Lady Newton, Lady Stafford, Mr Weston, Sir Roland Lacie, Mr Evans of Bitton, Sir Raufe Sadler.



Arthur E, 21, b Mangots, 1881 cens RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73, p29



Alexander, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

George of Puck., Capstan chain hit him, Inquest 5.4.1856, Co I Acc 1291 GRO

Henry see Wm Bryant, 1759

John, cm & Grace Haskins, sp, mar Bitton, 18.11.1759

Mr, see Tommy Catfield, 1739; Mr, his London wagon struck by lightning, see Glos J., 7.6.1752

Thomas, “smith” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b; Thomas, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

Thomas, see Chas Burchill, 1839, see John Joy, 1851

William, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO



Sir Francis, father of Catherine Bethell, d 1692, see Alice Jones.



Richard, perambulation of IA, 1695; Robert, 25, cm, not born county, 1841 cens Westerleigh



Alan, digger of coal in KW Forest in 13th cent. See Coalmining in Bristol in 13th Cent, EP 8.2.1934.

Mary, see Thos Hathaway 1732

T.H., Manager of Bristol Wallsend Collieries Ltd, 1900s Mangots.



Richard, see Wm Lear 1770



George, Puck. kcp Parkfield, 13.2.1864, Inq COI 1291 Acc GRO

Mr, hot presser, without Lawford’s Gate. His son killed by fall from horse on way home from Stapleton, see Bath J 11.6.1750

Mr Peter, of Stapleton Rd, aged 83, obit, FFBJ 4.12.1813

Thomas, see Sir Walter Dennys, 1485



Jane, Siston, wid, & Edmund Driver, no parish, 1668, BMLB



Charles, 15, damaging a hayfield, LG 1820, see BAFHS Journal no 61, p31l

Elizabeth, wid, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Elizabeth, wife of George Nott, d.o. John Wilmot, Bitton, dec’d, admin. Of his estate, Bondsmen George Nott, St P & J, millwright, James Stone, salt refiner, & John Witchell, baker, both of Bristol., 1754. (GRO)

Elizabeth, wife of George, see Hester Wilmot, 1754

George, see Lydia, 1749, see Elizabeth, 1754, above, see Hester Wilmot, 1754.

George, killed by fall from a mare at Kendleshire, bur West, Jan 30, 1783

Lydia, wife of George, d. 2.2.1749 aged 40, Bitton, Bigland

Robert, d.24.2.1733 aged 75, Bitton, Bigland

Robert, KW, admitted 1887, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Sarah, see Hester Wilmot, 1754

Thomas, in Mangots, on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey



John & Sarah Brimble, b.o. Mangots, mar Almondsbury, 1724



Mr, see AKW 1754



Hannah, (27) on March 27, at KW Hill, wife of Mr Silas Nurse, boot & shoemaker. Obit FFBJ 9.4.1836

James: “Octr 7 1840, James Nurse’s wife bur” (Couch).

John see Samuel Pollinger 1841

Joseph, 1839, Dec 7, “Joseph Nurse died the day after he came from Bath Hospital” (Couch)

Martha: 1841, Jan 7th, “a high flood at Martha Nurse’s house, 6 inches.”  And there was another flood there Oct 7-8 1841 (Couch)

Mary wife of William, d 4.9.1826 (Couch).

Nancy: 1840, “Sunday morning Aug 23 between 12 & 1 o’clock, Bill Lear beat in the windows and broke 3 square of Nancy Nurses.” (Couch)

Robert, see Abraham Fry, 1842, see Sally, 1843

Sally, 1843: “wife of Robt died Sunday evening 8 o’clock and buried at Hand Jany 21st” (Couch)

Samuel, Dec 27th 1848 “married at Hanham Chapel” (Couch)

Silas, see Hannah 1836; William, d 20.2.1839 & bur Bitton, March 5th (Couch)



Benjamin, see Martha Phillips, 1828

James, of St Philips, manslaughter of James Nutt by his brother Philip, FFBJ 29.5.1830

Joan d.o. Wm & Margaret, d. 21.1.1702, Margaret wife of Wm, d.7.12.1714 aged 67, John, s.o. John & g/son of Wm d. 29.10.1725 aged 16, William Nutt, d. 8.3.1727-8 aged 90. Bitton, Bigland

