Bristol Men in Nelson’s Navy

Bristol and other local Men at Trafalgar, 1805.

Royal Navy (of Bristol unless otherwise stated)

John Alden, 20, Landsman, HMS Naiad, 1804

William Alden, 35, AB, HMS Thunderer, 1805

John Allen, 20, Landsman, Bath, HMS Euryalus, 1803, wages paid to mother

H.J. Anderden, Midshipman

George Anderson, 25, Ord Seaman, HMS Bellerephon

John Andrews, 27, Quartermaster, HMS Defiance

John Appleby, 27, AB, HMS Spartiate, 1804

John Armstrong, 30, AB, from Ulysses to HMS Swiftsure, 1804

Charles Arthur, Ord Seaman

William Atkins, 26, Ord Seaman, HMS Temeraire, 1804-5. At Trafalgar. Died 22.10,1805, lost aboard Redoubtable, a prize.

Charles Baber, 21, Landsman, Bedminster, HMS Naiad

George Baker, 22, Carpenter’s Crew, Keynsham, Somerset, HMS Defiance, wages, 1803, to mother

John Baker, Ord Seaman

Francis Barnes, AB, 23, HMS Ajax, 1805, at Trafalgar

James Barnes, 21, Landsman, HMS Revenge, 1805

Peter Barrett, 23, AB, HMS Neptune

Samuel Bateman, 14, Boy, 2nd Class, volunteer, HMS Euryalus from Salvador, 22.2.1805. (NA states no place of birth given, AN states “Bath”)

Christopher Beaty, 33, Quarter gunner, HMS Bellerephon.

George Beck, 25, Captain’s Clerk aboard HMS Defiance. 1805, wages to mother

George Bedford, 23, AB, HMS Naiad

John Bell, Landsman, Bath

Abraham Bennett, 17, Boy 2nd Class, 1805, HMS Thunderer

John Bennett, 23, AB, 1805, HMS Orion from HMS Desiree

William Berry AB Bath

‘Thomas Blake, Ord Seaman

William Blake, Landsman, Marshfield, Glos

Walter Bond, 30, Quarter gunner, HMS Dreadnought

Richard Bowden, 21, AB, 1805, HMS Royal Sovereign

Robert Boyde, 35, AB, Downing (sic) Glos, HMS Conqueror, wages 1807 to mother, Sarah

Thomas Braine, 21, Ord Seaman. (history: 1800-4, Renown, boy; 1804-5, OS; Thunderer, 1805-8, OS; Sirius, 1808-10, OS; Diomede, 1810-11; Queen, 1811, “Captain of Mast.)

Joseph Briton (sic) Landsman

Philip Bretton, 18, Landsman, Bath, HMS Euryalus. Notes say he was baptised Lyncombe & Widcombe, 1785, and his sister Ann, in 1782/3. She became Ann Viner and in 1806 lived 12 Somerset St, Bath

Simon Gage Britton, Assistant Surgeon, 1804, HMS Pickle

William Broad, 24, Ord Seaman, HMS Orion from Anson

William Broad, 30, Carpenter’s crew, HMS Britannia

John Brock,41, AB, HMS Sirius, 1804

William Brooks, 25, AB, St Garges, (sic) Glos, wages to mother Catherine

Joseph Brooks, 26, Landsman, 1804, ship’s paybook, HMS Polyphemus

James Brown, 23, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror, 1804

John Brown, 31, AB, volunteer, HMS Belleisle, 1802-5, at Trafalgar.

John Brown, 22, AB, HMS Swiftsure from Ulysses, 1804

Samuel Brown, 28, Bath, AB, Quartermaster, HMS Swiftsure, 1804.

William Brown, 27, Ord Seaman, HMS Neptune

William Buck, 25, Quartermaster, HMS Conqueror, 1804

William Buckley, 36, Yeoman of the Sheets, HMS Mars

Samuel Burgess, 20, volunteer, Landsman, HMS Leviathan, 1804

James Burton, master’s mate, Ratcliffe (sic)

Peter Bush, 18, Boy 2nd Class, Kingswood, Glos, HMS Prince, 1804

Joseph Buxton, 23, AB, Hanham, Glos, HMS Conqueror

George Cannon, Landsman, Bath

John Campbell, 36, Quarter gunner, HMS Orion, 1805

William Cantell, 20, Landsman, Whitechurch (sic) Somerset, HMS Spartiate, 1804

Jacob Cappell, Pte. Queen Charlton, Somerset, (TR “Victory”)

Hugh Carney, 32, Pte, Marine, St Michael, Bristol, (TR “Britannia”, 1805)

Robert Carr, Midshipman

Comm. John. Carslake. Born Colyton, Devon, 1785. Entered R.N. 1799. Midshipman

on “Victory” 1805. Promoted after the battle to Lieut. Retired Commander,

1852, N.G.S. Medal, two clasps. Died Clifton 1865. (TR)

