Kingswood Index: C – D


Betty of Bitton and Wm Parsons of P & J, cm, BMLB c1750, BRO

Edward see Henry Robins, 1774; Martha see Henry Robins, 1774

William Cabbell & Elizabeth Strange mar Doynton 1621


CADWALLADER see Kidwilliyder, 1684



—– Cains, MD 1721

Abraham Kaynes, Mangots & Mary Legg, Mangots, wid, 1665, BMLB

Abraham mar Ann Jones, Bitton, 8.9.1718

Abraham, tythingman of Oldland, 1722. FFBJ 30.12.1726: A.C., “one of a gang some his brothers, notorious robber & housebreaker, taken in parish of Hullavington in particular stealing 2 sheep from Mr Perker of Bitton & a furnace from Josias Robbings of same. He jumped over a hedge towards a farmer’s house where they found him covered with hay.”  18 March 1726/7 sentenced of death passed on A.C. & William Bateman for robberies at Bitton & Mangots, impeached by Aaron Gayne. Elizabeth Jones, Caines’ mother in law was burnt in the hand. A.C. executed 30.12.1727, with Wm Bat(e)man for stealing 2 sheep from Mr Perker of Bitton)

Abraham see Hannah 1727: Abraham see John Roger 1736

Ann see John Roger 1736, Ann see Henry 1743, Ann (nee Cool) see Samuel 1832

Benjamin Caines, butcher & Lydia Britton mar Bitton 27.9.1755

Benjamin see Thos Harris 1763 & see AKW 1763, Benjamin see Thos Britton, 1781

Benjamin, (15) to be TSP 7 yrs, 14.1.1793, (Bristol Gaol Delivery Fiats, BRS XL, p116)

Benjamin see Isaac Cool 1809

Benjamin, jun, Bitton, 13 Aug 1815, Q/Gc5/1 gaol registers, GRO

Benjamin, the ygr. Bitton, 20, not having appeared at last Assizes for assault on Moses Batt & Charles Bull & rescuing prisoner Isaac Cox & also with horse stealing. Light brown hair, fresh complexion, dark grey eyes, short nose, turned up at end, long features, scar on first & second finger of left hand, scar on left shin. 5’7 and a qtr” Not guilty, discharged 10.4 1816. GRO/Q/Gc/1-5.

Benjamin, executed at Gloucester, 6 Sep 1817, for burglary at house of Sarah Prigg. See “Benjamin Caines’ Trial”, Barbara Mottershead, BAFHS 47, p26.

Benjamin, carrier of Kingswood & Ann: their children Samuel, 15, Joseph, 12, & Sarah, 17, bp at Bitton 15.9.1817, in a job lot with Richard & Hannah’s children & the children of Timothy Bush & Elizabeth Caines, the dau of Thos Bryant & Hannah Willmott, & Isaac Swift & Charlotte Brain by the curate G.D. Bowles. (This event was just 9 days after the execution of Benjamin & Ann’s other son, Benjamin, junior.)

Benjamin of Trinity (ie HTKW) bur Bitton 20.4.1824 aged 75; Benjamin see Samuel, 1832

Betty see Henry , 1743, see John or William Parsons,1750

Caroline, Wick/Abson, 8 Dec 1841, Q/Gc5/6 gaol registers, GRO

Charity, Bitton, will 1706/220, GRO Wills, 1541-1800

Charles see Henry 1743; Eliza see Samuel 1836

Elizabeth see Thos Davis, 1744,  James Powell, 1759,  Timothy Bush, 1817

Elizabeth Kains, 2 bastard children, one living, chargeable to parish W & A orders, 5.1.1825, BRO

Frances: “the two eldest children of Frances Kaynes and the ygr to be apprenticed at parish expense. Frances to be sent to Bridewell.” (The fate of those women who persistently gave birth to illegitimate children.) Bitton Orders 12.4.1762. “Further enquiries to be made into affairs concerning her children sworn to James Pegler & Cullums likewise”. Bitton Orders 6.7.1766

Francis see Henry 1743, see Henry Warn & John Manners, 1804

Francis Caines & Elizabeth Stephens mar Bitton 7.6.1804

Francis (11) Inquest D260/GRO Misc Index No 3, 1815; Francis see Richard Joy 1815

Francis, Kingswood, 20 Mar 1821, Q/Gc5/2 gaol registers, GRO

Francis, Hanham, 12 Apr 1825, Q/Gc5/3 gaol registers, GRO

Francis, alias Bush, aged 14, labourer, 4’7″ tall. Same offence as Samuel, below.

George see John Manners, 1804

George, see Thos Patrick, 1811

George, Hanham, 19 Dec 1826, Q/Gc5/3 gaol registers, GRO

George, Hanham, 17 Nov 1830, Q/Gc5/4 gaol registers, GRO

George, 11 May 1833, Q/Gc5/5 gaol registers, GRO

George, alias Avery (25) of Hanham, burglary of 1 silver tankard, 12 silver dress covers from house of Wm Blathwayt at Dyrham & Hinton. Also 30 shirts, one gold brooch, gold seals, rings & other property value £50. Removed 2.9.1833, “Death recorded” conduct indifferent. with Francis Courtney alias Long Tom, Wm Britton & Isaac Batman. TSP Life.

Grace, poor child aged about nine, apprenticed to Benjamin Fawkes of Saltford, Somerset “to learn art & mystery of housewifery” until 21. 22.8.1753 (overseers John Palmer & Thos Brain,) Bitton Orders.

Hannah d.o. Abraham “by the Borden (Boarding) House” bp 28.5.1727 St PJ

Hannah see Richard 1817, see Samuel 1836

Harriet, x, minor, servant sp, North Common d.o. John, miner & Robert Gage, miner d.o. Richard, miner, mar 24/12/1847, HTKW see Robt Gage 1847

Henry, cm of St Philips, wife Ann, children Charles, Mary, Francis, Ann, Betty. Will dated 17.5.1743 proved by widow 1.3.1755 (BRO)

James, alias Bush, with Mark Whiting executed for murder of Isaac Gorden 11 Aug 1825. See BM 4.12.1824 and FFBJ 11.4.1825 James & Mark Whiting  see FFBJ 16.4.23. Back page for a report of their trial for murder.

James, bca 1821 charged by Wm Monk with theft of 2 ounces of tea, 31 Mar, 1841, collier, conduct orderly, “not true bill” discharged (Glos Q/S);

James, Bitton, 23 Feb 1841, Q/Gc5/6 gaol registers, GRO

James, Bitton, 23 May 1845, Q/Gc5/6 gaol registers, GRO

John see Robt Gage 1847

Joseph of St George, cm, dec’d, intestate, Ann, widow, to administer 10 Dec 1771. BRO

Joseph, Winterbourne, 30 Dec 1842, Q/Gc6/1 gaol registers, GRO

Lydia see Thos Harris 1763, see AKW 1763, see Thos Britton, 1781, see George Groves

Mary Kaines see Wm Horrell, 1684, see Henry 1743, see John James, 1755

Mary Cains of St George, sp, 21 upwards & Moses Sweet of Bitton, cm, bach 21 upwards, bondsman Richard Sweet, Bitton, cm, 21.7.1773, Bristol Mar Lic Bonds, BRO

Mary see Richard 1817;  Mary Ann see Samuel 1836

Messrs Kaynes & Co, see Aaron Iles 1807; Parnel see AKW 1763

Richard, gardener, of Kingswood, & Hannah: their children Mary, 7 & Sarah, 5, bp Bitton 15 Sep 1817, in a job lot with children of Benjamin & Ann qv, by the Curate G.D. Bowles.

Sampson, 11, 23.5.1782, Apprent to Thos Whittuck of Clifton, Glos, to learn peruke making. (Bitton Orders)

Samuel, tithingman of Oldland, 1722

Samuel, 20 Mar 1821, Q/Gc5/2 gaol registers, GRO

Samuel, St George, 10 Dec 1824, Q/Gc5/3 gaol registers, GRO

Samuel, 18, fowl stealing 6.4.1821. “Brown hair, dark grey eyes, very far in his head, overhanging forehead, large nose, prominent mouth, scars on back from working in a coalpit. 18 mths and to be once whipped. Conduct indifferent. See Francis Caines, alias Bush.

Samuel, St George, 10 Dec 1824, Q/Gc5/3 gaol registers, GRO

Samuel, Kingswood, 31 Jan 1832, Q/Gc5/4 gaol registers, GRO

Samuel bach otp (x) & Hannah Lovell, sp otp mar HTKW 7.2.1828. Their children (father’s occ. collier) Mary Ann, Eliza & Ann bp Mangots 24.7.1836

Samuel b 1800, bp Bitton 7.9.1825 aged 15 s.o. Benjamin & Ann; “3 female children, coalminer, 5’5 and a half”, complexion brown, hair brown, hazel eyes. TSP 7 yrs 31.1.1832 theft of a fowl  (Glos/QS)

Sarah see James Haynes 1758, see Richard 1817

Thomas, Wick/Abson, will 1748/236, GRO wills, 1541-1800

Thomas mar Betty Wilmot, Bitton 1791; Thomas mar Betty Glancey 16.9.1804, Bitton

Thomas Caines, Henry Willis, & Sampson Fry charged with violently assaulting Moses Batt & Charles Bull constables of Bitton, and rescuing from them Isaac Cox, alias Lewis, a prisoner apprehended for the theft of 2 horses. Likewise James Hodges, Sam Leonard & Hannah Pratt having violently assembled and put said Moses Batt & William Long, constables, in bodily fear, and attempted to rescue Isaac Cribb a fish carrier, a prisoner apprehended by them for felony. FFBJ 16.10.1814 & See “Highwaymen of Bristol”, DPL, BAFHS 36, p17/18

Thomas, alias Botty, of Hanham. For charge, see Robert England. Light brown hair, flat face, wide nose, wide mouth, 2 moles, neck, scar on left shin, several scars on small of back & right hand. Conduct “Very well”. Discharged 9.4.1817. See also John Leonard

 Thomas, Kingswood, 8 Jan 1818, Q/Gc5/2 gaol registers, GRO

Thomas, Hanham, 11 Mar 1818, Q/Gc5/2 gaol registers, GRO

Thomas, Bitton, 11 Nov 1828, Q/Gc5/3 gaol registers, GRO


Thomas, aged 28 of Bitton, charged by Susannah wife of Chas Brain of Bitton, with stealing a spade value 2 shillings. TSP 7 yrs 13.1.1829. Glos QS GRO

Thomas, St George, 22 May 1832, Q/Gc5/4 gaol registers, GRO

William, 73, wife, cripple, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

See “The Mark of Cain” – The Cock Road Gang, by Patricia Lindegaard in Avon Past, 9, and see also Irene Wyatt’s work on same subject.



Dr (ca 1900) see Mr Gerrish



Thomas, Quaker Linen Merchant and father in law of  William Penn of Pennsylvania. Owned Frenchay Lodge in Beckspool Rd, Frenchay in 1706. (see BO 31.12.91, sale advert)



Mrs see Rev Richard Hart, 1800





Thomas, Yate, wills at GRO, 1730



Ann see Joseph Gingell, 1737

Francis, widower & Thomas Chamburne (sic) wills Mangots. 1626 (see BAFHS 3)



John & Judith, see Richard Francis, 1767; Stephen see Samuel Summerill 1734,1737



Abraham see Abraham Brain, 1722

Ann see Henry Newman 1805, see Charles Lovell, 1825/6, see Benjamin 1826

Anna Maria see Edward 1752

Benjamin see Wm 1800/1

Benjamin, cm, KW, mar Ann, daughter Hester bp HTKW 1826

E & Co, St Philip’s Works, made Clod Crushers, Chain Harrows etc, “Agricultural Implements Manufactories Directory, 1867, (BAFHS 58, p23)

Ed, collier, bur Siston, 11.1.1711; Edward see Samuel Tippett, 1741

Edward of Stapleton, mar Hannah, their son Theophilus bp Tytherington 31.3.1752, their dau, Anna Maria bp ditto, 28.12.1753

Fanny, 64, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

George, 78, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Hannah see Wm 1800/1; Hester see Abraham Brain, 1722, Benjamin 1826

John, Mangots, killed falling down a ladder whilst at work. 27.4.1797. D250/GRO

John see Wm, 1761; Joseph, aged 72, Kingswood, KCP, bur Mangots 24.4.1831

Lydia see Abraham Brain, 1722

Philip, “one of the prisoners from Hanham after the Monmouth Rebellion”, 1685. See Braine, History of KW Forest. (Nevertheless given as a fishmonger from Sodbury, hanged, drawn & quartered at Bedminster, 6.11.1685. See “Edward Colston, his Life & Times”, Thomas Garrard.  In “The Monmouth Rebels”, W. McWigfield says: “Philip of Gloucestershire, tried Wells, to be hanged Redcliffe Hill, 9.10.1685 where 3 of 6 so sentenced were hanged. Two died of smallpox.”)

Theophilus, see Edward 1752

Thomas mar Mary Bampton, b.o. Mangots, at Almondsbury, 1725

Thomas, 35, Mangots. Fractured thigh. 1789 “Cured” BRI Inpatients, BRO

William s.o. John, Downend, tyler, apprent to Walter Cooksley, 3.12.1761

William, cm, killed in pit belonging to Tippetts on 30.12.1800. Inquest St PJ 2.1.1801. KCP & bur Mangots 4.1.1801. W.C. of Mangots, cm, dec’d, intestate, admin to widow, Hannah, effects under £100, died Dec last. Bondsman Benjamin Cambridge. Probate Feb 1801. BRO

William,  b. Stapleton, 15th Dragoons, 1799-1816, discharged aged 41, (WO)



“Mr Sherriff”, of Stapleton, robbery at his stable. FFBJ 6.4.1822

Thomas:  Wm Nutt & James Moore charged with theft of 2 coats from him, see FFBJ 1.6.1822.



Wm, see Sam Wilcox, 1827



Isaac “a poor idiot” burnt to death when his clothes caught fire, Pucklechurch. See FFBJ 7.3.1835



James, perambulation of IA, 1745; William, perambulation of IA, 1745



Ann, brownware potter, Lawrence Hill, 1819, (Mathews)

James, cm, & Ann Scudamore sp, mar Bitton, 2.7.1758

John, cm, & Anna Palmer, sp. botp mar Bitton, 1.5.1760



Elizabeth Caple, see Samuel Haynes 1762; Grace, see Thos Harris 1740

William Capel, of P & J, and Grace Morgan, mar Hemyock, Devon, 25.10.1784



Harriet, see John 1797

James Cary see Abraham Long 1749/50

James Cary of W & A. “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, P Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX.

John, hanged, Ilchester. See FFBJ 25 Aug 1787 Bur Bitton 26.8.1787. Further details of career in pamphlet relating to Richard Haynes, hanged Bristol, 1800

John, pipemaker of Hanham & Mary his wife, Harriott, their daughter bp Portland St. Chapel, Bristol, 29.3.1797

John see Matilda, 1809

Joseph: Information of Joseph Cary, ygr, Hanham, horsedealer, agt Henry Vowles and Ann Thompson, robbery,  4.5.1826, (BRO QS ts)

Mary see John 1797; Mr. Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p193

Matilda, dau of. Mr John of Oldland Hall, mar Philip Rose, FFBJ 26.8.1809

Mr Cary: master of Poor House without Lawford’s Gate. Obit. FFBJ 25.4.1778

Patrick, bought manor of Siston from Earl of Middlesex 1650 & sold 1651 to Samuel Trotman. See Braine, p133

Thomas, cm, & Mary Flower botp mar Bitton 2.6.1754



Mary, 54, paralysis, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897



Susan see Wm Batten, 1920



Philip, purchaser of Hanham Court, ca 1920, “A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter, p26



John, clerk, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36, Mr: see James Charmbury, 1640

Mary, 1807-77, reformer, set up a school in KW, prior to moving to Red Lodge, see EP 13.6.1985

Sarah, d.o. late Joseph Mason, after a long and tedious illness borne with Christian patience & fortitude, till at last she finished her course with joy. Obit FFBJ 18.8.1781

Thomas: Hester, mother in law of Thomas Carpenter, serving as sub for John Wickham of Bitton, 10 May 1793. Bitton Militia Lists, BRO





Charles and his wife outside their Sycamore Stores, West Street, “100 years ago” see “All Around Oldland” EP (BT) 12.9.2006,



Andrew, upholder of Stapleton (1734), Upholsterer of same, (1739) Bristol Electoral Rolls

George see Aaron Rolph 1837

Gilbert, of Woodland Terrace, Hanham Rd, wounded in action, fell 31 March, died 31 Aug 1917.

Henry see Moses Sweet, 1802

Isaac, of Castle Precincts, Bristol, d 7.5.1770 aged 37, MI Bitton, Bigland

James, cm, admitted to liberties of Bristol, 5 Sep 1780, son of Robert, baker. (Bristol Burgesses, BRO)

Jane see Aaron Rolph 1837; Jonah of Clay Hill, Easton, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910. See WDP

Nicholas, cm, from Paulton, Somerset, Settlement Cert. At Westerleigh, 30.5.1654. PR West.,BRO

Robert see James, 1780 & Robert 1780

Robert, cm, admitted to liberties of Bristol, 5 Sep 1780, s.o. Robert, baker. (Bristol Burgesses, BRO)

Thomas, killed in action, 27.8.1917; William see George Groves, 1814

William, butcher, outside LG, charged forgery, when apprehended tried to swallow two notes. See FFBJ 23.3.1816. He was tried, found guilty and executed. See FFBJ 27.4.1816



Annie, 42, wid, 4 ch, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897



Benjamin see Wm Thatcher 1819

Samuel of FC, 1750, 1738. “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX.

Sarah see Wm Thatcher 1819



Joseph, 28, breaking windows, LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, p31, no 61



Ann d 1856 aged 75, Downend Baptists, see E.J, p78



—- & Co, see Samuel Batman 180, Joseph Strong 1808, Wm Lovell, 1809, Francis Hayes 1811, Jn Black 1813, Geo Osborne, 1816, Thos Johnson 1817, Geo English 1818, Thos Williams, 1820

Michael, resident at Stapleton, evidence in the King v. Hall, FFBJ 28.8.1819



William of Bitton, carpenter, & Mary Crew of this parish, mar Kelston 5.3.1764

William: “died Jun 18th 1840″ (Couch).



