Kingswood Index: P – R


Ann see Thos Gingell, 1719; Joan, see Priscilla, 1755

John of Puck & Sarah Simonds, of I.A. mar Yate 11.5.1719

Mr, see John Scully, 1824.

Priscilla & Joan Packer, spinsters of Puck, and executors of John Rodborne of Surrey, eldest s.o. Thomas of W & A, yeo, dec’d. Property leases, BRO 229/36/14/6 (1) – (23) 6/1/ 5/6 Mar 1751



Jane, vagrant, with Mary, 8 & Luke, 3, removed from Wellington to St P &J, Bristol, SRO Q/SR 341/2

Mary see Mary Page Milot, 1762

Mr S. Builder, of Puck, c1896, Braine, p192; William see Mary Millett, 1716



Phoebe, d.o.Anne, bp Doynton, 22.12.1791, Samuel Lewis of W & A, reputed father, pauper.



—– renter; ground of Mr Billingsley, KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

John see Francis Creswick, 1674

John Pain, “Jul 18 1840, Mr John Pain, collector of great tithes at Bitton was thrown out of his gig at half past 12 o’clock top of Stouts Hill and died before they could get him home. Bur the 23rd.” (Couch).

Mary Paine, Siston, 25 & Edward Silke, WOT, 1679, BMLB



Joseph see Mary Adlington, 1762, see Geo Willmott, 1777



Elizabeth see Edward Sweet, 1790



Ann see John 1778, see John Hopes, 1794, see Robt, 1823, see Wm, 1823

Anna see John Cantle 1760; Arthur see Hannah 1740

Arthur of Bitton, mar Hannah: Nathanael, their son bp Tytherington, 21.8.1757, Moravian

Arthur see John, 1778

Arthur, 93, of the Lodge, KW, brother of Mrs Walters of Bedminster, in her 100th year. Obit FFBJ 10.2.1810

Charles of Mangots, engineer, wid, o21, Sarah Lee of  Westerleigh, wid, o21. Bondsman John Jones, St Stephens, BMLB 3.7.1770

Charles, born Wick, served 3rd Foot, 1808-30, discharged aged 39. NA

Charles, cm, 90, & Mary, 80, 1841 census Warmley. (No Old Age Pensions then!)

Daniel, see Henry 1750; Dick see R.H. Godwin, 22.6.1918

Dinah see Robt 1823

Dinah, sp, of KW, d.o. Robt collier & Joseph Skidmore, bach, hatter, s.o. Penuel Skidmore, hatter  mar HTKW 21.1.1837

Esther see John 1790, see Wm, 1823; Frances see Thos Collings 1727

Francis cm, see Hester Powell, 1806

Francis, collier, 16, kcp Easton 1838 see Jacob Pillinger & FFBJ 23.6.1838

George, cm, about 40, suitable as musketeer, Men & Armour, 1608

George & Lewis, of Bitton, “remanded to next sessions for Meredith’s”, Riot in KW 1670, see Ellacombe

George see Wm, 1839

Guy, dead, now Wm Morton & Anthony Rudman, inhabs KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Hannah (Palmer) formerly Stone, alias Peacock, now married to Arthur Palmer, one of the 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick in 1740, see Anne Allen.

Hannah, Puck, will 1747, GRO 147/199

Henry s.o. Henry of Puck, feltmaker to Edward Skreare, brushmaker, 4.12.1700, Bristol Apprents, BRO

Henry & Daniel, on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

Isaac kcp bur Siston, 11.4.1774; Isobel, see Wm Willis, 1731

Mr J.A., gave £1 to widows fund, Inquest on Thos Bright & Joseph Iles, 1862

James of Bitton cm, bach,  o21 & Elizabeth Radford, St Geo, sp, o21, bondsman Wm Churchill of Mangots, butcher, BMLB 22.3.1775

James see Sam Tyler 1798

John, Robert, George and a.n.other Palmer, fugitives from KW 1667, see Francis Bastyn

John see Samuel 1727

John, overseer of the Poor, Bitton, 1753, see Grace Caynes, 22.8.1753

John see Chas Arthur, 1759

John of Kelston & Hester Baily of Bitton, mar Kelston 18.10.1764

John died 18.2.1778, aged 37, Arthur, d 22.11.1759, aged 60, Ann his wife, s 1.6.1757 aged 57, MI Bitton, Bigland

John s.o. Wm & Esther, bp Whitefield School, KW, 16.5.1790

John, 16, carter at Mr Boult’s coalworks. Easton Colliery Co. earns 5/- a week, drives large carriage of coal 7-8 cwt with another boy, 50 yds. Works always at night and has done so for 2 yrs. Sleeps daytime, Goes to pit 6 in the evening and leaves 6 in the morning. Can read Bible and attends Moravian Sunday School. This lad looks pale but not indication of unhealthiness considering such unnatural hours of work. 1841, Waring.

John, a married man with 6 or 7 children. Scalded in boiler explosion, Soundwell Lower pit, Mr Whittuck’s in which Thos Waller was killed. See BM 13.12.1851

Joseph, Puck, will 1724, GRO 276/149; Joseph see Edward Willmott, 1757

Joseph, ygr, Siston, cordwainer, bach o21 & Mary Nichols, wid, o21. (Bondsman Joseph Palmer the elder, Siston, cm, 1.7.1765, BMLB BRO

Joseph see Thomas Hendy 1777; Joseph, 71, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Lewis, see Geo, 1670; Maria, 84, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Mary see Wm Owen, 1725, see Henry Stone, 1734, see Geo Cole, 1802, see Chas, 1841

Moses, 77, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Mr see Betty Bull, 1761

Mr Palmer of Keynsham, surgeon & Miss R. Smallcombe of Willsbridge, mar Bitton, FFBJ 17.1.1801

Nathanael see Sam, 1752; Nicholas see John Bennett, 1722

Nicholas Palmer, died —–, MI, Bitton, Bigland; Nicholas of Bitton, will 1761, GRO 18/164

Richard (Dick) see R.J. Godwin, 1918

Robert, cm, 20, suitable as calyver, Bitton/Hanham, 1608, Men & Armour

Robert of W & A & Ann Lowen (?) of Doynton, mar Cold Ashton, 1730

Robert, collier of KW Hill, mar Ann, their children Wm & Dinah bp HTKW 1823

Robert see Dinah 1837

Robert alias Upton, a mason employed by Mr Brain of Starveall Pit, gave evidence at Inquest after explosion, see BTM 11.6.1851; Samuel s.o. John, cm, bur Oldland 6.8.1727

Samuel s.o. Wm, cm, bp Bitton, 1728

Samuel see Robt Bryant, 1770

Samuel Palmer of Kingswood, St George, who was watching the premises of Charles Arthur, 8.7.1785 and saw Highnam Bryant with lead on his back which he confessed he had taken from Mark Harford, Brass Battery. Statement 14.7.1785, QS ts BRO

Samuel, born Stapleton, served 59th Foot, 1804-28, discharged aged 41. N.A.

Thomas, s.o. Thomas, Bitton, yeo, to John Burges, mason, Bristol apprents, 17.6.1700

Thomas of Bitton & Elizabeth Harril of Bathford, lic, mar Bedminster 24.4.1712

Thomas, engineer, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Thomas of KW, engine minder of World’s first compound  steam engine at Radstock, letter from John Southern in BIAS Vol 13, p11, 1981

Thomas:  St George “Bigland” “On headstones Thomas Palmer, ENGINEER, of this parish 1 Aug 1800 aged 40.”

William see James Charmbury, 1640

William, jun & Helnor ffuffell, (Fussell) both of Wyke (Wick) mar Doynton, 26.12.1689

William see Samuel 1728

William, witness in case of Rex v. Edward Stone, for riot, c1738, see Edward Stone

William, to fill up a hole he dugg in the waste ground & fined 2/- Oldland Court Leet 1777, GRO D108/M187/8.

William see John, 1790, see Robt, 1823

William, collier of KW Hill, mar Esther, ch Ann & William, bp HTKW 1823

William & George, both lads, killed with 9 others, Lodge Pit KW, (Messrs Brain & Co) see BM 1.6.1839

William kcp Deep Pit by train see WDP 4.7.1908 evidence given by Alfred Jefferies, incline rider, Herbert E. Monks manager & Walter Gay, overman.

—- Palmer, turned King’s Evidence agt Wm Sheppard & others robbery of George Jones, see GJ 30.7.1798.

—- Palmer, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.



Wm see Abraham Iles, 1799



Mrs wife of John, died, bur at St Michaels, aged 32, 17.2.1833, (Couch)



Ann see Thomas Hedges, 1708

Ann, Bitton, wills at GRO,1729; Ann see Chas Burchill, 1839

Ann, 77, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Charles see Thos Price, 1718

Rev E.D, see Robt Bassett, 1488 (1701); Edward see John Franklin 1661

Edward, vicar of Bitton, 1687, Abram Bayly churchwarden, Henry Lacey & Matthew ffox, signed Francis Creswick, certificate of communion, 3.7.1687. (1691, sponsored by John Seymour, esq., see Bigland)

Edward s.o. Edward & Elizabeth Parker, d.27.5.1741 aged 29, Sarah wife of Joseph, d.5.9.1745 aged 25, Joseph, d. 16.1.1778 aged 70, Bitton, Bigland

Elizabeth of Stapleton see Thomas Daws, 1824

George see Deborah Iles, 1694

George cm, 13, kcp falling down pit, Inq, 26.12.1803 at Half Moon, Coalpit Heath, GRO D260. George s.o. James Parker, kcp bur Westerleigh 27.12.1803

Hendry, husbandman, 1650, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27

Hester see Robt Drew, 1704; James see George, 1803

Jane sp of Bitton, bur St Andrew Clifton 17.4.1727; Johan see John Franklin 1661

John, feltmaker, bur 18.3.1727, Westerleigh; John, F.C, wills at GRO, 1728

John of Bristol & Sarah England of Bitton, mar Cold Ashton, lic, 1743

John, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p196

John, 30, of St P & J, executed for burglary with Thos Rodway at Gloucester 11.9.1813

John see Joseph 1817

John, alias Evans, charge as for Isaac Ballard & Joseph Parker 1817, dark brown hair, long visage, large nose, scars on both knees, 5’7 & a qtr, not guilty, 22.8.1817

John see Samuel 1823

John a collier returning from work in Bitton found a body of an infant tied up in a piece of old carpet, see FFBJ 18.3.1848

John see Joseph, 1851

Joseph, cm, 33, KW, charged by Dinah wife of Thos Pratten with theft or ten shirts & shifts value £4 & potatoes value £2. “Several scars & moles, very full breasted, 5 ft 3 and a half tall, very well behaved, unable to read. Discharged by proclamation 22.8.1817, (Glos QS). BG says “Joseph & John Parker alias Evans & Susanna Patch, housebreaking at Thos Pratten’s & Joseph Bryant & Betty Long with receiving,” 29.5.1817.

Joseph see John Jay, 1800

Joseph & John, “quite young” suffered severe contusions when bucket or cage in which they were travelling upwards at Deep Pit belonging to Brain & Co, KW, when bolt of reversing handle broke off & they were dashed to the bottom, (882 feet). Stephen Newman was killed in same incident. See BM 6.9.1851

Joyce, 1635 see BAFHS 52, p35; Mary see John Neal, 1706,

Mary, wife of Richard, gent, d. 18.8.1764 aged 53, also 7 of their children, also said Richard, d.7.11.1770 aged 56, Bitton, Bigland.

Mary see Samuel, 1823

Mr, a gentleman, who “harassed the brethren at Upton” see John Cennick’s diary, 1740

Mr see John Hathaway 1761, see Robt Church, 1816

Rev S, of Winterbourne, see Pinorell Musgrove, 1812

Richard, his house at Westerleigh licensed for Nonconformist  Meeting, 1672, see Congregational Monthly, 1940-1, BRL

Richard see AKW 1756; Richard see Susannah Creswicke, 1764, see Mary, 1764

Richard of St P & J, mar Betty Kearton, Ashwick, Somerset, 11.6.1778

Samuel see James Peacock. 1814

Samuel, cm, of Hinchmile (?) Hill, KW, wife Mary, their son John bp HTKW, 1823

Sarah: At St Stephens, Captain Wm Britton of New York and Miss Sarah Parker of Warmley, marriage FFBJ 25.7.1818

Stephen, born Wick, served 22md Dragoons, 1815-37, discharged aged 48. N.A.

  1. of Stapleton, see Thos Roberts, 1811
    Thomas, currier, Frampton Cotterell, Electoral Roll, 1739

Thomas, mason & lab, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, butcher, bur Westerleigh, 24.5.1751

William: creditors of Mr Wm Parker, dec’d, late of Upton in Bitton to send details to Messrs Parker and Clarke, attornies, Bristol. See Bath Chron, 30.4.1789.


Elizabeth see Wm Bright, 1709

Mr see AKW 1758



Mary see Samuel, 1697

Mr, 1721, MD

Samuel, s.o. Mary Parrott, d.o. Underhill Tucker, re qtr share tenement Downend, occupied by Edmund & Eliz. Tucker, 1697, E.J. p157

Thomas, innholder, Mangots & Mary Tucker, Mangots, bondsman Richard Gastrell, Mangots, yeo, 1667, BMLB



Tom, 39, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



John (alias Cockney) of St P & J, theft of soap from a warehouse. Summer 1738, transported to America. See “Coldham”.



Edward, s.o. John, yeo, Stapleton, as joiner, Bristol Apprents, 1668-71

Edward, had 7 pits near Fishing Bottom, (with John Trotten & John Sparrow) in Player’s Liberty, 1684, see E.J.

Edward see John Trotten 1684; Rev Edward, chaplain at LG, 1820, see BAFHS 61, p31

Elizabeth see John, 1536

George, Puck & Mary Lewis, Siston, mar Siston 21.2.1733

Henry, late of Old Market, carpenter, obit, FFBJ 29.5.1813

Mr James, merchant of this city to Miss Sarah Ann, only d.o. Mr Dan Gage of Easton. Marriage announcement, FFBJ 4.12.1813.

Jane & William d 1808, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

John, & his wife Elizabeth. Le Grange at Down Hanham. 1536, see Braine, p128

John see Edward 1668-71

John of Siston & Damaris Wickham of Bitton, mar Yate, 9.4.1702

John, blacksmith, bur Siston, 15.2.1709; John, see Thos Willis, 1709

John otp & Betty Kains of Bitton, mar St P & J, 23.11.1750

John, 1857 see BAFHS 74, p37; Joseph see Wm Bryant 1759

Matthew of Westerleigh, cm, inventory 24.9.1686, “Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers”

Matthew of West., cm, 26 & Elizabeth Weaver, of Chipping Sodbury, 23, bondsman John Clarke of Chipping Sodbury, apparitor, Glos Mar Allegs, 2.9.1666.

Mr of Fleur de Lys, Pucklechurch, obit 20.3.1813

Richard of Salford (Saltford) 32, Deposition Books of Bristol: evidence that as he was carrying coals through KW whilst plying his trade as carrier. His “gray nagge” was stolen by 3 troopers who were going to Acton House, which was then a garrison, 1646.

Sarah, alias Williams, St George, 1761.”Bonded Passengers to America 1663-1775 Peter Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

William, cm, P & J, 18.4.1743, BRO 04435/4

William of St P & J, o21, cm, & Betty Kaines o21 of Bitton, (bondsman Wm Long, cordwainer) BMLB 1750

William see Betty Cabbell, 1750; William, see Jane 1808

William see Miss Baylis, 1805



Thomas Patrick, Henry Sweet, Henry Baker, George Cains and James Hudd taken into custody for general assault on the recruiting party on the Don at Lansdown.  Most of soldiers badly beaten, yet forebore to use their side arms. A riot then ensued with much mayhem committed at the Fair, with booths etc destroyed. (They were all acquitted the following week!) FFBJ 17.8.1811 & 24.8.1811.



Ann, widow, late of Bitton, bur Kelston 23.3.1796



John see Henry Newman 1805; William, cm & Elizabeth Cox, mar Bitton, 18.2.1758



Charity, see Ann Strange, 1611



Susanna see Joseph Parker 1817



James, 18, TSP life. Convicted manslaughter (with John & William Thomas) of James Nutt Pearce, night constable of St George, see FFBJ 10.4.1851.