Charles Cawly, 22, Landsman, HMS Naiad

John Chambers, 20, Landsman. HMS Dreadnought. (as Ord. Seaman ?TR “Dreadnought”. Martinique clasp)

James Cheek, Landsman

James Cherry, Landsman

Daniel Chilcott, Quarter gunner

Henry Child, AB, Bath

James Chivers, 23, Ord Seaman, HMS Dreadnought

William Clements, Landsman, Bath

Thomas Cobley, 44, Ord Seaman “Pardoned convicts from Cyclops”, HMS Leviathan

Isaac Cole, 23, Ord Seaman, Hanham, Glos, HMS Ajax, 1805

Samuel Cole, 26, AB, Downing, (sic) Glos, HMS Prince, 1804

John Coleman, 32, Carpenter’s Crew, Bath, HMS Ajax, 1805

Michael Collins, 21, Ord Seaman, Bath, HMS Spartiate, 1804

Thomas Condon, 22, Ord Seaman, HMS Mars, 1805

John Cook, 24, Ord Seaman, HMS Salvador, Volunteer, 1804

John Cooper, 24, Landsman, Cyson (sic) (Siston) Glos, HMS Defiance

John Cope, 24, AB. Originally a boy, “monkey gun brig” on HMS Diligence. Then 1803, HMS Utrecht, 1804-6, HMS Victory, at Trafalgar, 1806 HMS Gelykheid, 1806-9, HMS Ocean, 1809, HMS Salvador del Mondo. Progress from Ord Seaman to AB. 1809 HMS Jalouse, Quarter Gunner, 1809-12, Captain of the mast, served 1812-16

Samuel Cowles, 26, AB, Landsman, Downing (sic) (Downend) 1805

Charles Cox, 20, Landsman, Stapleton, Glos, HMS Leviathan, 1804

John Cramer, 23, Landsman, HMS Leviathan

Robert Cuddiford, Carpenter’s crew. (TR “Naiad.)

Benjamin Dagger, 26, Carpenter’s crew, Bath, HMD Thunderer, from Renown, 1805

William Davis, 20, Ord Seaman, 1804-5, HMS Mars

William Davis, 26, Ord Seaman, HMS Agamemnon and HMS Foudroyant*. At Trafalgar

William Dawes, AB

Bartholomew George Smith Day, 21, Midshipman, from Royal William, late Amsterdam, HMS Revenge, at Trafalgar, TR Revenge. “Superiere” 10 Feb 1809

Thomas Day, 27, AB, HMS Bellerephon, 1804. Fro Royal William

James Dowling, Boy, 2nd Class

Thomas Downey, 14, Boy 2nd Class, Bath, HMS Leviathan

John Downs, Quarter Gunner

Jeremiah Dunn, 22, AB, HMS Spartiate, 1804

James Earle, Midshipman

Francis Eaves, 29, 1804-6, HMS Victory, at Trafalgar.Made his will 1805, naming Thomas Ansell, seaman aboard Victory. Survived. 1806-9, HMS Ocean, 1809-13, HMS Rhin, Yeoman of the Powder Room. Ran, 5.3.1813, Plymouth, from leave.

James Edwards, 21, AB, HMS Mars

Samuel Edwards, Landsman

William Edwards, Landsman

Walter Ellis, 25,Ord Seaman, HMS Orion from Anson, 1805

George Emblin, Coxswain

Henry Evans, Ord Seaman

Matthew Evans, 20, Landsman, HMS Swiftsure, 1804

Thomas Evans, Ord Seaman

Thomas Evans, 30, Yeoman of the Sheets, HMS Swiftsure, 1804-5

William Fields, 21, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror

Nicholas Fitzgerald, Carpenter’s Crew

Charles Fletcher, 23, AB, HMS Royal Sovereign, 1805

Thomas Fletcher, 26, Ord Seaman, HMS Thunderer, 1805

John Flooke, 16, Boy, 1st class, HMS Tonnant, 1805

George Floyd, 26, Ord Seaman, HMS Tonnant, 1804

William Forrest, 37, AB, Keynsham, Som, HMS Belleisle, from Victory, 1804-5, was at Trafalgar.

James Fowler, 27, Ord Seaman, HMS Bellerephon, was at Trafalgar

Thomas Francis, 25, Landsman, HMS Conqueror, was at Trafalgar

John French, AB, 33, HMS Neptune (?TR “Euralyus”)

Edward Fry, Landsman, 20 HMS Spartiate, 1804, (TR “Spartiate”)

John Fry, 21, Landsman, HMS Spartiate, 1803 “substitute for James Thompson, United Brothers, Resolve”

Thomas Fry, 24, Ord Seaman, Bath, HMS Ajax, 1805

Thomas Fry, 28, Landsman, Bath, HMS Ajax, 1805

Isaac Fudge, 34, Ord Seaman, Ordinary Seaman

James Fuller, Ord Seaman

John Gardner, 23, Landsman, HMS Prince, 1804

John/James Gardner, 20, Landsman, HMS Ajax, 1805

William Gardner, 25, Ord Seaman, HMS Bellerephon

Thomas Gascoyne, Ord Seaman

James Gerrard, AB, 26, HMS Swiftsure, 1804

George Gibbons, 24, AB, HMS Belleisle, from Victory, 1805, was at Trafalgar

Thomas Gibson, AB (?TR “Euralyus”)