Andrew, Vicar of Mangots, 1682. See E.J. p61

Andrew, upholsterer, Stapleton, Bristol Electoral Roll 1722

M.E. Vicar of Mangots, 1685-1712. See E.J. p61

Richard Bryant see James Brain, 1845; William see Mary Flower 1803

—- Vicar of Mangots,1768. See E.J. p61



Tommy, “with Mr Purdy, Dr Perne & Mr Norman of Bristol”, Cennick’s companions into KW, 14.6.1739


CATTLE (see also COTTLE)

Cyrus, cm of Hanham, enfranchised; cast his votes for Beckford & Phillips in the General Election 1754. Bristol Poll Book & see AKW 1754 & 1774

John, Bitton, coalminer/Elizabeth Greenaway, Bitton, 1666/7, BMLB

Stephen, minor, bach, well sinker of KW, s.o. Stephen, collier & Ann Price, minor, sp, lint maker of KW d.o. Thomas, painter, mar HTKW 1840



Daniel, Mangots, 1820, see E.J. p197

Stephen of St James & Ann Daniel, BMLB 1.5.1789 (at St Augustines)

Stephen (1806) see E.J.p41 & p158 & (1808), p155: Stephen established a school in Mangots, 1812: see p51 of “The Budgetts of KW Hill”, DPL.

Stephen: his house in Frenchay damaged in great storm. FFBJ 23.7.1808

Cave family:  MIs at Downend: Stephen d 1838 aged 74, Anne his wife d1851 aged 87, Daniel, d 1872 aged 82, Frances his wife d 1854 aged 60, Anne, dau, d 1847 aged 24, Frances 2nd dau, d 1826 aged 14 mths, Henry 2nd son, d 1858 aged 36, Daniel ygst son d 1861 aged 25, accidentally drowned in the Nile, bur Assouan. The Rt Hon Stephen Cave, Bart, GCB, died 1880 aged 59, bur Aix in Savoie, Mrs Allington d.o. Mr Daniel Cave died at Muckton, 1874 aged 36. MIs Downend, see E.J. p65



“Captain” – or “The Noted Cayford”; one of leaders of Cock Road Gang, hanged Oxford ca 1786. See Glos Notes & Queries, p 462, Vol III, BRL

Hannah see Charles Milsom, 1791; Stephen mar Joanna Britton, Bitton, 1775/6



Ann, mother of John, below. Her hymnbook, dated 1742, taken to Australia by her granddaughter, Mary Kennedy.  See BAFHS Journal 51, p32. See also AKW 1725-49 & 1750-74.

Anna, sister of John Cennick, mar James Stone, KW collier, both of Bitton, at Yate, 8.4.1743. See James Stone 1739

John, b Reading 1718 d 1755 aged 36. Composer of  159 hymns & the famous grace “Be present at our table Lord.” George Whitefield suggested him as master of the colliers’ school in KW. “His simple earnest appeals, especially his sermon ‘The cries of the Son of God’ affected the colliers deeply”. See “Wesley, KW & its Free Churches” George Eayrs, 1911, BRO. “Mr John Cennick of Reading preached his first sermon in the house of Mr Tippett at KW Hill on the site of which he afterwards built a chapel in association with John & Charles Wesley, from whom he separated in 1744 & joined the Moravian Brethren.” Ellacombe, “History of Bitton”.  Cennick quarrelled with John Wesley in 1740. His diary is at Bristol University Library. See also “Village Discourses” prefixed by a life of the author by M Wilks (1852) Ref 10033 BRL. See BAFHS Journal 51, p32 & 98 p 17. See also AKW 1725-49 & 1750-1774  His life may be found in the DNB.

John, see Tommy Catfield, 1739, Anne Allen, 1740, Mr Little, 1743, Ambrose Luton, 1740, Thomas Burchill, 1746, Brother Tippett, 1742, John Kennedy.



Mr W., Marriage announcement: “Monday at Mangotsfield, Mr W. Chadwick, veterinary surgeon of the Hotwells to Charlotte, eldest daughter of Mr Charles Emett of the former place.” (FFBJ, 20.3.1830)



James 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

John, 10, born St George, 1891 census Truant School for Boys, Southwell St, Bristol



Anne see George Gunning, 1759

Mr Edward Chambers to Miss Susanna Ball, mar at Puck, FFBJ 18.1.1812

George, the elder, 45, b county, collier, Warmley, in fam gp with Rebecca, 45, Thomas, collier, George, 11, collier, Samuel, 7. 1841 cens Warmley

George, ygr, worked at Crown Pit Warmley (Mr Waters’) aged 11, partner of John Harvey in contrast to whom he was “taller by the head, though 2 yrs younger”. “Has a mother who takes good care of him, goes to Sunday School and to Church at Siston. This boy has a healthy appearance.” Waring 1841.

Joan see Samuel Emett, 1779

Mary see Benjamin Hulbert, 1719

Mrs: lived old house at Pucklechurch, where it is said Edmund, the Saxon King, was murdered. (pulled down 1896 ) See Braine, p137

Rebecca, see George elder & ygr; Robert see Nicholas Pointz, 1585

Samuel see George, elder 1841; Susan see Sarah Green, 1807

Mrs Sarah, of Lawrence Hill, obit FFBJ 6.3.1813

Thomas see George, elder, 1841, see George Lacy 1874



Thomas see Camborne



Margaret see Thos Clark, 1717



Catherine, widow, will Mangots, 1616, BAFHS Journal, Judith, see Uriah Alsop, 1773

Nehemiah, Mangots, tanner & Sarah Attwood, Stapleton, wid, 1665, BMLB

Nathaniel ts of Mangots wills 1686 BRO

Nehemiah s.o. Nehemiah of Stapleton, blacksmith to Richard Champion, tobacconist, Bristol Apprents, 17.10.1701

Richard see Uriah Alsop, 1773

Richard, born 1743, tenant of Moorend, famous potter, details of marriage to Judith, sister of Abraham Lloyd of Winterbourne, see “Winterbourne, Gloucestershire”, Elliott.  p87

Robert of Westerleigh, will 14.2.1632/3, proved by Mathew Hulbert, Yearbook of Probates 1630-4

William, Mangotsfield, 1609, Probate Inventory, BRO

William see John Robbins, 1624

Mr (William) fire engine at his works in Warmley, see BWI 30.9.1749

William, see Warmley site, “Kingswood Museum”, Alan Britton, BAFHS 85, p23, see “Not Worth a Pin”, Doreen Street. Quaker registers, Ancestry



Ann see John Browne, 1676, Mary Champness, see Mary Sweet, 1764



Hugh see Francis Colston, 1744

John of Siston yeoman & Patience Room of Whitchurch, widow, mar by lic, Bedminster 21.11.1730

John see Henry Watts 1788; Samuel see Henry Watts 1788



Arthur of Pucklechurch & Ann Strange otp mar Stanton Prior, Som, 11.4.1757

Daniel Chandler, Thos Jefferies & John Pettygrove, “have dugg two deep holes or colepitts on a common called North Common which are now open & very dangerous to the publick for which we amerce each of them the sum of 1/- to fill up same by 25.12.1775 or be fined 40/- each.” GRO D108/M187/8 Oldland Court Leet.

John s.o. John, Bitton, cooper, to William Hymmen, sailor, Bristol Apprents. 17.6.1700

Mr see Wm Dowles, 1795

Solomon of Westerleigh & Mary Lawrence mar Winterbourne, 7 Mar 1771



“Digger of Coal” in KW Forest, late 13th century. (“Coal mining in Bristol in the 13th century” Bristol Evening Post 8.2.1934, source not quoted.)



Sarah, 26, stealing wood, LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, p31, no 61



Alfred, see William Scull, 1888

Elizabeth, 66, ill, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Mrs see AKW 1758; Stephen see Nicholas Reed 1691; Thomas, Mangots, see E.J. p157



John, innkeeper at the Griffin, bur Siston, 2.2.1706.



Ann see John Rowden, John Davies 1738; Jane see John Price 1756

John see Francis Creswick 1674, John Jenkins 1786

Joseph, fined £20 at Lawford’s Gate for not appearing to train with the West Gloucester Militia, which penalty he was unable to pay, and was committed to prison for 6 months. FFBJ 25.8.1810

Richard Chapple, his widow, see Francis Creswick 1674

Richard Chapel, cm & Elizabeth Jones, sp, mar 21.3.1756 Bitton

Samuel, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

William, his house marked on Mr Player’s Map, 1750.

Chappell family see BAFHS 96 p26-28



William Chaplin of Bitton & Jane Long mar Compton Dando 13.4.1755



Stephen see Francis Creswick 1682

William of KW School, died small pox,  8yrs, 9 mths, bur St Philips Chapel, 19.11.1830 BRO



John, of Wootton under Edge who rode post from Bristol-Gloucester for upwards of 40 yrs, drowned in a brook on Cromhall Common, 15.4.1749. Bristol Oracle



William, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977



Robert, 1809-72, pinmaker. See Braine p229. See “Not Worth a Pin” by Doreen Street. See “Lusty Girls & Pin Money” BAFHS Journal 8. See also Wm Lusty. See E.P. 13.6.1985, portrait.



James, proved will of John Bishop, Grimsbury Bitton, 1640, and for inventory of John Bishop compiled by James Charmbury, see BAFHS 59, p38-40, where following names and details are shown: John Nichols, widow Dalle, Wm Corbett, Geo Robbins, Wm Draper, John Hathway, John Briant, Edward Stones (sic), Matthew Nutt, Wm Smith, Mary Read, Barker’s man, Widow Tibbot, Thos Jones, John Roth, Wid Wilshere, John Jones, Francis Crew, Mr Carpenter, Mr Browne, Goody Jones, Henry Wood, Roger Harding, Tobias Wraxall, Geo Robbins, Wm Sherl, Richard Proser, John Brooke, Walter Howel, Ann Jones, widow, Thos Bishop, Gabriel Jones, John Dimmock, Wm Palmer. (James Charmbury & Francis Crew were sons in law of the Rev Thos Fidoe of Bitton)



Thomas, his mother Sarah Young, born Stapleton, see BAFHS Journal no 101, p17



Ichabod, Fystor’s Ct, Mangots, 1695, see E.J. p 143



Keeper of KW Forest 1614 see Braine, p58





Henry, of Stapleton, yeoman & Wm Braine of Bitton, yeoman, keepers of Chase in KW, accuse Newton & Player 26.4.1685 Ellacombe History of Bitton

Henry, Stapleton, yeoman, 1699, Probate Inventory, BRO

Joanna Cheyney, widow, Mangots, 1615. See BAFHS 2.

—– Cheyney, esq., see Francis Creswick, 1674



See John Noble, 1629

Chester‘s Liberty see Thos Milsom, 1750; E.L.B. Chester see John Cribb 1810

Hannah, nee Stout, relict of Thomas Chester, 55, Jan 1754, FC, Bigland MI

Harry, 46, 29.9.1731, FC, (Bigland MI) ; Mr: see Thos Phipps 1757

Thomas, succeeded to Barton Manor 1565. (died 1585).see Braine p53. Chester family & others claim entire area. Family: Lawsuits 1598-9, 1606. Ibid. Possessed of Chase 1610, see Braine, p 107, See Lord Stafford, 1610, see Braine p 60, 1615. See John Norden 1615, see Sir John Berkeley 1670, see Fra Creswick, 1684

Thomas see Stephen Stout, 1741

Thomas of Knoll, Almondsbury & Hon Lady Sarah Howard, Henbury, BMLB 19.9.1721. Chester family “Lords of KW” 1696-1763. Thomas served for a long period as MP for Gloucestershire.

Thomas, 38, 20.9.1733, , FC, Bigland MI

Thomas see Hannah 1754

William see Sir Richard Berkeley, Braine, p 55

William, gent, Barton Regis, 1683, Probate Inventory, BRO




Chief engineer. Gave evidence at inquest after Deep Pit disaster see WDP Nov 1910



John see Thos Goodhind, 1645



Matthew & Samuel Chew, 1748. “Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, P Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX.





Elizabeth see Thos Rider, 1720

John, cm, Hanham/Bitton, Men & Armour for Glos, 1608. About 20, of smallest stature suitable as a pyoner.

John of Bitton mar Ann Cool, otp,  St P & J 17 Apr 1722

John of Bitton & Ann Addis of  P.J. BMLB 1748

Margaret Cheeke see Wm Horrell, 1684

Mary Chicke, d.o. a glasse carrier brought to bed at Harry Batman’s at Upton, bp 9 Sep 1610.

Thomas, cm, Hanham/Bitton, Men & Armour for Glos, 1608. About 40, of middle stature suitable as a musketeer.

Thomas, keeper of “cole horses” (4) in KW Forest, 1666. List in Ellacombe MSS, BRL

Thomas Chick, 21, b St Philips, 1881 cens of RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73, p 27

William see Elizabeth Willis, 1789



John, brave man of Hanham, (undated) died saving 100 passengers from death on railway. See “A Short History of Hanham”, C.H. Painter, p 42.



Henry “Hendere Chackel”, inhab of Mangots, 1798, D674a/H30 GRO

Joseph see Samuel 1795

Samuel, cm, 16, killed by falling from top of Great Cast Pit in Mangots, 15 fathoms. “This is the third son of Joseph Chilcott’s to be killed in the same pit within a few years” (Coroner’s remarks). Inquest 1.4.1795, Soundwell Works, Bitton. D260/GRO, & KCP.

Thomas, of Old Market Street, pawnbroker, aged 73, Obit FFBJ 24.6.1815

William see Samuel Sweet, 1814

William, cm of KW, 56, killed in a coalpit, 1819. Bur Bitton 2.5.1819. See KCP & “Trapped in the Pit”, D. Vinter, BRL



Ann, see Robt Newhill, 1784

Francis & Samuel, sons of Samuel, weaver of St P & J: Freemen of Gloucester, 1727. (Bs & Glos Arch Socy)

Francis, heelmaker, s.o. John, weaver, dec’d, of St P & J. Freeman of Gloucester 1789. (Bs & Glos Arch Socy)

Francis, carpenter of Clements Lane, Clare Market. Middx, s.o. Francis, weaver, dec’d of St P & J, 1789. Freeman of Gloucester 1789. (Bs & Glos Arch Socy)

John, whitesmith of Petty France, Westminster, s.o. John weaver, dec’d.  of St P & J. Freeman of Gloucester 1789. (Bs & Glos Arch Socy)

Mary, widow, inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684: Ellacombe Mss Vol 2, BRL

Samuel see Francis, 1727, Robt Newhill, 1784

Thomas of FC & Mary Packeredge of St Peter’s, Bristol, mar St Thomas, Lic, 20.12.1697



Sarah see AKW 1763

Solomon, see AKW 1760,62, & 63  for sad saga of Solomon Chipper, 1760-63. 10.3.1760, Wm Sumption refuses to take him as apprentice. James Williams agrees, 17.3.1760, Wm Hook, 6 Feb & 6 Mar 1763 has him as lodger.



John: P.Kenefeck of Millbrook House, Stapleton & Miss Archer, eldest d.o. late Thomas Archer of Sutton Coldfield, and granddaughter of John Chivers, esq, Stapleton, marriage, FFBJ 27.6.1807.



Edith, widow, inhabitant of KW Chase 1684. See Ellacombe Mss, BRL



Ann see James Shatford, 1746; Susanna see James Shatford, 1728



Ann, see Robt 1816, see Wm & Hannah, 1817

Edwin, 39, at work at Parkfield Colliery, Puck, securing roof or hatching when struck by immense stone which broke both his legs and severely bruised his body. Released and taken home, but died in 2 hours. Left a widow & 6 small children. See BMerc 9.1.1858, Inq. 1.1.1858 CoI Acc1291 GRO & KCP

Esther, see Thomas Brimble, 1861

Grace see Wm, 1841; Hannah, see William (1815); Henry see Robt 1816

James, 80, vagrant, a friend of “Lazarus” i.e. Thomas Fennel. See Thomas Fennel 1886.

John of Bitton & Ann Coole mar St P & J, 1721; Joseph bp 1815 & 1822 see William & Hannah

Mary Ann, 45, dead, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Robert: Certificate of Recommendation for Robt Church, collier, from Gelley Grose Colliery, 9.10.1816 removal to Westerleigh from Machen, Monmouth of R.C., Ann his wife & their children, Robert, 10, Ann, 4 & Henry 10 mths. 22.10.1816. Letter from R.C. to Mr Parker, Westerleigh, asking for cert. From Gelley Lane Colliery 27.2.1829. Westerleigh PR, BRO.

Thomas, crucible manufr &c, Barton Hill, 1861, Advert, Kelly’s Directory.

William, died 19.1.1784, aged 68, St Geo, MI

William, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, Coalpit Heath, miner, mar Hannah, ch Joseph, bp 1815, Ann,  bp 1817, Joseph bp 1822, bp Westerleigh. (many other Church Family bps at Westerleigh.)

William, 65, born county, cm, Warmley, with Grace, 55. 1841 census Warmley



Ann see Wm 1823; Anna see Eliza 1810

C—–r (Christopher?) Curchel, sic) inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Eliza d.o. William, lab, & Anna, Mangotsfield, bp Whitefield KW School 17.6.1810

Elizabeth see Isaac 1841

Francis, cm, kcp at Soundwell by fall of stone & rubbish. Inquest 7.1.1811, Warmley, D260/GRO & KCP

George, 33, wife,1 ch, illness of wife, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Henry see James Baker 1818; Hester see George Nicholas, 1795

Mrs Hannah, of Stapleton Rd, mother of Mr Samuel Churchill, shoemaker of Castle Street, obit, 13.11.1813

Isaac, see Jacob Pillinger, 1820

Isaac, 40, b. county, cm, 1841 cens Siston Court, with Sarah, 35 & 7 children, and Elizabeth aged 80.

John, blacksmith, Barton Regis, 1705, Probate Inventory, BRO

Joseph, 1802, aged 28, MI. Mangots, E.J. p59;  Mr: see Priscilla, 1834

Priscilla, aged 14, second d.o. Mr Churchill of the Black Horse, KW Hill. Obit FFBJ 8.5.1834

Robert & Samuel, charged being in possession of stolen rabbits. Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, FFBJ, 2.11.1850

Samuel, Mr, of Stapleton Rd, 75, father of Mr Samuel Churchill, obit FFBJ 16.10.1819

Samuel see Robt 1850

Sarah see Thos Moreman 1737, see Wm 1823, see Isaac 1841

Sarah, KW, admitted 1876, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Thomas Churchel of P & J mar Ann Willis, Bitton, 18.5.1702

Thomas: worked in coalpits since he was a child. Gave evidence that he did not like the look of the rope at Soundwell Pit at Inquest on Wm Harris & others, 1845. See BM 1.11.1845

William, took part in KW riot 1670. See Ellacombe KW II, BRL

William see James Hilman, 1684, see E.J p178;William & Elizabeth Bishop mar St John, 16.6.1700

William: his house shown on Player’s Map, in Mangots parish, 1750.

William of Mangots. Butcher, see Jas Palmer 1775; William see Eliza 1810

William, cm of KW Hill,  mar to Sarah, their ch. Wm & Ann bp HTKW 1823



John see Ralph Golding, 1417.

(Churchley was the name of the “lost” village near Wick & Abson.)