William, committed to Newgate 1753 colliers’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26.5.1753, & Annals of KW. (See also “The Colliers’ Tale”, D.P.L, BAFHS Journal)



Albert Pattern, Great Western Street, Barton Hill, Injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP

George Patten, 25, Great Western Street, Barton Hill, Injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP



James, see Nancy Howell, 1784

Robert, (possibly Pool?) aged 11, KCP Clay Pit, belonging to Mr Whittuck, Inquest 17.10.1812, Oldland. D260/GRO



Elizabeth Pavy, vagrant, removed from Samford Arundel to St P & J Bristol, 5.1.1775, SRO Q/SR 343/1

Margaret, dau of William. Mark from a seal (no. 260) of the Mayoralty on a deed in the office of Bristol Charity Trustees, the mark of Edmund Westcott, Mayor 1479-80 & 1485, initials probably “E.W.”. Bristol Wills state that Edmund Westcott mar Margaret d.o. William Pavey, the elder & had a garden in “Laffords Gate”. See “Bristol Merchant Marks” in Proceedings of Clifton Antiquarian Club, 1909-1912, Vol VII.

William see Margaret, 1479.


The Pavey family of St Philip & St Jacob, (19thcent),  have Irish connections.



John, convicted of riot after 1753 colliers’ march on Bristol, Not guilty of theft of a hogshead of sugar from the Lamb, see FFBJ 26.5, 31.5, 4.8, 9.8, & 8.9. 1753, & Annals of KW. (See also “The Colliers’ Tale”, D.P.L, BAFHS Journal)



James, 76, wife aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas see Thomas Brown, 1867



Giles, living at Gloucester Lane, 1818, see Francis Burley



Alfred, vicar of Mangots, 1859-75, see E.J. p61. & Braine p201

Julia Augusta, d 1893 aged 67, wife of Alfred. Bur Downend, see E.J. p66



Lydia see James Porter 1807



Aaron see Francis 1797, see Samuel Leonard, 1848

Aaron, minor, bach, cm, KW s.o. Daniel, greengrocer & Ursula Hatherell, minor, sp, cordwainer, KW, d.o. William, miner, mar HTKW 11.3.1849

Abraham, bca 1725 bur 1737, see Edward 1697

Abraham, Oldland, Bitton, will, 1795/36, GRO wills, 1541-1800

Abraham, Warmley, 2 Jan 1878, GRO Gaol registers, Q/GC6/7

Ann see James, 1735; Ann d.o. William & Sarah, see William 1772

Arthur, Bitton, will 1806/4, GRO wills, 1801-58

Charles s.o. William & Sarah, see William 1772

Daniel see Aaron, 1849

Edward, bp Siston, 1697, s.o. John & Susan, mar Hannah Wilmot, Bitton, 19.2.1718/9. Their children: Hannah bp Mangots 25.2.1726, John bp Oldland 19.12.1731, also Abraham bca 1725, bur 1737. Edward Peacock bur Bitton 1758. Trapped Underground at a Two Mile Hill Pit for 10 days & nights with Thomas Hemmings & Joseph Smith, and his 10 yr old son Abraham in 1735. Both Peacocks behaved with extreme heroism, Edward by rallying the others and rescuing Joseph Smith from  drowning, Abraham by climbing down on many occasions to fetch water in his hat when (ironically) the men were dying of thirst. See KCP & Annals of KW.

Edward, named on Player’s Map, 1750, possibly Edward above.

Edward, 23, Bitton, syphilis, left through bad behaviour, BRI Inpatients 1789.

Edward, otherwise Peake, riotous assembly at Council House, 8.5.1795 see Annals of KW

Edward, Hanham, 26 Jun 1817, GRO Gaol registers, Q/GC5/1

Edward alias Bowey, 22, cm, Hanham, theft of a silver watch etc from Wm Harris of Hanham, stonecutter. (Sandy hair, grey eyes, long face, fresh complex., rather large nose, large scar on small of back, illiterate, 5’6″, conduct indifferent. Discharged by proclamation, 22.8.1817, GRO Q/S

Elizabeth see Francis 1797, see Samuel Leonard, 1848

Elizabeth, o21, sp, Footshill, d.o. Samuel, miner & George Francomb, o21, wid, lab, d.o. Daniel, butcher, mar HTKW 24.11.1849

Elizabeth see Samuel Leonard, 1848; Eve, b1790 see Francis 1797

Ellen Clara, Herbert Charles & Grantley Arthur, see “The affairs of a KW Boot Company” B.O. 2.1.1915, p4

Francis, in Gloucester Gaol for debt; after discharge was remanded back on same account; (when James Powell & Sam Wilmot were taken to gaol for riot). Not clear if “on same account” means also that he was classed with the rioters. See GJ 14.11.1738

Francis, collier & Sarah Peacock, their children, Eve, bp IA 1790, Elizabeth bp IA 1792, Aaron bur IA 1797

George & William, “day men & boys underground” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George of Bitton, yeo, 19, & Martha James, sp o21, Mangots, James Peacock, cm, Bitton, father to consent. BMLB 30.12.1799

George, 17, of KW, last abode Bitton, in Ilchester gaol, 16.4.1836. SRO Q/AGi 15/3

George see John 1841

Giles see Wm, 1627

Grantley Arthur see Ellen Clara, 1915

Hannah, wife of Edward, see Edward bp 1687

Hannah, bp 1726 d.o Edward & Hannah, see Edward bp 1687

Hannah see John Roger 1736, see Hannah Palmer, 1750

Hannah, Bitton, will 1834/15, GRO wills 1801-58

Helen see Ralph, 1608; Herbert Charles, see Ellen Clara, 1915

Hugh, bur 1606, see Ralph 1608

Hugh, Siston, will 1606/26, GRO wills, 1541-1800

Isaac, cm, kcp Sandy Pit belonging to Dennis Butler, esq., by a large coal about 2 tons weight falling on his whilst at work. Inq 27.5.1803, Pile Marsh, St George, D260/GRO

James cm & wife Ann & children Bitton settlements, Siston. (Bitton records, BRO) 2.1.1735

James & Ralph, tythingmen of Oldland 1747, Ellacombe

James, named on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

James of Bitton, & Betty Wilcox(?) otp mar IA 15.2.1755

James of Bitton & Betty Stratton otp mar IA 16.2.1756; James see George 1799

James, under 21 of Mangots, butcher & Charlotte Weymouth of Brislington, with consent of Samuel Parker of Mangots, yeo, his father in law, Joseph Hawkins of FC, hatter & John Smith, Mangots, cordwainer, his guardians, Somerset Mar Lic, 16.3.1814.

James marr Charlotte Weymouth at St Luke’s Brislington, 22.3.1814 & Henry Weymouth Peacock, their son was christened there in March 1815, James Peacock was “butcher, of Downend”)

James. Bitton, 30 Jul 1841, GRO Gaol registers, Q/GC5/6

Joane Pecok, Hanham 1657, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

John, remanded with others “all of Bitton, to next Sessions for Meredith’s” Riot in KW 1670, Ellacombe

John mar Susan, their son Edward bp Siston, 1697; John see Abraham Brain, 1722

John bp 1731, s.o. Edward & Hannah, see Edw bp 1697; John s.o. Wm & Sarah, see Wm 1772

John, spelterman, 34, “who cut his throat with a razor” left wife & 4 ch. Inq at Tennis Court Inn, see BM 12.5.1821

John, 45, cm, Martha, 30, Sarah, 6, Joseph, 4, & George, 2, 1841 cens Bitton/Cadbury Heath

Joseph see John 1841; Luke, s.o. Wm & Sarah, see Wm, 1772

Mark, s.o. Wm & Sarah, see Wm, 1772; Martha see John, 1841

Mary see Thos, 1674, see Wm Batman, 1727 (1718); Mary, d.o. Wm & Sarah, see Wm, 1772

Matthew, s.o. Wm & Sarah, see Wm, 1772; Matthew, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Ralph,  collier, Siston about 40, middle stature, suitable as a musketeer. (Possibly the Ralph married to Helen whose son Hugh was bur at Bitton 1606 & the Ralph bur Siston 1609. Will GRO 1610)

Ralphe, Siston, will 1610/175, GRO wills, 1541-1800

Ralph see Wm, 1617, see James, 1747

Ralph, bach collier & Mary Iles, sp, servant mar Bitton, 12.11.1815

Richard of P & J & Hanna Fox of Bitton, mar Yate 26.5.1720

Richard see John Roger 1736; Richard named on Player’s Map, 1750

Richard see Wm Clear, 1759; Robin see Nathaniel Crow, 1765

Sampson, s collier, “run over & killed whilst intoxicated” see BM 17.3.1838.

Samuel see Geo Bryant 1804

Samuel, Bitton, 9 Dec 1824, GRO Gaol registers, Q/GC5/3

Samuel see Elizabeth, 1849

Sarah, wife of Thos, collier, bur Siston 24.5.1683; Sarah wife of William see Wm 1772

Sarah see Francis, 1797

Sarah of Bitton, dealer in oranges, insolvent debtors, Court of Gloucester, FFBJ 10.11.1832

Sarah see John 1841

Susan wife of John & mother of Edward see Edward 1697; Susanna see Abraham Brain, 1722

Thomas & wife, & Mary, inhabs of Siston, 1674, vicar’s perambulation (BRO)

Thomas see Sarah, 1683

Thomas, servant of Thos Rose, survey of KW Chase 1691, Bitton Vol, 10, Ellacombe

Thomas, St George, 2 Mar 1820, GRO Gaol registers, Q/GC5/2

Thomas, St George, 25 Aug 1821, GRO Gaol registers, Q/GC5/2

William s.o. Ralph, husbandman, Siston, as shoemaker, 7.3.1617, Bristol Apprents, BRO

William, s.o. Giles, of Stapleton, as carpenter, Bristol Apprents, 2.12.1627, BRO

William see John Britton, d 1648

William, adventurer, No 2 Liberty see Player’s Map, 1750 & Joseph Bailey.

William of Bitton, mar Sarah Gardner otp mar 18.3.1753, IA. (Perhaps the William Peacock who was removed from Westerleigh to IA see Wm 1772)

William, cm, Sarah, wife, children Ann, 14, Charles, 12, John, 11, Mary,9, Mark, 6, Luke, 4, Matthew, 18 mths, removal order from Westerleigh to I.A., 28.4.1772. (Westerleigh PR, BRO)

William see George, 1789; William, 72, collier, but IA 1795

William, Oldland/Bitton, will 1846/24, GRO wills 1801-48


— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Aaron Pearce: Mary d.o. Hannah Lock & Aaron Pearce bp Stapleton, 10.8. 1798, “This pair was married at Bedminster but the bigamy of A. Pearce is confessed.”

Alice Perce, wife of John, collier, but St P & J, 7.1.1635

Amy see Francis 1772

Ann, see Daniel 1761,  see Francis 1772, see Edward Mitchell, 1852

Betty Pierce, see Charles Burchill, bca 1745, mar C.B. at Bitton, 1765

Charles see Eleanor Johnson, 1815

Colston, of outparish of St P & J, convicted of evading tolls. FFBJ 25.12.1813

Daniel: Francis Neale of Sherston, Wilts, yeo & Ann Pearce, Mangots, bondsman Daniel Pearce of Mangots, cm, BMLB 1.9.1761

Elizabeth Pierce, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe; Elizabeth see Isaac Wilmot, 1745

Francis = Mary (Lovell, St Geo, 30.6.1764). Their children Sarah b. Aug 1764, Hannah, b. Sep 1765, Francis, b. 27 Aug 1768, Ann, b. 25 Aug 1770, Amy b 11 Jul 1772; all bp St Geo 2 Aug 1772. also Samuel their son bur 20.11.1791 aged 17.

Francis late of St Geo, cm, “intended to make use of Act of Parliament for the relief of insolvent debtors”. SFBJ 2 May 1772

George Perse, see Martha 1755

Hannah Pierce see Francis Burchill, 1766, Hannah see Francis 1772

Henry Pearce, see Charles Wilmot, 1747; Jane Pierce see Thos Flower, 1702

James Nutt see James Pater 1841; John Perce see Alice, 1635

John Pierce, Coal carrier, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

John Pierce, horsedriver, poor, wife, 2 ch, survey of KW Chase 1691, Bitton Vol, 10, Ellacombe

John, tythingman of Oldland 1747, Ellacombe

John see Thos Bayley, 1749

John & Francis, named on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

Jonathon, Mangots, cm, & Anne Whitehouse, P & J, bondsman John Phillips of P & J, glassmaker, BMLB 25.7.1737

Jonathon Pierce, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

Joseph, mason of Crew’s Hole, shot in mistake for a man called William Hickes. James price & his son in law, James Bryant charged with his attempted murder, see FFBJ 21.9.1850

Martha, her daughter by Aaron Tovey, cm, 21.1.1755, examinations in bastardy, Westerleigh PR, BRO: Thomas Tovey of Coalpit Heath, cm, Aaron Tovey, his son (the father) for female child of Martha Perse, widow of George Perse, d.o. Isaac Fluke, Bastardy Bond.

Mary Pierce see Wm Ashley, 1750, see Francis 1772

Mary Pearce or Lock, see Aaron, 1798

Richard of Mangots, yeo & Esther Hayes, Mangots, sp, BMLB Jan 1727, BRO

Robert Perse, miner of Yate, aged abt 40, tallest stature, suitable as pikeman, 1608 see Men & Armour.

Ruth see Joseph Garland, 1793 ; Samuel Pearce, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p196

Sarah see Priscilla Humphries, 1800; Thomas, blacksmith, 1660, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27

Thomas Pierce the elder, blacksmith bur Westerleigh, 21.2.1725

Thomas, W & A, wills at GRO, 1729

Thomas, adventurer in coalmines, Player’s Map,1750, see Joseph Bailey

Thomas see Edw Mitchell, 1852; Widow Perse see Francis Creswick 1674

William Perce, collier, Bitton, aged abt 40, middle stature, suitable as musketeer, 1608 see Men & Armour

William Perse, miner of Yate, aged abt 40, middle stature, suitable as musketeer, 1608 see Men & Armour.

William of Keynsham, cm, & Elizabeth Beck of Bitton, sp, licence, 16.8.1725, Bedminster.

William, cm, see Norborne Berkeley, 1747; William, kcp, & bur Mangots, 23.12.1798

William, 55, Claybottom, & William, 4, Rose Green, died cholera & bur 1833, St George.



John, iron founder, 1712, Set up Mills at Willsbridge, see Braine p 233, built a good house 1730 on site of Oldland Manor House, Braine p 115 & 153, and see article EP 22.12.1988

John, “to fill several dangerous holes or claypitts or be amerced 40/-” by 25.12.1766 (Oldland Court Leet, GRO D108/M187/8

John of Willsbridge, 18.11.1761, ref D2957/146/165, GRO, re leases of Meadow Ground in Southernwood Hill and Haggetts, Bitton.

John see Martha 1775

John of Bitton, gent, bach o21 & Frances Highatt, Redcliffe, sp o21, Thomas Pearsall, ironmaster, bondsman, BMLB 21.10.1810

Martha d.o. John of Willsbridge, obit, FFBJ 21.1.1775

Mrs of Willsbridge, obit FFBJ 11.8.1810

Richard of Bitton & Elizabeth Lucas, mar by lic, St Michael’s Bristol, 13.3.1791

Richard, aged 50, at Somerset Street, Bristol, universally respected. Obit, FFBJ 25.12.1813

Robert Lucas Pearsall, – of Willsbridge, called to the Bar 1821, Madrigals at Willsbridge, see Braine p 154/5. Famous composer of madrigals, his “Lay a Garland” is still in the repertoire. A portrait of RLS appears in B.O. 10.3.1917. Biog in “Bristol Times” EP, 19.12.00

Still: “Died Mr Still Pearsall, s.o. Mr Thomas Pearsall of Willsbridge, near Bitton.” Obit BM 25.8.1808

Thomas, 1801 “took out a patent – failure” see Braine, p233

Thomas, (see Rev J.A. Curtis & also 1804) In charge of Bitton evacuation in event of invasion. Also mentioned Stout Stibbs of Stout’s Hill, Charles Wrench, Barr’s Court, Samuel Whittuck, Hanham Hall, Robt Young, Gee Moor, Moses Sweet, Soundwell, Will Fry, Cockshott Hill, Chris Willmot of N. Common, Henry Budgett of Oldland Hall, Richard Emerson Gerrish, Leonard Jefferies & Co, Aaron Brain of Soundwell, John Stibbs, Lime Quarry Willsbridge, Thos Jefferies of Griffin, Bridgeyate.

Thomas, see Still, 1808

Thomas: Obit: Mr Thomas Pearsall, junior, at residence of his aunt in Willsbridge. FFBJ 6.6.1818

Mr T. “of Willsbridge has obtained a patent for constructing the rafters and laths of roofs and other frames of buildings.” FFBJ 15.10.1825



William, of Swinford, 53, found drowned, bur Bitton, 9.4.1877



Nancy of Locomotive Factory, St George. 1930’s? see Arthur Trott & see E.P. 22.12.1990, reminiscences of Mrs V. Jarrett.

