The Bristol Magdalens – Bristol’s Female Penitentiary

The inmates to Bristol Female Penitentiary, founded in 1801, numbered up to forty young women and girls. The premises were in the parish of St James, at the appropriately named Maudlin Lane, later Maudlin Street, Magdalen or Maudlin, being traditionally the “fallen woman” who Jesus saved through repentance. The list of inmates shown below is dated 1834-1842 and is numbered 444-591.   The headings are Name, Age, Parish, Date (presumably of entry) and Family Details. This latter is more often blank, though on rare occasions the words “orphan” or “illegitimate child” may appear. It is not clear whether the girl herself was the illegitimate child, or had given birth to a child out of wedlock.

The young women named were aged between 15 and 29 years old, though the majority were about 18 or 19.  Most came from Bristol parishes and the surrounding countryside, but some had been sent from as far afield as Wiltshire, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, Llandaff, and later, Chatham, Kent. There were evidently previous records as interleaved between details of the new arrivals, the names of inmates previously admitted are recorded, neither dated nor numbered.

Several “died” or were “dismissed” for unspecified reasons, others left for a life of drudgery “in service”. Some of the “success stories” were given a gratuity as they went on their way. In the light of present knowledge it is worrying that these young women were despatched so readily into private households. One wonders if such households were properly checked. The cursory information is now and then enlivened by the gold dust of additional remarks: even on a few rare occasions referring to behaviour. It seems implied that no 480, Mary MAGGS, 18, of Newton Bath, (Newton-St-Loe?) admitted 8 January 1836, “truly sensible of her situation and in a hopeful state of mind.”

No. 503, Elizabeth FAIRCROFT, 18, St Mary Redcliffe, admitted 31 July 1837. This poor girl was evidently bullied: “Mary Ann JAMES and Elizabeth PRICKETT made mock of Elizabeth Faircroft. They showed symptoms (sic) of penitence and were admonished. Reports to be made.”  (As I can find no instance of this surname, it may be an error in my copying.)

No 504, Eliza JACOBS, 15, of Clifton, 25 September 1837 was “admitted because of her youth, not thro’ any sign of penitence.” (In 1841, aged 19, she was a servant in the household of Thomas WALDRON, a smith, at Burbidge Yard, Clifton.)

No. 531, Mary Matilda WINE, 18, Temple, 29 July 1839, who “made grossly false statements” was referred to the committee. As Maria Wine, “aged 15, servant” she was still an inmate of the Penitentiary in 1841. Her place of birth “Bristol” was entered and deleted.

No 583, Elizabeth FOWLER, 18, St Philip & St Jacobs, 30 May 1842, thought better of it, and “refused to remain.”

No. 584, Abigail BROAD, 19, Clifton. “Inferred that her desire for admittance was to get food and clothing. Told to abandon her sinful habits and she might find hope of admission.” (She was admitted 29 August 1842.)

27 June 1836: Ann BROAD, Sarah BALL, Elizabeth BAILEY, “afflicted by the itch.”

25 May 1837: Eliza TIVOSE (Trevose?) “eloped from the House. Expelled.”

26 June 1837: Ann GOLLEDGE was “discharged. Of unsound mind.”

24 September 1838: Lucy HOWARD, “left the House for St Peter’s Hospital, derangement.”

25 January 1841: Sarah Ann CHILDS “here since 30 July 1838, taken on as servant to Charles CRANE, Haverfordwest.” (Sarah Childs “aged 15, sempstress” had not moved by 1841 when she was still an inmate. Her place of birth, “Shirehampton” was entered and deleted, with “N” for “not born this county” added. She appears to have died in Pembrokeshire in 1847. Charles Crane was a silk and cotton dyer at Haverfordwest.)

28 March 1842. Anna RIMMER “dismissed being found in a state of pregnancy.” No place of birth is stated for Anna, but it seems possible that she had been a servant in the household of a commercial traveller in Manchester, before running away to Bristol for sanctuary. Some hopes.  I would not be surprised if she was the Ann Rimmer, aged 19, buried at St Cuthbert’s, Halsall on 13 May 1842.

The tragedy could have been written by Thomas Hardy.