John, see Joan, 1802; Margaret see Joan, 1702

Mathew, see James Charmbury, 1640; Thomas see Elizabeth Willis, 1789

William Butt (Nutt?) yeo of Bitton, lease to Richard Hart, merchant of Bristol, land Bitton between Andrew Burnell & Wm Lane, being part of land on 70 yr grant from William Lace(y), esq., to Wm Nutt & Jonas Burnell, in exchange for other lands between those of John Holbin & John Hardin. 1675, BAFHS 52, p36

William, see Joan, 1802

William Nutt & James Moore, charged with theft of 2 coats from Thomas Camplin of Stapleton, FFBJ 1.6.1822

William, see Henry Batt, 1866



Brother, see AKW 1756



William s.o. William, cooper, of St P & J, freeman of Gloucester 1741



John, of Mangots & Susan Gay, mar Winterbourne, 11.12.1704

Ruth, see Abraham Gifford, 1713



James – conveyance to workhouse, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897



Dr, (ca 1880) see Mr Gerrish.



Sarah, see Wm Lovell, 1791



Dinah, 64, rheumatism, KW North, outdoor poor 1897



William of Bitton & Elizabeth Tower mar by lic St P & J 9 Aug 1750

William Oland, of W & A. to America. 1750 See “Coldham”



Mary, 17, Ann, 15, causing a disturbance, LG 1820, p31, BAFHS Journal, no 61



Andrew see John, 1831; John see Robt 1742

John, mar Sophia Short, Bitton, 25.12.1830, their ch John b 12.11.1831 & Andrew b 26.7.1835, of Oldland, Keynsham Baptists.

Robert s.o. John collier, dec’d to Simon Tilley of Road, N. Bradley, Wilts, as cordwainer. Bitton apprents. BRO P/B/OP/7c 12.7.1742

Sophia see John, 1831; Thomas see Samuel Jones, 1796



Hannah see Moses, 1841; James of West., hatter, & Ruth Rolph mar Wapley & Cod. 30.9.1796

James, 30, Sarah, 2 ch, 1841 cens West.,

Moses, 25, cm, Hannah, 25, & 3 ch, 1841 cens Mays Hill; Sarah see James 1841



Fredk – to USA, (1881) see BAFHS 94, p15

Nathaniel, see Edward Thrissell, 1776



John, see John Pool, 1783



Francis of Bitton, mar to Elizabeth, their son John, bp Tytherington, 19…9.1752



Alex, 1687, Mangots, see E.J. p157

Thomas, gent of Bristol,38, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14



George, 2 yrs in prison Newgate 5.9.1753 for his part in miners’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26.5, 31.5, 4.8, 9.8. & 8.9. 1753. See Also Annals of KW & “The Colliers’ Tale” by DPL in BAFHS Journal

John married to Mary Sumption. Their children: Hannah, Wm, Joseph, James, Sarah, Jonathan, Jonas, Joseph & John, jun,. See will of William Sumption, 1786

John, Bitton, cordwainer & Ann Jefferies, Mangots, bondsman Samuel Jefferies, BMLB 30.1.1792

John: “1848 Decr 17th Sunday night John Olds geese stolen.” (Couch)

Mary Couch, aged 8, “1834,  Sunday Dec 7th abt 2 o’clock in the afternoon died Mary Couch Olds, aged 5 yrs 7 mths and 13 days, bur Decr 12th in  a vault with Rachel Couch put on the side of her coffin in a Oak Coffin.” Buried Bitton. (there is also a poem that her proud grandfather recorded “which she learnt by heart”. (Couch)

William, Bitton, cooper, 24 & Sarah Lewton, Bitton, sp, 24, Glos Mar Lic, 1.5.1793, GRO Q2/143 1789-94

William, basketmaker, Hanham, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835



Ralph, persecutor of Mr Ford & Mr Knight, Baptists, 1683



James, see Sam Wilcox, 1827

Richard, musician, Redfield, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835

Thomas Ollyver, abt 40, suitable as musketeer, 1608, Hanham/Bitton, Men & Armour



George, hatter of Oldland Common, letter of thanks to H.J. Ellacombe (early 19th cent workers’ organisation) (1829) see Ellacombe Mss Vol 9, p125, see also “The Poor Fabricators” Roy King.

Mark, minor, bach, collier KW s.o. Wm, hatter & Mary Humphries, o21, sp, d.o. Wm, lab, mar HTKW 18.8.1839

Samuel Oles (sic) of Mangots & Hannah Tattle mar Winterbourne, 8.2.1787

Thomas Oliver, corn dealer & general haulier of Knight’s Folly Farm, Bitton, 1892, & — Ollis,  Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

William, see Mark, 1839

(The Ollis family were mainly brassmakers, of the “Dutchmen” families, Keynsham area.)