Thomas, Atlas Engine Works, St George, 1880. letter from George T. Pecche-Peckettt, FFA, Stiocks Green Drive, Hall Farm Village, Totley, Sheffield, S17 4 AU 24.1.2004



Margaret Peckstone see John Whittington, 1766

William Pexton, vicar of Mangots, 1629, see E.J. p61. see



Elizabeth Peeder, see Esther 1798

Esther Peeder, bp 1.7.1798, d.o. John, collier & Elizabeth, Bitton, Whitefield School

Henry Pedder see Hugh Hyatt, 1683

John Pedder, cm, of county of Gloucester, mentioned in will of Hannah Coole, Bristol, 1792

John Peeder, see Esther 1798

John Pedder, bp 5.7.1807, s.o. John, collier & Mary, Bitton, Whitefield Sch KW

Mary Pedder see John, 1807



Margaret see Wm Player, 1636



Robert see John Stone, 1685



Betty see John Wright, 1786

James see Frances Caines 1762 (1766)

Martha, see Thomas Rider, 1789



Henry of P & J, & Mary Batt, of same, mar Stoke Gifford, 1729



Rev F., 68, of Siston, after a short illness, BG 4.7.1844

Francis Pelly, 3rd s.o. Henry Hinde and Sally Hitchin Pelly, Rector of Siston. Born 24.12.1780, died 3.7.1844. Bur family vault at Siston Parish Church



William, hanged Ilchester 1787, confessed to crime for which John Jenkins was hanged, see FFBJ 14.4.1787



Mr, preacher at Whitefield’s Chapel in KW, see FFBJ 28.8.1779 & Annals of KW



John, gent, 1681, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27





Mr see Abraham Caynes, 1727



James see Elizabeth Fry, 1838



Thomas, gunsmith, 1699, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27

Thomas, “a man of about 40 years of age, living with his father, who had discourse with spirits see letter 2.8.1703, by Arthur Bedford, vicar of Temple Church, reprinted in “Witchcraft at Lamb Inn, Bristol”, Henry Durbin, Bristol, 1800.



Dr: Cennick’s companion from Reading to KW, see J.C. 11 & 14..6.1738



Henry, lab inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Henry, 26, widower, cordwinder, born Hanham, lodger with Thos Owens, 14 Chapel Row, Bedwelty, Gwent, 1851 census Bedwelty.

  1. His quarry, see Matthew Cox, 1839

John see Roger Harding; John, 1645, see BAFHS 52, p35

John, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36; Mary see Edward Moore, 1828

Sam see James Lear, 1834 (This name is given as Perrinson, but I think this is transcription error.)

Susanna, 91, bur Westerleigh 3.3.1741

Thomas: “1841, Mar 17, Thos Perriman died aged 47, bur at Bitton the 24th.” (Couch)



William of Crews Hole. Name included in a list of “Persons Receiving Pay from Clifton Parish for themselves and their families” FFBJ 10.1.1818



Benjamin see James Smith, 1717

Dr C.J. see Elizabeth Frame, 1901

Dr C.T. see May Perrott, 1921

Jane Perrett, see Jacob Pound, 1827

John Stanford see John Bush, 1764

May, First Lady Magistrate at Lawford’s Gate, wife of Dr C.T. Perrott of KW & d.o. late henry Grace, brother of W.G. (picture) see BO 8.1.1921



Mrs, mother of William Perry, esq., of Winterbourne, obit FFBJ 27.11.1813

Thomas see Ann Pinnell, see James Ludlow, 1781

  1. see Benjamin Cribb, 1817

William see George Balsome, 1730

William of Abson, Robbery of: see FFBJ 23.11.1840

——-See Roger Gregory 1759





James (listed as Petres) of Winterbourne & Mary Smith of Farnham, mar Aldershot 20.5.1721

Joseph, KW, admitted 1889, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

.Robt see AKW 1767

Thomas s.o. William, died 9 Jun 1850, (Couch)



Joseph, churchwarden, Mangots, 1848, see E.J., p43

Mrs see Joseph Price, 1804, see James Jefferies, 1804

Thomas – see Miss Harrison, 1792

Peterson family tablets at Mangots Church: Joseph, 1836, aged 58, Mary his wife, 1849 aged 41, their ch. Nicholas, 1844, 17, Phillipa, 1848, 14, Joseph, 1854, 23, Amy H. 1856, 62. Four ch of Thos Pexton Peterson, Edwin Meredith, 1829, Mary Ann, 1830, Amy Harrison, 1834, Eleanor Phillipa, 1835 all in infancy. Thomas Pexton Peterson, 1852, 56, Eleanor Bush Peterson 1874, 72. (Also with this group Philippa H. Toghill, 1854, 83, Nicholas Harrison, 1797 aged 67, Amy Harrison, his wife, 1771, 34. Henrietta Hall, n.d., Albenia Elizabeth Harrington, 1855, 15, Edwin William Meredith, 1866 aged 32.  MI at Mangotsfield, E.J. p59



John see Anthony Pitcher 1689



Edwin, 26, b St Philips, 1881 cens RN at sea, BAFHS 73, p29



Daniel see Thos Britton, 1781; Jane see Thos Britton, 1781

John Peddygroves, see Thos Britton, 1745; John Pettygrove see Daniel Chandler 1775

Samuel see Samuel Pettygrove Read, 1794





Alice see Wm Player, 1636

Ellen, 32, Francis, 10, Ernest, 6, Herbert, 3, Laura, 8, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Thomas, Mangots, mason & Elizabeth Read, Bitton, wid, BMLB Mar 1727

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Samuel, of Iron Acton, obit, 21.2.1801, FFBJ



Sibble, see Leonard Wakeley, 1676



Job, 24, cm, 1841 cens, Westerleigh



Alexander see Wm Battin, 1667;

Anne see George Lucas, 1708

Ann see Wm 1797

Charles, Mary his wife, and Stephen, Elizabeth & Mary, their children, 22.10.1748, removed from Twiverton (Twerton) to Bitton. SRO Q/SR 316

David of P & J,  & Elizabeth Hore of Ashwick, Som, banns called there, 27.10.1799, etc

Elizabeth see Chas, 1748

Jane, wife of John, d 29.1.1776 aged 45, MI Bitton, Bigland

John see Jonathon Pearce, 1737

John of St George, glassmaker, wid, o21 & Jane Wilton of same, wid, 15.5.1770, BMLB

Luke, landsman. 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Martha of P & J, her male bastard child by Benjamin Nutt of same, lab, 23.10.1828, LG Petty Sessions, see Vol 22, WOT BRO

Mary see Chas, 1748; Mr see AKW 1765

Sampson, see Sampson Phipps, 1735; Solomon, see Mary Blite, 1744

Stephen see Chas 1748; Thomas see Wm Bile, 1784

Widow, see Wm Horrell, 1684

William of St Geo, collier, will dated 1.5.1797, 25.6.1798, under £20, wife Ann as executrix.



Aaron, bp 27.6.1802 s.o. Aaron, cm, & Kitty of Mangots, Whitefield School.

Abraham, of St George, labourer, in Gloucester Gaol, 1826, GRO Q/Gc5/3

Abraham, of St George, labourer, in Gloucester Gaol, 1839, GRO Q/Gc5/6

Ann, d.o. Rob Hoskins, see Ann Strange, 1611

David cm, of St Mary Port & Ann Brain, Bitton, (Sam Crew of “Gloshire” bondsman) BMLB 3.8.1719

David, 1720, MD

Edward s.o. William, dec’d of Mangots, tiler, apprenticed as smith, 13.3.1627/8 Bristol Apprents, BRO

Eleanor, see Thos Crew, 1732

Elizabeth Phipes, wid, 1613, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27

Elizabeth see Thos 1757

George, yeo, St P & J, 19.7.1736, BRO 04435/3

Hannah see Samuel Stone, 1757, Hannah see Henry 1789

Henry see Wm, 1628

Henry, see Thos, 1742

Henry senior of St George, coal carrier. Hannah his wife to administer, intestate 28.4.1789, bondsmen William Phipps of Bitton, cm, & William Hudd of St Geo, horse driver, effects under £100. BRO

Henry Phipps & James Stone, housebreaking at George Robbins, carpenter, Bitton, Capitally convicted but no sentence passed, see BG 3.4. & 10.4., 1817. Henry Phipps, fish carrier. GRO Q/Gc5/1

Hester, Hanham, Will, 1830, (1830/223, GRO

Isaac see Stephen Flook, 1770

Isaac, labourer, St George, Gaol. 1854, 1856, 1857, 1865. GRO Q/Gc6/3, Q/Gc6/4

James, s.o. Wm, dec’d of Mangots, tyler, apprenticed as blockmaker, 1.3.1625, Bristol Apprents, BRO

James see John Trotten, 1682

James, cm of Bitton, swore to innocence of Francis Creswick regarding Monmouth rebellion, 1685, see Ellacombe “History of Bitton”.

James, victualler, see Rev Richd Hart, 1800.

Job, committed to Newgate after miners; march on Bristol, FFBJ 26.6.1753, & Annals of KW

Job, see Thos Milsom, 1811

John, St George, lab, Gloucester Gaol, 1843,Q/Gc5/7

Kitty see Aaron, 1802

Martha see Richard Prigg, 1760; Mary see Thos Jones, 1726

Mary, late of St Geo, wid, Thomas Phipps, cm, her son; Mary Lacey, wid, executrix, effects under £100. Bondsmen John Rogers, blacksmith, George Rogers, victualler, both of St George, 4.4.1796, BRO

Ric(hard) Phips, collier, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Richard Phips see Thos Willis, 1709

Richard, butcher, St George, Gloucester Gaol, 1832. GRO Q/Gc/5/4

Robert, see Henry Batt, 1866; Roger see John Wood, 1653

Ruth, otherwise Beard, see Ruth Beard & see Nicholas Read

  1. Phipp’s “1875: colliery drowned out and stood idle until reopened in early 1900’s”. See “Collieries of KW & S. Glos”, J. Cornwell.

Samuel, brickmaker, St Philips, Gloucester Gaol, 1832, GRO Q/Gc/5/2

Samuel, St Philips, boiler maker, Gloucester Gaol, 1845, GRO Q/Gc6/1

Sampson mar Grace Bush, 1712, Bitton; Sampson s.o. William, cm, bp Oldland, 6.8.1728

Sampson, junior, one of the leaders of the 1753 miners’ March on Bristol, £200 reward on his head for high treason. See FFBJ 26.5., 31.5., 4.8. 1753, & Annals of KW

Sampson (also called Phillips) one of the rescuers of Edward Peacock & his party, underground for 10 days in Nov 1735, see Annals of KW.

Sampson & Thomas, named on Player’s Map, 1750

Sampson, bur Bitton, 30.8.1752 or 3; Sampson see Wm Bateman, 1768

Samuel, smith, who repaired boiler at Soundwell Lower Pit, mentioned at Inquest on Thos Waller, see BM 20.12.1851

Sarah see Wm Bateman, 1768

Solomon, robbery & attempted murder of John Miller, a journeyman mason, on road Lawrence Hill to New Church (ie St George) committed to Gloucester Gaol, FFBJ 17.9.1785

Susannah see Thomas, 1757

Thomas ffipes, cm, aged abt 20, tallest stature, suitable as pikeman, Men & Armour, 1608

Thomas s.o. Thomas, collier of Barton Regis, apprenticed as brewer 23.9.1616, BRO

Thomas, collier, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas, junior, cm, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe, see Henry Stone, 1684

Thomas Phip’s widow, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe; see William Hobins, 1684

Thomas, see Wm Braine, 1686

Thomas, Bitton, horsedriver & Henry his son, 3.4.1742, BRO 004435/4

Thomas see Sampson, 1750

Thomas, of St George, indenture 7.2.1757, 1 yr lease of 1 acre between King’s Marsh & Hams End in St P & J, (now Silverthorne Lane), leased by Samuel Hill to Thomas Hudd, (Thos Phipp’s son in law). Thomas Phipps, horse driver dec’d in 1746, Susannah d.o. T.P, married Thos Hudd; Elizabeth Phipps, lately dec’d. Another lease referring to Crofts End by Mr Chester of Almondsbury Knowle, 13.8.1746. (Documents copied by Gilbert Roberts loaned by Rheems Blagden Ltd, Silverthorne Lane, formerly Lysaghts.)

Thomas, of St Geo, mar Esther Humphries, Bath Abbey,

Thomas, 2 and a half, s.o. William Phipps, market gardener, Lawrence Hill, drowned in garden pond whilst playing, Inq at Black Horse, Lawrence Hill, BMerc 14.6.1851, back page.

William, see  James 1625 & Edward 1627

William, s.o. William, dec’d of Mangots, apprenticed as gunmaker, (Henry Phipps, tyler as guarantor) 23.4.1628, BRO

William Fippes (sic) tiler, 1640, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

William see John Trotten, 1682

William Phips, collier, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe; William see Sampson, bp1728

William of St Geo. cm, bach, o21 & Amy Danvers of Bitton, sp, bondsman John Danvers of St Geo, cordwainer, BMLB 25.7.1787

William see Henry, 1789, see Thos, 1851

Messrs Phipps of Soundwell Hill, engineering firm specialising in steam winders in the area from about 1780 (see thesis on KW Coal, Redland College Library)



  1. S. Phrig of Siston was proposed, 14.4.1674, Records of a Church in Christ, BRL



Nath see Wm Smith, 1693



John, carter at Cromhall, carried on by Long & Keeling, a stout hale lad, 16-17, earns 7/- per week, has worked 4 yrs at the pit, carts 40 tubs a day, 40 bushels each on level ground, unassisted with neither wheel nor plates. Can read very well, goes to Sunday School. Mem: “I examined this lad particularly as to any injury arising from the mode of hauling by tug & girdle, found no marks of injury; says it used to gall him at first over the hips; acknowledges the work to be hard. Says none but a strong boy could do it.” See Waring, 1841.

John, alias Venery. Will dated 1600, of Cromhall. Info from Margaret Pick of 17 Birkdale Court, Fornham St Martin, Bury St Edmunds, IP28 6XF

Mary see Thos Brimble, 1768



  1. Adaptor of Wasborough’s Pump, 1779, see Wasborough.
  2. Member of Miners’ delegation during strike see WDP 29.5.1874



Ann, 73, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Emily, 30, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



& Co, see Stephen Williams, 1829, see Thos Jones, 1836

Mercy, 75, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Daniel, see AKW 1767

James, baker, of without L.G. Advert for return of a strayed horse. See Sam Farley’s Newspaper 11.12.1725



William H, 25, b St Philips, 1881 cens RN at sea, BAFHS 73, p29





Jane, see Henry Ellacombe, 1871



Aaron, 6 Jun 1861, Q/Gc6/4, gaol reg, GRO

Aaron, 21 Oct 1869, Q/Gc6/5, gaol reg, GRO

Alfred see Aaron Brain, 1872,

Alfred (Jack) 1902-1985 son of Albert & Laura Pillinger, nee Burchill, see Doreen Patricia 1937, see Colin Trevor, 1943

Amos, Sgt, killed in action, 1917, see war memorial HTKW & “Pillingers of KW.”

Ann  (mar Richard Rew, P & J, 24.2.1752) see AKW 1752, and see “A shotgun wedding” Glos FHS Journal No. 6, Aug 1980

Betty see AKW 1754,5

Catherine, see AKW 1761,1763 (great, great, great, great grandmother of Doreen & Colin Pillinger)

Colin Trevor, born 1943, at 33 Victoria Park,  KW, s.o. Alfred (Jack) & Florence nee Honour, FRS, Professor of Planetary Science at the Open University. See Who’s Who. Father of Beagle 2.

Doreen Patricia b1937, author of this mighty tome, sister of the above, mar Norman Lindegaard 1967

Elizabeth Ann see Aaron Brain, 1872

Evangelist John see Hannah Stanley, 1799.