An Annual General Meeting of the Society was convened in late October every year, when an annual report was delivered by Reverend gentlemen amid much wringing of hands, each statement outdoing the last in long winded pious pompous-assery:

“It could not be stated without pain that this year twenty two inmates had left the Home, five dismissed for bad conduct, five absconded, five left at their own desire, five taken away by friends and three obtained places in service. Fifteen new applicants had been received and at present there are twenty five present in the House. The committee hope that the establishment would not be discouraged as the object of the institution is to reclaim a class to whom the restrains of conscience had been weakened by habitual profligacy; to abandon such pitiable objects to their guilt would not be consonant with Christian principle, either they must be left helpless and hopeless in their guilt, pursuing a course ruinous to themselves for all time and Eternity…..noxious to fellow creatures and hateful in the sight of their Maker…. [more caution necessary]…..  in the reception of candidates and also to adopt more persevering and assiduous efforts for religious cultivation. (Bristol  Mercury,  31.10.1840)

“…….. no-one can deny that the unhappy inmates of a Female Penitentiary are lost beyond almost any other class of sinners, having violated every feeling of modesty and morality. Virtuous society has made them outcasts from it and unless some asylum like this were provided for them they must be left (as far as human aid can prevail) to drag out a life of degraded misery and vice; an early death without hope must be their portion and everlasting perdition  beyond ….. but here, in this House, the Saviour’s Mercy is brought before them and they are exhorted to come as weary sinners to seek for rest in Jesus Christ, and they are likewise taught with the assistance of the Holy Spirit to go and sin no more.” (Bristol Mercury 23.11.1844)

Among the accounts was £97. 15s 0d which had been produced from needlework by the inmates – it would have been about £12,000 in today’s money!

In 1837, the matron of the Home died.  She seems remarkably old if the brief announcement in Bristol Times & Mirror, 14.7.1837, is correct. “Mrs Rachael Lawrence, 88, matron of the Female Penitentiary.”

The register of the inmates 1834 – 42 is as follows: (Reference 35722 at Bristol Archives plus more records of the Institution.)

Number Name Parish Age Date admitted Other information
444 Ann Jackson St Mary Redcliffe 17 25.8.1834
445 Caroline Wood Temple 19 25.8.1834
446 Mary Ann Smith St Stephen 22 3.11.1834
447 Mary Ann Richards St Paul 17 3.11.1834
448 Matilda Roper Bedminster 15 3.11.1834
Mary Bryant 3.11.1834 Dismissed for improper behaviour
Phoebe White 3.11.1834 Dismissed for improper behaviour
449 Eliza Harmon Street, Somerset 25 24.11.1834 Illegitimate child
450-459 Nothing listed
460 Catherine Watkins St James 17 24.11.1834
461 Mary Fitzgerald St Paul 17 24.11.1834
462 Hannah Smith St Stephen 18 24.11.1834
463 Elizabeth Tozer Bedminster 17 24.11.1834
464 Mary Morgan St Philip & Jacob 21 29.12.1834
465 Mary Ann Hickson Westbury 16 26.1.1835
Mary Ann Smith 26.1.1835 dismissed
466 Mary Ann Davis St John 17 10.3.1835
467 Jane Linton Temple 18 10.3.1835
468 Sarah Burgess Henbury 16 27.4.1835
469 Rachel Masters Nailsea 18 27.4.1835
470 Elizabeth Moss St Paul 19 27.4.1835
Maria Cambee 27.4.1835 dismissed
471 Mary Ann Pratten St John 18 29.6.1835
472 Mary Burston Clifton 19 29.6.1835
Isabella Nelson 29.6.1835 Given leave – to service
473 Elizabeth Willett St Augustine 20 17.7.1835
474 Hannah Taylor Bath 20 17.7.1835
475 Caroline Cowels Sts Philip & Jacob 16 17.7.1835
476 Sarah Pascoe Kingsweston 19 31.8.1835 Orphan. Daughter of a Dissenting Minister
477 Tabitha James All Saints 20 31.8.1835
478 Eliza Twose St James 20 29.11.1835
479 Hannah Horton St James 18 8.1.1836
480 Mary Maggs Newton, Bath 18 8.1.1836 Truly sensible of her sin and in a hopeful state of mind.
481 Mary Ann Taylor Almondsbury 19 4.1.1836
482 Sarah Ackland St Augustine 17 25.2.1836
483 Leah Powell* St John 18 25.2.1836
484 Charlotte Savage St Stephen 14 25.2.1836
Tabitha James 25.2.1836 died
485 Ann Priest Llandaff 22 28.3.1836
486 Jane Durston St John 19 28.3.1836
487 Mercy Durban St James 17 28.3.1836
488 Eliza Marshall St John 19 28.3.1836
489 Sarah Bewley St Paul 19 28.3.1836
490 Lucy Howard Clifton 20 28.4.1836
491 Ann Gilborson Sts Philip & Jacob 20 28.4.1836
492 Elizabeth Daniels St James 19 28.4.1836
Ann Broad 27.6.1836 Afflicted by Itch
Sarah Ball 27.6.1836 Afflicted by Itch
Elizabeth Bailey 27.6.1836 Afflicted by Itch
493 Elizabeth Berney St Paul 21 25.7.1836
494 Ann Golledge St Paul 20 27.6.1836
495 Mary Stevens St Mary Redcliffe 17 27.6.1836
496 Mary Ann James Skenflith, Herefordshire 18 31.10.1836
497 Mary Mackridge St James, Taunton 19 31.10.1836
498 Sophia Hawkins St James 16 31.10.1836
Mercy Durbin 13.10.1836 Died. Buried St James
Mary Morgan 30.1.1837 Left to go into service. 2¼ years here
Mary Ann Richards 24.4.1837 Left to go into service.