George, 41, of Lawrence Hill, obit, 27.2.1819



Thomas, to Gloucester Gaol, stealing iron stools at Bitton. See FFBJ 28.5.1836



Edith, Bitton, 55, Asthma, relieved: 1775 FCH/BRI/3 (e) 9-12

Richard, clothworker, Bitton, electoral roll, 1734, BRL

Richard: house marked on Mr Player’s Map, 1750; see Joseph Bailey

Robert Clare & John Sutton: pits in Mr Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684: “One nearly begun near New Pool”. Inhabs. of KW Chase, Ellacombe Vol  II, BRL.

Tobias Clare’s widow: now William Clare: inhabitants of KW Chase, Earl of Rochester’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe Vol II, BRL

Widow: house marked on Player’s Map. 1750, see Joseph Bailey; William see Tobias, 1684



Aaron, 14, killed Easton Pit, see Jacob Pillinger 1838

Ann, 74, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Annie, 21, d.o. William Henry, miner, mar Fredk Johnson, 26, miner s.o. Charles, miner, St Silas, Westerleigh, 13.9.1913

Arthur Clarke, 21, b Easton, 1881 cens of RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73, p 27

Charles CLARKE, 7, drowned in a pool of water at a stone quarry. Inquest at Winterbourne. (GJ 15.8.1835)

Daniel, 12, killed Easton Pit, see Jacob Pillinger 1838

David see AKW 1756

David Clarke of Westerleigh & Susanna Creswicke, mar by lic, Bitton, 20.12.1764

Davy Clarke see Mike, 1895

Edward Clark & Samuel Harding accused assault on Robt Raikes, watchman at Speedwell Colliery, see BO 23.12.1893

Elizabeth see Robt, 1674; Francis, Yate, wills at GRO, 1730; Hannah see Robt Miles, 1794

Isaac, head mar 42, born Bristol, miner & Jane, wife, 41, born Bristol, miner: 1861 cens. Tipton, W. Midlands.

Jane see Isaac 1861; John Clarke see Matthew Parsons, 1666

John s.o. William, aged 20, d 21.8.1782, MI Bitton, Bigland

John see AKW 1756; John see Wm Hayward, 1760; John “landsman” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Joseph see Thos Britton, 1745; Joseph, 70, wife, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Martha see Robt Whittard, 1792

Mary, “honest & faithful servant of Mr Thomas Hooper of Lawrence Hill, for 28 years.” Obit FFBJ 21.7.1821

Mike & his brother Davy, kcp: see “A Collier’s Story” B.O. 9..2.1895, & KCP

Naomi, 31, 3 ch, wid, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Peter Clarke: “On Mar 1, aged 70, of Pucklechurch, 40 yrs gamekeeper to Blathwayt family at Dyrham. Obit BMerc 10.3.1855

Richard, Stapleton, 1625, husbandman, Probate Inventory, BRO

Richard: house on Player’s Map, 1750 see Joseph Bailey

Robert & Elizabeth, inhabs. of  Siston during vicar’s perambulation, 1674. Siston PR, BRO

Rosina Clarke see Wm Chas Lines, 1890

Samuel Clarke: bled to death from wound of his own scythe; “of Shipton”, bur W & A. 2.7.1715

Samuel see William Milsom 1769; Susanna Creswick Clark see AKW 1756

Thomas Clarke, innkeeper, Downend, inventory Mangots 1689. BAFHS, 36, p26.

Thomas Clark & Margaret Chamlis b.o. Siston mar Yate 22.4.1717

Thomas see Edward Wilmot, 1755

Thomas, sawyer, Hanham, Bristol Poll, 1820

William: Lordship of Manor of Barton Regis, 1564: Braine p51,52

William, d 22.6.1772 aged 66, MI Bitton, Bigland; William see John, 1782

William of Hanham, drowned, aged 62. Bur Bitton 31.3.1844

William, 40, of KW, kcp Easton Pit Explosion, see WDP 19,24 Feb & 1 Mar 1886 & KCP

William Henry see Annie Louisa 1913

W.L.: “W.L. Clarke’s family to receive consideration money 6/24 £290.5s.0d – Soundwell Coalworks, 31.5.1813. Ellacombe Mss BRL.

See “The Bullock/Strange/Wimboll/Clark Network” in the Simple of the Poor. 1586-1640p



Jane Claiton/Clayton: 1693; ts of Mangots wills, BRO & see BAFHS 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO



Hannah, see Wm, 1759

William see Thos Burchill, 1746, Samuel Tippett 1741

William: “Richard Peacock of St George, horsedriver & Hannah Cleare of St George; bondsman Wm Cleare of Mangots, cm”, BMLB 2.11.1759, BRO



James: bungled burglary at Ellacombe’s vicarage in Bitton, 1838, he was 4 ft 11″, with red hair and a round freckled face. Instead of a clip round the ear and the solid meal he could probably have done with, he was transported to Australia. He was just thirteen. See Glos Q/S.



Edward, Barton Regis, coal driver, 1712, Probate Inventory, BRO

Elizabeth Cleament, wid. 1666, Mangots. See BAFHS no.36, p 26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Elizabeth, Mangots/Christopher Fowler, Wapley, 1665, BMLB

Elizabeth see Wm Fudge, 1719; Martha see Wm Fudge, 1719

Mary see Sam Bishop, 1669; Mary, aged 105, pauper of St George. Obit FFBJ 12.2.1791

Rebecca see Thos Willis, 1709; Richard Clement see Jn Wood, 1653, see Chris Williams, 1819

Robert, Stapleton, miller, 1667, Probate Inventory, BRO

Sarah see Robt Farrell, 1731

Thomas, Barton Regis, yeoman, 1682, Probate Inventory, BRO

William, thatcher: inhab. of KW Chase 1684, see Ellacombe Mss BRL,  middling, wife, 2 daus, survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Bitton Vol 10

—– Clement of the Park see Ann Strange, 1611



Isaac & Mrs, Keeper & Matron of LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, p31, no 61



Jane, Hanham, 76, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



William, cm, aged about 40, of Easton/Barton Regis, of middle stature suitable as musketeer, Men & Armour for Glos 1608



—-Clutterbuck,, 1687 see E.J. p157


COALMAN see Coleman

Samuel, Stapleton, 1732, Probate Inventory, BRO



Matthew,43, b Mangots, 1881 cens of RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73, p 27

William see John Britton d 1648



Squire: living on the other side of the river from Brislington where colliers pursued Roger Purnell after riot of Oct 1738 see GJ 17.10.1738 & Annals of KW 1725-1749



George see Grace Coole, 1684



  1. T. see J.S. Moore, 1910-20





Sir Bethel see John Newman, 1841; Richard see Arthur Player 1598

Sir Wm: wrote to Secretary of State re turnpike disturbances, Summer 1735

Sir Wm see Joseph Fry 1785/6



Elizabeth, 66, ill, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

James, St George, basketmaker (ex Brislington) Bristol Poll, 1820

John Coggins, Isaac Flay & Richard Poole, charged with breaking open workshop of Benjamin Pratten & stealing leather. William Hemmings, cordwainer said he was in Bell Inn, St George when Flay offered him some “dressed calfskin & some welts”. William Hobley, a constable found leather in Coggins’ house. A gardener called Leonard who employed Coggins found a pair of shoes under some leaves in the garden. John Roberts, an officer, found leather at Poole’s lodging. Coggins said he bought the leather off Flay, Poole avowed he had bought his from George Smith (a prisoner in Gloucester Gaol.) All found guilty and sentenced to 7 yrs TSP. BM 19.4.1828. Isaac Flay & John Coggins put aboard the Justitia Hulk at Woolwich, BM28.6.1828

Mary see Joseph Frame, 1881

Robert, 46, Bitton, died suddenly, bur Brislington 21.6.1843

Walter of Great Western Street, Barton Hill; injured Deep Pit Nov 1910 see WDP.


(The Coggins are a Brislington family who moved to St George.)



Rev Thomas see Joseph Langton 1765



Charles see Catherine Wayne, 1765



Elizabeth Colborn, 34, John, 11, Hanham, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Joshua Colburn of FC & Sarah Tanner mar Winterbourne 5.3.1767



John see Thos Wilcox, 1696



Mr Thomas, a Quaker & considerable proprietor in Brassworks at Warmley. Obit FFBJ 9.3.1765



Aaron see Christian, 1845

Abraham Coles, 13, killed falling down Pucklechurch Pit, 33 fathoms. Inquest Mangots 23.8.1813, D260/GRO, & KCP,

Alfred Wm of Millpond St, St Simons, cm, aged 21, bur Greenbank Cemetery 10.11.1872. BRO

Ann, d.o. Christopher,  see Richard Haynes d1727

Annie, Mangots, admitted 1884, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Benjamin and Elizabeth Trippett, 24.7.1767, BMLB, BRO

Benjamin & James, “hewers” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Benjamin & George, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Charles, boatman, of Hanham, of the “Integrity” fly boat, gave evidence on drowning of Charles Little in Feeder, WDP 28.3.1882

Christian, aged 63, beloved wife of Aaron, “the best of wives & mothers”, Obit Bgaz 5.6.1845

Christopher see Richard Haynes d 1727

Eliza Coles, 64, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897,

  1. see J.S. Moore, 1910-20; George see Daniel Cribb, 1768

George, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George of Westerleigh, cm, & Mary Palmer, Mangots, BMLB, 16.11.1802, BRO

George, sent for trial as abettor of accused, Moses Gay, after murder of Joseph Jefferies at Tennis Court Inn Warmley, see FFBJ 6.4.1850

George, cm, gave evidence after Easton Pit explosion 1886 in which George Bennett & others were killed see BMerc 6.3.1886

Hannah, see Robt Beser, 1676,  see John Williams 1806

Hezekiah, Margaret his wife, Hezekiah his son, 1768 &c land belonging to Wm Donne, see “Winterbourne, Gloucestershire,” Elliott. , p81

Hezekiah, Winterbourne, yeoman, 1711, , Probate Inventory, BRO

Isaac aged 19, bach, cm, KW s.o. George, cm, & Sarah Watkins, wid, 20, dressmaker, d.o. Thos White, lab, mar HTKW 31.8.1840

Isaac, cm, aged 15, born county & Sarah, 20, born county: 1841 cens Westerleigh. (As ages were given to the nearest five years in 1841, they are probably the same Isaac & Sarah who married in August 1840, above.)

Isaac see Moses Brain, 1851

Jacob of FC, hatter, bach, over 21 & Sarah Skinner, Mangots, sp, over 21. Bondsman William Skinner, FC, BMLB 29 Dec 1804

  1. see Dan Bateman 1840; James, cm, bur Westerleigh 13.2.1786

James see Benj, 1789, see Mary, 1850

John see Sarah 1752; John, potter, St Philips Marsh, 1830, (Pigot)

Love see Benjamin Tillott, 1779

Margaret, 1679 Winterbourne, Probate Inventory, BRO

Margaret 1716, Winterbourne,  Probate Inventory, BRO

Margaret see Hezekiah 1768

Mary, wife of James died 7 Jun 1850, (Couch).

Robert, Winterbourne, 1678, Probate Inventory, BRO

Robert, perambulation of IA, 1745

Robert Coles, MD 1722; Robert, Puck/Mary Parker, BMLB 1729

Robert see Jas Ludlow 1781, & see Ann Pinnell

Robert “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Robert alias Musgrove, cm, for dau of Hannah Williams, 6.12.1817: Bastardy Order, PR West. BRO

Sam, 14, Mangots, fractured thigh, cured. BRI Inpatients 1787, BRO

Samuel Coles, cm, kcp falling down Whimsey Pit, Mr Whittuck’s, Inq 12.1.1812, D260/GRO & KCP

Sarah wife of John, of Winterbourne, bur Pucklechurch, 25.6.1752, smallpox

Sarah see Isaac 1841,see William 1841

Thomas, cm, Wickwar & Elizabeth Prout, mar Yate 1705

Thomas of St P & J & Mary Thompson otp by lic, mar Stanton Drew, 1.1.1767

Thomas, carpenter & sawyer, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Wallace, miner of Greenbank, brought to surface in stupefied state after fire at Easton which killed Joseph Gaynor, 1910, see Joseph Gaynor.

Walter Coles, cm of Easton, rescued by William Barrett & another man after explosion at Easton which killed Joseph Gaynor, 1910. see Joseph Gaynor

William see Samuel Landsdown, 1717

William aged 30, collier, Westerleigh/North Nibley, 1841 census in family group with Sarah, and 6 children.



—-, yeoman, FC, 1714. Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Peter Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

Abraham, see Geo Haynes, 1823, Thos Faraday 1850

Charles s.o. Charles of Mangots, lab, apprenticed to John Cox, turner, 21.3.1761, Bristol Apprents, BRO

Dr, 1743, Mangots, see E.J., p194; Elizabeth see Chas Arthur 1759

John of Stapleton, will proved 5.4.1632 by Edward Kirby, Barton Regis. (Year Books of Probates 1630-34)

Katherine, widow, inhab. of KW Chase, Mr Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe Mss Vol II

Martha see Wm Faraday 1850, see Henry Mills Grace, 1851 census.

Samuel, 1732, Stapleton. BAFHS 72, p15  Probate Inventory, BRO

Samuel, cm, 58, killed in Cock Pit, Duke of Beaufort’s, one ton of rubbish falling on him. Inq. Full Moon Stapleton, 9.7.1806, D260/GRO, & KCP

Sarah see Geo Haynes 1823

Thomas, d 1835 aged 81 & Margaret his wife, d 1839 aged 75. MIs Downend, see E.J. p 65



Ann, Mangots/John Horne, 1668/9 BMLB

John, Bitton, carpenter/Joan Jones, Castle Precincts, Thos Ithell, bondsman,. 1685, BMLB

Thomas of Bitton & Helen Bush of same, mar lic, GRO, 11.4.1713.



Thomas, 25, cutting down tree, LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, p31, no 61



George  & William see Harriet Haynes, 1826



—Collins see 1687, Mangots, E.. p157

Ann Collings see Benjamin, 1841

Arthur, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe Mss, BRL

Benjamin, house on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey; (Could be Benjamin s.o. Joseph & Judith Collins, bp Mangots in the 30th year of his age, 17.4.1762. His children were bp Mangots 9.4.1762, Benjamin, jun, Thomas, 2, George, 5. Charles, another son, bp 18.3.1764)

Benjamin, full age, cm, bach of Cockshott Hill, s.o. James, cm & Ann Silman, under 21, sp, pinheader, KW, d.o. James, pinpointer, mar HTKW 15.12.1839

Benjamin Collings, collier, born county, 1841 cens Warmley in fam gp with Ann, 15.

Benjamin, 77, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Charles, see Benjamin, 1762

Daniel of Bitton & Betty Pinchen of Miserden, mar Miserden, by lic, 2.8.1785

Elizabeth see John, 1684, Edward Dobbins 1712

Francis see Mary, 1769; George see Benjamin, 1762

James, collier, KW Hill, mar Sarah, their son John bp HTKW 1823

James see Benjamin, 1839, see Sarah. 1839; James, 63, wife, asthma, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

John Collinges, s.o. John Collinges, collyer, by Eleanor, his wife, dwelling without the gate, baptised 16.8.1635, St P & J

John see Robert 1668

John, cm, dec’d, his widow Elizabeth, “2 beasts, 1 mare”. Inhabitants of KW Chase 1684, Mr Berkeley’s Liberty. Ellacombe Mss Vol II, BRO

John & Susanna Noad, b.o. Westerleigh, mar Dyrham 1696

John of Siston & James Hemmings of Mangots, mar Cold Ashton, 1730

John see James, 1823, see Rev W. Sandford, 1862; Joseph see Benjamin 1762

Judith see Benjamin, 1762, Mary Collings, see Roger, 1630

Mary Collings, wid, Mangots, 1696, BAFHS Journal no 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Mary see John Sherborne, 1709

Mary Harriet, d.o. Francis & Mary of St Peter’s Bristol, bp Princess Street Chapel, Plymouth Dock, 21.9.1769

Owen, husbandman, Mangots, 1672, BAFHS Journal no 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Priscilla mar John Moreman, Mangots, 1749; Rebecca of Mangots, see Thos Badder, 1662

Richard Collings, aged abt 40, cm, Easton/Barton Regis, of lower stature suitable as a calyver (light musketeer) Men & Armour for Glos, 1608

Richard & wife, inhabs. of Siston during vicar’s perambulation, 1674, Siston PR, BRO

Robert, 1625, Mangots,, BAFHS Journal no. 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Robert Collince (sic) shoemaker, Mangots, admin, 1662, BAFHS Journal 36, p26

Robert, s.o. John, cleric of Siston, Bristol Apprentices 1668-71, BRO

Roger Collings, of Yate, will proved 12.6.1630, relict Mary. Year Books of Probates, 1630-4

Samuel Coleings, sic, inhab Mangots 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Sarah see James, 1823

Sarah, minor, sp, pinheader of KW d.o. James, miner & William Summerell, full age, miner, KW, s.o. William, miner mar HTKW 25.8.1839

Thomas see Edward Dobbins, 1712

Thomas Collings of Mangots, cm, & Frances Palmer, wid of same, Jacob Quarman, cm, bondsman. BMLB 1727, BRO

Thomas see Benjamin, 1762

Thomas of St P & J & Hephzibah Tovey otp mar Winford, Somerset, 10.10.1787

Widow see Thos Brain, 1766

William, yeo, of Mangots, Downend, 1718, BAFHS Journal, No 36, p 26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

William Coleings, sic, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977



George, aged 11, cm, born county, 1841 cens. Westerleigh



Alexander, Reverend, 1742-92, will refers to coalworks situate Clapton, Portbury & Barton Hundred in Co. of Gloucester. (Information received from John McOmis.)

Alexander & Sophia his wife, 1764, Mangots, see E.J. p99

Elizabeth see Thos Willis 1666; F. Coulston, 1743, see E.J. p193

Francis: Deed 1.2.1744/5 (1) F.C. (2) Hugh Chancellor of Bristol, hooper, for lease by (1) & (2) to Thomas Punter of Mangots.

—– coalmining in Rodway Hill, Mangotsfield & Bitton. BRO AC/JC 52 (6) A-B.

Mary Ann, mineowner, CP Heath, summons, see SGMRG newsletter, no 32, Dec 2012

Mr & Mrs: see Henry Watts, 1788; Thomas, 1633, see Rowland Hayward, 1553



Adam see William Broun, 1403, Agnes see William Broun, 1403



Alice, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation



Elizabeth & William, for assaulting Matilda Steager at Bitton, Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, see BJ 15.5.1852

Joseph, worked Speedwell Colliery, ca.1921 – 1936, died 1998. My uncle, married to my mother’s sister, Jane Honour. For his story, see KCP, Kingswood Supplement.