William Giles, 24, AB, HMS Bellerephon

William Giles, 27, Landsman, “Gainson” i.e. Keynsham, Som, HMS Ajax, 1805

Nicholas Gooding, 17, Ord Seaman, HMS Dreadnought

William Goodman, 23, Ord Seaman, HMS Minotaur, Killed in action, 21 Oct 1805

John Gordon, 28, AB, Bath, HMS Naiad

John Graham, Boy, 3rd Class

George Grant, AB

William Graves, 25, Ord Seaman, HMS Royal Sovereign, 1805, HMS Formidable, 21 Dec 1805 to 25 Dec 1805, discharged to Plymouth hospital, Dec 1805

Thomas Griffiths, 27, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror

William Griffiths, 21, Landsman, HMS Salvador, volunteer, 1805

Charles Grimes, 23, Ord Seaman, HMS Thunderer from Renown, 1805

Joseph Gullick, 23, Landsman, HMS Salvador, volunteer. 1805

James Hale, Ord Seaman

Thomas Hall, 19, Landsman, “Battern” i.e. Bitton, Glos, HMS Spartiate, Volunteer

Samuel Hammans, 23, Ord Seaman, Somerset, HMS Spartiate, Killed in Action, 21 Oct 1805

Thomas Handley, AB (TR “Bellerophon”

John Hannam, 44, Carpenter’s Crew, 1805, HMS Ajax, (TR as Hannan “Ajax”)

Joseph Hannam, Boy, 2nd Class

John Harding, 28, Ord Seaman, HMS Prince, 1804

Thomas Harding, 23, Landsman to Ord Seaman, HMS Ajax, 1805

Samuel Harris, 21, AB, HMS Royal Sovereign, 1805

Thomas Harris, 25, AB, 1805, HMS Ajax. Wages to mother in Bristol. Discharged 1807 to HMS Glatton

John Hartland, 46, Ord Seaman, HMS Spartiate, 1804

James Harvey, 17, Ord Seaman, HMS Dreadnought, 1805

Samuel Hawkins, 33, AB, HMS Royal Sovereign. Made will 1804 in favour of his aunt,Eliz, living Devon, 1804. Was at Trafalgar, service details from 1796-1811

George Hayes, 26, AB, HMS Achille, 1805, was at Trafalgar

John Hazle, AB

James Helliar, 27, Ord Seaman, HMS Orion from Anson, 1805

William Hemmings, Landsman

William Henderson, Trumpeter

Edward Henley, 39, Landsman, HMS Defence. (Armourer’s Mate in AN)

Job Henley, 22, Landsman, volunteer, HMS Achille, was at Trafalgar, discharged to Plymouth hospital, Nov 1806

William Herbert, 25, Ord Seaman, HMS Belleisle, 1802-6, was at Trafalgar

Augustus Thomas Hicks, 15, Volunteer 1st Class, Berkeley, HMS Defiance. (TR Defiance”, died 1857)

John Hilliar, Ord Seaman

John Hinds, 28, Quartermaster’s Mate, HMS Neptune

Thomas Christopher Holland, Midshipman, Bath

Charles Hopkins, 24, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror from Salvador, Sirius, “prest”. was at Trafalgar, discharged to Cadiz hospital 26 Oct 1805

David Howell, Trumpeter, Bath

Henry Howell, Ord Seaman

John Howell, 28, Ord Seaman HMS Belleisle, 1803-5

William Howell, 21, Landsman, Manilsfield sic – (Mangotsfield), Glos, HMS Temeraire, was at Trafalgar, Killed in Action, 25 Oct 1805

William Hubber, 30, Ord Seaman, HMS Polyphemus, 1804. was at Trafalgar (TR “Polyphemus”)

Aaron Hubert, 16, Boy, 2nd Class, Cosham sic – (Cotham?), Bristol. aged 16. On “Victory” 1803-6, at Trafalgar. HMS Ocean 1806.

Abraham Hughes, 30, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror

William Humphries, 28, Qtr. Gunner, Bath, HMS Mars, was at Trafalgar (TR “Mars”)

William Hutchinson, 29, landsman to Ord Seaman, HMS Royal Sovereign, 1805

Thomas Hyde,22, Landsman, HMS Conqueror, was at Trafalgar(TR “Conqueror”)

James Jackson, 23, AB, HMS Swiftsure, 1804

Richard Jackson, 36, Landsman, HMS Defence

James James, 23, Landsman, HMS Achille, from Kite (sloop) 1805, was at Trafalgar

John James, Ord Seaman

Stephen Watts Jeffries, 29, Ord Seaman, Mangotsfield, Glos, HMS Spartiate

James Jenkins, 46, Ord Seaman, HMS Dreadnought, 1805

John Jenkins, 29, AB, HMS Dreadnought,

John Jennings, Ord Seaman

George Johnson, 19, Bath, HMS Thunderer, 1805.