Thomas, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30 GRO (This list is eccentrically spelt, and in most cases I have attempted to put people with their family groups. Some names, like Onedy, defy interpretation.)



Elizabeth, wife of William, civil engineer, of Moorfields, obit FFBJ 3.3.1821



Mrs see AKW 1756



Eli, collier, accused theft of  2 topcoats from Geo Leonard of Berkeley, 3 mths, WDP 7.3.1892.



Mrs: of Horse Shoe Inn, Downend, robbed, FFBJ 2.11.1811

Thomas, Westerleigh, 1684, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

William, collier, Winterbourne & Ann Tanner of Weeke (Wick) BMLB 4.8.1709, BRO

William, carpenter, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Constance see Mark Barnes 1795; Mary see Henry Lacey 1747



Stephen see AKW 1753



Charles, 16, a carter at Warmley coalworks, had worked at carting since age 10, “hauls carts abt 40 yds, is subject to bad headaches; feels better when up into open air. Cannot eat his meals sometimes, never works by night, can read a little, does not go to Sunday School. Mem: This boy has a sickly complexion & countenance but is well grown; the work evidently does not suit his powers.” Waring 1841.

Daniel of Siston, ch bp 1727, see article BAFHS June 1991 no 64 , p25, on Osborne family.

Dennis, Oct 18, at Fire Engine, St George, aged 53. Obit BG 3.11.1842

George, cm, kcp belonging to Castle & Co, by stone falling on his body, Inq 2.9.1816 St George, D260/GRO

George, 50, collier, Rachel, 9 children, 1841 cens Warmley

James, 15, Parkfield collier, to BRI, crushed thigh, BTM 7.2.1883

John Asborne (sic) 1627, see BAFHS 52, p35; Rachel see George 1841

Samuel, 3, playing in road nr father’s cottage when heavy horse trod on him. Inq at Lord Rodney KW GJ 1.9.1832

Samuel, gave evidence at Inq. Starveall Pit explosion when 8 men were killed, see BT 14..6.1851

Samuel, pit blacksmith, gave evidence at Deep Pit fatal accident, see BM 6.9.1851

Thomas, see Cyrus Guest, 1701; Thomas & Ann Gowing b.o. Mangots, BMLB 1779

Thomas: “1784 Oct 7: to taking up T.O. and keeping him in custody all night & next day before marriage.” see I & J Wyatt, Poor Law Records of Bitton.

William, see Arthur Player 1598.

William of Doynton, gent, 1613-12 SRO DD/GL 92/95 (& Giles Webb & Giles Haynes, his sons in law)



Kezia, 39, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Richard, cm, St George, Bristol Poll Books, 1781 & 1784



Charles. 12, cm, 1841 cens West. ; Grace see Richard Britton, 1755

John Oven, s.o. John, Westerleigh, tallow chandler, to Richard Gilbert, cooper, Bristol Apprents, 6.9.1701

Mary see Solomon Moreton, 1757

Mr S, see Wm Smith, 1811

Thomas, West, wills at GRO,1726

William, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



George see John Dawson, 1862



Benjamin, Mangots, premises tenure of John Almondsbury, neither assessed, Glos Election, SFBJ 15.2.1777

Benjamin see Wm William, 1793

Benjamin, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30, GRO

Elizabeth widow, 1634, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

John, tiler? 1639, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

John, tiler, Mangots & Elizabeth Powell, same, bondsman Thos Lovell, Mangots, 1664, BMLB

John, 1675, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27; Jos. Witness to will of Morris Britton, 1779

Joseph see Thos Britton, 1781

Nicholas, 1648, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

Moses, “of the Cock Road Gang” executed at Lancaster; James Cribb, his accomplice tsp life, FFBJ 13.5.1815

Richard, 1643, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

William, a blackmoore, before called “Chance” aged 27, bp Doynton, 29.3.1727 (see Black Bristolians by DPL

William & Mary Palmer both of Mangots, mar Almondsbury, 1725

William see Edmund Willis, 1733



George, committed to Newgate 1753 for his part in miners’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26.5, 31.5, 4.8, 9.8. & 8.9 1753. See Also Annals of KW & “The Colliers’ Tale” by DPL in BAFHS Journal



Benjamin, Sarah & Wm see William Lovell, 1795/8



Wm, pinmaker, Rose & Crown, St George, Bristol Poll, 1835