2½ years here.

Ann Davis 24.2.1837 Left to go to friends. 2 years 1 month here
Eliza Twose 29.5.1837 Eloped from House. Expelled
Sarah Hooper 15.5.1837 Died. Buried St James. 18 months in the House
499 Eliza Gillard St Augustine 17 29.5.1837
500 Matilda Williams St Augustine 18 26.6.1837
501 Mary Ann Hopton Thornbury 18 26.6.1837
Ann Golledge 26.6.1837 Discharged – of unsound mind
502 Elizabeth Prickett St Augustine 18 31.7.1837
503 Elizabeth Faircroft St Mary Redcliffe 18 31.7.1837
Mary Ann James & Elizabeth Prickett Made mock of Elizabeth Faircroft. Showed symptoms of penitence, admonished. Reports to be made
504 Eliza Jacobs Clifton 15 25.9.1837 Admitted because of youth, not through any sign of penitence.
505 Sarah Cross St Paul 16 27.11.1837
Ann Prest, (sic),  Jane Durston & Eliza Willett All dead. Two at the Infirmary, one at her friends.
506 Ann Banks Bideford, Devon 20 2.4.1838
507 Jane Owen Swansea 20 2.4.1838
508 Ellen Stuart St Peter 26 2.4.1838 orphan
509 Eliza Bond Bedminster 15 2.4.1838
510 Charlotte Weaver Sts Philip & Jacob 18 2.4.1838
Caroline Cowles 30.4.1838 Had been in service of M. Williams 1 year and conducted herself with satisfaction that the usual gratuity be given to her
Sarah Dunscomb St Mary Redcliffe 17 30.4.1838 Referred to Ladies Committee
Mary Ann Richards 30.4.1838 1 year in service of Henry Pike. Satisfaction. Gratuity
511 Sarah Ann Childs* St Paul 17 25.6.1838
512 Susannah Chard* Sts Philip & Jacob 19 25.6.1838
513 Eliza Whiting St Augustine 18 25.6.1838
514 Sarah Dunscomb St Mary Redcliffe 17 25.6.1838
Eliza Herman 27.8.1838 Allowed to leave – “on trial” special case
Sarah Burgess 27.8.1838 Left for service. 3 years 3 months in the House.
Mary Ann Huckson 27.8.1838 Left for service. Leave granted.
35 in family (I presume this means the number of girls in the House)
515 Mary Ann Walsh Sts Philip & Jacob 19 24.9.1838
516 Mary Ann McCarthy St Nicholas 18 24.9.1838
517 Charlotte Widden* Horfield 24 24.9.1838
518 Susan Hellen* St George, Pill 17 24.9.1838
519 Charlotte Perry* Clifton 16 24.9.1838
Lucy Powell 24.9.1838 Left here for St Peter’s Hospital – derangement
Sarah Pascoe 29.10.1838 Left for service
Hannah Horton 29.10.1838 Left for service
520 Elizabeth Pike Sts Philip & Jacob 17 28.1.1839
521 Mary Ann Wilkins St George, Bristol 18 28.1.1839
522 Mary Ann Wallis Bedminster 16 28.1.1839
523 Emma Fisk St Paul 17 28.1.1839
524 Elizabeth Bridal Backwell 16 25.3.1839 Admitted subject to Surgeon’s examination
Sophia Hawkins 25.3.1839 In House 2 years 5 months. Left for friends
Mary Ann James 25.3.1839 In House 2 years 5 months. Left for friends.
Charlotte Bryant 25.3.1839 Expelled, bad conduct
Elizabeth Marshall 25.3.1839 Expelled, bad conduct
Mary Maggs 27.5.1839 In service, J. Hull, 12 months, 33 Castle Green, gave satisfaction. Gratuity, 1 guinea
525 Sarah Ackland St John 17 27.5.1839
526 Mary Ann Stevens St Michael 22 27.5.1839 Referred to St Peter’s Hospital
527 Maria Ford Sts Philip & Jacob 16 27.5.1839 Refused refuge offered her
Elizabeth Taylor 27.5.1839 Left to go to friends
528 Caroline Griffin St Augustine 17 29.7.1839