Jacob, 22, KW, charged by Isaac Churchill, the ygr in Siston, broke open the dwelling house of his father Isaac and stole 1 pair dark velveteen breeches, val 2/-, 1 pair ought corduroy breeches val 5/-, 1 pocket handkerchief, val 2/- the property of Isaac the ygr. Brown hair, dark grey eyes, brown complex, long face, short thick nose, small mole between his shoulders, mole on his chin, stout made, 5’5″. Not guilty. Charged with George English, (guilty, tsp, and died on way to Australia)

Jacob, half brother of Stephen; kcp, Easton, 1838. See KCP

Jacob see Hannah Stone, 1857

Jacob see Matthew Britton, 1861

Jane, see James Ford, 1859

James – Bristolian (1786) see BAFHS 49, Autumn, 1987

James – Australian (1792 on) see BAFHS 50, Winter 1987

John see Sylvan Haynes, 1760

John see AKW 1754,55,61

John, 5 Jan 1843, Q/Gc5/7, gaol reg, GRO

Laura (wife of Albert Pillinger) grandmother of Doreen & Colin Pillinger,  see Anna Batten, 1910

Nathaniel, see AKW 1752,54,55

Richard, father in law of Luke Styles, see Luke Styles, 1676 & see Wm Harding 1674

Robert, aged 68, cm, Bitton, Inquest 2.11.1858, GEO Ref CO1/N/$/D/9

Sarah see AKW 1753,55

Sarah d.o. John Pillinger & Catherine Lear, bp Bitton, 1763, see Wm Jay, 1809

Sarah Ann see Thos Bright, 1862

Stephen, cm, and skin dealer, 1808-1899, great, great grandfather of Doreen & Colin Pillinger

Stephen see James Ford, 1859, see Thos Bright, 1862

Thomas, & family, see AKW 1752, and see Glos FHS Journal, No. 2, “Small Pox in 18th Cent Gloucestershire, c1758-9

William, defaulter on rates, 25.3.1825, BRO P/B/OP/2(e)


See “Pillinger was here” Glos FHS Journal No. 9, Summer 1981


See “The History of the Pillinger Family, Part 1, – Kingswood – , (from Yatton Keynell to Outer Space)” by D. P. Lindegaard (nee Pillinger)



Betty see Daniel Collins, 1785



T.W. see Herbert Lines, 1937



Albert Henry, s.o. Joseph, miner, Westerleigh, & Florence Emily Tovey, 18, Coalpit Heath, d.o. Fred, miner, mar HTWest., 25.2.1901

Elizabeth see Daniel Ship, 1712; Joseph see Albert Henry, 1901



Charles, Keynsham, victualler, & Mary Toghill of Puck, mar Bedminster, lic., 7.10.1723

Elizabeth, 1767, see Richard Francis, BAFHS 52, p36

James s.o. John & Mary, d.3.10.1756 aged 35, Isaac Stout, d.21.12.1737, Mary his wife, d.12.6.1745 aged 65, John Pinker, sen., d.19.9.1764 aged 71, Mary his wife d. 5.2.1773 aged 73, John Stibbs, yeo, d.3.10.1765 aged 36, Isaac Leonard, yeo, d.20.10.1783, aged 57, Bitton, Bigland

John, yeo d.22.6.1768 aged 44 & Mary his wife, d. 7.10.1769 aged 64, Bitton, Bigland

Mr, of Bitton, see Abraham Caines, 1726

Mr John, North Common, Bitton, his house licensed for HM dissenting subjects, Presbyterians, GRO Q/SO Michaelmas, 1760

Mary see Robt Guest, 1739

Thomas of Pinker & Hannah Davis, Doynton, mar Cold Ashton, 31.12.1751

Thomas, 1767, Richard Francis, see BAFHS 52, p36



William, 40, Willie, 10, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Ann: re Premises at Iron Acton, 1747-1893, BRO 29226.

  1. 1747 A.P. to Susanna Lawrence, Yate
  2. 1750 Wm Eggleso P & J, carrier, Sarah his wife to Samuel Bennett, P & J, cabinet maker & Wm Harding, Bath, joiner
  3. note of death of John Middlecut of ship Hecktor 1748
  4. Parties to Thos Roades, ygr of P & J, innholder, 1750
  5. John Harris stationer to Nathaniel Hill, yeo, Mangots, 1767
  6. Thos Taylor, IA to Ebenezer Ludlow of Chipping Sodbury, apothecary 1774
  7. Nathaniel Hill, Mangots, Edward Poole, IA, carpenter to Thos Brooke, of C.S. gent, 1781
  8. Thos Anstey of IA yeo, 1781
  9. Edward Poole, Wm Shipp, Yate 1782
  10. John Walkley, Yate, lab, Betty Walkley, Yate, sp, to Robt Cole, Yate, 1782, mortgage IA occ by Bridget Stiff
  11. Same parties to Thos Perry, W-u-Edge 1784
  12. Jane Shipp, Daniel Shipp, yeo, Joseph Shipp, yeo, all Yate to Wm House, F,C, farmer & trustee of Wm Gibbs, IA blacksmith, 1823
  13. Peter Alsop IA yeo to James Hancock, Yate, limeburner 1849
  14. Will Ann Batten, Sarah Ann Shipp, Luisa Shipp, both of IA, spinsters, to James Mainstone of IA butcher..

The above is a complicated series of records and people from many other places also appear.


Ann see John, 1702; Henry see John 1702

John, collier, mar Ann, their ch Henry bp Yate 1702, Mary bp Yate 1704

John otp & Elizabeth Bye of Bitton, mar Stoke Gifford, 28.10.1781

Mr: 1720 “bur Oldland Chapel under Squire Trye’s Aisle! 1720, MD

Mary see John, 1702; William, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p195



Mr of Siston, see Thos Roberts, 1811



Anthony of Hanham, Bitton, cm, 6.4.1669, D2957/146/66 GRO

Anthony, see Francis Creswick, 1674

Anthony of Hanham, cm, gave evidence that William Angell, Francis Reed, & John Pether all of Hanham, assaulted him at his lodgings at Wm Stout’s in Hanham, because he had told of Angell going to work covered in blood after killing deer, 25.3.1689, Ellacombe.

Henry, abt 40, (smallest stature) suitable as a pyoner, Robert, abt 40, suitable as a pyoner, Robert, abt 40, smaller stature, suitable as a calyver, Roger, abt 40, suitable as a pyoner. All cms, Bitton. Hanham, 1608 Men & Armour.

Robert see Henry 1608; Roger see Henry 1608



Ann, see John Hall, 1721

William, 73, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Henry, Winterbourne, house carpenter & Mary Player of same, bondsman John Harris of Mangots, house carpenter, BMLB 27.6.1737

Jane, see John, 1674/1707

Jane: “buried Jane, the wife of Pitt. She was a foolish, idle, ignorant, dissenter”. 25.6.1707, Siston PR. (see The Remembrancer, Glos FHS Journal, No 5, Summer 1980, by DPL)

John mar Joan Tucker, Siston, 26.2.1662; John & wife. Inhabs of Siston 1674, vicar’s perambulation.

John mar Jane Maudly, Siston, 6.8.1694; John, “a pauper, above 80 years old” Siston PR 8.1.1717.

John, IA, wills at GRO,1729; John see Mary, 1789

Mary d.o. John, collier & Mary his wife, bp IA 11.10.1789

William, a travelling boy, bur Westerleigh, 13.12.1728



Richard – see John Gane, 1784.



Arthur, Manor of Doynton, Tracy Park purchased by Arthur Player of Westerleigh, gent, from Sir John Tracey of Toddington, 1595, consigned to Sir Henry Billingsley of London, 1598. (SRO DD/GL)

Arthur, son of William, (1580 lease) who in 1616 because of a “greedy desyr for gain taken into his own hand the coal pittes of KW” (Braine). “He made large profits & in 1623 the coal under 1 sq. mile in Mangots was being let out for £300 a year.” See D.V. “Some Coalpits in the neighbourhood of Bristol & Kingswood”.

Arthur see William, 1636

Dorothy, wife of Arthur (monument at Siston Church, see Braine, p187

Isabella, d 1736, bur I.A. sister of Thos Player. See E.J. p69

Jacob, “to fill a coal pit he dug on Oldland Common” otherwise £5 fine, by 25 Dec. Oldland Court Leet, 1776, GRO M187/8

John, see Wm, 1636

John, of Stoke Gifford & James Bridges, Attorney of Fishponds, persons to whom application should be made. (Stapleton Enclosure Act, 28 Oct 1779, Local Press)

Mary see John Harris, 1737

Mr see Andrew Beams 1630, see Thos Lovell, 1632, see Sir John Berkeley, 1670

Mr Player’s Map – This is a map of the Kingswood Area, originally dated 1750, which shows the names of many individual coalminers.  It is reproduced as the cover of Kingswood Annals, by DPL.

Nicholas see Wm, 1636

Thomas see Wm, 1636, see Elizabeth Batt, 1726, see Thos, Samuel & John Potter, 1726

Thomas, d Nov 1739, of Cleeve Hill,  MI, Mangots, p36, E.J., see Isabella, 1736

Timothy “at the farm” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, see Henry Billingsley, 1580, see Arthur, 1616, ands for c1606, see Braine, p 54 & 55, see Lord Stafford, 1610

William, will proved 1636, BRO, sister Cicely Hodges, sister Alice Phelps, sister Christian Towgood, sister in law Ann Kemis, cousin Margaret Peele, sister in law Joan Kemis, cousin Mrs Mary Atwood, Isabell Kemis, god daughter, son Arthur, sons Wm, Nich, John, Thos.

William, see Fra Creswick, 1684, see John Bennett, 1688

William, left wife and family chargeable to Siston parish. Return in 3 wks or be dealt with by law. Signed churchwardens Wm Gunter & Samuel Gould. Bath Chron 11.7.1782.

—-Player see Henry Cheney 1685, see John Noble, 1629



Lilly, 35, wid, 3 ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Theophilus, KW, admitted 1897, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897



Margaret, of L.G. Poor House, died aged 105, see Bath J. 13.2.1749



Ann see Benjamin 1757

Benj(amin), s.o. Joseph & Ann, Bitton, born 1757, bp Whitfield KW Sch, 21.3.1790

Daniel kcp, bur West., 13.2.1761

John see Francis Sweet, 1719; Joseph see Benjamin, 1757

Richard Haynes Plomer, “Master of Ceremonies, Bristol” died Downend in 63rd year, FFBJ 31.7.1784

Mr Richard Haynes Plomer, bur in the chancel 26.7.1783, Siston PR

Samuel Plummer see Mary Lacy 1782

William, Quaker, took part in KW Riot 1670 (!) (I don’t believe a word of it.) Ellacombe.

William, of Bitton, “taken while looking for deer”, 29.3.1683, Ellacombe

William, cm/collier, Mr Chester’s Liberty, 1684, (two entries) Ellacombe

William see John Jeffrys, 1684

William & William Ffussell, 1 land level near Coulstrings works & a level abt a qtr mile; pit in Mr Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe



Pocock family see BM 27 Dec 1823, “Prospect Place Academy”.

Alfred Pocock, bro in law of Henry Mills Grace, see 1861 & 1871 census. Died 1897 aged 84, “pioneer of Glo’ster cricket & general instructor of the Grace family” see E.J. p 66

George: Tent Methodist teaching at Sheppard’s pits, KW, 1820, see E.J. p 71.

Hannah, bp 1801 d.o. Wm & Mary of FC, bp Whitefield Sch.

Hester Pocoke see John Fry, 1703; Martha Pocock see Henry Mills Grace, 1831

Martha, St Michael, sp21, & Henry Mills Grace, Mangots, surgeon mar lic BRO, 2.11.1831


Mary see Hannah 1801; William see Hannah 1801



Sir Anthony, “custodian of KW” 1487, Braine, p 44, Keepership, 1529, ibid p47

Francis, keepership KW 1525, Braine p 47

Margaret see Nicholas, 1586/7

Nicholas Poyntz of IA, Knight, Will proved 11.11.1637 surviving executor, son Robert;, will proved 23.9.1585 by relict Margaret. (Wm Veele, Robt Chambers, Maurice Tovye, Giles Demery, execs, probate 15.2.1586/7 until Robert aged 24, Year Books.

Richard, succeeded Sir Anthony, 1529, sold to Henry Lord Berkeley, Braine, p48

Robert see Nicholas, 1586/7; R. see Sir John Newton, 1674



Thomas, cm of KW, Bristol Poll Books, 1832/37



Dennis Pollinger (though the papers has Pottinger) Hanham, quarryman. Inquest, aged 66, fell from a house and taken to Bristol Infirmary where he died. 8.1.48.

Jeffrey bca1700, mar Ann Ross, Batheaston, 1725.

Samuel: “1841 Decr 24: The luggage train with passengers had an accident at Sunning, kill’d 10 persons, and wounded many more. John Nurse & Saml Pollinger was with them uns hurte’d (sic). (Couch)

Sarah, 47, illness, dead, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas, bca1759, Hanham, died 1820, Hanham Mills. “Allowed a few shillings per week for the present” 5.2.1816, Overseers of Poor, Oldland.

William, see James Lear, 1834


This family of watermen & quarrymen arrived in Bitton c1731. They survive to the present through the mar of Thomas, bp 1723 at Batheaston, son of Philip & Ann, above, mar Ann Holder, Bitton, 1754/5 whose son Thomas 1759-1820, mar Edith Rogers at Bitton 1781. They do not appear to be the same family as the similarly named Pillingers, though both have connections with Batheaston and Wiltshire. However, they are occasionally mistaken for each other, for instance at his marriage in 1828, at HTKW Stephen Pillinger is given as Stephen Pollinger! The Pollinger family is researched by Bernice Peglar, 76 Leap Valley Crescent, Downend, BS16 6TN.



John see John Wood, 1653



Benjamin Ponton (sic), 25, cm, b Bristol,  1861 cens, Dudley Port, Tipton, West Midlands,

Charles, cm, KW Hill, mar Elizabeth, their dau Sarah bp HTKW 1823

Elizabeth, see Wm Hickes, 1663/4, see John, 1807, see Chas, 1823

Francis of KW, charged with “Thornbury Outrage” murder, but released through alibi, 1887, see E.P. 15.12.1987.

Henry, thatcher, Mangots, 1622, see E.J. p177; Henry see John, 1674

Henry, thatcher, inhabs KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Henry, vintner, Mangots, Electoral Roll, 1734/39

Henry, named on Player’s Map, 1750

John & Henry, lived Siston, 1674, during vicar’s perambulation.

John, bach, cm, o21, St Geo, & Susanna Gough of same, sp 18 upwards, William Gough, horsedriver of same her father. Licence not granted. BMLB 6.8.1768

John b 1807, bp 1808 s.o. Richard, collier, & Elizabeth, St Geo, KW Wesley Sch.

John, 18, cm, kcp large stone falling on his head at Starveall, whilst ascending, 26.10.1814, D260/GRO  & KCP

Richard, see Jonathon Lennott, 1687/8, see John, 1807, see Wm Landsdown, 1819

Robert, Mangots 1743, see E.J. p196

Sarah see Chas, 1823

Thomas, cm, 27.1.1739 & 22.8.1739, BRO 04435/4



Ann, wife of John of Bitton, see Eleanor Johnson, 1815; Ann see John, 1826

Arthur, cm, Bitton/Hanham,1608, Men & Armour.

Catherine see Thos Wm Goodrich, 1895

Daniel, Mangots, intestate, Mar 1792, Robt Poole, mason to administer, bondsmen Robt Dyer, Mangots, tailor Wm Strong, St Geo, tailor. Hannah widow to renounce. Effects under £100, BRO

Daniel, boy entombed underground, see Geo Garland, 1833 & KCP/Supplement

Daniel, 50, 13s a week cutting coal at Soundwell Pit. Enjoys good health; is learning to read at Moravian Sunday School, KW. Has 9 children & would send them all to school on Sunday if they had clothes to wear. Finds it hard to maintain so many, provisions being so dear. Likes to keep himself and his family clean & wholesome. Thinks colliers are better men nowadays than they used to be. 1841 (Waring)

Daniel, aged 65, Pucklechurch, carter, hit by a cart & fell into a shaft at Cragmears coalpit, Shortwood, Inquest Co I/Acc/1291 GRO 8.12.1859

Edward see Ann Pinnell

George of Mangots bach collier & Mary Twine, sp & servant to W.H. Winstone, mar Stapleton, 23.12.1792

George, kcp falling from landway to bottom of pit. Inq. 24.5.1798, Soundwell;  D260/GRO bur Mangots 25.5.1798 & KCP

George, St George, coalminer, Inquest 2.12.1864, GRO CO1/1/10/D/10

George – see Isaac Bryant 1864;  Hannah see Daniel, 1792

Jacob, see Wm Ettle, 1817; James: Mangotsfield, named Player’s Map, 1750

John see Thos Burchill, 1746

John Pool & Edward Phelps, Mangots & John Okey & Abraham Franklin of Stroud, committed to Gloucester Castle for housebreaking. “None of them appeared to be more than 14.”