John Johnson, 24, Landsman, HMS Britannia

John Johnston, 33, Ord Seaman, HMS Spartiate, volunteer, 1805

Francis Jones, 21, Landsman, Bath, HMS Bellerephon, volunteer

George Jones, 24, Landsman, HMS Britannia

Isaac Jones, 22, Ord Seaman, HMS Royal Sovereign

Richard Jones, 20, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror

William Jones, 26, AB, HMS Ajax, 1805

Thomas King, 25, Ord Seaman, HMS Thunderer, 1805

William King, 26, Ord Seaman, HMS Thunderer, 1805

Edward Kingston, 19, Ord Seaman, HMS Dreadnought, “late Plymouth Hospital”, was at Trafalgar, (TR “Dreadnought”)

George Lacey, 24, AB, HMS Neptune

Samuel Lacey, 24, Ord Seaman, HMS Polyphemus

Solomon Leonard, 40, Ord Seaman, HMS Colossus

John Lisle, 26, Ord Seaman, HMS Prince, 1804

William Lloyd, 24, Ord Seaman, HMS Polyphemus, 1804

George Long, 20, Landsman, HMS Neptune

William Long, 20, Ord Seaman, HMS Tonnant, 1804-5

William Loveless, 24, Landsman, Winterbourne, Glos, HMS Africa, Volunteer from HMS Sussex, hospital ship. Details 1805-1811

Robert Luton, 32, Ord Seaman, HMS Britannia

William Maggs, 21, Landsman, Bath, HMS Prince

George Manning, 18, AB, Bath, HMS Swiftsure (?TR as Ord. Seaman “Victory”, and Basque Roads)

Thomas Mansfield, 46, HMS Dreadnought, yeoman of the Powder Room

John Marks, Ord Seaman, Bath

James Marshall, 24, AB, Ord Seaman, HMS Neptune, 1805, discharged to Plymouth Hospital

James Marshall, 28, Landsman, HMS Prince Frederick, from hospital, 1805

William Marshall, 26, Ord Seaman, HMS Temeraire, 1804

John Martin, 35, AB, HMS Minotaur

William Matthews, Ship’s Corporal, Bath

Thomas Mason, 30, AB, HMS Dreadnought

George May, 15, Boy, 2nd Class, Bath, HMS Swiftsure, 1804

Mark McMullen, 18, Landsman, Camerton, Som. HMS Naiad, 1805

William Mearn, Ord Seaman

Henry Merchant, 42, Ord Seaman, discharged from HMS Bellerephon to HMS Bedford 1807 and wages paid to wife Ann.

Thomas Merchant, 21, Ord Seaman, Bath, HMS Euralyus, was at Trafalgar

John Miller, 19, Ord Seaman, HMS Temeraire, from HMS Salvador, late Lousia, 1805, “Prest”

Charles Mills, AB

Simeon Moon, 25, volunteer, AB, 1803, HMS Utrecht, 1803-6, HMS “Victory”. Wounded at Trafalgar. Discharged 31.1.1806, “unserviceable”.

John Mooney, 12, Boy 3rd Class, HMS Dreadnought

Joseph Henry Moore, Boy 2nd Class, Bath

Thomas Moore, Landsman, Bath

James Morris, Ord Seaman/AB, HMS Temeraire, 1804-5

William Mountain, 30, Landsman, HMS Defence

Samuel Moxom, Landsman

Thomas Murphy, 57, Quarter Gunner, MS Ajax, 1805

Richard Musto, 20, Bosun’s mate, HMS Agamemnon. service listed 1805-1808, when Captain of afterguard incl hospital stay, Deal, Kent, and payment of wages to wife Elizabeth, 1807, at Portsmouth.

George Nash, 47, Quartergunner, HMS Spartiate, 1804

Thomas Nash, 22, Quartergunner, HMS Spartiate, 1804

Thomas Neal, 22, AB, HMS Prince, 1804, was at Trafalgar, TR “Prince”

Thomas Neal, 34, Ord Seaman, HMS Minotaur

Richard Newman, 26, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror

Thomas Norman, 25, Ord Seaman, HMS Naiad

John Norton, Ord Seaman, Bath, HMS Ajax, 1805

John Oliver, Landsman

Thomas Owens, 20, Landsman, Bath, HMS Britannia (NB appears AN as “Ovens”)

William Owen(s), 23, AB, HMS Orion, 1805

John Palmer, Armourer

Charles Parker, Landsman, Bath

Giles Parker, 14, Boy, 3rd class, Wootton under Edge, HMS Achilles, volunteer, 1810

Joseph Parker, 22, Ord Seaman, HMS Bellerephon

Job Parsons, 27, Landsman, HMS Thunderer, 1805

Thomas Partridge, 35, AB, Bath, HMS Swiftsure

John Patterson, 35, AB, HMS Dreadnought, “from American gun vessel” (see my blog on he war of 1812 – perhaps a naturalised American?)