529 Ann Clarke* St Paul 16 29.7.1839
530 Mary Isles Temple 18 29.7.1839
531 Mary Matilda Wine* Temple 18 29.7.1839 Made grossly false statements. Referred to Gentlemen’s Committee
Elizabeth Prickett 29.7.1839 Eloped from House
Ellen Stuart 29.7.1839 Eloped from House
Sarah Probert 29.7.1839 Persisted in desire to leave
Jane Owen 30.9.1839 Left to go to friends
Mary Isles 30.9.1839 Dismissed at own request
Elizabeth Daniels 30.9.1839 Left after 3 years for service. Very satisfactory
532 Caroline Dainton Sts Philip & Jacob 17 30.9.1839 Subject to examination by surgeon
532 (No. entered twice) Louisa Webber St George, Barton Hill 15 25.11.1839
533 Mary Ann Harding* St Nicholas 17 25.11.1839 orphan
Mary Mockeridge 27.1.1840 Said she would go to aunt in Taunton. On enquiry, no friends to rescue her. Advised to continue in House, but persisted
534 Mary Southwood St John 27.1.1840 Dismissed for bad conduct
Mary Ann Walsh 24.9.1838-24.2.1840
Louisa Webber 25.11.1839-24.2.1840
Sarah Ackland 25.3.1839-24.2.1840
Maria Wilkins 30.12.1838-24.2.1840
535 Jane Baker* St James 16 24.2.1840
536 Mary Ann Lemon* Bedminster 16 24.2.1840
537 Ann Davies Sts Philip & Jacob 22 27.4.1840 orphan
538 Matilda Counsell* St James 18 27.4.1840
539 Catharine Levina Evans St James 17 27.4.1840
540 Mary Griffiths* St Mary Redcliffe 16 25.5.1840 Sent to St Peter’s Hospital. Diseased. Cured. Admitted 27.7.1840
541 Mary Ann Cutler St Peter 16 25.5.1840 Not admitted. Told a lie
542 Elizabeth Butcher* Congresbury 14 25.5.1840
543 Mary Ann Skinner St Augustine 16 25.5.1840
Mary Ann Stevens 25.5.1840 In House 3 years 10 months. Left for service
544 Jane Willett St Augustine 19 27.7.1840
545 Elizabeth Richardson Sts Philip & Jacob 16 27.7.1840
546 Sarah Russell 27 27.7.1840 One sister in Bradford
547 Margaret Clarke St Mary Redcliffe 16 27.7.1840 Not admitted. See note below
548 Abey Broad Clifton 17 27.7.1840 Not admitted (see No.584)
27.7.1840 Note re admissions for 27.7.1840: “All admitted except for 547 and 548 who had disclaimed having fallen into that particular sin which would render them fit objects for this House.”
Elizabeth Gillard Elizabeth Jacobs Eliza Bond 27.7.1840 {all left in April
Sarah Churchill Sarah Dunscombe 27.7.1840 {To go to friends
Mary Mockeridge 27.7.1840 Left to labor on her own account
549 Mary Abbot* Newport 19 31.8.1840 orphan
550 Elizabeth Hamilton St Mary Redcliffe 16 31.8.1840
551 Elizabeth Griffin St James 29 31.8.1840
Eliza Harman 31.8.1840 In House 6 years. Gave assistance in the House. £5 given on leaving
Eliza Whiting 10.8.1840 Left to go to friends
Mary Southwood 10.8.1840 Left to go to friends
552 Ann Watts* St Paul 16 28.9.1840
553 Fanny Jones St John 27 28.9.1840 Orphan. One sister
554 Elizabeth Williams* Clifton 20 26.10.1840
555 Maria Clarke* St Augustine 21 26.10.1840
556 Eliza Ditchett Sts Philip & Jacob 19 30.11.1840
557 Louisa Bayley St James 20 30.11.1840
558 Sophia Davis St Michael 25 25.1.1840
Sarah Ann Childs Here since 30.7.1838. taken as servant by Charles Crane at Haverfordwest
Eliza Ditchett Dismissed. Disorderly conduct
Elizabeth Richardson Dismissed. Disorderly conduct


