Kingswood Index: S – T


Sir Raufe, 1615, see Braine, p60, see John Norden, 1615



George, of Publow, gardener & Ann Still, sp, Bitton, mar Bedminster 17.2.1725

Jacob, committed to Newgate 1753, after colliers’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26.5.1753 & AKW

Job, Removal Order from Pilton, Som, to Bitton, 4 Jun 1768. SRO Q/SR/336/3

Mr, manager Frog Lane Pit, see Roy Crew, 2012

Rev W. Hood, see Rev W. Sandford, 1862

William, St Geo, cm, kcp, hit on head by fall, Inq GRO CoI/1291/Acc



Abraham 1663, see BAFHS 52, p35.



Ann see Francis Cory 1780

Hezekiah, maltster of Lawrence Hill, obit 7.6.1783, FFBJ

James Psalter, cm, admitted to Bristol Liberties 18.10.1774 by marriage to Susannah d.o. Samuel Milsome, pitcher. Bristol Burgesses. Cm of St George, Bristol Poll Books, 1774/81



—-1704, Mangots, see E.J., p145, Rachael Rome was his dau.

Barnaby, see John Denys 1592



Edward AKW 1759

William, cm & Hannah Crow, married Bitton, 7.10.1754

William of Hanham, see Samuel Hall, 1804



Robert, see Wm Hayward, 1760



Elizabeth, inhab of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation

John, carpenter, 1622, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27



Tom, Bitton, admitted 1893, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897



Abraham Sanders see Fra Creswick, 1674, Ann Saunders see Solomon Crew, 1780

Anthony Saunders see John Hawkins 1696, Charles, 1721, MD

Edwin, Pearce Saunders (Saunders Bros), (the brothers were Tom, Charlie & Harry) Boot Manufacturers, Cross St, then Alsop Rd, KW, guilty of making deductions from wages of Emily Wiltshire, an employee, see B.O. 17.9.1904; Nelson took over from his father Edwin, and was in turn succeeded by his sons, Keith & Terry. I recall a serious fire there in the 1940’s (?) when we watched from “The Patch”. Ceased production in 1957. See “From Colliers to Clickers” S. Fryer.

George Saunders, Bitton, in list of rioters, 1670, see Ellacombe

George Sanders, Francis Creswick’s servant. In gaol with him after Monmouth affair, see Annals 1685

George, Mangots, 1691, ability indifferent, wife, children, good house, threeqtr acre, 2 horses, see E.J, p179.

J.D. & S Sanders, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

James Saunders of Stapleton & Honour Calleway, mar St Mary Red, 1726-7

James of Bitton married Sarah Crew, Kelston, 10.11.1765

                Mary d.o. James & Sarah Sanders of Bitton, bp Kelston 22.10.1766; the same Mary bur at

Kelston 1.2.1767

John Saunders, Mangots collier, & Martha Jeffrey, BMLB 17.2.1676/7

John Saunders see Wm Hayward, 1760, see Solomon Crew 1780

Joseph Saunders, Pucklechurch, 1659, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

Joseph Saunders, Stapleton, 1727, BAFHS 72, p15-16

Mary see James, 1766, Sarah see James 1765/6

Sarah Ann Saunders, see Jonathan Robbins 1721,

Thomas, 1724, MD,

Thomas Sanders see Thos Roberts, 1811

Thomas Saunders see Christiana Shipp, (b1808)

Thomas Sanders, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

William Saunders see Fra Creswick, 1674

— Saunders Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Rev W. A list of Jury of KW residents in 1862, who officiated at Inquest on Thomas Brain & Joseph Iles, killed at Tom Joy’s pit, 1862. Rev W. Sandford, foreman, Rev W. Hood Sage, Rev W. Cuttle, W. Weight, jun, Geo F. Dix, Richard Smith, Geo Godfrey, G.F. Thompson, W. Robert Rossiter, John Collins, S. Flook, Frederick Taylor. They waived fee of 16shiling to go to widows & orphans fund for victims.





Susanna, see Benj Gay 1722, Henry Sandys see Jn Wood, 1653



Wm T. Sanigar in his book Houses and People of Old St George (1936).  1882. Living Avonvale rd St George, 1939.



—–Sargant, 1687, Mangots, see E.J.p157

Hester Sergeant, 20, Bitton, febris, inpatient BRI 1790

Mary see Daniel Biggs, 1713

Robert Sergeant, 60, Mangots, inpatient BRI 1791



Susanna see Edw Nicholls, 1723



Mr see AKW 1767, Samuel Sartin, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p195/6

Samuel of Mangots & Jane Harlow mar St Augustine, 10.12.1761

Samuel of Mangots, bach, o21 & Esther Lewton, of same, sp, Stephen Shipley, tallow chandler as bondsman, BMLB 7.6.1769

Samuel see Stephen Bryant, 1818

Susannah, wife of Wm, aged 51, d 30.9.1724. MI Mangots, E.J. p37

Thomas, Mangots, yeo & Elizabeth Board, St Peters, BMLB 1723, no. 41

William see Susannah 1724, William Sartin, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p195





William of Hanham, “hanged for a felony” 1591, see p 59, “Earlier Smythe’s of Ashton Court, A. Bantock.



Anthony, committed to Newgate after 1753 colliers’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26.5.1753 & AKW



Sarah, Mary Say, & Sarah Tyler, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation



Ann, 61, wife of John of Hanham, killed falling down a quarry, see BM 27 Mar & 13 Apr 1858


There is a booklet on the Scammell family entitled “Bristol was my village.”



Ann, widow, removed from St Cuthbert’s, Wells, to St P & J, Bristol. 12.11.1753. SRO Q/SR 322/1f



—  Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p195



Mary, 31, wid, 4 ch, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897



Margaret, widow, 1637,, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p27



Arabella, KW, 33, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Florence, 25, heart disease, KW North, outdoor poor 1897



Betty, of Lawrence Hill, sister of Thomas Smith of Rudgeway, near Stapleton, obit, FFBJ 2.2.1805



Dinah, see Nathaniel Burchill, 1816



Ann Skreen – see Robert Taylor, 1703

Elizabeth Skreen, see Thos Gregory 1707

George Skrine, baker, Mangots, Bristol Electoral Roll, 1734 & 1739

John, ts of Mangots wills, 1689, BRO

John Skreen of Mangots & Elizabeth Skreen, Paulton, mar Lic, Wells, 30.7.1724

Thomas, kcp, bur IA 1.3.1761



Ann see James Cantle, 1758



Abell, of Bitton, indicted for riot KW in 1670, see Ellacombe

Abell see Wm Horrell, 1684, Abel, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

Abel, named on Player’s Map, 1750

Abraham, 15, Bitton, scherhous (?) testicle, BRI Inpatients

Abraham: see FFBJ 25.5.1799 for report of trial & execution of Scull, Iles, “Scrammy handed Jemmy, Lemon, etc. and see Abraham Iles, 1799. see also Bath Chron, 30.5.1799

Ann see Edw Willis, 1738

Elizabeth, see Isaac, 1861

Evan, estate £20. 1s, died 18 Nov 1888, Two Mile Hill, proved Bristol, 29 March 1889, by Hester, Relict.

George 60, tall, suitable as pikeman, collier, Bitton/Hanham, Men & Armour, 1608

George see Mary, 1872

Hester, see Evan, 1889

Isaac, will, 18 May, 1861, Isaac Scull, hallier, St George, died 15.2.1861, Two Mile Hill, is St George, proved Bristol by Elizabeth, widow and James Hale, lab, St George.

John, see Mary, 1872

Mary, will 1872, effect under £300. late of Hamlet of Oldland, par Bitton, died 11 Apr 1872 at the Batch, Oldland, widow, proved Bristol by John Scull, Batch, carpenter and George Scull, Warmley, wheelwright, sons of the deceased.

Nicholas, 20, cm, Bitton/Hanham, suitable as calyver, lower stature, Men & Armour, 1608

Samuel Skull, near New Church KW, asleep in coal cart when it collided with a gent’s gig. Skull made 2 attempts to escape, but later convicted and fined. FFBJ 5.9.1812

Sarah Ann, see William, 1872

William, will, effects under £10, late of Warmley Tower, the Batch, Bitton, died 5 Jun 1875 at River Froome in City of Bristol, proved by Sarah Ann Scull, of Warmley Tower, relict.

William, estate £28.2.3d. late of 49 Lincoln Street, Barton Hill, Bristol, cooper, died 10 March 1888, will proved Bristol by Alfred Chapman, 51 Lincoln St, tailor and Henry Templeman, 57 Lincoln St, paper hanger, executors.



John, servant in employ of Mr Packer shot Maggs, who was suspected of theft near Mr Crinks’ premises. (St George) manslaughter verdict caused surprise and outrage, and one person offered £500 bail. FFBJ 7.2.1824

See James Crow, 1816

—- see Geo Viney, 1824



Abraham, broke collarbone when qty of stuff fell on him, Little Dudley Colliery, Puck, progressing favourably, see BM 27.8.1853.

Bernie Skuse, “the Tarzan of Bitterwell Lake” 1930s & 1940s; his father was a winding engineer at Coalpit Heath Colliery.  see EP, 7.7.1990 & EP, Bristol Times, 20.2.2001

Ethel, see Kate, 1874, Hannah see Nath Burchill, 1816

John Skeuse, yeo, 1668, BAFHS 36 p27, Joseph see Chas Arthur 1759

Kate Ada, b 1874, Mangots, and her relative Ethel Scuse, supposed Matron at Brislington Hall, see BAFHS 79, Mar 1995

Richard “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Samuel Skuse, 19, Mangots, clavicle, BRI Inpatients 1790

Samuel, minor, bach, cm, KW, s.o. Geo, cm, & Eliza Crew, minor, sp, servant, d.o. Elizabeth Crew, mar HTKW 25.11.1838

Samuel, 20, Eliza, 20, 1841 cens, West., Samuel see Nath Burchill, 1816



Thos see John Tyler 1721



Charles, 1857, BAFHS 74, p37

Major Gen., d 1849, aged 66, Mary his wife d. 1859, aged 71, H. Eliza, d 1834 aged 19, Eliza S, d 1837 aged 81.MIs Downend, see E.J. p65



Benjamin Searle, Bitton, July 1693. “Bonded Passengers to America” Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

Thomas Serle, digger of coal in KW, late 13th cent. See BEP 8.2.1934



Henry, aged 4 ½ , eldest s.o. Mr Sebry of Easton, killed walking in the tram road at Whitehall, hit by a speeding tram when stopping to pick a flower. (FFBJ 19.4.1834)



Alice see Robt Bassett, 1488, Ann see Brice, 1682

Brice see Robt Bassett, 1488 (1650)

Brice, benefactor to Bitton, by will 1682, see Bigland

Brice, gent, died 26.2.1682, Martha his wife, bur 1.9.1653, William, gent, died 9.4.1739 aged 77, Sarah, wife of John, died 22.9.1774 aged 64, Ann, wife of Thos Lambe & d.o. John Seed, died 18.8.1776 aged 36, William, s.o. John, brightsmith of Bristol. died 4.7.1772, aged 25, John Seede, jun, died 29.2.1776 aged 25. Bitton, Bigland

Brice, elder, W & A, copy will 2.2.1682/3 P Xch/D/28g (BRO) & P Xch/D/28d/e Oct 15 1661, re Walter Fisher, yeo of Bitton. See also Philip Woodward 1660

Brice see Wm, 1700

Jane see Wm, 1716, below, John see Brice, 1682

John, baker, Bitton, electoral roll, Bristol, 1734, and of “Scison” (sic) in 1739

Martha see Brice, 1682, Mary see Philip Woodward 1660

Tobias, see Robt Bassett, 1488, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

William see Brice, 1682

William, s.o. Brice, Bitton, gent, to Geo Nevis, sailmaker, Bristol Apprents, 16.10.1700

William of Cullyhall, gent & Katharine, his wife, see Jane Hollister, 1716



John, landlord of White Hart Bitton, see Bitton Vestry Orders 1 May & 1 Jun 1767, BRO & AKW

John Selding, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Jonas Seldin, died 29.5.1752 aged 59; Martha his wife died 6.4.1767 aged 63, Bitton, Bigland.

Martha Seldon see Samuel Haynes, 1762, see Jonas, 1752 above



Edith, 16, illness, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Madam, “smallpox, died 1722, left substance to Mr Woodward’s two sons” MD



Walter see AKW 1752



Ann Silman see Benj Collins, 1839, George Silman see James Stone, 1858

James Silman see Benj Collins, 1839

John, Nov 17 1828, “fell dead at Moors Buildings at quarter past six at night, bur St Geo, Nov 23 aged 35.” (Couch)

Rachel, 75, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Thomas, s.o. William, drowned Hanham Mils, 11.9.1826 . From Ledger of John Crouch, quarryman, 17.11.1828.

William see Thos, 1826

William, jun, bur Keynsham 2 Dec aged abt 43,  24.11.1827 (Couch)

William, sen., “d 7 Jan 1828 bur Bitton, the 13th“(Couch)


The son of Mr Selman who keeps the ferry at Hanham Mills, crossing to pick up passengers, struck a rock and fell overboard drowned in sight of distraught father, (BMe 23.9.1826)



Mary d.o. Rev John Senior, of Iron Acton, obit FFBJ 8.10.1814





Anna. 1820-78. Author of “Black Beauty” lived at Blue Lodge, Abson. Her mother, Mary was a prolific ballad writer: a poem “The Little Forester” was set in KW Forest. The women instituted mothers’ meetings and a working men’s club at Wick. One incident, the death of Reuben Smith, in Anna’s famous book (her only one) was said to be based on a true life incident at Wick when a young groom was exercising a horse for the Sewells, when it slipped and he was thrown under the wheels of a passing cart.



Berkeley see Wm 1742

Edward, s.o. Thomas, Bitton, as merchant, to John & Mary Smyth, Bristol Apprents 4.11.1668

Dame Elizabeth, wife of Sir John, knight, will proved 22.9.1637 by John Locke, merchant, see Year Books of Probates, 1635-9, BRO

Elizabeth, widow, John Seymor, Margaret Seymor, inhabs of Siston, 1674 during vicar’s perambulation

Jeremiah see Wm, 1848

Sir John, of Bitton, & Thomas Seymour, lease on land in Northstoke, to Thos Ivy, of Abbey House, lately dissolved, monastery of Malmesbury, 20.12.1659, BRO 8017(8)

John, militis, d 17.11.1663, MI Bitton, Bigland., John see Elizabeth 1674

Sir John, father of John, the complainant, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

John, v John Tyndale, 1679, mortgage lands in Bitton, 1679, BAFHS 52, p36 & 55 p34

John, esq., sponsored Edw Parker as vicar of Bitton, 1691

Col. John, mar Mrs Hester Newton, Bitton, 25.4.1698

John, collier, bur Siston, 1710

John of Bitton, his children bp there, Jane 14.2.1730, John, 1733, Martha, 1734. William s.o. William bp Bitton, 1734

John & Mary Harding, b.o. Bitton, mar Puck, by lic, 4.12.1729

John d. 1763 & Mary his wife d. 1773 see Roger Harding, 1718, Bitton, Bigland

Margaret see Elizabeth 1674

Mary, 1767, see BAFHS 52, p36, see Richard Francis, 1767

Thomas see Sir John, 1659, see Edward 1668

William s.o. Wm, bp Bitton, 1734

William & Berkeley Seymour: for story of the guinea with the hole in it, see (undated ) article, EP. Ellacombe “History of Bitton” and AKW. Berkeley was murdered by William, who was later hanged in Bristol. 31.3.1742

William, bach, miner, Soundwell, s.o. Jeremiah, cm & Ann Johnson, minor, sp, d.o. Geo Johnson, cm, mar HTKW 25.12.1848



Ann Shallard see Thos Webb, 1756

Ann Shellard, 77, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Benjamin Shellard, pub landlord, allowing drunkenness, petty sessions LG 8.8.1848, Vol 22 WOT, p94-145, BRO.

Betsy Shellard, 57, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Daniel Shellard see Thos Hope, 1838

Mary, Oldland, 60, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Richard Shellard, cm, wid, & Hester Spencer, wid, mar Bitton, 24.7.1758



“Mr Shalwood’s wife’s mother from Hanum” bur Keynsham 15.4.1708. (Did no-one think to enquire the name of the poor woman?)



Lettice, d 1812, aged 76, MI Mangots, E.J, p58p

William, Stapleton, innholder, horse deal to John Lucks of Plymouth, Voucher John Fisher, Bristol, glover, 23.6.1712. BRL B32433-5



James mar Susanna Christopher 22.2.1728/9 Bitton

James:  James Shatford of Hanham d 14.8.1746 aged 59, Susanna his wife d 24.1.1762 aged 70, Ann Christopher sister in law of James Shatford, d 20.7.1745 aged 42, MI Bitton, Bigland.

Mr see Kedgwin Webley, 1738: Mr. His house in Hanham mentioned in connection with case agt Edward Stone for riot, c1738

Mrs see Thos Bayley 1749

Susanna, d 1762 see James 1728

Thomas mar Ann Dandy, 9.11.1735, St Nicholas.





Ann Sheppard see Isaac Baber 1840

Ann, 82, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Betty Sheppard mar George Evans, 1819, re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Bridgett see Joseph 1756

Caleb, Bitton, yeo, wid, o21, & Sarah Price, St Geo, so, o21, bondsman Thos George, P & J, victualler, 28.10.1773, BMLB BRO

Caroline see Richard 1826, see Samuel Woffinden, 1894

Charlotte see Richard 1826

Edward & Richard Sheppard, of Sheppard’s Coalworks, Player’s Map, 1750

Edward, blacksmith of Puck, s.o. Harry, d1870, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Elizabeth see Thos, 1823, Esther see Thos, 1823, Fanny see Richard 1826

George & Dorothy Hathway b.o. Puck, mat Yate 11.5.1715

George Sheppard, c1808? Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

George, witness at trial for murder at Tennis Court Warmley, see FFBJ 6.4.1850 etc

George Sheppard, painter of Auckland, NZ, s.o. Harry d 1870, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Giles “arraigned as abettor” witness at trial for murder at Tennis Court Warmley, see FFBJ 6.4.1850 etc

Hannah, 1663, see BAFHS 52, p35

Harry, d1870, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60; Henry, 1627, see BAFHS 52, p35

Isaac Sheppard, born Mangotsfield, served 32nd Foot Regt. 1842-45. WO 97/509/6

James Shepheard, see John Britton, d1648

James, prizefighter, see Thos Sweet, 1836

John, 1663, see BAFHS 52, p35, John see John Cripps, 1681

John see Joseph, 1756, see Henry Batt, 1866, Joseph see Richard 1680

Joseph, waterman of Pill, parish of St Geo, drowned, aged abt 39, “Poor Joe, a tar for all weathers” see BMerc 28.2.1835

Joseph Sheppard, Bridgett his wife, John, 3, William 6 mths. Removed from Keynsham to St P & J. 3.5.1756. SRO Q/SR 324/3

Margaret, Barton Regis, 1658, Barbados, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Mary, Stapleton, wid, bur in woollen, Nov 1726, B32433/5 BRL, Mary see Samuel d 1800

Mary Sheppard mar Shadrach Thomas, Puck, 1814, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Mary Ann Sheppard, (Hammond) of Thames, NZ, d.o. Harry, d1870, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Mr Shepherd – his coalworks at Staple Hill – see D.V. “Some Coalworks in Bristol & KW.” p5

Priscilla Sheppard mar Joseph Jefferies, 1840 Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Richard: “bur Joseph, a young child of Richard Shepherd, collier”, Siston 7.2.1680

Richard Shepheard, 1684, see E.J. p178, Richard, cm, 1684 list of inhabs of KW, Ellacombe

Richard see James Hilman, 1684

Richard of Mangots & Mary Howes, Siston, mar Yate 25.8.1717

Richard named on Player’s Map, 1750, see Joseph Bailey, 1750

Richard see William Sumption, 1786

Richard, cm, Soundwell, & Charlotte, their daus Fanny & Caroline bp HTKW 1826

Samuel Shepheard of Keynsham & Hannah Stibbs, Bitton, mar by lic at Cold Ashton, 1743

Samuel, 52, ulcered leg, BRI Inpatients, 1790

Samuel, Mangots, cm, intestate, Mary his wid to administer, under £100, d 6.2.1800, proved 17 Feb 1801, Samuel Lovell of Bitton, bondsman. BRO

Sarah, 72, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897, Sarah, 78, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Stephen Sheppard, cm, kcp falling down a coalpit called Staple Hill belonging to Messrs Bennett. Inq 13.3.1805 at Oldland, bur Mangots, 14.3.1805

Susanna Shepherd of Hanham, bur Keynsham 1.4.1715

Thomas, collier, Coskshott Hill, & Elizabeth, their dau Esther bp HTKW 1823

Thomas, 83, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Thomas, 58, heart disease, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

William, 1663, see BAFHS 52, p35.