George Pearson, 13, Volunteer 1st Class, Som, HMS Bellerephon

*John Peart, 27, HMS Africa, see letters, a Portsmouth Man, was at Trafalgar

Erasmus Peeps, 26, Midshipman/Quartermaster’s Mate, Pill, Somerset, HMS Leviathan, 1805

William Peirce, 23, Ord Seaman, HMS Polyphemus, 1804

Anthony Perks, 43, Ord Seaman, HMS Temeraire, 1804

William Perry, 23, Landsman, HMS Polyphemus, 1804

Comm. John Phepoe. Born Dublin, 1776, entered RN, 1801. Midshipman “Ajax” at ‘Trafalgar. Ret’d Commander, 1848, N.G.S. medal with clasp. Died Clifton 1862, buried Clifton St Andrews. (TR)

James Phillips: according to his obituary in Felix Farley’s Bristol Journal of 14 March 1818, he was Lord Nelson’s boatswain on board the “Victory” at the Battle of Trafalgar, “having proved his attachment to his brave Admiral by numerous wounds, viz. four large sabre wounds on his head, many gun shot wounds on his body and three balls in his right thigh and leg, his knee being then shattered. He obtained an honourable discharge and a liberal pension from his King and Country. He was boarded however by the grim tyrant of death in North Street, Bedminster on Monday last, having just attained his 47th year, the age of his beloved Commander and he will be lowered to his last berth in Redcliff Church tomorrow at o’clock.” His name does not appear on the Age of Nelson website. Another report in the Bristol Observer of 25 March 1994, says his name was “Slasher” Brown! HE IS NOW BELIEVED TO BE AN IMPOSTOR!

William Phillips, AB, 38, “Prest” HMS Achille, etc, service listed 1805-1813, allotment from wages made to wife Elizabeth, 1805, paid Bristol. Discharged 1814 “unserviceable” to HMS Gladiator.

John Phipps, AB

Colston Pierce, 30, Ord Seaman, HMS Spartiate, 1804

George (or David) Pitt, 19, Ord Seaman, HMS “Victory”. Wounded at Trafalgar. 1804, 1803, “Puissant”, 15 January 1806, “Ocean” (TR “Victory”)

George Pontin, 20, Ord Seaman, HMS Naiad

Robert Pordie, Yeoman, Bosun’s Store room

John Powell, 18, Boy, 2nd class, HMS Thunderer

John Powell, 22, Ord Seaman, Bath, HMS Conqueror, (?TR as “AB” “Conqueror”)

William Powers, 27, AB, HMS Royal Sovereign, 1805

Charles Price, 28, Frampton, Glos, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror

James Price, 21, Landsman, HMS Royal Sovereign, 1805 (TR “Tennant”)

Thomas Prior, 21, Ord Seaman, HMS Temeraire, 1804

Francis Pritchard, 23, Landsman, HMS Bellerephon, allotted wages paid to his mother, Joan, discharged from Temeraire to HMS Bedford, 1807

Thomas Pullen, gunsmith, Downing

Samuel Randall, 23, AB, Bath, HMS Ajax: at Trafalgar. Discharged 25 Oct 1805 Sent in the launch to assist the St Augustine Spanish Prize the boat broke a drift from the ship in a very boisterous night and the men were either lost or made prisoners probably the former.

William Read, 25, Yeoman of the Sheets, HMS Swiftsure, 1804

Thomas Rees, 28, AB, HMS Africa, 1805, was at Trafalgar, from Ceres, substitute, 1808-9, rank: cooper,died 9 Jan 1809. Argonaut, hospital ship.

William Reeves, AB, 29, HMS Ajax, 1805, was at Trafalgar. 26 October 1805
Comments: Discharged 26 Oct 1805 Sent in the launch to assist the St Augustine Spanish Prize the boat broke a drift from the ship in a very boisterous night and the men were either lost or made Prisoners. Probably the former.

James Reynolds, 11, Boy, 3rd Class, HMS Royal Sovereign, 1805, “from Marine Society”

John Reynolds, 31, Ord Seaman, Bath, HMS Swiftsure, 1804

Francis Rice, 23, Landsman, HMS Conqueror, career listed 1803-1814, (AB) was at Trafalgar, muster for HMS Barham stated he was born in Abergavenny.

