Kingswood Index: H – J


John, d 1851 aged 20, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78



Theo: see Edward Thrissell, 1776



Thomas of North Stoke, maltster & Hester Brittain, sp, of Bitton, mar Bedminster, Lic, 14.11.1722

William, d 1870 aged 51. Downend Baptists see E.J. p78



William, see Wm Lacey, 1813



—-Haggett, 1687, Mangots, see E.J. p157





Mary see James Allen, 1804



Samuel Baily, lab, Hanham, Bristol Poll, 1820



Charles Hales of Mangots & Elizabeth Noble of West mar Yate, 14.10.1719.

Charles Hale see Geo, 1759

Charles Hale, sen, alias Goff (Gough) bur Westerleigh. 2.4.1780

Elizabeth Hales see Geo Golding 1876

George Hale, s.o. Charles, feltmaker to Charles Sturge of FC, feltmaker for 8 yrs. 15.5.1759, Westerleigh Apprents, BRO

Hubert, “son of an illiterate Hanham bootmaker, headmaster of High Street, School, KW, 1927-1929 (?) see article EP 14.2.1991

James, see Isaac Scull, 1861

John Hale & Hester Shill both of  Siston mar Yate 18.5.1721

John Hale & Edward Taylor, colliers & Henry Cooling, lab, committed Newgate issuing base money. Hale tuned King’s Evidence, see .J. 26.2.1740. Taylor & Hale jointly tried for issuing base money, Hale acquitted but Taylor found guilty and sentenced to 1 yr gaol, afterwards to be tried for High Treason on evidence of Cooling. See G.J. 8.4.1740 * Annals of KW

Joseph Hale, cm, I.A., (Acton Ilgar) reputed father of ch expected by Katherine Gough, wid, 12.2.1693, Bastardy Bond, West. BRO

Martha Hale see John Woodington, 1686

Mary Hale see Moses Brain, 1806

Matthew Hale aged 12, born St George, 1891 census Truant School for Boys, Southwell St, Bristol

Richard Hayles of Mangots, collier & Ann Bryan, Bitton, BMLB 12.11.1687, BRO

Thomas Hales, in a list of persons who took part in riot, 1670, in KW. See also John Bampton. See Ellacombe.

Thomas Hales, cm, inhabitant of KW Forest, 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas Hale, pewterer of Bristol & Miss Bush, d.o. Robert of Hugh St, mar Doynton, FFBJ 7.6.1783.

William Hale see Wm Morgan, 1778



Benjamin & Joan Williams, both of Abson, mar Siston,1720

Benjamin see Matthew, 1791; Betty see Matthew, 1791

Edward in a list of persons who took part in riot, 1670, in KW. See also John Bampton. See Ellacombe

Edward: licence from Thos Haynes to Edward Hall to enclose waste ground called Churchley Hill Lane, 24.4.1674, 145581/HA/D/86 BRO

Edward of W & A, mar Hannah Emerson of Bitton, Yate 24.12.1702; Edward see Hannah 1706

Elizabeth, 1679, Mangots, see E.J. p145

Everett, see Wm Braine, & Francis Woodward, 1683

George, foreman at Mr Tyrrell’s Rope Factory, gave evidence of bad condition of ropes at Soundwell at Inq on Wm Harris & others see BM 1.11.1845 KIACP

Hannah, W & A, wid, Christopher Smith, Bitton, yeo, Thomas Emerson, W & A, yeo, bonds in intestacy of Edward Hall, W & A, 1706, GRO

Hannah see John Milledge, 1707; James see George Groves, 1810

John & Susan, see Ann Strange, 1611

John, yeo, Mangots, & Mary Hort, same, bondsman, John Hort, Mangots, BMLB 1664

John see Robt Howes, 1683

John, Mangots, 1675, see BAFHS 36, p27probate inventory, BRO

John cm of Mangots, inventory 1712 (no 23) article by Peris Jones, BAFHS Journal 36. probate inventory, BRO

John of Siston & Ann Piton mar lic 9.2.1721/2, GRO

John, IA, will at GRO,1725

John of Wick & Abson Glos & Elizabeth Wait of Newton, Somerset, mar Keynsham 5.1.1751/2

John see Matthew, 1791, see David Tanner, 1796, see Moses Sweet, 1802, see Moses Brain, 1851

Joseph of Doynton, mar Betty Ashley of Puck, at Old Sodbury 22.9.1753

Joseph, will dated 1763, probate 1764, “as John Cribb is lately dead & his son keepeth his share in coleworks, I desire my partners will let me executor keep one sixth share thereof until lease expires 10.4.1766.” (BRO), see AKW 1766

Kate, 19, illness, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Mary see Francis Greenaway 1722

Matthew, b 1791, s.o. Benjamin blacksmith & Betty, bp Whitefield Sch 1794, & Samuel s.o. same, bp 11.9.1803

Mr see AKW 1756

Mr J, King Sq., see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Reece see Edward Charles Millard, 1915; Richard see Richard Hawle, 1667

Richard, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Robert cm, & Ann Willis, sp, mar Bitton, 20.11.1758

Samuel see Matthew 1791

Samuel, & Wm Sampson kcp Evans Oldland, (Mr Whittuck’s) by rubbish falling on them. Inq Oldland, 29.12.1804, D260/GRO, & KCP

Samuel, bach, collier & Martha Warn sp pinmaker, mar Bitton, 12.11.1815

Stephen, collier, 15, born county, 1841 census, Westerleigh.

Susan see John, 1611

Thomas, s.o. Thomas, yeo, Bitton, Bristol Apprentices, 1674. BRO

Thomas see Thos Powell, 1808

Walter Halle, collier, Hanham/Bitton, 1608, abt 40, of middle stature suitable as a musketeer. (Men & Armour)

William of I.A. & Mary Evans of Weymouth mar All Sts, Wyke Regis, Dorset, 31.8.1797

William see Joseph Brain, 1820

William, cm, 15, born county, 1841 cens. West. Lodging with George Walter, cm.



Joan see Robt Hemming, 1675, see Ezekiel Cox, 1675



See Wm Landsdown 1819



Benjamin, 33, kcp Deep Pit St Geo, due to a mistake in signal. He worked with Job Curtis, engineer was Thomas Williams, Mr L. Brough gave 10 shillings to the widow, left with 4 ch.



Mary, nee Sheppard, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60; Mr see AKW 1756


HANDLEY (Henley)

James Handley or Henley of Bitton, & Jane Smith mar Saltford, 1763



Caleb ironmonger, Downend, bur in woollen, 20.5.1739, B32433/5 BRL



Henry M, civil & mining engineer, gave evidence after Deep Pit disaster, see WDP Nov 1910



Cornelius, see Edward Wilmot, 1755; G.W., 1869. See Rowland Hayward, 1553

James see Ann Pinnell; Mr see AKW 1756



George see Thos Hemmings, 1847 & see Mary Ann below

Mary Ann sister of George, mar Charles Lacey b. I.A. 1841, 1881 cens:

Charles 40, engine driver at coalpit, living KW Rd. Oldland, with Mary Ann, wife & 6 children. They were married at Wootton under Edge 1863, when Geo was described “engineer” of Puck. (Info from Michael Hand of Orpington, Kent.)



Henry & his wife Margery, 1643, see BAFHS 52, p35



Mary see Wm Hutson, 1838

Mrs Eleanor, of Kingswood, St George, died aged 100. 20 Nov 1793, FFBJ

Thomas, St P & J, cm, 27.7. 1739 & 22.8.1739 BRO 04435/4



Honora, described as a “camp follower” her murder suspected at Bitton, BGaz,27.1.1853.



Richard, Mangots, weaver,  & Joane Lee, St Philip, wid, bondsman Richard Gastrell, Mangots, weaver BMLB, 1663



“One Harborough, alias Reynolds, a collier, one of the Underground Men for being one of the bands of colliers during the late commotion on the turnpike affair for the taking of whom £100 rewards is offered. (Bath Journal, 7.8.1749) and Annals of KW



Thomas see William Shipley 1777



Thomas, vicar of Mangots, 1532. See E.J. p61



William, Stapleton, 1651, probate inventory, BRO



—– Harding, 1721, MD



Ann see John, 1784

Betty see George James, 1793, see John, 1800

Daniel, heroic boy trapped in Bitton pit when William Powell & others were killed. He was first to be reached by the rescuers, but called out “Don’t mind me. I can still hold on a little longer, but Joseph Bawn who is a little lower than me is almost exhausted. Save him first.” The rescuers saved Joseph Bawn & descended again to the gallant boy who was also saved. See BM 3.1.1835.

David, cm, bur Westerleigh 5.4.1773.

David “vereing boy” John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Edward & Mary Brimble, b.o. Puck, mar Dyrham, 1675

Elizabeth, 1624, see BAFHS 52, p35; Elizabeth see Robt Bullock, 1672

George, cm, 15, kcp Land Pit, Duke of Beaufort, by a large coal which fractured his skull. Inq. Full Moon, Staple. 4.1.1798. D260/GRO & KCP

George, 32, kcp Easton by roof fall. Report BO 9.1.1897. Evidence given by Samuel Woodington, his brother in law & John Lines of Victoria St, Staple Hill, & George Brain who were working near deceased.   KIACP

Giles, tiler, 1613, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

Henry see John, 1784; Hannah see Stephen Stout, 1741

Hester see Isaac Short

Jacob, “hewer” “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James: Boys’ master at day school in KW 1749 (John Wesley Journal)

James see Stephen Flook, 1770

James see Thos Lacy, 1771

Jane Harden, (sic) of Westerleigh & Wm Flook of Stapleton, mar St Augustines, 2.8.1715

Joan see Mary 1751

Job, of KW, aboard “George” privateer, 19 Mar to 2 Oct 1760, 6 months, 13 days. Merchant Venturers Muster Rolls.

John, 1624, see BAFHS 52, p35; John, 1627, see BAFHS 52, p35

John, Bitton, yeoman, 68, John Marne, Barton Regis, yeo, 70, John Ball, Mangots, 80, John Noble, Bitton, collier, 70, Thomas George, Barton Regis, 83, all gave evidence for the defendants in Attorney General versus Berkeley, Chester, &c. 1629, see Ellacombe & see Braine p65

John, Bitton, yeo, & Sara Tovy, Olveston, bondsman Thos Ithell, Brislington, BMLB, 1661

John one of a list of persons who took part in a riot in KW Forest, 1670

John see Francis Creswick, 1674; John, 1675, BAFHS 52, p36

John, yeoman, 40, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

John, cm, in 1684 list of inhabs of KW Forest, see Ellacombe.

John Hayardin of Mangots & Ann Low, mar St Werberghs 21.4.1684

John Hayerdin, husbandman of Bury Hill, transcripts of Mangots wills, 1697, BRO & see Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

John see Jonathon, 1698; John, West., will at GRO, 1728

John Harden, Bitton, will at GRO, 1729

John of Mangots, innholder & Ann Beechgood, of same, 23.7.1743, BMLB.

John, cm, St P & J & Mary Shortman of same, Bondsman Noce Crayts, brassworker, St P & J, BMLB 19.5.1753

John, cm, settlement exam. Bitton, 5.2.1766

John & Jacob, “vereing boys” John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John, of this parish schoolmaster, died 24.6.1784 aged 78, & Ann his wife died 26.12.1787 aged 81, Henry their son, d 19 Apr —, aged 67, MI St George.

John: Betty, widow of John Harding, cm, settlement exam, West. 1.1.1800,

Jonathon, s.o. John, collyer, bp St P & J, 13.11.1698

Jonathon Haywarden bur West 29.1.1752 aged 100.

Jonathon Haywarden, died 4.12.1763, aged 28, Mangots. (Bigland)

Lewis: Bitton, served 3rd Foot, 1800-22. discharged aged 42. N.A.

Martha see Harrington Davis, 1719; Martha, 1767, see BAFHS 52, p36

Mary Haywarden mar Joseph Short, 16.10.1721, I.A.

Mary see Isaac Flook, 1723, see John Seymour, 1729

Mary, wife of Roger, sen., d 12.8.1751 aged 67,Roger, sen., d5.4.1759 aged 74, Roger, jun, d 6.6.1760 aged 49, Joan, his wife, d 16.4.1767 aged 55. MI Bitton, Bigland

Martha, see Roger, 1718; Matthew Hardin (sic), see Edward Willis, 1735

Mrs, see Mary Brain, 1826

Roger, 1635 see BAFHS 52, p35; Roger see James Charmbury, 1640

Roger Harding & John Perryman, lands in Bitton, 24 Chas II. At Society of Genealogists.

Roger, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

Roger, yeo, d. 13.11.1718, Roger s.o. Roger & Martha, d.May 1710, Martha relict of Roger Harding and since wife of Harrington Davis, d. 25.9.1746, aged 65, John Seymour, d.4.11.1763 aged 53, Mary his wife, d. 6.5.1773 aged 68.

Roger, see Mary 1751 see Richard Francis, 1767, see BAFHS 52, p36

Samuel see Henry Stone 1756, see John Hudson, 1777, see Edward Clark, 1893

Sarah see Thos Sherman, 1709, see Wm 1760

Susanna see Wm, 1760

Thomas, Stapleton, 1681, probate inventory, BRO

Thomas, coal carrier, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Mr Berkeley’s Liberty, Ellacombe

Thomas, Stapleton, collier, 1727, BAFHS 72, p15, probate inventory, BRO

Thomas tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

William see John Wood, 1653, see Ann Pinnell

William, d 5.1.1760 aged 20, & Sarah, d 17.2.1760, twins, children of William & Susanna Harding, MI Bitton, Bigland

William, collier & James Jones, collier, living in houses owned by John Flook, victualler of Stapleton. See Will John, Flook, 1796, BRO.



Philip, carpenter, West. Electoral Roll, 1734



Family, coal merchants of Downend, see Mary Leighton, “A Victorian Girl” BAFHS 72, p28

Samuel Hardy, 37, poor, died cholera, St Geo, bur 19.9.1832



Harford’s Bristol Brass & Copper Co regaled servants with a fine feast to celebrate the peace. FFBJ 16.7.1814

Daniel, see Wm Robinson,1816

Esther of Lawrence Hill, burnt to death, see BM 8.11.1823

Henry Charles of Stapleton & Susanna Harriet Price, sojourner mar by lic at Melcombe Regis, 26.7.1825

John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Joseph cm, cottage £3 p.a. Claims admitted without any objection” 28.10.1779, KW Enclosure Minute Book, 1779-84, BRL

Mark, see Sam Palmer, 1785.

Robert see Jos. Willshire, 1818

Thomas “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Mrs H, aged 71, widow, Stapleton, wid of Joseph, esq., late Alderman of Bristol, obit FFBJ 4.1.1812

William, Mangotsfield, 1702, husbandman, will and probate inventory, BRO

William see Samuel Flook, 1779-84

William: “Isaac North, apprenticed to William Harford of Stapleton. Collier, 21.5.1787



Policeman: see George Groves, 1817



William, attorney of Mangots, s.o. Thomas, hosier, dec’d. Freeman of Gloucester, 1805-6, (Bristol & Glos Arch Socy.)



William, born Stapleton, served 41st Foot, 1813-39, discharged aged 44, National Archives.



Timothy, of Lawrence Hill. Name included in a list of “Persons Receiving Pay from Clifton Parish for themselves and their families” FFBJ 10.1.1818



Elizabeth see Thomas Palmer 1712



Albenia Elizabeth, d 1855, aged 15, Mangots MI see E.J. p59

Ann see John, 1714; Betty see John, 1714

Elizabeth, 1752, see Joannah Flower, see Francis Goodman, 1747

George, tried for weights & measures violation, colliers’ sacks, 1617. See Chronicle outline City of Bristol.

George, 1752, see Joannah Flower, see Francis Goodman, 1747

John, gent, d.1714, Betty, his wife, d.1773, Ann, d.o. John & Mary Harrington, d.7.1.1774, George, d.14.2.1781, see Elizabeth Foord, 1684. Bitton, Bigland

Sir John, see Thos Goodhind, 1645

Mary see John, 1714

(See Also Harrington Davis)



Alfred, 20, wife, 1 ch, illness, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Andrew, 1684, Soundwell, half acre, see E.J. p178

Ann d.o. Thomas & Mary Harris from Wick & Abson, bp Puck. 8.1.1772.

Ann see Thomas Moreton, 1840; Betty, see Wm Lear, 1770

Bob see John, 1755, see AKW 1774

Charles, Winterbourne, 1762/156, wills 1541-1800, GRO

Charles, cm, admitted to Liberties of Bristol 19.4.1784 by marriage to Betty, dau of Samuel Blinman, currier, Bristol Burgesses, BRO.

Charles Paulett, late RN, & 60th rifles, died Nov 11 1876 aged 84, MI St George.

Daniel & his son Willie, went to clear a pond at Hanham Court. Daniel went to flood hatch to hold it up & was seized by a fit, fell into water & was drowned. Inq. Report Clifton Chronicle, 30.6.1886

Edward. Cordwainer, Bitton, 26.11.1746, BRO 04435/4

Edward see Thomas, 1740

Edward, cm, admitted to Liberties of Bristol by his marriage to Joyce, d.o. Richard Faulkner, mariner, dec’d, 9.9.1780, Bristol Burgesses; “coalminer of Bitton, (1 vote Cruger) Bristol Poll, 1781

Edward, “notorious rogue” of KW, under sentence of transportation in Newgate. See FFBJ 11.11.1786 & Annals of KW. (1786) convicted 18.10.1786, tsp 7 yrs, see Quarter Sessions ts BRO, see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26

Edward, jun, “New Church”, 28 Apr 1818, gaol records, ref Q/Gc5/2, GRO

Edward, 1822, see BAFHS 74, p36

Edward, jun, “of new church” (i.e. Holy Trinity KW) 8 Aug 1821, gaol records, ref Q/Gc5/2, GRO

Edward, St George, 9 Aug 1823, gaol records, ref Q/Gc5/2, GRO

Edward, cm, of KW Hill outvoter, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1832

Edward see Thos Britton, 1849

Edward, engine driver at Easton collier & of Gothic Cottage, Easton, gave evidence at Inq. On Chas Lovell, see BM 14.1.1860

Elizabeth see Thos Weare, c1710; Frances see Henry Alsop 1717

Elizabeth, Oldland/Bitton, 1764/186, wills 1541-1800, GRO

Francis = Susannah Gough, mar Bitton, 1735

Francis, robbed on his way to work at a coalpit in KW, see FFBJ 2.3.1765, & AKW

Francis, Oldland, Bitton, 1779/157, wills, 1541-1800, GRO

Frederic, 12, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Henry, s.o. John of Bitton, as joiner, Bristol Apprentices 24.6.1607

Henry, collier, Bitton, 1655, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Henry, Pucklechurch, 1819/203, wills, 1801-58, GRO

Hester see Joseph 1738; Isaac see Thomas 1740

Isaac, Bitton, 1783/84, wills 1541-1800, GRO

Jane, 75, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

James of Bitton cm, William Luton, Bitton, cm, agreement between them & Thos Haynes to work pits in Breachyate Common for 4 years. 29 Jan 1729/30, Ref 14581 HA/E/14

James, Bitton, 1742/10, wills 1541-1800, GRO

James, Bitton, 1769/33, wills, 1541-1800, GRO

James, Hanham, 1803/128, will 1801-58, GRO,

James, St George’s, 2 Sep 1822, gaol records, ref Q/Gc5/2, GRO

James see Thos Moreton, 1840, see John Rawbone, 1842

Joan see John Lear 1748

John see Henry, 1607, see John Wood, 1653, see Ann Pinnell, see Henry Pitt, 1737, see Samuel Tippett, 1741

John of Mangots, waggoner, 25.10.1740, see BRO 04435/4

John, 1752, Stapleton, “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775” Wilson-Coldham, V-IX

John (perhaps a connection of Bob Harris who fought Benjamin Brain): “Famous boxing match between John Harris & John Slack, decided Thursday next at Lamb Inn” etc. Also Request for return of Mr Slack’s dog, a pointer named Pero. See FFBJ 1.2.1755 & Annals of KW.