Charlotte Weaver (2.4.1838) – engaged as servant by Morgan, Montague Hill
Sarah Ann Childs 29.3.1841 Remaining in House. Place of service not suitable


Ann Richards St Peter 17 29.3.1841
560 Mary Jane Jenkins * Cardiff 15 29.3.1841 urgent
Sophia Davis 29.3.1841 Left. Misconduct
Elizabeth Hamilton 29.3.1841 Left at own request
Jane Willett 29.3.1841 Left at own request
Catharine Evans 29.3.1841 Left. To parents
Charlotte Wybourne 29.3.1841 Left. To service
561 Harriet Gillett Clifton 18 26.4.1841
Elizabeth Bridle* 5.7.1841 Left. To parents
Susan Hellen 5.7.1841 Left. To service
Charlotte Perry 5.7.1841 Left. To parents
Harriett Gillett 5.7.1841 Left. To parents
562 Frances Bracey St Augustine 17 27.7.1841
563 Mary Ann Hunt St James 16 27.7.1841
564 Susan Lovell Newport, Wales 16 27.7.1841
565 Mary Ann Perrins St James 27 27.9.1841
566 Elizabeth Ricketts Sts Philip & Jacob 18 27.9.1841
567 Sarah Roberts St Michael 25 27.9.1841
568 Ann Williams St James 17 27.9.1841
569 Elizabeth Morgan Sts Philip & Jacob 19 27.9.1841
570 Hannah Pople Clifton 15 29.11.1841
571 Caroline Rowlands St Michael 18 29.11.1841
Mary Griffiths 29.11.1841 To Infirmary
Mary Ann Perrin 29.11.1841 To Infirmary
Sarah Roberts 29.11.1841 Left. To friends
Sarah Childs 29.11.1841 Left. To service
572 Jane Ruck St James 19 29.11.1841
573 Mary Ann Childs Sts Philip & Jacob 17 29.11.1841
574 Elizabeth Harper St James 19 29.11.1841
Elizabeth Chesterton 29.11.1841 Left. To St Peter’s Hospital
575 Louisa Stock St Augustine 14 31.1.1842
576 Anna Rimmer St Paul 23 31.1.1842
Elizabeth Butcher 31.1.1842 Eloped
Mary Ann Hunt 31.1.1842 Eloped
Susanna Chard 31.1.1842 Left for friends.
Elizabeth Ricketts 31.1.1842 Dismissed. Improper conduct
577 Caroline Williamson St James 21 28.2.1842
578 Hannah Cordy Winterbourne 18 28.2.1842
579 Harriet Kilminster Westbury on Trym 18 28.2.1842
Mary Griffiths* 28.2.1842 Left to go to Infirmary. Not in good health
Susan Chard 28.2.1842 Left to go friends, repented her decision. Re-admitted.
Elizabeth Daniels 28.2.1842 Gratuity of £1 for good conduct after 2 years in her place of service.
Mary Ann Child 28.3.1842 Left. Bad conduct