John Rice, 22, Landsman, HMS Conqueror

Daniel Rich, 23, Landsman, HMS Conqueror, career listed 1803-14, Ord Seaman, was at Trafalgar

Joseph (?) Richardson, 22, AB, Bath, HMS Phoebe, 1802

Arthur Roberts, 34, Ord Seaman, HMS Bellerephon, wages paid to wife Sarah, Portsmouth, discharged to HMS Bedford, 1807

James Roberts, 24, Ord Seaman, HMS Naiad

William Roberts, 26, AB, HMS Leviathan

William Roberts, 19, Landsman, HMS Conqueror

Daniel Rogers, 28, Ord Seaman, Bedminster, Bristol, HMS Britannia

Richard Rogers, 22, AB, HMS Polyphemus, 1804

William Romney, 33, Landsman/AB, HMS Leviathan, 1804

John Rudge, 20, Landsman, HMS Spartiate, 1804, (TR “Spartiate”)

Thomas Rumney, AB, Pill

James Sanders, 26, AB, Bath, HMS Royal Sovereign

John Saunders, 21, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror, 1804. Allotment of wages to wife Mary in 1806

Richard Searle, 30, AB, Bath, HMS Victory, 1803-6, was at Trafalgar, 1806 at Haslar Hospital

Samuel Sensbury, (Sainsbury?) 40, Gunner’s mate, HMS Swiftsure, 1804

Comm. Joseph Seymour. Master RN, 1796, Master of “Conqueror” 1804, at Trafalgar. Ret’d Commander 1846. NGS Medal with two clasps. Died Bristol 1862, buried Arnos Vale. (TR)

Elias Shaddock, 30, Quarter Gunner, HMS Royal Sovereign, 1805

Benjamin Shepherd, 42, Ord Seaman, HMS Orion from Anson, 1805

John Shepherd, 28, Ord Seaman/AB, HMS Polyphemus, 1804

James Sherbourne, 22, Landsman, HMS Thunderer, from Salvador, 1805, “Prest”.

William Simmonds, 20, AB, HMS Leviathan, from Union – merchant ship

Benjamin Simmons, 38, Carpenter’s Crew, HMS Thunderer, from Renown, 1805. (TR “Thunderer”)

William Simmons, 28, Ord Seaman, Bath HMS Neptune

William Smart, 21, AB, Bath, HMS Leviathan, from Portsmouth, volunteer

Joseph Smith, Landsman

Lionel Smith, Armourer’s mate, Bathford, Som

Thomas Smith, 19, Landsman, HMS Sirius, 1804

Thomas Smith, 21, AB, HMS Thunderer, 1805, volunteer

Thomas Smith, 27, Ord Seaman/AB, Bath, HMS Royal Sovereign, career listed 1803-7, was a Trafalgar

William Smith, 23, Landsman, HMS Mars

William Smith, 29, Ord Seaman, HMS Spartiate 1804

Christopher Spring, Ord Seaman

John Steager, Landsman, Keynsham, Somerset

Joseph Stokes, 23, Ord Seaman, HMS Bellerephon

James Stone, 20, Midshipman, Bath, HMS Leviathan

Thomas Stone, 21, Landsman, HMS Polyphemus, 1805

William Stone, 27, AB, HMS Royal Sovereign, career 1803-5, joined as a volunteer from HMS Braave

Charles Stowe, Landsman

William Strong, 22, Ord Seaman, HMS Leviathan, 1803, from merchant ship Zephyr, “prest”

William Symonds, 23, Landsman, HMS Temeraire, 1804

William Symonds, 33, Landsman, HMS Temeraire

Francis Taylor, Boy, 3rd class

Hugh Taylor, 23, AB, HMS Dreadnought

William Taylor, 29, Armourer’s Mate, HMS Conqueror, wages to mother, 1803 & 1807, paid from Bristol

John Thomas, 19, Ord Seaman, HMS Tonnant, 1804-5, (TR “Tennant”)

John Morris Thompson, 32, HMS Conqueror, Master’s mate. Quartermaster 1805, wages paid to wife Mary, 1807, Plymouth,

Joseph Thompson, 20, Landsman, HMS Naiad

William Thompson, 28, Ord Seaman, HMS Naiad (TR “Victory”)

Joseph Thorn, AB, Ratclift (sic)

Nathaniel Thorne, 21, Landsman, HMS Thunderer, volunteer from Salvador

Bowham Tomkyns, 14, volunteer, 1st class, HMS Tonnant, at Trafalgar

Thomas Tripp, 20, Seaman, HMS Leviathan, from Pegasus, active cutter

James Tucker, 39, Carpenter’s Crew, Bath, HMS Dreadnought

John Tucker, 37, Ord Seaman, HMS Leviathan, 1804-5

William Turner, 22, Landsman, HMS Dreadnought

Jeremiah Vincent, 21, Landsman, Bath, HMS prince, 1804

* John Viner, 25, Landsman, HMS Spartiate, 1804, See letters.

George Warren, 26, AB, Bath, HMS Ajax, 1805

John Webb, 38, Quartermaster’s mate, Alveston, Glos, HMS Achille, 1804-14. died HMS Achille at Rio de Janeiro, 20 Sept 1814.