John see Edward Moore, 1828, see Stephen Williams, 1829

Joseph & Hester Harris. Witnesses for defence in King v. Edward Stone, on a charge of rioting in KW. Joseph said Stone was with him going to see Mr Kedgwin Webley & to see if the mob was doing mischief to a horse engine belonging to two other witnesses.  Another Harris, un-named “insisted Stone drank with him at an ale house kept by Henry Iles where riot was supposed to have been plotted. (Ellacombe Vol 2, Book 7, BRL & Annals of KW. )

Joseph, Bitton, 1804/36, wills, 1801-58, GRO

Joseph see Dinah Pow, 1817

Martha, Bitton, 1821/96, wills, 1801-58, GRO

Mary see Robt Brain, 1757; Mary, 21. Idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Matilda, KW, admitted 1897, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Mrs see Thos Bayley, 1749; Priscilla see Thos Britton, 1849

Richard see James Hilman, 1684; Richard, inhab of KW Chase 1684, (Ellacombe BRL)

Robert (Bob) see Benjamin Brain 1791 & John Harris, 1755

Roger see David Cool & George Smith, 1684

Samuel = Elizabeth Stout, mar Bitton,1729

Samuel, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe BRL

Samuel of Bitton, butcher, wid, over 21 & Hannah Deare of St P & J, BMLB 4 Nov 1768

Samuel, horse stolen or strayed in KW, Mangots, belonging to S.H., butcher, SFBJ 18.5.1771

Samuel, Oldland/Bitton, 1774/197, wills 1541-1800, GRO

Samuel, jun. “The son of Mr S. Harris of Longman’s (sic: Longwell) Green, nr Hanham returning from Bristol with a cart loaded with grains, the horse ran off near the May Pole at Hanham and the lad in trying to stop it got entangled between cart and a tree and was crushed to death”. FFBJ 19.3.1808. Inquest report says “Samuel Harris, jun, killed attempting to stop a horse drawing a cart partly loaded with grain coming down Bryant’s Hill, at Hanham. 12.3.1808, D260/GRO

Samuel, cm, of KW Hill, outvoter, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1832

Samuel see Samuel Morton 1844

Sarah, Bitton, 1816/157, wills, 1801-58, GRO

Sarah, Bitton, 31May 1817, gaol records, ref Q/Gc5/1, GRO

Sarah see Dinah Pow, 1817

Sarah Bale, see John Rawbone, 1842

Thomas named in list of fugitives from KW 1667, see Francis Bastyn. (Ellacombe)

Thomas, Edward & Isaac, cms, bond for maintenance of bastard child: £50, Grace Caple & Thomas Harris, 5.11.1740 BRO/PB/OP/8/8

Thomas, tythingman of Oldland 1747, Ellacombe BRL

Thomas, cm, see Henry Stone, 1755

Thomas, re illegal beer selling. “Thomas Harris of Hanham & Oldland, cm, 14 June, last went to the house of Benjamin Caines in H & O and called for a quart of ale and paid Lydia Caines, wife of Benjamin, three pence. 20.7.1763, Ellacombe Mss Vol 9 BRL.

Thomas, 24, Wick, died in fall from horse: also chapter of family accidents. See FFBJ 25.6.1796

Thomas, 1857, see BAFHS 74, p37

William of Bitton & Sarah Hoddinott of Ford, Keynsham mar Keynsham 21.10.1751.

William. Capital farmer of Pucklechurch. Obit. 19.10.1794, Bath Chron.

William see Edward Peacock, 1817; William, cm, Bitton, outvoter, Bristol Poll 1832.

William, aged 60, kcp with others, leaving a wife & large family, See BM 1, 7, & 11 Nov, 1845 & KIACP: “Oct 25 1845 the rope broke at the Middle Pit Soundwell and kill’d 5 men and one had his arm taken off, Wm Harris, Thos Bird, Wm Bassett, Benn Willshire, John Porter killed, George Britton lost his arm”   (Couch)

William see Henry Mills Grace, 1851 census

Willie see Daniel 1886

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Amy, d1771, see Nicholas 1769 & 1797

Brigadier: his regiment “beat to arms” in Bristol & marched into forest after Oct 1738 riot, arrested Samuel Wilmot & seized firearms, See GJ 14.11.1748

Elizabeth, Wick, 1733/12, wills 1541-1800, GRO

Joane, widow, inhab of KW Chase 1684 in Chester’s Liberty. Ellacombe, BRL

John: “We whose names are hereunder subscribed being met in the new church of St George all swear that we have lands tenements etc in the new parish or were vestrymen of St P & J before consecration”. John Harrison, Thomas Willis, Isaac Sweet, John Give, William Williams. 13.9.1756, St Geo Vestry book, BRO

Martha see Richard Francis, 1767

Miss. Marriage, Mr Thomas Peterson of Weston (Bath) to Miss Harrison, only d.o.Mr Harrison, Mangotsfield,. Bath Chron 19.7.1792.

Nicholas of Mangots, bach, o21 & Amy Stone of same, sp o21, BMLB, 1769

Nicholas, d1797 aged 67, & Amy his wife d 1771 aged 34.  Mangots MI E.J. p59

Thomas see Francis Creswick, 1674



Sam. 1691 survey Kingswood Chase, taylor, (sic) ability, rich, wife, children no, house, good, 1 and a half acres, 1 mare, see E.J. p179



John see AKW 1756

Rev., see AKW 1760

R(ichard). see Sir John Newton, 1674; Richard, 1675, BAFHS 52, p36

Richard of Hanham, 40, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

Richard see Francis Creswick, 1674, see Edward Stone, 1680, see Hugh Hyatt, 1683

Sir Richard, Kt, Hanham, Herald’s Visitation, 1682/3 see Bigland

Sir Richard of Hanham, his wife, a sister of Sir William Jones, late Attorney General. Had been about to give succour to Monmouth by giving his cheeses; counter claim by Francis Creswick, 1685. (Ellacombe, “History  of Bitton”.) See James Bundy, 1691, MP for Bristol, see Chronicles, Apr 1691.

Rev Richard of St George, see Thos Willis, 1766

Rev. Richard, £20, Rev Thos Eden, £5, Mrs Calloway’s School £5, Simon Britton, 2/6d, Austin Rossiter, 2/6d, James Phipps, victualler 10/6d, George Jones, horsedealer 4/-, James Fudge, aged labourer, 6d. Contributions to St George War Fund, see D.V. “KW v. Napoleon”.

Rev Richard, of St George, over 50. Obit FFBJ 12.11.1808

William, William, 1721, MD & “Mr William Hart is dead this week, and not sensible to sign his will, so that his riches will go between his half-brother Charles that beyond the sea & the Captain that is a-come.” MD

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Adam, “Last week died at Screws Hole in the 104th year of his age, A.H., a collier, he continued driving horses to town within the last 2 or 3 yrs of his life.” FFBJ 23.12.1758



—– see King, 1722

Eliner see Samuel Iles, 1758

John Harvord, collier, Staplton, 1640, probate inventory, BRO

John see William Hook, 1780

Samuel, collier, widower, & Ann Barsable, wid, pin manufacturer of Siston, mar Bitton, 24.9.1815.

William Harverd, of Downend, baker, 1702, see BAFHS 36, p27, probate inventory, BRO



Esther, Warmley, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).

George see Jacob, 1815

George, carter at Crown Pit, Warmley (Mr Thomas Waters’) says he is 13, looks no more than 9 or 10, draws coal with another boy, 2cwt at a time 8 score rails on rails, earns 6d a day, seldom has enough to eat, has been without food sometimes 2 or 3 days. Father earns 12/- a week at the spelter works; has 7 brothers & sisters; gets what he can catch; never had a pair of shoes or stockings in his life. Works in partnership with George Chambers. (Waring, 17.5.1841, see also Thos Waters & Geo Chambers)

Hugh see Jacob, 1815

Isaac, bailiff at Easton coalworks 1838. Gave evidence in respect of machinery at inquest Jacob Pillinger & others killed Easton pit. See BJ 23.6.1838

Jacob, Hugh, Samuel & George, sons of Mary Harvey, sister of Eleanor Johnson, see Eleanor Johnson. 1815

Mary see Jacob, 1815; Samuel see John Crips, 1681/2

Samuel. His house, 1709, Hanham Baptist, meeting of Protestant dissenters 1709, GRO/Q/S03

Samuel see Jacob, 1815

Samuel, kcp Hole Lane Coalpit by stone falling on him, Inq. 23.4.1817, Oldland Common, D260/GRO

Susan see John Crips, 1681/2

Thomas see Ann Crew, 1849; William see Ann Crew, 1849

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Mr, see Mrs Emett, his daughter, 1810



Captain, see Peter Moreton, 1817

Daniel of Stapleton, No Land Tax, Glos/ Election, SFBJ 15.2.1777

Edward see Nathaniel Fry 1773

Edward, leather factor of City at his home in Upper Easton, obit BJ 5.4.1806

George, 28, wife, 3 ch, rheumatism, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Jacob, cm, 60, not born in county, census 1841, Wick, in fam gp with Mary, John, 15, collier & James, 15, collier.



Aaron kcp & bur Siston 8.4.1774, & KCP & AKW; Aaron see Daniel, 1823

Abraham see John Pool, 1817

Abraham, Bitton, 1854/152, wills, 1801-58, GRO

Ann see Thos Taylor, 1795

Betty see Christina 1749/50; Charles, see Henry Willis, 1817

Christiana d.o. Isaac & Betty of Bristol, bp Tytherington, 1749/50, BAFHS 49, p21 (Christiana bur 22 Feb 1751 aged 1 mth) p22

Daniel, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p194

Daniel collier, KW Hill, wife Mary, their son Aaron bp HTKW 1823

Edward, Siston, 1838/115, wills 1801-58, GRO

Elizabeth see Isaac, 1751

Elizabeth, bastard, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).

Elizabeth – see Robert King, 1872

Fanny see Joseph, 1848; mar Charles Burchill, Lyncombe Bath 1885 & had a dau Mary Jane (May) Burchill, re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

George, Hanham, 24 Feb 1848, Q/Gc6/1, gaol reg, GRO

George, Bitton, 1851/153, wills 1801-58, GRO

George, Kingswood, 17 Feb 1872, Q/Gc6/6, gaol reg, GRO

Grace see John Norman 1759

Hartley, 18, alleged at Lawford’s Gate Petty sessions to be father of a child born to Emily Green, wid, 41, mother of 3 other children. Defendant was apprentice of Mr Pullin, wheelwright, KW, father of Mrs Green. Case excited much interest and its approaches were crowded. Case dismissed. See B0 20.2.1868.

Henry, Warmley. 1741, Wills at Gloucester

Henry, Bitton, 1763, Wills at Gloucester

Henry, Bitton, 1842/155, wills 1801-58, GRO

Henry, Siston, 19 March 1847, Q/Gc6/1, gaol reg, GRO

Henry, Kingswood, 5 Jun 1850, Q/Gc6/2, gaol reg, GRO

Hester, 68, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Isaac one of  12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick after his expulsion by Wesley, 1740 see John Cennick’s diary.

Isaac see Samuel Tippett, 1741

Isaac = Elizabeth (Betty) see Christina, 1749, Isaac 1751, James, 1753

Isaac s.o. Isaac & Elizabeth of Temple, bp Tytherington, 1751/2, BAFHS 49, p21

James, kcp & bur Siston, 30.8.1738 & KCP.

James s.o. Isaac & Betty of Temple, , bp Tytherington, 1753, BAFHS 49, p22

James cm, kcp falling down a pit belonging to Samuel Whittuck, Inq. 14.3.1804, Queens Head, Hanham, D260/GRO KIACP

James, b. Kingswood Hill, Somerset (sic) 28th Foot, 1848-52, discharged aged 22. WO 97/472/44

James, St George, 12 Nov 1872, Q/Gc6/6, gaol reg, GRO

Jane Haskins (wid of Joseph) mar Francis Patrick Burnett at St James, Bristol, 1856, re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

John, 1675, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27, probate inventory, BRO

John, Pucklechurch, 5 Jan 1853, Q/Gc6/2, gaol register, GRO

John, Pucklechurch, 17 May 1856, Q/Gc6/3, gaol reg, GRO

Joseph mar Jane Thomas at Bath Abbey, 1848, and had a dau Fanny, re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Mary see Daniel, 1823

Minnie, of Warmley, authoress:  ‘I said to the man who stood at the Gate of the Year, “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.” And he replied ” Go out into the darkness, and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”‘  These famous words were used by the king, George VI, in his Christmas broadcast of 1939, the first Christmas of the 2nd World War.

Nathaniel, yeo, transcripts of Mangots wills, 1689, BRO, probate inventory, BRO & see BAFHS 36, p27

Philip, Pucklechurch, 1778 Wills at Gloucester

Robert, Siston, 1 Mar 1851, Q/Gc6/2, gaol reg, GRO

Rodney: of KW, lost fight (38 rounds) to Dick Horton, navigator, see FFBJ 12.9.1807 & “The amateurs of the first held a great muster at Kington Down near Marshfield to gratify their taste with a new fixed battle between Dick Horton the Navigator & Rodney Haskins, a fighter with some celebrity living in Kingswood, which after 38 severe rounds terminated in favour of Dick, though not till Rodney had a severe beating and proved himself good game, being possessed of a great knowledge of that brutal exercise.” FFBJ 31 Jul 1824

Samuel, Syston, 1763 Wills at Gloucester

Samuel, b. “Manglesfield” 9th Dragoons, 1808-27, discharged aged 36. WO 97/61/100 National Archives

Susannah, see John Ball, 1734

Thomas, Syston, 1734  Wills at Gloucester

Thomas, cm, & Batty Adams, sp, mar Bitton, 24.9.1759

Thomas Haskins, William, his son, aged 11, James Horwood, 15 & John Fudge, 60, killed falling down a coalpit at Pile Marsh (Mr Butler) by breaking of the rope. Another man “extremely ill”. Inq. Kings Arms Oldland 9.8.1806. D60/GRO & KIACP.

Thomas, Oldland, 1848/ 205, wills 1801058, GRO

Thomas, St George, 5 Aug 1848 Q/Gc6/1, gaol reg, GRO

William, cm, 20, died of violent contusion of the brain by falling down coalpit belonging to Mr Peter Bush. Inq. Flower pot, Oldland, 30.1.1797. Kcp & bur 30.1.1797, Siston burial register. See also KIACP.

William see Thomas, 1806



Ann Hathway see Thos Iles, 1688; Ann Hathaway see Geo Bush 1714

Arthur Hathway see Francis Creswick 1674

Cotton, West., will at GRO,1730

Daniel Hathway of Bitton, settlement, W & A, 22.7.1816 P/Abs/BRO

Dorothy Hathway see Geo Shepherd 1715

Edward Hathway of Puck & Sarah Smart of Siston mar Yate 2.6.1719

Edward, jun, Winterbourne, 1729, probate inventory, BRO

Edward Hathaway, Mangots & Elizabeth Gandy of Puck. By lic, St P & J 19.7.1750

Edward see Elizabeth, 1807

Edward Hathway, cm, 30 born county 1841 cens West., in fam gp with Elizabeth & 2 ch.

Elizabeth Hathway see Stephen Somerhill, 1719

Elizabeth, aged 83, relict of Edward, esq, of Pucklechurch, obit FFBJ 2.5.1807

Elizabeth Hathway see Edward 1841

Francis, Hathaway butcher, bur West, 4.12.1715

Hannah Hathway see Thos Sutton, 1785

Henry Hathwaye, husbandman, 1649 Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27, probate inventory, BRO

Henry Hathway, aged 21 with Mark Hathway aged 19 & others found guilty of stealing a ewe from Walter Swayne at Puck. 12 mths with hard labour, Mark, 9 mths. See FFBJ 1841

James Hathaway, W & A, will at GRO, 1725

James Hathaway, apprehended at Bridgeyate on suspicion of committing several footpad robberies in the Bath Road. “A most notorious character, said to have been connected with the notorious Dick Boy who was some years since executed at St Michel’s Hill.  (Undated, early 1800s, in “Bristol Fragments” at  BRL (Presumably refers to the same man as the next named)

James Hathway. “The fellow who has recently committed so many daring robberies the neighbourhood of Bath was Sunday apprehended at Warmley in Cock Road, through vigilance of Police Officers & identified by 2 persons he had robbed.” FFBJ 26.6.1813

James Hatherway, cm, Bitton, wife Jane formerly Kindon, then to her 3 children by her first marriage, share & share alike, Peter & Mary Kindon, will dated 1814, proved 1815, Bitton parish papers BRO.

Jane, widow, 1693, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27, probate inventory, BRO

Jane Hathway of Puck & Robert Nicholls, Saltford, 1767, lic.

Jane Hathaway see James 1814

John Hathway see James Charmbury, 1640

John Hathaway see Henry Tripwick, 1669, see Francis Creswick, 1674

John Hathaway of Bitton & Ann Tiley of Kelston, mar Kelston 3 Aug 1691

John Hathway, “a poor woman, being murdered by John Hathway  was buried” at Bitton , 25.4.1697.

John Hathaway, W & A, will at GRO,1725

John, Hathaway bond for a bastard child lodged with Mr Parker. Bitton Vestry Minutes 1.11.1761

John Hathway of Rodney Avenue, KW, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910.

Mark Hathway see Henry 1841

Martha Hathway, wid,. Probate copy of her wil. 15.4.1690. Ref D2957/47/4. GRO

Robert Hathway of Puck & Mary Pritchard of West. Mar Cold Ashton, 1738

Samuel Hathaway see Henry Tripwick, 1669

Samuel Hathaway, lease 7 yrs from Richard Haynes of W & A to S.H., Richard Vowles, & his son Richard Vowles, Obediah Vowles & John Vowles, coalworkers to work mines on waste belonging to manor, Richard Haynes to have 1 tent of coal dug. 29.7.1689. BRO 14581

Sarah Hathaway, see Richard Attwood, 1654, see George Bush, 1714

Sidney, 13, born Warmley, 1891 census Truant School for Boys, Southwell St, Bristol

Thomas of West., mar Mary North at Dyrham, 1732

Thomas Atheway (sic) Wick, collier, 13.9.1784. Settlement exam, Bitton, BRO.

William Hathway, collier, Mr Player’s Liberty, 1624, quarter acre. Mangotsfield, see E.J., p177

William Hathway, collier in 1684 list of inhabs of KW Chase. (Ellacombe)

William Hathway, drinking at Kings Arms, Westerleigh got into altercation with T. Gibbs, jun., relative of landlord. H. who was intoxicated fell backwards on his head & died. Left a wife & 13 children. FFBJ 19.3.1814.

William Hathaway, mangled by machinery at coalworks, Puck, engaged with engineer making alterations to part of machinery without having secured wheels, every limb broken & torn from his body. G.J. 9.3.1833 (also editorial comments concerning coalpit safety),  FFBJ 16.3.1833.  & KCP.

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Arthur see William, 1884

John o21, bach, miner, KW, s.o. Wm, miner & Elizabeth Howard, o21, sp, shoemaker KW mar 23.9.1848 at HTKW

John see William, 1884

Mary, married, Stapleton, bur in woollen, Sept 1733, B32433/5 BRL

Sarah see Wm, 1823; Ursula see Aaron Peacock 1849

William Hathrell, collier of Mount hill, wife Sarah, their son William bp 1823 HTKW

William see John 1849, see Aaron Peacock 1849

William, 17, gun fatality at Old Sodbury, brother of Arthur, see BT & M 10.7.1884





Elizabeth & Richard see Edward Prin, 1660



William, 1691 survey of KW, horse driver, ability indifferent, wife, no children, indifferent house, qtr acre, 2 cows, 6 horses, see E.J. p179



William, Hanham, will at GRO,1726



Mr, of Fire Engine Public House, Kingswood. (St Geo) (1786) see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26

—- see Stephen Williams, 1829



Richard, 1691 survey of KW Chase, naylor, ability poor, no wife, no child, indifferent house, eighth acre, 4 horses, see E.J. p179

Thomas: “Monday died Mrs Hawkes, mother of Mr Thos Hawkes who lately kept the Fire Engine Inn at KW. Obit BMBJ. 21.12.1781



—– see Francis Creswick 1674

Abijah, “carpenter & sawyer” John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Ann see John 1696, see Thos Britton, 1781

Edward see George, 1861; Elizabeth see Hester Powell, 1833. See also “The Times” 13.3.1833

Catherine Hawkings, 48, of St George Glos, in Ilchester gaol, 20.7.1822. SRO Q/AGi 15/1

George, cm, 28, born Glos, Jane, 22, wife, born Somerset, Edward,2, son, born Monmouthshire, 1861 cens. Aberdare, Ystradyfodwg, Heolfach, S. Wales.