William Shepheard of Upton Bitton, yeo & Dorothy Hort, Whitchurch, 1681, BMLB

William Sheppard see Sam Lansdown, 1731

William see Joseph 1756

William, Mangotsfield, 53, contused chest, relieved. 1775 FCH/BRI/3 (e) 9-12

William Sheppard, Benjamin Gullick, John Roberts & John Hawkins, robbery with violence of George Jones, 30.7.1798, they were hanged at Gloucester. See Annals of KW, and see also —-Palmer.

William, of Barton Hill, his house burgled, FFBJ 27.11.1824

William Sheppard see Sam Reed 1827, see Isaac Baber 1840

William see Sam Woffinden, 1894

William Sheppard, carpenter of Puck, s.o. Harry, d1870, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

William H Sheppard, 27, b St P & J, 1881 cens RN at sea, BAFHS 73, p29

William Sheppard, 90 year old ex-miner, see EP 23.11.1937



—- Sherborne, see Roger Jones, 1701

John Sherbourn, farmer. Mangots & Mary Collins of same, bondsman John Smallcombe, blacksmith of Wick) BMLB 26.1.1709, BRO

John, bach, West, & Mary Williams, sp, mar Wapley & Cod, 15.5.1808

Thomas, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36



Captain see John Wood, 1653



Wm, see James Charmbury, 1640



John see John Price, 1840, Margaret see John Price, 1840

Mr Sheerman, see AKW 1773, Robert see Henry Nichols, 1711

Robert, of West., bur 18.4.1740 in 72nd year having been schoolmaster 52 yrs & parish clerk 40 yrs.

Sarah Sherman, of West, mar Thos Stockwell of Bristol, Wap & Cod, 25.12.1732

Thomas Sherman & Sarah Harding, b.o. West, mar Wap & Cod, 25.4.1709

Thomas, Staple.,1771, BAFHS 72, p15



Elizabeth, wife of George of P & J, 1606, see BAFHS 31, Spr 1983



Joseph, upholsterer, Westerleigh, Electoral Roll, 1739

Luke, see Martha 1730

Martha Showring, wife of Luke, joyner, West., bur in woollen, 1730, B32433/5 BRL



Thomas, 14. Mangots, lacerated arm, BRI Inpatients, 1787



Hester see John Hale, 1721



Ann, Westerleigh, Barbados, 1659, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Coldham-Wilson

Sarah, in Thos Summerill’s house, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation



Ann 48 & Daniel, 43, born Yate, 1881 census Cambridgeshire 1695 101 & 1695 35

Christiana Shipp, born Chipping Sodbury 1.6.1808, mar Thomas Saunders, and emigrated to America. Returned to England after accidental death by drowning of Thomas Saunders, and there married William Tayler. Mr Tayler died 1851 and Christiana returned to US. A Baptist, the story of her adventures in a printed tract sent me by her descendant Mrs G.V. Seal, The Rectory, 171 Grove Street, Nevada City, CA 95959 2601 USA.

Daniel of Yate & Elizabeth Pincott of Wickwar, mar by lic, 16.3.1712/3, GRO

Daniel of Yate & Hannah Ford, mar Wapley & Cod, 10.3.1718

Daniel see Ann, 1881, Daniel see Ann Pinnell

Hannah see Wm Ettle, 1817

Isaac, with others encroached and enclosed common waste, Oldland Court Leet, 1794, GRO D108/M187/8.

Isaac bur Siston 7.6.1795, “a noted cow doctor”, Isaac see Sarah Lewis, 1798

Jane see Ann Pinnell,  Joseph see Ann Pinnell

Louisa see Ann Pinnell, Richard see Wm 1679

Samuel, Bitton, yeo & Mary Blanch of Stanton Drew, mar by lic 5.3.1729, Bedminster

Sarah see Wm, 1679, see Ann Pinnell

William see Ann Pinnell, William see Fra Creswick 1674

William, a farmer, husbandman of Bitton, his brother Richard, Sarah Ship, a Baptist member. Mary Smyth, a Baptist member, who “he got with child and later married after converting to Baptists.” See p197-9″Records of a Church in Christ, 1679″. BRL.

William of Yate & Mary Hignel, mar Wapley & Cod, 21.3.1708

William see Thos Bevan, 1814

—-Slip (sic) probably Ship. “Body of —- Slip aged abt 10, burnt to death in absence of her mother, gone to coalpit.” Inquest 28.1.1812, Bitton, D260/GRO



See Herbert Davies, 1897

Dorothy, wid, Mangots, 1693, E.J. p157

Mrs Elizabeth, alias Arthurs, bur Siston, 6.12.1707

Francis see Marjorie, 1662

Francis Shipley otherwise Arthurs, Mangots, 1687, E.J. p157

Francis ts of Mangots wills, 1693, BRO

Francis Stripley (sic) 1734, and Francis Shipley (correct) 1739, cordwainer of Mangots, Bristol Electoral Rolls.

Hannah see Henry Watts, 1788, Joanna see Stephen Watts, 1764

Marjorie, late wife of Francis, 1662, BAFHS 36, p27

Mr: “Mr Shipley’s Pit Candles” see DV, “Trapped in the Pit”.

Richard, senior, mason, will Mangots, 1606, BAFHS 2, Samuel. Mangots, 1693, E.J. p157

Stephen, Mangots, bach o21, tallow chandler & Hannah Lewton, of same, sp o21 (George Croome of same, bondsman) BMLB 18.4.1767

Stephen see Samuel Sartain, 1769, see Henry Watts, 1788

William, husbandman, Mangots, will 1606, BAFHS 2

William, Downend, polled for premises in own tenure. Objected to as Thomas Harcom polled for same premises, Glos election, see SFBJ 15.2.1777



See Herbert Davies, 1897



Abraham, see Ann 1803

Ann see Thos Cox, 1763, see AKW 1769

Ann, “Warrants for apprehension of reputed fathers” Black Harry, alias Henry Smith, post chaise driver of Speenhill, Berks. Ann Short had a son 31.5.1769 & 1.11.1769, & they looked in vain for Black Harry, BRO P/B/OP/8/2.

Ann d.o. Abraham, hatter, & Ann, bp 2.10.1803, Whitfield Sch., Ann see Wm, 1823

Betsey see Wm 1779, Betty see Wm 1779

Charles, Easton pit delegate to Mr Leonard, Strike, 1874, see WDP 3.6.1874

Daniel “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Elizabeth, wife of Joseph, plush weaver, now a soldier in the Chatham Division; Removed from Wellington to St P & J, 13.2.1766. SRO Q/SR 334/2.

Elizabeth see Wm 1779, George see Wm 1779

George, s.o. George, hatter, mar Martha Jefferies, 29.9.1845, HTKW

Hannah see Wm 1779

Harriet, 34, wid, 6 ch, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Isaac mar Hester Harding 9.4.1794, parents of Martha Short who married Thomas Long, 1839, see Long FT.

Isaac, at Oldland Common, aged 77, 50 years a member of Wesleyan Society, Obit. BG 10.5.1849

Jacob, see Wm 1779, Jane see Isaac Cool, 1760

Jonathon of Siston & Mary Betts of Mangots, mar Yate 31.5.1721

Jonathan, hatter of Bitton, provided Wm Davis, cordwainer of Bristol as his sub., militia list, Bitton, 6.1.1797, BRO

Joseph mar  Mary Harding (Haywarden) 16.10.1721 at IA

Joseph of Cadbury Heath, 11, cm, kcp Bitton, bur 28.12.1834, see BM 3.1.1835

Martha see Isaac 1794

Mary Louisa, Bitton, admitted 1881, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Michael see Samuel Tippott, 1743

Michael & Thomas Short have dugg a dangerous hole, by Common, to fill by 25 Dec of me amerced 10/- each, Oldland Court Leet, 1773. Michael Short on a previous occasion 4.10.1770. fined for causing a disturbance, called the jury “a parcell of gawkam fools”. GRO D108/M187/8

Mrs – slaughterhouse at junction of Hanham & Moravian Rd, see EP. BT 3.9.02

Rachel see Wm, 1779, see Wm 1823, Samuel see Wm 1779

Samuel, 28, accused theft of grey gelding 4 Jun at Bitton, property of John Lintern, guilty 15 yrs tsp, 14.4.1838, (newspaper report).

Sarah see Wm, 1779, Sophia see John Odey, 1830/1

Thomas see Michael, 1773

Thomas, bach, cm, KW, s.o. Wm, lab & Emma Jane Bennett, u21, servant, d.o. John, cm, mar HTKW 27.2.1843

William, hatter of Bitton, & Betty, their children Samuel b 1779, Hannah, b1782, Elizabeth, b1787, Wm, b 1789, Sarah b 1792, George b1794, Jacob, b1796 all bp at Whitfield School, KW, 22.7. 1799. Also Betsey b 1799, d.o. Samuel, hatter & Rachel, same day, same place.

William see Geo Hook 1820

William & Ann, Oldland, their dau Rachel born 7.8.1823, registered Keynsham Baptist.

William, cm, 11, “carts by the girdle at Golden Valley, Bitton” see Waring, 1841

William see Thomas, 1843



Isaac, cm, 9, working at Kingswood Lodge Pit. See Waring, 1841

Mary see John Harding 1753





  1. see Thos Smith, 1776



Elizabeth, see John Garland, 1713/4

Rev George mar Miss A. Ball, dau of E. Ball of Frenchay, at Winterbourne, FFBJ 26.8.1809

Thomas, IA, wills at GRO, 1729



John, committed to Newgate 1753 after colliers’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26.5.1753, and AKW.

John of St Geo, cm, intestate, widow Sarah to renounce, 15.7.1769, BRO.

Sarah see John 1769


, 2, supposed starved to death by stepmother. Inquest at St George found “natural causes” FFBJ 4.5.1805

James, see Thos Burgess 1830, Sarah see Thos Burgess 1830

Thomas of Bitton, settlement examination, Brislington, BRO



John (1786) see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26



Francis ( ffraunces) cm, abt 40, West., suitable as musketeer, see Men & Armour, 1608

John & Mary Cox, b.o. Puck, mar Yate 13.5.1714

Mrs, of Pucklechurch, obit 6.7.1811, FFBJ



Ann see John Bullock, 1710

Anthony Silcocke, Stapleton, farmer & Mary Row, Barton Regis, Anthony Silcocke, sen, Winterbourne, 1661/2, BMLB

Henry see John Wood, 1653

Henry, now Thomas, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Mary see Robt Whittock, 1714

Thomas see John Jeffreys, 1684, see Henry 1684

—–Silcox, fell out of a waggon belonging to Golden Valley Colliery wheel passed over his head and he died instantly, BM27.8.1853



Eleanor see Eleanor Alderwick, 1818SILMAN see SELMAN



Mary see William Ettle, 1816

Mrs, landlady of Pack Horse in London Road, Brislington, whose windows were broken by colliers in riot of 1738, see GJ 17.10.1738



Elizabeth see Henry Lacy 1707



Edward Simons: “Fortune, a maid found on the Heath & brought to church and baptised, The said child found on St Bartholomew’s Day & brought to Edward Simons’ new house, I.A. PR, 25.8.1611

Elizabeth Simmons see John Jesty, 1886

George “sinker”, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b, George, 76, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Hannah Simons, see Thomas 1740, see Fra Haynes 1795, Hannah Simmons see John Evans, 1799

Hester Simmons see Robt 1841, James Symons see Wm Price 1757

James “stone digging & filling” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James Simmons see Joseph Fletcher 1837

John Simonds, FC, wills at GRO,1727, John Simons, Yate, wills at GRO,1730

John Simons see Thos 1740

John Symonds, alias Simmons, of Winterbourne, “at large & sentenced to hang” 1742, “Bonded Passengers to America” Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

John Simmonds of FC & Betty Johnson, mar Wapley & Cod, 19.5.1776

Keziah Simmons see John Jesty, 1886

Luke Symonds & Anthony Merrett, Yate, cms, kcp Old Pit, 2.5.1865, CoI/1291/Acc GRO

Mark Symonds of West & Elizabeth Humphreys, mar Wapley & Cod, 25.12.1769

Mark Simmons, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Matthew Simmons see John Jesty, 1886

Richard Simonds of Mangots & Ann Brook of West., mar Yate 30.4.1718

Robert Simmonds, West, wills at GRO,1729, Robert Simonds, cm, bur West, 7.9.1763

Robert Simonds, coal filler, bur West, 17.10.1788

Robert Simmons, 40, collier, Hester, 35, 6 ch, 1841 cens West.

Samuel Simons see Sir Alexr Cuming 1719

Sam Simons see Sam Lansdown 1731

Samuel Simonds, s.o. Samuel, cm, decd to Edward Gifford FC, feltmaker, 7 yrs 16.1.1764, Westerleigh OP 15/113, BRO

Sarah Simonds see John Packer, 1719, Sarah Simmonds see Charles Arthur 1735

Susanna Simmons, see Joseph Fletcher 1837

Thomas Symonds see Wm 1654, Thomas, 1690, Mangots, see E.J. p145

Thomas s.o. John & Hannah Simons, feltmaker, West., bur West, 29.4.1740

  1. Simmons, of Winterbourne Down, colliery delegate to Handel Cossham, strike 1874, see WDP 1.6.1874 &c

William Symons, of Puck & Elizabeth Cooke, mar IA, 1.5.1619

William Symonds, husbandman of Puck, bastardy order 13.1.1654, re male ch of Mary Dymock, Bondsmen William Symonds, Thos Symonds of Puck & Richard Prigg of Dyrham, OP/18/22, Westerleigh. Later in 1654, William Symonds married Mary Prigg of Puck. (!)

William Symonds “ a coleminer” in the parish of westerleigh The Rise of the British Coal Industry by J.U. Nef (1932):P418 It may be difficult to see any difference between the leader of a mining gang in the colliery at Beaudesert Park and William Symonds “ a coleminer” in the parish of westerleigh manor in in Gloucestershire who joined with two “fellows” to dig a pit within the manor on behalf of William Player, who attempting to monopolize the coal industry of Kingswood Chase. Yet Symonds gives himself the high-sounding title of “director of Players Coleworks in Westerley”, and a fellow miner refers to him at Players “bayleif” (Chanc Deps, P18/H)

William Simmons, “person involved in riot” at KW, see case agt Edward Stone, c1738, Ellacombe Mss & AKW

William Simmons, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William Simmons, cm, St Geo, 1796, see Wm Avery

William Simmons, cm, St Geo, intestate, 4.8.1802, Hannah Evory (sic = Avery) sister & next of kin to administer. Thomas Evory of St Geo, cm & John Williams, hatter, bondsmen, under £20. BRO

William Simonds, 45, cm, 1841 cens West.



—-Sims. Smith’s shop at Dungel’s (Don John’s) Cross, 1652, Braine, 76

E.J, of Staple Hill, worked at Yate aerodrome during 1936-41, anecdote see EP. BT 3.9.02



Elizabeth see Geo James 1779



Henry see Annie Grace, 1783



John, KW, 62, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List



Ann see Harriet, George see Harriet

Harriet Scidmore (sic) of FC & Menthusloyne (sic) Monmouth, mar to John Scidmore, collier, lived next door to Geo & Ann Scidmore, settlement exams, West.

John see Harriet

Joseph see Dinah Palmer 1837, Penuel see Dinah Palmer 1837

Philip, Winterbourne apprent to James Bryant, Mangots, hatter, 19.7.1832, Winterbourne PR (at Church)



Thos see Richard Prigg, 1675



Ann see Job, 1841

Christopher, “filler & strapper” & “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Christopher, of Westerleigh, farmer, licence to marry Sarah Wiltshire, wid, of FC, 8.5.1788, GRO

Ellen see Job, 1841, Emma see Job, 1841, George see Job, 1841, Hannah see Job, 1841

Job, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Job, 45, collier, Hannah, John, 15, Jeremiah, 15, Job, 15, George, 12, Ann, 9, Emma,7, Mary 4, Ellen, 1, 1841 cens, West.

Jeremiah see Job, 1841

John see Job, 1841

John, St George, nailer, in Gloucester Gaol, 1847, GRO Q/Gc6/1

Joseph, cartmaker, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Lancelot – Lancelot Skinner Bracey, see Sam Bracey 1824

Mary see Job, 1841

Noah, Mangotsfield, lab, in Gloucester Gaol, 1868. GRO Q/Gc6/5.

Rachel see Thos Summerell, 1790, see Rachel Summerell, d1847; Sarah see Jacob Cole, 1804

William & Christopher, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William see Jacob Cole, 1804

William, Frampton Cotterell, yeoman, Will, Gloucester, 1840, GRO 1840/199







Thomas see John Stone, 1685



James see AKW 1772

John. (Jack), father in law of Jem Belcher (see John Harris, 1755) Buried St Stephen’s 19.7.1768, “the noted Boxer”, see AKW 1755

Robert, 52, executed St Michael’s Hill for theft of 2 geldings. Two of his sons were executed at Tyburn in 1766. FFBJ 10.6.1769



Elizabeth see Poyntz Fox, 1666



William of FC & Ann Cooper mar Derby, St Alk(?) 4.10.1752



Charles see Stephen Williams 1829



Thomas, yeoman of Whitchurch: First named on deed with Richard Hart, esq., Hanham, 40, Wm Ford, yeo, 50, Tobias Seed, gent, 50, John Goodman, gent of Upton Cheney, 50, Gabriel Rymer, yeo, 42, Thos Oldlfield, gent of Bristol, 38, Edward Lashley, husbandman, 43, William Underhill, yeo, 60; Francis Creswick, esq., John Liddiard, yeo, Hanham, 70, Philles Attwood, widow of Bristol, 50, formerly wife of George Attwood who acquired a 99 yr lease from Sir John Seymour, father of the complainant (see John Seymour BAFHS 52), John Harding, yeo, 40, Thos Price, yeo, 56. 1677, BAFHS No 55, p14, J. Goulstone.





John, 12, Bitton, but of Keynsham Union Workhouse, drowned swimming, Inq, 31.5.1855 Co I Acc 1291 GRO



Henry see John Jesty, 1886, John, 91, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Joseph Atwell, see Robt Miles, 1794, Rev Dr: see James Legg, 1804



Hannah see Joseph Dutfield, 1842

John see John Sherbourn, 1709, John, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Miss R of Willsbridge, mar Mr Palmer, surgeon of Keynsham, FFBJ 17.1.1801

Robert, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b, Thomas, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, cm, bur West., 23.5.1767, William “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Sarah see Nath Williams, 1756

William mar Jane Lyne, both of Siston, at Cold Ashton 1738



Bert, 21, Burchell’s Green Rd, KW, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910 see WDP

Charles, 13,cm, Wm, 13, cm, sons of Thomas, Ag Lab, 1841 cens, Warmley

Christopher see William, 1668-71

Hannah wife of Thomas of St Geo, KW, bur Puck, 18.2.1777

Joseph see John Manner 1804

  1. 40, St Geo, contused back, BRI Inpatients, 1787

Sarah see Edward Hathaway 1719

Thomas see Hannah 1777, see Charles, 1841

William s.o. Christopher, yeo, Puck, apprent at tiler, Bristol Apprents, 1668-71

William, “at the farm” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, turnpike keeper, bur Puck, 15.6.1787

William of Kingswood. Name included in a list of “Persons Receiving Pay from Clifton Parish for themselves and their families” FFBJ 10.1.1818

William, see Charles, 1841

William, 15, cm, lodging with Thomas England, ag lab, 1841 cens West, Coalpit Heath


SMITH – see also SMYTH(E)

Abraham, see Sam, 1861

Albert, 23 Victoria St, Easton, talked to WDP after Easton Pit fire which killed Joseph Gaynor, 1910

Ann see Samuel Whittock, 1719, see John, 1763, Ann, alias Friday, see BAFHS 36, p18

Ann see Samuel Budgett, 1822, see Sam, 1861

Arthur & Joseph, colliers, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Arthur, collier, dead, now John Nash, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Arthur, cm, & Ann Brain, sp, mar Bitton, 27.3.1756m

Benjamin see Henry, 1842

Betty see Thos, 1728, see Henry Hill Budgett, 1806

Caroline see Geo, 186, see Sam, 1861

Charles see John Cripps, 1681

Charles, cm, then about 70, s.o. Samuel, dec’d, 1817, see BAFHS 74, p36

Chris, see Fra Creswick, 1684, Christopher see Hannah Hall, 1706

Daniel see Wm Eastbrook, 1766, see Jonathon, 1771

Daniel, son in law of Job Flook, cm of Stapleton, right of commons to a messuage & gardens in own possession and gdn adjoining, nr wall, nr  New Twynings. (Minute Book of KW Enclosure Commission, 1779-84, BRL)

Daniel, Stapleton, yeoman & Abraham Brown of St George, horsedriver, v. Wm George & John Brown, alleged horsetheft, 15.11.1783, Q/S Ts BRO.