William Webb, 45, AB, HMS Prince, 1804

George White, 27, AB, HMS Defiance. Killed in Action at Trafalgar, 21 Oct 1805

John White, 28, AB, volunteer, Bitton, Glos, HMS Achille, killed in Action at Trafalgar, 21 Oct 1805

Thomas White, 44, Master at Arms, Som, HMS Britannia

Thomas White, 28, AB, Som, HMS Neptune

James Whiting, Ord Seaman, Bath

James Whittington, 32, AB, HMS Britannia

Richard Whittington,20, Landsman, Kingswood, (nr Wootton-under-Edge) JMS Leviathan (TR “Leviathan”)

Richard Wildgoose, AB

George Wilkins, Ord Seaman, 25, On “Victory” at Trafalgar. 11 May 1803, Utrecht, 15 January 1806, “Ocean”

Henry Wilkins, 25, Ord Seaman, HMS Victory. Died accident at sea 6 Feb 1810

John Wilkins, 28, Ord Seaman, HMS Prince, 1804

John Wilkins, AB, 28, Churchill, Somerset, HMS Neptune

Thomas Wilkins, AB, Keynsham, Somerset

James Williams, 20, Landsman, HMS Conqueror

James Williams, 40, Landsman, HMS Achille, 1805-9, was at Trafalgar, discharged April 1809, unserviceable

John Williams, 21, Ord Seaman, HMS Conqueror (?TR “Defiance” or “Britannia”)

John Williams, 23, AB, HMS Naiad

Stephen Williams AB, 25, HMS Revenge, (TR Revenge”)

Thomas Williams, 44, Ord Seaman, HMS Spartiate

Francis Willis, 52, AB, HMS Polythemus, 1804 from Stately

George Wilson, 17, Boy, 2nd Class, HMS “Victory”. Killed in action at Trafalgar 21 Oct 1805. Joined 27 April 1803. Buried at Sea, 21 October 1805

Samuel Wilson, Ord Seaman, Bath

Thomas Wiltshire, 20, Armourer’s Mate, Cainsan (sic) (Keynsham) HMS Agamemnon, 1804-9, was at Trafalgar. Wages paid, 1807, to mother, Elizabeth, Bristol. (TR “Agamemnon”, and St Domingo, Malaga.)

Andrew Winter, 21, Landsman, HMS Thunderer, volunteer from Salvador, 1805

James Wolfe, 34, Ord Seaman, HMS Naiad, 1804

John Wood, 25, AB, HMS Belleisle, 1802-5, was at Trafalgar, wages paid to wife 1803, Plymouth

John Woodman, 20, Landsman, HMS Tonnant, 1804

Jacob Wookey, 32, Ord Seaman, Somerset, HMS Spartiate, volunteer from United Brothers

John Wright, 24, Armourer’s mate, HMS Naiad

William Wyatt, 34, AB, HMS Achille, 1805-10, was at Trafalgar

Thomas York, 23, Landsman, HMS Thunderer, substitute from Salvador

John Young, Midshipman

Royal Marines:

William Abbot, Pte, Marshfield, Glos. (TR “Leviathan”)

John Adams, 23, Pte. HMS Britannia, 1805

William Adams, Pte, St George’s, Bristol

Matthew Amos, Pte, “Rackley” sic. (Redcliffe?) Nr Bristol

James Applegate, Pte, Berkeley, Glos, (TR “Naiad”)

William Bailey, Pte, Winford, Som

John Ball, Pte, Marshfield, Glos

William Bartlett, Pte, Walcot, Bath

John Brookes, Pte. 30, HMS Victory” at Trafalgar. 14 April 1803, Zealand, 15 January 1806 at Chatham HQ. On TR.

John Buckley, Pte, St James, Bristol

John Cantle, Pte, Bedminster

Jacob Capell, Pte, 27, Queen Charlton, Som, HMS Victory, 1803-6, at Trafalgar, paid off Chatham, 1806, (TR “Victory”)

Hugh Carney, Pte, 32, St Michael, Bristol , HMS Britannia, at Trafalgar, (TR “Britannia”)

Isaac Chandler, Pte, Melksham, Wilts. HMS Euralyus, allotment made to wife, from wages, from Wootton under edge, wife have already died.

Charles Chappell, Pte, 26, Thornbury, HMS Victory, at Trafalgar, paid off Chatham 1806

Richard Chinnock, Pte, 20, Lye (sic) on Mendip, HMS Britannia, at Trafalgar, (TR “Britannia”)

Charles F. Clear, Boy, RM, HMS Achille, at Trafalgar, died Plymouth Hospital, 1806

Jeremiah Coke, Clutton, Bath

Thomas Coles, Pte, St Philips, Glos

John Cook, Sergeant, from St Mary Redcliffe

William Cook, Pte, Hawkesbury, Glos

Captain James Cottell/Cottle, 2nd Lieut, RM, 1798, 1st Lieut, 1804. HMS Tonnant, at Trafalgar. Retired Half pay, 1835, died Bedminster 1842.