Jane see George, 1861

Joane: Richard Lyte otp Millard (sic) & Joane Hawkins of Bitton, widow, mar Keynsham Dec 1653

John Hawkins, Anthony Saunders to John Burgess; lands called Grainge Croft, Cleeves, Edenfield, West Hannam, 8.8.1696 GRO D247/5

John Halkings (sic) of Dirham, day lab, caveat to John Britting (Britton) & Samuel Jones overseers of poor at Bitton to find meate & drinke for mother Ann Halkings during her life. (c.1696,, loose in Bitton register 1760-81see Brittons of KW Chase.)

John see Benjamin Gullick 1798, see Samuel Bryant 1828

Joseph see James Peacock 1814

Mr, see AKW 1767; “One Hawkins” see James Bundy 1691

Robert, 1627, see BAFHS 52, p35

Thomas, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p195

Thomas of Soundwell, cm, had worked 9 mths at Easton but had been underground for 50 yrs. One of rescuers. Gave evidence at Inq., on David Webb, 1894.

Thomas, 42, wife, 4 ch, illness, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

William see Wm Horrell, 1684

William and —– Monke, “two despicable wretches”,  KW cottagers tempted by Sir John Newton with £10 each to swear falsely against Francis Creswick 1685, during Monmouth affair. See Ellacombe, History of Bitton.

William, cm & Mary Legg, sp, mar Bitton, 18.11.1759

William, 61, wife, rheumatism, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897



Richard, in a list of fugitives from KW 1667, see Francis Bastyn.



Thomas, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Benjamin, St George, well sinker, St George,Glos Gaol, 1829, GRO Ref Q/Gc5/3

Francis of St George & Hannah Simons, lic, Winterbourne, 6.1.1795

Francis of St George, Glos, wid, & Hannah Caple of Dundry, lic, Dundry, 12.11.1807

Francis, kcp, (Messrs Castle) by stone & rubbish falling on him, Inq. 21.12.1811, Mangots. D260/GRO

Hannah, Bitton, will 1843, GRO

Hester see Richard Pearce, 1727

John, lab, St George, Glos Gaol, 1835, GRO Q/GC5/5

Mr see John Wood, 1653

Robert Hays see John Gould, 1684

William, at Wms, (sic) collier, now Ric: Vickris, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe, BRL





— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Haynes papers at BRO under reference 14581

Allford see James 1841

Ann Haines see John Hulbert 1762

Ann, “Dec 8 at Downend in her 96th year, wid. Of late Rev Christopher Haynes, rector of Siston”, obit BG 14.12.1843

Christopher, vicar of Mangots, 1769-1805. Also Rector of Syston for 30 years. See E.J. p61

Christopher: Rev Christopher Haynes seeks pupils to instruct in Latin & Greek. Bath Chron, 12.2.1784

Christopher, see Dinah Jefferies, 1787

Christopher see Ann 1843

Edward see Thos 1608; Eliza see James 1841

Elizabeth see Chas Stone, 1666, see Arthur Britton, 1759

Febe see Widow Haynes, 1760; Frederick see James 1841

George, s.o. Thomas & Mary, see Thos ca1800. Born Hambrook, Glos, 1823 (1851 cens aged 28) collier, Blackwood, Gwent, mar 26.12.1850 at Bedwelty, Sarah Coleman, born Bedwelty ca1830, dau of Abraham collier.

Giles, see Wm Osborne, 1598

Harriet dau of Thos & Mary, see Thos Haynes 1800. Born St George, Glos, ca 1826, mar 27.10.1851 at Bedwelty, Gwent, to George Collier, born Ston Aston, Som. collier s.o. William, collier.

Harriet Haines see Wm Glanzey 1804, see James, 1841

Hester see Wid. Haynes 1760

James cm & Sarah Keyns [sic] sp. mar Bitton, 9.9.1758

James, cm, 40, born county, cens Bitton 1841 (Batch) in fam gp with Sarah, 40, Eliza, 21, Frederick, 19. Thos, 16, Harriet 11, Job, 6, Allford,4.

Job see James, 1841

John Haynes, carpenter, 1623, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

John, yeo, Mangots, 1709, see BAFHS 36, p26, probate inventory, BRO

Mary Haines see Edward Lear, 1724, see Wm Long, 1762

Mary, see Thos Haynes, ca 1800. Remarried after death of Thomas, Henry Fisher, a collier, 1851 lived at “Yew Tree” Blackwood, Gwent; he a collier & beer retailer born St George. His sons were cms all born in Mynydd Islwyn.

Mr see Colston Vizard c1814

Nicholas, Winterbourne, miller, 1641, probate inventory, BRO

Richard see Edward Woolie, 1629

Richard Haynes d 1727, married Ann d.o. Christopher Cole of Charlton, Was JP, High Sheriff of Glo’shire 1700. Lord of the Manor of Wick & Abson.

Richard see Samuel Hathaway, 1669, see Stephen Summerill 1727, see Joseph Langton, 1765, see John Woodward, 1792, see Mrs Fremantle, 1808, see James Taylor, 1810. See Geo Whitehead 1811, see An Britton, 1812, see James Guest, 1818

Richard (Dick Boy); executed. See 26 Apr 1800, FFBJ. Born Bitton, Oldland Green ca 1766, s.o. a collier with whom he worked in the pit until aged 13, when apprenticed as a hatter. Took up minor theft with “One Carey”. Acquitted of a theft near Lansdowne. Near Downend, he and Carey robbed & beat a Mr Crach who was found dead next day. Further robbery nr Kelston for which Carey was condemned and hanged. A few days after Carey was hanged Haynes took the body from its grave & carried it home to Bitton. He then went to London. Transported to Botany Bay. After 3-4 yrs escaped, returned to Europe and took service with an English gent in Germany. Robbed him and came to England. Returned to Oldland with a bride he said was dau of a German nobleman but in fact came from Westerleigh. The wife committed a robbery in London for which she was hanged. Haynes became a boxer and had fights with “Big Ben” – (see Benjamin Brain) (1794) apprehended Bristol accused of stealing a silver tankard, tried to escape by shooting at the officer who tried to arrest him. Condemned and hanged, St Michael’s Hill, 25.4.1800. See Pamphlet 25262(4) BRO. Richard “Haines”, 34, executed, bur St Michael, 27.4.1799.

Richard Haynes & Charles Emett, worked at Church Farm Colliery, Mangots, 1860s. (See “Collieries of KW & S. Glos”, Cornwell.

Samuel & Thomas Haines, tythingmen, Bitton, 1747. (Ellacombe BRO)

Samuel see Chas Brooks, 1759, see Wid. Haynes, 1760

Samuel Haynes, 12.4.`762, Bitton Vestry Order Book, apprentices under Poor Law, 40/- with each apprentice: Samuel Haynes to John Wood, George Bryant to George Bryant, Wm Long to Geo Wilmot, Abraham Long to David Barnes, Constant Wilmot to John Ford, Elizabeth Caple to Martha Seldon. See also Wm Long, 1762.

Samuel Haines, collier of Whites Hill 1770-1840, St George.

Samuel Haynes of Oldland Common aged 108, left a widow 2 yrs older than himself, 4 daus. All widows, 22 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren 2 great great grandchildren. Obit 3.5.1828, FFBJ

Sarah see James 1841

Sylvan Haynes see Wid. Haynes, 1760. Silvia Haynes, sic, mar John Pillinger, Bitton, 1785.

Thomas, collier, s.o. Edward, aged abt 20,middle stature, suitable as a musketeer, West. 1608 men & Armour.

Thomas see Henry Tripwick, 1669, Jane Hole, 1729, see James Harris 1729, see Philip Rose 1730, see Sam Summerill 1734/7  see Thos King 1737, see Thos Pruett 1738, see Richd Ward 1740, see Geo Ruddle 1742

Thomas Haines see Samuel, 1722

Thomas of Wick: letter to Rogers Holland, & reply, BRO 09701 25/26 22.3.1732/3 & 14 April 1734

Thomas – BRO Ref 09701(25)letter re Kingswood Turnpike. 22 Mar 1732/3

Thomas – BRO 09701 (26) letter re Kingswood colliers petition to king. 14 Apr 1733

Thomas see Henry Stone, 1755/6, see Christopher Williams, 1758

Thomas Haynes, Hains, Haines, or Hayns: born nr St George, died prior to 1850, occupation coal tipper, coal baker, according to children’s marriages 1850 & 1851, mar Mary ca 1820, she born St Geo, Glos, ca 1800 according to 1851 cens, Bedwelty. Information from descendant Mari Alderman. See Mary & Harriet, above.

Thomas cm, killed when 1 ton weight rubbish fell on him. Inquest Oldland D260/GRO & KCP.

Thomas see James 1841

Widow Haynes’ family: Hester, abt 1. Dinah, 9, Samuel, 8, Febe, 3, Sylvan, 2, allowed 3 weeks to get them placed else all that are of age go to apprentices. (Bitton Orders 26.12.1760); Samuel Haynes aged 9 apprenticed to John Wood, of Bitton, esq., to learn husbandry until 24, Bitton Orders 9.3.1762.

William Hains: “Sheriff’s execution levied upon one W.H. of KW without the least objection; no officer within memory of oldest man living has been able to effect an undertaking of this nature in so peaceable a manner.” GJ 17.7.1739, congratulating Wesley & friends on improvements in behaviour in KW under their influence.

William, s.o. Thos & Mary, see Thomas c. 1800, cm, b. Mynydd Islwyn ca 1829, mar Anne Davies at Bedwelty in 1850. See Thomas Faraday, 1850.



Mary Margaret Haythorne, beloved & amiable wife of John Haythorne of Hill House, Mangots, dau & co-heiress of Edward Curtis of Mardyke House, Clifton, obit 17.1.1829, BM



Emily 42, scrofula, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Frank, see Thos Britton, 1912; May see Edward Stone, 1718

Rowland: List of Lords of the Manor of Hanham Abbots: R.H., 1553, Ursula Gresly, 1553, John Reed, 1555, John Lacey, 1556, T. Colston, 1633, Francis Creswick, 1638, John White, 1842, G.W. Hancock, 1869 (Braine)

Susanna of Milcom (Melksham) Wilts, bur St P & J, 1633, “from Wm Waters’ House, called Venes House, KW farthest house in the parish that side.” PR.

William Hayward, Robert Sams, John Clark, John Saunders, John Luckley, Kingswood seamen aboard “Defiance” July 1760, MV Muster Rolls.





Benjamin of Park House Keynsham & Anna Maria, d.o. Mr George Burgess, of the Queens Head, Willsbridge, mar announcement FFBJ 16.12.1826.

Sergeant of Police, witness in trial of Joseph Brittain (Britton) and others, highway robbery see BJ 6.4.1850



Thomas, 11, born Hanham, 1891 census Truant School for Boys, Southwell St, Bristol



Hebbon the carrier, see MD 1722



Thomas, feltmaker of Mangots & Anne Parker, sp, BMLB 10.4.1708



Ben: see Sir John Newton, 1674, see John Burnell, 1674



— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Edward, cm, Hanham, outvoter, Bitton, Bristol Electoral Roll, 1832

Elizabeth see Thos Hemmings, 1847

Elizabeth, 83,aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

George Hemings, tailor, 1663, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

George, Mangots, premises objected, Joseph Betts also examined. Voters in Glos Election. SFBJ 15.2.1777

Jane see John Collins, 1730, see Thos, 1735, see Thos, 1747

John, butcher, bur 1771, Siston PR

Martha see Joseph Stibbs 1805

Mary, Mangots, 26 & Daniel Barrett, 28, cooper, St Maryport, BMLB 1679/80  

Mary see James Sweet, 1815

Richard, Bitton, cm, bach, o21 & Sarah Rogers, of St George, 30.5.1767, BMLB.

Robert Hemming of Mangots, & Joan Halster mar Winterbourne, 21.6.1675

Robert Hemmins of Hanham had his arm so dreadfully mutilated, part torn off by the wheel of an engine at one of Mr Whittuck’s coalworks, that being taken to the Infirmary amputation was necessary above the elbow, see FFBJ 1.4.1848

Samuel cm, & Hannah Browning, sp, banns, 16.12.1759, Bitton.

Samuel, cm, & Hester Fudge, sp, servant, mar 27.3.1815, Bitton.

Sarah Hemens, see John Broad, 1666

Sarah, 16, Mangots, amenhorrea, BRI inpatients, 1789.

Thomas, cm, of Siston, aged 21, in 1735. Rescued from coalpit at Two Mile Hill 1735, after 10 days underground, see Pamphlet 1762, Ellacombe Mss & broadsheet at KW Council Offices. Blinded in later pit explosion, bp Mangots 28.8.1714 s.o. Wm & Jane. See also Annals of KW.

Thomas cm 19, kcp when a qty of timber fell on him whilst descending pit at Puck. Inq. 11.6.1796. D260/GRO Bur Mangots 12.6.1796. See KCP.

Thomas, cm, Mangots Common, 1847, (coalpit bailiff 1865) wife Elizabeth, formerly Taylor, dau Jane b 1847 mar Geo Hand, blacksmith & Methodist lay preacher at KW, 1865. Info from Birth Cert supplied by Michael Hand, 12 Greencourt Rd, Orpington, see also Mary Ann Hand.

Thomas, 53, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

William see Thomas, 1735, see John Coggins, 1828



Charlotte, the wife of Richard, who died 20.12.1775 aged 53.

“Here lies a pilgrim wearied out on Earth

Her friends lament in vain her absent worth

Her weakness the grave shall ever hide

Her brother keeps the soul for which she died

Suffice to say she lovd and was from all removed.”

(I cannot say what this means?)

John Henderson BA of Pembroke College. Oxford, departed this life at Oxford, 2.11.1788 aged 31.

“With hold the hand, nor seek thee chisels and

To add a mole hill to a mount of fame

Tell humble stone here Henderson is laid

And bear the best of epitaphs his name.”

Richard the father of John Henderson died 14.2.1792 aged 75. Gravestone at former Churchyard of St George, MIs copied and files at Bristol Museum. (See AKW for portraits of John Henderson)

Robert, “Wednesday sennight, at the home of Mr Robert Henderson, Chapel House, Oldland, Mrs Ann Jones, wid of late Mr Thos Jones, farrier & innkeeper, Broadmead, FFBJ 2.4.1814. (Obit of Mrs Jones)

Edward T.R., 24, b St Philips, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p27

John see Charlotte, 1775

Mary Isabella see James Dobson 1816

Richard see Charlotte, 1775; Robert see James Dobson, 1816



Aaron see Edward 1824

Ann, 75, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Arthur, “wrought at Soundwell” circa 1859, see p223 E.J

Charles cm, kcp fell from Landway to bottom of Engine pit, Puck, 35 fathoms, Inq. 29 Jul 1814, Salutation Mangots. D260/GRO & KCP

Edward see Ann Johnson, 1802

Edward, cm, Soundwell, wife Elizabeth, children Samuel (1824) & Aaron, (1825) bp HTKW

Eli, worker pre 1900 at Howes Candle Factory KW Hill, 1820-1842 etc, see article by DV EP 3.12.1953

Elizabeth see Edward 1824

George, cm, 26, KW, burglary at the house of Benjamin Gay of Siston who was assaulted and put in fear of his life, 5 ft 8 and a half inches, illiterate, brown hair, grey eyes, long face, long nose, brown complexion had been in S. Glos Militia, removed 2.9.1833, death recorded Glos Q/S. GRO

George, drowned, aged 32, burial register Bitton, 28.7.1843.

George, 69, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; George, 66, wife, aged Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Hannah, decd, see Ann Johnson, 1802; Hannah see Eleanor Johnson, 1815,

Hannah Gladys, see Francis Fitz Benjamin 1892

James, 64, wife, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

John see Eleanor Johnson, 1815, see Francis Fitz Benjamin 1892

John, 89, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Joseph see Joseph Burchill, 1848

Mary see James Walker, 1745, Mary, nee Willmott, see Edward Willmott, 1757, see Eleanor Johnson, 1815

Mary, 80, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Samuel see Edward 1824

Thomas, named in a list of “fugitives from KW” 1667, see Francis Bastyn, 1667.

Thomas, see Edward Willmott, 1757

Thomas, Bitton, land in tenure of Joseph Palmer, objected to, no freehold, 22.2.1777, SFBJ,20.2.1777, BG. Glos Election.

Thomas, consideration money, Soundwell Coal Works, Thos Hendy’s family. 2/24: £306.15.0d, 31 May 1813, Ellacombe.



Albert, 24, Warmley Tower, kcp Deep Pit, Nov 1910, married only 3 weeks before, see Sidney Smith.

James alias Handley, bach, mar Jane Smith, sp, Saltford, 1764

Jane, 77, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Samuel of Warmley, boilermaker, body of his son Albert of Siston Common, kcp Deep Pit Nov 1910, see WDP 21.11.1910.



John, 17, b St George, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p27



Bro: Baptist. Preached in KW 18 May 1682.



John, secretary to KW Coal & Iron Co, during strike 1874. See his letter addressed to Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, date 1.4.1874, see WDP 1.5.1874. See Supplement to KCP

John, of Lodge Cottage, KW, secretary, to Handel Cossham, & 1st Secretary of Cossham Hospital, Obit BO 25.11.1922.



Isaac, admitted to Bristol Liberties 13.10.1774, by marriage to Joyce, d.o. Henry Jones, rough mason, dec’d., Bristol Poll book, 1781, collier of Stapleton, 1774 & 1781.



Hester see John Pullin, 1799



Thomas “Tom” – one of the night men at Easton Pit 1881 – and a sculptor: “Some bits of curious sculpture are pointed out, the work of Mr Tom Herridge, carved on the projecting pieces of the natural rock, done in his spare moments.” See Work in Bristol, a series of sketches of the chief manufactories of the city (1883) reprinted Easton News, April 1981.



Elizabeth see Francis Jefferies, 1747



Abigail  & William see Sir John Newton, 1699



Mr see —–Turner, 1853

Mr, (Henry) master, Coalpit Heath Colliery, see WDP 30.5.1874, see SGMRG newsletter, no 32, Dec 2012

Nicholas Hewet, see Walter Houte, 1410



Robert of F.C. & Elizabeth Cross, mar Wapley & Codrington, 21.3.1790



Anne see Samuel 1826

  1. J. see Mrs, 1803

Mary Ann see Samuel 1826

Mrs Hewlett, wife of J. Hewlett, brickmaker, Upper Easton, Obit 17.12.1803, FFBJ

Samuel, collier, Soundwell, wife Anne, dau Mary Anne bp HTKW 1826



Betty bur Bitton, 31.7.1794

Charles Hibbert otp bach mar Betty Britton otp wid, Bitton, 1.3.1773

Charles Hibbard, wheelwright, Bristol, see John Pugh, 1778

Charles Hibbert/Sarah Martin mar Bitton 27.12.1795

Hester, bur Bitton 26.10.1806

Joseph bur Bitton 5.11.1806

Thomas Hibbert/Ruth Iles, mar Bitton, 24.12.1798

Thomas Hibbard/Jane Morgan mar St P & J 10.6.1852



Abel of Mangots & Hannah Gingell of Siston, mar Siston 1744

Abel, “Tar” (sailor) in his 91st year, living Crew’s Hole, survivor of the wreck of the “Royal George” at Spithead, 29.8.1782, worked as a labourer until 80, now on parish relief of 1/6d per week. BMerc 31.1.1852“The solitary survivor of the wreck of the “Royal George” is now living at St George’s, Gloucestershire. His name is Abel Hibbs aged 91. Until lately he was a hale old man but is now bedridden, his only support the Poor Rate.”(Report, Wells Journal, 3.1.1852)

In 1841 Abel was a labourer, living alone at Crew’s Hole. In 1851 he was a widower, born Downend, a lodger at Trubody’s Hill, St George, in the house of William Feltham, a hawker. The census helpfully gives the information “aged 90, Relief from Parish, mariner-at-war, and one of the survivors of the ill-fated Royal George”. It is obvious the census man was very impressed by the ancient mariner to add this information to the form.  Abel’s death was registered shortly after the newspaper article in the March Quarter of 1852.