Daniel see Stephen, 1861

Daniel, 59, cm, b Stapleton, Jane, wife, 60, b ditto, Geo, son, 19, born ditto, 1861 cens Stapleton, Fishponds Rd

David, Mangotsfield, 1655, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

Dorothy, named in agreement between Thos Player of Cleeve Hill & others to dig coals on a level in KW, 1726, see GRO papers re Player family.

Dorothy, Hanham, wills at GRO,1729

Edmund, 1639, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28

Edward, collier: “Edward Smith’s widow Martha” inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Edward, horsedriver, P & J, 19.7.1736, BRO 04435/3

Eliza see Geo, 1861

Elizabeth see Sam Lovell, 1663, see Benj Tucker, 1669, see Wm Horrell, 1684, see Abraham Fudge, 1755, see Chas Arthur, 1759 see Francis Skurry Smith, 1798

Elizabeth, b Siston, 54 1881 census Cambridgeshire 1662 66

Ellen, see Jn Wood, 1653, Fanny see Joseph 1861

Francis, collier, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Francis, s.o. Poynz of Bitton, cordwinder to Robt Dickinson, shipwright, Bristol apprents 17.10.1700

Francis see Elizabeth & Edward Webster 1732

Francis, named on Player’s Map, 1750

Francis, maltster of Lawrence Hill, obit 30.4.1803 in FFBJ is of his wife.

Francis Skurry, 18, s.o. Robt & Eliz of St P & J, George Phipps Jefferis, yeo, 30, Elizabeth Jefferis 24, s & d.o. George & Mary Jefferis of Siston. Lease Crossley’s Bottom, KW, 1798, BAFHS 74, p35 (& also 1824)

Francis see Jn Pratt, 1814; Francis, collier, St Geo, outvoter, Bristol Electoral Roll, 1832

Francis see Sam, 1861

George Smith, Isaac Cool, Roger Harris, Thomas Cool hath 3 pitts open, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

George see David Cool, 1684, see Thos Jones, 1684,

George, collier, Mangots & Elizabeth Nash, Mangots, (bondsman Roger Jones, cordwainer, Mangots) BMLB 3.10.1709, BRO

George & son, tythingmen of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

George, d14.8.1733, aged 70, Hester his wife d 18.2.1749 aged 74 MI Bitton, Bigland

George see John Coggins, 1828

George, bach, collier & Jane White, sp, servant, mar Bitton, 22.5.1815

George see Dan, 1861

George, 29, cm, b Rangeworthy, Caroline, 23, wife, b Bitton, Job, 3, son  b S. Wales, Cwmbran, Eliza, dau, 1, b Pontypool, Mon, 1861 cens Puck.

Hannah see Edmund Willis, 1733, see Jonathon 1771,

Hannah late of St Geo, wife of Thos, cm, intestate, 23.6.1777, BRO

Hannah, garden woman nr New Church, KW, (Persons and families who receive weekly relief St Peter’s Hospital, 1818, BRO P/StM/OP/6)

Harriet see Stephen 1861

Henry, cm, Bitton/Hanham, abt 40, tall, suitable as pikeman, see men & Armour, 1608

Henry , 1637, see BAFHS 52, p35

Henry see Jn Wood, 1653;  Henry, “fugitive from KW” 1667, Ellacombe

Henry, collier, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Henry, owns one pigsty, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Henry, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p195

Henry, named on Player’s Map, 1750

Henry see Wm Britton, 1759, see Ann Short, 31.5.1769

Henry, d17.9.1770, aged 70, Sarah his wife, d 10.7.1769 aged 56, MI Bitton, Bigland

Henry, St Geo, cm, intestate, Sarah his wife to administer, 15.9.1788, under £20, BRO

Henry, 1822 & 1834, see BAFHS 74 p35

Henry, u21, bach, cm, KW s.o. Benj, cm, & Sarah Ann Weakleans, u21, sp, dressmaker, KW, d.o. Jacob, drainmaker, mar HTKW 1.5.1842; Hester see George, 1733

Hugh Smith (or Smythe) collier of Bitton aged 30, made oath that a sorrell one eyed nag which he seized at LG in possession of Thomas Bower of Berkeley was bred by him and he used it for2, 3 or 4 years carrying coals from pits in KW up to 12 mths ago, midsummer. Wm Wicks (24) & John Nicholls (23) colliers of Bitton made oath on his behalf, 15.2.1646, Deposition Books of Bristol.

Isaac, “Adventurer in Coalmines” named on Player’s map, 1750

Isaac, cm, Stapleton & Dinah Powell sp, mar Bitton, 8.4.1760

Isaac, Stapleton, cm, bondsman for mar lice for Samuel Lovell, Mangots, cm & Hannah Stone, March 1769, BMLB

Isaac see Mary, 1779-84

Jacob, servt to Edward Nobbs, carried to Bitton, Aug 1705, burial register, St Thomas, Bristol.

Jacob, 26, St P & J, Bristol, 3rd Foot, 1807-14. National Archives

James Smith & Thomas Easton, churchwardens of P & J & Samuel Fox, sen. of P & J, yeo (1) & Henry Weare & Benjamin Perrott, jun, both of Bitton, (2) re close or meadow called Warmley Mead in Sciston (sic) &c, lease coaling rights for 21 yrs.  1.12.1717, BRO P & J, D/6/1.

James, named on Player’s Map, 1750, James see Nath Fry, 1773

Jane see James Handley, 1763, see James Henley, 1764, see Daniel, 1861

Jarrit (though stated here as Smith, he became Smythe – of Ashton Court.) see Abell Isles, 1752

Jesse, High Littleton, Som, identified body of his son Sidney, kcp Deep Nov 1910, WDP 21.11.1910

Joane, widow, now Walt. Evans, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Joanna(h) see Wm 1732/3, see Edmund Willis, 1733

Job see Geo, 1861, Job, aged 73, d 1883 and other fam members, Downend Baptists, see E.J., p78

John, “fugitive from KW” 1667, Ellacombe, John see Fra Creswick, 1674, see Roger Cottle, 1684

John, senior, collier, (also shown on additional list as John Smith, collier & John Smith, dead) inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

John, cm, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

John “of Whiteway, coal carrier” inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

John see Richard Mountain, 1709

John, re his sister’s children, their father is Whittock’s brother”, 1721, MD

John tythingman of Oldland, 1722, Ellacombe

John, IA, wills at GRO,1728

John of St P & J Bristol & Sarah Winmill of Publoe, mar Keynsham 11.1.1754

John, died 6.1.1763, aged 68, John Smith the elder, died 5.3.1717, Ann his wife died 2.4. following, Bitton, Bigland

John see Wm Mannering 1794, see James Peacock, 1814

Jonathon see Daniel Cribb, 1768

John, St Geo, horsedriver, dec’d, Daniel Smith, son to administer, “which has been mislaid”. Hannah Tyler, late Smith, widow to renounce, 10.12.1771, intestacies, BR0

Joseph, see Arthur, 1684, see Wm 1732/3

Joseph aged 69-70, trapped in pit at 2 Mile Hill, Nov 1735, see Edward Peacock &c for rescue, 1735 & AKW

Joseph see Sam, 1861, Margaret see Edward Willis, 1735

Martha see Edward, 1684, Martha, 1709,  see E.J. p158

Martha see Samuel, 1861, see Sam Brain, 1794

Martin, cm & Hannah Crow, botp mar Bitton, 24.6.1754

Mary see Mary Smyth, 1679, see Wm Batman, 1718, see James Peters, 1721, see Thos, 1729

Mary, wid, 1731, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28

Mary, wid of Isaac, Stapleton, cottage & gdn nr rabbit warren, Minute Book of KW Enclosure 1779-84, BRL

Mary see Joseph Greenaway 1780, see Ann Hook, 1788, see Job Flook, 1829, see Samuel, 1861

Mary Ann, admitted 1896, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Minnie, 15, Mangots, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Philip, 40, St Geo, executed for housebreaking at Gloucester, 28.3.1812.

Policeman: see Geo Groves, 1817

Poynz, 1674, see J. Greenway, see Fra Creswick, 1674

Poynz, 2 pits with Nich Worrall, see E.J. p 220. Name appears in Ellacombe as Nicholas Wornell, 1684, see also Fra Reed 1684

Poynz see Francis, 1700, Poyntz, Hanham, wills at GRO,1729

Reuben, 1721, MD

Richard see Rev W Sandford, 1862

Robert see Francis Skurry Smith, 1798

Robert, 35, Fishponds, kcp Easton Pit explosion, 19.2.1886, see WDP 19.2.1886 &c

  1. Miners Agent in Bristol district, Strike of 1874, see WDP 11 & 29 May 1874 &c

Samuel see Daniel Cribb, 1768, see Wm Hook, 1780, Ann Hook, 1788, see Elizabeth Willis, 1789

Samuel, cm, Upper Easton, St Geo, kcp fall to bottom of pit belonging to Samuel Tippetts, Inq D260/GRO, & FFBJ 7.8.1790, & BMBJ 14.8.1790, coalminer unnamed, but say age is about 19.

Samuel kcp New Lodge, belonging to Mr Milsom, by stone & rubbish fall, Inq Stapleton 7.7.1797, D260/GRO

Samuel see Charles, 1817

Samuel, d 1823, aged 33, and other fam members, Downend Baptists, see E.J., p78

Samuel, 28, cm, b St Geo, Caroline, wife, b. West., Ann, 18, dau, servt,  Martha, dau, 15, sch, Abraham, 13, son, cm, rest of children: Joseph, 10, Fanny, 7, Mary, 4, Francis, 1, all born Puck, 1861 census Puck..

Samuel see Geo Woodey, 1920

Sarah, Mangots & Daniel Cornock, N. Nibley, 1664, BMLB

Sarah see Henry 1770, see Henry 1788, see Ann Hook, 1788

Sarah Bowles, 2nd dau of  Rev R. Smith, mar Samuel Griffith, 1834, see Sam Griffith.

Sidney, 25, Rodney Rd, St Geo, kcp, Deep pit, see WDP Nov 1910

Stephen, Mangots, glasier, 22 & Cicilia Lane, 24, St Thos, 1678, BMLB

Stephen, wid, ag lab, 49, b. Overton, Wilts, Harriet, dau, homemaker, 19, b Puck, Daniel, son, cm, 15, b. Puck, 1861 cens Puck

Surgeon Smith, died 1843, see John Horewood

Susannah of KW, aunt of Susannah Millidge, (1786) see James Pillinger – Bristolian, BAFHS 49, p26

Thomas, collier, abt 20, lower stature suitable for service with calyver, Barton Regis/Easton, Men & Armour, 1608

Thomas, yeo, 1633, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28

Thomas coledriver ) inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas, cm, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas, jun, collier, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe; poor, wife, indifferent house, survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Bitton Vol 10

Thomas: Betty bp Hanham 26.3.1728 & Mary bp Hanham 1729, daus of Thomas

Thomas mar Grace Jones, Bitton, 29.4.1731

Thomas, see Edmund Willis, 1733, see Joseph, 1735

Thomas, Stapleton, 1749. “Coalpit Ropes”. “Bonded Passengers to America” Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

Thomas, named on Player’s Map, 1750, see AKW 1750

Thomas, cm, mar Sarah Fudge, Bitton, 22.8.1759

Thomas, cm & Sarah Rogers, wid, mar Bitton, 17.12.1759

Thomas, Assignment (1) G. Shusle, Bristol, stationer & (2) Tomas Smith of KW Oldland, cm, & (3) Francis Waters of Bitton, cm, re house & ground in KW, 8.6.1776, BRO 60987a

Thomas see Hannah 1777

Thomas, 39, St Geo, fractured ribs, BRI Inpatients 1789

Thomas kcp Pile Marsh, Inq Queens Head, St Geo, 12.8.1803, D260/GRO

Thomas, see Betty Scrase, 1805

Thomas, of KW, “Brief account of life & happy death of T.S. a youth, s.o. a collier in KW” Methodist Magazine, 1808-XXX1 415-419, R.179.3 (3) Glos Bibliography. (Article not seen, but suppose another case of the James Rogers!).

Thomas, Inquest at Lower Easton on a fine boy named Thos Smith by drinking oil of vitriol which had been used for fumigation and afterwards pit in a tea caddy by the mother but which the child discovered & drank. Poor little fellow lingered some hours then died. Se GJ 1.9.1832

Thomas, Stapleton, TSP 1834, full account BAFHS 85, Sep 96, p34

Thomas, 22, b Stapleton, 1881 cens RN at sea, BAFHS 73, p29

Tobias, cm, Bitton/Hanham, abt 40, suitable as musketeer, men & Armour, 1608

Walter, collier, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Walter, Mangots, cm, Celia Lovell, mar Bitton 15.2.1756

William, alias Foxe, cm, Bitton/Hanham, abt 40, suitable as calyver, Men & Armour, 1608

William see James Charmbury, 1640, William, carpenter, 1644, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28

William see Fra Creswick, 1674, see Mr Poole, 1684

William, coal carrier, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

William, cm, West, 16.10.1693, Inventory signed Jn Hollister, Robert Latimer, Nath Pichard, see Goods & Chattels of our forefathers.

William, Puck, wills at GRO,1729; William, Yate, wills at GRO, 1730

William, s.o. Joseph, Bitton, cm, apprent to blacksmith. Sock & infirm and not capable of following a trade. Discharged. Mark of Joanna Smith, mother, 7.2.1732/3, BRO 04435/3 p52, part 2.

William see Susanna Archer 1747, see Chris Williams, 1758, see AKW 1758 & 60

William, cm Stapleton, 1758-1822, BRO 01666 (1) BRO, for a great many more Smiths.

William, collier, killed in lime kiln without LG, see FFBJ 9.2.1760

William, see Sam Brain, 1794

William, alias Friday, Thos Cribb, theft of meat from Mr S. Ovens, slaughterman, Siston, to Gloucester, FFBJ 21.12.1811

William, charged by H. Creswick with breaking open his house in St Geo and stealing a watch, &c, FFBJ 14.8.1813

William, 26, of Hanham, in Ilchester gaol, 11.8.1831. SRO Q/AGi 15/3

William, St Geo,  kcp Deep, 29.6.1863, COI 1291/Acc/GRO.



Edward Smyth, “mason & lab” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Florence see Thomas (1769)

Henry, a Wiltshire man, bur Siston, 27.10.1719

Henry, keeper of cole horses in KW Forest, 1666, Ellacombe.

Hugh, Bitton, farmer, 24 & Sarah Lennett, Winterbourne, 26, bondsman Wm Tovy, St Philips, innholder, BMLB, 1681

Hugh see Thomas (1772); Sir Hugh see Geo Milsom, 1813, see Wm Squire, 1818

Jane see Thomas (1769); Jarrit Smith (Smythe) see AKW 1752

Sir John & Co., see Jn Cook, 1841, see Jn Lines, 1841, see Wm Gawen, 1841

Lady, see —- Turner, 1853

Mary Smyth or Smith,  see Wm Ship, 1679, “Mary Smith of Woolland (Oldland) in Co of Glos joined Baptists 1674, see Records of a Church of Christ, p90., and “cast out for fornication” with Wm Ship. (p195-198)

Nicholas see Ralph Golding 1417; Sir Sidney, see AKW 1753

Thomas, (of Ashton Court) mar Jane. Their children Florence, 1769 & Hugh 1772, bp at Puck.)

Thomas, esq., ygr brother of Sir John Smyth of Ashton Court, at his seat at Stapleton, obit. FFBJ 15.3.1800

William, see Walter Houte, 1410, see Ralph Golding 1417



Betty see Wm Ashley, 1762

Elizabeth Snailum, widow, 103, pauper, bur W & A, 6.11.1785

George & Hannah, their ch Wm 7 yrs, 7 mths, Thomas, 6, John 4 yrs 6 mths, Elizabeth, 13 mths, bp Bitton, 20.2.1800

George, see Wm, 1841, Hannah Snailum see Edward Nichols, 1772

John see Sam 1754

John, “occupiers of estates liable to take parish children” 1772. W & A. PR

John Snailum, otp & Emma Gerrish, mar Bitton, 7.12.1830, wit: Wm Snailum & James Stevens.

Maria, 5, W & A, burns, Inq 7.5.1855, GRO CoI Acc 1291

Mary see Sam, 1754, Rachel see Wm, 1841

Robert see Wm, 1841, Samuel s.o. John & Mary bp Winterbourne, 13.1.1754

Thomas of Abson & Dorothy Franklin of Calne, mar Yate, 3.2.1704

Thomas see Wm, 1841

William, from Siston, bur W &A, 10.1.1796

William, 14. Geo, 12, Robert, 9, all colliers, sons of Thos & Rachel, 1841 cens Siston.



Mary – see William Gay 1701 (Gay various)



William see George Groves, 1808





Joseph, cm, 24, kcp falling don Hole Lane Pit, Jefferies & co, Inq Bitton, 12.6.1815, D260/GRO
William, jun, paper manufacturer of the Grange, Bitton, 1892, school board, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



William, esq, Bitton, Bristol, Treasurer Kingswood Reformatory for Boys near Bristol, ,4th October 1854



Mr John: “1832, Feb 2nd the trow Neptune (Mr Soules) sunk nr Barley House by Browns boat running foul of her with the steam boat. She had a valuable cargo. Friday morning 10th Feb abt 4 o’clock Mr John Soule was drowned at Worcester Quay and pickd up at 7 o’clock same morning at Kemsey by our Capn Edd Spires of the Nelson.” (Couch)



Edward see AKW 1767



John, see Edward Moore, 1828



Joseph, mar Sarah Ann Watkins. 1862, St P & J, collier, lived St Geo, died of heart attack, at Easton Coalworks, date unknown. Informed Eirlys Spawton, his descendant.

Martha see George Foot, 1737

Nathaniel Sparks, born Barton Hill, 1880, (picture) cousin of Thos Hardy, see article WDP 10(?) Oct 1994.



Anna, wid, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Benjamin, “fugitive from KW” 1667, Ellacombe

Benjamin, collier, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

John, 7 pits in Fishing Bottom, 1684, in partnership with John Trotten, see E.J.

John see Edward Parsons 1684



—Speed, 1687, Mangots see E.J. p157



George, & Margaret see Henry Dennys, 1638



Ann see Lucian Brown, 1797

Elizabeth of Mangots, mar Wm Drew, Rangeworthy, lic, St Mary Red., 9.4.1734

Elizabeth, 84, Bitton, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

George, s.o. Harris & Mary, from St Geo, bur Puck, 21.11.1779

Harris see Geo, 1779, Hester see Rich Shallard 1758

John see Wm Stratton, 1836, Mary see Geo, 1779

Sarah see Rich Brewer 1770

William, wanted as “usher under me” at school in KW, letter Cennick to Whitefield, August 1740



Albert Sperrin see Abraham Williams, 1870

Anna Sperrings, d 1853, aged 65, Downend Baptists see E.J. p78



“A poor man called Spicer robbed of provisions when returning to Downend nr Fishponds, and on the same evening a man called Golding robbed of 7s and left lying in the road.” FFBJ 18.1.1817.