Caroline Williams 28.3.1842 Left. Eloped
Harriett Kilminster 28.3.1842 Left. Eloped
Jane Road 28.3.1842 To Infirmary
Caroline Daynton* 28.3.1842 Left after 2 ½ years. To friends
Anna Rimmer 28.3.1842 Dismissed being found in a state of pregnancy**
580 Ellen Bowen St Augustine 21 25.4.1842
581 Emma Riley St Stephen 15 25.4.1842
Susan Chard 25.4.1842 Left
Mary Ann Harding* 25.4.1842 (25.11.1839) Left for friends
Jane Baker* 25.4.1842 (24.2.1840) Left for friends
Ann Watts 25.4.1842 To father
582 Caroline Collins Bedminster 20 30.5.1842
583 Elizabeth Fowler Sts Philip & Jacob 18 30.5.1842 Refused to remain
584 Abigail Broad Clifton 19 30.5.1842 Confessed her desire for admittance was to get food and clothing. Told to abandon sinful habits and she might then hope for admission. Admitted 29.8.1842 (see No.548)
Leah Powell 30.5.1842 Six years in House. To mother
584 (No. duplicated) Ann Sheppard St James 18 27.6.1842
585 Sarah Axford St James 17 27.6.1842
586 Sarah James Reese St James 24 25.7.1842
Mary Ann Leman 25.7.1842 To service
586 (No. duplicated) Ann Stevens St Peter 21 29.8.1842
587 Mary Ann Edwards St Mary Redcliffe 15 29.8.1842
588 Elizabeth Pryce Temple 19 29.8.1842
589 Emma Curtis St James 17 26.9.1842
590 Harriett Jefferies St James 17 26.9.1842
591 Louisa Ann Cross Sts Philip & Jacob 18 26.9.1842
Maria Clarke 31.10.1842 Aged 24. 6 years in House. Left for friends
Ann Davis 31.10.1842 Aged 24. 2 ½  years in House. Left for friends
Louisa Cross Elizabeth Williams Elizabeth Morgan 31.10.1842 Admonished for disorderly conduct
  • *Girls marked with an asterisk appear in the 1841 census.  (See below)  Sarah Dunscombe is perhaps the girl shown as Harriett in 1841.
  • **The phrase that springs to mind is “Whited Sepulchres”. (Matthew 23.27) I wonder what happened to Anna Rimmer and her unborn child, cruelly cast out by this “Christian” organisation.

St Peter’s Hospital – Bristol’s Workhouse, where several of the Penitentiary inmates were sent. The building was destroyed in World War 2.

1841 Census: Bristol Female Penitentiary, St James.

Mary Ann Moore 50 Matron Born Bristol
Theodosia Harris 35 Sub-matron Carmarthen
Leah Powell 20 Sempstress
Sarah Childs 15 Sempstress Shirehampton
Susannah Chard 20 Sempstress
Caroline Whitten 25 Servant Horfield
Susannah Hellin 15 Sempstress
Charlotte Perry 15 Sempstress London
Elizabeth Bridle 15 Sempstress Nailsea
Ann Clark 15 Servant
Maria Wine 15 Servant Bristol
Caroline Dainton 15 Sempstress Bristol
Mary Ann Harding 15 Sempstress Bristol
Mary Ann Lemen 15 Sempstress Bath
Jane Baker 15 Sempstress Bristol
Matilda Council 15 Sempstress Bristol
Louisa Dainton 20 Sempstress
Elizabeth Butcher 15 Sempstress
Mary Griffiths 15 Servant Bristol
Mary Abbott 20 Servant Exeter
Harriett Dunscombe 15 Servant Bristol
Ann Watts 15
Elizabeth Williams 20 Dressmaker Gloucester
Maria Clark 20 Servant
Mary Jane Jenkins 15 Sempstress

NB: Ages in the 1841 census were given to the nearest five years – so the 15 year olds would have been aged between and 15-19, those given as twenty years old would have been between 20-24. The place of birth was not usually stated in 1841, so this is an unexpected bonus – which on occasions differs from the register book.