John, kcp Soundwell by explosion of gunpowder. Inq 17.2.1803, Mangots, D260/GRO & bur Mangots 18.2.1803 & KCP

John, 20, cm, KW, stealing 4 sash lights from Abraham Haskins of Bitton. Dk br hair & eyes, fresh complex, wide nose, broad chin; 3 moles on left cheek, scar on bottom of back, scar on rt. foot, can read and write. 5’7″ tall, well behaved. Discharged by proclamation, 21.8.1817, GRO/QS

John see Ann, 1815

John, cm, KW Hill, mar to Ann, dau Ann bp HTKW 1826

Mary see John Luton, 1702

Mr: Minister, now Wm Smith, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Richard, husbandman, 1662, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27

Richard Poole The Rise of the British Coal Industry by J.U. Nef (1932):P366 Richard Poole, a coalminer of Westerleigh testified in 1630 that a certain coalpit was 7 fathoms deep” which cometh at 6 shillings a fathom unto 42 shillings” (i.e. sinking charges are 6 shillings a fathom) (Chanc Deps., P18/H)

Richard see AKW 1762, see John Coggins, 1828

Robert see Daniel, 1792, see Robt Paul, 1812

Samuel see Wm Lacey 1844; Samuel, 82, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

William, vicar of Mangots, 1672, see E.J. p61



Committee to Superintend the Building of a schoolroom at Cock Road: Donations to be made to banks, and to Andrew Pope, Unity Street, Mr T. Bonville, James Sq., Mr James Davis, Brunswick Sq., Mr Thos Sanders & Messrs John Thomas & Son, Bridge Pde, Mr H.O. Wills, Redcliff Hill, Mr Thos Gadd, Somerset St., Mr Arthur Tozer, & Mr J. Hall, King Square, Mr Peter Arrive., Upper Berkeley Place, Mr George Withy, Castle St., Mr Joseph Stores Fry, Frenchay, Mr H.H. Budgett, Kingswood Hill, Mr Cornelius Cross, treasurer and Mr W.B. Cross, secretary/ Subscriptions from the following: Dr Cox, Fishponds, Peter Maze, esq., J.D. & S. Sanders, G.M. Davison, esq., Warmley, Hugh Vaughan, esq., Frenchay, Edward Brice, Frenchay, Dr Lovell, Frenchay, Mr Henry Warner, Frenchay, Mr Richard Hall, Frenchay, Charles Jones, Frenchay, Samuel Brice, Frenchay, Andrew Pope, Mr H. Hunt, Mr Wm Baylis, Miss Whittuck, Hanham, Mr Bradford, Frenchay, Mrs Brice, and many smaller donations. See FFBJ 21.8.1813

Gyles, aged abt 40, tall, suitable as a pikeman & William, abt 29, suitable as a musketeer, Easton/Barton Regis, Men & Armour, 1608

John, one of the rescuers at Easton Pit fire which killed Joseph Gaynor, who came upon Benjamin Jacobs, & Robt Bush, alive, Nov 1910, WDP

Thomas, malster, 1734, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27

William see Gyles, 1608; William, collier, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe



Edward William, s.o. William, sawyer, mar Caroline Avis, 1843. Of Barton Hill, went to Australia, see article “A Scandal in Sydney” BAFHS 76, p12



William, Digger of coal in KW Forest, late 13th cent. See “Coal mining in Bristol in 13th cent” , EP 8.2.1934



Benjamin, 30, bur Mangots, 1.7.1831, accidental death. “Excavating a Railway at Staple Hill when clay from one side fell in on him, FFBJ 23.7.1831.

Jacob, riotous assembly, reward 50 guineas, Poster 8.5.1795, Ellacombe & see Annals of KW.

James, theft from house of Lydia Leachey, St P &J out, FFBJ 7.11.1807 & 26.3.1808.

John, cm, kcp leaving wife and 6 ch, multiple accident at Soundwell Pit, see BM 1,7,11.11.1845. Bur Mangots 2.11.1845 aged 44, at same time as Wm Bird. See Wm Harris, 1845

William, miner, 38 Lloyd Street, Upper Easton, had been a miner for 30 yrs, 16 of them at Easton Pit. Gave evidence at Inq on David Webb, see David Webb, 1894

Zachariah see Norborne Berkeley, 1747



Henry, cm, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe



A & T.  Potter, their farm, Mound’s Court, see BRO P/S/PL/1 (plan)

Ann, see Samuel 1777

Elizabeth, aged abt 27 in 1863, Lost her husband in “Steep Pit” (Deep?) sometime about 1861. Information from L.A. Jelf.

George, 21, charged with burglary of Moses Brain, night 10.1.1838 at Bitton, stealing a clock, 2 violins & other articles. TSP 15 yrs. FFBJ 7.4.1838

John, 1 pit in Newton’s First Liberty, 1684, E.J., p220

John, cm, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

John 1721, MD

John see Sam 1726

Mary, see Samuel 1777

Samuel, Bitton, cm, & Mary Hicks, P & J, mar Yate 1706

Samuel, Thomas & John Potter, agreement 1726 between Thos Player of Cleeve Hill, Mangots, Sir John Newton of Barr’s Court & Samuel, Thos & John Potter to dig coals on a level at KW. (GRO correspondence relating to Player family)

Samuel, “adventurer in coalmines Player’s Map, 1750

Samuel, Bitton, cm, widower & Ann Dart of P & J, BMLB 3.11.1762

Samuel, d 17.6.1777 aged 62, Ann his wife d 9.11.1775 aged 60, Thomas, d 30.1.1779, aged 68, Mary his wife, d 9.10.1763, aged 36, Samuel, senior, d 17.5.1739, aged 65, MI Bitton, Bigland.

Thomas, Bitton, farmer & Elizabeth Hipsley, Bitton, 1664, BMLB

Thomas, named in list of those fined for riot, 1670, Ellacombe

Thomas see Samuel, 1726; Thomas, named on Player’s Map, 1750

Thomas, cm & Mary Summerhill, sp, mar Bitton, 24.9.1758

Thomas, see Samuel 1777



Jacob of Doynton & Jane Perrett mar Market Lavington, 9.4.1827F



Dinah, & Elizabeth Pow & Mary Harris, charged by H. Creswick with theft of muslin, boots & shoes, value 40s from Joseph Harris of High Littleton, BG 5/.6.1817

Elizabeth see Dinah, 1817

Isaac, 1839-1910, Chairman KW UDC 1901, boot factory Moravian Rd, KW, See “From Colliers to Clickers” S. Fryer.

William Powe, Henry Willis, Samuel Brain, John Fry, Hester Brittan, Hannah Jones, Sarah Lacey, Ambrose Willis, committed to Gloucester Gaol for assaulting constables Charles Bull & Moses Batt & rescuing from them Wm Lacey alias Hay or Hagg, a prisoner, held by them on suspicion of felony. FFBJ 14.8.1813

William & Co, Kingswood Hill, (Progress Commerce, 1893, BRL B26385)


Ann see Wm Lear, 1770

Ann & Joseph, accused of theft of 2 x £5 notes by E. Frankcombe of Bitton, FFBJ 26.2.1814.

Ann, condemned & reprieved, & Joseph Powell, 7 yrs TSP, Lent Assizes, theft from E. Francomb. See “Cock Road Gang” I. Wyatt.

Ann Powell, 80, married to Daniel Rowland, 76, at Mangotsfield, “appearing to anticipate many years of conjugal bliss.” Marriage announcement, FFBJ 24.7.1824

Betty see AKW 1763; Dinah see Isaac Smith 1760

  1. E. see S. Cooper 1896

Eliza, full age, greengrocer, Mounthill, d.o. Sam, cm & Sampson Morton, full age, bach, cm, Mounthill, s.o. Emanuel, miner, mar HTKW 25.12.1849

Elizabeth see John Owen, 1664

George, 1683, see Geo Mitford

George, cm, KW Hill, mar Sarah, their ch Samuel & Mary bp HTKW 1825

George, & Ann Lewelling, both of Mangots, mar Almondsbury, 1720

George see Samuel 1849, see Job Bennett, 1901

Hannah see Wm Lear, 1770; Hannah, alias Cribb, 1814, see BAFHS 36, p18

Herbert see Robt, 1917

Hester, alias Fudge, 47, found drowned in a garden belonging to Francis Palmer, cm, Inq. 10.1.1806, King’s Arms, Oldland, D260/GRO

Hester, accused wilful murder by poisoning of Elizabeth Hawkins, aged 80, her mother in law. Mrs H. had been ill of dropsy & H.P. said she had given her “jalap” only. Found not guilty on direction of Judge. See Glos QS 8.4.1833, GRO, FFBJ 13.4.1833 & GJ of Mar 1833

Isaac, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p196

James, one of leaders of Oct 1738 riot, see GJ 14.11.1738

James of St P & J, cm, & Elizabeth Caines of same, sp, bondsman John King of same, pipemaker, BMLB 1759 (no 180) BRO

John, W & A, wills at GRO,1729; John, of Bitton & Betty Jefferies mar 1733, Corston.

John, cm, & Margaret Martin mar 23.1.1758, Bitton; John, brightsmith, see Henry Britton, 1761

John, infant, St George, measles, Inquest 4.6.1855, Co I Acc 1291, GRO

Joseph see Ann, 1814; Joyce, see Joyce King, 1709. (E.J. p158)

Martha see Henry Britton, 1761; Mary see Wm Lear, 1770

Mary Ann see Geo, 1825; Matthew cm, & Mary Lear, sp, mar Bitton, 23.10.1757

Mrs, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p195; Obadiah, 1743, see E.J. p195

Richard see Geo Best, 1677

Robert Powell, 28, Thomas Powell, 26, Herbert Powell, of KW, three brothers, all killed in action, see BO 6.1.1917.

Samuel, late Oldland Common, kcp Lodge, belonging Duke of Beaufort, falling down pit, Inq 2.3.1797, King’s Arms, Oldland, D260/GRO

Samuel, bach, collier & Hester Bryant, sp, servant, mar Bitton, 15.10.1815

Samuel, born Mangotsfield, served 39th Foot 46th Foot Regts. 1825-39, discharged  aged 31. WO/97/557/58&

Samuel see Geo, 1825

Samuel, 11, inquest at Hanham, crushed between wheel & body of a waggon, where he had rode unbeknown to the waggoner, BMerc 12.6.1834

Samuel, see Sampson Moreton, 1849

Samuel, full age, bach, miner New Cheltenham s.o. George, miner & Elizabeth Milsom, full age, sp, KW Hill, d.o. William, cordwainer, mar HTKW 17.6.1849

Samuel, 78, coalminer, inquest 30.1.1856, GRO COI/N/2/A/13

Sarah see George, 1825; Sarah, 75, died cholera, 1832, St George, PR

Sarah, 60, paralysis, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas, alias Hall, alias Lovell, convicted stealing a mare at Bitton, death sentence commuted, FFBJ 13.8.1808

Thomas, vanger, Shortwood, gave evidence at Inq on Samuel Bennett, BG 3.2.1853

Thomas, see Robt, 1917; William, 1674, see William Mitford

William, lab, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe; William, 26, see Geo Beese, 1799

William, 36, kcp Golden Valley, in multiple accident, see BG 25.12.1834: name in burial register Bitton, 28.12.1834, shown as Wm Purnell.

William, lab, Hanham, witness at trial of Joseph Brittain, & others for highway robbery see BJ 6.4.1850.

William, wife, 75, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

— Powell see Joseph Britton, 1850



Elizabeth, 1722, MD;

Edward Woodhall  Pratt & Co, boot & shoe factory, premises destroyed by fire, see B.O. 4.3.1899 & see “From Colliers to Clickers” S. Fryer.

Hannah see Thos Caines, 1814

Hannah, of Hanham. Name included in a list of “Persons Receiving Pay from Clifton Parish for themselves and their families” FFBJ 10.1.1818

Joane, see Thos Bampton, 1648

John, theft of a she-ass from Francis Smith of Bitton, FFBJ 6.8.1814

Pratt & Co, boot manufacturers of KW, premises destroyed by fire, BO, 4.3.1899



— Pratten, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21

Pratten see Francis Creswick, 1674

Benjamin see John Coggins, 1828

Dinah see Joseph Parker 1817

Henry see Maurice Britton, 1683.

Henry, Bitton, wills at GRO, 1730

John Praton, keeper of cole-horses in KW Forest 1666, Ellacombe

Joseph: Mrs Ven died  at Barton Hill, only dau of Mr Joseph Pratten, shoemaker, Old Market, FFBJ 9.11.1805

Stephen & Jane Biswick, bo Bitton, mar Yate 16.12.1716

Stephen, adventurer in coalmines no 2 Liberty, on Player’s Map, 1750

Thomas, shoemaker of Lawrence Hill, 3.1.1785, (Notes on Bristol History, 1971, p153, BRO)

Thomas of Gee Moor, drivers of waggons & carts in Bitton, c1800 in the vent of evacuation of population during Napoleonic Wars, see “KW v. Napoleon” D. Vinter. BRL

Thomas see Joseph Parker, 1817, see Henry Willis, 1817, see James Baker, 1817

William Pratting (sic) of Bitton cm & Mary Stone, P & J, wid., BMLB 1721, no 154

William, 22, or 24-5, engineer at Golden Valley, unlawfully killed by Lazarus alias Thomas Fennel, left a wife & children, see BM 3.4.1886, & Thos Fennel



John, a smith , of Mangotsfield, gave evidence in the “Shipray” trial.  The Times, 30/9/1898



Charles & Clara see Chas Rawlings, 1887



Andrew & wife, Andrew jun, Henry, inhabs of Siston, 1674, during vicar’s perambulation,

Daniel 1824, BAFHS 74, p35

Henry, s.o. John, innholder, W & A, apprenticed as woolcomber, Bristol, 1668-71, BRO

Henry see Andrew 1674

Henry, of West Hannum & Henry Braine, of Bitton, gamekeepers, evidence agt Katherine Melsume and “her new husband” Isaac Lennett, 25.2.1691, and agt Thos Jones, Bitton, cm, 1691,(Ellacombe)

Henry of West Hanham: found a gun in the cottage of Thos Jones, Bitton, cm, & sworn to Francis Creswick, & confirmed by Wm Braine. 18.3.1691. H.P. & W.B. also gave evidence agt Katherine Melsume lately married to Isaac Lennett in respect of guns found in a pigsty. (Ellacombe)

John see Henry 1668-71

Joseph see Geo Willmott 1777

Susanna, Mangots, & Daniel Fry, St James, 1680, BMLB

Suzanna of Downend, wid, 1702, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27

Thomas see Richard Flower, 1665

Thomas Pruett, horsedriver. Lease 10 Jul 1738 between him & Thos Haynes, site of house called Farnells. Ref 14581 HA/D/226

Thomas see Wm Johnson, 1795

William see Robt Brimble, 1664, see Francis Creswick, 1674, see John Burnell 1674.

William Pruett, Mr Jones, Mr Gibbs, Ric Jones, Wm Underhill, Sam Tibbott, John Hobines, see Sir John Newton, listed by Fra Creswick, 1674  

William Pruett, ts of Mangots wills, 1699, BRO



Ann see Stephen Cattle, 1840

Christopher see John Browne, 1676

Edwin, 48, wife, 1 ch, illness of child, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

George of Stapleton, & Ann Mortimore, otp mar Stoke Gifford, 11.1.1801

James, over 60, underlet a quarry to Wm Hickes & there was a dispute between them. He went to the quarry with his son in law James Bryant, and shot a man called Joseph Pearce by mistake. Indicted for murder & died in prison before coming to trial. James Bryant remanded for the murder. See FFBJ 21 & 28 Sept 1850.

Joan, see Geo Ellis, 1662

John, hatter, Sarah his wife & Thomas aged 9 mths May 1749, removed from Bedminster to Pucklechurch. Also removed 2 mths later, 23 July, from Bedminster to Stapleton. SRO Q/SR/317

John cm & Jane Chappel sp, mar Bitton, 29.2.1756

John, bach, cm, & Sarah Bush, sp, servant, mar Bitton, 11.6.1815

John, o21, wid, cm, KW, s.o. John, cm, & Margaret Sherman, o21, wid, KW d.o. John Sherman, lab, HTKW 26.7.1840

Joseph, cm, kcp Siston, belonging to Mrs Peterson, 6 tons falling on his body, Inq 25..6.1804, Horseshoe Siston, D260/GRO & KCP

Larry (Lawrence): coalmine owner: carts, reels, etc, burnt belonging to L.P in colliers’ riot of 1738, see GJ 14.11.1738 & AKW. See Edward Stone, 1738 & also Thos Britton, 1755, (AKW), Henry Creswick, 1769

Margaret  see Ezekiel Cox, 1669; Mary see Thos, 1734, see Solomon, 1841

Pitman,10, kcp falling down a pit belonging to Messrs Leonard & Co., Inq D260/GRO at Oldland 17.1.1804 & KCP

Samuel see Thos Price, 1734 ; Sarah see John 1749, see Caleb Sheppard, 1773

Solomon, collier, 55, Mary, 50, 1841 cens Warmley

Thomas, yeoman, 56, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

Thomas, cm, West. Invent 24.7.1718, signed Chas Parker & Henry Boyes. (Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers).

Thomas: copy of letters of admin, re (1) Mary Price dau of Thos, dec’d, cm, & Samuel her brother & (2) Thomas Prigg, yeo, & (3) Richard Elly & Wm Jones. 7.3.1734, Misc OP 24/2 Westerleigh, BRO

Thomas, cm, West. Invent 18.5.1736. (Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers

Thomas see John 1749, see John Jenkins, 1786, see Stephen Cattle, 1840

William Price & James Symons, b.o KW aboard “Prince George” 1757, Muster Rolls, MV.