Robert, timber cutter. 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, Bristol, 1707, cooper, Probate Inventory, BRO

William see Elizabeth, 1852

William: At Craig y Cilau, a nature reserve in the Crickhowell area of South Wales, there is a cave,  inside of which the name “William Comley” and “1875” is carved. I believe it was possibly the entrance to a mine, and that William Comley came from Kingswood.

William “of Glos” in Victoria, Australia, c1888, see BAFHS 63, p28

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Mrs Elizabeth, she was the daughter of Mr George Concanen of Bristol and died 17.7.1796: “Of her amiable Qualifications those who knew her will bear testimony but when earth shall have triumphed over memory, the……” (rest obliterated)  MI St George.

Miss Eliza, aged 18, d.o. Mr Matthew Concanen, attorney of this City, obituary FFBJ 16.3.1805. (Her probable relative and near namesake, Elizabeth buried at St George in 1796, see main index.)

Matthew: attorney of Bristol, report of his death denied, FFBJ 24.5.1800.



Hugo, Hanham PCC Will, 1729



Joseph see Timothy Freke, 1849, Mary Ann see Timothy Freke, 1849



Widow, 1635 see BAFHS 52, p35



Elizabeth see Wm Lawrence, 1694



Abraham 55, cm, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh, Back Lane, in family group with Elizabeth aged 50 & Hannah aged 14.

Abraham, bailiff at Golden Valley, (A. Brain & Co), of Cadbury Heath, aged about 55, Abraham Cook, his son aged about 24 of North Common leaving a wife & 2 ch, Alfred Waters of Redfield. Overcome by fumes when going to put out a fire at pit. William Jones, of Cadbury Heath, Aaron Isaacs, Henry Isaacs, brought up bodies. Elijah Edwards of Oldland Common & John Wilmot attempted rescue. Peter Gibbs, engineman, George Brittan in charge of coal engine, who was deaf, Joseph Hughes, colliers mentioned in report. see WDP 28.3.1882 & 1.4.1882.

Alice Cooke, wid, will Mangots, 1632, BAFHS Journal, 3

Ann see Henry Gerrish 1848; Ben: see Thos Pumphry. 1841; Catherine see Wm 1841

Charles, 65, Siston, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Daniel, named on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Baile

Edith, Winterbourne, 1619, Probate Inventory, BRO

Edith see Samuel, 1842

Edward, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring; Eliza see Wm 1841

Elizabeth Cooke see Wm Symons, 1619; Elizabeth see John Leonard 1722, see Abraham 1841

Ernest, Brockeridge Hill, FC, 1920’s-30’s, building & decorating business, see mining reminiscences of his son, F.C. Cook, St Ladocs Rd, Keynsham, E.P. (undated)

Francis see Thomas, 1741, Wm Barrett 1806

Francis of St George, thrown from horse returning from Minchinhampton Fair, FFBJ 25.6.1814

George, d 1808 Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

George, 16, damaging a coffin, LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, p31, no 61

George see Albert Williams, 1890; Hannah see Abraham, 1841, see Wm, 1841

Henry Coocke of Bitton & Elizabeth Holben mar North Stoke, 28.12.1679

Henry, b. Bitton, 23rd Foot, 1813-23, discharged aged 29. (WO)

Hester  see Isaac Crow, 1759, Mrs Hester see Isaac Llewellin, 1795

Sir Humphrey Cooke, Warden of KW, 1661, see Braine, p79

James Cooke, chapman etc, P & J, bankrupt, FFBJ 5.7.1788

James, see Sam Wilcox, 1827

James aged 20, cm, born county 1841 cens Westerleigh in fam gp with Sarah & 3 ch.

James, 64, rupture, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Jane see Wm Moreton, 1755

Jane wife of James, 1750, see Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Coldham.

Jane d1834 Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

John, cm, bur Westerleigh, 28.11.1725, see Stephen Stout, 1741, see John Gough 1757

John, “stone digging & filling” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John, cm, kcp by half a ton of rubbish falling on while at work. Inquest Coalpit Heath, Westerleigh, 12.8.1803, bur Westerleigh 13.8.1803. See D260/GRO & KCP

John, Underground Manager to Sir John Smyth & Co, “a collier since age 6, was used to haul by the girdle for years and years. It made him sore, then wore off, just like breaking a young horse to the collar, it galled at first.” Gave evidence to Elijah Waring, 1841. (See Waring)

Jonathon see Wm, 1841;

Joseph, Westerleigh, cm see Robt Taylor, 1703

Joseph, timber cutter, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Les, engine driver, Frog Lane Pit. See Roy Crew, 2012.

Martha see David Moreton, 1848; Mary see John Iles, 1754, see Thos Lacy 1758

Mary d.o. Morris Britton, see Morris Britton, 1779

Mary see Samuel, 1824; Miriam, see Albert Williams, 1890

Peter see David Moreton, 1848, & Henry Gerrish 1848

Rebecca see Samuel 1824; Richard, cm, bur Westerleigh, 20.7.1762. PR

Sampson, bach, collier & Ann Weston sp servant mar Bitton, 4.9.1815

Sampson  see Thos Milsom, 1811

Sam, pedlar, inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684, see Ellacombe Mss II

Samuel of St George, driver of one of his waggons was intoxicated. See FFBJ 28.8.1802

Samuel d1821 Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Samuel, cm, of KW Hill, mar Mary, their dau Rebecca bp HTKW 1824

Samuel, former collier of KW, murdered his sister Edith by cutting her throat, then committed suicide. by cutting his own throat. See FFBJ 12.4.1842. See Abraham, Elizabeth & Sarah Fry, and  see BAFHS Journal no 92, p29, and Couch, entry for 31st Mar 1842.

Samuel, 79, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Sarah see Robt Leonard 1719, see James, 1841

Shadrach, one of fugitives from KW. 1667; see Francis Bastyn 1667

Thomas of Hanham bur Keynsham 18.4.1715

Thomas aged 38 & Francis Cook, aged 28, cms from KW, hanged for robbing R. Rogers on the highway of 8/6d and a pair of scissors. See Glos Journal 31.3.1741 & Annals of KW, 1725-49

Thomas see Wm, 1794; Thomas, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Thomas, see Wm 1841

Thomas W, 27, b St P & J, 1881 cens of RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73, p 27

Widow, poor, 3 ch, survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Bitton Vol 10

William see Francis Creswick, 1674; William house marked on Player’s Map, 1750

William, “vereing boy”16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William (or Thomas) Cook, bp St P & J 1794, tsp 7 years see BAFHS Journal 51, p24

William, cm, 50, 1841 cens Westerleigh in fam gp with Catherine, 40, Wm, 19, Thos, 12, Hannah 10, Jonathon, 7, Eliza, 5.

“A man named Cook”, the companion of John Green in Soundwell Pit when Green was killed, Cook escaped unhurt. See FFBJ 1.1.1853 & John Green, 1853.

— Cook at Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



George, theft of wheat, convicted Gloucester Sessions, 2 years. FFBJ 22.1.1814

George, age 37, bur F.C. 5 Feb 1816

Jane, sp, otp & William Millard, bach, Westerleigh, mar St Michael’s, Bath, licence, 23.10.1792, witnesses James Cooksey & Samuel Faulkner.  

Mary, “born Castle Precincts, Bristol, singlewoman, 28, removed to Selworthy” SRO SE 1765 SEL 13/3/2.3

  1. see William Hughes, 1822

Walter mar Sarah Rogers St P & J 12 Apr 1701;

Walter, bur P & J, 13.3.1707/8

Walter Cooksley  see Wm Cambridge, 1761

Walter of Pucklechurch, settlement exam, 1795, ref  SRO bafd 23.4.13

For Family Trees of Cooksey Family,  please contact DPL.



Ann see John Church 1721, see John Chick, 1722, see Chas Whittock, 1729

Ann, 74, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Charles see Susanna Archer 1747, see Samuel Brain, 1794

Charles of Hanham: polled because of land in tenure of William Coole: objected to, and not rated: General Election, see BG 20.2.1777, & SFBJ 22.2.1777

Charles, 21, Hanham, ulcer, leg, BRI inpatients, 1789

Charles, 25, Parish of Bitton, injured with gunshot wound in abdomen during Bristol Bridge Riot, 30.9.1793, in protest against tolls. (11 people were killed and many wounded) see BRL filed under “Riots”.

Charles see Francis 1841

Charles, landlord of Jolly Sailor, Hanham & grandfather of C.H. Painter, author, A Short History of Hanham” p36.

David & Isaac: 3 pits with Roger Harris & George Smith. Newton’s Liberty 1784. See E.J.

Edward, Winterbourne, 1675, yeoman, Probate Inventory, BRO

Elisabeth see John Leonard   1722

Francis see Abraham Whittock, 1747

Francis, cm of Windmill Hill, mar Sarah, their son Robert bp HTKW 1826

Francis, 60, cm, born county, cens Oldland in fam gp with Sarah aged 45, Charles, 18, & 3 more children.

George see Henry Tripwick, 1669

George & wife, appear in list of inhabs of Siston, in perambulation made by vicar, 1674, Siston PR.

George see Mary, 1684

George & Hester Coole, both of Bitton, mar Yate, 18.5.1712

George see Susanna Archer 1747, see Samuel Brain 1794, see Samuel 1813

Grace mar George Cocke, inhabitants of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe Vol II, BRL

Hannah see John Pedder 1792, Hester see George 1712

Isaac Coole & Jonathon Tucker, at Rudges, 3 Colepits open in Mr Player’s Liberty, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe II, BRL, see also Leonard Jacob, James Hilman, George Smith, all 1684

Isaac see David, 1684, see EJ, see E.J. p178,, see Wm Braine, 1686

Isaac & John, sons of Robert Cool, “being stifled in a colepitt was bur 22 Oct 1700” Bitton, burial register & KCP.

Isaac, cm, of Oldland/Bitton, will 1735, BRO

Isaac: appeared for defence in “The King v. Edward Stone, on a charge of inciting a riot in KW, ca.1738. Ellacombe II, BRL

Isaac, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe Mss, BRL

Isaac, see Robert, 1750; Isaac, bach & Jane Short botp mar Bitton, 12.10.1760

Isaac see Samuel Brain, 1794 (1735)

Isaac: Letters of Administration, GRO: Isaac Cool, cm, dec’d, his son Samuel, cm. Witnessed by Thomas Cool, yeoman, William Jenkins, carrier & Benjamin Cains, horse dealer. 27.5.1809

James see Susanna Archer, 1747 & Samuel Brain, 1794, see Samuel, 1811

John see Isaac 1700

Mary, now George Coole: inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe Vol  II, BRL

Robert, “4 pits Newton’s 1st Liberty” 1684, EJ. p178. See also James Hilman, 1684

Robert see Isaac, 1700

Robert: house shown in Sir John Newton’s 3rd Liberty on Player’s Map, 1750. See Joseph Bailey. In “Explanation” on same map “The Adventurers of the Coalmines” 3rd Liberty are Robert Cool & Isaac Cool with their partners.”

Robert, cm, Oldland/Bitton, will, 1745, BRO

Robert see Francis 1826; Ruth see Samuel 1811

Samuel of Bitton, cm, & Samuel Brain of same, smith. Bond in sum of £20, ca. 1803. See Brain, Cool, Treasure family paper: ref 35223, BRO

Samuel see Isaac 1809

Samuel, of Oldland/Bitton, mar Sarah: their children, Samuel born 17.5.1811, George born 25.10.1813, James born 28.6.1817, Ruth born 21 7.1819. registered Keynsham Baptists.

Samuel, hewer at Rubins Pit owned by Messrs Brain. Specimen summons among 150 against men: owners docked wages when they suspected short measures were given. S.C. worked with a man called George Bright; the bailiff was Samuel Golding, Verdict found in favour of the men. Carrier pigeons were sent to KW to announce the result. Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions 3.5.1865. See BJ. Wages were 2 shillings and eightpence per day.

Sarah see Samuel 1811, see Francis 1826, see Francis, 1841

Simon of Hannam mar Martha Tiley St P & J 19 Apr 1721

Simon of Hanham, cordwainer & Martha Tylee. (Obadiah Gough, collier, St P & J, bondsman) BMLB 8.4.1721, BRO.

Thomas, coledriver, bur Siston 14.12.1680

Thomas, a lad, kcp, bur Wick & Abson, 2.7.1762. See KCP.

Thomas see George Smith, 1684; Thomas, Bitton, gardener & Elizabeth Dunn, BMLB 14.2.1726/7

Thomas see Isaac, 1809

William see Susanna Archer, 1747, see Charles, 1777 ,see Samuel Brain, 1794



Henry see John Hale, 1740



William, Stapleton, yeoman, 1636, Probate Inventory, BRO



Ann, 6, drowned in a brick kiln in Marsh nr St Philips glass house. FFBJ 31.7.1819,

Hannah, 46, wid, 4 ch, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

William see James Martin, 1806



John of Downend, Mangotsfield mar Mary Thorner otp, Iron Acton, 8.4.1750



Charles see Benjamin Loscombe, 1776

Frances Ann, schoolmistress, Mangots, 40 yrs, d 1880 aged 88. MI Downend, see E.J.p41 & p66

  1. of Westerleigh, collier & E. Powell of Mangotsfield, collier, were gathering mushrooms when they found the body of a man released from Gloucester Asylum the previous day with his head severed by a train. See BO 19.9.1896

Mary, 83, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas, baker, s.o. Thomas, of St P & J, Freeman of Gloucester, 1789. (Bs & Glos Arch Socy)

William, tailor, bur 22.12.1763, Siston PR

William “Sergt Morley re William Cooper, aged 32, Bitton, coalminer. Ref GRO CO1/N/18/C/47 14.8.1872



Catherine see John Horwood, 1755

Elizabeth, widow, Yate, bur in woollen, Feb 1738, BRL B32433/5



Catherine see James Hoskins 1746, John see Isaac Ball, 1664

Sarah of Doynton, widow, 1733, will, SRO DD/GL 99

Walter of Bitton & Sarah Saunder (sic) mar Swainswick 7.3.1614.



William, digger of coal in KW Forest, late 13th cent. (Coalmining in Bristol in 13th cent. BEP 8.2.1934.



Captain: a patent for pit coal, KW, 1656, see Braine, p 77



Michael Copy see Chas Emerson, 1724

Thomas Coppye “A maker of Bowstrings & Glewe” mar to —– Sadge (?), a widow, his ninth wife (!) Had 26 children by his first 8 wives. See St P & J register 1604/5



Mary, Yate, wills at GRO, 1730

Wm, see John Charmbury, 1639/40, William, Yate, wills at GRO, 1730



Charles & Edward, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Charles see Richard Winders 1817

Charles aged 22, miner of KW, father deceased, mar Diana Dando, sp. sewer of KW, dau of George, miner, HTKW 17.12.1837

Charles aged 25, cm, born county, 1841 cens Westerleigh in fam gp with Faith, 20

Edward see Charles, 1789; Faith see Charles 1841

George, cart fell on him at Deep Pit, Inquest CoI Acc 1291 GRO, 18.12.1855. See KCP

John, “mason & lab” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Maria see George Boulton, 1848

Raymond, motor cycle enthusiast and Congregationalist. (My Sunday School  Superintendent, at Hanham Road, Congregational, 1940s-50s) Tragically killed in motor cycling accident. Obit EP 12.12.1991

Robert, full age, bach, cm, KW, s.o. John, cm, mar Jane Eiles, (see Iles) full, sp, servant, KW, d.o of Henry lab, HTKW 22.5.1841

Thomas, 38, miner, b Kendalshire, Glos, Inpatient at BRI on night of 1861 census. (Reel 3, BRL).

William, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Family called Cornish: Wilful murder at Bridgeyate, starving to death of a child. See BJ 12.3.1853. Report mentions Bootalls Works, the Whimsey & colliers coming to pub to see the accused.



Francis, of St George, cm, wid, & Ann Salter of St George, wid, bondsman Edward Walter of Stapleton, horsedriver, BMLB 24.6.1780, BRO

John Corrye see John Britton d 1648

Mary, widow, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe Vol II

Robert, digger of coal in KW Forest late 13th Cent. See BEP 8.2.1934.

William, cole driver, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe II.



Elizabeth, see Handel, 1890

Handel, born Thornbury 1824, only s.o. Jesse Cossham, educated locally, extensive colliery proprietor in KW. Twice Mayor of  Bath, mar 1848, Elizabeth d.o. William Wethered of Little Marlow, Bucks. In business as Wethered & Cossham. 1851 began development of Parkfield Colliery, Unsuccessful parliamentary candidate for Nottingham 1866, Dewsbury 1869 & Chippenham 1874. Miners’ Strike 1874  see WDP 2,6,11,29,30 May, 9 June, 1874. See W. Simmons, 1874. Returned as MP for East Bristol (Liberal) 1886 with a majority of 1736. Died 23.5.1890 aged 66, and bur 28.5.1890 “of Holly Lodge, St George” and Elizabeth his wife died 21.5.1896. Monolith at Avonview Cemetery.  See BO 7.7.1886. Journals at BRO. See Braine, pps 96-100, Handel: gave evidence on Chas Davis & Eli Rogers drowned Hortwood, said pit was very shallow. See BM 25.12.1852, Handel, see Thos Gingell, 1853, see John Isles, 1853, see G. Ford 1874, see John Henshaw, 1922


Report of a speech made in Bristol Times & Mirror, 16 September 1872, by Handel Cossham at colliers’ demonstration at Mangotsfield.


“Mr Cossham said that “unions were useful just as they were wisely worked. The right of every man to combine for the purpose of improving his position was right that only a man could deny who was a noodle and a fool (laughter), But it did not follow that because men combined they would always do right. He had seen combinations go wrong as well as right; but he had seen combinations in the upper ranks of life go wrong as well as these combinations of men in the lower ranks of life, He did not think the working men were more liable to err than others. He had seen aristocrats and lords make mistakes (laughter). Those lords were the greatest blunderers that ever lived. (loud laughter). They had made ten times more blunders than the colliers (renewed laughter). He had seen the bishops make mistakes and he had seen colliers make mistakes; but that was no reason why they should not combine. If rightly looked at, he did not think the interests of the masters and  men were opposed. He hoped to see them become masters themselves. He could not see why there was not power enough in that neighbourhood and in every neighbourhood to save their shillings and their half crowns and have a colliery themselves. (hear, hear.) He would like to see the men in every district have a colliery of their own. That would bring them in contact with wages and with trade, and he would guarantee that whatever they could the masters would pay. He did not agree with strikes and lock outs for of all things in the world that did not pay it as the man who had labour to sell and would not sell it. He would get the best price he could for his coal and they would get the best price they could for their labour. It did not make any difference to a master what wages he paid if he got a corresponding price for his goods. Let them be moderate, just and manly, and try to gain what they had to gain by honest, intelligent and manly means. He wanted them in their prosperity to make hay while the sun shone. He did not believe that because they prosperous today they would always be prosperous, but he believed they had before them some months of prosperity. (applause.)” (I am indebted to Jane Baker for this.)