On 29 August 1782, whilst undergoing repairs at Spithead, the Royal George began to take on water. She capsized and sank very quickly with the loss of 900 lives, who included 300 women and 90 children who were on the ship saying farewell to their menfolk who were about to embark from England. Only one child, a little boy, survived by clinging on to a sheep which had been on board.

The remaining officers and crew (most of whom were dead) were tried by Court Martial but exonerated from blame.  It was suggested the accident was due to the decaying of the timbers.


Abraham see Stephen Moreman, 1821/59; Ann see Stephen Moreman, 1821/59

Charles, collier aged 14, 1841 cens Westerleigh

Jane & Sarah Hibbs, Mangots, 1773, to America, see Coldham.

Jeremiah, 71, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Mary Ann, 75, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Sarah se Jane, 1773



Annie Minnie see Joseph Kilminster. 1907

Joseph see Eliza Emma, 1914

Stephen see Edwin Kilminster 1907


HICKS (unless otherwise spelt)

Arthur Hickes, coal carrier; now widow, Kat: Hickes; inhabitants of Kingswood Chase, 1684. (Ellacombe Mss, Vol 2. (Bristol ref Lib.)

Caroline, 71, paralysis, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Christian see Thos Webb, 1752

Elizabeth: aged 67 of Bath Road. Died “in the cholera” & buried St George, 4 Sep 1832

Emily, 20, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

  1. of St George, see Sampson & Wm Fry, 1822.

Francis, of London Road, Kingswood, collier, gave information about the theft of 4 hempen sacks from his cart. 18.11.1786, BRO Qs Ts

George of Crews Hole, in the prime of life, obituary, FFBJ 8.6.1805

Harmon, 70, wife, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Henry: a collier at Golden Valley, Bitton. He found William Pratten dead in Engine House at Golden Valley Pit. A vagrant called Thos. Fennell alias Lazarus was charged with murder, later reduced to manslaughter, because Pratten had been taunting him & throwing water over him. Sentenced to Six months. See Bristol Mercury 3 Apr 1886.

Henry. Killed in action, 27.8.1917

Jacob, 1743, MI Mangots, E.J.p39

James Hickes & wife. Inhabitants of Siston 1674. (Par Records – at BRO – vicar made a perambulation of parish)

John, a tythingman of Bitton, 1722. Ellacombe Mss. BRL

John, labourer at Crews Hole, St George. Witnessed will of James Guest, 1 Jan 1818. (BRO)

Katherine see Arthur, 1684, above

Mary of St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol, & Samuel Potter of Bitton, coalminer, married Yate, 1706

Mary, Jan, 1755, MI Mangots, E.J.p39

Samuel, 1829, aged 88, MI Mangots, E.J.p39

Widow, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p194

William Hickes, Mangots, cooper & Elizabeth Ponting, BMLB, 1663/4

William, July, 1750, MI Mangots, E.J.p39

William, horse driver, St George (?) witness to will of Edward Greenaway, St George, Sep 1779, BRO

William Hickes owner of quarry at Crews Hole, St George which he sub let to James Price. James Price (69) & his son in law James Bryant had a dispute with Hickes & went to quarry. In the melee they shot a man called Joseph Pearce by mistake. Both indicted for murder. Price died in gaol before coming to trial. Bryant remanded. See FFBJ 21 Sep 1851.

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Mary see Samuel Potter 1706



Edward, of Frenchay, condemned for theft at Carmarthen Assizes see FFBJ 19.9.1767 & Oct 1767 & AKW



Daniel, collier mar Mary, child Thomas bp Yate 14.1.1707

Elizabeth see Thos Gregory 1701

Henry William see Richmond below; Lavinia see Richmond, below

Lewis, Yate, will at GRO,1730; Mary see Daniel 1707

Richmond Thomas, sugar refiner, 28, mar Lavinia Chapman at St James, Bristol. Their son Henry Robert of Westerleigh, lab, 7th Company, see John Pugh, 1778

Thomas see Daniel 1707

William Higgs, joined Navy at 15 and gave date and place of birth 9.5.1868, St Philips, occupation weaver. Details sought by Norma Dummer, 4 Seldon Close, Oliver’s Battery, Winchester SO22 4JG

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Jos. , d 1848, aged 49. MI Mangots, E.J. p58


Henry Hinam see Francis Creswick, 1674

Nicholas, West., will at GRO,1728

Stephen Highnam, cm, bur Westerleigh. 19.9.1773




Joseph, born Bitton, served 1st Foot, 1816-39, discgharged aged 40. N.A.



Thomas, cm, Barton Regis/Easton, abt 40, middle stature suitable as musketeer, Men & Armour, 1608

Will(iam) Hilbards & wife, & Will junior, inhabs of Siston 1674 during vicar’s perambulation. (BRO)



John of St Geo, see John King, 18+04



Charles see George Lovell, 1850/2; Elizabeth see Richard Mountain, 1709

George, collier, Barton Regis/Easton, abt 40, lower stature suitable as calyver, Men & Armour, 1608

George Webb, see Thos Hobbs, 1838; Henry see George Garland, 1833

Hester, wife of John, serving with N. Glos. Militia as sub for George Lewis of Bitton, 11.4.1814. Plea for maintenance, Bitton list, BRO. See also John 1811

Jane see Henry Gage, 1814; Joane wid, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe BRL

John: letter from Guildford Barracks from J.H. serving with N. Glos. Militia as sub for George Lewis of Bitton, now with Royal N. Glos Regt. Wants money to get a sub for himself, 1811. Bitton list, BRO. See also Hester, 1814

John Bartlett, of Hanham Court, 59, died in London, obit, FFBJ 31.8.1833

Joseph see Norman 1777-8

Josiah, apothecary at  LG, 1820, see BAFHS no 61, p31

Mr John, of Crews Hole, father of Mr Hill, carver & guilder of Bristol, obit, FFBJ 21.10.1809

Nathaniel see Ann Pinnell

Nathaniel, of Mangots, Award of 3 guineas from Bath Agricultural Society for 24 yrs faithful service to one family. See FFBJ 13.12.1785

Norman, glazier of Bristol St James, s.o. Joseph, glass bottle maker of St George, Freeman of Gloucester 1777-8. See Bristol & Glos Arch Socy.

Richard, Yate, will at GRO,1725

Richard, “of Mint, one of the colliers killed in the riot at Bridewell Lane, Friday 25.5.1753” Buried St James. His name does not appear in the newspaper report FFBJ 26.5.1753.

Samuel see Thos Phipps, 1757

Stephen boy entombed underground, 1833, see Geo Garland. (1833)

Thomas: his widow, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe BRL

William see John Wood, 1653; William, see AKW 1753

William of Bitton, yeo, wid, o21 & Elizabeth Howell, sp, St P & J, 15.11.1766. BMLB.

William, aged 11, Whitehall, died cholera, bur St Geo, 9.9.1832. (See also Budgetts of KW Hill).



James, Bitton, miller & Margaret Lyfeld, Castle Precincts, BMLB, 1688



William, born Bitton, served 3rd Foot, 1822-44. discgharged aged 46, N.A.



James Hilman, Wm Churchill, Richard Shepherd, John Braine, John Fisher, Wm Tarr, Edward Gifford, Henry Stone, Richard Harris, —-Biggs, Robt Coole, Isaac Coole: list of persons with houses at KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe Vol.II, BRL; James Hillman, 1 beast (horse) see E.J. p178

Mary see John May 1766

Thomas, collier, working at Jubilee Deep Side. Hanham Pit when Alfred Jabez Tippett, kcp. Gave evidence at Inq. See BGuardian 29.1.1898.



Samuel, mason, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe BRL



Susannah see Giles Alsop, 1727



Francis see Ann Strange 1611; Jane see John, 1728/9

John & Jane of Bitton: their son Joseph bp Keynsham 29 Jan 1728/9

John s.o. George, born 13.6.1872 at 10 Lypiatt Lane, St George, aka “Barefist Jack”, mar Ellen Loveridge, see BAFHS Journal 105, p43

Joseph see John, 1728/9



Henry of Bitton, 1770, to America, see “Coldham”.



George, edgetoolmaker, Mangots, Bristol Poll, 1820

Hannah, Mangots, will 27.2.1817, PROB/1589



Boot factory, Hanham, See “From Colliers to Clickers” S. Fryer.



Acquilla, see Benjamin 1802; Arthur see Robert, 1639

Amos, born Pucklechurch, served 82nd Foot, 1812-16, discharged aged 29. N.A.

Benjamin, bp 27.6.1802, s.o. Henry, miller, & Acquilla, Staple. At Whitefield Sch. KW.

Charlotte see George Lovell,1850/2

Edwin of the Cedars, Downend, emigrated to Canada, 1889 see BAFHS 73, p25

Elizabeth of Two Mile Hill, 70, died of cholera, bur St Geo, 26.12.1833. See also Budgetts of KW Hill.

Flora see John, 1749

George see Nathaniel Burchill, 1834

George, watchman at KW Coal Co, acquitted having 57lb coal in his possession. No evidence agt him. Company said they were willing to take him back into their employ. See WDP 11.2.1870

Hannah see Thos Long, 1788; Henry see Benjamin 1802

John, 4 yrs, son of James, late of Axbridge, cordwainer & Flora, 2 yrs, d.o same removed from Axbridge to Mangots.  23.7.1749. SRO Q/SR 317

Joseph see Aaron Bush, 1824, see Nathaniel Burchill, 1834

Mary, West, will at GRO, 1728

Mary, cordwainer & Isaac Britton, cm, of Potters Wood. Their son Richard Hobbs, bp HTKW 1824

Mr of Stapleton, see Thos Roberts 1811

Nathaniel, baker, Stapleton, bur in woollen, May 1723, B32433/5 BRL

Nathaniel, infant, Stapleton, bur in woollen, Dec 1723, B32433/5 BRL

Richard: 50 guineas reward for riotous assembly for preventing coal going into Bristol, Pamphlet, 8.5.1795, issued by Council House. See Annals of KW.

Richard see Mary, 1824

Richard, aged 9 of Two Mile Hill, died of cholera, bur St Geo, 30.12.1833. See also Budgetts of KW Hill.

Robert, IA, 6.5.1639, son Arthur, Year Books

Ruth see Sampson Brain, 1754

  1. of Frenchay, “Agricultural Implements Manufactories Directory, 1867, (BAFHS 58, p23)

Thomas aged 30 & George Lee, aged 19, theft of a sheep from George Webb Hill at Bitton, Hobbs Not Guilty, Lee 15 years transportation. See FFBJ 7.4.1838

William, of St P & J, beer offence, Lawfords Gate Petty Sessions convictions, 23.9.1823, Vol 22 W.O.T. p56 BRO.





Amelia, 85, of Pile Marsh, relict of Mr Samuel Hobley. Obit BG 23.10.1845

Samuel see Amelia 1845

William see John Coggins, 1828



Frederick, 22, b St Philips, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p27



Sarah see Wm Harris, 1751



  1. Abraham HODGES, a Kingswood collier, burnt to death in a limekiln, fell asleep whilst drunk. (GJ 4.1.1737)

Cicely see William Player, 1636

Daniel, banksman at Tom Joy’s Pit, KW, gave evidence at Inq on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, 1862

Eliza see Sarah, 1832; Elizabeth see John, 1684

George Hodge, 12 b. St George, 1891 census Truant School for Boys, Southwell St, Bristol

Hester see Robt England, Thos Caines alias Botty & John Leonard 1817

James see Thos Caines, 1814

John, smith, now Eliz. Hodges, spinster, inhabs of KW Chase 1684 in Rochester’s Liberty, Ellacombe.

Joan see Richard Stone, 1668-71

John see Thos Hopkins, 1788, see Richard Stone, 1668-71

Margaret see Jacob Mills, 1831

Mary see Joseph Hudson, 1782, see Edward Moore, 1828

Sarah, 12, nr Fire Engine, & Eliza Hodges, Lower Easton 2, died cholera, St George, bur Sep.1832

Thomas, West, will at GRO, 1725

William, gent of Upton Cheney, see Wm Bright, 1676; William see Thos Avery, 1803




Walter, 11 yrs 4mths, of KW School, died typhus, bur St Philips Chapel (NC) 12..4.1819.



William J, see Hannah Witchell, 1879



Elizabeth Holben see Isaac Ball, 1664, see Henry Cook, 1679

Joane Hobin, spinster, Barton Regis, 1659, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

John Hobine see Wm Pruett 1674 & John Burnell, 1674

John Holbin, 1672 & 1675, BAFHS 52, p36; John Holborne, ygr, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

Martha Holbin see Josias Robbins, 1714; Samuel Holbin see Samuel Creswick, 1761 & AKW 1761

Samuel, d 11.9.1771 aged 58, MI Bitton, Bigland

Thomas Holben, 1721, MD

Thomas Holbin, yeo, d.1732 aged 55, Mary his wife d. 6.5.1743 aged 68, Elizabeth the wife of James Francis, d.12.1.1767 aged 93, Bitton, Bigland

Walter Holbin & Martha Eyres b.o. Bitton, mar Yate 23.8.1709

William Holbin, Bitton, 1659, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

William Hobins, cm, inhabs KW Chase, 1684. Also in Mr Chester’s Liberty, 2 pitts open at White Hill, formerly the Glass House: Walter Moggs, Thos Phipps, Wm Hobins, John Syms hath 3 pitts that lands coals & 3 ayre pits where they formerly landed coal at a mile level at Two Mile Hill.

William Holbin, coalminer, Barton Regis, bondsman at marriage of John Nonney, sailor & Martha Parsons, both of Clifton, BMLB, 1686



Ann see George Garland, 1840; Charles see William Sutton, 1842

Charles see George Garland, 1840;Charles see George Burchill, 1848

Charlotte see William, 1841; Fanny see William Sutton, 1842

George see Philip Beacham, 1774; Harriet see Chas Burchill, 1848

Henry see William, 1841

James, servant of Bitton, chosen by ballot for the militia, provided William Naish, cordwainer as substitute, 6.1.1797, Bitton Militia List, BRO

John, a lad, drowned at Lodge Pit with William Johnson & others. See KCP & BM 1.6.1839

Sarah see Philip Beacham, 1774

Sarah of Two Mile Hill, aged 3, died “in the cholera”, bur St George, 22.12.1833. (and Budgetts of KW Hill.)

William, collier, 20, born county, 1841 census Cock Road, Bitton, with Charlotte, 25 and Henry, 2 mths.



Ann see Thos Pollinger, 1754/5

Elizabeth see Samuel Lovell, 1711

George, late hatmaker of Winterbourne, obit SFBJ 20.6.1772

James see Sarah, 1718 & 1750; John see Ann Hook, 1788

Joseph, Landlord of Red Bull, Coalpit Heath, Westerleigh, robbed, see FFBJ 21.3.1778

Samuel, feltmaker, & Ann Bryant of Westerleigh. Mar F.C. by lic, 28.4.1805

Sarah d.o. James, blacksmith, bp West., 30.9.1718

Sarah, wife of James, blacksmith, bur West, 30.7.1750

William, blacksmith, 1747, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27



George, 65, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Jane: Abson. Lease 99 years Thos Haynes to Jane Hole, wid. Messuage & cottage, Breachyate (sic), 26 Mar 1729, BRO HA14581/HA/D/222



Rogers, MP. Colliers’ enemy at Turnpikes. See Annals of KW 16 & 18 Sep 1732



Elizabeth see 1665/6

Henry see Henry Batt, 1866



Abigail, see Abigail Attwood, 1702; Amy see Richard, 1791

Charles see George, 1841; Edward see Abigail Attwood, 1702, see Jane, 1716

Eliza see George, 1841; Francis see Sapin, 1774

George “vereing boy” John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George see Richard, 1791

George, collier, 15, born county, 1841 cens West. In fam gp with Charles Hollister, ag lab, 55

George, 35, miner, Hannah, 35, George, 10, Sarah, 5, Eliza, 3, 1841 cens, Mangotsfield Street, Westerleigh.

Hannah see Richard, 1791, see Jacob, 1806, see George, 1841

Hannah, 60, pauper & Isaac, 15, miner, 1841 cens Kendalshire

Hezekiah, see Hannah Punter, 1744

Isaac, “smith”16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Isaac see Richard, 1791, see Hannah, 1841

Jacob see Richard, 1789, see Richard, 1791, see Robert Barrett, 1813

Jacob, cm of Kendalshire, wife Hannah: ch Levy, born 1806, Mary, b 1808, John, 1810, Hannah, b1815: bp at Westerleigh.

Jane d.o. Edward Hollister of Upton Cheney, gent, by Mary his wife, and niece of William Seede of Cullyhall, gent & Katharine, his wife, died 23.10.1716 aged 11 years, 8 mths, 1 week and 5 days. Bitton, Bigland

James, Coalpit heath, bur St Luke’s Brislington, 5.9.1824

Job of FC & Sarah Williams, at St Augustine’s, 1.7.1761.

John signed inventory of Wm Smith, cm, Nibley, West. 16.10.1693

John see Jacob, 1806, see Samuel Witchell, 1853

Levi, kcp and bur West., & see KCP

Levi, emigrated to Australia & buried there, see Richard 1791; Levy see Jacob, 1806

Mary see Wm Gingill, 1677, see Jane, 1716, see Jacob, 1806

Moses see Richard 1791

Mrs: at Winterbourne, aged 88, Mrs Hollister, mother of Mrs Stewart, obit FFBJ 25.12.1813

Richard & Jacob, “enginemen” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Richard, shown as “engineer” on son Levi’s death cert. (Australia) mar Sarah Green, Westerleigh, 28.2.1791: witnesses George England, & Isaac Jarratt,  (see Thos Summerill, 1790), ch: Hannah, 1792, Amy, 1794, George, 1796, Jacob, 1800, Richard, 1803, Levi, 1805, Isaac, 1808, (died 1808), Isaac, 1809, Moses 1812, (Westerleigh P.R.) see Richard Hollister 1841.

Richard, Collier, aged 70, born county, 1841 cens Westerleigh in fam gp with Sarah Hollister aged 65, see Richard, 1791.

Sapin, wife of Francis, d 26.7.1774 aged 55, MI Bitton, Bigland

Sarah: nee Sumption, see Will of William Sumption, 1786.

Sarah see George, 1841, see Richard, 1841

Thomas, collier, aged abt 40, middle stature, suitable as a musketeer. He was a trained soldier. Westerleigh, Men & Armour, 1608.

William see John Robbins, 1624

William, St Philips, carpenter & Alice Wilkes, Bedminster, bondsman Josiah Doling, St Philips, BMLB 1637/8

William1752, see Joannah Flower; William, see Wm Landsdown, 1819

William, 82, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Nicholas, 1624, see BAFHS 52, p35



John Holway of West. & Sarah Sturge, mar Wapley & Codrington, 24.6.1756.

Mary, wife of Samuel, cm, “in delirium and out of her mind threw herself into a coalpit called Lodge Pit in parish of Stapleton, 3.9.1800, verdict, lunacy. Inq. Held 7.9.1800, Oldland. D260/GRO.

Mrs see Peter Lacey, 1917

Richard, arrested, colliers’ march on Bristol, and taken to Newgate, see FFBJ 26.5.1753, & Annals of KW.

Robert, convicted for his part in colliers’ march on Bristol & riot; 2 years imprisonment, see FFBJ 8.9.1753, & Annals of KW.