Charlotte, see Joseph 1841

Edward see Chas Arthur 1759, see Sam Stone, 1837

Esther see Sam 1841

John, 30, Bitton, rheumatism cured, BRI Inpatients 1787, BRO

John, 30, inflammation of elbow, made op. BRI Inpatients, 1787

Joseph see Robt 1782

Joseph, Bitton, TSP 15 years for stealing turkeys from a farmer; c1838, see BAFHS no 60, p30

Joseph, 35, collier, Charlotte, 30, & 4 girls, 1841 cens Bitton/Cadbury Heath

Robert, s.o. Joseph & Sarah, died “in the small pox by inoculation” W & A 7.1.1782

Samuel, 30, collier, Esther, 25, & 2 ch, 1841 cens Warmley

Sarah see Robt, 1782, see Hester Stanton 1812-1898

Thomas, 30, Bitton, febris, BRI inpatients, cured, 1787

Thomas. In occupation of farmhouse and buildings, 33 acres, at Siston. For auction. Bath Chron 12.3.1798

Thomas, West., sawyer, bought pint of rum & pint of gin at Ring of Bells, Puck, went to saw pit and drank the whole which caused his death. Verdict self murder” FFBJ 2.7.1808

Thomas, 15, cm & Stephen Summers, 50, cm, kcp Wimsey Pit falling from coal cart ascending, Inq Soundwell, 10.11.1816, adj to 2.1.1817 LG. D260/GRO

Thomas, 71, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Thomas, 40, clerk to Fire Office, Bitton, murdered, Inq 13.2.1856, CoI Acc 1291 GRO



Edd, see John Soule, 1832



James, 16, damaging a hayfield, LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, no 61, p31

John, potter & Sarah, 1857, BAFHS Journal, no 74, p37

William John, BAFHS Journal, no 74, p34-37



Charles, from Crew’s Hole, bur St JB, Bristol, 26.10.1770



Mr & Mrs:  Fruit and flower shop, Church Rd, St George, anecdote by son Vincent, meeting with Stafford Cripps, 1931. see EP. BT 3.9.02 SPRINGALL

William, will, Mangots, 1671, BAFHS 7



William (patron John Sprint) vicar of Bitton, 1573, see Bigland.



Susanna see Robt Builder, 1771



William, 41, Westerleigh, charged with theft of coal value 3d from a coal heap of Sir Hugh Smyth, Bart, dark sandy hair, dark grey eyes, fresh complex, large nose, prominent teeth, tattooed “W.S.”, “H.L” and heart on right, mermaid on left arm, can read and write, 5 ft 5 and a half inches tall, very well behaved, not guilty and discharged, 1.4.1818, Glos Qtr Sessions, GRO. (The holier than thou jobsworth who brought this pathetic case should have been on trial.)

William, 14, cm, & William, Ag Lab, 1841 cens West.



Ann see Joseph, 1827

Sir Humphrey, custody of KW, 1462, see Braine, p43

Joseph & Ann of Oldland, their dau Mary Plummer Stafford born 23.2.1827 and registered Keynsham Baptists.

Lady: see John Norden, 1615, Braine, p60, see

Lord Stafford, Lord Berkeley, Sir Henry Billingsley, Sir Rowland Lacy, Sir Theodore Newton, Richard Berkeley, Thos Chester, William Player, Langley Weston, illegal boundaries &c, 1670, see Braine, p55:

Mary Plummer, see Joseph 1827



John, hanged for murder of William Millard, with coalpit mattock at Mangots, apprehended at “Points Pool”, (which was in outparish of P & J, now St Judes)  BJ 9.2.1782, BM 16.2.1782. BMBJ 6.4.1782 says “Thomas Stallard hanged.”

William, 40, executed for horsetheft with Cribb, Attwood, & Burgess, 16.8.1800, parish of Fownhope, Glos, but in company with these other names, suggests KW connection. Lists of persons hanged at Gloucester, GRO



Thomas, see Henry Mills Grace, 1871 census



Doctor, of Stapleton Rd. Praised for his efforts at Easton Colliery Fire, 1910, gave evidence that Joseph Gaynor died from Monoxide poisoning. See Joseph Gaynor, 1910



Family being researched by J.H. Stanley of 16 Sissinghurst Road, Portchester, Fareham, Hants, PO16 9TB

Edward, committed to Newgate after KW colliers’ rising 1753m see FFBJ 26.5.1753 & AKW.

Hannah, bp 16 June, 1799 d.o. Nathaniel & Sarah Bitton, collier, Whitefield Sch., also, Sarah d.o. same, 28.8.1803, Ruth d.o. same (father then given as “clerk”) 11.6.1807. NB Sarah Stanley mar Evangelist John Pillinger.

Isaac, cm, late Bitton, kcp Hurd’s Pit, belonging to Mr Whittock by coal falling on him, Inq 18.2.1796, Queen’s Head, Bitton, D260/GRO

Mary Standley (sic) see Joseph Fry, 1815

Nathaniel, see Hannah 1799, Ruth see Hannah, 1799, Sarah see Hannah 1799



Charlotte, 22, stealing wood, LG 1820, BAFHS Journal, no 61, p31

Hester Stanton, d.o. George & Sarah (nee Spicer) Lovell, b c1812, mar Benjamin Lovell, Mangotsfield 2.8.1831, emigrated to NZ, where Benjamin died at Motueka, 1873, a farmer aged 65. Hester mar secondly Edward Stanton of Motueka who survived her. Died 9.5.1898 aged 85. Family story with papers deposited at BAFHS Library.



Clifford & Percy, took over Derham Bros, 1910, Boot & shoe manufrs, see “From Colliers to Clickers”, S. Fryer



Alexander, 1590, and two wives, Avis, with 2 sons & 3 daus, & Elizabeth, 4 sons & 2 daus; Brass at Yate, see The Monumental Brasses of Gloucestershire, Cecil T. Davis, 1897, reprinted 1969, p180.

Thomas, of Middle Temple, 5th son of Alexander, esq., of Yate Court, Glos, created a baronet of Ireland, 1628. Ibid, p181.

Ernest Henry, surveyor, of Fitzroy Park, Fishponds, gave evidence after Deep Pit disaster WDP Nov 1910



John see Fra Creswick, 1674



Matilda, see Elizabeth Comley, 1852


The Steager’s were another of the “Dutch” brassmaking families



James. 56 Phoenix St, Easton, manager of Easton Pit, described structure of mine at Inq on Joseph Gaynor, 1910. See J.G. 1910



Amy see Jn Wells, 1730

Elizabeth, 6, inmate of Pennywell Lane Workhouse, without LG, cured of scofula in both eyes by “wonder cure” of Dr Georgslenner, see Annals of KW, 1775

Elizabeth see Fra Caines, 1804, Nicholas see Jas Summers, 1900

Jack, Fishponds man died 1987, saved 6 people from drowning. EP BT 24.9.02

Obituary: Mrs Stevens, at KW Hill, widow of late Rev W. Stevens, itinerant preacher of the Methodist connection. FFBJ 12.4.1817

Sarah see Thos Britton, 1781, Sarah Ann see Jas Summers, 1900

Thomas see Jn Stone, 1685

Thomas: Obit, Mrs Stevens, the wife of Thomas of Cadbury Heath, in her 58th year, “Her departure was that of the Christian, in serenity and peace.” BM 5.7.1823

William see AKW 1769, see Thos Britton, 1781

William, founder of KW Benevolent Society, Obit 8.2.1817, “Well done thou good and faithful servant” FFBJ 8.2.1817

— “Stephens the nailer” boxer, see Geo Milsom, 1769



J.H. see J.S. Moore, 1910-20

Capt James, appointed agent for French Prison, Stapleton, in place of Capt Malbone, FFBJ 10.7.1813



Rev William. “At his Academy, Kingswood Hill, Rev Wm Stevery, itinerant preacher of the Gospel amongst the Methodists. Obit FFBT 27.11.1813



John, his warehouse without LG, see FFBJ 26.6.1727. “Norwich warehouse at Sun. Had large quantities of Black Crepe for George I’s funeral.

Robert, of St P & J, 1738. “Bonded Passengers to America” Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

Thomas, d 8.7.1716 aged 56. MI Mangots, E.J. p37



Mrs see Mrs Hollister, her mother, 1813



Family: burials at Bath Abbey:

Elizabeth d.o. Mr John, 14.9.1679

Clement s.o.    ”      ”     19.2.1688/9

John s.o.          ”      ”       1.7.1691

Alice wife of   ”      ”      17.3.1691/2

Alderman John Stibbs 8.2.1708/9

Charles, see Sampson Crew, 1795, Elizabeth see John, 1726

Hannah see Sam Shepherd, 1743, J. see Rev J.A. Curtis, 1798

James see Fra Creswick, 1674, see Sir Jn Newton 1674, see John Burnell, 1674

James s.o. James of  Bitton, mar Elizabeth d.o. John Batt, 23.11.1679, Siston

James, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

James, 65, cm, kcp falling down Lodge Pit, Stapleton. Duke of Beaufort’s, Inq Oldland 4.7.1810, D260/GRO

James: Lease for 99 yrs & 1 life between (1) Thos Master of Abbey Cirencester, & (2) James Stibbs, jun, of St Geo, cm, re ruined cottage on south side of road, Bristol/Marshfield, BRO(?)

John, 1713 “wounded in the hand by a robber” 1713, MD

John, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

John & Elizabeth agreement, 1726 with Thos Player & others to dig coal at Cleeve Hill Mangots & Sir Jn Newton & others on a level in KW, see Player papers, GRO.

John see Joseph 1735, see James Pinker, 1756, see Sam Rawbones, 1803,see Thos Pearsall, 1804

John: property to let, Corn mill at Oldfield, Bitton, enq. John Stibbs, Barr’s Court. Bath Chron. 13.4.1788.

Mr John, see Saul Greenaway, 1800

John, advert of Farm in Oldland, late in occupation of John Stibbs, FFBJ 29.9.1810

Joseph s.o. John, Bitton, cm, to Joseph Smith, baker, 16.1.1735, Bristol Apprents, BRO

Joseph, Bitton, grazier, wid, o21, & Martha Hemming. Sp, o21, BMLB 21.12.1805

Mr, see Aaron Jefferis, 1795, see Robt Brooks, 1799

S, see Rev J.A. Curtis, 1798

Samuel, 17 mths, found dead in dripping well, in garden of Stephen Bryant, cm, Inq 30.5.1807, Kings Arms, Oldland, kept by Sam Humberstone, D260/GRO

Stout, Bitton, gent, bach, o21 & Anna James, St Philips extra, sp o21, bondsman William Stibbs, BMLB 9.12.1788, E/J/3/3/5 BRO

Stout see Thos Pearsall, 1804

Widow: 1713, MD, William see Stout, 1788



Thomas, Yate, banns of marriage between him and Jane Mealing, Pucklechurch, July, Aug, 1792, marriage took place 18.9.1792



Bridget, see Ann Pinnell



Ann see Geo Sage, 1725



Elizabeth, 74, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Mary,  schoolmistress, bur IA, 2.3.1779

Nathaniel of Downend, tanner, 1685, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28



John, tenant of Rogers Holland, see 7.2.1733, GJ, Thomas, 1811, see Thos Roberts



Mr see Job Bennett, 1813, William, 1811, see Thos Roberts.



Hugo, s.o. Hugo, Barton Regis, as silkweaver, Bristol Apprents, 1668-71



Joseph, MA, Prebend of Bitton, 1714, see Bigland

Thomas see Sarah Sherman, 1732



C.A. Dispensing Chemist, Eastville & Fishponds, “Happy Days” ca 1933, Photograph cover in author’s possession

Charles see AKW 1769, George see Isaac Britton, 1816

John Harper, d 1855, aged 40, MI Mangots, E.J, p58p

Samuel see Susannah Creswick, 1764, Thomas, Mangots, 1738, p155

William, smith at KW, witness, trial of Joseph Britton & others, highway robbery in KW, see BJ 6.4.1850



—- “One Stone“, a collier fell from his horse & broke his back of which he died soon after returning home from Bristol, FFBJ 5.5.1764

Aaron, landlord of Kings Arms, Oldland, see Inquest on Fra Caines & Rich Joy, 1815 and Wm Bateman,, 1819

Aaron, see Wm Batman, 1819

Aaron, cm, 40, Mary, wife, 36, Lillie, 10, Clara, 7, Gilbert, 5, Beatrice 1, all born  St Geo, 1881 cens 27 Reformatory Lane, next to Wm Burchill.

Ann see Henry 1698, see Adam Bassell, 1756

Ann, 40, John, collier,20, James, collier, 15,  Henry, collier, 14, Charles, collier, 12, Thomas, 10, 1841 cens Warmley

Ann see Philip Tovey, 1848, see Job Davis, 1852

Arthur, brother-in-law, Witness re Samuel Cook, murder/suicide, 2 & 9 Apr 1842 FFBJ

Arthur Geo, see Sam, b1837, Arthur Sam, see Sam b1827

Beatrice see Aaron, 1881

Benjamin see Nath Willis, 1735, Bridget see Francis 1641

Charles of Bitton & Elizabeth Haynes, same, BMLB 9.7.1666

Charles, Siston, cm & Sarah Crew, sp, otp, mar Bitton, 27.1.1755

Charles, kcp & bur Siston 25.11.1775

Charles see Ann, 1841

Charles, foreman, Soundwell Pit, gave evidence after multiple fatal accident, 1,7,11 Nov 1846, BM

Charles & Henry, accused intimidating Robt Long in employ of KW Coal & Iron Co. when he was returning from work with Moses Lewis during Miners’ Strike, 1874. Charles Stone said he would like to blow Long’s brains out. Magistrates decided this was merely vulgar abuse. Case Dismissed, see WDP 24.7.1874

Christopher see Sam, b1827, Clara, see Aaron, 1881.

Edith, see Geo Jeffrey, 1679, Edith, 28, wid,3 ch, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Edmond, collier, Hanham/Bitton, abt 40, suitable as pikeman, see Men & Armour, 1608

Edmond see Francis 1641, see Thos Badder 1662

Edmond, Richard & Tobias, “fugitives from KW” 1667, Ellacombe

Edmund, re The Grange, Hanham, held by him in reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1558-1603. 1680 bought by Sir Richard Hart, 1753, bought by James Emerson, brass maker, 1840, bought by Samuel Whittuck, see Braine, p118

Edmund, see James 1858; Edward Stones, see James Charmbury, 1640

Edward, s.o. Edward, collier, bur Siston, 3.2.1683

Edward, one pit, now sinking, Newton’s 1st Liberty, 1684, see.E.J.

Edward see John Jeffrys, 1684, see John Trotten, 1684, see Wid Batt, 1684

Edward, cm, on trial for riot in KW, undated in Ellacombe Mss, but appears to be 1738. Also appeared as witnesses James Stone & another Edward Stone, who had a horse engine nr Riddle’s pit. (George Riddle.) (see Annals of KW)

Edward, butcher, Bitton, Electoral Roll, 1739

Edward, indenture between John Talbot, gent, Kedgwin Webley, gent to appoint Edward Stone, cm, as servant, agent, & workman, Ellacombe 13.12.1740

Edward: one of the 12 men & 12 women who followed John Cennick after his expulsion by Wesley. See Ann Allen. Hannah Jefferies is shown in same list as “Bro Stone’s wife”. J.C. Diary, Bristol University Library, and Annals of KW.

Edward see Mary 1746

Edward, b1718, KW collier, and friend and companion to John Cennick. Married 1745 May Hayward of Brinkworth. Died KW 1747 & bur Tytherington, Wilts, Moravian Burial Ground, see J.C. Diary, Bristol University Library, and Annals of KW.

Edward & Francis, tythingmen of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

Edward see James, 1750, see Hannah Jefferies, 1750

Edward the elder, Edward the ygr & Henry, see Geo Flower, 1798

Edward, Boyd Mill. Assigned his share in lease to Robt Falkner of Bath, mealman, 1799. Info from Matthew Southway

Edward see Edward Moore, 1828, Elizabeth see John Britton, d 1729

Elizabeth, alias Bush, “The Great Woman in KW” bur Bitton 30.11.1775, see Betty Bush, 1740

Elizabeth Luton Stone, d.o. James, 1822, see BAFHS 74, p36, Elizabeth see Moses Nicholas 1841

Fanny see Fredk Rogers 1850

Francis, d.9.12.1641, also his sons John, 7.7.1647, Francis 2.5.1658, Edmund, 4.9.1656, and Bridget, the wife of Francis the elder, d 3.5.1635, MI Bitton, Bigland

Francis: Conveyance, Francis Stone, yeo, Hanham, to Thos Underhill, yeo, Bitton & Wm Dace, clothmaker of N. Stoke, re lease from Sir Henry Berkeley etc to Henry Hanham, Charles Toovye, Maria his wife of house & land in Bitton & Oldland, in tenure of Henry Hanham & his wife Margery. Robt & Henry Browning, witnesses. 1643, see BAFHS 52, p35

Francis see Fra Creswick, 1674, see Sam Tippett, 1741, see Edward 1747

Francis & Hannah of Bitton, their son Stephen bp Tytherington, Moravian, 8.10.1752

Francis, cm, wid & Betty Brown, sp., by lic, mar Bitton, 3.11.1759

Francis see Henry Dampier, 1771, see Sampson Crew, 1795

Francis, cm, 12, found dead in coalpit belonging to Isaac Tippett, Lower Easton, owing to running head through tugger of coal cart. Inq 12.12.1797, Oldland, D260/GRO & KCP

Francis, 25, kcp by stone fall, Pearce’s Pit, Stapleton, Duke of Beaufort, Inq 10.3.1803, Queens Head, Hanham, D260/GRO & KCP

Francis see Sarah,

Francis Stone & Isaac Roberts for stealing pocket book & £5 from James House, St Geo, farmer, BG 10.10.1816

George, “Sabbath breaker & complete sot” according to pamphlet written abt Sam Bryant, collier & preacher, “the servant of God asked him very frequently about his soul” 1827, see Sam Bryant.

George see Martha 1866, Gilbert see Aaron 1881, Grace see Sir John Newton, 1661

  1. house, 1652, see Braine, p76

Hannah see Hannah Palmer, 1750, see Sam Lovell, 1769

Hannah: Mr J Trotman of Hanham, married Miss Hannah Stone, d.o. Mrs Mary Stone at the Horseshoe, Siston, FFBJ 2.1.1808

Hannah d.o. Wm, cm, mar Jacob Pillinger, 1857

Henry of Hanham & Joane Rodburie, of Thornbury, mar St Werberghs Bristol, 16.7.1649

Henry see Jn Wood, 1653, Henry, keeper of cole-horses, see 1666 list, Ellacombe

Henry see John, 1674, see John Jeffrys, 1684, see James Hilman, 1680

Henry, coal carrier, now Thos Phips, jun, inhabs KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Henry, cm, inhabs KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Henry, 1684, see E.J. p178; 1691, Horse driver wife, children, good house, 1 acre, 7 horses, see  E.J. p179

Henry, collier, of P & J, his dau Ann bp there 12.10.1698, Henry see Sam, 1729

Henry of Bitton & Mary Palmer of Mangots, mar P & J, 3.9.1734

Henry see Thos Britton, 1745

Henry Stone, Thos Harris, Sam Fudge, cms, to dig coal on common at Breachyate (Bridgeyate) 26.11.1755, Haynes papers, BRO

Henry, agreement 26 Jan 1756 between him, Aaron Jefferies & Samuel Harding with Thos Haynes to dig coal on Churchleigh Hill. Ref 14581 HA/E/17

Henry, keeper of Parish Pound. Bur 15.3.1789, Siston PR

Henry see Geo Flower 1798

Henry, “a few days since died H.S. of Bitton, a truly honest man”, obit FFBJ 29.10.1803

Henry, see Ann, 1841, see James, 1858, see Chas, 1874

Henry: “A Bristol man claims £1,000,000. H.S. aged abt 50, with a wife & 4 ch of Claypit Lane, Hanham Rd, Warmley, claims he is the rightful owner of over a million pounds in Chancery.  His grandfather owner of considerable property in the district including coalmines at Oldland. The grandfather left instructions for his brother named Walter to manage the estate for his heir, a minor. Walter moved to Bedminster taking papers with him. When the minor grew up he claimed the estate but the other’s children also claimed it, so it was placed in Chancery. See BO 22.9.1900

Hester, 85, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

  1. see Elizabeth Baker 1817

James, cm, Bitton & Mary Jones, (or John?) Castle Precincts, (Bondsman Francis Powell, spectacle maker) BMLB 25,2,1720

James see Edward, 1738

James, collier who was under the sycamore tree in KW when John Cennick first preached in 1739. He later married Anna Cennick, J.C.’s sister, see Cennick’s Diary, Bristol University Lib. .  See BAFHS Journal 51, p32. See also Annals of KW 1725-49 & 1750-74.