See “Handel Cossham, esq., MP, A Sketch of Life, BRO 4492 (1) & (2a)



Thomas see Richard Jones, 1666



Anthony Cotsell, see John Jeffrys 1684,Anthony Cotswell, see Wm Braine, 1686



Ann see Thos Gunning 1782

William, elder, perambulation of IA, 1695; William ygr, perambulation of IA, 1695, & 1745


COTTLE (see also Cattle)

Grant: committed to Newgate for carrying his mother’s sister Elizabeth Grant into KW & declaring her insane, robbing her of £80 etc. See SFBJ 2.3.1771 & B.G. 11.4.1771

Henry, shoemaker, his house, lot 4, Notice of Auction at Fire Engine, St George, 15.8.1842, bill in author’s possession.

Isaac alias Taylor, cm, Bitton, stole straw value 10 shillings from Benjamin Waters of Bitton, Light brown hair long hooked nose, cast in right eye, several scars on small of back, long chin, light whiskers & beard., Illiterate. 5 ft 4 & threequarters. One month penitentiary. 11.1.1820, Glos QS.GRO

Isaac, alias Taylor, cm & Jane White. Bastardy Order W & A, 27.3.1829

James x Cottle of Bitton & Hannah x Bright otp mar Kelston 20.4.1794

John cm of Bitton & Elizabeth Greenaway, 6.3.1666/7, St John, BMLB, BRO. (Shown as Cattle in printed index.)

John: In a list of Fugitives from KW, 1667, see Francis Bastyn.

John: in a list of persons who took part in a riot in KW 1670 see John Bampton.

John, shown as collier in list of inhabs of KW Forest, 1684, Mr Chester’s Liberty. Ellacombe. See also Hugh Hyatt 1684.

Roger Cottle, John Smith, Maurice Brittaine & Richard Braine, near Kane Wood, “Colepitts open in Mr Player’s Liberty” Inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe Vol  II.

Roger: Survey of KW Chase, 1691: Situation: Rich, wife, 2 children, good house, half an acre, two shillings yearly value. See E.J.p179 (also “6 pits with Richard Brain in Player’s Liberty”, ibid

Stephen, survey of KW Chase, 1691, horse driver, ability indifferent, wife, no ch, good house, half acre, 4 horses, see E.J. p179.

Thomas of Bitton, 1747. Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Coldham, Vols V-IX

  1. W. aged 46, Bitton, strained knee, cured. BRI Inpatients 1787.

William, yeoman of Siston, died unexpectedly at Highworth, Wiltshire when visiting daughter, 1620; to his son in law Edmund George he left the bay mare on which he had ridden to Highworth, plus all other goods, except his breeches which he left to his son John. (see Simple Annals of the Poor, p47-8)

William Ernest, Bitton, admitted 1896, lunatic in Gloucester Co. Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897



Dorothy & John, see Wm Dennys, 1701



William, collier, Barton Regis/Easton. Aged about 20, of lower stature, suitable as calyver. (light musketeer) see Men & Armour for Gloucestershire, 1608.



George, cm, inhab. Of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe Vol II, BRL



Henry of Bitton & Betty Rawbone mar Keynsham 1773

John: John Couch, quarryman, (born 1774), kept a ledger early 19th cent. I have part of a typescript copy which was given to me many years ago by a person unknown. I do not know who has the original

It contains remedies for various complaints and a great deal about the weather, but also some personal, parish and newsworthy items from the wider world.  An undated note reads (about himself):  “By the Hanham Chappell Register Book, John, the son of Jonathon & Betty was baptised Jany 8th 1775, but this register is wrong. He was baptised in either Oct or Novr as he was born 6th October 1774 by his mother’s account.” “1835, Sepr 16, broke my legg at Batheaston & came out of hospital at Bath the 2nd November”. “Aug 9th 1850, fell in quarry and injured my head.” “Oct 24 the Crane fell down nock’d me into the quarry, cut my head very bad and very much hurted my back.”  It ends ” —carried on to other ledger”  – but I haven’t got a copy of this.

John, 1807, Chapel Warden of Hanham Abbots Church, owner of “Lydiards” Hanham, 1770, “A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter, p26 & 31.

John see Joseph Sumner, 1800, George Crouch, 1801, Matthew Cox, 1826

Jonathon of Bitton & Betty Rawbone mar Keynsham 22.2.1773 (see John above, born 1774)

Mary: see Mary Couch Olds; Rachel: 1834 “On Tuesday morning 21st October at half past 3 o’clock died Rachel Couch aged 60 years and pitt in a vault in Bitton churchyard on Wednesday October 29th 1834 in a lead coffin.” (Couch).  See also Mary Couch Olds, 1834

NB: Items about other local people in John Couch’s Ledges are referenced “Couch”.



Henry, cm, 7 horse, 6 kine, inhab. Of KW Chase 1684 in Mr Berkeley’s Liberty. (Ellacombe Vol II, BRL) also “Henry Coulstring hath 1 pitt land coal & 2 open between Well Green & Broad, Green” ibid, 1684. See also Wm Kidwilliyder, 1684



Iris, (Mrs Janicki) anecdote re Mr Tooze’s Tripe, see EP. BT 3.9.2002



Hester of Mangots & Thomas Hinton of St M le P, Bristol, mar Mangots, 26.6.1758



Alfred, 72, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Josias, Bitton, 1659, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Mabel, 23, & Ernest, 7, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Private E. see Corp. W.S. Nichols, Pucklechurch 1899-1902



Henry, Stapleton. 1713, BAFHS 72, p15-16, coalminer & Probate Inventory, BRO



Adam, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Ann see Chas Strange 1772; Ann, decd, see Ann Johnson, 1812

Edward of Siston & Mary England of Doynton mar Siston 3.2.1734

Edward, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Edward of FC, see Eleanor Johnson, 1815

Elizabeth under 21, sp, factory worker d.o. Wm, miner mar James Godwin, bach, Lantern Bottom, miner. HTKW 21.9.1849

Elizabeth see Thomas, 1910

Mr, a dentist at Two Mile Hill, during my youth. Ca 1945

Samuel, cm, 11, kcp Llewellin & Co. Inq 17.3.1814, Pucklechurch, GRO/D260 & KCP

Thomas, “mason & lab”, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Thomas. “52 yrs a miner” of Derby St, Redfield, killed Hanham Pit, Nov 1910. Wife Elizabeth gave evidence at Inq. See WDP 21 Nov 1910 & KCP

William Cowles & Charles Tovey, cms, kcp suffocation, fire damp, at No. 10, Serridge & fell into water called the Level, and drowned. Inq 19.10.1818, CP Heath, Westerleigh. GR0/D260. & KCP

William see Elizabeth 1849.



Ambrose, 55, wife, heart disease, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Ambrose, of Queen St, Two Mile Hill, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910, see WDP

Ann, 79, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897



Mary see Thos Fox, 1661



Abraham, Winterbourne, 1644, Probate Inventory, BRO

Betty Cox see Hester Wilmot, 1754

Caroline, piecer, aged 15, born Bristol, Glos, 1851 Census Ellen Holme, Sowerby, Nr Halifax, see BAFHS 11, April 1978, p15, also Charlotte, 13, b. Bristol.


Dr, of Fishponds, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Eliza, 23, wid,3 ch, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Elizabeth see Wm Pasco 1758

Elizabeth, Hanham, admitted 1875, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Emma, 74, aged, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897

Ezekiel, Mangots & Margaret Price, mar Winterbourne, 31.5.1669

Ezekiel, Mangots, husbandman 1671, BAFHS 36, p26.&  Probate Inventory, BRO

Ezekiel of Mangots, robbed by A. Cains, see AKW, 14.1.1727 (DPL)

(A man called Ezekiel Cox will also be found in Brislington)

Hannah, see Robt Brimble, 1664;  Henry see Thomas Williams, 1844

Hester see John, 1841

Isaac see Benj. Caines, 1816, & See “Highwaymen of Bristol”,  DPL, BAFHS 36, p17/18

Jacob of outparish of P & J, d, 8.9.17–, aged 69, Joseph s.o. Thos Jones, d.16.4.1658, Catherine wife of Gabriel Jones, d.3.3.1734 aged 84, Elizabeth wife of Jacob Cox, d.22.10.1737 aged 65, Samuel Cox, s.o. Sam & Elizabeth, d.9.12.1768 aged 22, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel, d.2.7.1772, aged 51, Bitton, Bigland

James, one of a list of persons who took part in a riot in KW in Sep 1670. (See John Bampton, 1670) and another list (KW Ellacombe II) says he was “dummy & poor: forgiven”.

James see Francis Creswick 1674; Jane, see John 1841

John see John Wood, 1653, see Philip, 1720

John of Wrington, yeo & Elizabeth Britton, Westerleigh, sp, lic, mar Bedminster 29.7.1734

John, baker, Electoral Rolls, Downing (Downend), 1734 & Mangots 1739

John, cm aged 35, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh, in family group with Jane aged 35 & 4 children.

John, cm, aged 55, born county, 1841 census Bitton/Cadbury Heath, with Hester aged 55.

John see Mary 1848

Joseph, Mangotsfield, 1655, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

Joseph M. in Winterbourne Troop, see Wm Perry, 1803.

Joseph Mason Cox, superintendent of Fishponds Asylum, from 1849, cousin of George Bompas & great grandson of Joseph Mason; see BAFHS Journal no 101, p17.

Martha see Philip, 1720 (1723)

Mary see John Sifford, 1714, Mary Cocks see Thomas Stone, 1757

Mary, over 21, sp, staymaker, Oldland, dau of John, collier & John Green, over 21. Bach, miner, Oldland, s.o. Isaac, miner, mar HTKW 22.4.1848

Mary Ann, aged 10, burnt to death; burial register Bitton, 26.3.1848

Matthew: drowned Crew’s Hole; “hauling in by line, been (being?) foul of Betts’ barges. H. Isles would not stop horses.” 10 Jul 1826. (Couch)..

Matthew: “1839 July 23, Matthew Cox struck in the head with a stone from blowing a hole at J. Perriman’s Quar. Died next morning at 4 o’clock aged 78 years” (Couch).

Mrs Cox, Mangots, 1820, see E.J., p197

Mrs, at Fishponds, aged 85, obit FFBJ 1.5.1824

Oliver, 49, wife, 4 ch, rheumatism, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Philip & Rachel of Hanham: their children, John, bp 14.6.1720, Martha bp 31.3.1723, bp Keynsham. (a child of Philip & Rachel of Hanham bur Keynsham 14.5.1743)

Rachel see Philip 1720; Thomas see Stephen Stout, 1741

Thomas of Mangots, yeo, Bach, 21, & Ann Short, sp, 21, (Isaac Rouch of same, tyler as bondsman) BMLB 7.4.1763.

Thomas of Mangots, wid, labourer, over 21, & Hester Best, sp, over 21,Mangots, (Thomas Bedford of same, panitor, bondsman, BMLB 27.5.1765.

William Coxe, see John Wood, 1653; William, took part in KW riot, 1670, see Ellacombe, Vol II

William see Thos Williams, 1844;

William Jesse, killed Deep Pit St George, coalheaver aged 27 of 418 Whitehall Rd, St George, see BO 20.6.1923. (KCP)



Mr see Richard Haynes, 1766



(George Arthur), Firework Factory in Warmley, see Advertisement. Explosion at, (November?) 21, 1935, injured were Nellie Brewer of North Common, 18, Joyce Garland, 17, Vera Gingell, 22, Mildred Gerrish, 17 & Kitty Brokenbrow, all of Tower Rd, Warmley.



John, see Sam Wilcox, 1827



Jane, Westbury on Trym, female child of Francis Whitchurch, collier, Bitton. Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, 27.11.1818. See Vol 22, W.O.T. BRO

“Joey” Crates, boot factory, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer.

Noce Crayts, brassmaker, see John Harding, 1753. (The earliest Crayts were immigrant brassworkers and seem to have remained in the Baptists Mills area.)



Bertha, 19, Hanham, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Florence, of Bitton, 8.8.1713, mar lic, GRO Q3/31

Francis see Henry, 1643, see Thos Tyndall, 1650

Francis: “a notebook kept by FC in respect of his manor land in Hanham Abbots, alias West Hanham, 1674.” BRO Creswick family. See Sources at BRO by E.Rolph. History of Francis & Creswicke fam see “A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter

Francis, 1674: list of his tenants at Hanham Abbots: Notebook at BRO: Wm Trubody, J. Mays, Anthony Warne, Bond’s tenement, Edmund Jones, formerly Wickham’s, Wm Underhill, Sam Tyllye, now Abraham Saunders, Richard Hart, Crew’s tenement, Lewis Evans, late Hawkins, now widow An Wastfield, John Balston, John Tottle, Anthony Pitcher, Thos Jones, Ric Willis, Widow Roberts, Benj Bayliffe, Wm Fry, Henry Isles (House & Orchard & garden on Jeffrey’s Hill), Ann Wilson, Elizabeth Bright, Poynz Smith, Elizabeth Lester, Alice Berrott, Anthony Rogers, Anne Sweet, Wm Cooke Mr Dunne of Conham, John Chapple, Francis Sweet, Mary Lacy, Thos Isles, John Isles, Widow Perse, Richard Chapple’s widow, Anthony Lewis, Richard Cilvester (Sylvester), James Cox – house on waste at West Hanham, John Lacy, Henry Lacy, James Leonard, Giles Davis, Thos Willis, Thos Harrison,, Mr Ric Hart, Ric Jones, John Batt, Ric Wornell, freeholders, Henry Lord Barclay, Sir John Newton, Dame Elizabeth Topp,  —Cheyney, esquire, Henry Weston, Roger Proffer (Prosser), Edmund Jones, Margaret England, John Harding, John Staunton, Wm Battman, Wm Smyth,  Browning, Joan Stout, Francis Reed, John Smith, R. Jones, Poynz Smith, H. Burnley, T. Kidd, John Lydiatt, Henry Burnell, Ed. Fox, Jos. Greenway, Nat. Williams, R. Jones, J. Stibbs, John Brooks, Wid. Burnell, — Trubody, Alex Belshire (afterwards John Robbins, John Brittaine, Mr Gibbs, Gab. Rymer, John & Henry May, Henry Jones, formerly John Hathway, Wm Shipp, Francis Brain, Art, Hathway, Ric Davis’s tenant, formerly John Paines, Thos Fox, Mr Farmer, Francis Stone, Robt Bryant, Wm Butcher, T. Butcher, T. Williams, Robt Stout, Thos Arthur, Isaac Taylor, Nic Willis, Fra Fowles,

Francis Henry, 1638 see Rolland, 1553, he died 1649 see Braine p 119, his son Henry, Mayor of Bristol, 1660, knighted by Charles II, 1663.

Francis, esq, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

Francis of Hanham Bitton, KW Chase, lease 1682, see Braine, p86, co-partners Thomas Stubbs of Stapleton, & Stephen Chapman of Bristol.

Francis, esq., Hanham, Herald’s Visitation, 1682/3 see Bigland

Francis, June 26, 1684, issued write agt Sir John Newton, Thos Chester, John Meredith, Wm Player, George Baber alias Beaver, Francis Woodward, Thos Ballard, & John Batt alleging they have seized land in the free chase of KW. survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Vol 11

Francis, s.o. Sir Henry, “in trouble with Monmouth” 1685, released 1687. Stabbed R. Rochfort, Attorney General, in Dublin, 1704, 9 years in Gaol. Died Hanham aged 89, 1732.

Francis see John Stone, 1685, see James Phipps, 1685, see Henry Prewett, 1691, Nicholas Reed, 1691

Francis, brother in law of Dame Elizabeth Davies, see E.D, 1685. See Note at end of Newton section, 1684.

Francis, died 18.1.1732, aged 89, Mary his wife died aged 58, “Johannis, Galfridi, Francisci, riae Creswick, their children, Henry, armiger, d. July 1744. Helen his wife, d. 2.6.1757 aged 46 Bitton, Bigland, Francis see AKW 1756

Helen, elder & ygr, see AKW 1756

Henry: mark (391) of H.C. from a deed of 1647 in the office of the Merchant Venturers. He was Sheriff 1643-4 & Mayor 1660-1, Warden of Society of MV in 1643, Francis Creswick being Master. See Proceedings of the Clifton Antiquarian Society 1909-1912, Vol. VII.

Henry, entertained James II, at Hanham Court, 1686

Henry, Lord of Manor, see Bigland

Henry see Daniel Bowman, 1728, see Kedgwin Webley, 1741, see Nathaniel Crow, 1765, see Robt Miles, 1794, see James Emerson, 1795 & see AKW 1763,65 & 75

Sir Henry see AKW 1756

Henry, agreement between Henry Creswick of Hanham, Hellen Berrow of same, Lawrence Price of Hanham coleminer, Wm Bolt of Oldland, cm, John Isles of Oldland, cm, partners & joint adventurers in searching, digging & landing of such coals as may be found in, upon or underground, 1769, See Ellacombe, Vol  II, BRL.

Henry, of Bitton, Glos & Mary Dickinson, mar by lic at Queen Charlton, Somerset, 12.6.1775. Witnesses Caleb Dickinson & Thos Webb. Announced FFBJ & BG 15.6.1775, “mar Miss Dickinson d.o.Vickris Dickinson at Queen Charlton”. Henry was  JP for Glos. Obit 7.6.1806,

Humphrey, see James Crow, 1816, see Daniel Rogers, 1816

John, see Nicholas Reed, 1691

Joseph, brother of Sir Henry, Mayor, 1660, see Braine, p120

Mary. “Tuesday at Hanham, aged 16, Mary, only d.o. Henry Creswicke, esq., a young lady whose mild and amiable disposition endeared her to all who had the pleasure of knowing her.” Obit, FFBJ 16..4.1814

Miss see Rev Mr Elwes, 1779; Mr see Sir John Berkeley, 1670, Rev Dr, see AKW 1756

Mrs, wife of Humphrey Creswick of Hanham Court, obit 29.7.1809

Dr Samuel, Dean of Bristol, 1730, see Braine, p120

Samuel of Hanham, to Samuel Holbin & Isaac Jefferies liberty of mining coal at Oldland, 14 yrs, 2.4.1761, BRO ref 206/17 dc, Creswick Family papers .& see AKW 1756 & 61

Samuel see Wm Hook, 1762

Samuel, 1.10.1777, S.C. to William Webber, liberty of coalmining in Bitton, 21 yrs. BRO ref 206/14k.