An advertisement, Bristol Times and Mirror, 30.3.1850, from which it would appear that the new matron was not long in the post by the time the 1851 census was taken.

The 1851 census is much more explicit than that of ten years before, and the gives the status of the inmates, in relation to the Matron, as Head of the House, in each case demeaned as a “Penitent”. They were all engaged in “domestic work”, making it possible to envisage the rough hands and smell the carbolic even from this distance.   They are all listed as “unmarried”.

The address, 2 Upper Maudlin Street, South Side, St James, Bristol, if it is the same, is a small property in a rank of houses opposite the Bristol Royal Infirmary. It is currently a shop and art gallery. (At the time of writing, 2021, it is closed because of the Pandemic.

  • Elizabeth Saville, Head, widow, 50, 1801, Matron of the Establishment, born Bristol*
  • Amelia Lockestone, unmar, 30, 1821, sub matron of the Establishment, b. Bristol
  • Jenetta Millet , Penitent, 21, 1830, domestic work,  b. Frampton Cotterell, Glos *
  • Jane Young, Penitent, 21, 1830, domestic work b. Chatham, Kent*
  • Louisa Lillington, Penitent , 21, 1830, domestic work b. Clifton
  • Emma Stephens, Penitent, 18, 1833, domestic work b. Clifton
  • Hester Willet, Penitent , 17, 1834, domestic work b. Clifton
  • Ann Vowles, Penitent , 18, 1833, domestic work, b. Bristol
  • Tabitha Treadwell, Penitent, 16, 1835, domestic work, b. Bath*
  • Harriet Rickards, Penitent, 24, 1827, domestic work, b. Chippenham
  • Ann Richards, Penitent , 30, 1821, domestic work, b. South Wales, Swansea
  • Eliza Caines, Penitent, 27, 1824, domestic work, b. Bristol,
  • Charlotte Brooks, Penitent, 20, 1831, domestic work, b. Pill, Somerset
  • Eliza Edwards, Penitent, 20, 1831, domestic work, b. Bristol
  • Carolin Franklyn, Penitent, 20, 1831, domestic work, Bristol
  • Annie Hanney, Penitent 18, 1833, domestic work, b. Stanton Drew, Som*
  • Mary Ann Beasley, Penitent, 18, 1833, domestic work, b. Bristol
  • Jane Pewtner, Penitent, 20, 1830, domestic work, b. Bristol
  • Emily Addams, Penitent, 22, 1829, domestic work, b. Exeter, Devon
  • Louisa Maby, Penitent 22, 1829, domestic work, b. Axbridge*
  • Amelia Gardiner, Penitent, 26, 1825, domestic work, b. Ilfracombe (? illegible)  Devon
  • Ann Hooker, 22, Penitent, 1829, domestic work, b.  Winscombe

Some Family History:

  • Alexina Janetta Millet baptised Frampton Cot., 10 June 1827, daughter of
    Joseph & Hannah, (3 years older than on the census) She married in Cardiff in 1862.
  • Jane Young baptised Chatham, 4.11.1831, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth
  • Annie Hanney, baptised Stanton Drew, 10.1.1833, daughter of William & Hannah,
    butcher, of Stanton Wick. In 1841 she was 8 years old, the 2nd child of 6 children,
    living with parents at S.D.
  • Tabitha Treadwell, baptised Bath St James, 3.8.1834, daughter of Enoch & Sarah,
    married John Whitley, Bristol, 1867.
  • In 1861, Elizabeth Saville, widow, 60, was living in lodgings at 4 Montague Street,
    St James, working as a seamstress. What had precipitated this decline in
    in circumstances?
  • In 1861, Louisa Maby worked as a servant in the household of Henry & Lucy Lund
    at 3 Bellevue, Clifton. Henry, 47, a modest flower, styled himself ,“Barrister at law, Lincoln’s Inn, MA Trinity College Cambridge, In practice in London.”


If your ancestor is named here, or you can add more details, please contact me.

A less detailed version of this article first appeared in the Journal of Bristol & Avon Family History Society.