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A “shaggy heifer” tale, or “One thing leads to another”

Going off in tangents, so I’ve been told, is a symptom of ADHD. A few days ago, (January 2024) I was merrily researching steamships to complete another project, “The Life and Sea-Faring Times of...
Alfred the Gorilla

Alfred-Up-The Zoo

Whenever my Mum’s sister, (who we called Pem, never Auntie) arrived on her bi-annual visit from London, and her job at the Shepherd’s Bush Post Office,  Mum, (Flo), my little brother, Colin, and me,...
Horse with hidden eyes

Crowd funding 19th Century Style…….Jeremiah Pillinger and a tale of two (?) horses…..

Looking for a simple paragraph or two before my executive technical adviser goes on holiday, I dug this up. It proved more than I anticipated. Sorry Kevin: From Bristol Gazette, 5 March 1807: “To...

Alas, poor Pretty One

In the summer of 1788 Henry Watts sued William Luton in respect of Rights of Common on Rodway Hill, Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire. The court heard that in 1754 the estate was let to Luton’s father...