Samuel of Hanham, obit, 26.9.1778

Sarah see AKW 1756

Sarah, head, mar, 75, annuitant, born Compton Dando: John Ricketts, unmar, 21, footman, b. Keynsham, Mary Ann Flagg, unmar, 22, b. Hanham. 1851 census, Hanham Court.

Susannah, 14.12.1764, lease Susannah Creswicke to Samuel Stokes & Richard Parker, of one third of messuage at Stout’s Hill, Bitton, BRO 206/17hl

Susanna see AKW 1756,  see David Clark, 1764

Jones v Creswicke, marr settlement, Deeds, etc, 1805, C103, Number 81, 07,20,34, Chancery proceedings. See BAFHS 66, p38

Many Creswick family deeds may be fund in the Ellacombe Mss.



—- see Francis Creswick, 1674

Aaron, aged 18, cm of West., stole silver watch from William & Phoebe Dyer of Iron Acton, light flaxen hair, sallow, short flat nose, scars on right eyebrow & right shoulder which is a good deal overhung. Scars on rt hand & shin, stout made 5’5″ tall, tsp 7 yrs, removed 7 Aug 1819, Glos QS, GRO.

Aaron see Joseph 1841; Amelia, see Joseph 1841

Ann, minor, sp, shoemaker, Filwood, d.o. Henry, miner mar Thos Harvey, over 21, bach, miner, s.o. William Harvey, miner, mar HTKW 15.4.1849

Benjamin & Nathaniel, charged after 1753 KW colliers’ march on Bristol. Convicted 5.9.1753, 2 years imprisonment. Jonathon Crew was killed in the same incident. See FFBJ 26, 31 May, 4, 9, August, 8  Sep, 22 Dec 1753 & 21 Mar 1754. See also Annals of KW 1753

Benjamin, Hanham, 47, strained knee, cured. 1775 FCH/BRI/3 (e) 9-12

Denis, cm, aged 30, b. county, 1841 census Westerleigh, Coalpit Heath, in fam gp with Sarah aged 30, Sampson aged 7, and 2 daughters.

Edmund & Nathaniel, in list of “Fugitives from KW” 1667. See Francis Bastyn

Eliza see Samuel Scuse, 1838

Elizabeth see Fanny, 1776, see Christopher Summerell, 1821, see Samuel Scuse, 1838

Ellen, see Joseph 1841; Emma see Joseph 1841

Fanny d.o. John & Elizabeth, of Bitton, bp Kelston, 15 Dec 1776

Flossie, 19, fatal lamp accident in KW see BO 30.11.1901

Francis see James Charmbury, 1640, see Chas Bennett, 1720

Fred see Joseph Hyman, 1925

George, cm, 16, killed by falling from the Tripp to bottom of Soundwell coalworks, 9 fathoms, Inquest 13.4.1796, Soundwell, GRO D260. See also KCP.

Hannah see Chas Bennett, 1720, see Jonas Walter, 1841

Henry see Ann, 1849

James, aged 50, cm, born county, 1841 census, Westerleigh, in fam gp with Sarah aged 40.

Jane, 77, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

John see John Jeffrey 1718, John, Hanham, 1726, wills at GRO

John see Fanny, 1776; John, “vereing boy”, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John, see Wm, 1840, see Joseph, 1841

John, 44, wife,4 ch, heart disease. KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Jonathon see Benjamin, 1753

Jonathon of Soundwell, aged 53, kcp & bur Bitton, 20.10.1819, & KCP

Joseph see Joseph, 1841

Joseph aged 45, cm, born county 1841 cens Westerleigh, in fam gp with Mary, & Robert aged 20, Joseph, 15, Solomon, 15, Aaron, 12, John, 10, Mary Ann, 20, Emma, 8, Ellen, 6, Mary,3, Amelia. Lewis, aged 80.

Lewis see Joseph, 1841

Mary see Wm Caswell, 1764, John Jeffrey, 1818, see Christopher Summerell, 1821

Mary see Joseph, 1841, Mary, 83, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Mary Ann see Joseph 1841

Nathaniel of Bitton & Rebecca Lansdown of Woolley mar there 1.5.1654. Witness I. Brooke of “Wooland” (Oldland) Bitton

Nathaniel, see Edmund Crew, 1667, see Chas Bennett, 1720

Nathaniel, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe Mss, BRL; Nathaniel see Benjamin, 1753

Nathaniel, butcher aged 60, found dead about 4 o’clock in afternoon, Inquest 7.2.1795, “Visitation of God.” GRO/D260

Robert, 1740 “found at large”, 1742 “to hang”; 1743, “transported 14 years. “Bonded Passengers to America” 1663-1775, Coldham Vols V-IX

Robert see Joseph 1841

Roy: Rev. Roy – see Roy Crew remembers Coalpit Heath. Part 1. South Glos Mines Research Group Newsletter, Issue 32, Dec 2012.

Sampson Crew, Edward Lacey, Francis Stone, William French, Richard Leare, drowned in a coalpit belonging to Mr Chas Stibbs, at Warmley on 26.1.1795 by water bursting in from another pit. Inq. 28.1.1795 parish of Bitton, GRO/D260 and full report in SFBJ 7.2.1795, & KCP.

Sampson see Denis 1841

Samuel see David Phipps, 1719, Samuel, Hanham, wills at GRO,1730

Sarah see James Sanders, 1765, see Denis, 1841, see James, 1841

Solomon, cm, admitted to liberties of Bristol 8.9.1780 by marriage to Ann, wid or John Saunders, yeo. Bristol Burgess books, BRO. Bristol Poll Books, 1781, cm of Bitton, 1 vote Daubeny, 1784, cm of St George

Solomon see Joseph 1841

Thomas mar Eleanor Phipps, Bitton, 1732 (BTs)

Thomas of Stapleton, 1740. “Bonded Passengers to America” 1663-1775,  Coldham Vols V-IX

William see Wm Fry 1684

William, bach, KW, cm, s.o. John cm, mar Sarah Woodruff, sp, KW d.o. James. Cm, HTKW 16.2.1840



Ann Cribb, 35 in 1771 wife of Daniel named in lease Crossley’s Bottom, KW, BAFHS 74, p34

Benjamin: on trial for theft of 2cwt hay from W. Perry of W & A. butcher, BG 5.6.1817

Daniel, collier of Barton Hundred & Eleanor Kendall, (Bondsman Maurice Williams of Bristol, collier) BMLB 12.12.1689

Daniel see John, 1763

Daniel, gent, 55, St Geo, George Rogers, blacksmith etc, same, William Evans, yeo., George Cole, Thomas Jeffrey, Samuel Smith, cm, Jonathon Smith, his son, aged 20, of St Geo, John Doulton, 16, of St P & J, Wm James, solicitor, Robt Hawkins & James Jones, all named in lease 1768 Crossley’s Bottom, KW, BAFHS 74, p34

George Crib otp collier & Ann James of Horfield, sp, mar St George, lic, 17.12.1800

Hannah Powell alias Cribb, see BAFHS 36 p18

Isaac, coaldriver, P & J, 14.9.1732. BRO 04435/3,Isaac, coaldriver, P & J,15.2.1739/40. BRO 04435/4

Isaac, fish carrier, 1814, attempt to rescue him from gaol, See “Highwaymen of Bristol”, DPL, BAFHS 36, p17/18

Isaac, theft of potatoes from T. Needs, of Bitton, FFBJ 27.3.1819

James tsp for life, 1815 See “Highwaymen of Bristol”, DPL, BAFHS 36, p17/18. He was accomplice of Moses Owen who was executed, see FFBJ 13.5.1815

John: John Cribbs, Mr Player’s Liberty, 1630, half an acre. See E.J. p177.

John: John Cribbs, collier, his widow Mary, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe II. BRO.

John, horsedriver, poor, wife, survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Bitton Vol 10

John see Joseph Hall, 1763

John, gent, of St George, will, 3.2.1763, BRO. Shares of coalworks, in Glos & elsewhere, house etc. called Three Crowns, at Blackswarth field, Stony Hill, nr Duke of Cumberland, London Rd. Other property at Cleeve Lane & Stokes Croft. Son Daniel, Alice Jefferis, dau Sarah Dutton.

John: agreement 102/(5) BRO, 25.1.1810. E.L.B. Chester & John Cribb, collier of St George aged abt 40, and his son John aged about 9.

John, coal carrier of St George, aged 50. Found dead in Highway without previous illness. Inquest Kings Arms, Oldland, 4.10.1820. Sudden death in a fit of apoplexy. GRO/D260, see also FFBJ 7.10.1820

Mary Cribbs see John  1684

Samuel, collier of St George, intestate 12.1.1812 (BRO)

Thomas aged 19 of St George, see Isaac Burgess 1800 & See “Highwaymen of Bristol” re Cribb family, DPL, BAFHS 36, p17/18

Thomas “Tom”; boxing champion. Born Hanham 1781, died London 1848. Left Hanham aged 13. Worked as coal porter in London; Known as “Black Diamond”, “Man of Iron”. Conqueror of Molyneux. Champion of England 1809. DNB.

Thomas, see Wm Smith, 1811


See “Highwaymen of Bristol” re Cribb family, DPL, BAFHS 36, p17/18 & see “Thomas Cribb, (1781-1841) Pugilist, Publican & Confectioner”, Stephen J Cribb, BAFHS 39, p37



Mr, see John Scully, 1824



John, “was married at St James Tide in a clandestine way without banns, not by me nor having any certificate from me; John Shepherd was married at Christmas without any certificate from me or his banns thrice published in church; Charles Smith, ditto, about St James Tide: (signed) Robert Drew, clerk, 1681.” BTs, Stapleton (John Cripps, Stapleton, gent/and Susan Harvey, Stapleton, 24, bondsman Samuel Harvey, Stapleton, gent, “at St Augustine” 25.2.1681/2, BMLB) They had a dau Mary bap in 1683. Sadly, Susanna died in 1685. In 1694, John Crips, gardiner of Stapleton, took out a licence to marry Susanna King, St James, (BMLB).  As there is no further mention in the Stapleton BTs up to 1700, it is possible he moved to Bitton where he came across Mary Dafter, as she refers to John Cripps, gardener, his cottage, late Baylis, in 1722.



Samuel see Sam Bave, 1688/9



John.”Killing of does”, 1366. See Braine, p 39



Eliza, d1883 aged 85, MIs Downend, see E.J. p65

Elizabeth see John 1875; George see Stephen Shipley 1767

Hiern, Mr, of Westerleigh, bur Kelston 9 Nov 1767

James, 1812 see E.J. p42

John of Westerleigh & Betty Cryer mar Siston, lic, 16.10.1806

John, churchwarden, Mangots, 1848 see E.J. p43

John Minty, d 1875 aged 72, Elizabeth his wife, d 1884 aged 83. MIs Downend, see E.J. p65

James, aged 35, corn county, collier, 1841 cens. Wick

Joseph, cm at Coalpit Heath, 1856 see SGMRG newsletter, no 32, Dec 2012

Mary Croome see Robt Whittington, 1795; Mary d 1846, 72, MIs Downend, see E.J. p65

Mrs, widow of Mr Hiern of Westerleigh, bur Kelston, 11 Dec 1793

Robert, Mangots, butcher, bach, over 21 & Mary Minty, sp, over 21, Stapleton, Robert Bryant, butcher of St Mary le Port, as bondsman. BMLB 8.1.1800

Robert, Mangots, 1820, see E.J. p197, Robert d 1855, 83, MIs Downend, see E.J. p65



Cornelius, treasurer & Mr W.B., Stokes Croft, secretary, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Elizabeth see Robert Hewland, 1790, Elizabeth, 58, debility, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

John, s.o. John, Lower Easton, wooldyer, frame maker, Bristol Apprentices, 13.11.1758

Sarah: in last stage of pregnancy fell in whilst dipping water at Crews Hole, drowned. FFBJ 18.6.1836

Selina see James Thompson, 1843; Susanna see Jonas Wilcox, 1847

Thomas, cm, Bitton, aged 20. On 24 Jun 1818 stole 2 ducks value one shilling from Robert James Mason, gent of Bitton, Light Brown Hair, dark eye brows, small mouth, mole centre chin, scars on right foot & left shoulder, illiterate. 5′ 3 & 1/2″ (In company with Thos Tippett) Sentence 14 Days, 20.7.1818. Glos QS GRO

Thomas, 27, breaking windows, LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, p31, no 61

Thomas see James Thompson 1843; W.B. see P. Arrive, 1816



George: fell out of barge belonging to John Couch at Crew’s Hole, drowned. See FFBJ 6.6.1801

John, cm, admitted to liberties of Bristol 18.10.1774, because s.o. Richard Crouch. Cordwainer, dec’d. Burgess books, BRO; cm of St George, Bristol Poll Book, 1774.

John, see Henry Isles, 1813. Richard see John 1774



Edmond, keeper of cole horses, (6) KW Chase, 1666. See Ellacombe Mss. BRL

Frances, Barton Regis, 1714, Probate Inventory, BRO

Hannah, wife of Joseph, cm, St Philips, bur in woollen, 1709. See B32433/5

Hannah see Wm Sampson , 1754, see Martin Smith, 1754, see Sampson, 1799

Isaac, cm, & Hester Cook, sp, mar Bitton, 15.7.1759

James, committed to Gloucester Gaol by Humphrey Creswick for stealing a silver watch & £20 in silver from Arthur Roberts of Oldland & Samuel Stone, alias Rogers & Wm Skull, receiving same. BG 25.7.1816

Jonathon, cm, 36, kcp Stone’s Pit, Inquest 28.10.1819, Oldland. GRO/D260 & KCP

Joseph see Hannah 1709, Mary see Sampson Britton, 1756

Mr see AKW 1759

Nathaniel, keeper of colehorses (6) KW Chase 1666. Ellacombe BRL

Nat(haniel) husbandman, dead, now Peter —– cm, 1684 list of inhabs of KW Chase. Ellacombe 2..

Nathaniel see Thos Britton, 1745

Nathaniel: information of Richard Joy of Hanham, taken on oath before Henry Creswicke that on Monday morning about 3 o’clock he was assaulted by Robin Peacock, William Morgan & Nathaniel Crow, all cms, without any provocation. The mark “x ” of Richard Joy, 13.6.1765. See Ellacombe Mss Vol 9, BRL & see AKW 1765

Peter, committed to Gloucester by Charles Bragg for breaking into house of Mrs Braine, gentlewoman & stealing £50. See FFBJ 5.6.1756 & see AKW 1756

Samson, bp 22.7.1799, s.o. Stephen, collier, Bitton & Hannah, Whitefield Sch, KW.

Samuel: “the wife of Samuel Crow” bur in woollen Feb 1720 B32433/5 BRL

Stephen see Samson 1799



John, ygr, perambulation of IA, 1695



John, he was charged with the theft of 2 geese from Abraham Batman & Richard Harding. FFBJ 3.2.1816. The taking of this desperado was counted a major success for the “Kingswood Association”! vigilantes! see Budgetts of KW Hill.

—– see Thos Pumphry, 1841



Ann see George, 1783, see Mary Ann, 1790

Ann Crier, widow, of Bitton, bur Kelston, 28 Mar 1790

Ann see Peter Gerrish, 1824, Betty see John Croome, 1806

Edith, KW, admitted 1897, (and discharged during year) lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

George s.o. George & Ann of Bitton, bur Kelston, 6 Jan 1783

George see Mary Ann, 1790, George of Bitton, bur Kelston, 12 Jul 1792

Hannah see James, 1841, see Wm, 1841

James, cm, 20, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh in am gp with Hannah & one child.

James see William, 1878

John, tenant of a messuage in Oldland at £30 per year. See Advt in BG 30.5.1776

John, servant of Bitton. Provided Joseph Walton of Rangeworthy as sub. Bitton Militia list 6.1.1797. O

John, Mangots, 1820, see E.J. p198, John see William, 1840

Mary d.o. Thomas Crier of Bitton, bur Kelston 27 Mar 1744

Mary Ann, infant, d.o. George & Ann of Bitton, bur Kelston 1 Jan 1790

Thomas see Mary, 1744, Thomas of Bitton, bur Kelston, 17 Dec 1772

William Cryer & Ann Jearett (Jarrett?) both of Bitton, mar Yate, 20.11.1721.

William. First meeting of Colliers’ Friendly Society held at house of Will Cryers at White Hart Hanham, 1756. See Annals of KW, 1756, see AKW 1756 .

William, minor, bach, cm, KW, s.o. John, farmer & Hannah Miles, minor, sp, KW, d.o. Aaron, labourer, mar HTKW 29.11.1840

William, cm, 25, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh, Nibley, in fam gp with Hannah, aged 20.

William, cm, North Nibley, s.o. James, cm, mar Emma England, of Iron Acton, s.o. John, cm, St Silas Westerleigh 27.12.1878.

William A., 20, b Bitton, 1881 cens of RN at sea etc, BAFHS 73, p 27



Joan, see Epanetus White, 1700



William, 19, Mangots. 10.10.1724. “Emigrants to America 1718-59”, Kamincow, Bath Ref Lib.



Ann Culme, widow, Mangots, 1680, see BAFHS no 36, p26

Ann Cullome, ts of Mangots wills, 1688, BRO & Probate Inventory, BRO

Ann Culme, widow, 1709, see E.J. p158

Ann Cullum, widow, Downend, Mangots. 1714, BAFHS 36, p26  & Probate Inventory, BRO

Thomas Culme, ts of Mangots wills, 1695, BRO

Thomas Culme, cordwainer, Mangots, 1722, BAFHS no 36, p26; Probate Inventory, BRO

appears as “Thomas Calm” in 1722 Electoral Roll, Bristol.

Widow Cullimore, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p193

——Cullums see Frances Caines 1762 (1766)



Hester see Abraham Milsom, 1763



Sir Alexander: articles of agreement re coaling. Sir A.C. of Westminster & Samuel Simons of Cleeve Hill, Westerleigh, gent, reserving liberty to dig coal, 20.6.1719, AC.AS 61/24 BRO



John, Westerleigh, yeo, Barbados, 1655, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson



Mary, 83, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

William, Hanham, admitted 1877, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897



Augustine, will Mangots, 1616, BAFHS 2.



William Curroll see John Wood, 1653

William, collier, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe II, BRL



Alice, 25, wid, 4 ch, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Edward see Mary Margaret Haythorne, 1829

Elizabeth, Barton Regis, 1686, Probate Inventory, BRO

George, Fireguard Officer, WW2, Kingswood, see Bristol Times, EP, 16.3.1999

Henry, Stapleton, yeoman, 1634, Probate Inventory, BRO

Henry Thomas, engine driver of Berkeley Rd, Fishponds, gave evidence at Inquest after Deep Pit disaster, see WDP Nov 1910.

Hester, 80, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Rev John Adey Curtis, vicar of Bitton to Miss A.F.M. Winstone, edlest d.o.Wm H. Winstone, esq of Gt Bedford St, Bath, by Mr Barry at Walcott Church on Thursday. 30.5.1799, Bath Chron.