James, “Adventurer in Coalmines” named on Player’s Map, 1750

James, Samuel & Edward, named on Player’s Map, 1750

James, brother in law of John Cennick, mar Hannah (Anna) nee Cennick, children Rosina bp Tytherington 15.4.1750, Thomas, bp Tytherington, 20.9.1752 (of St Philip’s Bristol) bur Tytherington 13.10.1752, aged 2 mths of Baptist Mills. Thomas bp Tytherington 29.7.1753 (of St P & J) Mary b 1764, mar —- Kennedy, Sergt of Marines. See BRL B.L.5832.

James cm, wid & Mary Brain, sp, botp 29.6.1754, Bitton

James, see Elizabeth Nott, 1754, see Mary, c1787, see Geo Bowden, 1815, see Henry Phipps, 1817

James, 27, Siston, charged by Sam Brain of Bitton with theft of £1 note & 5 guineas in gold from his house in Siston, Dark br hair, dk grey eyes, scars on left temple, back & right knee from a cut. Not read. 5’10 & threeqtrs”, orderly, Not Guilty, 8.4.1819, G/QS 1-5 GRO

James, 1822, horsedealer, St Geo, see BAFHS 74, p36 & see Elizabeth 1822

James see Ann, 1841, see Philip Tovey, 1848

James, cm, Bitton, kcp Crown Pit Warmley, Inq 29.10.1855, GRO Co I Acc 1291

James, farmer & publican of Horseshoe Inn, Siston Common, died 15.1.1858 of diseased heart & dropsy (death Cert) aged 79. Dianna Baker, present at death. Will, 5.1.1858, proved Bristol: trustees Henry Stone of KW Hill, Samuel Stone, Chippenham, carpenter. To convert property for legacies for brother Edmund Stone’s children (except nephew William Stone who would be residual legatee) brother Thomas Stone’s children, sister Amy Jefferies’s children, brother Samuel Stone’s children, sister Hannah Bissicks’s children. Refers to cottages in occupation of Edmund Stone & Thomas Jefferies, George Silman, Thos White & William Stone.

John, Henry & Sarah, inhabs of Siston, 1674 during vicar’s perambulation

John, senior, see Geo Jeffry, 1679

John of Oldland, 1680, “Bonded Passengers to America” Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

John. of Barrott’s Hill, 1 pit, Player’s Liberty, 1684, see E.J

John see Leonard Jacob, 1684

John (1685) according to Braine the following prisoners were at Gloucester from Hanham accused of assisting the Monmouth rebels: John Stone to be hanged drawn & quartered, Elizabeth Lambart, to be hanged afterwards reprieved, Samuel Asplin to be transported, Christopher Tilly, to remain as before, Wm Randle, ditto, Robt Peere, to find bail for next appearance, Thos Stephens, ditto. Hannah Gale, ditto, Peter Rivers, acquitted, Philip Cambridge, to be sent to Somerset for high treason. Francis Creswick, high treason, to remain in gaol, Geo Sanders, Thos Skyn, to find bail, to appear next session. (“The Monmouth Rebels” by W. McD. Wigfield  lists three men called John Stone. George Sanders may be George Saunders, a chandler of Frome. Philip Cambridge of Gloucestershire was one of six sentenced to be hanged on Redcliffe Hill, Bristol. No trace of the other names.

John, petty constable of Bitton, sent to levy fine on John Bennett of £40 bit could not find any goods above the value of £5. 30.4.1688, Ellacombe.

John. kcp & bur Siston, 12.8. 1779

John, collier, born 1.9.1760 & bp Moravian Ch, KW, 1796, John & Sarah, their son Samuel bp HTKW 1825

John, 26, Bitton, 11th Dragoons, 1800-06, National Archives

John see Stephen 1801, see Sarah 1833

John, kcp Warmley by rubbish fall, see GJ 30.3.1833

John, 24, collier, Sarah 2 ch, 1841 cens Warmley, John see Ann, 1841

John, employed Easton Coalworks, severe injuries due to mass of coal falling on him, see FFBJ 14.2.1846

John, engineer at Deep Pit, sent for trial, Gloucester Assizes for manslaughter of Stephen Newman when bolt or reversing handle broke off. See BM 6.9.1851. Another Stone (name not given) was injured in same accident.

John, aged 41, Pucklechurch, cm, Brandy Bottom Colliery. Inquest 8.7.1860 GRO CO1/N/6/A/58,

John, 75, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Joseph see Elizabeth Baker, 1817

Joseph aged 21, of Bitton, theft of a qty of hay from Aaron Wait of Bitton, 5′ 3 inches, small pox, scar

Left side of crown, very well behaved, 1 yr penitentiary, 2.1.1818, G/Qs 1-5 GRO

Joseph, 7 yrs TSP for theft of mixed corn from stables at Bath, property of S. Whittuck, esq., Hanham. BM (late BMBJ) 12.5.1821

Lillie see Aaron, 1881

Martha see Wm Pratten, 1721, see Fra Jefferis, 1743,

Martha, inquest on M.S. aged 41, wife of Wm Stone, collier, of Millfields, St Geo., Her dau also Martha was married to George Stone, who was knocking her about. Martha senior went to assistance of her dau & in so doing put her hand through a window which had been nailed down. She was taken to BFRI but died under chloroform, see BMerc 21.7.1866

Mary, wife of Edward Stone, St P & J, horsedriver, eloped, see BWI 30.8.1746 “Do not pay debts”.

Mary see Moses Rennolds, 1755, see Samuel 1729, see Josias Jefferis, 1759

Mary, d.o. James, b 1764,  niece of John Cennick, and grand dau of Ann Cennick. mar to John Kennedy Sergt of Marines, shipwrecked from ship Sirius nr Norfolk Island 1790, in Australia c1787see BAFHS 64, p20 & see BL5832 BRL.  See BAFHS Journal 51, p32. See also Annals of KW 1725-49 & 1750-74.

Mary see Hannah, 1808

Mary of Hanham. Name included in a list of “Persons Receiving Pay from Clifton Parish for themselves and their families” FFBJ 10.1.1818

Mary see Sarah 1833, see Aaron, 1881

Mr see AKW 1764 & 65, Nicholas, indicted for riot in KW 1670, Ellacombe

Raymond see Samuel (b1827), Richard see Edmund, 1667

Richard s.o. Richard, cm, Bristol, apprent to John Hodges mariner & Joan his wife, Bs  Apprents 1668-71, BRO

Robert of Bitton & Sarah Boucher mar Keynsham 3.2.1783

Rosina b 1750 see James;  Samuel, 1721 & Thomas, his brother, 1712, MD

Samuel, wife Mary, son Henry, 1729, Siston, Settlement Brislington P/StLB/OP/20/96 BRO

Samuel see James, 1750; Samuel & partners, Adventurers in Coalmines, Player’s Map,1750

Samuel, cm, mar Hannah Phipps, Bitton, 10.8.1757

Samuel see James Crown 1816,

Samuel, collier & Susanna, their dau Susannah bp HTKW 1824

Samuel see John, 1825

Samuel (FT, EP 6.3.1996) Samuel b 1927 (S..A. Stone, based for decades at Easton Colliery Yard, begat William b 1850, married the dau of a wheelwright, begat Arthur Geo, 1854-1953, begat Arthur Sam, 1916-c1994, (and Raymond, his brother.) begat Christopher, bc1950.

Samuel,18,cm Siston, accused of highway robbery on Joseph Hyde of 2d and a hat, and with Geo Gingell, cm, of Edward Spicer  of 2 pieces of cloth. TSP 15 yrs, 1837, G Qs 1-5 GRO

Sarah see John 1674

Sarah of Bitton, wife of Francis, private in the 11th Regt of Light Dragoons from overseer at Pontefract, request for stipend, 22.7.1811, Bitton Militia List, BRO

Sarah see John, 1825

Sarah, 27, Mary, 22, John, 60, all of Two Mile Hill, died cholera epidemic & bur St Geo 1833

Sarah see Wm Jefferies. 1840, see John, 1841,

Stephen see Francis 1752

Stephen of Bitton, & Susanna Burgess, sp, mar St Geo, 15.12.1774

Susannah see Sam, 1824

Susanna of Kings Arms Inn, KW Hill after a few days illness, beloved and respected by all who knew her in her 60th year of her age. Obit BG 6.4.1843

Thomas, see Jn Britton, d1648, see Samuel, 1721

Thomas, b1752, see James, b1753, see James

Thomas, cm & Mary Cocks, sp, mar Bitton, 18.9.1757

Thomas, carpenter, Mangotsfield, Bristol Poll, 1820

Thomas, beerhouse keeper, 32, Bitton, charged with slaying Richard Bryant lt. br hair, fresh complex, round visage, large scar on back of head, very stout build, 6 ft tall, Not Guilty, 28.7.1838, G Qs 1-5 GRO

Thomas see Ann, 1841, see James, 1858

Thomas of St Geo, cm at Hanham Pit, working making a hole with Alfred Jabez Tippett when Tippett was killed. See Bristol Guardian, 29.1.1898 & KCP

Thomas John, accused of theft of £180 from his sister, KW, see BO 27.6.1896

Tobias see Edmund, 1667

  1. KW coalpit delegate in strike of 1874 see WDP 29.5.1874

William see Jn Wood, 1653; William, took part in KW riot 1670, Ellacombe

William, collier, dead, inhabs KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

William, cm, bur Siston, 29.3.1717; William, the ygr, see Edward Wilmot, 1755

William, cm & Grace Tilly mar Bitton, 18.11.1759

William, 13, carter, see Waring 1841

William, cm & Mary Glass, mar P & J, 1846

William see Sam, b1827, see Hannah, 1857, see James, 1858, see Martha 1866

Zeph, cm at Speedwell, see Stanley Nash ,

— Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

Stone’s Pit see Jonathon Crow, 1819



Thomas, Wick, see John & Thos Watkins, 1812



Margaret, widow, will Mangots, 1636 BAFHS 3


STOTT (Stout?)

John of Mangots, agrico, & Hester Bayley, Mangots, BMLB Nov 1727 (bondsman Wm Bayley of P & J, tanner. BRO



Abraham , one of the 12 men & 12 women who followed Cennick after his expulsion by Wesley, 1740, see Cennick’s diary & also Annals of KW

Abraham Oldland, will, 1779, GRO

Elizabeth, wife of Stephen, 9.2.1740 aged 28, F.C. (Bigland)

Elizabeth see Sam Harris, 1729

Francis of Hanham, will 1668, GRO

ff (sic) Francis?) See J. Greenway 1674

Grace, Bitton, will, 1693, GRO; Hannah see Hannah Chester, 1754

Humphrey Stoot, St Nicholas & Elizabeth Dymock, WOT, 29.11.1721

Isaac, of Stouts Hill, Bitton, yeoman, 21.10.1731, D2957/126/154, GRO

Isaac, 1720, 22, MD; Isaac & Mary Stout see James Pinker, 1756

Joan see Fra Creswick 1674; John, tailor, COB, Bristol probate Invents 1732

John see Stephen, 1741; Mary see Isaac Jarrett, 1718

Robert see Sir Jn Newton, 1674; Robert, Hanham, will 1679, GRO

Robert see Fra Creswick 1674; Sarah see Samuel Tippett 1743

Stephen see Susannah, 1737, see Elizabeth, 1740

Stephen Stout, elder, yeo of FC, will 1741, son John, son Stephen, grandson Stephen Jarrett, when 24, grandson Thomas Chester, (son of my dau Hannah Harding) when 24, Isaac Jarrett, daughter Susannah Webb, granddaus Anna & Susannah Webb, granddau Susannah Jarrett. Executors Stephen Stout, John Cook, Nibley, Tomas Cook, Almondsbury, Christopher Young of Gaunts Earthcott, Witnesses Jacob Young, Henry Horwood, Christopher Horwood.

Stephen, 10.9.1760 aged 61 F.C. (Bigland)

Susannah wife of Stephen Stout, 8.12.1737 aged 67 F.C. (Bigland)

Thomas Stout of St James & Ann Davis of same, mar 6.1.1723/4

Thomas, Bristol wills, 1732, BRO

William see Anthony Pitcher 1689; William, mariner, COB, 1739, Bristol probate Invents.



Aaron, 1752, see Joannah Flower

Aaron of Siston, yeoman: with Richard Francis a trustee of intestacy of Martha Millard. Ann Strange widow of Bitton was Martha’s dau & among the beneficiaries. 1767, see BAFHS 52, p36

Ann, (dau Peter) = Anthony Moreman of Pucklechurch, wid, PCC will proved 1611: Clement of the Park, Rob Longe, Edw Bartly, Jn Freame, Fra Hiscocks, Matt Davis, kin & servant Ann Toghill, Walter Strange, gent of Siston, Ann Phips d.o. Rob Hoskins, Eliz Tucker d.o. Rob Hoskins, Anne wife of Rob Bullock, Walter Moorman, Joan Luton, Charity Pascol, Margt d.o. Edward Luton, Ann d.o. Rich Moorman, decd, Elizabeth d.o. Walter Strange, Joan wife of Anthony Strange, Edmund Willis, his dau Ann Willis, Agnes & Thos Willis, Ann d.o. Jn Tyler, Elizabeth Mooreman, now dau in law to Jn Read, Rich, Jn & Susan Hall, Susan Young, Alice wife of Anth Toghill, his dau Sarah Toghill, godchild Edith Tyler, Ann & Jn Ponting the ygr my godchild, Jn Bartly, Anth Smith, Johane, wife of Edw Luton, Edward Luton & Walter Strange, overseers, Witn Geo Edwards, vicar, Walter Strange.

(I am indebted to John Goulstone for the transcription of this complicated will: see his paper “Strange of Siston & Some Family Connections”)

Ann Strange of Stanton Prior & Arthur Chandler of Pucklechurch married Stanton Prior Som 11.4.1757; Ann see Richard Francis, 1767

Betty see Nathaniel Bawn 1750

Charles of Mangotsfield, gardener, bach over 21 & Ann Cowles of same, sp over 21. William Emett of same, bondsman. Mar Lic Bond Bristol (BRO) 18 Jun 1772

Charles, collier, married Martha, d.o. Charles Burchill, collier, Mangotsfield, 1851. Their son Morris bp Mangots Mar 14 1852

Edward of Mounds Court, Siston, d1638. MI in Siston Church. See Braine “History of Kingswood Forest” p 187

Edward, inhabitant of Siston during vicar’s perambulation of 1674.

Edward, collier, mar Susan; their son Richard bp Siston Nov 18 1683: Edward, collier bur Siston 2 Apr 1710; Susan, wid, bur Siston 23 Nov 1720, relict of Edward. Richard s.o. Edward bur Siston 17 Dec 1710.

Edward Strange, “a fish” (theft of?). Siston, 1757. “Bonded Passengers to America” Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

Elizabeth see Wm Cabbell, 1621

Gertrude, d.o. Walter of Siston, mar Thos Emerson, Siston, 1599. See “The Forsters of Bristol” J. Goulstone, BAFHS 58, p31-35 with FT.

Hannah see Moses 1750

Harnoys, See “The Forsters of Bristol” J. Goulstone, BAFHS 58, p31-35 with FT.

Joseph see Thomas, 1769; Mary see Thomas 1769

Morris see Charles 1851

Moses, named on return of tithing of Bitton, 1722; See Ellacombe Mss, Bristol Ref Library.

Moses, died 31.8.1750 aged 86; Hannah his wife died 28.8.1752 aged 69; Moses, jun, his son, died 14.3.1765 aged 63. Bitton, Bigland

Richard the elder, yeoman, will Mangotsfield, 1662. See BAFHS Journal no 7 p22 & see BAFHS 36, p28.

Richard see Edward 1683; Susan see Edward 1683

Thomas, d 10.7.1769 aged 33, Joseph s.o. Thomas & Mary Strange d 6.5.1768 aged 18, MI Bitton, Bigland

Thomas, “Manor Prebendary of Bitton, 29 August 1791; Thomas Edwards, freeman, Lord of the Manor, Thomas Strange – gamekeepers deputations, Glos R.O.

Walter, see Gertrude, 1599

William Strange, coalminer & Daniel Flook cm, both of Stapleton: re land in Forest of Kingswood: consideration £4. Ref 29996/4 BRO (Fishponds Lunatic Asylum Papers.)

William, pit carter,  of Pucklechurch, killed Brandy Bottom Pit Inquest 25.11.1856. Co I Acc 1291 GRO


The name Strange can be found mainly in the registers of Siston.

See “The Bullock/Strange/Wimboll/Clark Network” in the Simple Annals  of the Poor. 1586-1640p



John, killed by a waggon, buried 2.6.1782, Siston PR



Betty see James Peacock, 1756

Hugh, P & J, polled land in own tenure, objected to, not rated, see BGaz 20..2.1777

John of Bitton & Hester Tovey mar Saltford, 1758

William, lab, killed in a well in Hanham by a qty of stone & earth 100 tons falling on his body. Buried under ruins from Monday morning to Tuesday night, 45 hours, brought out still alive but died from his great injuries. Inq 15.9.1802, Jolly Sailor, Hanham, D260/GRO

William, in Gloucester gaol for theft of a great coat from John Spencer of W & A, see FFBJ 9.1.1836



Thomas, mason, Hanham, Electoral Roll 1734



Elizabeth see Edwin White Ward, 1832



Mrs Elizabeth, d.o. Sir John Newton & Dame Mary his wife, wife to Francis Stringer of Sutton upon Lown in Northumberland, who died……… (date lost), Bitton, Bigland



Francis, tailor, 1752, see Joannah Flower

Francis junior, to be given 5 shillings, his family in the small pox, 4.12.1769, Bitton Vestry Minutes, BRO

Francis of Bitton (wid) married Elizabeth Roberts, otp at Llanlilo Crosseny, Monmouthshire, lic, 4.9.1772.

Isaac see Abraham Jenkins, 1802

Joseph, kcp belonging to Castle & Co, Stapleton, abt 10 tons rubbish falling on him, Inq 4.4.1808, Rose & Crown, St Geo, D260/GRO

Samuel, 30, Stapleton, 11th & 18th Foot, 1790-98, National Archives.

Stephen, also known as Cabbage. A prizefighter. Drowned himself in the canal at St Philips after a quarrel with his wife. Verdict, lunacy. FFBJ 31 Jul 1824

William, tailor of St Geo, see Dan Poole, 1792, see Edward Moore, 1828



Henry, 1627, see BAFHS 52, p35



Thomas see Fra Creswick, 1682, see Nich Reed 1691

William, 1627, see BAFHS 52, p35



Charles see Geo Hale, 1759

Edward, feltmaker, bur West., 14.10.1719

Jacob, 1779-1781, see BAFHS Journal no 101, p16, Summer 2000

Sarah, see Jn Holway 1756

—- Sturge of Codrington, “carried coals to Bristol & remarkable for his great strength” info from Mrs J. Cook, 2 Earlsway, Curzon Park, Chester



Luke Stioles & wife, Mistress Reades, Mistress Miles, Richard Pillinger & Will Hardin, (same group) inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation

Luke, coaldriver, of Siston, bondsman at marriage of Thos Walter & Elizabeth Dandy, both of Siston, 29.4.1676, BMLB. (All parties given incorrectly as “of Cirencester” in printed volume of BMLB. Luke was son in law of Richard Pillinger. See also Wm Harding, 1674



Thomas, 76, Yate, coal merchant. No Inquest. 14.1.1871. GRO Ref CO1/N/17/A/8



Joseph, collier, burgers of Bristol by marriage to Mary d.o. Jn Flatcher, clothworker, decd 25.10.1774



Mary Ann & Samuel see Jn Fry, 1840



Aaron, collier of Staple Hill, and Elizabeth, their dau Anne bp HTKW 1826

Ann see Aaron, 1826

Benjamin & Stephen Sommarell, Lent 1737, at Mangotsfield. (Hats) “Bonded Passengers to America” Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX; 1736: Harrington Davis conveyed Benjamin & Stephen Summerhill: £4.acount of prisoners with their names that have been carried to the County Gaol at Gloucester at the sole charge of the hamlet of Bitton whereof one half do belong to the hamlet of Oldland. Ellacombe Mss. 12 Mar 1736/7 “Benjamin & Stephen Somarell were left for transportation for stealing 11 dozen hats. GJ 15.3.1736/7

Christopher Summerhill mar Mary Crew, 2.9.1821, Bitton:

Christopher Summerhill, widower mar Elizabeth Crew, 23.2.1822, Bitton

Christopher Summerhill, widower mar Mary Whyatt, Bitton, 20.3.1836

Christopher Summerill, 40, collier, Elizabeth, 30, Mary, 10, Joseph 15, John, 10, 1841 cens Warmley. (Christopher was born 1797 & bp 1807 at Siston, the s.o. Thos & Rachel (nee Skinner). He was the brother of Jane, who married Stephen Pillinger.