William, cm, bur Westerleigh, 4.11.1767

William see Wm Iles, 1796.



George, 61, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List; Mary, FC, wills at GRO, 1728


PRIGG (see also PHRIGG)

Eleanor, see Joseph Bain, 1746; Elizabeth, West, wills at GRO, 1725

Henry see John, 1722; Hester mar Robt Long, 1767, Bitton

James, cm, & Sarah Braine, sp, botp, mar Bitton, 10.9.1754

John & Henry, tythingmen of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

Jonathon, blacksmith, bur IA 1704; Joseph see John Gough, 1757

Mary see Wm Symonds, 1654; Richard see Wm Symonds, 1654

Richard, s.o. Richard of West., yeoman to Thos Skinker, apothecary, Bristol apprents, Nov 1675, BRO

Richard, apothecary, West., bur in woollen, B32433/5

Richard of St Geo., cm, & Martha Phipps, St Geo, sp, bondsman James Turner, St Thomas, 4.1.1760, BMLB.

Sarah, 1817, assaulted and robbed by Benjamin Caines, 1817, for which he was hanged. See “Benjamin Caines’ Trial”, Barbara Mottershead, BAFH47, p26 & “The Cock Rd Gang” by I.Wyatt.

Thomas see Thos Britton, d1648, see Thos Price, 1734

William, Westerleigh, 1684, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

William, of Westerleigh, apprenticed to John Knight, 12.1.1681, Bristol Apprentices BRO

William, “smith 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Edward s.o. Patrick, miner, dec’d, Bristol, to Richard Hatton, gunsmith & his wife Elizabeth, July-Nov 1660, Bristol apprents. BRO



William s.o. Wm & Mary, d 10.3.1751 aged 23, Mary wife of William, d 10.7.1763 aged 66. MI Bitton, Bigland



John of Bitton, Jul 1693. .”Bonded Passengers to America 1663-1775 Peter Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX



Henry, Mangots, yeo & Elizabeth Baber, Mangots, 1664/5, BMLB



Joseph, literate, cm, Mangots & Elinor Woodham, bondsman Robert Meade, Mangots, cm, BMLB 27.12.1675



Abraham of Chipping Sodbury, cm mar Mary Dark of same, Yate, 1701

Albert see George Mills, 1886

Hannah single woman, removed 24.3.1777, Winscombe to Westerleigh. SRO Q/SR/345/3

John see Sarah, 1718; John, feltmaker bur West., 3.6.1715

John, West, , wills at GRO,1725

John, cm, lease, West., 12.1.1729, BRO CH/2/35

John see AKW 1764;Mary see Robt Hathway, 1738

Rev John, 43 years an itinerant Methodist Preacher. (long obituary) FFBJ 7.5.1814

Sarah d.o. John, cm, bp West., 14.5.1718

Sarah of W & A., abstract of title 1853, SRO DD/GL 100

Walter see Charles Bragge, 1744

William, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



John, see John Nichols, 1715



Hugh, died July 11, 1845,  aged 100, of Hanham, obit BG 31.7.1845



Thomas see Geo Willmott, 1777, see John Hopes, 1794

William, “from St George, KW” bur Puck 18.6.1780



Mary Prosser, see Wm Merrick, 1768

Richard Prosser, see —–, 1629

Richard of Hanham, aged 60, spoke for Crown in case Attorney General v Newton, Player etc, 1629, see Ellacombe “History of Bitton”.

Richard Proser see James Charmbury, 1640

Thomas Procer, collier. Bitton/Hanham, abt 40, suitable as a musketeer, see Men & Armour, 1608

William Procer, cm, Barton Regis, abt 20, suitable as a calyver, see Men & Armour, 1608 ma

—- Prosser, “keeper of KW Forest, 1629 & Richard his son, see Braine, p64



Evan see John Thomas, 1737



Elizabeth see Thos Cole, 1705



Charles, 8, dislocated his neck by falling into a coalpit at Pucklechurch Park, Inq 2.12.1794, D260/GRO



Joseph Henry, 23, miner, Hanham, s.o. James, wheelwright, mar Fanny Godwin, lab, 17.4.1922, St Silas, Westerleigh.





Thomas, clerk, messuage Wickwick, Mangots, 1651 & 1660, see E.J. p154





John, taylor of Oldland, absentee from 1st Glo’shire Militia, see FFBJ 23.5.1778



Daniel Pullen, born Iron Acton, served 60th Foot, 1815-27, discharged aged 50. N.A.

David Pullen, rough mason, bur West., 1.7.1741

David Pullin, mason & lab, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Emily Pullin & Mr Pullin, wheelwright of KW, see Hartley Haskins, 1868

John Pullinge, tanner, 1668, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p27

John Pullen, Fystor’s Court, Mangots, 1677, see E.J. p143

John Pullen, rough mason, bur West., 5.3.1748

John Pullin, cm, bastardy order at Westerleigh, for dau of Hester Herne, 6.12.1799, BRO

John Pullin see Celia Bennett, 1849; Mary Pullin see James Fudge, 1762

Samuel Pullen, see Wm Lacey, 1844; Thomas Pullen see Edward Webster, 1768

William, “vereing boy”16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, Cromhall, yeoman, aged 42, Inquest 12.10.1870. GRO CO1/N/16/D/5

Thomas, keeper, Queen’s Forest, 1596. Stone in St P & J church, Braine p107 – see also Putley



Thomas: “March 5th 1841 Thomas Pumphrys Trow at Upton was lost opposite the gravel beds, Capn Thos Jones, Benn Cook, —- Crump, owner Pumphrey’s son, and one more all drowned.” (Couch)



Charlotte, brick grave, Clifton, 6.6.1793; Elizabeth, see Thos Willis, 1766

Francis see Norborne Berkeley, 1747

Francis of Stapleton cm, Hannah Punter, widow to renounce, Samuel Punter, gent of Whitchurch, to administer, intestate 23.2.1779, BRO

Francis, kcp belonging to Jefferies, Llewellin & Co, Inq 26.6.1806, Mangots, D260/GRO

George, 14, Mangots, ulcer, knee, BRI Inpatients, Cured 1789, BFO

Hannah see John, 1726; Hannah, wid of Mangots, bur Puck, 12.9.1727

Hannah of Puck & Hezekiah Hollister of Almondsbury, mar All Sts, Licence, 9.8.1744

Hannah see Norborne Berkeley 1747, see Francis, 1779

Jacob see Thomas, 1718, see Tomas, 1726; James, of Mangots., bur. Puck. 3 Sep 1704

James see Thos, 1718; John s.o. Hannah, bur Puck, 13..6.1726

Mary of Bristol, bur Puck, 31.1.1752/3; Mr., see Henry Watts, 1788

Samuel see Norborne Berkeley, 1747, see Chas Arthur, 1759

Samuel of Stapleton, mar Mrs (Frances) Triplett of Iron Acton.  FFBJ 11 Dec 1762. (At IA 9.12.1762).

Samuel see Francis, 1779; Samuel, died at Whitchurch, “a respectable farmer” FFBJ 21 Jan 1792

Thomas, of Mangots, yeo, & Martha Emerson of same, sp. (Jacob Punter, yeo, same as bondsman) BMLB 24.7.1718. (At St Thomas, 25.7.1718)

Thomas & Jacob Punter, agreement between Thos Player, Sir John Newton & T & J.P. & others to dig coals in KW. GRO Papers relating to Player family.

Thomas see Aaron Ithell, 1726, see James Butler, 1726, see Francis Colston, 1744

Thomas, adventurer in coalmines, Player’s Map, 1750

Thomas, 1755 .”Bonded Passengers to America 1663-1775 Peter Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

William, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

William, played flute in church, Mangots, (18th cent?) see E.J. p48



John, of Bitton, .”Bonded Passengers to America 1663-1775 Peter Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX



Wm see John Leonard 1722



Mr, a tailor of London, father of Victory, see John Cennick’s Diary, 12.6.1739

Thomas see Victory, 1747-1822

Victory: collier & preacher: 1747-1822, “The KW Collier”, “The Walking Bible”. See Wesley, KW & its Free Churches, George Eayrs, 1911, BRO. Mar Mary Milsom at Stapleton, 13.1.1774. Thomas s.o. Victory & Mary bp 7.2.1787. See KW Enclosure Minute Book, 1779-84. Letter to him from John Wesley, 1784, and biography of V.P.see E.J.p73, see also BAFHS Journal, 101, p17, Summer 2000

Buried Stapleton, 2.7.1822, aged 75



Elizabeth d.o. William, Dursley, see Thos Tyndall, 1650

Elizabeth, 64, bad legs, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

James Purnall (1786) see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26

James, theft of a black mare from Richard Matthews of P & J, FFBJ 21.5.1814

Roger, bailiff, pursued by colliers in 11 Oct 178 riot, see GJ 17.10.1738

Thomas, of Bitton, 10.10.1815 aged 66, MI in Brislington Churchyard.

William see Wm Powell, 1834



Anthony, schoolmaster, Frenchay, obit 24.7.1777



Thomas, “sometime Keeper of the Queen’s Forest, Kingswood, departed this life last day 1596, monument at St P & J. with figure of a cross bow & dog. Quoted (History of Bristol, Barrett).  (see also Pulty)



Ed. Keeper of Lawford’s Gate, see FFBJ 29.8.1752, see AKW



Robert at Pyle, digger of Coal in KW Forest, late 13th Cent. (His surname must refer to Pile Marsh, which is in St George.) Coalmining in Bristol in 13th cent, EP, 8.2.1934



Roger, cm, Mangots, aged abt 20, suitable as a musketeer. See Men & Armour, 1608



Prudence, see Wm Newton, 1724



Elinor, wife of James, d 10.11.1775 aged 49, James, d 10.11.1783, aged 56,  MI Bitton, Bigland

Jacob, of Siston, cm, & Mary Rich, Mangots, sp, BMLB Oct 1727, see Thos Collings, 1727

James see Elinor, 1775, see Geo Flower, 1798, see G. Rew, 1814

Joseph see Wm Jefferies, 1806

Joseph of Oldland Common, 58, obit FFBJ 11.11.1815

Judah see Thos Morgan, 1690

Judith see Arthur Humphreys, 1721

Mr see Saul Greenaway, 1800; Mr & Co, see Francis Bryant 1801

Thomas, aleseller, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas, see Arthur Humphreys, 1721



George, “a black” bur Mangots, 1694



Matthew of Bitton mar Elizabeth Downs, otp, Wapley & Codrington, 14.4.1718



Hester, dau, Geo, son in law & Jacob, grandson of Nicholas Sweet, see will of NS 1777

(NB. The Rackers were one of the original “Dutch” brassmaking families, see Keynsham PR etc.)



Rt Rev Andy Radford,

The Bishop of Taunton died, 21.5.2006,aged 62, inconsequence of a brain tumour suffered in 2005. Consecrated Southwark Cathedral 1998. Grew up in Kingswood, near Bristol, where his father Canon Radford was vicar of Holy Trinity Church. Attended Kingswood Grammar School and trained as a architect and surveyor and studied at Trinity College in Bristol. Ordained at Bristol Cathedral in 1974 and was appointed an assistant curate at St Mary’s Church, Shirehampton. Worked BBC Radio Bristol as religious programmes producer.

Ann see Joseph 1765; Elizabeth see James Palmer 1775

Jane see AKW 1768; John, witness to will of Morris Britton, 1779

John see Joseph 1765

Joseph b 1765 & Mary b 1768,  s. & d.o. John & Ann, Bitton, bp Whitefield Tab, KW, 21.3.1790; John s.o. Joseph & Ann, Bitton, bp same day & same place

Lydia, orphan, 12, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Mary see Joseph 1765; Stephen see AKW 1768



Robert see Edward Clark, 1893



John, lab, bur 1771, Siston PR



Rev. (1760) see Wm Mosely, 1727



Rawlings? See Thos Britton, 1765


adult, sp, KW, d.o. Geo, cm, & Edward Gifford, bach, cm, KW, s.o. Luke, cm, mar HTKW 19.12.1840

George see Charlotte, 1840

George, adult, bach, KW, s.o. Geo, cm & Martha Elliott, sp, hat trimmer, d.o. Joseph, hatter, mar HTKW 19.5.1839

George, FC, coal worker kcp Ram Hill, breaking of rope, Inq 7.11.1855, GRO COI/I/I/D/10


Alfred, vice-chairman Kingswood Urban Council see picture, B.O. 19.5.1917

Elizabeth mar to Thomas Milledge, 1765

Jane, 68, Siston, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Richard, 19, at St Philips, drowned while bathing. Inquest, FFBJ 31.7.1819.

Robert, committed Newgate after colliers’ rising 1753, see FFBJ 26.5.1753 & KWA

William Randle: listed with prisoners from Hanham taken after Monmouth Rebellion 1685, see Braine.



Thomas, robbery of silver plate at his house at Stapleton, see FFBJ 16.1.1808



Edward, 27, kcp fell out of a coal cart whilst descending at Yate Common, Inq 31.3.1818, D260/GRO

Moses s.o. Moses died about Monday the 23rd Jany 1843, (Couch)



Betty see Jonathon Couch 1773; Dinah see Wm Willis, 1793

George, see Hannah 1842

Hannah, wife of George, dec’d, collier, Siston Bottom, made oath that 33 yrs since she had a son baptised at Hanham Abbots named John, but bp omitted, 15.12.1842

John, a travelling pedlar, assaulted at Tom & Jerry pub, Westerleigh, FFBJ 20.4.1833, see BAFHS Journal 101 p32.

John, to Gloucester Gaol, shooting at James Lear at Bitton with intent to murder, 28.5.1836, FFBJ, Brown hair, left eye out and nearly blind, body covered with scars (from her asserts, blows & stones) his left leg has been broken in 3 places. Wears an iron support to it. Illiterate, 5ft 1 in tall, conduct bad. Sentenced to 12 months. Lawford’s Gate House of Correction, 30.8.1837. Death recorded. GRO/Qs. See also “The Times” 16.8.1836 – he was known as “Blind Jack”.

John see Hannah 1842; John,  miner. See John, lab, 1842

John, o21, lab, KW s.o. John, miner & Sarah Bale Harris, o21, sp, KW, d.o. James, lab mar HTKW 29.4.1842

Mary, 64, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Samuel, cm & Mary Jones, sp, botp mar Bitton, 20.4.1755

Samuel, 27, kcp, Browns Break pit, owned by John Stibbs, 5 tons of earth & rubble fell on body, Inq 2.11.1803, Flower Pot, KW, GRO/D260

Thomas, pin-maker at Staple Hill, d1896. (changed his name to Rathbone, presumably because it sounded more “respectable” ?) see E.P. 26.11.1937, (picture) and “Not Worth a Pin ,” Doreen Street.

Will, cm, named on Player’s Map 1750, see Joseph Bailey

William, 35, fractured leg, cured. BRI Inpatients, 1768, BRO

William, 36, cm, drowned in River Avon, 13 Oct, Inq 1.11.1799, St Geo, D260/GRO



Selina, 39, 3 ch, deserted, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



Charles, 20, collier, s.o. John, & Clara Preston, d.o. Charles, lab, mar St Silas, West., 11.6.1887

Jane see William Rogers, 1752

John, 32, Bitton, Eresmus(?) cured, BRI Inpatients, 1787, BRO

John see Elizabeth Willis, 1789

John, Easton Old Pit, delegate to Mr Leonard on behalf of miners, during strike 1874, see WDP May, June, July 1874

John see Charles 1887; Levi, 78, died at Warmley Goods Yard, see B.O. 21.1.1920

Mary see William Reece, 1728; Sarah see Wm Williams, 1758

William, bach, collier & Hannah Newman, sp, servant, mar Bitton, 4.9.1815



John, Inquest on John Redman, 64, at Lamb Inn, dropped dead in road. FFBJ 11.6.1814



Betty Rees see Charles Legge, 1775

Mary Rees, (poor) 4, Hannah, 33, Thomas, 7, Joseph, 8,  Maria, 2, all of “Nr Dundridge Farm, died in cholera epidemic, all bur at St Geo, Nov 1832.

William Reece of Bitton & Mary Rawlings otp mar Keynsham 30.6.1728



Cheveril Reed: his son William bp Wick 1738: he was obviously named after Dr Sacheverell, of the  Riots of 1714

Chifferton, butcher, Scison, Electoral Roll, 1739

Edward Reade, s.o. Edward of Hanham, Bitton, cm, to Will Clark, glassmaker, 3.8.1701, Bristol Apprents, BRO

Elizabeth see Thos Phelps, 1727; Frances see Abraham Brain, 1722

Francis see Francis Creswick 1674, see Wm Horrell, 1684

Francis Reed, 2 pits Newton’s First Liberty, c1684, E.J. p220. Francis & John, ibid, p221, “at Golden Key” Ellacombe. Francis also had 3 pits with Poynz Smith, 1684

Francis see Anthony Pitcher 1689; Francis, Bitton, wills at GRO, 1727

George see Abraham Brain, 1722; Harriet see Elam Batten 1873

Humphrey, the elder, killed May 1605. Bitton PR. This may have been in a coalpit.