Rev J.A. (John Adey) vicar of Bitton, Thos Pearsall, Samuel, Martha & Ann Budgett, John Whittuck, James Emerson, J & S. Stibbs, Mrs Martha Leonard, George Godfrey: contributions of Bitton to War Fund. See D.V. “KW v. Napoleon”. Also 1803, meeting of Bitton volunteers, ibid. Re Bible presented by him to a parishioner (1805) see BAFHS Journal 32, p22.

Rev John Adey Curtis, vicar of Bitton, 50, leaving a wife and 8 children, obit, FFBJ 25.1.1812

Joseph see Benj. Hamblyn, 1867

Mary Margaret, see Mary Margaret Haythorne, 1829

Mrs, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p193

William, Stapleton, 1636, Probate Inventory, BRO



Joseph see Moses Brain, 1851



John, 91, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897



John see John Dennys, 1592



Eliza J, 59, ill, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897



Rev W. see Rev W. Sandford, 1862



Henry of Bitton & Hannah Townsend mar Purton, Wilts, 22.4.1799



Thomas, limeburner in employ of Wethered, Cossham, Bendall, sitting on brink of kiln toasting a piece of bread for his dinner when 8 lbs of stone bounced out and struck him on the head. Insensible for some hours but now progressing favourably. BM 27.8.1853



Wm, 1643, see BAFHS 52, p35



Thomas, Oldland will at GRO,1725



This family is very interesting in the Annals of Kingswood, for a remarkable member, Mary Dafter, the widow of Thomas, who worked as Steward to Sir John Newton of Barr’s Court, at a time when women did not normally have professional employment. The Newton family had removed to London, and Mary’s duties involved making complicated leasing arrangements on Sir John’s behalf with his tenants, all of whom are named in her letters 1713-26. She also refers to local events, which include a multiple execution and the local invention of what seems to be a prototype steam engine. In the later years, after her “great trouble” Mary occasionally unburdens herself to her master and mistress about family matters, and the story which unfolds is ultimately a tragic one.  Mary’s letters are preserved amongst the Newton papers at Gloucester Record Office, and I am indebted to the late Mollie Ashley for the transcription. I hope (2013) to write this as an article in a forthcoming BAFHS Journal (2013)



Joan see Geo Willis, 1731

Thomas, Winterbourne yeo, 1634, Probate Inventory, BRO



Jane of Soundwell aged 46, bur Downend Christchurch 23.10.1881, (wife of John, KCP 1881?)



Widow, see James Charmbury, 1640



Mary Ann, St George, drunk, fractured leg. Inquest 4.6.1855, Co I Acc 1291 GRO



Henry of Bristol, will made 25.9.1771, Peter Bush & John Tippett his partners in coalworks at Siston £5 each & Samuel Tippett & Francis Stone his partner in coalworks at Barton Regis £5 each. BRO



Aaron, see Jonathon, 1841

Abraham, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b ; Ann Dandy see Thos Shatford 9.11.1735

Charlotte see Solomon 1841, Diana see Charles Cordy 1837

Edward, Winterbourne, 1776, Probate Inventory, BRO

Eleanor see James, 1800, Elizabeth see Isachar 1841

Elizabeth, 45, wid, 3 ch, KW South,  outdoor poor, 1897

Francis, cm, 50, born county, 1841 cens Westerleigh

George & John, “daymen & boys underground” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

George see Charles Cordy 1837, see Robt 1841

Hannah see Robt, 1841, see James 1800, see Stephen, 1841

Hester see James 1800, Isaac see Wm, 1789

Isachar, cm aged 35, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh in fam gp with Elizabeth aged 35 & 5 children.

Jacob see Jacob Tovey alias Dandy 1782;

Jacob Tovey, alias Dando, see Wm Ludlow, 1801

James see John Gough 1757

James, “hewer” & “landsman” & “driver” & see Wm, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James, collier, I.A. mar Eleanor, nee Fisher, children bp at I.A. Hannah 25.12.1800 & Hester, 1803

Job of Westerleigh kcp no 2 Ram Hill, Rope broke. 7.11.1855, Co. I. Acc 1291 GRO & KCP

John see George, 1789

John, junior, s.o. John, cm, apprenticed to Charles Bruton Marsh of Chipping Sodbury, cordwainer, 7 yrs, 8.4.1839, Westerleigh Apprentice Records, PR, BRO.

John , see Wm Ludlow, 1801

Jonathon, see Wm, 1789,

Jonathon, cm, 60, born county, in fam gp with Sarah aged 55, Aaron 15 & Sarah, 12

Levey, see Abel Summers 1841, Luke see Robert, 1841

Mary Dandy see Luke Style, 1676, Moses see Robt, 1841

Rachel see Robt, 1841

Robert, cm, 55, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh in fam gp with Hannah, 55, Luke, 20, Moses, 15, George, 15, Rachel, 14.

Samuel see Wm, 1789; Sarah see Jonathon 1841, Sarah, 12, see Jonathan, 1841

Solomon, 35, cm, born county, 1841 cens Westerleigh in fam gp with Charlotte aged 35.

Stephen see Daniel Biggs, 1713

Stephen, bastardy examination Westerleigh, Nancy Alsop her male child by S.D. cm, of F.C. Westerleigh PR, 2.7.1772, BRO

Stephen, “driver” & “at the farm” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Stephen Tovey, alias Dando, , see Wm Ludlow, 1801

Stephen, 30, born county, cm, 1841 cens. Westerleigh in fam gp with Hannah aged 25 & 2 children

William & Isaac, James, Samuel & Jonathon, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

—- see Dando Thomas, 1770



John, see Robt Brimble, 1664



Thomas see John Evans, 1799

William, otp, died 1.9.1731, aged 50, Bigland, Stapleton.



Alfred George see Elizabeth Blanche Grace, 1869

Elizabeth Blanche see Annie Grace, 1873

John Walter see Elizabeth Blanche Grace, 1869, see Annie Grace, 1873

John Walter, vicar of Downend, 1896, see Braine, p 201

Jonathon see Elizabeth Blanche Grace, 1869; Sara H see Elizabeth Blanche Grace, 1869



Amy  & John see Wm Phipps, 1787


DARBY: Betty.  John Willis who kept a huckster’s shop without Lawford’s Gate and Betty Darby indicted for murder of Edward or Stephen Finks of the brassworks, Baptist’s Mills. GJ 31.10.1738



Elizabeth, 79, aged, KW South,  outdoor poor, 1897

Ellen, widow of Siston, formerly wife of Peter Strange, Will proved Glos, 1591

George, of St George, convicted at LG for being an improper distance from his cart and horses. FFBJ 6.4.1811

George Darke of St George, fined 10/- at Lawford’s Gate for being an improper distance from his cart & horses, refusing to discover his name & wilful misbehaviour on the turnpike road. BMBJ 11.4.1811

John of Bitton, cm, 7.5.1763, D2957/146/168, GRO

Mary see Abraham Pritchard 1701, Solomon Darke, see Moses Brain, 1851

Thomas, of Hanham, Railway engineer, 1849, emigrated to USA and won award $2000 1st prize for improving the town of Buffalo’s water supply, see “A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter, p42

—- Dark, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.



—- MI at Mangots, see E.J. p58



Ann see Samuel Potter, 1762



—- Daubeny see Thomas Fudge, 1781 & 1774 & Wm Fudge, 1781

Giles, custody of KW, 1498, see Braine p 45

Giles, of Stapleton, gent, (Robt King of St JB, as bondsman) & Beatrix Gyles, sp, St James, 30 Dec 1789, BMLB.




Mary see Josiah Tallboys, 1811

Robert. Supposed collier, bca 1810, at Uley, Glos, married Elizabeth. (ancestor of C.H. Dauncey of Stroud)

Susanna, wife of William of Uley, serving as sub. for Robert Lewis of Bitton, 17.6.1796, Bitton Militia List, BRO

Thomas, 1710, Stapleton, BAFHS 72 p15



Abraham aged 35, 2 Prospect Place, Devon Rd, Whitehall, injured ankle with hatchet while chopping wood at Deep Pit, Hanham. Taken to Cossham Hospital. WDP 20.12.1912.



George Madgwick, of Warmley House, by Gift, freeman of Gloucester, 1818-9. Bs & Glos Arch. Socy.



Crown Collieries, Warmley, sunk about 1830. See Collieries of KW & S. Glos by J. Cornwell.

See Thos Waters, 1841



Ambrose Davis, kept alehouse at Scruze (sic) Hole, 1655. See Records of a Church in Christ (BRL), p255.

Ann Davis one of 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick after his expulsion by John Wesley, 1750 see Anne Allen.

Ann Davis see Moses Toghill, 1738, Ann Davies see Wm Haynes, 1829

Ann Davis, see Elizabeth, 1821; Ann Jones Davies see Wm Godwin, 1822

Arthur, 16, illness, Oldland outdoor poor, 1897

Benjamin d 1876 see Bennett, 1846

Bennett Davis, d1846 aged 59, Mary his wife d 1882 aged 84, Benjamin Davis d 1876 aged 85, Hannah Davis d 1878 aged 85 MIs Downend, see E.J. p66

Caroline, 16, piecer,  born Bristol, Glos, 1851 Census Ellen Holme, Sowerby, Nr Halifax, see BAFHS 11, April 1978, p15 5

Caroline, 74, dead, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Charity, 1720, Stapleton, see BAFHS 72, p15, Charles Davis see James 1786

Charles, drowned at Shortwood Pit with Eli Rogers. Another man called Davis & one called Bryant had narrow escapes. Accident thought to have occurred by bursting of a  barrier which kept back water. See FFBJ 18.12.1852. Handel Cossham reported incident in his diary 6.12.1852 saying Rogers had 2 children of 7 & 5 but no wife, & Charles Davis unmar was abt 19. Se also BM 25.12.1852; see George Davis 1852 & see John Bowen 1852. & see KCP

Charlotte Davies , see Thos 1824

Christopher Davis, Winterbourne, 1690, yeo, Probate Inventory, BRO

Daniel Davis, 1827, BAFHS 74, p35

Dinah, wife of John, of St George, bur Siston, 16.6.1759 & John s.o. John & Dinah Davis, St George, bur 30.4.1759

Edward, Stapleton, yeo, 1731, Probate Inventory, BRO

Edward Davis, 1731, BAFHS 72, p15, Edward, Barton Regis, Non resident poor, KW distr., 1897

Eliza, 74, unsound mind, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Elizabeth Davis see Thos Batman, 1655

Elizabeth Davis, widow, Henry & Susannah Davis, inhabs of Siston, during vicar’s perambulation of 1674. BRO

Dame Elizabeth Davies, widow of Sir Thomas, Lord Mayor of London & sister in law of Francis Creswick who swore to his innocence re Monmouth Rebellion, 1685.

Elizabeth Davies, see Joseph Betts, 1779; Elizabeth Davis, see Sampson Jefferies 1796,

Elizabeth, of Downend, aged 47, the wife of George, and their daughter Ann, aged 17, double obituary FFBJ 28.4.1821

Elizabeth  see Job, 1825

Emily,28, 2 ch, deserted, KW South, outdoor poor, 1897 & see also: Emily, 28, & Thomas,2, KW, pauper in Workhouse, 1897, Poor Law list

Emma Davis see Samuel Bennett, 1840, Esther Davis, see Thomas, 1824

George Davis of Bitton & Mary Sutton, Mangots, mar lic 1781 BMLB

George Davis see Samuel Summerell 1781

George, cm, aged 12, drowned 21 April attempting to cross River Avon in a small boat. Inquest Soundwell, 23.4.1795, GRO/D260

George, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

George Davies, aged 60, killed by dislocation of neck falling down a coalpit called Clay Pit (Mr Whittuck) Inquest Oldland 24.8.1811, accident, GRO/D260

George Davis, see Elizabeth, 1821, George Davis see Job, 1825

George Davis, under 21, bach, miner of KW s.o. Thomas cm, & Ann Guest under 21, sp, KW d.o. Robert, carter mar HTKW 1.8.1842

George Davis, cousin of Charles Davis, (qv) who was in the vein on the morning of accident. Gave evidence to inquest on Charles D. & Eli Rogers. See BM 25.12.1852 & KCP

George, 76, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Giles Davis see Francis Creswick, 1674

Hannah Davis see Thos Pinker 1751, Hannah Davies see Geo Jones, 1810

Hannah Davis see Job, 1825

Hannah Davis died in cholera epidemic “near Fire Engine” aged 28. Buried St George 22.11.1833. See also “Budgetts”.

Hannah  d 1878 see Bennett 1846, Harriett Davies see Thos 1824

Harrington Davyes & Susanna Harwood mar Batheaston 7.11.1636

Harrington Davis, bur Kelston, 18 November, 1670

Harrington Davis of Bitton, cordwyner, & Martha Harding of St P & J, wid, lic, 6.8.1719.

Harrington Davies of Bitton & Martha “Howard” (should be Harding?) of Bitton at St P & J 11.8.1719

Harrington & Martha see Roger Harding, 1718; Harrington Davis see Benjamin Summerell, 1736

Henry Davis see Elizabeth, 1674; Henry, haberdasher, Frampton Cotterell, Electoral Roll, 1739

Henry Davis see John 1805, see Susan, 1815, see Henry, 1830

Henry Davis, coachmaker s.o. John, pinmaker of Siston, Freeman of Gloucester, 1830. (Bs & Glos Arch Society)

Herbert Davies: forged entry in Mangotsfield parish registers in 1897 see Shipray. H.D. was sentenced to 3 years penal servitude for this and other offences in connection with Mangots church & churchyard. (PR)  and see (WO 45/10256/X57907)

Hester Davis. “Mrs H.D. sister of late Mrs Vaulton of St George, aged 80.” Obit 12.12.1801 (FFBJ?)

Hugh Davis, smith, will Mangots 1612, BAFHS no. 2

James Davis see Robt Leonard 1750

James Davis s.o. Charles, butcher & Jane of Bitton, bp Whitefield Tabernacle, 12.3.1786

James, Daves, sic, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

James Davis see Nancy, 1808

James, Brunswick Sq., see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd  School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Jane Davis see James, 1786, see Thomas 1824, Joan Davis see Wm, 1637

Job, cm, KW Hill, mar Hannah, children George, 1825 & Elizabeth 1826, bp HTKW.

Job, cm, mar Ann Stone, St P & J, Bristol, 1852

John Davis, lab. of Stapleton, bur in woollen Jun 1727 BRL B32433/5

John Davis of Mangots. & Jane Davis of same mar St Andrew, Clifton, 2.5. 1734, by lic.

John Davies of Bitton & Ann Chappell of Ashley, mar Cold Ashton, 1738

John Davis, see Dinah 1759

John s.o John & Mary Davies of P & J, bp Princess St Chapel, Plymouth, 2.10.1769

John Davis, pinmaker of Siston s.o. Henry, pinmaker, dec’d, Freeman of Gloucester, 1805 (Bs & Glos Arch Society)

John, “died at Warmley House, Mr John Davis, greatly regretted.” FFBJ 25.3.1809

John Davis of Bitton & Elizabeth Wait of Marshfield, banns 7,14,21, Sep, 1827, Bitton

John Davis: “Jun 6th 1840 John Davis foreman & brother in law of Mr Willcox, mason, cut his throat at Temple Meads and after stagerd into the river”.(Couch).

John, 87, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Joseph Davies see George Jones, 1810, Lucy Davis see Samuel 1799

Lydia Davis see Edmund Tucker, 1669; Martha see Harrington

Mary see John, 1769, see Daniel Warn 1774. see Nancy 1808, Mary d 1882, see Bennett, 1846

Mary, 44, Mangots, pauper in Workhouse, 1897, Poor Law list

Matthew Davis see Ann Strange, 1611,  see John Willis 1737

Morgan Davis, feltmaker, bur Westerleigh, 1 Mar 1748

Nancy Davis bp 17.7.1808 d.o. James, (engineer) & Mary, Bitton, Whitefield School, KW

Ric Davis see Francis Creswick 1674; Richard, Bitton, will at GRO, 1725

Richard Davis, mar (1) Sarah, d.1671, (2) Eleanor, d.1696, father of Mary Dafter, (qv) he died 20.6.1725, Bitton, Bigland , see Thos Long, 1761.

Richard, see Henry Thomas 1886

Robert Davis aged 67, drowned in a gravel pit, bur Westerleigh 9.4.1745

Samuel mar Widow Wade, see E.J. p158 (1702)

Samuel Davis, bp 22 July 1799 s.o. Samuel (butcher) & Lucy of Bitton, Whitefield School, KW

Samuel Davis of Whitehall, 63, died of cholera, bur St George 8.9.1832

Sarah Davis see Joseph Rogers 1814; Susannah Davis see Elizabeth 1674

Sir Thomas Davies, see Dame Elizabeth 1685;

Stephen, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Stephen Davis, Mangots, 1820, see E.J. p197

Susan of Bristol, d.o. late Henry, mar to Rev John Lacey FFBJ 23.12.1815

Thomas Davies, see Wm Fellow, 1693

Thomas Davis of Siston & Elizabeth Keines of Bitton mar Cold Ashton, 26.4.1744 by licence

Thomas Davis, alias Thomas Morgan – (1786) see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26, and see Shusanna Millege 1786

Thomas Davis “for beating John Tucker, Wm Burgess & Edward Wright, night-watchmen, when on duty at St P & J,” 8.9.1787. FFBJ

Thomas Davies, cm, Soundwell, mar Harriet, their dau Charlotte bp HTKW 1824

Thomas Davis cm, Windmill Hill, KW, mar Jane, their dau Esther bp HTKW 1824

Thomas Davies see Sam Bennett 1840; Thomas Davis see George 1842, see Emily, 1897

William Davis, alias Taylor of W & A, wife Joan, will proved 10.5.1637, Year Books.

William Davies, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36; William Davis see Jonathan Short, 1797

William, 74, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

—- Davis, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.

—- Davis, at Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



G.M., Warmley, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813



Margaret & William, see Daniel Jones, 1656



Holly: dau of George, farrier of Fishponds, and his wife nee Caroline Watts, b1890, “A interview with Miss Holly Daws, aged 100” see “Stapleton, Glos, (2)”, Jane Baker.

James Daw, 27 of Mangots, BRI Inpatients 1787, cured, BRO.

Martha see Chas Bird 1840;  William see Chas Bird 1840



Mary of Stapleton, husband Henry, 1760, see BAFHS 72, p15 & Probate Inventory, BRO



John Dawson & George Ovington, (G.O. was Dawson’s uncle), bailiffs at Tom Joy’s Pit, KW, 1862.  Gave evidence at Inquest on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles.