Samuel see Mary 1800



Mary, Bitton, will at GRO, 1730



James, see James Ludlow, 1781



Eleanor, 59, asthma, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



John see John Wood, 1653



Florence see Colin Pillinger; Jane, see Joseph Comley

Levi, “Kingswood man’s fatal illness in street”  EP 8.10.1937. (my grandfather)



John, Mangots, 1745, & 1750 see E.J. p158



Alfred, mason, “Met Pratten before he was killed & Pratten told him he had been irritating Tommy Fennel” see Thomas Fennel, 1886 and BMerc 3.4.1886

Ann, see William, 1780

Ann, widow, of Bitton, will dated 1788, names John Bright, Samuel Smith, dau Mary Smith, granddau Sarah Smith, dau Ann Bright, wit: John Ford, John Holder & Robert Fothergill

Daniel of Bitton, open for sale of beer after 11 pm, 17.4.1842, LG Petty Sessions, convictions 94-145, Vol 22, W.O.T., BRO

George see Francis White, 1817

George, innkeeper, Chequers, his dau Mary Hook, William Short of Bitton, hatter, Sarah Butler, wife of James Butler of Bitton, hatter , Sarah Jenkins singlewoman of Bitton, Martha Jenkins, wid of Bitton, mother of Sarah, Roger Edward, surgeon of Keynsham: witnesses at Inquest on body of Thomas Worlock, Oldland Common, butcher, re trial & execution of his wife Rebecca for murder, 1820. ASS16 XP OO5848 PRO. (Full story told in book by Penny Deverill).

Humphrey Hooke, vicar of Mangots, 1619 See E.J. p61. Will, Humfrey Hooke, clerke, Mangots, 1619, BAFHS 2.

Jane, Mangots, 85, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

John Hooke, 1624, see BAFHS 52, p35; John Hooke, see Wm Horrell, 1684

John see William, 1841

John, aged 62 sawyer, fatal railway accident near Warmley, see BTM 3.7.1884

Mary see George, 1820; Mary, 50, 1 ch, paralysis, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Robert Hooke, manor house in Barton Regis, 1629, Lawrence Hill, Braine, p102

Samuel, 83, aged & infirm, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas, 1663, see BAFHS 52, p35.

William, for Lathbury’s Estate, Richard Wilton for late Evans’ Estate, Moses Brain, for Mr S. Creswick, late Wickham’s Estate, Robert Bryant for late Lewis Bryant Estate. Four substantial householders in parish and proper persons to be presented to Justices as Overseer of the Poor. Bitton Vestry Order Book, 12.4.1762, BRO. See also Solomon Chipper.

William, farmer of Bitton, will dated 11.6.1780: names wife Ann, cottage in occupation of Richard Harver, sister Sarah Hook, signed by Wm Hook & witnessed by John Bright, Samuel Smith (relatives: see will of Ann Hook, 1788) & Robt Fothergill.

William, 15, collier, John, Ag lab, 1841 cens West.



Ann see Samuel Whittuck, 1804

Eliza, 42, b Hanham, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p28

Gertie, 1, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List;

John, born Sytapleton, served 56th Foot, 1800, discharged aged 27m

  1. see Samuel Barrett, 1822

William see George Green, 1742, see Elizabeth Willis, 1789



Rosanna see James Warn, 1852

Thomas, vicar of Mangots, 1582. See E.J. p61

Thomas, charged with receiving wether sheep, stolen from Daniel Shellard at Bitton, guilty, transported 14 years, 14.4.1838, FFBJ.



Ann see Thomas, 1838; Caroline see Isaac Wiltshire, 1848

Henry, and his ferrets, 1684, see note at foot of Newton section.

James see John, 1795

John, his house in Bitton: Stephen Matthews, Thos proctor, Ann Palmer, John Ferris, Bitton Protestant dissenters, 9.6.1794, see GRO/GDR 319A 1 183

John, bp 7.6.1795, s.o. James & Mary, Bitton, Whitefield School, KW, also Mary d.o. same, bp 27.5.1798

Mary see John, 1795

Thomas, convicted Gloucester Mar 1838, and tsp “Gilmore” 14 yrs, “was living 31.12.1844”.  Person making enquiry Ann Hopes, Oldland Common. Reply came “died Van Diemen’s Land, 26.7.1840”. Note In Ellacombe Mss.

William see Isaac Wiltshire, 1848

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Anne see Thomas 1788

James, cm, bach, Mangots & Catherine Cope, same, wid, BMLB 10.12.1746, BRO

John, West., labourer, 1st Co. see John Pugh, 1778

Lily, 21, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List; Mrs 1725, MD

Thomas, 11.7.1788, Anne d.o. Thomas, baptised, but “NB it has been reported that the father & mother were married at Bedminster but as no certificate of their marriage has been produced it cannot be ascertained if the child born in wedlock or not.” Signed John Hodges, curate, of Westerleigh (and part time busybody.)

William, collier, aged 65, 1841 cens Puck.; William, 4, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List ,



Rev John, October 1, at KW, aged 79, nearly 60 years preacher with the Methodist Connexion. Obit, BG 19.10.1826

Miss, d 1849 in cholera, see Mr Whittuck, 1849

William, 78, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897



William. In Wickham’s Liberty, list of inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, William Horrell, James Leonard, Abell Scull, John Reed, John Gosse, Ric. Bright’s dau, Thos: Bright, Sam: Leonard, Wm Reed, John Luten, Edward Sweet, Abra: Fry, Fra: (now Mary) Reed, Fra: Sweet & his mother, Mary Rider, widow, John Reek, Wm Hawkins, Margaret Cheeke, widow, John Hooke, Mary Kaines, wid & her son, Mary Wornell wid, Eliz: Smith, wid, now Elizabeth ffry, Widow Phillips, Joan Williams, wid, John Isles, alias Monke. (Ellacombe II BRL)



Mr see George Lacy, 1874



Hannah see Thos 1893

Thomas, died from injuries received at Coalpit Heath Colliery, Inq. Report, B.O. 23.12.1893, evidence given by wife Hannah, Thos Bateman, John Moseley, Mr Ames, manager of colliery. “Dr Grace junior prescribed to no avail”.

William, 13, Bitton, fractured leg, BRI, “cured” 1787.



Samuel, labourer? 1620, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

John see John Hall, 1664; Mary see John Hall, 1664



Dick, see Rodney Haskins, 1824

Susannah see Thos Avery, 1782; William see Thos Avery, 1782



Christopher see Stephen Stout, 1741

Daniel, wheelwright, of Stapleton Road, Obit 2.6.1804, FFBJ.

Hannah see Wm Frame, 1771; Henry see Stephen Stout, 1741

James see Thos Haskins, 1806

John cm & Catherine Coopey, sp, otp, mar Bitton, 24.2.1755

John of St P & J, Bristol & Mary Down, mar Wingfield, Wilts, 28.11.1757.

John, KW, lab, executed for murder of Eliza Balsom, supposedly after a lover’s quarrel, but more likely an accident. Opinion now is that Eliza died not from the wound but by the application of filthy bandages which turned it septic. After execution Horewood’s body was given over to dissectionists. A book survives giving account of  the murder bound in Horewood’s skin. BTM 4 & 5.2.1821. Now at BRO. This book was exhibited in KW in the window of White’s bookshop in 1953, in 1953, as part of Festival of Britain display where, in my youth,  I saw it myself. The roots of this index therefore lie in Braine’s History which I read aged 10, and the tragic teenager Horewood’s book.

“1843, Sergion (sic) Smith buried at Temple Church yard Jany 31 aged 71, this fellow was the cause of John Horwood being hung”, (Couch)

Raynold, cm, Easton/Barton Regis, aged abt 40, lower stature, suitable as calyver. Men & Armour 1608

Stephen alias Locking, condemned & reprieved, highway robbery St George, BG 14.8.1817. Stephen Horwood mar Fanny Howell, St James, 27.1.1817.

Thomas, a boy, of Redfield, Bitton, who had been picking flowers when he saw Wm Pratten who told him he had been annoying Thos Fennel by throwing water over him, see Thos Fennel, 1886

William, aged 20, ST George, gunshot wounds in hands & groin in consequence of fire by the military, Bristol Bridge riot against tolls 30.9.1793, at least 11 people were killed. See Pamphlet B455 BRL.

William, in Newgate for embezzlement, FFBJ 21.12.1811



Henry, vicar of Mangots, 1656-61. See E.J. p61 & p145

Jone, see Robert Belsire, 1595

Robert, father of  Ann Phips & Elizabeth Tucker, see Ann Strange, 1611

Robert, Puck, 1690, see E.J. p158



William see John Wood, 1653



Catherine: marriage announcement, Mr Thomas Churchill, of Downend, butcher, & Miss Catherine House, dau of Mrs House of Kingswood Hill and granddaughter of Nathaniel Williams of that place. FFBJ 17.1.1818

James see Francis Stone, 1816

Robert, husbandman, 1660, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27

Robert, cm, admitted to Liberties of Bristol 22.10.1774, by marriage to Mary widow of John Bourne, cordwainer dec’d and dau of Thos Taylor, joiner, dec’d, (Bristol Burgesses, BRO)

Robert of Mangots, & Ann Maggs mar Winterbourne 6.10.1783

William see Ann Pinnell,



Walter of Bitton, D35 (1410), Nicholas Hewet & William Smyth of Bitton D36 (1411) Deed of St Mary le Port, Bristol,  BRO.



Betty see Robert 1719; Elizabeth see John Hatherell, 1849

George, bach, collier, full age, KW Hill, s.o. Joseph & Hannah Bryant, 20, sp, Whiteshill, dau of Francis, collier, mar Bitton, 24.11.1839; Joseph see George 1839

Mary see Harrington Davies, 1719

Robert & Jane, their children,  Betty d.o. Robert of St Philips, Bristol, bp Keynsham 28.1.1719 & Mary, d.o. Robert & Jane, bp 15.11.1724, Keynsham.

Jane see Robert 1719

Martha see Harrington Davies, 1719

Mary see Robert 1719 (1724)

Sarah, Hon. Lady, see Thos Chester, 1721



Fred, of Clay Hill, Easton, Injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910 see WDP

John How, AKW 1757

Joseph see Robert 1683

Joseph Hows, cm, & Hannah Smith, mar Bitton,1.6.1755

Mary see Richard Shepherd, 1717

Robert of Mangots, taken with a gun in the Chace, rescue attempted by Jos: Howes, John Hall, Philip Bennett, all of Mangots, 2.8.1683, Ellacombe Mss, BRL.

Robert, widower, cm & Hester Emmet, sp, mar Bitton, 5.4.1754

Thomas Howse, of Mangots, re 1670 riot, KW, see Sir Baynham Throgmorton, E.J. p178

William Henry see Gilbert Burchill, 1898

Howes Candle Factory KW Hill, 1820-1842 etc, see article by DV, EP 3.12.1953



Clement, yeo, Mangots, 1662, see BAFHS 36, p27

Elizabeth see Wm Hill, 1766; Fanny see Stephen Horwood, 1817

Henry of Bitton & Ann Leonard of St Stephens, mar St Augustines. 10.9.1713

Henry, Bitton, will at GRO,1729

Hierom (Jerome) Mangots, 1639, see BAFHS 36, p27

James of Mangots & Sarah Bryant mar Winterbourne, 19.2.1787

Luke, alias Fidler, charged with leaving his wife chargeable to parish of Stapleton. Mr Reed, magistrate, asked, “Which is your eight name? Defendant: “Howell when at home, Fidler when away.” (Laughter) Guilty, 2 weeks with hard labour, BMerc, 5.11.1859

Margaret see  Michael Lines. 1761

Nancy, who kept a shop in Lawrence Hill, bought stolen butter, alleged in statement by James Paul, butcher, concerning a number of thefts in the area in which he was involved. 22.5.1784, Q/S ts BRO

Sir John, vicar of Mangots, 1560. See E.J. p61

Walter see James Charmbury, 1640

William, “smith” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b; William, 35, Mangots, ulcer leg, BRI inpatients 1789



Elizabeth see Henry Roberts 1719

James, see Thomas Patrick, 1811

John “died Infirmary 6.2.1833, broke his thigh in October.” (Couch)

Joseph, lab of Cuckoo Lane, KW, 58, found dead by banks of Avon, see BO 19.1.1895

Samuel see Silvie, 1838

Silvie of St George, intestate: Samuel Hudd of Hanham, cm, to administer, effects under £50, 13.2.1822, BRO.

Thomas see Thos Phipps, 1757

Thomas, 14, Hanham, lab, indicted with Joseph Willis at Gloucester with stealing a shawl & gown from Martha Lewis, he is described “brown hair, sunken grey eyes, flat nose, shows his teeth, large lips, dark complexion, 4’7” tall, three months and to be twice whipped. 7.3.1838, QS/GRO

  1. see .S. Moore, 1910-20; William see Henry Phipps, 1789



John, land in Bitton in tenure of Samuel Harding, Glos Election, Objected to, no freehold, BG 20.2.1777 & SFBJ 22.2.1777

Joseph,  yeo & Mary Hodges, Bitton, lic, Mar St Mary Redcliffe Bristol, 1.4.1782

William, cm, Easton Pit, gave evidence at inquest on David Webb, 1894, said he had seen a large piece of ironstone which could have broke the cross piece which  came down & killed Webb. See David Webb, 1894.



Caroline, 72, illness, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897; Ellen, 29, 6 ch, illness, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Hannah, found dead in dripping well at North Common, Warmley, FFBJ24.1.1807

James “carpenter & sawyer” John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James fell down a coalpit at Yate works, Inq 17.9.1818, West. D260/GRO & KCP.

John, of Cleve Lodge, d1858 aged 59, bur Downend. MI E.J. p 59 & p66

Joseph see Abraham Cook, 1882

Robert, of St P & J, in America, July 1696, see Coldham

Thomas, a collier, found dead near Kingswood, in liquor and fell from his horse. FFBJ 3 Jul 1763



Benjamin & Mary Chamber b.o. Puck, mar Yate 17.3.1719

Benjamin, Puck, will at GRO, 1728

Elizabeth, 75, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

George, 20, having a hare on his person, LG, 1820, see BAFHS no 61, p31

George Wilmott, accountant, Hanham, Bristol Poll, 1820

Henry, coalminers’  rep. In delegation from Easton New Pit, which went to see Mr Leonard. Strike, see WDP 3.6.1874

John, butcher, refusing to maintain bastard of Ann Haines, 7.2.1762, see BittonVestry Minutes, BRO.

Mr John, accomptant of Upper Easton, obit 14.5.1814

John, yeoman, Hanham, Bristol Poll, 1820

Samuel, 19, bach, collier, Hanham, s.o. Samuel, collier & Eliza Bryant, 18, d.o. Francis, collier mar Bitton, 9.8.1840

William, Rose Green Rd, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP.



James, mariner of Bitton & Elizabeth Morgan, 27, 7.5.1707, Bath & Wells Mar Lic.



Samuel see Sam Stibbs, 1807



Abraham of Siston & Joyce Gunning, mar Cold Ashton, 1756

Ann, wife of William Humphris d 5.1.1720; William Humphris d 1.4.1727, MI Bitton, Bigland

Anne see Elizabeth 1786

Arthur, Bitton, farrier & Judith Quarriman (sic) (bondsman Thomas Quarriman) BMLB 5.2.1721. (nb:  Quarriman see under Quarman.)

Edward lighterman, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, now Wm Jones, Ellacombe

Edward of Mangots, farrier & Ann Lewis of same, mar lic, 11.7.1743, BMLB

Elizabeth see Mark Symonds, 1769

Elizabeth d.o. Thos & Ann of West. Bp Whitefield Sch, KW, 27.9.1786

John see Henry Watts 1788

John, 46, compound fracture of left leg whilst sinking shaft at Shortwood. “Lies in precarious at Royal Infirmary” see BMerc 22.11.1851

John, aged 35 years, fell to bottom of Jenkin’s pit & broke both legs from the effect of which he died in about a fortnight, Oct or Nov 1851, see Handel Cossham’s Diary at BRO.

Joseph, Mangots & Susanna Millerd, mar Wapley & Codrington, 18.4.1720

Mary see Joseph Jones,1784

Michael, wife, indifferent house, survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Bitton Vol 10

Mr see Thos Burchill, 1746 & George Jenkins, 1795

Mr:  “a man called Humphreys, beershop keeper”, ie the Tennis Court Inn, gave evidence at trial for murder of Moses Gay, see FFBJ 6.4.1850

Priscilla, wid, Mangots, intestate, Jan 1800, sister  Sarah Pearce to administer, bondsmen Henry Tiley of Bitton, cm, Isaac Gingell, Siston, lab, effects under £100, BRO.

Rebecca Humphris see George Willis, 1714

Thomas, innholder, bur Westerleigh, 2.9.1729

Thomas s.o. William, late West. , feltmaker to Benjamin Bolshier, turner, 13.1.1761, Bristol Apprents.

Thomas see Elizabeth 1786

Thomas, clerk at Coalpit Heath Colliery, leader of Congregationalists in.F.C., 1794, see Bristol Congregational Monthly 1940-1, BRL

William, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Chester’s Liberty see Ellacombe

William see Ann, 1722; William, Bitton, will at GRO,1727; William see Thomas, 1761

—- Umphries, (sic) see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.



“My brother, & my sister Hungerford”, see Alice Weston, 1580

see Alice Weston, 1580



Hezekiah, one of supposed ringleaders of collier’s march on Bristol, 1753, for whom £100 reward was offered. See FFBJ, 26 May 1753 & 4 Aug 1753 & Annals of KW.

Isaac, 21, b St Jacobs (sic) 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p28

Jacob & Samuel “vereing boys”

John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Mary Ann d 1857 see Henry Hill Budgett

Matilda: Samuel Budgett’s niece, greengrocer in KW Hill in 1851, see page 51 of “The Budgetts of KW Hill” by DPL

Mr H. see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Samuel see Jacob, 1789

Sarah d 1861 see Henry Hill Budgett

Wm Morns Hunt, d 1847 see Henry Hill Budgett



Emma, gardenwoman, Hanham, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).

Louisa, 59, ill, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897; Samuel,52, ill, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897



John, yeo, 1613, Mangots, see BAFHS 36, p27



Hurd’s Pit, see Isaac Stanley, 1796

Hannah, see Peter Moreman 1841; John, see Peter Moreman 1841

Thomas see Alfred  Baldwin, 1867



Ann see John Wickham, 1678; Elizabeth see John Gullick, 1858



Alexander, Bitton, 1658, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson



James, waterman, drowned in river nr Crew’s Hole, falling from barge, “The Bath Carrier” 23.12.1792, Inquest D126/GRO

William, “vereing boy” John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Mary see Sam Garland, 1838



Thomas & wife, hatter, Bitton, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6).



John, 29, b St Philips, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p28



John of St P & J, & Susanna Biggs, mar Paulton 24.4.1798

John of Barton Hill, obit, 21.2.1818 FFBJ



William, over 21, widower, collier s.o. William, lab, & Mary Hankins, wid, pinheader, KW, d.o. Richard Ball, collier, mar HTKW 23.8.1838



James, “vereing boy” John “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Fredk W, mental disease, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Thomas, 20, b Iron Acton, 1881 cens RN at sea etc., BAFHS 73, p28




Joseph see Sam Stone, 1837

William of Lawrence Hill, Blackmoors Head, clothier, formerly of Wootton under edge, obit BG 25.1.1816



Ben Hyett: servant of Sir John Newton during Francis Creswick Monmouth Affairs, 1685, Ellacombe History of Bitton.

Hugh Hyatt. Sir Richard Hart’s man, & Henry Pedder killed a deer & taken carrying him off. Hyatt having deer behind him on his horse. 26.7.1683, Ellacombe

Hugh Hyatt, in Mr Chester’s :Liberty. With John Luten & John Cottle, 5 pitts open at one of which they are sinking to make a level about half a mile at Haggasts, Causway Bottom, 1784, inhabs KW Chase, Ellacombe II

Mr Hyett see Francis White, 1817

Mrs Hyett’s youngest daughter buried, the same evening Mrs Hyett died. 27 Sep 1836, (Couch).

Richard, “at the farm” & Farmer Hyett, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Joseph aged 17, kcp Speedwell, evidence given by George Curtis, incline rider, Geo Henry Lovell, Daniel Jones, Manager, Fred Crew, overman, see WDP 17 & 15 Jan 1925 & KCP.