Christopher, 62, ag lab, b Siston, Elizabeth, wife, 50, b Bristol, 1861 cens, Tennis Court Lane, Oldland.

Daniel, see Chas Burchill, bca 1745

Eliza d.o. William, collier, mar Charles Burchill, 1848, Mangots

Elizabeth see Aaron, 1826, see Christopher 1841, see Christopher 1861

Enos, collier, Mangotsfield, 27 Mar 1878, Q/Gc6/7, gaol reg. Q/Gc6/7 GRO

George, 60, wife, heart disease, dead, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Isaac Sommerill, his house at Siston licensed for dissenting subjects, Presbyterians, GRO/Q/SO Michaelmas 1760

Isaac Summerill, bp Siston 1765 family being researched by Daphne Hill, 12 Willow Derive, Little Common, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 4PX

John see Maria, 1684/6

John see Maria Wigmore, 1690, GRO

John Summerhill, Siston & Sarah Tiler, Yate, mar Yate 24.5.1714

John, Siston & Sarah Wilmot, Mangots, by lic at Cold Ashton, 26.8.1744

John see Edward Wilmot, 1755; John see Christopher 1841

Jonas, collier, Bitton, 1866, Gaol Gloucester GRO ref Q/Gc6/5

Joseph, “mason & lab” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Joseph see Thos, 1790, see Christopher 1841

Joseph, 73, wife, aged Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Margaret (Sommerell) a travelling woman bur W & A 24 May 1727

Maria Summerhill, of Siston, widow of John of Westerley (sic) feltmaker & John Wickwick of Siston, in bond admin of goods of Thomas Summerhill, died 1684, late of Siston, will proved Aug 1685. GRO. See also Maria Wigmore, 1690

Mary see Thos Potter, 1758, see Christopher 1841

Rachel, (nee Skinner) bur 28.2.1847 aged 77, Siston

Samuel see Stephen 1736

Samuel, and Wm & John Freeks of Siston & Stephen Cambray of W & A, cms, to dig coal on land between Griffin alehouse & Hormaple Hill. 7 yrs 24 Jan 1737/8 Ref 14581 HA/E/15

Samuel Summerill, cm, of Bitton, bondsman to mar lic of George Davis of Bitton, o21 & Mary Sutton, Mangots, o21, BMLB 16.10.1781

Samuel, Bitton, 1822/67, wills 1801-1858 GRO

Samuel “talked with him frequently in the pit” see pamphlet relating to Sam Bryant, b 1792, collier & preacher, who was kcp at Soundwell, 1827.

Samuel Summerhill, bach, collier s.o, Samuel, collier & Emma Wickham, d.o. Wm, lab, (Wit Joseph & Elizabeth Garland) mar Mangots 2.7.1848

Samuel, collier, KW, 21 Dec 1858, Q/Gc6/3, gaol reg. GRO

Sarah see Stephen 1736; Sarah, nee Wilmot, wife of John, see Edward Wilmot, 1755

Stephen of Siston & Elizabeth Hathway, W & A, mar Yate 8.9.1719

Stephen. Agreement May 1727, between him and Richard Haynes to dig coal at Churchley Hill, Wick. Ref 14581 HA/E/13

Stephen of Siston, wife Sarah, Samuel, eldest son and heir, release of land, Doynton, 9/10 Aug 1736, SRO DD/GL 95

Stephen see Benjamin, 1736/7

Thomas, senior & wife; Thomas, junior, & Sarah Shin, inhabs of Siston 1674 during vicar’s perambulation. See also perambulation 1689

Thomas see Maria, 1685

Thomas, “mason & lab” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Thomas, mar Rachel Skinner, Westerleigh, 26.7.1790, witnesses Richard Hollister & Joseph Summerell. (The author’s ancestors; their dau Jane mar Stephen Pillinger)

William, Siston, cm & Betty Britten, sp, mar Bitton 29.5.1756

William, Siston, cm & Abrae Nichols, mar Bitton, 12.8.1759

William, Siston, 1836/126, wills 1801-58, GRO

William, o21, bach, cm, KW s.o. Wm, cm & Sarah Collins, minor, pinheader, KW, d.o. James, cm, HTKW 25.8.1839.

William see Eliza, 1848



Abel, see Thos 1735

Abel, 60, collier, Mary, 60, Levey Dando, collier, 15, 1841 cens Mays Hills, Westerleigh

Amy see John 1761; Amy wife of John, collier, bur IA 27.9.1764

Betty see Sarah Robins, 1739

Hendrey Summers, yeo,1664, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28

Henry, named on Player’s Map, 1750; Hester see John, 1761

James, miner, 28, s.o. John, lab, & Sarah Ann Stephens, 26, d.o. Nicholas, foreman, mar St Silas, West., 19.5.1900

Joane Somers, wid, 1670, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28

John, named on Player’s Map, 1750

John, bp 1729. Mangots, s.o. Thos & Mary. £100 reward on his head after colliers’ march on Bristol, 1753, see FFBJ 4.8.1753 & Annals of KW. see Also Thomas, 1735

John, s.o. John of Mangots, feltmaker, apprent to Daniel Stinchcombe, brushmaker, 13.6.1759, Bristol Apprents, BRO

John see Amy 1764

John, settlement cert, West., 3.9.1761, J.S., Amy his wife, Hester & Mary, all of Mangots. Amy wife of John, bur IA 27.9.1764.

John, 60, Mangots, fractured arm, cured, 1787, BRI Inpatients, BRO

John see James,1900, Joseph see Thos, 1841, Katherine see Thos,1841

Mary see Thomas, 1735, see John, 1761, see Abel, 1841

Samuel, KW, seaman, 21.5.1755 to 10 Jul 1755, former ship “Prince George”, in scow Molly Valentine, Bristol-Jamaica-Bristol. (Merchant Venturers List)

Stephen, “melancholy accident at coalmine at Warmley nr KW, Stephen Summers, 54 & a boy aged 12, were killed the bucket falling whilst drawing them up after work, Two other persons dangerously hurt. Summers left a wife & 6ch. BMerc 18.11.1816 & KCP. (The boy was Thomas Spicer. Inq says he was 15. D260/GRO

Thomas Somers, “had a workshop” 1689, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28

Thomas, one of rescuers of Edward Peacock &c from coalpit nr Two mile Hill, 1735. Mar to Mary, and their ch were Katherine, bp Mangots 1726,  Abel bp Mangots, 1728 (bur 1735) John bp Mangots 1729

Thomas. “Thurs afternoon, the noted T.S. of KW who has had several warrants against him was taken at a public house in Temple St by an officer & 2 men belonging to the City. As they were conveying him along Thomas St some countrymen surrounded him & a smart skirmish ensued in which Summers took the opportunity of running away, crossed the river at Temple Backs and marched off in triumph. BWI 28.4.1750

Thomas, “to fill and secure from danger a  cole pitt he dugg on North Common, 40/- Oldland Court Leet 1776, GRO D108 M187/8

Thomas, 15 & Joseph, 15, colliers, 1841 cens West.



Joseph, belonging to Mr John Couch’s barge, of Hanham, in going aboard at the Back, fell into the River and unfortunately drowned, leaving a pregnant widow, and 5 children, who depended entirely on him for support to lament his loss. FFBJ 31.5.1800



Ann see William, 1786

Sarah, wife of William, d.19.10.1775 aged 73

William see Sol Chipper 1760, see Sarah, 1775

William, Bitton, millwright. Will dated 19.5.1779, proved 21.4.1786. Daughter Ann Sumption, daughter Sarah Hollister,  daughter Elizabeth Thompson, daughter Mary Olds, son in law John Olds, granddaughter Hannah Olds, grandchildren  William, Joseph, James, Sarah, Jonathan, Jonas and John Old, children of John Olds. Grandchildren Hannah, Coster, Patience, Rachel, Betty, Sumption and Sarah Thompson, the Children of daughter Elizabeth Thompson, Kinsman William Walker. Property at Blackswarth, St George, in possession of Richard Shepherd and Samuel Jefferies, grandson Joseph Olds (Will PCC PROB 11/1603)


Abel, 17, scarlet fever, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Hugh, cm, Mangots, & Betty Bush mar Bitton 28.1.1760

John, & Nicholas & William, his sons hath 1 landing and 1 open in Well Green, below the Lodge a level about 1 qtr mile. Pits in Mr Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, inhabs of KW Chase, Ellacombe. See also Wm Kidwilliyder 1684 & Robt Clare, 1684

John, cm, inhabs of KW Chase, Ellacombe.

John, Mangots, cm & Margaret Jones, St Philips, BMLB 23.7.1691

John, Mangots, cm, Sarah Grogot (?) BMLB 1715, no. 116 (see below)

John  & Sarah Growett, b.o. Mangots, mar Stoke Gifford, 1715

John, aged 65, Mangotsfield, cm, Inquest 24.9.1859 GRO CO1/N/5/39
John, 51, & Mark (rt hand amputated at wrist) & Fredk Bridges, inj in serious accident at Parkfield, BO 25.3.1893

Mark see John, 1893

Mary & Robt Dark, b.o. Mangots mar Almondsbury 1725

Mary see Henry Keene 1771, see Samuel Summerhill, 1781

Mary Magdaleen, wife of Nicholas, see William Lovell, 1795/8

Nathaniel see Wm 1842; Nicholas, see John, 1684,  see Mary Magdaleen, 1795/8

Rose, 19, scarlet fever, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Ruth, wid, 1732, Mangots, BAFHS 36 p28

Susan see Wm Llewellyn, 1665

Thomas, of Mangots & Hannah Hathway mar Winterbourne, 19.4.1785

William see John, 1684

William, u21, bach, lab, s.o. Nathaniel, lab & Fanny Holbrook, u21, sp, pinheader, KW, d.o. Chas, cm, mar HTKW 13.11.1842

William, Stapleton, coalworker, collapsed & died while drinking a pint of beer, Inq Co I Acc 1291, GRO 17.12.1856



Henry, the son of Rev Mr Swayne of Puck, “uncontaminated by the vices prevalent in youth & possessed of a mind enriched with every good & pious disposition.” Obit FFBJ 23.6.1804

Walter, see Wm Burgess, Henry Hathway & Edward Jefferies, 1841



Abraham: “Sacred to the Memory of Samuel Sweet, s.o. Abraham & Mary Sweet of this parish who died 7th —- 1810 aged 2; Also of the above Abraham who died 14 July 1816, Mary his wife died 23 Feb 1820 aged —, George s.o. Abraham & Mary d 1 Dec —-, Sarah—–, James, —–, and sacred to the Memory of James Morgan departed this life 2.12.1831 aged 31. (Gravestone at former St George Church transcribed & deposited at Bristol Museum.)

Ada see John of Australia (letter 1997 below)

Amy see Fra Creswick, 1674, Ann see James 1815

Blanche see John of Australia (letter 1997 below)

Charles, d 18.2.1762 aged 29, MI Bitton, Bigland

Daniel see J Faux, 1820, Dorothy see Thos, 1781

Edmund see Edward 1790

Edmund cm kcp Cowhorne Hill, rubbish falling on body, inq 2.4.1810 Oldland D260/GRO

Edmund see James, 1815, Edward see Wm Horrell, 1684

Edward, named on Player’s Map,1750

Edward, 24, St Geo, executed for burglary on gallows at Over, 16.4.1790, GJ 29.3.1790, says “Edmund Sweet, for a burglary at home of Elizabeth Pallin”

Elizabeth see James, 1871, Elizabeth see Wm, 1895

Ellen see Geo, 1871, Fanny see Wm, 1895

Francis took part in KW Riot 1670, Ellacombe; Francis see Fra Creswick, 1674

Francis & Edward, 2 pits open, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Francis see Wm Horrell, 1684

Francis, St P & J, collier (John Plummer of Bussleton, carpenter, bondsman) & Sarah Bull, Bussleton, sp, BMLB 10.11.1719

George see Isaac 1871, Hannah see Thos Watson, 1759

Henry Swett (sic) keeper of cole horses, 1666, Ellacombe

Henry of Bitton & Sarah Williams otp mar St P & J, 10.11.1750

Henry, collier, run over by a cart, College Green life despaired of, SFBJ 22.8.1778

Henry see Thos, 1781

Henry see Thomas Patrick, 1811

Henry, charged by John Fussell of St Geo, pickpocketing  a handkerchief, FFJ 29.1.1814

Hester see John Wilmott, 1716, see Abraham Brain, 1722

Isaac of KW, aboard “Marg of Lothian” middle passage, Africa/St Christopher’s, 14.5.1755 to Apr 1756, MV Muster Rolls.

Isaac see John Harrison, 1756, see Nicholas, 1777

Isaac: Land Tax, Oldland, property of Isaac Sweet for late Nicholas, in occ of Wm Gully. (See also 1784 & 1786 (occ John Gully) Isaac Sweet bur St Geo, 1785 aged 80. (Presumably at Bitton? No reference.)

Isaac, bc1860 see John of Australia (letter 1997 below) & see Isaac, 1871 cens

Isaac, cm, b Bitton, 46, Susan, wife, sons Geo, 25, sons Wm, 17, Isaac, 13, 1871 cens Mangots

James see Abraham, 1810

James (4) s.o. James, collier & Ann, KW bp Bitton, 11.6.1815, also Wm & Edmund bp 1825 at HTK sons of James & Ann Swete, (sic) cm, KW..

James, bach, collier & Mary Hemings, sp, servt, mar Bitton, 15.7.1815

James, cm, 70, born Bitton, widow, with dau Elizabeth, 43, and grandson Sidney, 14, cm, 1871 cens Mangots

Jane see Thos Leonard 1759

John, various marriages at Bitton, 1714/15, see BAFHS 72, p27 & 73 p20

John Sweet, of 91, Anne St, Aitkenvale, Queensland, Australia, looking for ancestors, see EP 4.12.1997 (letters page) Isaac Sweet b Bitton c1860, his son Isaac emigrated to Australia 1914. Looking for Isaac’s sister, Blanche mar Robt Walker 1907, & Ada & Susan.

Joseph of Bitterne – (sic) and Hester Weeks married 1April 1771, Long Ashton.

Margaret see Thos, 1781

Mary  see Abraham, 1810, Mary Ann see Wm, 1895

Mary Champness, otherwise Sweet, of KW, servt to Mrs Ruscombe, both murdered, see BAFHS Journal 103, March 2001

Messrs Sweet & Co, see Jn Williams, 1803

Moses of Bitton, cm, o21 & Mary Cains, St Geo, sp o21, (Bondsman Richard Sweet, cm,) BMLB 21.7.1773

Moses: “Mary Moreton returning from Mr Moses Sweets, where she had gone for a ha’pennywrth of milk, aged 6, killed by a waggon wheel falling on her, Inq 28.1.1795 D260/GRO & FFBJ.

Moses, Oldland, yeo, (1) & Geo Brain, Bristol, Merchant, (2) Lease 35223 5c 27.9.1802 & 5d 5 Mar 1807, John Hall (1) merchant, Henry Carter, potter, assigns of Geo Brain, bankrupt, & Mary Brain, Oldland, Wid, (2), BRO

Moses see Thos Pearsall, 1804; Nancy (70) coal carrier, 1841 cens Mangots

Nicholas, of Hanham, Bitton, cm, d 1777, will. Bequests to Anna, wife of Joseph Earl, Hanham, basketmaker, re freehold estate purchased of Mary Foot, and after to Joseph & Francis Earl, sons of above. Son Sam Sweet, property in Hanham. To son Sam and dau Ann property called Stows and Jacobs in occupation of tenant Sam Bryant. To son in law Joseph Earl, and John Luton of Oldland, carpenter, grounds called Brayn St in Oldland. Also Hester Racker & son in law George Racker, trustee, to maintain education of Jacob Racker, son of Hester Racker until 21. Dated 9.10.1776 and witnessed by Isaac Sweet, Thos Thurston & James Bridges, proved 13.6.1778

Nicholas see Isaac 1782

Richard see Abraham Brain, 1722, see Moses 1773

Robert, coledriver, P & J, & Jean Morley, BMLB 20.8.1716

Samuel see Wm Lewis, 1754, see AKW 1757,  see Abraham 1810

Samuel, theft of silver watch from Wm Chilcott of Bitton, FFBJ 21.5.1814

Sarah, Bitton, wills at GRO,1729, Sarah see Abraham, 1810

Sidney see James, 1871

Stephen, 28.4.1813, aged 27, service 8 years 5 mths, complaints: wounded left leg at Almares, of “New Church” Bristol, i.e. St George, Trade, lab, 5′ 6 and a half inches, grey eyes, fair complex, dark hair, died 4.1.1830, see “The Blind Half-Hundred” Royal Army of Reserve, Glos FHS Journal, no 21.

Susan see John of Australia (letter 1997above) & see Isaac, 1871 cens

Thomas, coal carrier, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas, of St Geo, died 31.10.1781 aged 69, Margaret his wife d 26.6.1763 aged 52, Dorothy, his 2nd wife d 14.5.1770 aged 56. Henry of this parish, d2.9.1781 aged 58 Bitton, Bigland

Thomas, capitally convicted & reprieved, housebreaking, Bitton, BGaz 28.8.1817

Thomas, died in a prizefight with James Shepherd at Filton. (FFBJ 25.6.1836)

William, named on Player’s Map, 1750

William, see Wm Lewis, 1754,  see AKW 1757, see James, 1815, see J. Faux, 1820

William, cm & Ann Martin, sp, botp mar Bitton, 7.4.1760

William, 21, raddle carrier, Hanham, scars on ribs & forehead, 5’6″ 12 mth, theft £5, 1837 G/QS GRO

William see Isaac, 1871, see Geo, 1871

William, cm, 40, b Britton, wife Ellen, 40, ch Geo, 16, b Mangots, Ellen, 12, b Bitton, Wm, 7, b Mangots, 1871 cens Staple Hill

William, died May 23, 1895 aged 68, Elizabeth d.o. Wm & Fanny, d Aug 20, 1861 aged 9 m, Mary Ann, d.o. same, d Dec 18, 1872, aged 15, St Geo MI

William, 77, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List l



Isaac Swift, of Poor House, Bitton, pauper & Charlotte Brain: their son, Isaac bp Bitton 15.9.1817



Sarah: “Jun 19, 1840, a ader (sic) bit Sarah Swingles on the ankle in Mill Hill and very near causd her death” (Couch).



Richard, about 20, Bitton/Hanham, smallest stature, suitable as pyoner (pioneer) Men & Armour, 1608.

Richard, Bitton, cm & Ann Ashley of Maxfield (Mangots?) BMLB 5.11.1663

Richard, named in list of rioters, KW, 1670, Richard see Fra Creswick, 1674


SYMES (see also Syms)

Henry. 1660-1, Mangots, see E.J., p145

Phillippa, mar John Meredith 1658 see Meredith family at Winterbourne

Susannah see Meredith family at Winterbourne, 1659

Thomas see Meredith family at Winterbourne, 1659

William, cm, Barton Regis, bondsman at marriage of Matthew Dooding of Barton Regis, gardener & Elizabeth James, St Philips, 16.2.1687/8 BMLB



Ann Sims, sp, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Charles, cobbler, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Edward Symmes,  about 40, taller stature suitable as pikeman, Frampton Cot, Men & Armour, 1608

John Simmes, Siston, farrier & Cicily Gittice, Abson, bondsman Wm Simmes, Barton Regis, 1664, BMLB

John see Walter Hobins, 1684, John inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

William see John, 1664, see Jn Jeffrys, 1684, see Jn Warne, 1684

William, smith, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe





John see Edw Stone, 1740



James, waterman, drowned falling out of a barge on River Avon, Inquest P & J, 17.7.1815, D260/GRO



Charles, alias Gingell, 1742 “a horse” (theft of?) See Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX .



Alfred S.C, 28, imbecile, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Ann, see Wm Orchard, 1709, see Philip James, 1796

Anthony, tithing Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

Arthur, 23, miner, Coalpit Heath, s.o. Mark, cm & Mary Ann Flook, 25, d.o. Chas, lab, mar 16.7.1899, Westerleigh

Christopher, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

David, Bitton, gent, bach o21 & Betty May, St Paul’s, sp, (John Hall of St James, intra, bondsman) BMLB 28.3.1796

Elizabeth, 76, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897; Elizabeth see Stephen Moreman 1821/59

George, lab, Westerleigh 2nd Company, see John Pugh, 1778

George see Sam Williams, 1841

George, 49, wife, 1 ch, rheumatism, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Hannah wife of Joseph, perukemaker, inquest held on her at Mangots 20.3.1795, D260/GRO

Henry (Harry) see John, 1850; Isaac see Fredk Watts, 1908

James “landsman” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James, cm, 57, kcp by stone falling on him whilst working with his brother. Inq at Ring of Bells, West., 15.2.1793 & bur West 17.2.1793, D260/GRO

Jane see Sam Williams 1841

John. “driver” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b; John “with the team” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John s.o. James, kcp & bur West 12.10.1789

John: “1850 March 25th John Tanner shot himself at Swinford and died in Bath Hospital the 28th and at 3 o’clock in the morning his brother Harry died, both buried Bitton, side by side, Apr 22, John, 44, Harry 42,” (Couch)

Joseph see Hannah 1795

Mr: of KW Hill. Used his small engine to extinguish fire at Holy Trinity Church KW, see BMe 20.12.1851

Mark of Yate & Sarah Horton mar Norton Malreward 15.6.1758

Mark see Geo Willmott, 1777, see Sarah, 1777

Mark “with the one horse cart” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b; Mark see Arthur, 1899

Mary, 72, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Richard, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b; Robert see Wm, 1702

Samuel & William, “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Samuel, 20, cm, 1841 cens Warmley

Sarah see Joshua Colburn 1767; Sarah, wife of Mark, d. 2.6.1777 aged 42, Bitton, Bigland

Thomas, found downed, bur Puck, 5.4.1748

William s.o. Robt, West., yeo, to John Blackley, joiner, 5.5.1702, Bristol Apprentices.

William see Sam, 1789

William, Stapleton, aged 42, collier, Lodge Pit. Inquest 29.9.1861. GRO CO1/N/7/B/33


Widow, 1684, Mangots, see E.J. p178; William see Jas Hilman, 1684



Benjamin, horse carrier, 1724, MD

  1. William, Private, Oldland Common, 1st World War, awarded Military Medal, see BO 8.2.1919



Hannah see Sam Ollis, 1787



Frederick, 26, b St George, 1881 cens RN Ships at sea, BAFHS 73, p29



Abraham see Abraham Bollard, 1822, see Jonathon, 1826

Archibald, Bristol, cordwainer, see John Pugh, 1778

Charles, named on Player’s Map, 1750

Charles, 46, Winterbourne,32nd Foot, 1817-43, National Archives

Charles see John, 1841

Charles George, aged about 18, Fishponds Rd, Fishponds, kcp Deep Pit, see WDP 21.11.1910

Charles, stonemason, gave evidence of identification of his son Chas Geo Taylor, kcp Deep Pit, see WDP 21.11.1910

Edward, see John  Hale, 1735

Edward, with John Bryant & others encroached part of common waste, all to get of by 2 Feb or be fined £5. Oldland Court Leet, 1794, GRO D108/M187/8

Ed. Of Cadbury Heath – driver of waggons &c, c1800, see KW v. Napoleon, D. Vinter.

Edward see John, 1806

Elizabeth see Joseph Garland, 1793, see Thos Hemmings 1847

Elizabeth (St Philips) 68, bur 26.6.1828, P & ; Elizabeth (Jacob St) 50, bur 3.9.1841, P & J

Elizabeth (Dings) 62, bur 2.6.1848, P & J

Frances, 74, KW, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Francis, mariner, 1740, Mangots BAFHS 36 p28; Frederick see Rev W., Sandford, 1862

George: “Sep 19th 1839, George Taylers barge sunk Julian’s Mead, Monday the 23rd John Windows drown (sic) in trying to get her up.” (Couch).

George: his boat Mary “taken off the blocks and never seen her after” in flood, 7-8 Oct 1841. (Couch)

Henry see Josiah Brain, 1790; Hester see Thos King, 1662

Isaac see Fra Creswick, 1674

Isaac, cm, 13. Drowned in a well at Starveall pit, Inq 26.5.1805 at Rose & Crown St Geo, D260/GRO

Isaac, 21, Made Forever Bottom, kcp & bur Bitton 14.8.1814

Isaac see Isaac Cottle, 1820/29, see Jonathon, 1826

James, cm, kcp falling don Cowhorn Hill pit, belonging to Rich Haynes, esq., Inq 8.3.1810, D260/GRO

James, Pucklechurch, inquest10.12.1869 CO1/I/15/D/II GRO

Jeremiah see AKW 1754

Joan, 36, of Old Market, cause of death “fright from the riot” St Philips Old Market Street, Old Chapel, (Methodist) 11.12.1831 BRO FC 37329/3(a)2 Frame 6, 258

John cm, bur Westerleigh 10.4.1763

John, blamed by Stallard for murder of Wm Millard, see FFBJ 9.3.1782

John (25) s.o. Edward & Mary bp Bitton 5.1.1806

John, 45, Charles, 20, cms, 1841 cens Westerleigh

Jonathon, cm, Potterswood, & Mary, their sons Abraham & Isaac bp HTKW 1826

Mary 1752, see Joannah Flower, see Robt House, 1774, see John 1806, see Sam 1812, see Jonathon 1826

Mr see AKW 1755

Robart & Jone Teyler, 1661 Mangotsfield BAFHS 36 p28

Robert of Westerleigh, collier, & Ann Skreen, Whitchurch, bondsman Joseph Cook, Westerleigh, cm , BMLB 17.5.1703 marriage at Christchurch, Bristol, see BAFHS website)

Robert see Thos, 1759

18 December

Robert. aged 20, born Bitton, was in Ilchester Gaol in 1821. He is listed again for 17.5.1823. (SRO Q/AGi/15/1)

Samuel, cm, bur West., 20.6.1782

Samuel (17) s.o. Thomas & Mary bp Bitton 22.11.1812

Samuel, 42, Bitton, 9th Dragoons, 1813-38, National Archives

Thomas, lab dead, now John Fflook, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Thomas, s.o. Robt of West, yeo, to Robt Logan, barber surgeon, Bristol Apprents, 25.8.1759

Thomas, collier, St Geo, 1774 Bristol Poll Book; Thomas see Robt House, 1774

Thomas: Apprentices at Brislington, Ann Haskins to Thos Taylor of Bitton, cordwainer, 1795 (StLB, BRO)

Thomas see AKW 1774, see Ann Pinnell, see Sam, 1812

William see Wm Davis, 1637; William, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William see Christiana Shipp, (b1808) , see Sam Golding 1849

William, 62, asthma, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897


Taylor Family grave at Mangots, 1842-1872, no first names, see E.J. p58



Mary Ann see Henry Mills Grace, 1851 census



Henry, see William Scull, 1888



Henry: cottage & Garden, half acre nr rabbit warren, £3, Minute Book of KW Enclosures, 1779-84, BRL



Francis aged 34, kcp at Easton, 23.6.1838 see Jacob Pillinger.

John James, member of school board, 1892, Oldland Common Sch,  see BAFHS 102, p11

Sarah see Benj Watkins 1778, see Wm, 1819

Thomas, 74, accidentally killed falling down a pit, bur St Geo, 8.6.1837, St Geo PR

William, kcp belonging to Duke of Beaufort, Inq 5.8.1819, St Geo, D260/GRO

William, St Geo, intestate, Admin 30.7.1819 effects under £100. Sarah Cartwright, wife of Benjamin Cartwright, cheesefactor, late widow, to admin. Chas Jones, Bitton, gardener & Wm Lovell, St Geo, schoolmaster as bondsmen, BRO



Mrs Elizabeth, 74, at her home of Oldland Hall, widow of Thomas Thirkell, plumber of Bristol, obit, FFBJ 25.9.1824



James of P & J, mar to Joanna, their son James bp Tytherington Moravian 20.9.1751



Albert see Jesse 1896;

Alfred, 12, born Easton, 1891 census Truant School for Boys, Southwell St, Bristol

Ann see John 1823; Arthur see  Dando, 1770.

Christian, wife of John, of St Stephens, 13.7.1782 aged 28, Bitton, Bigland.

Dando & Elizabeth, their sons Samuel, James, Arthur, all bur Siston 3.3.1770 in same grave of the small pox. (AKW)

David, 51, Hanham, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Eliza d 1873, see George Cook Thomas, below; Elizabeth see Dando, 1770

George see Wm 1823; George Cook, see Shadrach, 1814

George Cook, bp1815 Siston, d1868, mar Eliza, d1873, and their children were Henry & George. Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

George Cook, d 1868 aged 53, bur Mangots, see E.J. p66

George, d 1872, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Henry, see George Cook; maltster of Downend, d 1887, had children Edward Russell, Rosa & Rosa Maria Box , re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

James, IA, wills at GRO,1727; James, W & A, wills at GRO,1730

James see Dando, 1770

James, d1834 aged 30, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78

Jane, see Shadrach, 1814; 1818-79, mar Joseph Haskins at Bath Abbey 1848 & had a dau Fanny, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Jesse, 22, cm Nibley s.o. Albert, market gardener & Esther Annie Tippett, 23, d.o. Giles, cm, Coalpit Heath, mar St Silas West., 3.8.1896

John see John Jeffrys, 1684, see John Warne, 1684

John, alias Evan Protheroe, “a mare” (theft of?) 1737. See Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX .

John see Christian, 1781

John & Son, Bridge Pde, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd  School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

John, collier, KW Hill & Ann, their son Wm Geo bp 1823 HTKW

John, “one of the young men who came up with him before the stone put an end to his life” “About 5 mins before I came up in the cart with him he entreated me to turn to the adorable Saviour Soundwell Pit, 1827, see Samuel Bryant, KW collier, kcp 1827

John, the ygr, stealing apples at St Geo from garden belonging to Mr Alfred Gough’s father, apprehended by night constable James Nutt Pearce,  but overtaken by John Thomas, elder aged 45, Wm Thomas, 16 & James Pater, 18  who rescued the prisoner. JT, elder, WT & JP guilty of manslaughter, and TSP life, FFBJ 10.4.1841

Margaret see John Lewis, 1783

Margaret, P & J, illegal pawning, 27.3.1823, Convictions LG Petty Sessions, WOT Vol 22 p65, BRO

Mr, benefactor to Oldland, see Bigland

Samuel see Dando 1770

Shadrach mar Mary Sheppard, 1814, at Puck, &their children were Geo Cook Thomas & Jane Thomas, re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Sophia see Wm 1823

  1. break in at (his?) house in Mangots £100 grocery & linen drapery stolen, from footprint on table boy was let in to do it, no more than 8 years old. See FFBJ 27.5.1820

William, abt 40, suitable as musketeer, Mangots, Men & Armour, 1608

William, collier, KW Hill, and Sophia, their son Geo bp HTKW 1823; William see John, 1841

William George see John 1823;   —– Thomas see Henry Silcox, 1684



— Thompson, Mangots, 1687, see E.J. p157

Albert see Susanna Freke, 1872

Albert, Berkley St Eastville, 31, Injured Easton Pit Explosion, see WDP 19,24, 1 Mar 1886. (Same Albert who mar Susanna Freke 1872?)

Eliza see James 1805

Elizabeth wife of William, d1.1.1768 aged 49, Mary wife of James, jun., d 4.1.1766, aged 28, James, sen., d 23.12.1772, aged 50, John, his son, d16.11.1775 aged 30, MI Bitton, Bigland

Elizabeth, see William Sumption, 1786: and her children: Hannah, Coster, Patience, Rachel, Betty and Sumption Thompson.

G.F. see Rev W. Sandford 1862

George, 50 guineas reward riotous assembly, 8.5.1795, poster reproduced in AKW

George, schoolmaster at Cock Road School, 1844. Allowed his lawn to be used for Sunday School during Methodists disputes; likewise Thomas Davis who allowed us of his barn for same purpose. History of Cock Road, in archives of KW Local History Society

George see Samson Bees 1851

Hannah, 41, refusing to work, LG 1820, BAFHS 61, p31

Henry of Winterbourne, death of typhus. FFBJ 27.3.1824

Henry see Susanna Freke, 1872

Henry, 23, injured Easton Pit Explosion, see BMerc 20.2.1886 & Inq BMerc 6.3.1886

James of Bitton & Mary Butler mar Kelston 18.10.1764; James see Elizabeth, 1773

James & his wife Eliza, drowned trying to save their child at Pile Marsh brickworks. James foreman at Mr Morrison’s coalworks. They came from Sunderland, left 3 orphans and a fund  was started by Mr Morrison & Rev Mr Hart, St Geo. See FFBJ 8 & 17 Jun 1805

James, o21, bach, lab, KW s.o. Thomas, lab & Selina Cross, o21, KW, d.o. Thomas, cm, mar HTKW 3.4.1843

Jane see Wm, 1753

John see Andrew Gifford, 1677; John see Elizabeth, 1773

Judith, St George, 1768, See Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX

Mary see Thos Cole, 1767, see Elizabeth, 1773; Thomas, see James, 1843

Rev Wm, 1656, Mangots E.J. p145

William, sen, d.14.12.1753 aged 58, Jane his wife d.28.9.1742 aged 55, William their son d. 2.1.1740, aged 24, William Trubody, their son in law d. 9.6.1747 aged 45, Jane, his wife, d. 13.8.1739 aged 22. Bitton, Bigland

William Thompson of Bitton & Mary Maynard sp. Mar Compton Dando lic 27.6.1743

William see Elizabeth, 1773



Eliza, cook for H.M. Grace family, 1861 census; John see Isaac Britton, 1816



Mary see John Coome, 1750



Caroline. “At Hambrook, Caroline, widow of Edward Thornton, late of Warmley House, obit, FFBJ




Francis of FC, lab, head injury, Inq 17.5.1855, Co I Acc 1291, GRO



Edward Thrissell, Nath Ogborn, James Jones, Wm Whittingham, James Moon, Theo Haddock, Jacob Riddle, & Samuel Jones, committee for relief of destitute, St P & J, out, see BG 15.2.1776

Edward  see Elizabeth Willis, 1789

Mr: Napoleonic invasion scare, “Govt has contracted for 20.000 stand of arms to be erected opposite Mr Thrissel’s twine yard, without LG, BG 24.1.1805



Alice 1664, wife of Nicholas, see Braine, p80

Sir Baynham, sent a summons, 1670, to John Tucker, Jonathon Tuckers to meet him at the house of Thos Howse in Mangots, and to bring a list in righting (sic) of all persons working in your several pits, how long they have wrought with you, where they dwell & their ages. See E,J. p188/9 & see Braine p80-82, 1663

Sir Nicholas, 1662, see Braine p 80



Stephen see Elizabeth Willis, 1789

Thomas see Nich Sweet, 1777, see Elizabeth Willis, 1789



Edward of Siston, had 20 sheep of Joan Bishop’s of Cold Ashton, being overwintered, see her will, 1580, (Simple Annals of the Poor, p48)

Edward see Fra Creswick, 1674, see Sir John Newton, 1674

Richard, Bitton, farmer bondsman at marriage of Richard Porter & Alice Tippett, both of Wraxall, 1664, BMLB

Roger Tibot of Winterbourne & Hester Ball, mar Henbury, 1718

Samuel see Fra Creswick, 1674, see Wm Pruett, 1674, see Wm Tibbett 1674

Samuel, 38, Bitton, 3rd Foot, 1798-1818, National Archives

Smith Tibbetts, miner; action at Chipping Sodbury for return of mining tools, see FFBJ 6.3.1852

Widow, see James Charmbury, 1640

William Tybott, fugitive from KW, 1667, see Ellacombe

William Tibbett, cm & Samuel Tibbett, cm, inhabs KW Chase 1684, see Ellacombe


TILEY/TYLEE/TYLEY (see also Tilley. Tillee etc & Tyler etc)

Ann see John Hathway, 1691

Ann, wife of Thomas, of Bitton, bur Kelston 23.5.1762

Edward Tylee, collier, killed by a wagon going over his body, SFBJ 5.3.1774

Elizabeth Tyley, 2, of Fishponds, scalded to death in absence of parents, FFBJ 14.8.1813.

Henry Tiley, see Priscilla Humphries, 1800

Joseph, shoemaker, hanged himself in a coalpit, in KW, due to want, see FFBJ 16.5.1767, & AKW

Martha Tiley see Simon Cool. 1721; Mr see AKW 1774

Sam Tyllye, see Fra Creswick, 1674

Thomas see Ann, 1762; Thomas bur Kelston 6.6.1762



Thomas of Mangots & Betty Doody mar Winterbourne, 4.5.1766



Benjamin Tillott, of Mangots & Love Cole, mar Winterbourne, 11.2.1779

Benjamin Tillott see Samuel 1788

Benjamin Tillett, Trade Union Leader. Ben Tillett born John Street, Easton, the son of a labourer, in 1860.  After moving to London he became active in the Tea Operatives & General Labourers’ Association, and became their General Secretary. Leader of Great Dock Strike 1889, which led to the General Labourers’ Union. During the dock strike he lost his speech impediment and became a great orator. Ben Tillett became General Secretary of General Labourers’ Union and 20,000 London men joined. He helped found the Labour Party, but became critical of its approach and leadership. In 1910 he helped establish the National Transport & General Workers Federation which became the Transport and General Workers Union. He also helped to establish the Labour paper, the Daily Herald. He was elected MP for North Salford in 1917 as an Independent, but later stood for the Labour Party. He retired from Parliament in 1931 and died 1943. Commemorated by the montage at Easton station and on a plaque of Easton Time-Signs, unveiled in 2000.

Hannah Tillott, see Thos Burchill, 1774, see Elizabeth Burchill, 1794

Mary Tillott, see Thos Bryant, 1768

Samuel Tillott, mar Celia Burchill 13.11.1788, witnesses Benjamin Tillott & Hannah Burchill


TILLIE/TILLEY (see also Tiley, Tiley, Tyler etc)

Christopher Tilly, Monmouth rebel who tempted Fra Creswick with seditious paper, 25.6.1685, see Ellacombe History of Bitton.

Christopher Tilly see John Stone, 1685; Grace Tilly see Wm Stone, 1759

Sir James Tillie, see Wm Woolley, 1687

James, 1731, Mangots, see E.J. p158. 1745, “heir of Wm Wooley”

Joseph, 1731, Mangots, see E.J. p158; Mary Tillie see Wm Woolley, 1687

Mary Tillie, 1745 (Hony & Giles in trust for her) see E.J. p148

Mary, 1751 (mar George Fortescue) see E.J. p158

Mary Tilley see Isaac Rogers 1752; Simon Tilly see Robt Odey 1742

Wooley,  Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p195



Fanny Elizabeth, d.o. Thomas Morgan Tilling, cm, & John Williams, cm, mar St Silas West., 10.6.1889





Richard, see Henry Batt, 1866



James of West., & Hester Truman, Mangots, mar Almondsbury 1723



Giles, tanner 1694, Mangots BAFHS 36 p28



—– Tippett, 1720, MD

——aged 73, 1758, MI Mangots, E.J. p39

——Family, see AKW 1770

Alfred Jabez, 24, kcp Hanham Pit, Inq BGu 29.1.1898, see KCP

Ann see Samuel, 1750, see Stephen, 1767, see Thos, 1841

Bridget see Sarah 1769

Bridget, d.o. Henry Bampton, wife of William Tippett, see Henry Bampton, 1704

“Brother” Tippett, KW Collier (either John or Samuel, 2 of 24 who followed Cennick after his rift with Wesley, 1740.) Wrote “I am black, but comely letter” (crazily misinterpreting Song of Solomon, as did many prudish Bible commentators!) to Cennick in 1742. He was no doubt black from coal dust though! See “Great & Good Men of Gloucestershire, Stratford. BRL

Charles see Jerome Ford, 1738, see John, 1747

Esther Annie see  Jesse Thomas, 1896; Frances see Abraham Brain, 1722

Francis, “to put a third life in his cottage; his lease was granted to Isaac Leonard 10.12.1698, lives on it now, Mary Milsom & Catherine” 9.9. 1724, MD

Francis: agreement between Thos Player, Sir Jn Newton, Samuel Potter, & Fra Tippett all Bitton, to dig coal in KW, 13.10.1726, GRO Player family papers.