Day Pit – a coalpit in St George see Isaac Iles, 1850

Rev Arthur Benjamin, vicar of Stapleton, 1869-89

George: 10 Jun 1834, “On Tuesday morning Jun 10 about one o’clock Mr Geo Day at Hanham Lock shot Samuel Ward, alias Dagger in the right shoulder as he was breaking in to his house. He fell down the steps and broke his right arm” (Couch)

George: “Jun 20 1840, George Day at Hanham Lock died.” (Couch).

Rev William, 1766-1832, vicar of St Philips, 1810-32, for FT and connections to Wills family see Sanigar, p25. Obit of his wife, see FFBJ 25.12.1819. See also my forthcoming “St Philips v. Napoleon”.

Mrs, in her 78th year, mother of Rev William Day, a Christian, who adored the doctrine of God, her Saviour. Obit, FFBJ 25.12.1813. (William Day was vicar of St P & J, and for much more about him see my work on the Peninsular war letters)



John see John Luker 1771;  John, 87, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Sarah, 77, Bitton, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Hannah see Samuel Harris 1768



Thomas see Stephen Alsop, 1735



I.H. Clerk to KW Council & author of “The Open Air Cathedral” 1951, about Hanham Mount.



William, aged 41, killed on the road at Stapleton while driving the mail cart. Bur Bitton, 11.9.1841



Emily, 33, wid, 2 ch, KW South,  outdoor poor, 1897

Giles see Nicholas Pointz, 1585; Hannah see Wm Willis, 1793

Robert, landlord of Kingswood Hotel, 1950s-60s. Married to Edna. Their son, Robert emigrated to Canada.

William Dimery, cordwainer of Hanham. Bristol Electoral Roll, 1722, 1734 & 1739

Demmery family of Two Mile Hill, BAFHS 99, p13



Thomas see Daniel Tovey, 1746



Robert, Mangots, 1759, E.J.p145



Thirza, see Joseph Zahringer, c1890;

A Denning family lived Worcester Road, KW, ca1945



Ann see Sir Walter, 1485; Cecily see Henry 1638

Sir Gilbert: Lord of Manor of Siston, pre 1580 who sold it to Henry Billingsley (Braine 133& 135)

Henry of Siston Court see Braine, p135

Henry, d. 1638, Pucklechurch, mar Margaret d.o. George Speke of Whitelackington, Som, d. 1622, Pucklechurch. Children: John, Henry, William, Cecily

Hugh (see Sir Walter, 1485) d Pucklechurch 1599, mar the dau of  Edward Trye, she d. Puck. 1583. Third child was John Dennys, d1609, author of “The Secrets of Angling” see Braine, p 139.

John see Sir Walter, 1485

John: DD/GB/57 SRO. Fine, 1592, Wm Bassett of Uley, Barnaby Samburne of Timsborough, esq., John Denys of Pucklechurch, Wm Veale of Acton, John Cutt of Burnet, gent, Edward Bosden of Siston, gent. Re Common pastures in the Forest of KW.

John see Hugh, 1599, John, d 1609, see Morys (1505)

John see Henry, 1638 (he purchased Bitton manor, 1669. Died 1669, bur Pucklechurch.

Mary: Feb 2, 1719: Articles of Agreement between (1) Mary Dennis of Westminster, single woman, (2) John Whitewood of Mangots, cm & Daniel Allsopp of Puck, yeo, granting licence to dig coal on a farm nr. Shortwood rented from her by D.A. to carry away & sell same. 120 yrs, W. & A. to pay her 3 shillings for every 20 shillings of coal. BRO AC/AS 62/1

Sir Maurice, Lord of Barton Regis, d 1565. See Braine p53 & 106

Morys, esq., son and heir of Gilbert Denys, 1505, Brass at Olveston (illustrated), and his son, Walter, The Monumental Brasses of Gloucestershire, Cecil T Davis. 1897, reprint 1969. See p108 for Denys pedigree. Walter died 1.9.1505, & his 3rd and ygt son, John was “settled in the parish of Pucklechurch & died in 1521. This John Dennis had a grandson John Dennis of Pucklechurch who died 7.8.1609. ibid, p109.

Sir Walter. Fought for Richard III at Bosworth, 1485. His son Sir William founded a guild at Dyrham & enclosed the park 1512, mar Anne d.o. Wm Berkeley. Another son John lived at Puck. Mar the dau of Thos Norton of Bristol, and had one son, Hugh, who d. Puck. 1599. See Braine p 139.

Sir William see Sir Walter, 1485, Sir William – executor of Morys Blount’s will, 1528

William see Henry, 1638. Owned Manor of Bitton & Puck. Estates, d. 1701 aged 55. Mar Dorothy d.o. John Cotton, of Connington, Hunts. Two daus, Elizabeth & Mary see Braine, p 140



Sampson see Edward Moore, 1828



James & Samuel, Boot & shoe manufrs, commenced 1830’s see “From Colliers to Clickers” S. Fryer



  1. Preacher at Whitefield School. See Thos Willis, 1819



Roy, Bevin Boy, Frog Lane, WW2. See Roy Crew, 2012



William of Mangots & Martha Stewart, St Stephen, Bristol, mar St Stephen, 6.11.1766



Anne see Thos Tyndall, 1650, Elizabeth see Jonathon Robbins, 1758

Joan see Roger 1635, Roger of Bitton, Will proved 12 May 1635, wife Joan. See Year Books.



Caleb & Mary see Henry Creswick 1775

Vickris, see Henry Creswick. H.C. married Mary, his dau in 1775, see AKW 1775.



Martha, single woman, removed from Walcot to St P & J, 16.1.1754 ref SRO Q/SR 322/2



See Demery



Ann Dymock see Richard Attwood, 1654

Elizabeth Dymock, see Thos Jones, 1668-71, see Humphrey Stout, 1721, see Tobias, 1721

Hester, see Tobias, 1696/7, John see James Charmbury, 1640

Mary see William Symonds, 1654, Robert see Thos Jones, 1668-71

Sarah Dimmock, schoolmistress at Girls day school in KW in 1749 (John Wesley’s Journal)

Tobias, clothworker, Bitton, bondsman at marriage of Thos Holbin, Mangots/Hester Dymock, Mangots, 1696/7, BMLB

Tobias Dimmock, 1721, 1722, Elizabeth his mother, 1721, aged abt 70, MD

William Dymocke, collier, Hanham Bitton, aged abt 60, of middle stature, suitable as musketeer see Men & Armour for Glos, 1608

William “late Wm Demuck’s, now Ralenses.” See Thos Britton, 1755



James Dinwiddy of  P & J, mar Susanna Welch, wid, Brislington, 28.8.1783

Mr Dinwiddle: pioneer balloonist who came down in St George, 10.1.1784. The district is still called “Air Balloon” to this day. Was he local man James, above?



Samuel of Bitton, obit 21.2.1818 FFBJ



Bert of  Pettygrove, Mounthill, stretcher bearer, kia Belgium, obit. BO 10.11.1917.

Elizabeth Ann (Bessie) a dressmaker of Hanham Road, KW, died 1965 aged 99. Unmar, only child of Nathaniel & Lucy Dix. Information Sought by David Johnson of Woking, Surrey, see BO 23.9.94.

George, 27, s.o. Robert, gent of St George, 1827, BAFHS 74, p36

George see Rev. W. Sandford, 1862, Henry see Sarah, 1897

Lucy see Elizabeth Ann 1965, Mary Ann, 38, wid, 4 ch, KW South,  outdoor poor, 1897

Mr: landlord of Black Horse, KW, gave evidence at Inquest on Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, Feb 1862

Nathaniel: leg amputated after accident at Deep Pit, Messrs Brain & Co. Unmar & “quite young”. Stephen Newman was killed in this accident. See BM 6.9.1851 & KCP

Nathaniel see Elizabeth Ann, 1965;

Robert see George, 1837

Sarah, 24, Henry, 4, KW, paupers in Workhouse, 1897, Poor Law list



Benjamin of St P & J. 1751, Bonded passenger to America, see Coldham; Charles see Wm, 1875

John, Highway Robbery at Stapleton, 1748. Bonded passenger to America, see Coldham

William, cm, s.o. Charles, lab, mar Amelia Evans, d.o. Isaac, cm, St Silas Westerleigh, 25.12.1875



Benjamin, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p194

Edward, senior, d. 4.1.1712 aged 73, Obit Mangots. See E.J. p 37 also Susanna his wife 3 Aug 1714 aged 65, also Elizabeth his, wife of Thos Collins, 22 June 1718 aged 30.

Susanna see Edward 1712



Elizabeth. She was “Esquire Trotman’s Housekeeper”, bur Siston 19.9.1706

John, vicar of Mangots, 1633, see E.J., p61



Adelaide, see James, 1852, Caroline see James, 1852; Ellen see James, 1852

James of Fishponds & Mary Isabella ygr d.o.Robert Henderson, Chapel House, Bath; at St James, marriage B.G. 14.3.1816

James, pin manufacturer of KW (Mangotsfield): late baptisms at Mangots, PR: Ellen, 23, William, 18, Caroline, 31, Mary Isabelle, 26, Adelaide, 21, Children of James & Mary, 20.6.1852

James, aged 61, Feb. 13 at Soundwell Pin Manufacturers, Obit, BMerc 24.2.1855

Mary see James, 1816 & 1852, Mary Isabelle see James, 1852

William see James, 1852



Benjamin Dodd, Colliery reviewer for neighbourhood, gave evidence at Soundwell Pit where there were 5 deaths and criticised the state of the rope. See BM 1.11.1845

John of Stapleton, quit claim to John Sventungre (?) of shops in Old Market. Seal, number 209. on a deed dated 1437. See Bristol Merchant Marks in Proceedings of Clifton Antiquarian Club, 1909-1912, Vol VII



Tobias, Barton Regis, cordwainer, 1717, Probate Inventory, BRO,



Ann Dolling, see John 1841, Charles see John, 1841

Charles: killed pit fall, Siston Crown, Inquest 26.6.1856 GRO Co I Acc 1291 GRO & BMerc 28.6.1858 & KCP.

Elias Dolling, West, will at GRO, 1728, 1730

Eliza see John 1841,George see John, 1841, Harriet see John, 1841

John, cm, b county, 1841 census W & A in fam grp with Eliza, 35, Thomas, collier, 15, Ann, 15, Chas, 13, Harriet, 11, George, 6, John, 4, Sarah, 3, Eliza, 1.

Josiah see Wm Hollister, 1637/8

Robert Dollen, cm Hanham/Bitton, aged abt 40 of middle stature, suitable as musketeer. See Men in Armour, 1608.

Sarah see John, 1841, Thomas see John, 1841



James, 1663, see BAFHS 52, p35



William see Hezekiah Cole, 1768.



Avis, Winterbourne, 1677, Probate Inventory, BRO

Mary see Robt Ellworthy 1702

Matthew see Wm Symes, 1687/8



Betty see Thos Tilladams, 1766



Jane 74, of Bitton buried N. Stoke, 1.2.1862;  John, 69, of Bitton, bur Swainswick, 3.4.1841

Mary of Bitton, bur N. Stoke, 18.3.1858



Thomas, W & A, will at GRO,1729



George V, d1824, aged 29. MI Mangots, see E.J. p59

Douglas of Kingswood Renowned  Motor Cycle Manufrs in KW, 1882-1956. Commenced by William Douglas, a Scot. Teamed up with William Barter, a Bedminster inventor. Dominated racing sport for 20 years and by 1923 held 150 British & World records. Made aircraft parts in WW2 and launched new model bikes after the war. See EP Bristol Times, 10.4.2001. Also manufactured machinery for the boot & shoe industry in KW, 1880’s -. see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer

Rosie (died 2001, aged 87) & Rene, granddaughters of Wm Douglas, famous lady motor-bike riders. See EP Bristol Times, 10.4.2001



John see Daniel Cribb, 1768



William 24, stealing a cabbage, LG 1820 see BAFHS Journal no 61, p31



Timothy, Bitton, admitted 1897, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897



Robert, ranger of KW Chase 1671 see Braine, p81 & “Old Dover” see Sir John Newton, (letter), 1684.



Herbert J, Mangots, admitted 1895, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897



5964 Corpl B.F., Army Pay Corps, d 9.7.1916, aged 39, St George MI



Dowls, esq, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p194

William, Servant of Mr Chandler of Boxwell killed by a wagon loaded with coal & drawn by 6 horses going over his chest. Inquest 12.2.1795 ate White Lion, Yate. GRO D/260



Elizabeth Downs see Matthew Raborn, 1718; Mary of Wingfield, Wilts, see John Horewood, 1757

Roger, s.o. Roger, cm, of Hanham, apprent to Elizabeth Langton, widow of Thomas, merchant. Bs Apprents, 13.5.1676 BRO



Jack, cm at Speedwell, see Stanley Nash

John A, 18, b St George, 1881 cens RN at sea, etc, BAFHS 73, 927

Jonathon see Mary 1726

Mary d.o. John & Mary of Barton Hundred, Nr Bristol bp 3.2.1726 at Croydon.



Wm, see James Charmbury, 1640



James, blacksmith, bach, over 21 & Mary Emerson of same, sp. over 21, BMLB 27.2.1767

James of Moorend, 1746-1816, See “The Forsters of Bristol” J. Goulstone, BAFHS 58, p31-5 with FT.

Mr: see Mr Francis, 1793.

Robert see John Cripps, 1681

Robert, Rev, of Stapleton, (Curate 1681, and Minister 1684) mar Hannah Parker, St John Baptist, Bristol, 30.11.1704.

Robert see Henry Roger 1836, William see Elizabeth Spencer, 1734

William, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977



Elizabeth, admitted 1897, (dead), lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897



Archibald see John Burnell, 1619



Nehemiah & James, advt for their lunatic asylum, Ridgeway House, Stapleton, FFBJ 5.2.1820



Some connections with East Bristol: FT in Mangots, see BAFHS 52 p30.



Nicholas of Winterbourne & Joan Sheill mar Grittleton, Wilts, 12.5.1601



George see Mark, 1843

Joseph aged 9 & James Turner, 11, killed Whimsey Pit by stone falling on them. Inq. 17.12.1811, Coalpit Heath, GRO D/260 & KCP.

Joseph Dutfield, over 21, widower, cm, KW s.o. Thomas, cm, mar Hannah Smallcombe, over 21, sp, KW, HTKW 29.5.1842

Mark, over 21, bach, cm, KW, s.o. George, cm, & Emma Wigmore, minor, sp, KW, d.o. George, lab., mar HTKW 17.4.1843

Thomas Dutfield see Joseph, 1842



Henry, rogue & vagabond, convictions at Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, 15.10.1823. W.O.T. Vol 22, p65, BRO



Josiah (bc1759) & family of Barton Hill pottery, see Sanigar p26; see also Henry, James, John S & Sons, Charles Duffett, in “Bristol Potters, 1775-1906”, R.K. Henrywood.



Edward, see AKW 1767 & 68, & see Nathaniel Fry, 1773



Joseph, b St P & J, 1774, “a runaway apprentice” for description & article see BAFHS 33, p17

Thomas, Barton Regis, glassmaker, 1718, Probate Inventory, BRO



William see George Groves, 1810



Ann, 1725, MD; Elizabeth, see Thos Coole, 1726

Elizabeth see Henry Ellacombe, 1871

Joseph of St Geo, Victualler, bach over 21 & Mary Jarrett, ditto, sp over 21 (bondsman Daniel Gage, St P & J, outparish, glazier) BMLB 17.3.1806

Mary, MD 1721; Mr Dunne, see Francis Creswick, 1674

Mr Dunn, MD 1719, 1721 (dead April 1721) and his dau Mary, 1721, MD

Sarah, wife of Tobias of Hanham, d.29.10.1719 aged 65, 2m & 2 weeks, also Ann d.o. Mr Francis, wine cooper of Bristol, and g/dau of Sarah Dunn, d.15.3.1719 aged 16 mths, also Mr Tobias Dunn, d. 29.3.1721, aged 72, Bitton, Bigland

Thomas, see AKW 1769

William, 18, breaking windows, LG 1820 see BAFHS Journal no 61, p31



William s.o. James & Mary drowned Lypiatts Well, bur 11 Jun 1773, Pucklechurch.



Alice, 22, KW, pauper in Workhouse, 1897, Poor Law list



Ann , Hester & William see James Martin, 1806



Daniel, of St P & J, & Ann Lee, mar Slimbridge, 20.11.1730



John, a lad, killed with 10 others when Causeway Pit (Braine & Co) flooded. “The father of this lad was killed on the railway, last Wednesday week”. See BM 1.6.1839.



Nathaniel (?) ale-seller, Workemans Green,  inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Chester’s Liberty: (Ellacombe)



Sarah see John Cribb, 1763



Agnes Dier of Frampton, Glos, bur Bath Abbey 15 Jan 1592

Ann see William 1812; David, see Sam Wilcox, 1827; Elizabeth see Henry Belsire, 1733

Hester see Richard Emerson, 1794, James, “keeper of Forest” c1629, see Braine, p64

Job aged 26  & Mark Dyer, 24, both of Iron Acton, executed at Over Gallows, Gloucester, 18.4.1828 for shooting John Miles. Both men bur at Iron Acton, register entry given in Latin., Mark Dyer “suspensus proptica pendum nactare naturis fel aged 26 & Job Dyer, reus frater iden particparem, aged 24, 19.4.1828) (See also Mark Dyer, 1827, Job Dyer then given as John Dyer.)

John, took part in KW riot, 1670. See Ellacombe, John see Job Dyer, 1828

Joseph aged 20, cm, born county, 1841 census Westerleigh, in fam group with Susan aged 20 & Thomas, 2 mths.

Mark see Job, 1828. “Trial & execution of John (sic) & Mark Dyer April 1827 at Gloucester Assizes, “John Neale, constable of Yate, said he saw Thomas Mills at 7 in the morning of the 25th at the Lion at Yate. He apprehended the prisoners upon information given and examined their footwear which coincided with the markings in the garden. He found Mark Dyer at home in his pit clothes and he claimed to have worked in the pit all night. His brother John was out planting wheat in his garden. (Information in a letter from A. Strange, 113 Wycliffe Rd, Northampton)

Philip see William, 1812, Phoebe see Aaron Crew, 1819

Robert of Mangots, tailor, see Daniel Poole, 1792, Susan see Joseph 1841

Thomas of Barton Regis, Will proved 16.6.1637, relict Mary, son Thomas. Year Books.

Thomas, Winterbourne 1706, Probate Inventory, BRO Thomas see Joseph Fletcher 1837, see Joseph 1841

William, ranger in KW Forest, 1629, gave evidence for Attorney General agt Berkeley, Chester, Newton & Player. Braine, 63/4.

William, collier, mar to Ann, their son Philip bp at I.A. 1812

William see Aaron Crew, 1819