ILES/ISLES/EYLES (Iles unless otherwise given)

Aaron, 44, born Hanham, in household of Samuel Fox, 1851 cens. See Samuel Fox

Abel Eyles see Geo Ruddle (Riddle) 1742

Abel Isles, notice to fill in pit at Cadbury Heath from Samuel Tippett on behalf of Jarrit Smith, Steward of Manor of Bitton, May 1752, P/B/X/5 Bitton, BRO & AKW 1752

Abigail see Thomas, 1684

Abraham, horsedriver 17.9.1737, BRO 04435/3

Abraham, b Bitton, Abraham Scull, 29, b Bitton & William Parfitt, b Farnborough near Clutton, 52, executed Ilchester, 7.8.1799, horsetheft, and robberies at Paulton, Chelwood, etc, also trying to rescue Thomas Bright from Ilchester Gaol. . Abraham Iles, alias “Scrammy Handed Jemmy” (i.e. left handed) l & see FFBJ 17.8.1799 & Padre’s notebook Ilchester Gaol, SRO

Amy see Deborah, 1694; Ann see Rosey, 1809, see Isaac, 1826

Benjamin see Henry Barnell 1833; Caroline see Isaac 1826

Deborah Iles alias Monck, pregnant with a base child attempting to settle in Oldland, last place of legal settlement St Stephens, where she was covenanted servant to Mr George Parker. She was begotten with child by his apprentice. BRO, PStS/OP/6/3-4, 30.7.1694. Then 1686/7, Mar 1, from Oldland, Deborah Iles, alias Monck and dau Amy, born Oldland,

Edmund, 10, kcp fall from landway of pit, 10 fathoms, Leonard & Co. Inquest 12.7.1812 at N. Williams, The Flower Pot, Oldland, D260/GRO & KCP

Edward, cm, 1684, inhab of KW Chase, Ellacombe

Eliza, 18, born Hanham, in household of Samuel Fox, 1851 cens. See Samuel Fox

Elizabeth, 10, & James, 13, Bitton, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Esther see Jonas Lewis, 1837; Francis see Samuel, 1753

George, Siston, 16, blacksmith, transported life 15.4.1836 stealing 9 wether sheep and 1 ewe from John Britton of Swainswick, Light brown hair, freckled face, long visage, 2 scars on rt. knee, scar left shin, 5’5″, illiterate, QS/GRO

George see Jonas Lewis, 1837, see John, 1842

George, 55, drowned bathing in R. Avon, B.O. 29.6.1895

Grace see Henry, 1738; H. Isles, see Matthew Cox, 1826

Hannah see Abraham Brain, 1722; Henry Isles see Fra: Creswick 1674

Henry, house & 2 pits at Newton’s Liberty, 1684 see E.J & Ellacombe

Henry see Thos, 1688

Henry, turned out & discovering a deer at his coalworks which he enjoyed, c1691, Mss re deer slaying in Chase, Ellacombe KW II

Henry, keeper of an alehouse where Edward Stone went to drink & and was alleged to have incited others to riot. Grace Iles gave evidence at the trial in defence of Stone. C1738, Ellacombe Mss

Henry, tythingman of Bitton, 1747, Ellacombe; Henry Isles, see James Fudge, 1762

Henry Isles lost his arm by the crane at Bath & died Bath Hospital 19.11.1813. The company gave his wife £20 & John Couch gave her £5. (Ledger of John Couch, quarryman).

Isaac, cm, Potter’s Wood, wife Ann, ch Samuel & Caroline, bp HTKW 1826

Isaac fell 600 yds into the Day Pit at St George on his first day at work. Inquest at Kings Arms, KW Hill told that four yrs before his father had been killed at Crown Pit Warmley in similar circumstances. See FFBJ 16.2.1850 & KCP

Henry see Robt Cordy, 1841; James see Elizabeth 1897

Jane see Robt Cordy, 1841

John took part in KW riot, 1670, see Ellacombe KW II BRL

John Isles see Francis Creswick, 1674; John Isles, alias Monke, see Wm Horell, 1684

John Isles see Walter, 1684

John Isles, KW cottager, confirmed William Hawkins evidence agt Francis Creswick, 1685

John cm & Mary Cook, sp, botp mar Bitton, 25.8.1754

John Isles, see Henry Creswick, 1769

John see Thos Jefferies 1785, see Rosey, 1809

John transported 7 yrs false pretences, see BG 28.8.1817

John full age, bach, excavator, Hanham, s.o. George, collier & Harriet Bryant, 19, sp, pinmaker, d.o. James, collier mar Bitton, 27.2.1842

John Isles, a boy, 16, kcp at Upper Shortwood pit by falling of the roof, leaving a widowed mother 60-70 yrs of age, see Handel Cossham’s Diary, 6.3.1853, BRO & KCP

Joseph Eyles, cm, Bitton, see Geo Ruddle (Riddle) 1742

Joseph, 49, kcp by stone & rubbish falling on him. Inquest Hanham 20.1.1812, D260/GRO & KCP

Joseph, 19, cm, 1841 cens, Oldland

Joseph, 30, married, born Bitton, collier, Inpatient at BRI Cens. 1861 reel 3, BRL

Joseph kcp Tom Joy’s Pit, KW Feb 1862, see Thomas Brain.

Lazarus, kcp belonging to Mr Whittuck by damp arising from pit. Inquest 15.10.1809, Oldland, D260/GRO & KCP

Maria see Samuel, 1841

Mary, died Hanham aged 104 yrs & 5 mths, her husband died abt 9 yrs ago aged 102. See FFBJ 8.10.1763

Mary see Thos Britton, 1781, see Ralph Peacock, 1815

Michael see AKW 1764; Moses Isles, Bitton, will GRO,1729

Moses, 50 guineas reward for riotous assembly see Richard Hobbs 1795

Rachel see Thos Water 1759

Rosey, bp Whitefield School, KW, d.o. John & Ann, of Tytherington, 17.9.1809. (Tytherington is a probable connection with John Cennick.)

Samuel & Francis Iles, amongst prisoners taken to Newgate after coalminers march on Bristol. See FFBJ 26.5.1753. Later reported that “One Iles” made a daring but unsuccessful attempt to escape dressed in women’s cloths. See FFBJ 9.8.1753. & Annals of KW.

Samuel, cm & Eliner Harver mar Bitton, 6.8.1758; Samuel see Isaac, 1826

Samuel, collier, 25, 1841 cens Cadbury Heath, with Maria, 20 & Sarah, 2.

Sarah see Samuel, 1841

Simon, 28, Hanham, kcp by stone & rubbish falling on him in coalpit belonging toS. Whittuck, esq, of Hanham, Inq, 14.7.1814, Oldland, D260/GRO. “kcp & bur Bitton, 13.7.1814”, PR. See also KCP.

Thomas, took part in riot in KW, 1670, see John Bampton & Ellacombe Mss.

Thomas Isles see Fra: Creswick, 1674

Thomas Isles, collier, now Abigail, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe.

Thomas of Bitton, cm, & Ann Hathway of St Philips, bondsman Henry Iles of Bitton, cm, BMLB, 26.4.1688

Thomas, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Thomas, collier, St George & Joseph Brown St George, killed Jay’s Pit, 17.2.1862, COI/1291/Acc/GRO

Walter Isles, & John Isles upon Carneham Hill (Cowhorne Hill?) “colepits in Mr Player’s Liberty, inhabs KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe, see p227, E.J.

Walter, see Wm Braine, 1686

Walter, Bitton, admitted 1895, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

William see Abraham Brain, 1722

William, 16, “going into a cart into a coalpit 80 fathoms deep at Mangots, fell out of the cart to the bottom. He was bruised in a shocking manner & died instantly. See BMBJ 28.8.1790 & KCP

William Iles alias Price, 17, of Cabbage (Cadbury?) Heath, drowned in coalpit. Inquest 12.5.1796. D260/GRO & KCP.

Zachariah Iles, West, will GRO,1728; —- Iles, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.




Andrew of Lawrence Hill, in H.M. Excise, obit FFBJ 25.9.1824



Robert, s.o. William, upholsterer of Stapleton, as saddler, Bristol apprentices, 1668-71



Thomas, 14, Bitton, fractured leg, cured, BRI Inpatients, 1787



Adam, see William Broun, 1403



William, glassmaker s.o. George, glassworker of St P & J, freeman of Gloucester 1741,  Bs & Glos Arch Socy.



John d 1836 aged 71, Downend Baptists, see E.J., p78



Aaron see Abraham Cook, 1882

Aaron aged 21, shot to death by a gun going off, Bitton burial reg. 31.12.1848

Amelia, 42, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Elizabeth see Jonas 1823; Hannah Isaac see Wm Pillinger; Henry see Abraham Cook, 1882 Highnam Isaac, West, will GRO,1727

Jane Isaac see Mark 1841

John, “expenses to going after coroner for John Isaac, jury & coroner, liquor for ditto, burial of John Isaac, widdow Isaac” total paid £2.3s.0d. P/B/Op 2d, Bitton Overseers, BRO

John Isaac, 50, cm, Mary, 35, 1841 Cens Westerleigh/Coalpit Heath.

Jonas, cm, Oldland Common, wife Elizabeth, their dau Elizabeth, bp HTKW 1823

Mark Isaake, cm, 35, Jane, 4, 1841 cens Bitton; Mary see John, 1841

Samuel, 55, Oldland Common, kcp & bur Bitton 30.9.1818, & see KCP

Thomas Isaac of West., “Impressed, cut his throat” see FFBJ 24.4.1756 & AKW

Walter Isacke, cm, Siston, about 40, middle stature, suitable as a musketeer, see Men & Amour for Glos, 1608

William Henry see Sarah Ann Lines, 1911



Richard, 21, Mangots, fractured leg, cured. BRI Inpatients, 1789



  1. Photo of Mangotsfield Cricket Club, 1934, see BAFHS Journal 69, p29. Many local names.



Aaron, Siston, mason, & Mary Emerson, Mangots, (bondsman Thomas Punter of Mangots, cm) BMLB 20.6.1726

Aaron Ithells, Mangots, kcp bur Siston, 18.4.1773, & see KCP

Giles Ithel, cm, settlement exam, Bitton, 11.8.1773.

Mary see John Gingell, 1742; Richard, Oldland, will GRO,1728

Robert, Siston, will GRO,1729; Sarah see AKW 174; Thomas see John Collett, 1685


(The name Ithells, (alternative spelling Ifield), will be found in the parish of Brislington).



Mrs, “died suddenly at Blue Lodge, and bur St Mary Port, Bristol, mortuary 10s6d to Rector of Siston. Siston PR, 28.7.1779



Ann nee Weston & Leonard, dau & son in law of Alice Weston, 1580

Thomas see Sir John Seymour, 1659



Ann see Caleb Rosser, 1713



Benjamin Jacobs, cm, of Bedminster Down, trapped in Easton Pit in fire which killed Joseph Gaynor, 1910 (rescued)

Elizabeth see Samuel 1741

John, “being executed at Mialhill (sic: St Michael’s Hill, Bristol) was buried Sep 26th 1695. William Willis was buried Sep 27th “having been executed on same gallows at Mialhill” Bitton burial register. “Two colliers hanged for murder August 1695 for a murder committed  by them a year ago on  a stranger behind St James’s Church, going up the hill.” see Bristol Past & Present, quoting Seyer.

John see Emma Brain, 1820

Leonard Jacob, John Stone, Isaac Coole, at Barrett’s Hill, colepitts open in Mr Player’s Liberty, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe, see also E.J. p227

Mary Jacob, sp, 1716, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27

Richard Jacobs, see John Fry 1786

Samuel, collier & Elizabeth his wife, P & J, 14.11.1741, BRO 04435/4

William see Daniel Cribb, 1768



Ann see George Crib, 1800; Anna see Stout Stibbs, 1788

Betty (1786) see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26

Charles, underground manager at Shortwood Colliery, Waters & Reynolds, employed in 3 pits, 130 hands, 30 under 13, youngest 8-9, two youngest mind doors, 2 shillings a week, the rest carters, earning 1s or 1/6d per day. Had himself been a collier since 8 years old. Had hauled a hutch till he fell down out of breath, never felt injury from the girdle. A man in these pits killed about 1839 due to setting timber. Thinks colliers generally careless about propping. See Waring, 1841.

Charles, bailiff at Shortwood, gave evidence at inquest on Charles Davis, & Eli Rogers, said “only a drop of wet ran out.” See BM 25.12.1852

Daniel, “driver”, “at the farm” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Domillie Lucia, 13 Oxford Street, KW, “Girl who stowed away”. Had a relationship with a US seaman who suggested she go with to America, on his ship, it was torpedoed and she spent 6 hours in a lifeboat in the Atlantric before being picked up. Taaken to Halifax Nova Scotia where she sepnt 5 wks until deported back tpo Briston. Charged with the leaving the country without permission (It was 1943!) when brought to court her  mother collapsed. WDP 27.11.1943 Reg Bristol as Domealay Lames in 1920, mother#s name Battersby. (Morten James & Sarah Battersby married Bristol, 1920) Domillie  married William P Perry in 1945 in Bristol.

Dorothea, widow, will Mangots, 1639, BAFHS, 3.

Edith, West, will GRO, 1729

Elizabeth & George, Fystor’s Court, Mangots, 1673 see E.J. p143

Elizabeth see Wm Symes, 1687/8, see Wm Bawn 1721

George s.o. George, carrier of Barton Regis, apprenticed as carpenter, 1668-71, BRO

George see Eliz, 1673

George of Mangots & Elizabeth Singer mar Winterbourne, 4.2.1779

George, “driver” “vereing boy”, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George of Mangots, bastardy order, Westerleigh for dau of Betty Harding, 6.12.1793, Westerleigh Records at BRO

Isaac see Samuel, 1615

Isaac, 20, carpenter. Mangots, Emigrants England-America, 1718-59, Kamincow at Bath RL

Isaac injured descending Shortwood Pit, Wethered & Cossham, when Samuel Bennett killed, BG 27.1.1853 & Handel Cossham’s Diary, 21.1.1853.

John, cm, & Mary Caines, mar Bitton, 7.8.1755

John, “cartmaker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Martha see Geo Peacock, 1799; Mary see Isaac Lennett, 1668

Mary, West, will GRO,1729

Mr. see Dinah Jerries, 1787

Philip: battle at Kingswood over a woman between Philip James, day labourer, with one arm and John Wright, a one legged cobbler. Fought 20 mins. James won. Bath Chron 21.5.1789

Philip, Mangots, wiredrawer, bach o21 & Ann Tanner, sp, o21, (Geo Gunter, Mangots, maltster as bondsman) BMLB 4.2.1796

Samuel & Isaac, Fystor’s Court, Mangots, 1615 see E.J. p143

Samuel “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Thomas, “supposed robbed & murdered” bur Mangots, 16.10.1784

William, victualler, St George, obit, FFBJ 2.6.1804



Charles, Bitton, 3rd Foot, 1801-09, discharged aged 28 (NA)

Henry, husbandman, 1661, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27



Ann see Wm Cryer, 1721

Ann d.o. Isaac & Mary Jarrett, F.C. 22.7.1737, NB same date as  mother, see below. (Bigland)

Eliza Jarrat, adult reception, Tytherington, “of Bitton, KW” b31.2.1776 (Moravians)

Isaac & wife, & John Jarrett, inhabs of Siston 1674 during vicar’s perambulation, see Siston BRO

Isaac Jerrett (sic) of Siston & Mary Stout of Winterbourne, mar Yate 30.12.1718

Isaac, see ,Ann, 1737,  see Mary, 1737, see Stephen Stout 1741

Isaac, “smith” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John see Isaac 1674, see Richard Hollister, 1791

John Jarratt of North Common, 37, drowned, bur Bitton 6.2.1843

Joseph Jarret, cm, see Thos Willis, 1790

Joseph Jarratt see Francis Jefferis, 1818

Mary, (nee Stout) wife of Isaac Jarratt, 22.7.1737, F.C.  (Bigland)

Mary see Joseph Dunn, 1806

  1. of Warmley Tower, see Thos Roberts. 1811

Robert 1802, see BAFHS 74, p35

Robert see Wm Waters, 1825

Samuel & Mary Lipyate b.o. Puck, mar Dirham, 1676

Samuel, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

Stephen, see Stephen Stout, 1741; Susannah, see Stephen Stout, 1741

Mrs V. Memories of Nancy Peckett, see E.P. 22.12.1990



Francis see Moses Brain, 1851; John see John Wood, 1653



Emanuel, see Chas Bryant, 1812

John Jaye, cm, killed by rubbish falling on him whilst at work in a well, belonging to Joseph Parker esq., Inquest 25.3.1800, Upton, Bitton, D260/GRO

John, Capt of Hanham Amateur Football Club, picture 28.1.1897

Margaret see John Bush 1707

Rose see Henry Ellacombe, 1871

Susannah see Chas Wilmot, 1717

William, made an encroachment on Oldland Common, & enclosed part, Told to get off by 2.2.1794 or be fined £5. Oldland Court Leet, GRO D108 M187/8

William, kcp Golden Valley 4.1.1809. Inq 8.1.1809 D260/GRO, mar Sarah Pillinger, Bitton, 1785.(See KCP)

William: “little Billy Jay” prince of Preachers, at the time of Whitefield, ca 1740s? (information from Bernice Peglar)


JEFFERI(E)S/JEFFRY/JEFFRYS etc (nb I have not differentiated between Jefferies & Jefferis)

Aaron see Henry Stone, 1756

Aaron, pitman, killed by spindle of wheel striking him in the stomach when at work in Mr Stibb’s pit, Warmley. Inq. 8.3.1795 at the house of Thos Britton, near Hanham. D260/GRO & KCP

Abraham of Siston, baily in a coalworks & Mary Leonard, sp, by lic, mar Bitton, 26.9.1754

Albert George Whitfield, 1843-1900, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Alf. , d 1841 aged 25. MI Mangots, E.J. p58. See also p48, a Mr Jefferies played flute in church band. n.d.

Alfred see Wm Palmer 1908; Alice see John Cribb, 1763; Amy see James Stone, 1858

Ann Jeffry see Joseph 1674

Ann see Francis, 1743,see John Olds, 1792

Ann Jefferis“A remarkable Bristol woman has just retired from work. Her name is Ann Jefferis who resides in Hanham Road, Kingswood. For the past 62 years she has been in the employ of the Great Western Cotton Works Factory, Barton Hill, entering the company’s service when she was but 12 years of age. All these years Miss Jefferis has risen at 3 a.m. winter and summer and walked to and fro to the factory, never once entering tramcar, train or bus. She has lately claimed her old-age pension.” (Bristol Times & Mirror, 23 January, 1909.)

Charity Jeffry see Joseph 1674

Charles, 58, fell into the rail road, bur Bitton, 1.6.1842

Charlotte see Emma Brain, 1820, see Isaac, 1841

Daniel, cm, 37, kcp in Leonard, Waters & Co’s pit, Inq Flower Pot Oldland, 30.7.1802, D260/GRO, & KCP

Dinah: charity appeal for 3 blind children of Thomas, coal carrier, & Dinah Jefferies. Donations to Rev Christopher Haynes or Mr James at Bath. (Bath Chron 11.1.1787)  see also BChron 17.8.1804

Dinah, “mother of 6 children born blind” bur Siston 9.12.1787. Sarah Jefferies, “a blind child” bur Siston 21.6.1790.