John (1555) see Rowland Hayward, 1553; John Reed, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

John see Wm Horrell, 1684, see Francis 1684, see Edward Willis, 1735

John, miner, named on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey

John, St P & J. 1754, theft of linen caps. “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775”, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

John, Captain, retired privateer in 2 wars, died Frenchay, obit 16.12.1780, FFBJ

John Read, collier condemned with John Ward, and both executed Gloucester 30.3. & bur Bitton, 1.4.1781, see Annals of KW

John see Elam Batten, 1873

Joseph, s.o. Samuel, late Screw’s Hole, yeo, to Wm Wasborough, brazier, 25.2.1761, Bristol Apprents, BRO

Julian see Henry Burnell, 1650; Margaret see Henry Burnell, 1650

Mary see James Charmbury, 1640, see Wm Horrell, 1684

Mr: his mill at Hanham, see GJ 30.9.1740; Mistress, see Luke Styles, 1674

Nicholas, “keeper of KW Forest, 1629, see Braine, p64

Nicholas Reede, see Jn Britton, d1648

Nicholas: burials at Bitton,: “Nyne & 20th daye of March” (no year) Nicholas Reade of hannam; the wife of Nicholas Reade the ygr, 24.3.1649. Nicholas Reed bur 29.7.1662, Nicholas Reade the elder bur 22.1.1663.

Nicholas, proved that Nicholas Reed of Hannam cm, killed a fallow deer, levy £20, £10 to Thos Barnes, informer & £10 to John Creswick, Stephen Chapman & Thos Stibbs, gent, owners of Chase, 13.10.1691, signed Francis Creswick, (N.R. had no goods anything like this value.) See Ellacombe

Nicholas, 1722, MD

Nicholas, agreement between Nich Read, Thos Player, Sir Jn Newton to dig coals in KW 1726, see Player correspondence GRO

Nicholas Read, Hanham, wills at GRO,1726

Nicholas Read & Sarah Holder mar St Nicholas, 17.7.1729

Nicholas Read, Hanham, wills at GRO,1730

Nicholas cm, bought Ruth Beard, otherwise from lawful husband, Henry Beard, otherwise Weston, undated Ellacombe Mss, see Ruth Beard, and see Annals of KW

Samuel see Joseph 1761

Samuel Pettygrove, 9, kcp falling to bottom of Soundwell pit, Inq Bitton, 8.13.1794, GRO/D260

Samuel, Assignment Samuel Reed of St Geo, cm, to Wm Sheppard of Mangots, cm of a qtr of cms in St Geo, 18.8.1827, Ref 6098 7h BRO

Samuel see Thos, 1841

Thomas, o21, bach, miner, KW, s.o. Samuel, cm, & Sarah Morrison, sp, greengrocer, dau of Wm, limeburner, mar HTKW 30.5.1841

Tobias of St George, see Aaron Britton, 1782

Widow, 1725, MD

William see Wm Horrell, 1684; William see Cheveril, 1738



Messrs Robert, see Thos Bryant 1807



Thomas, Bitton, mason & Mary Morgan P & J, (Robt Mopson, bondsman, vict of P & J) 4.9.1722, BMLB



Charity, now James Fudge, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe.



William of Bitton & Mary Rawlings otp mar Keynsham, 30.6.1720 (or 1728?)





Reeve, Son & Hill, see Chas Wilcox, 1778

Jack – see Mary Leighton, born 1884

Joseph, Westerleigh, 2nd Company, see John Pugh, 1778

Richard le Reve, digger of coal in KW Forest late 13th cent. Quoted “coalmining in Bristol in 13th century” EP 8.2.1934

William, 10, drowned in Engine Pond belonging to Lodge pit by a blind horse which he was going to give water slipping and falling into said pond which forced the lad into the water. Inq 12.9.1798, Rose & Crown, St Geo, An order to the Duke of Beaufort to fence the pond forthwith. D260/GRO



Elizabeth see Wm Lawrence, 1714



Hester, 72, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

John Raynolds, Staple. 1760, BAFHS 72, p15

Mary, married Benj Belcher, St George, FFBJ 3.5.1806

Moses Reynolds, rescuer Nov 1735 in accident at Two Mile, see Edward Peacock. & Annals of KW

Moses, Lent 1739, Stapleton. . “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775”, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

Moses see AKW 1750

Moses Rennolds, cm & Mary Stone, sp, mar Bitton, 26.1.1755

Moses Rennolds, cm, bondsman, intestacy of Joseph Greenaway. St Geo, yeo, 24.3.1795, BRO

Samuel, Rennolds, cm, freedom of Bristol by marriage to Ann d.o. John Godwin, cordwainer, dec’d. 20.4.1784, Bristol burgesses, BRO

See also “One Harborough, alias Reynolds” 1749 & Waters & Reynolds, 1841



  1. committed to Gloucester, setting fire to wheat stack, property of James Quarman of Bitton, FFBJ 23.7.1814

George Rue, kcp by a cart running over him, Inquest at Oldland Common, FFBJ 31.3.1832

Richard see Ann Pillinger, see AKW 1752 & “Pillingers of KW”



George, shaftsman at Easton Pit, one of search party who found body of Wm Bolt Monks, 1892, & gave evidence at Inquest see WDP 14 & 15.3.1892





Thomas Rhodes, d 1671, Captain in Charles I’s army, MI Siston, see Braine p 187

Thomas Roades see Ann Pinnell



Charles, 18, b St George, 1881 cens RN at sea, BAFHS 73, p29

Mr. Francis Weeks of KW, charged with theft of a watch from Mr Rice, FFBJ 9.10.1819.



Charles see Jane 1684

George, 28, Mangots, fractured leg, cured, BRI Inpatients 1789

George, 65, aged, wife dead, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Jane, widow of Charles, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684 Ellacombe

Job, 64, Mangots, kcp roof fall at Shortwood pit, Inq 14.6.1855, Co I Acc 1291, GRO

Joseph, 17, b St Philips, , 1881 cens RN at sea, BAFHS 73, p29

Lydia see Job Luton, 1789; Mary see Joseph Quarman. 1727

“Old” Rich see Henry Watts, 1788; Richard, will Mangots, 1671, see BAFHS no. 7

Sarah, wid, Mangots, 1624, see E.J, p177

Sarah, widow; Matthew Middleton mar Widow Rich’s daughter. Inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Stiles Rich of St P & J, Emily Evamy, mar by lic at St Boniface Nursling, Southampton, 22.5.1830



Hannah, one of 12 men & 12 women who followed Cennick after his expulsion by Wesley, see Anne Allen, 1740 & Annals of KW.

John. Reward of 2 guineas for the capture of John Richards, of St P & J, shoemaker, absconded leaving his wife and family chargeable. Aged 26, 5 ft 2 inches tall, dark brown hair, grey eyes, Roman nose, bowlegged, hard of hearing. Believed to be with one Pratley on a cobler’s stall, Haymarket, London. Signed Thos Christopher, Overseer, 16.10.1813. (Advert, FFBJ)

Thomas see Robert Leonard 1750



Anne, 53, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



George, 46, suffocated at Serridge Pit & drowned with Robt May, 36 & John Williams, 19, Inq 16.12.1822, Coalpit Heath, D260/GRO



Elizabeth, see Mary Ann, 1851. Married Mr Nichols, was widowed by 1871, and living with her son John, 8 & her mother in law, Mary Ann Nichols. John Nichols became a J.P. See “The Double Entry” Valerie Britton, in BAFHS Journal, 38, p30-31

George, 20, cm James, 15, cm, Robert, 10, cm, 1841 cens Westerleigh.

Henry, drowned at Keynsham Lock, 64, bur Bitton 18.5.1844

Hester see Stephen Bryant 1820

James see James Bundy 1691

James, 50, cm, Jane, 40, & 7 ch, 1841 cens Mays Hills Westerleigh

James, 15, see George 1841

James, 29, kcp Starveall, 1851, husband of Mary Ann, qv see BAFHS 38, p30-31 & BT 14.6.1851

James, bigamist (1876) see BAFHS Journal, 74, p31

James, potato seller, stabbed to death, Warmley side of Wick, Inquest Carpenters Arms, Wick, Jan 1898. Albert Griffiths of Church St, Barton Hill, to whom he had given a lift, gave himself up in Birmingham. See BO Jan 1898

Jane see James 1841

Mary Ann, nee Burchill, who lost her father, husband and two brothers in the Starveall Pit Disaster of 1851. (She was the mother of Elizabeth & James, born posthumously). See “The Double Entry” in BAFHS Journal, 38, p30-31

Robert see Geo, 1841



George Riddle, see Jerome Ford, 1738

George Riddle, pit owner KW, about 1738, see case for riot agt Edward Stone, Annals of KW.

George Riddle, 10.4.1739, Oldland Court Leet, ordered to clean his ditches in Cock Lane, Ellacombe

George Ruddle, and Joseph & Abel Eyles of Bitton, and Thomas King of Siston, cms, agreement between them & Thos Haynes to dig coal on Breachyate Common and Churchleigh Hill between Siffords Bridge, Siston,  & Griffin Inn, 15 Jan 1742/3 Ref 14581 HA/E/16

Isaac Riddle, see Nathaniel Fry 1773

Jacob Riddle, see Edward Thrissell, 1776

Jacob Riddle, esq., P & J, freeman of Gloucester, 1781-2, Bs & Glos Arch Socy

Jacob Riddle, proprietor of lead works, St Philips, died. 14 Jul 1792, FFBJ

Samuel, Old Coal Work belonging to Mr Samuel Riddle, Pile Marsh, which  by 1799 had been sold to Denis Butler, see Inq held at Don John Cross, St Geo, 26.4.1799 on John Fudge, George Biss, Wm Powell, John Milsom, D260/GRO



Ann see Isaac 1779; Betty see Daniel 1776

Daniel = Mary Roach, mar Bitton, 1747

Daniel see Sarah 1770;Daniel s.o. Daniel & Betty bp St Geo 1776

Daniel see Thomas, 1789

Edward = Hannah; their ch. Sarah bp 1773 Eliz. Bp 1782, St George

Edward, Crews Hole, St George, waterman, Bristol Poll, 1820

Elizabeth see Edward 1773-1782; Hannah see Edward 1773

Henry see Alice Weston, 1580

Isaac =Sarah; children William bp 1773, & 1775 and  Isaac bp 1772, St Geo

Isaac = Ann; their d. Ann bp 1779 St Geo.

Johanna mar to Thomas Beswick, one of followers of John Cennick, 1740, see Cennick’s diary & AKW

John, Henry & Thomas, see Alice Weston, 1580

Mary see Wm Horrell, 1684, see Daniel 1770, see Alban Brown, 1906

Sarah d.o. Daniel & Mary bp St Geo 1770

Sarah see Isaac 1772-75; Sarah see Edward 1773

Thomas see Alice Weston, 1580

Thomas, & Eliz Chick, both Bitton, mar Yate, 13.2.1720

Thomas, mariner (Daniel as bonds) both of St George & Martha Peglar of same. Mar Lic 2 Sep 1789

William see Isaac 1772-5



Charles, gent, d1690 a 54, MI Pucklechurch, see Braine, p192

Charles N. 2nd Headmaster of Kingswood Grammar School, c1950-?; not as far as I am aware of from a local family.

Mrs, wid, bur Puck, 30.5.1717

Nathaniel of IA & Elizabeth Russell of Bitton, mar Cold Ashton, 1738

Richard, 1671, see BAFHS 52, p35.

Mrs Sarah, d smallpox, bur Puck, 17.9.1726; Mr Thos., gent, bur 20 Jul 1714 Pucklech.



Abel, on Player’s Map, 1750



Gabriel, deceased abroad, born Bitton, will proved 26.8.1637 by brother Robert of Bitton, Year Books of Probates 1635-9, BRL



Mrs Elizabeth, of Easton, 76, “of integrity & other estimable qualities” obit FFBJ 10.2.1816

Jim, miner at Easton, 1910, see F. Tonkins.



Mary see Edward Griffiths 1718



Mary see Samuel Fox, 1835; Peter see John Stone, 1685

Thomas, 69, Hanham, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Benjamin of Bitton, coaldriver, 3.3.1739/40 BRO 04435/4

  1. Committed to Gloucester, stealing scythe from Wm Giles of Yate, FFBJ 28.8.1813

Edward see Thos, 1841; Hannah see Wm Lear 1752

Ernest: of Stonehill Farm, Hanham, identified as the “man in the middle of the horse trough” in picture of people outside Blue Bowl pub, Hanham, 1927, Picture in George Elliott Collection, 18 Church Lane, Bitton, BS30 6LH.

Henry died 28.3.1789 aged 70, MI St George.

Isaac Rouch (sic) see Thos Cox, 1763

John Roch, coalcarrier, 1684 list, inhabs of KW Chase, Ellacombe

John, 1749, St P & J . “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775”, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

Martha d.o. Wm, mariner, mar Stephen Guest, cm, see Stephen Guest, 1774

Mary see Daniel Rider 1747; Miss see Chas Whittuck, 1780

Moses see Thos 1841

Mr, of Jolly Sailor, St George, see Inq on Solomon Legg, cm, 12, 24.4.1794, D260/GRO

Sarah see Wm Lear 1749; Thomas see John Wood, 1653

Thomas, 15, Moses, 14, cms, 1841 cens Westerleigh  in house of Edward Roach, ag lab.

William Rouch, Bitton, wills at GRO, 1730

William see Stephen Guest 1774, see Martha (1774)

William. Bitton, “Game” convictions at LG Petty Sessions, 13.1.1824, Vol 22 WOT, p65,  BRO.



David = Ann Jones, mar Bitton, 25 Mar 1753/4

Edwin, 22, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

George, see James Charmbury, 1640, see Henry Phipps, 1817

John, collier, West., invent 29.1.1624/5, including mining equipment, signed by Wm Champion & Wm Hollister, see Goods & Chattels of our forefathers.

Henry Robins, cm, admitted to Bristol Burgesses 26.10.1774 by mar to Martha, wid or Edward Cabble, mariner, dec’d and d.o. Samuel Watts, jun, leather cutter, dec’d, Bristol Burgesses, BRO

John Robyns, cm, W & A, abt 20, suitable as calyver, Men & Armour 1698, (also appears in Bitton/Hanham, but “cancelled”)

John Robins, indicted for riot in KW 1670, Ellacombe

John Robins see Fra Creswick, 1674

John see Josias 1717

Jonathon = Sarah Ann Saunders mar Bitton 24 Aug 1721

Jonathon of Bitton = Elizabeth Deverel, Saltford, 1758

Jonathon, offered stolen gelding by man called John Jordan, see SFBJ 20.4.1771

Josiah Robins, inhab of Siston, 1674 during Vicar’s perambulation, Siston PR, BRO

Josias, “came to be clerke of the parish, 22 day of Mar 1690” Bitton PR  (in mar register 1717-21)

Josias, Bitton, yeo & Martha Holbin, Stapleton, BMLB 1714, BRO

Josias, clothmaker, to John Naish, cm, of Bitton, mortgage for £25 of a cottage etc in KW near Fishpond there. 29.7.1717. Ref 5139/397 BRO

Josias, sen, d27.1.1717 aged 63, John d 14.9.1774 aged 45,  MI Bitton, Bigland

Josias = Martha; their d. Martha bp Bitton 1721

Josias Robings  or Robyns of Bitton, see Abraham Caines, 1726

Josias Robins, Bitton, wills at GRO, 1749

Josias, son of Josias & Martha, d.6.2.1750, Penelope their dau, d.15.5.1751 aged 21, Josias, senior, d. 11.7.1730 aged 41, Bitton, Bigland.

Martha see Josias 1721

Mary 1752, see Joannah Flower; Mary, 86, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Moses of “Bidden” (sic – Bitton), Glos mar Susanna Allen, 10.8.1797, All Saints, Wyke Regis, Dorset

“One” Robings, a Horfield mason, mixed up with colliers in 1727 riot, see Farley’s 15.7.1727 BRL

Samuel = Elizabeth Lewis mar Bitton, 1752

Sarah Robins, Sarah Jones & a brother of Betty Jones, “demoniacs” mentioned by Cennick at a meeting at Two Mile Hill, 22.10.1739, see J.C. Diary & Annals of KW.