Moses Dagger, Pte, St Philip & St Jacob, Glos, HMS Dreadnought

James Davis, Boy, Ratcliffe (sic) Bristol

William Day, Pte, HMS Spartiate

David Drew, Pte, Croomdell (sic) (Cromhall?) Glos, HMS Mars

Samuel Eyles, Pte, Stapleton, Glos, HMS Naiaid

James Fisher, Pte, Marshfield, Glos, HMS Swiftsure

William Ford, Pte, 26 St Stephen’s, Bristol, HMS Victory at Trafalgar. 18 April 1803, Winchelsea, 15 January 1806, Chatham HQ

John Grimes, Pte, St Michael’s Bristol, HMS Royal Sovereign

Thomas Harding, Boy, marine

Thomas Harding, Pte, marine

Samuel Harris, Pte, Winterbourne, Glos, HMS Prince

John Hayward, Boy, RM, Milksham (sic) Wilts, HMS Belleisle

Francis Hicks, Pte, 23, Bitten, (sic: Bitton) Glos, HMS Orion

John Hicks, Pte, Bath, HMS Achille, service 1805-1812, was at Trafalgar, allotment from wages 1807 to mother Hannah, paid Bath, discharged 1815 Plymouth

George Hodges, Pte, C40, St Georges, (sic) Bristol. Age 26. HS Victory, at Trafalgar”. 17 April 1803 and 15 January 1806, at Chatham HQ.

Edward Hore, Pte, Chew Magney (sic)

Robert House, Pte, Camerton, Som, HMS Prince

James Hughes, Pte. St Philips, Bristol, HMS Neptune

Thomas Hurle, Pte. Berkeley, Glos , HMS Temeraire

George Jeffries, Pte, Siston, Glos, HMS Sirius

James Jones, Pte, Milksham (sic) Wilts, (TR “Tonnant”)

Thomas Lansdown, Pte, Olveston, Glos, HMS Conqueror

Moses Llewellyn, Pte, Mangotsfield, Glos, HMS Achille, 1805-1812, at Trafalgar, discharged Portsmouth, 1813

Isaac May, Pte, Avening, Glos, HMS Sirius

George Moseley, Pte, 24, Frampton Cotterell, HMS Defiance

Cornelius Organ, Pte. North Nibley, HMS Spartiate

John Parfitt, Pte, Strait, Somerset

Charles Parsons, Pte, Yeaton, (sic Yatton) Somerset, HMS Neptune

John Phillips, Pte, Temple, Bristol, HMS Neptune

Charles Pinker, Pte, Temple, Som (Temple Cloud rather than Temple Bristol?), HMS Temeraire

Amos Poulson, Pte, Melksham

Benjamin Powell, Pte, Timsbury

David Powell, Pte, 24, HMS Victory, at Trafalgar, 1803-6, paid off 1806

Henry Powell, Pte, P18, aged 22, On “Victory” at Trafalgar. 21 May 1803, Zealand, 15 January 1806, Chatham HQ

John Skinner, Pte, 20, Bath. HMS Britannia

George Skidmore, Pte, Iron Acton, Glos, HMS Mars, killed in Action, Trafalgar, 21 Oct 1805

*? Isaac Smith, Pte, Trowbridge. (see letters) HMS Swiftsure

*John Summers, Pte (see letters) HMS Ajax

John Thorn, Pte, Barclay, Som, (sic)

Daniel Webb, Boy, RM, Melksham, Wilts, HMS Bellerephon

*? Joseph Webb, Pte, Melksham, Wilts (see letters) HMS Prince

Joseph White, Pte, Mangotsfield, Glos, HMS Defence

John Whiting, Pte, 19, Shepton Mallet, HMS Britannia, allotment from wages made to mother, 1804-5, at Trafalgar (TR)

Mark Williams, Pte, Westbury, Glos , HMS Naiad

Bibliography, abbreviations and sources

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Appellation “see letters” = further information in my possession to be added to blog in due course.


“A British Tar. Examination before a Court Martial of Serving officers of His Majesty’s late Ship Java, Jones Humble, boatswain, deposed ‘About an hour after the action commenced, I was wounded; I went down and stopped near an hour; and when I got my arm put a little to rights by a tourniquet put on it, nothing else, (my hand was carried away, my arm wounded about the elbow) I put my arm into the bosom of my shirt and went up again and when I saw the enemy ahead of us repairing his damages, I had my orders from Lieutenant Chads before the action began to cheer up the boarders with my pipe that they might make a clean spring of the boarding.’ This is a fine and truly characteristic specimen of the British seaman.” (FFBJ 5.6.1813)

A sailor at Trafalgar aboard “Britannia” had his leg shot off a little below the knee and said to the officer ordering him to be conveyed to the cockpit “That’s but a shilling touch, Your Honour, an inch higher and I should have had my eighteenpence.” (ie. pension according to severity.)

The same fellow said to one of his friends, “I say Bob, take a look for my leg, and give me the silver buckle out of my shoe. I’ll do as much for you another time.” (both anecdotes reported FFBJ 16.11.1822)