Edith see Richard Francis 1767

Edmund, kcp Cowhorne Hill, Inq 17.8.1797

Edward of Siston, collier & Thos Wood of same, blacksmith, armed with guns & looking for deer with Henry Davis of Siston, collier. Impeached by William Braine & George Turton, 28.7.1683. Ellacombe

Edward Jeffrey see John 1718

Edward, 18, found guilty of theft of ewe from Walter Swayne, at Puck, with others, 9 mths with hard labour, se FFBJ 1841

Eleanor Jeffery: bur Eleanor wife of Thos Jeffrey, collier, Siston, 7.2.1680

Eli Jeffrey see Mark Bateman 1870

Elizabeth see Isaac 1783, see Francis Skurry Smith, 1798 see Richard Bryant, 1793, see Luisa, 1802

Elizabeth, 75, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Francis of Mangots, yeo & Martha Stone, of same, (Ann Jefferis, widow, of same as bond) BMLB 17.9.1743. BRO

Francis, cm, settlement exam, Bitton, 21.5.1746

Francis, s.o. Isaac of Bitton, apprenticed to Elizabeth Herring as saddler, 14.4.1747, BRO

Francis, 17, collier, Warmley, stealing cloth & silver buttons from Joseph Jarratt, Bitton, blacksmith: light brown hair, dark eyes, fresh complexion, large nose, wide mouth, blue mark on left hand, scars down back, can read a little, 4 ft 11 and half inches tall, condemned & reprieved, 26.5.1818, G/QC-5/1-3. GRO

Frederick Parsons 1857-1885, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

George Jeffry, collier, mar Edith Stone, d.o. John Stone, senior, Siston, 9.6.1679

George of St P & J, cm, & Sarah Jefferies, of P & J, bondsman Jonathon Mays of Bitton, thatcher, BMLB 8.6.1748, BRO

George, see Edward Wilmot, 1755, see Francis Skurry Smith, 1798

George Phipps Jefferis see Francis Skurry Smith, 1798

George, cm, 21, charged with James Bush & Henry Moreton, (see James Bush, 1818). George Jefferies had dark brown hair inclining to sandy, large nose, brown complexion, scars each side of crown, left wrist, back, blue mark on forehead. Illiterate, 5 ft 3 & a half inches tall, Admitted King’s evidence. GRO/G/QC-5/1-3

George, collier of KW Hill, wife Prudence, ch Samuel (3) & Joseph (18mths) bp HTKW 1825

George see Mary Moreman, d.o. John & Betty

George, 45, collier, & Hester, 55, 1841 cens Bitton

George Cook, 1851-74, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Hannah of Siston & Francis Morgan of All Sts, BMLB 10.6.1708

Hannah, “brother Stone’s wife” (Edward Stone) one of the 12 men & 12 women who followed John after his expulsion by Wesley in 1740. See Anne Allen.

Hannah, full age, market woman, Warmley, d.o. Sampson, collier & James Ford, full age, bach, lab, s.o. Thos Ford, wiredrawer, mar HTKW 15.1.1849

Henry see Luisa 1802

Hester see George, 1841; Hester, 77, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Isaac see AKW 1761

Isaac see Francis 1747, see Samuel Creswick, 1761, see John Woodward, 1792, see Mrs Fremantle, 1808

Isaac, d 15.3.1783 aged 83, Elizabeth his wife, d 17.7.1762 aged 66, MI Bitton, Bigland

Isaac, collier aged 25, with Charlotte & 4 ch, 1841 cens Cadbury Heath.

Isaac, engine driver at Coalpit Heath. Inquest on his dau aged 8, crushed between two trams laden with coal at Cooks Lane, see BMerc 6.12.1851.

Isaac Leonard see Wm Waters, 1825

James, 13, cm, kcp falling down Mrs Peterson’s pit. Inq at May Pole, Warmley, 16.7.1804, D260/GRO & KCP

James, yeoman, Mangots, Bristol Poll, 1820

John Jeffrys, Tho Silcox, John Legg, Thos Edwards, John Flower, jun, Widdow Mellsom, John Mellsom, sen, John Flower, John Gregory, Widow Lane, Mr Yeates, inhabs of KW Chase in Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe Vol II, BRL. See also John Warne, 1684.

John Jeffrys, John Thomas, William Syms, Edward Stone: 2 pits open nr Cutting Dicks, 1684, KW Chase. Ellacombe.

John Jeffrrys, in Chester’s Liberty, 1684, also Anthony Cotsell, John Jefferyes, Nic. Willis, James Burgess, Thos Jones, William Ffussell, William Plommer, & Henry Stone, hath 5 pits open, at one they land coale a level about a mile long. Ellacombe

John Jeffrey, baptised, s.o. Edward Jeffrey “who he had by his concubine, Mary Crew” Siston, 30.10.1718

John, full age, bach, cm, KW, s.o. Stephen, stone cutter & Lucy Jefferis, full age, ironer, KW, d.o. William, cm, mar HTKW 10.10.1841

Jonathon Jeffery, widower of Siston & Mary Gregory mar Keynsham 23.9.1754

Jonathon Jeffery, widower of Siston & Edith Hunter, at Keynsham 1754 (see above – error?)

Jonathon, see Edward Wilmot, 1755, see Richard Francis, 1767

Joseph Jeffry. & wife, Thomas senior & wife, Thomas jun & wife, Richard; Susannah, widow, Lester; George; Richard & wife, Charity; Ann, widow; Martha, William. Inhabs of Siston in 1674 during vicar’s perambulation, BRO.

Joseph see Thos Nash, 1735

Joseph tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

Joseph see Luisa 1802, see Geo, 1825; Joseph, collier, 20, 1841 cens Warmley

Joseph, lab. Stabbed at tennis Court Inn, Warmley. Moses Gay & others charged with his murder. See FFBJ 6.4.1850 (it happened Good Friday March 29th, as mentioned by Couch, 1850)

Joseph, b1845, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Joseph – see Robert Wildgoose, 1866

Joseph, d1873, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Josiah & Co. circa 1750. See “Some Coalworks in Bristol & Kingswood” D. Vinter, BRL

Josiah see Edward Wardley 1823

Josias Jeffery of Siston & Mary Francomb of Mangots mar Yate 28.11.1720

Josias, cm, & Mary Stone, mar Bitton, 11.6.1759

Katherine Jeffery, St P & J, 1751. To America. (Coldham)

Leonard see Luisa 1802, see Wm Waters, 1825; Leonard John see Luisa 1802

Lester see Joseph 1674

Lucy see John 1841; Lucy, 77, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Luisa, bp 27.6.1802 d.o. Leonard, carpenter & Elizabeth of Mangots, at Whitefield School; also Joseph, b1803, Henry, b1808, Sarah, b 1805, Leonard John, b1810, sons and daus of Leonard/Elizabeth, bp 17.6.1810, at Whitefield Sch, but “of Siston”.

Martha see Joseph 1674; Martha Jeffrey see John Saunders 1676/7; see Chas Arthur 1759

Martha see Geo Short 1845; Mary see Francis Skurry Smith, 1798

Mr, 1719, MD;  Mrs see AKW 1762

Mrs Mary, aged 81, of Black Horse, Warmley, obit 15.11.1828, FFBJ

Moses see Geo Whitemore, 1803

Moses, banksman at Deep Pit, St George, gave evidence at inq on Stephen Newman kcp, see BM 6.9.1851

Mr Jefferys, of Siston, 1811, see Thos Roberts

Mr Jefferies, driver for Nancy Peckett, (qv) 1920’s? see E.P. 22.12.1990

Mrs. Watch lost by Mrs Jefferys, if fund, ddelver to Carpenter’s Arms or turnpike keeper at Lansdown Hill Gate. Bath Chron, 9.8.1798

Prudence see George, 1825

Randall, Jeffery, cm, aged abt 20, of medium stature suitable as a musketeer, of Siston, men & Armour, 1608

Reuben see Hatters of Oldland, picture, ca 1880, West St, Oldland, “All Around Oldland” EP (BT) 12.9.2006

Richard see Joseph 1674

Robert, Siston, carpenter & Mary Evans, sp, St P & J, BMLB, Feb 1792, BRO

Robert see Wm Waters, 1825; Robert, 74, rheumatism, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Sampson, “with the one horse cart” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Sampson of Bitton & Elizabeth Davis mar Siston 28.11.1796

Sampson see Hannah, 1849

Samuel mar Catherine Lear, Bitton, 15.9.1746

Samuel, 30, St George, contused back, BRI Inpatients 1789

Samuel, see William Sumption, 1786

Samuel see John Olds, 1792, see John Woodward, 1792, see Geo Whitmore, 1803, see Mrs Fremantle, 1808, see Geo. 1825

Samuel, cm of Bitton, kcp suffocation, at  Starveal,  St George, Inq 7.11.1855, CoI Acc 1291 GRO & KCP

Sarah see Joseph Greenaway 1773

Sarah, a child, burnt to death, bur 19.12. 1775, Siston PR

Sarah Jeffery see John Upham 1789

Sarah see Luisa, 1802, see George, 1748, see Dinah, 1787, see Wm, 1841

Solomon see George Whitmore, 1803

Stephen, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe BRL; Stephen see John, 1841

Susanna see Joseph 1674

Thomas Jeffrys, “fugitive from KW” 1667, see Francis Bastyn. (Ellacombe)

Thomas see Joseph 1674, Thomas see Eleanor, 1680

Thomas Jeffrys, collier, inhab of KW Chase, 1684 in Chester’s Liberty, Ellacombe

Thomas Jeffrey see Daniel Cribb, 1768; Thomas see Daniel Chandler, 1775

Thomas, lease in reversion to T.J. of Warmley, Siston, timber merchant, Lord of the Manor of Gee Moor, Bitton, to John Iles of Gee Moor, cm, of cottages & land at Gee Moor, rent 6s a year. 2 Mar 1785, BRO 5755/22

Thomas, see Dinah, 1787

Thomas, Hanham 17, fractured leg, BRI Inpatients, 1790.

Thomas, of Griffin Inn, Bridgeyate, & Miss Blackmore’s school, Mangots, contributions to War Fund, 1800, see “KW v. Napoleon” Vinter. Also evacuation from Bitton, 1804, see Thos Pearsall. For Mr Jefferies of Griffin Inn, Warmley, see —-Badman, 1801

Thomas of Warmley see Geo Whtmore,1803

Thomas, butcher of Siston, see Thos Fox, 1803

Thomas aged 6 mths, Bath Rd, died cholera, bur St Geo 10.9.1832.

Thomas kcp roof fall at Siston Hill Colliery, Toghill & Co. Body mutilated, remains carried away in a sack. See FFBJ 6.8.1836 & KCP

Thomas see James Stone, 1858; Thomas, landlord of Tennis Court Inn, Warmley, 1884

  1. W. delegate on behalf of miners of South Parkfield to go to see pit owners. Strike 1874, see WDP 29.5.1874

William see Joseph 1674; William, W & A, will GRO,1730

William, convicted for his part in colliers’ march on Bristol and but not guilty of an additional charge of stealing a hogshead of sugar from “The Lamb” in Bristol docks. Two years imprisonment. See FFBJ 26 May, 8 Sep, 22 Dec 1753 & Annals of KW

William, kcp, bur Mangots 18.9.1783

William of W & A, & Ann Trubody, sp of same, mar lic, 26.11.1792, GRO Q2/143 1789-94

William see Henry Watts, 1800

William & Elizabeth Wasborough Watts of Mangotsfield, mar Keynsham 29.1.1801

William, Mangots, plumber, bach o21 & Susannah Gundry, Horfield, sp, o21. Bondsman Joseph Quarman of St James Intra, turner, BMLB 23.6.1806, BRO

William (1806) see E.J., p41

William Jefferys, Wick, 40th Foot, 1821-42, discharged aged 39. N.A

William, cm, mar Sara Stone, St Geo, 1840; William see John, 1841

William, collier, 20, and Sarah, 20, 1841 cens Siston

William, grocer, photograph in “Bygone Bristol” about 1916.

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

Jefferies & Co see John Fray, 1814, George Martin, 1814, Joseph Somerville, 1815, Isaac Bush, 1822

Jefferies, Llewellin & Co, see Francis Punter, 1806


Also “An.dom. 1625. Memorandum. The Jeffryes & Tukers of Warmley are Rogues, Whores & thieves & what not that is wicked.” see Siston P.R. 1625 THE JEFFERIES FAMILIES of area around Bitton and Bristol in Gloucestershire


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These notes were collected in hurried visits to record offices and libraries, or

acquired from other researchers or on-line sources.  If you use information from these

notes you are strongly recommended to check the information against original sources.


1610    Jeffrey house principle house in Warmley – Ellacombe MSS.

1615    George Jefferies bapt Siston son of Randell and Joane Jefferies.

1623    Joseph Jefferies bap Siston son of Thomas and Mary Ann Jefferies.

1639    Thomas Jefferies of Bitton – Ellacombe MSS.

1640    George Jefferies mar Siston Elenor Tucker.

1642    Jane Jefferies bap Siston dau of George and Elizabeth Jefferies.

1670    Jeffreys owned coalpit in Lord Stafford’s liberty or lordship –

Ellacombe MSS 7.

1673    George Jefferies of Siston will.

1674    Thomas Jefferies licenced ale house Siston and Siston Griffin at Mr Meridiths

wheels – Ellacombe MSS Bristol Library.

1686    Richard Jefferies of Bitton will.

1688    Edmund Jefferies lease to John Seymour the elder – Ellacombe MSS.

1693    Thomas Jefferies of Siston will.

1697    Moses Jefferies born, bur 1758.

1698    Thomas Jefferies of Siston will.

1700    Eleanor Jefferies of Siston will.

1703    Joseph Jefferies Alderman of Bristol bur St Stephens will at Doctors Commons left

property called Jefferis Hill and Hancliff Wood at Bitton to wife, his

wife Mary was bur 1706 St Stephens, his dau Hester mar Nicholas Poole,

his son Joseph Jefferies was mayor of Bristol 1724 lived at Queen Street in 1749

mar Mary bur 1724 St Stephens and had son William Jefferies of Pen Park merchant

and Alderman died 1752 with tablet at Westbury on Trym with arms of Jefferies of

Stanley – in Ellacombe MSS VIII.

1704    Thomas Jefferies bap Bitton son of William Jefferies.

1706    Jane Jefferies mar Siston Samuel Tippett.

1707    Robert Jefferies and wife and family of Siston amongst poor of Hanham – Ellacombe


1708    George Jefferies mar Bitton Sarah Francklin.

1708    Thomas Jefferies bap Bitton son of Robert Jefferies.

1709    George Jefferies of Siston will.

1709    George Jefferies the elder horsedriver of Siston will mentions wife Edith and sons

and daus.

1709    William Jefferies bap Siston son of William and Mary Jefferies.

1710    Martha Jefferies bap Bitton dau of Steven Jefferies.

1711    Frances Jefferies of Siston will.

1712    George Jefferies bapt Siston son of George and Sarah Jefferies.

1713    George Jefferies mar Siston Mary Davis.

1713    Joseph Jefferies of Siston will.

1713    Obadiah Jefferies mar Bitton Margaret ?.

1714    Dinah Jefferies mar Siston Richard Braine.

1714    Thomas Jefferies mar Twining Dinah Tolly.

1718    George Jefferies bapt Siston son of George and Sarah Jefferies.

1719    Dinah Jefferies bap Siston dau of Samson and Margaret Jefferies.

1719    Jane Jefferies bap Siston dau of George and Sarah Jefferies.

1722    Joseph Jefferies bap Siston son of Obadiah and Margaret Jefferies.

1723    Isaac Jefferies mar Bitton Betty Hanvar?.

1723    Joseph Jefferies bap Bitton son of Mary Jefferies.

1724    Isaac Jefferies bap Bitton son of Isaac Jefferies.

1724    Joseph Jefferies mayor of Bristol – his wife died in 1724 – their son William Jefferies

of Pen Park was alderman of Bristol and used arms of Jefferies of Stanley.

1725    Dinah Jefferies bap Bitton dau of Stephen and Elizabeth Jefferies of Oldland.

1725    Mary Jefferies bap Bitton dau of Isaac and Elizabeth Jefferies of Oldland.





—- Jenkins see Badman, 1801

—- Jenkins, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.

Abraham Jenkins & Isaac Strong – killed coalpit, 7 Jul 1802, D260/GRO & KCP

Abraham 75, wife, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897; Ann  see Catherine 1779

Canon — vicar of Mangots, 1820-22, see E.J. p61

Catherine of St Philip & St Jacob. Hanged at Gloucester for stabbing to death her niece Ann, aged 3. See FFBJ 14 Aug 1779

Charles see Emily, 1831

Emily Jenkins, of St Philips, daughter of Charles Jenkins, surgeon, & Robert Joseph Biggs, surgeon of Bitton, mar lic bond, 23 Mar 1831. (BRO)

Emily, 42, wid, 3 ch, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Frederick, Gunner, aged 33, of Bitton, took part in Zeebrugge Raid, 1918, biog details, see Evening Post 26.3.08. (Picture)

George, coalminer & Mary Williams, sp, mar Bitton, 10 Sep 1759

George, aged 26, killed coalpit, 8 Feb 1795. See KCP

George d 1849, see Mr Whittuck, 1849

Harriet Jenkins, minor, washerwoman, of Park Wall, father William, labourer & Daniel French, married Kingswood Holy Trinity 1843.

Job coalminer & Hannah Rogers mar Bitton 7 Feb 1758; Job see John 1784

Job, coalminer of Hanham; Bristol Poll Book, 1832 & 1837

Job of Kingswood. Witness at trial of Joseph Britton & others for highway robbery (see Bristol Journal 6 Apr 1850)

John, coalminer, admitted to Liberties of Bristol 8 Apr 1784 by reason of being son of Job Jenkins, cutler, deceased.

John, (24) hanged at Ilchester 19 Apr 1786 for robbing John Chappel on Brislington Common. Insisted he was innocent. Says it was John Blanchard, Thos Price & Jane Williams. Later found to be so when a man called Pembury confessed in 1787. (see FFBJ 22 Apr 1786). See Pembury 1787

John, 17, LG, 1820, using a dog to destroy game, LG 1820, see BAFHS Journal, 61,p 30

John, kcp, buried Iron Acton, 14 Oct 1884. In KCP

Martha see Sarah, 1820 ; Mary see Samuel, 1841

Mr. Jenkins, a dissenting minister, of Maidstone, who despoiled John Cennick’s school in Kingswood, 23 Oct 1746 (Cennick’s Diary, Univ of Bristol)

Mr. (Charles) Jenkins, surgeon, grandfather of Henry John Knapp Biggs, son of Robert Biggs, surgeon of Kingswood, Obituary of HJKB. 3 Feb 1842. Bristol Gazette.

Samuel (40), collier, born country; 1841 census Bitton/Cadbury Heath; in family group with Mary (40)

Sarah, singlewoman of Bitton & Martha, widow, her mother, gave evidence at inquest on Thomas Worlock and subsequent trial and execution of Rebecca Worlock his wife for his murder. 1820. ASS i6 XP OO5848 PRO. (Penny Deverill, her descendant has written a book about the case.)

William, carrier. Witness to admin of Isaac Cool, 27 May 1809, BRO

William coalminer of Hanham. Outvoter of Bitton. Bristol Electoral Roll, 1832

William, “a man accidentally killed in  coalpit at Warmley”, bur Siston 21 Feb 1834. The vicar added “I have since learnt his name was William Jenkins and that he lived at Axbridge, Som., supposed to be about 44 years of age. (KCP).

William see Harriet, 1843; — Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

William, Bitton, killed Bull Head Coal Pit. 15.5.1866, Inquest GRO Ref CO1/I/12/B/9l


Jenkins – was the name of a pit in Kingswood. See John Humphries, 1851



Adam, collier, Barton Regis, Easton, tall, suitable as a pikeman, Men & Armour, 1608

John, 1802, see BAFHS 74 p35

William, cm, 27, kcp, fracture right side of head by falling into a coalpit 24 fathoms deep. Inq 12.1.1796, West. Bur West 13.1.175. D260/GRO & KCP.



Prudence, widow, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe



John, 45, bach, traveller, s.o. Robert, wine merchant & Elizabeth Simmons, 23, sp, Stanley Street, d.o. Matthew, hatter, mar St P & J, 20.4.1886 (wit Keziah Simmons & Henry Small)

John Jesty head, mar, 60, draper’s assistant born Bath, Elizabeth wife, mar 38, born Winterbourne

Charlotte Elizabeth, dau 12 sch, born Bristol, George, son, 6, sch, born Bristol, Sarah Ann Simmons, niece, 3, sch, born Littlehampton, Sx: 1871 cens, 5 Clarence St, St Philips.


Elizabeth Jesty, wid, 48, general shopkeeper, with Charlotte, 22, George, 16, cabinet maker, Charles, son, 9, Keziah, dau, 5, John W., son, 4, Swithin Jesty, lodger, unmar 25, b London; 1881, cens, Regent House, Regent St, St Philips.



Mary see James Stone, 1720/1



Aaron, Britannia Boot Works, junction Britannia/Forest Rds, supposed to “visit” premises on occasions!  See “From Colliers to Clickers” S. Fryer.