Thomas, Bitton, wills at GRO,1728

Tobias Robins, return of tithing of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe



Arthur see James Crow, 1816, see Giles Wilmot, 1817, see Margaret, 1828, see John, 1828

Charles, 12, trespass in a field, LG, 1820, BAFHS Journal, 61, p30

Elizabeth see Fra Goodman 1692

Elizabeth otp, mar Francis Strong of Bitton, at Llanlilo Crosseny, Mon. 4.9.1772.

George, underground fitter, “last man out of Speedwell Pit, 1936” according to his widow, “he dismantled the machinery he was then 19, see letter dated 23.5.1978 (DPL)

Gilbert Roberts, has “a collection of leases re market gardeners” 7 Malmains Drive, Frenchay, see Thos Phipps, 1757

Henry of Bitton & Elizabeth Hudd, mar St P & J 7 Jun 1719

Isaac see Francis Stone, 1816

James Roberts & Amos Bryant in Gloucester gaol for theft of tools at Grimsbury coalworks, see FFBJ 31.1.1836

James: “1847, Jany 25, abt 7 o’clock the wife of James Roberts fell off the wall at the front of the house and kill’d.” (Couch)

John, 3, s.o. Arthur. (Arthur was in LG House of Correction on charge of murder), to Winterbourne, Glos, 24.11.1828, P/B/OP/6b 100, Bitton, BRO

John see Wm Sheppard

Margaret of Oldland Common, murdered by husband, Arthur Roberts. “Jealous”, “Wife beating”. Inquest Jury committed him to Gloucester Gaol. see FFBJ 6.12.1828

Mary, grist mill and water meadow in Mangotsfield, Bitton & Siston, 1656, E367/2187, TNA

Policeman: see Geo Groves, 1817; Richard Robert (sic) on Players map, 1750|

Samuel, 76, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Sarah see Richard Greenaway 1780

Thomas Roberts & Hannah Brokenbury, b.o.p. Puck, mar Cold Ashton, 1738

Thomas Roberts, Stokes Croft, James Ewer of Dighton St., Thos Stock, Lewins Mead, Wm Stockham, Castle Street, T. Parker, Mr Hobbs, Stapleton, Messrs Piper & Jefferys, Siston, R. Jarrett, Warmley Tower, Robert Lewis, Thomas Sanders. Members of KW Association, 28.12.1811, see Braine, p92-3

Widow, see Francis Creswick, 1674



Alice, 25, idiot, dead, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Grace see Mr John Barnes, 1667

Mr see Job Bennett, 1901; Phoebe, 60, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

William of Lawrence Hill, “many years book-keeper to Daniel Harford & Co” obit BG 11.7.1816



Earl of, see Sir John Berkeley, 1670



Ann, single woman, removed 7.10.1782 from Bath St James, to Wick & Abson. SRO Q/SR 351/1



John see Jn Wood, 1653


Rodbourne, labourer, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

John Rodborne, see Priscilla Packer, 1755

Matthew Rodburn, tithing of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

Thomas Rodborne, see Priscilla Packer, 1755



Joan, see Henry Stone, 1649



Catherine, Stapleton, sp, will proved 10.2.1630/1 by John Bishop. Year Books of Probates, 1630-4 BRL

William see James Alexander 1840



Elizabeth, 22, lewd woman, LG, 1820, BAFHS Journal, 61, p30

Thomas, 36, P & J, executed for burglary at Gloucester with John Parker, 1813



—- Mangots, 1757, see E.J. p145



Aaron Roger, miner, KW, s.o. Thos, miner & Emma Lacy, minor, sp, mar HTKW 12.11.1848

Aaron, see Joseph, 1796, see Wm Fry, 1850

Anthony see Fra Creswick, 1674; Charles see Daniel 1825

Charlotte see Daniel 1825

Daniel, 40, Hanham, 28th Foot, 1807-33, National Archives

Daniel, committed to Gloucester gaol by Humphrey Creswick, theft of blue plush waistcoat from Samuel Leonard, BG 20.6.1816

Daniel, cm, Staple Hill, = Charlotte, their ch Harriet & Charles bp HTKW 1825

Dennis: tythingman, Hanham Court Leet at Queen Head, Willsbridge,  22.4.1719

Dennis & Henry, tithing of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

Dennis, St George, yeoman, Will dated 23 Dec 1765, wife Sarah and to be sole executrix, children Thomas, Dennis, George, Benjamin, Sarah and Anne. Proved 13.12.1766, Bristol (BRO)

Dennis, s.o. Dennis, late of Parish of St George, coalminer, apprenticed to Richard Hill, Bristol, plasterer and Mary his wife,7 yrs, paid £5, friend to find apparel. 18.7.1771, Bristol Apprentices, BRO.

Edith see Thos Pollinger, mar 1781

Edward, tithing of Bitton, 1722; Edward William, drowned at Hanham, BO 12.7.190

Eli, abt 33, killed Shortwood, FFBJ 18.12.1852, widower, leaving 2 ch aged 7 & 5, Handel Cossham’s Diary, BRO & see Chas Davis, 1852 & KCP

Elisha cm & Ann Lacy mar Bitton, 11.12.1757; Frances, widow of George, 1827, BAFHS 74, p36

Francis, of Mangots, “a poor coal carrier, died at casual hospital Bath from fracture of skull, rec’d by private in the 9th Dragoons” “wilful murder by some person unknown”. BMerc 25.5.1795. (bur Mangots)

Frederick, cm, = Fanny Stone, St P & J, 1850

George, see Daniel Cribb, 1768, & (1802 BAFHS 74, p35& 36) see Frances, 1827

George, collier of Westerleigh, bur IA 13.10.1772

George see Mary Phipps 1796

George, cm, 13, kcp fell from Waymouth of pit belonging to Brooke Neale & Co, Inq Yate 31.3.1805, D260/GRO

George see Samuel Bryant 1828, see Samuel Lovell, 1837, see William, 1841, see Isaac Beese, 1851

George, 76, Stapleton, absconded from Clifton Workhouse, July 25, found dead in Ash hole in St George, Inq 6.8.1855, Co I Acc 1291, GRO

Hannah see Job Jenkins 1758; Harriet see Daniel 1825

Henry see Dennis, 1747

Henry to fill up his several pits in Cadbury Heath to be done by Christmas next, penalty 20s…. a common nuisance. Oldland Court Leet, 1767, GRO D108 M/187/8, KWA 1767

Henry Roger, s.o. Robt, cm, apprent to Robt Drew of St James, carpenter, 30.5.1836, West, apprents, BRO

Isaac of Bitton & Mary Tilley mar Keynsham 3.6.1752

James, “leader of the colliers in wildness & sin” ca 1740, see Wesley, KW & its free Churches”, Eayrs BRL. This poor deluded man broke his fiddle as it was a symbol of his former “sinful” life, and  he was held up as exemplary by those who presumably thought the destruction of music and dancing was godly – or more likely had their own agenda.

James, cm, KW & Sarak Kew, minor, sp, d.o. Francis, cm, mar HTKW 13.3.1841

Jane see Joseph 1796

John, see Fra Creswick, 1674

John, Bitton, mason, & Mary Morgan, P & J, sp, (bondsman Robert Mopson, P & J, victualler), BMLB, 1722, no.18

John Roger, vict, P & J, bound in £40 for appearance of Hannah, wife of Richard Peacock, coledriver, Ann wife of Abraham Caines, cm, both of  P & J, to give evidence against Richard Gowen. Otherwise Livings and John Vernon, otherwise Long Jack, for burglary, 7.7.1736, BRO 04435/3

John, St George, labourer, 3 Company, see John Pugh, 1778

John see Mary Phipps, 1796

John of St Geo, intestate, under £300, Dec 1800, bondsman Samuel Coole, St George, collier, BRO

John, see Samuel Ward, alias Dagger, & Nathaniel Bryant, 1827

John, 79, Superintendent of Siston Churchwardens, 67 years, a truly pious man, obit FFBJ 7.12.1833

John, 24, Samuel, 26, both of Hanham, transported 20 yrs & 15 yrs for highway robbery at KW, FFBJ 6,4,1850, see Joseph Britton, 1850

Joseph, b 1796, bp 1807 s.o. Aaron, mason, & Jane, of Bitton, KW Wesley Sch

Joseph, bach, collier & Sarah Davis, sp, servant, mar Bitton 25.12.1814

Margaret, sp 21, St Paul & Tobias Fox, St P & J, horsedealer, w21, BRO, mar lic 31.12.1825

Mary see Samuel Lovell, 1837, see Wm, 1841

Rachel, see Thos, 1841; Robert Roger, see Henry 1836

Robert, 1822, 1802 BAFHS 74, p36; Roger see Thos Cook, 1741

Samuel see John, 1850

Sarah see Walter Cooksey 1701, see Thos Smith, 1759, see Sam Garland 1849

Sarah Ann, 63, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Thomas, victualler, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas, 40, collier & Rachel, 35, with 5 ch, 1841 cens Warmley

Thomas Roger, see Aaron, 1848; Thomas, see Samuel Garland, 1849

William, Bitton & Hannard (sic)…… mar Swainswick 5.5.1568. NB Original not seen – from Shickle indexes at Bath

William see Mary Wraxall, 1665; William, mason, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

William, of Bitton, mason & Mary Brock, of Temple, BMLB Dec 1727 BRO

William, Bitton, wills at GRO,1729; William, Mangots, 1731, see E.J. p158

William of Bitton & Jane Rawlings mar Keynsham 13.4.1752

William, Siston, butcher & Martha Boult otp lic mar St Mary Redcliffe, 27.2.1785

William, 30, collier, Mary, 30 & George, 10, 1841 cens Bitton/Cadbury Heath



John see Louis le Breton 1797



Aaron, bach, cm, West., s.o. Geo, cm & Jane Carter, d.o. Geo, thatcher, mar West., 5.11.1837

Aaron, 25, cm, Jane, Elizabeth, 1 mth, 1841 cens West.

Ann see Anthony 1841

Anthony, 30, cm, Ann, ch Daniel, 11, Geo, 7, Henry, 4, Leah,1, 1841 cens West.

Charlotte see David 1841; Daniel see Anthony 1841

David, 30, cm, Charlotte, & 2 ch 1841 cens Bitton/Batch

Francis, 20, cm, 1841 cens West

George, jun see Elizabeth Willis, 1789; George see Aaron, 1837, see Anthony, 1841

Henry see Anthony 1841; Jane see Aaron, 1841

John Cook Rolph, miner s.o. Thos, cm & Elizabeth Bryan, d.o. Aaron, cm, mar 4.6.1846, St  Silas, West.

Joseph, blacksmith, bur West, 1752

Joseph, 19, Westerleigh, & Richard Wheeler, overcome by gas at Parkfield. Wheeler died trying to rescue Rolph. George Rowlands also attempted rescue, was in turn overcome & was himself rescued by Arthur Bryant, see BMerc 24.5.1856, Inquest says Joseph was “of Pucklechurch” 19.5 1856, GRO Co I Acc 1291

Leah see Anthony 1841; Mary see Albert Baker 1891

Rodney, 20, collier, wife’s name illegible & 2 ch, 1841 cens West.

Ruth see James Offer 1796; Sarah see Thomas 1841

Thomas, collier, 40, Sarah, 40, & 5 ch, 1841 cens West.; Thomas see Albert Baker 1891



  1. Captain of Mounthill Amateur Football Club, picture, BO 25.2.1899



FREDERICK GEORGE ROOM, VC., born 24 Congleton Road, St George, 1895. The Citation reads:


“For most conspicuous bravery when in charge of his company stretcher bearers. During the day the company had many casualties, principally from enemy machine guns and snipers. The company was holding a line of shell-holes and short trenches. Lance Corporal Room worked continuously under intense fire, dressing the wounded and helping evacuate them. Throughout this period, with complete disregard for his own life he showed unremitting devotion to his duties. By his courage and fearlessness he was the means of saving many of his comrades’ lives.”


Victoria Cross, August 16th 1917, Frezenburg, France. London Gazette October 17th 1917

Presented with VC at Durdham Downs 8th November 1917 by HM King George V. (Report BO 20 Oct, 1917)


Died Pill Bristol 19th January 1932 at Ham Green Sanatorium of Pneumonia. Buried Greenbank Cemetery, in Section 41, Headstone reads “In Loving Memory of Frederick George Room, VC, Royal Irish Regiment, beloved husband of Ellen Room, died 19th January 1932 aged 34.


His VC is held at the National Army Museum



Patience, see John Chancellor, 1730



Rachel, nee Sambourne, Mangots 1721, 1734, 1746, see E.J. p145



Philip, of City of Bristol, printer & stationer, mar Miss Matilda, second dau of Mr John Cary of Oldland Hall, Hanham, FFBJ 26.8.1809

Philip. Lease 7 years, Abson, Thomas Haynes to Philip Rose, yeoman, messuage newly built at Wick Leazes. 18 Feb 1730/1 ref BRO 14581 HA/D/223

Thomas, Boarden House (sic) Victualler, his servant Thos Peacock, survey of KW Chase 1691, Bitton Vol, 10, Ellacombe



Mr Alexander Ross, 61, at Hanham, obit, FFBJ 28.3.1812

Thomas Rosse, victualler. Wife 2 sons, (same as Thos Rose?) survey of KW Chase 1691, Bitton Vol, 10, Ellacombe

William, St P & J, 1751. “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775”, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX



Caleb, mar Ann Jackman, of Westerleigh, All Sts Bristol, 2.7.1713 (Marriage licence says Charles Rosser of Mangots. BMLB 1713)



Austin, see Rev Richard Hart, 1800

Elizabeth d.o William & Elizabeth bp Tytherington, 1750, se BAFHS 49, p21

Jane, beloved wife of Capt A. Rossiter, at St George, obit 16.8.1828, FFBJ

  1. Robert, see Rev W. Sandford, 1862


The Rossiters kept a draper’s shop opposite Kennard Road in 2 Mile Hill, c1945.



John see James Charmbury, 1640





John of Bitton, mar Ann Chappell,, Keynsham 1775



Mr George, surgeon/apothecary of Lawrence Hill, died FFBJ 23.5.1807

George, 29, married of Clay Hill, St George, Injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910



Charles, 25, collier, Mary, 25, 1841 cens West/Coalpit Heath

Daniel, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Daniel see Ann Powell, 1824

Elizabeth see John, 1841

Francis, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George, 55, collier, Rebecca, 45, & 4 ch. Next door, Ernest Batten & Sarah Rowland, aged 85, 1841 cens West.

George see Joseph 1856

James: “Nov 2nd 1840, Mr James Rowland died, bur Redclift Novr 8th 1840″ (Couch)

John, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John, innholder, bur West., 27.7.1727

John, 25, collier, Elizabeth, 20, 1841 cens West

Mary see Charles, 1841; Rebecca see Geo, 1841; Sarah see Geo, 1841.



Affrim, “carpenter & sawyer”, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Joan wife of Joseph Rosewell, see Wm Barton, 1759

Joseph Roswell: his house in Bitton, Independent Meeting House, 1699, GRO/Q/S03

Mrs Rowsall, 1720, 1725, MD

Stephen, gent, d.28.2.1650

Mr Stephen Rowdwill & wife, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation

Susanna Yorberry, d.o. Joseph Roswell, see Wm Barton, 1759



Robert: “1840, Robt Rudall aged 88 kild at the gravel pits on the railroad Keynsham by the trains running over him,” (Couch).





Thomas of KW, who had his horse in the pound on the day Monmouth came, 1685, see Annals



Charles King, see Mary Ann, 1828

John, mariner, St George, s.o. Thomas, cordwainer, Frampton on Severn, Freeman of Gloucester, 1816, see Bs & Glos Arch Socy.

Mary Ann, at Hanham, beloved wife of Captain Charles King Rudge, obit, FFBJ 28.6.1828.

William, Soundwell, injured Deep Pit Explosion, see WDP 19,24,Feb, 1 Mar 1886 & BMerc 6.3.1886



Anthony see Guy Palmer 1684





“The Kingswood Carrier” in & out, Tues/Fri, from the George, Castle Street. See Bristol Directory, 1785



Stanley, 9, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Eliza, d 1879 aged 82, MI Downend, see E.J., p66

Elizabeth see Nathaniel Ridley 1738

Henry, Stapleton, Will proved 22.4.1634 by Joan Luton, Yr Books of probates, BRL

John “sinker”16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John & Richard, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Richard see John, 1789

Thomas, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, cm, West. Invent signed Ann x Russell, 14.10.1775, see Goods & Chattels.

William, cm, bastardy order for female child of Hannah Williams, Westerleigh, 13.4.1787, PR, BRO

William, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



John, 28, smuggling, LG 1820, see BAFHS 61, p31

Thomas, see Edward More, 1828



Bartholomew, 1645, see BAFHS 52, p35

Gabriel see Fra Creswick, 1674

Gabriel, yeoman, Colly Hall, Bitton, 40, see Wm Bright, 1676

Gabriel, yeo, 42, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14