Ann d.o. Thomas, collier, & Ann his wife b 12 Aug 1801, bp 20 Sep 1801 Kingswood School

Ann, of Oldland, will 1812, names son in law the late Edward Hendy, sons Thomas & Isaac Johnson, daughter Hester wife of Thomas Garland, granddaughter Sarah Johnson, d.o. late son William Johnson, daughter the late Hannah Hendy, wife of Edward, late deceased daughter Ann Cowles, grandson Samuel s.o. Isaac Johnson, Son Isaac & Henry Hill Budgett, linendraper, Bitton  to be executors. Wit Ann Lewis & J. Marsh, proved 10 Oct 1814. GRO

Anne see Wm Seymore, 1848

Betty see John Symonds, 1776; Charles see Annie Louisa Clark, 1913

Charles of KW, action brought by him against G.B. Britton & Sons, for loss of 2 fingers, see BO 19.3.1921

Eleanor Johnson, will 4.5.1815, sister Mary Harris, wid, Mary Hendy, John Hendy and Ann wife of John Pool, Bitton, cm, the surviving children of my late niece Hannah, the wife of Edward Hendy, both lately dec’d. “grandson Isaac Johnson, son of my brother John Johnson” (she must mean nephew?) , nephews Jacob, Hugh, Samuel & George Harvey, sons of sister Mary Harvey. Nephew Thomas Johnson and Isaac Johnson, niece Hester wife of Thomas Garland, cm, Edward Cowles, of Frampton, quarryman, Sarah wife of Isaac Golding, brightsmith, dau of my nephew William Johnson, decd, nephew John Johnson s.o. my late deceased brother Jacob Johnson, , sister Mary Harvey & Daniel Lawrence the elder as executors, wit J. Marsh, Moses Brain, & Charles Pearce, He

Frederick see Annie Louisa Clark, 1913

George of Mangots, cm, & Amelia Lovell, same, BMLB 9.3.1791

George, warrant offering 50 guineas reward, for him for riotous assembly, 8.5.1795, see Annals of KW.; George see Wm Seymore, 1848

Isaac see Eleanor, 1815; Jacob, kcp & bur Siston 17.2.1768; Jacob see Eleanor, 1815

Joseph see AKW 1768

Joseph, received instruction from Samuel Bryant, collier & preacher. See Pamphlet, 1792, Sam Bryant, KW Collier, BRL

Miss see AKW 1768

Richard, coal carrier, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Richard, cm, who “through darkness of the night & intoxication of liquor fell into a pit about 15 fathoms, causing instant death.” Inq 9.11.1795, D260/GRO, bur Mangots, 9.11.1795. & See KCP.

Samuel see Ann, 1812; Thomas see Ann 1801

Thomas, 59, kcp falling 70 fathoms into a pit belonging to Castle & Co, rope breaking whilst descending. Inq. Jan 1917, bur Bitton, “aged 60”, 5.1.1817, and see KCP

William, cm, & Ann Moorman, sp, mar Bitton, 17.8.1755

William, cm, 37 & Thomas Prewett, cm, 17, killed falling down Starveall Pit, 70 fathoms by rope giving way. Inq 28.12.1795, Rodney, St George, D260/GRO. & KCP.

William see Eleanor 1815

William kcp Lodge by drowning with 10 others. Had his arm broken 10 yrs before in same pit when a man was killed. Left a wife & 4 ch, Samuel Wiltshire his son in law drowned leaving a wife & 3 ch. William Johnson, 20, also drowned. See BM 1.6.1839, & KCP

William, 13 last November, carter in Starveall Pit (William Brain & Co) Has worked 4 yrs, earns 4s a week, Thinks girdle is a good way of tugging. Does not mind getting a little wet. Reads & goes to school in KW. 11.6.1841, Waring..

“Johnson’s – Chequers, Oldland” see Geo Bryant 1804



Albert – see Robert Wildgoose, 1866

Alice, wife of Richard, esq., Hanham, (no date) also Catherine Bethell, wid, d.o. Sir Francis Norreys, d 3.6.1692 aged 44, Richard Jones, of Hanham, d 27.1.1697 aged 87, Thomas Trye, of Hanham, grandson of Richard Jones, (bur at Oldland) d 23.11.1728 aged 59, MI Bitton, Bigland

Ambrose, head, mar, 23, cm, b Tytherington & Hannah, wife, 22, b Westerleigh, 1861 cens Coalpit Heath

Ann see James Charmbury, 1640; Ann, Oldland, will GRO,1729

Ann, Betty, & Dorcas, Mangots, William Rogers will to them, 1734. See E.J. p158

Ann see Abraham Caines, 1726 (1718), see Thos Britton, 1781, see Moses Nichols, 1847

Ann & Thomas, see Robert Henderson, 1814

Arthur of Bitton, yeo, wid., o21 & Dinah Bush, St & J extra, bondsman Thos Nock of P & J, smith, BMLB 13.12.1793. Dinah was widow of Mr Bush, cornfactor of Bristol. See also Bath Chron 26.12.1793.

Betty see Ann, 1734, see Sarah Robins, 1739

Bluett of I.A & Mary Tucker mar Winterbourne, 11.7.1774

Cad(wallader?) Jones, wid, now Wm Kidwilly, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Mr Berkeley’s liberty, Ellacombe

Catherine see Jacob Cox, 17–

Charles, amongst those committed to Newgate after miners’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26.5.1753 & Annals of KW

Charles, Stapleton, 15th Dragoons, 1801-17, discharged aged 37 N.A.

Charles, Frenchay, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Charles see Wm Thatcher 1819

Charles H.M, 29, b St Philips, 1881 cens RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73 p28

Daniel of Bitton, coal driver & Margaret d.o. Wm Davy of Siston, banns Siston 28.9, 5 &,12.10, 1656, Siston.

Daniel, manager at Speedwell, his picture in Supplement to KCP & see Stanley Nash

David, collier, compound fracture of rt. thigh by a blow received from a waggon & James Brain, colliers’ boy, compound fracture of rt. arm, it having nearly been cut off by a train waggon passing over it. Admissions to Bristol Infirmary, brought from 18 miles beyond Newport, FFBJ 15.1.1853.

Dan, collier, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Rochester’s Liberty, Ellacombe

Daniel, aged 87 in 1971, four yrs manager of Deep Pit, closed 1928 & 11 yrs manager of Speedwell Pit, see EP 5.11.1971 with photograph of D.J.

Daniel, manager at Speedwell, his picture in Supplement to KCP & see Stanley Nash see Joseph Hyman, 1925

Dorcas see Ann 1734

Edmund see Fra Creswick, 1674; Edmund, yeoman, 60, see Wm Bright, 1676

Edward see Robt, 1667; Elizabeth see Richard, 1674

Elizabeth, mother in law of Abraham Caines, hanged with Wm Bateman 1727, she was burnt in the hand for harbouring the robbers. See FFBJ 18.3.1727

Elizabeth, see Abraham Caines, 1726: on 26.4.1727 she was pd 2s and 6d for looking after 2 of Caines’s children after his execution, the ygt was looked after by Mary Batman for 1s 9d. The ygt sadly died 4.8.1729, see Bitton Orders.

Elizabeth see Wm Bush, 1736, see Richard Chappel, see 1756, see Arthur Newman 1758

Evan of Wick & Ann Smith of W.O.T, mar 23.12.1741, All Sts, Bristol

Gabriel, see James Charmbury, 1640

Gabriel of Bitton & Mary Maynard mar North Stoke, 1670; Gabriel see Jacob Cox, 17–

George see Henry Lacey, 1764

George, horse dealer of Hanham, see Wm Sheppard, 1798, see Richard Hart, 1800, see Francis Anderson, 1804

George, assignment of G.J., St Geo, cm, son George Jones, of  Bitton, to Joseph Davies of Bristol, painter & Hannah his wife, & Hannah Jones & Mary Jones, of cottage & land at Rodway Hill, see BRO 5755/37.

George Daniel, 1900-69 of Folly Lane, St Philip’s. Holder of George Medal for “one of the bravest acts in the civil defence of Bristol in World War II.” See BT(EP) 12.9.2000

“Goody” see James Charmbury, 1640; Grace, see Thos Smith, 1731

Hannah see Wm Fudge, 1780, see George, 1810, see Wm Powe, 1813, see Ambrose, 1861

Hannah Maria, d.o. W & S Jones. Left side same stone, “to memory of Wm Jones who died Apr 9 1864 aged 48. Rt side of stone: also of Sarah wife of Wm Jones who died Nov 22 1875 aged 63. On second stone From Top at Front “for 26 years Mistress at the Infant Schools at Brislington, who died 23 May 1900, aged 49. (Presume this is Hannah Maria?) MI St George.

Henry, cm, Bitton/Hanham, abt 60, tall stature suitable as pikeman, Men & Armour, 1608

Henry see Fra Creswick, 1674

Henry, cole miner aged abt 82 of Bitton, examined deposition to Court of Exchequer 1675 in respect of house of Richard Bramhall, Ellacombe Vol I, BRL

Henry, Bitton, yeo & Elizabeth Brayn, Mangots, wid, 1687, BMLB

Henry cm & Ann Britton, sp, botp mar Bitton, 7.4.1760

Henry see Josiah, 1774. See Isaac Herbert, 1774, see Thos Britton, 1781

  1. see Wm Mannering 1794; James see Daniel Cribb, 1768

James of Stapleton, cm, claim to messuage & gdn in own occupation. Yearly val. £1.15s. Minute Book, KW Enclosure Commissioners, 1779-84, BRL

James see Edward Thrissell, 1776; James see letting of French Prison, Staple. FFBJ 30.8.1783

Jane see John Williams, 1760, see Joseph Lines, 1819

Joan see John Collett, 1685; Job see Moses Nichols, 1847

John cm Bitton/Hanham aged abt 40, tall stature, suitable as a pikeman, Men & Armour 1608

John see James Charmbury, 1640; John, took part in KW Riot, 1670, Ellacombe

John, widower, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

John see Walter 1684, see Leonard, 1684, see Chas Palmer, 1770

John, Stapleton, 15th Dragoons, 1805-21, discharged aged 31. N.A.

John, Stapleton, 6th Dragoons, 1805-29, discharged aged 43. N.A.

John, 57, Hanham, compound fracture leg BRI Inpatients 1789, BRO

John, (Captain) “1836 Feb 17 Ash Wednesday, the Nelson sank between the two passages with 45 tons of salt by a heavy gale from the North West, Capn John Jones” (Couch)

John see Wm Harding 1796, see James Frederick Hawthorne Evans, 1902

Joseph see Jacob Cox 17–; Joseph, Bitton, will GRO,1729

Joseph see Nathaniel Fry, 1773, see Wm Fudge, 1774, 1780

Joseph, wid. Staple. & Mary Humphries, mar lic, St Ebbes, Oxford, 5.10.1784

Joseph, 72, wife, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Josiah, admitted to Bristol Liberties 13.10.1774 (same day as his bro in law Isaac Herbert), son of Henry Jones, rough mason, dec’d. Bristol Burgesses BRO. Cm, Bitton, Bristol Poll, 1774 & 1781.

Joyce see Isaac Herbert 1774; Leonard see Richard 1666

Leonard, John & Ric(hard) collier, inhabs of KW Chase 1684 in Rochester’s Liberty. Ellacombe, II

Margaret see John Sutton, 1691

Mary, wid, dau Mary, son Will, 1722, MD; Mary, Oldland, will GRO, 1728

Mary, her house in KW where defendant thought his son was; case agt Edward Stone for riot, c1738, see Ellacombe & Annals of KW.

Mary, one of 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick, 1740, see Anne Allen.

Mary, Mangots, 1750, see E.J. p158

Mary see Sampson Britton, 1755, see Sam Rawbone, 1755, see George, 1810









Mary – above, coal carrier, vWhat a gal!

Mary, aged 104 of St George, obit, 7.2.1824, FFBJ

Mary, 68, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Mary, 71, Siston, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Mary Ann, 73, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Mr Jones: John Read & John Ward executed for taking a silver tankard from his house in Willsbrdge see FFBJ 7.4.1781

Nicholas see Richard, 1674; Peter, carpenter, inhabs KW Chase, 1674, Ellacombe

Prudence see Walter 1684; Richard built Hanham Hall, 1655, see Braine p116

Richard & Leonard, keepers of “cole horses” two each, in KW Chase 1666, Ellacombe

Richard, “Londonderry House” Hanham, 1666 sold to Thos Coster, MP, pre 1770, see Braine, p118/9

Richard see Robert, 1667

Richard, gent of Hanham & Wm Underhill, yeo, Bitton, Bond. Thos Edwards & Richard Ridley, witnesses. 1671, see BAFHS 52, p35.

Richard Joanes (sic), Nicholas & wife, Elizabeth, inhabs of Siston during vicar’s perambulation, 1674

Ric(hard), see J. Greenway, Wm Pruett, John Burnell, 1674, see Leonard, 1684

Richard, esq., Hanham, Herald’s Visitation, 1682/3 see Bigland

Richard, Manor of Oldland, d 1697, Benefactor to Hanham, will 1696, see Alice, see Bigland, see Braine, p115

Richard see Ann Trye, 1703

Robert, cm, Bitton/Hanham, abt 40, of tall stature, suitable as a pikeman, see Men & Armour, 1608

Robert, Edward & Richard, “fugitives from KW” 1667, see Francis Bastyn

Robert, mason, inhab KW Chase 1684, Chester’s Liberty

Robert “3 pits since 1684” in Newton’s First Liberty, E.J

Robert, Westerleigh, 1685, Jamaica, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Robert see Amos Bryant, 1834

Roger, 1635 see BAFHS 52, p35; Roger, took part 1670 riot in KW, Ellacombe

Roger see Widow Batt, 1684,  see T. Ball, 1684,, see Wm Braine, 1686

Roger, cm, Bitton, & —-Sherborne, widow, Mangots, BMLB 12.7.1701

Roger see George Smith, 1709; Roger, Mangots, 1711, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27

Rosina see James Frederick Hawthorn Evans, 1902; Ruth see Thos Britton, 1781

Samuel see John Hawkins 1696

Samuel of Siston & Mary Bollon of Tormarton, mar Yate, 22.4.1712

Samuel, Bitton, will GRO,1727

Samuel, late husband of Abigail Newman, nee Willmott, see Edward Willmott, 1757

Samuel cm mar Mary Mead, sp, Bitton, 24.9.1759

Samuel of Bitton & Martha Baynham of Keynsham mar there by lic. 10.3.1772

Samuel see Edward Thrissell, 1776

Samuel, yeo, Bach o21 & Hannah Moon, sp, o21, bondsman Thos Ody, hatter, all of Mangots, BMLB 3.5.1796

Samuel, 14, kcp falling down a pit in Pucklechurch, Messrs Llewellin, Inq 21.9.1822, Mangots, D260/GRO & KCP

Samuel see Henry Thomas, 1886

Sarah see Sarah Robbins, 1739, see Wm Fudge, 1774

Sarah, 20, of Clay Hill, died of cholera, bur St Geo, 21.11.1833; Sarah see Hannah Maria, 1864

Thomas see James Charmbury, 1640

Thomas, s.o. Thomas, cm, of Barton Regis, as carpenter, Bristol Apprentices, 1668-71

Thomas, see Francis Creswick, 1674, see Henry Prewett, 1691

Thomas, s.o. Thomas, cm, dec’d, of Barton Regis, to Robert Dymock, carpenter & his wife Elizabeth, Bristol Apprentices, 1668-71

Thomas see John Jeffrys, 1684, also Thos Jones, Nich Willis, Arthur Munten & George Smith, hath 10 pitts at Haggast Causeway for a level now coale landings, Chester’s Liberty, 1684, see Ellacombe II

Thomas see Wm Braine, 1686

Thomas, husbandman, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Chester’s Liberty, Ellacombe

Thomas see Henry Prewett, 1691, see Jacob Cox, 17–

Thomas s.o. Thomas, Bitton, agrico, to John Hall, mason, Bristol Apprents, 24.9.1700

Thomas, Bitton, cm, & Mary Phipps, P & J, bondsman Edward Bease, victualler, P & J, BMLB 29.11.1726, BRO

Thomas, Oldland, will GRO,1729

Thomas of Stones, kcp by falling into a coalpit & bur by order of the coroner, 30.9.1754, I.A. BTs

Thomas see Nathaniel Fry, 1773

Thomas, Mangots. Protestant dissenters, his house in Mangots: Robt Kendall, William Fugill, 8.2.1794, GRO/GDR 319a p164.

Thomas see Richard Britton, 1800

Thomas (Captain) “A Trow belonging to Pickford & Co sunk at Gravel beds above Bristol River by a heavy gale from west north west. 31 Mar 1836.  Capt Jones drowned in 1841, see also Thos Pumphrey, 1841. (Couch)

Thomas full age lab, KW, & Ann Bryant, minor, sp, KW, d.o. George, miner, mar HTKW 4.9.1843

W., labourer, Mangots, 1642, see E.J.p177-

Walter, “killed Sep 1609” Bitton bur register.

Walter, Mangots, loader, & Prudence Brimble, Mangots, bondsmen John Bide, St Peter, miller & Thos Nash, St Philip, farmer, BMLB, 1662

Walter, lab: his widow; Prudence & John Jones, inhabs KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe.

William, esq, West., 55, see Wm Bright, 1676

William see Edward Humphreys, 1684; William, lab, inhabs KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe.

Sir William see Sir Richard Hart, 1685

Will, see Mary, 1722; William see Thos Price, 1734

William, St George, cm, 3rd Company, see John Pugh, 1778

William see Thos Britton, 1781, see George Lovell, 1850/2, see Benjamin Lovell, 1856, see Hannah Maria, 1864, see Abraham Cook, 1882

William, 3, Siston, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11


Jones v Creswicke, 1805 see Creswicke



Richard, 18, kcp running wagons down incline at Coalpit Heath, BJ 13.1 1838

William of Westerleigh; his house licensed as a Non Conformist Meeting House, 1672, see Congregational Monthly, 1940-1, BRL



Ann see Thos Brain, 1766; Elizabeth see Thos Brain, 1766

Elizabeth d.o. Thomas & Hannah b 2 Feb 1803 bp 3 Jul 1803, Kingswood School

Elizabeth see Matthew 1821

Hannah see Hester, 1799, see Eliz, 1803

Hannah mar John Britton, cm, see Matthew Britton, 1861

Hester, wife of Richard, cm, settlement exam, Bitton, 14.2.1743, (BP/OP/6g 14) BRO

Hester see Thos Brain 1766

Hester, 7, d.o. Thomas & Hannah Joy of Bitton bp 17 Feb 1799, Kingswood School

James see Thos Brain, 1766, see James Baker, 1814

John see Wm Fry, 1850

John: 1851 cens Rowley Regis, West Midlands, John Joy, 33, iron miner, b. Kingswood, Thos Norman, 63, iron miner, born Mangots.

Lucritia see Thos Brain, 1766

Matthew s.o. Thomas & Elizabeth Joy of Kingswood, b1820 bp 2 May 1821, Kingswood School.

Richard see Hester, 1743, see Nathaniel Crow, 1765

Richard of KW, last ship, none, Henry Britton of KW, last ship “Nancy”, & Sampson Long, of KW, last ship “Charles” all of the ship Caesar, John Martin, master Bristol-Virginia-Bristol, 6.12.1758, MV Muster Rolls.

Richard see AKW 1765

Richard, 11, & Francis Caines, 11, drowned in a fishpond near Warmley by means of ice breaking whilst sliding thereon, Inq 2.2.1815 at King’s Arms, Oldland, kept by Aaron Stone, D260/GRO

Samuel see Thos Brain, 1766; Sarah see Thos Brain, 1766

Thomas see Hester 1799, see Eliz, 1803, see Matthew 1820

Thomas, cm, b.1831, s.o. Elizabeth Pillinger by her first marriage to Thos Joy.



Mr see Henry Warn, 1804



William, the coroner for 33 years. His death occasioned by inclemency of the weather on a journey to Bitton on his official duty on Wednesday sennight. FFBJ 1.2.1823



Thomas, 18, b St P & J, 1881 cens RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73 p28