Francis, Oldland, d 9.10.1743 aged 36, Samuel his son, d 21.6.1763 aged 28, MI Bitton, Bigland

Francis see Stephen, 1750, see Jane, 1777, see Wm Waters, 1825

Francis, 25, collier, Mary, 25, 2 ch, 1841 cens Bitton, Batch

George. Partnership dissolved between George Tippett and Joseph Monks, of St Geo, quarriers & well sinkers. FFBJ 4.8.1810,

Giles see Jesse Thomas, 1896; Harriet see Thomas, 1841

Isaac mar Mary Willis, Bitton, 23.10.1720?, see Mary, 1743

Isaac see John, 1747, see Francis Stone, 1797; Jane see Samuel 1750

Jane, wife of John, d 11.12.1777 aged 61, Francis, their son, d 29.5.1779, aged 30, MI Bitton, Bigland

John see Samuel, 1741; John, Samuel, Charles, Isaac, tithing, Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

John see Sam, 1750, see Stephen 1760, see Henry Dampier 1771, see Stephen 1774, see Jane 1777, see Thos, 1841

Mary see Sam, 1740; Mary Tippott, wife of Isaac, see Wm Willis, 1743

Mary see Sam, 1752, see Francis 1841

Samuel, tithing of Bitton, 1722, see Ellacombe

Samuel, John, Mary, Jane, Ann & Stephen Tippett, followers of Cennick after his rift with Wesley, 1740

Samuel Tippett, John Harris, Wm Clear, John Tippett, Thos Burchill, Thos Beswicks, Fra Stone, Ed. Cambridge, Isaac Haskins, stewards of Cennick’s Society, see Cennick’s diary 13.9.1741

Samuel, cm, Bitton & Sarah Stout, P & J, bondsman Michael Short, feltmaker, Bitton, BMLB 7.12.1743, BRO

Samuel see Francis, 1743

Samuel and Mary of Bitton, their son Stephen bp 31 Mar 1752, Tytherington

Samuel see John, 1747, see Stephen, 1750, see Abell Isles, 1752, AKW 1752,56, see Edward Wilmot, 1755, see Henry Dampier, 1771, see Sam Smith, 1790

Sarah see Stephen 1767; Sarah, d.o. Bridget, intestate, to administer, 14.7.1769, BRO

Sarah see Thomas, 1841

Stephen, Samuel, Francis, named on Player’s Map, 1750; Stephen see Sam, 1750, see Sam, 1752

Stephen Tippott of Bitton & Ann Waters, St James, sp, Bondsman John Tippott of Bitton, cm, BMLB 4.9.1760

Stephen d 3.6. 1767 aged 76, Sarah, his wife, d 13.2.1764,Stephen, jun., d 4.11.1776 aged 51, Ann his wife, d2.8.1761 aged 32, Stephen, the youngest, d 19.11.1781 aged 21, MI Bitton, Bigland

Stephen of Bitton, cm, wid., & Mary Booth, wid, Mangots, bondsman John Tippett, cm, Bitton, BMLB 1774

Thomas, 27, Bitton, sandy hair, blue mark on left eye, scars: large on forehead, 2 large on right shoulder, left arm, bridge of nose, large, short on thighs & legs, 5ft 5in, cannot read, 14 days, 20.7.1818, see Thos Cross for charge, GS/QS/GRO

Thomas, 45, collier, Sarah, 45, Harriet, 18, John, 16, Ann, 11, 1841 cens Bitton Cadbury Heath

William see Abraham Brain, 1722; William, cm & Ann Brooks, sp, mar Bitton, 14.4.1760

Tippett & Co, see Jn Alsop 1801, see Chas Flook, 1800



Eliza, 38, given as “aged” – possibly age incorrectly printed – should be 83? -Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

(Mrs D. Stallard, nee Tippins, wrote me an interesting letter in 1978, re coalmining life late 19th & early 20th cent. Copy on request.)



—– see Samuel White, 1830



George see AKW 1765; Josias, servant to John Tyndale, see Wm Bright, 1676



Cyril, cm at Speedwell, see Stanley Nash



Alice wife, and Susan, dau of Anthony, see Ann Strange, 1611

Ann see Anthony Moreman, 1607; Ann, “kin & servant” see Ann Strange, 1611

Anthony see Alice, 1611

Elizabeth of Mangots & David West of Dyrham, mar All Sts, Bristol, lic, 27.4.1741

Elizabeth, 32, 2 ch, wid, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

George, Puck & Lucy Butler, Dyrham, mar IA 18.2.1753

George. Auction of Bottoms Farm, Pucklechurch. George Toghill, tenant. (Bath Chron, 16.6.1799)

H.J., Joseph, & H. The brothers Toghill, two of whom are dead, the other missing, of Warmley, Photos, killed in action, BO 3.11.1917.

Mary see Chas Pinker, 1723; Moses of Puck & Ann Davis of Doynton, mar Cold Ashton, 1738

Mr see Jn Lewis, 1809, see Jos Brain, 1810

Private, of Warmley, killed in action at Salonica, see BO 17.3.1917

Philippa, 1854/1883, MI Mangots, see E.J., p59; Susan see Alice 1611

Toghill & Co, see Thos Jefferies, 1836



George, keeper of cole horses (3) in KW Forest 1666, see Ellacombe



Joseph Toles, cm, Stapleton, cottage & gdn own occupation at Fishponds, Minute Book of KW Enclosure, 1779-84, BRL

Joseph Tolls, see Isaac Flook, 1779-84



Richard, cm, settlement exam, West., 28.4.1766, BRO



  1. cm, lodging with his bro in law, blacksmith at Easton Pit, brought to surface in stupefied state, naked except for his cap, having been greatly encouraged to escape by his mate Jim Ring, after fire which killed Joseph Gaynor, see Joseph Gaynor, 1910

Samuel, waterman, see G.J. 15.4.1740.



Christian Towgood, see Wm Player 1636

Henry Toogood, 22, b St Philips 1881 cens RN ships at sea, BAFHS 73, p29

Richard Towgood, MA, prebend of Bitton, 1684, see Bigland, bur Cathedral, 1712



Eliza & William see John Gage, 1841



Mr, living at Gothic Cottages, Easton on colliery premises & sent for police when Wm Bolt Monks 1892, was missing.

Mr. Kept Tripe Shop, Whitehall Rd, anecdote by Iris Coulton, see EP. BT 3.9.2002



Dame Eliz, see Fra Creswick, 1674



John see Fra Creswick, 1674



William, keeper of cole horses (5) in KW Forest 1666, see Ellacombe



Aaron see Martha Pearce, 1755; Aaron, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Ann see Philip 1892; Betty see Thos, 1841;Caroline see James, 1841

Charles Toovye & his wife Maria, 1643, see BAFHS 52, p35

Charles see Wm Cowles, 1818, see James, 1841

Cleales Toovye,: Lease between C.T, shoemaker of Bitton and John Bright, yeo of Bitton, lands called Clay Furlong in Upton adjoining Roger Jones, Roger Harding, Widow Convare & Joyce Parker, widow, dec’d. 1635 see BAFHS 52, p35

Daniel, jun, s.o. Daniel, cm, to Thos Denby, FC, feltmaker, 7 yrs 23.1.1746, West., apprents, BRO

Daniel, see James, 1789; Elizabeth see James, 1841, see Jacob 1841

Emma see James, 1841;Florence Emily, see Albert H. Pincott, 1901

Fred see Albert H. Pincott, 1901

George see James, 1841;Hannah see James, 1841;Hephzibah see Thos Collins, 1787

Hester see John Stratton, 1758; Jacob, alias Dandy, kcp & bur West., 23.6.1782

Jacob, alias Dando, see Wm Ludlow, 1801

Jacob, cm, 40, Elizabeth, 50, 1841 cens West.

James & Daniel, “sinkers” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James, Westerleigh, Betty Trotman, mar Sopworth, Wilts, 8.11.1790

James, cm, 55, kcp fall of stone, Serridge, Inq 14.3.1793, Rose & Crown, Kendleshire, D260/GRO,  bur West 15.3.1793

James, cm, 20, Jane, 20, George, 15, Charles, 50, Hannah 40, John, 20, Elizabeth, 15, Caroline, 13, Thomas, 11, George, 9, Emma, 7, 1841 cens, Back Lane, Coalpit Heath

Jane see James, 1841; Joanna see Luke, 1841

John, alias Dando, see Wm Ludlow, 1801

John, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John, Westerleigh, 45, 47th Foot, 1798-1810, 12 yrs 4 mths service. National Archives

John, 56, 7 Feb 1811, service 4 yrs & 6 mths, complaint “chronic rheum & worn out” trade lab., Westerleigh, 5ft 10 in, dk hair, brown eyes, fair complex, see The Blind Half-Hundred, Royal Army of Reserve, Glos FHS Journal, no 21.

John see James, 1841; Luke, 35, Joanna, 35, & 4 ch, 1841, cens West.,

Maria see Charles, 1643; Maurice Tovye, see Nicholas Pointz, 1585

Philip, cm, mar Ann Stone, d.o. James, Naval Officer, St P & J, 25.12.1848 see Philip & Ann in 1892

Philip, collier, St George, 70, who attempted to murder his wife Ann aged 63 and then commit suicide, a touching story unfolded & jury & judge showed mercy, couple embraced & left court weeping, see WDP 1 Mar & 7 Mar 1892

Rachel see Chas Green, 1762

Randolph, Frog Lane Pit, and conductor of choir, see Roy Crew, 2012, see Wm, below

Samuel. “hewer”, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Stephen alias Dando, see Wm Ludlow, 1801

Stephen 20, Coalpit Heath, executed sheep stealing 18.4.1801, Gloucester, (GRO)

Thomas see Martha Pearce, 1755; Thomas, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Thomas, cm, Betty, 60, independent, 1841 cens West.,

Thomas see James. 1841; William see Hugh Smyth, 1681

William & Aaron, “hewers” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, brother of Randolph, Supt. Sunday School, Frog Lane, CP Heath. See Roy Crew, 2012



Mary see Harry Gandy





Elizabeth see William Odeland 1750



Robert, 12, worked Lower Easton Coalworks, see Waring, 1841



Alice, 59, wife of Robt, collier, bur IA 1807

Alice mar Richard Wall, collier, their dau Alice bp IA 1808

Charles aged 10, miner at Yate, see Waring, 1841

George see Wm, 1843; Hannah see Henry Cutts, 1799

Louisa d.o. Zechariah, collier & Sarah his wife, bur IA 1807, inf.

Mary see William Lacey, 1813

Mary of Cock Rd, 78, burnt to death, bur Bitton, 26.11.1820

Mr see Sir Jn Berkeley 1670

Robert see Alice 1807; Sarah see Louisa 1807, see Wm Lacey 1813

William, kcp by fall of stone, in pit of Mr Whittuck’s, Inq 24.11.1800, Queens Head, Hanham, D260/GRO

William, bach, cm, KW s.o. Geo, cm & Ann Boulton, sp, KW, d.o. Richard, lab, mar HTKW 24.7.1843

William see Geo Mills, 1886

Zechariah forbidden to sink coal in Oldland, by Ja: Vaughan, steward of Thornbury Castle, 8.8.1765, Oldland Court Leet. GRO, see also AKW 1765

Zechariah see Louisa 1807



Arthur, King Sq., see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813



Sir John of Toddington, see Arthur Player 1595. (Sir John owned Tracey Park, which still bears his name, and is now a golf club.)



James, 35, wife, 2 ch, scarlet fever, KW North, outdoor poor 1897



Jacob, wid, Bitton & Ann Vowles, mar 29.5.1775, Chewton Mendip



—- see Richard Brain 1779 & 1791, Sam Cool 1803, Isaac Brain, 1814

For information on the Treasure family see page 51 of “The Budgetts of KW Hill” by DPL & see Brain, Cool & Treasure family papers at BRO 35223



James, 1771, Frampton Cotterell. See Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX .



  1. Coalpit Heath miners’ delegate in industrial dispute see WDP 29.5.1874

George see Wm, 1894

Isaac, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John, jun., kcp bur West., 9.2.1781

William, cm, Coalpit Heath, s.o. Geo, miner & Kate Louise Masters, d.o. Wm, lab, mar 10.2.1894, West.,



Eli see Edward Moore, 1828



John, esq, Bitton, Visitation of Heralds, 1682 & 1685, see Bigland



Charles & boy “horsekeepers” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Simon, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b



Frances see Sam Punter 1762



Bert, cm at Speedwell, see Stanley Nash



Eliz. See Benjamin Cole, 1767



Henry, 17 Mar 1669, lease from Thomas Haynes to Henry Tripwick, John & Sam Hathaway, Richard Vowles & Geo Coole, re coalmines at W & A, see Haynes papers, BRO



Frances (Fanny) Trollope, nee Milton, 1780-1863, famous writer & mother of Anthony, see Frances Milton.



— see Elizabeth Dobbs, 1706

Betty see James Tovey 1790; Dorothea see Sam, 1712

Fiennes see Samuel, 1651, see Philip Thos Wykham, 1805, Daniel Gould, 1813, see Harriet, 1823

Hannah see John, 1841

Harriet, wife of Fiennes, jun., of North Mead House Siston, leaving 3 small ch.,  obit BM 10.5.1823.

Harriet see Jn, 1841; Hester Louisa see Philip Thos Wykham, 1805

John, IA, wills at GRO, 1727

John, drowned at Warmley, but 29.6.1772, Siston PR

John, 30, collier, Hannah 25, Thos 20, Harriet, 2, 1841 cens Warmley

John Fiennes aged three and a half,  s.o. Fiennes Trotman of Siston Court, obit, FFBJ 13.11.1824

Joseph, 30, Bitton, wound in leg, BRI Inpatients 1790

Mary nee Wilmot, see Edward Wilmot, 1755

Mr J of Hanham, married Miss Hannah Stone, d.o. Mrs Mary Stone at the Horseshoe, Siston, FFBJ 2.1.1808

Samuel, Lord of Manor, Siston, 1651, came down to Fiennes Trotman, grandson of Susanna Fiennes, sister of Lord Say & Sele, see Braine, p133; refuses to pay for road mending at Siston, 1690, see “The Remembrancer” Glos FHS Journal, Summer 1980

Samuel, Siston, refusal, 1690, to maintain highway after many years doing so, see Siston PR & “The Remembrancer” Glos FHS Journal, Summer 1980

Samuel esq., Bucknell, Oxon & Madam Dorothea Trotman only d.o. Samuel Trotman of Syston, 16.10.1712, by lic at Siston.

Samuel, Siston, MP for Bath, obit 30.1.1720, Musgrave’s Obits. BRL.

Thomas, mar Elizabeth, their sons Sam, bp 26.10.1721, Thomas, bp 14.4.1728, Elizabeth, their dau, bur 26.11.1733, all Siston

Thomas see Jn, 1841


Full details of the Trotman family of Siston will be found in Gloucestershire Notes & Queries.



Arthur, worked Speedwell Pit, and then was “last employee on books of (Nancy) Peckett’s locomotive factory in St George” before it closed; letter (undated from his son, Reginald Trott, Meadowsweet Close, Fishponds.)



John, & Wm Braine, gave evidence agt James Phipps & Wm Phipps, of Hanham, both in Chase at KW looking for deer, 22.4.1682, John Trotten, taken in Chase, 22.7.1683; Ellacombe. see also Maurice Brittaine, 1683.

John Trotten, Edward Stone, John Sparrow & Edward Parsons: by Siston Bottom, at a level, 7 coalpits open in Player’s Liberty, KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe.

John see Wm Braine, 1686; Sarah, Oldland, wills at GRO, 1727



Ann see Wm Jefferies 1792; Charles see Robt Lines, 1850

Ellen, 32, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Emily, 26, idiot, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Fanny, 60, Bitton, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List; Francis mar Jane Willis, 9.6.1684 Bitton

Hester see Thos, 1774; Mary of Bitton/Roger Earle, basketmaker of Christchurch, BMLB 3.6.1717

Mr, 1719, “Old” died 1720, MD; Nicholas see Ralph Golding, 1417

Richard, senior, indenture for a mill at Hanham, 20.2.1528. Quoted “Keynsham Abbey” Somerset Archaeological Papers, BRL, Original at Bodlean Library, Rawlinson Mss B419

Thomas, butcher, Hanham. Electoral Roll, 1734 & 1739

Thomas, d 13.1.1774, aged 75, Hester his wife, d11.8.1782 aged 78, MI Bitton, Bigland

Thomas, killed falling into Maggs Hole Quarry at Hanham, Inquest at White Hart, Hanham, 17.4.1797, D260/GRO

William see Francis Creswick, 1674

William, son in law of Wm & Jane Thompson, d.1747 & Jane his wife, d. 1739, see Wm Thompson, 1753, Bitton, Bigland

William, d 29.9.1906 in his 87th year, 60 years Superintendent of Warmley Tower United Free Methodist Sunday School, Obit B.O. 6.10.1906



Arthur, West, wills at GRO,1727



Ann: here lieth the body of Ann Trye, relict of Capt Thos Trye, & one of the daughters of Richard Jones of Hanham, departed this life, 25.4.1703, MI at Hardwick Glos, see p665, Bigland.

Edward see Hugh Dennys, d1599

Squire: see Mr Pinnell. 1720: Squire Trye is mentioned frequently by MD, 1720 &c.

Thomas, of Hanham, gave £40 and 40s to St Peter & St Paul, Bristol, thereafter for teaching the youth the catechism at time of Lent, 1714. (History of Bristol, Barrett).

Thomas, esq., succeeded to Manor of Oldland 1697 (Braine p115) Sold property to Kedgwin Webley, 1726, Braine, p116. See Ann, 1703. Bur Oldland 29.11.1728 9, grandson of Richard Jones, see Alice Jones; (as Mr Justice Trye, esq., bur in woollen, Nov 1728, B32433/5, BRL)



Benjamin, cm, Mangots & Elizabeth Smith, Pucklechurch, BMLB 13.8.1669

Benjamin, with John Lluellin, 4 pits open, 1 landing coal nr Mangots, Player’s Liberty, Ellacombe. see John Llewellin, 1684

Benjamin, cm, 1687, Mangots Inventory, BAFHS 36 p28

Benjamin, of Siston mar Mary Barnes, of Bitton, by licence at Cold Ashton, 1745

Benjamin see Mary 1781; Daniel see Abraham Milsom, 1763, AKW

Edmund, Mangots, tailor, & Lydia Davis, Mangots, 1669, BMLB

Edmund of Mangotsfield, will, 1726, see BAFHS 3, p24

Edmund, yeo, 1682, Mangots BAFHS 36 p28

Edmund, Downend, 1697 see Sam Parrott

Edward, Mangotsfield, 1659, Virginia, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham

Edward, tailor, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Elizabeth, d.o. Rob Hoskins, see Ann Strange, 1611

Elizabeth & Henry Tucker, Will: Tucker & wife; inhabs of Siston 1674 during vicar’s perambulation, BRO.

Elizabeth see Wm Ford, 1687; Elizabeth, Downend, 1697 see Sam Parrott

Elizabeth, wife of Josiah Tucker, Dean of Gloucester, bur Cathedral, 22.11.1771, was firstly the wife of Francis Woodward, of Bitton, who died in 1730 in his 60th year.

Ezekiel, Mangots, tailor, & Eleanor Millett, Mangots, 1666 BMLB

Francis Tucker see Francis Woodward, 1717

Francis of Siston, lost a black gelding, see newspaper advert, Farley’s Bristol Journal, 13 May 1728

George, took part in KW riot, 1670

Henry, cm, Siston & Mary Ware, BMLB 8.9.1664; Henry see Elizabeth 1674

Mr Henry, of Siston, obit, FFBJ 20.3.1813.

Joane see John Pitt, 1662; John, Moorend, 1657 aged 57. MI Mangots, E.J. p39 & p147

John, cm, Mangots & Martha Millard, BMLB 6.10.1691

John see Thos Davis, 1787; John, 1670 see Sir Baynham Throgmorton

Jonathan, Mangots, yeo & Sara Davis, Winterbourne, 1665, BMLB

Jonathan, 1670 see Sir Baynham Throgmorton

Jonathan, in Braine’s Bottom, “colepitts open in Mr Player’s Liberty, 1684, also 1 open, not working, at head of Broad Fault, for preparation of Henry Lovell, 1684; see Isaac Coole, 1684. Ellacombe.

Jonathon see Wm Braine, 1686, see John Bennett, 1688

Jonathan, Moorend, 1712, aged 75. “a good benefactor” MI Mangots, E.J. p34, 39 &


Liddy, ts Mangots wills, 1694, BRO; Mary see Tho Parratt, 1667

Mary ts Mangots will, 1693, BRO; Mary, wid, 1696, Mangots BAFHS 36 p28

Mary d.o. Underhill Tucker see Sam Parrott, 1697

Mary see Bluett Jones, 1774; Mary wife of Benjamin, d7.3.1781 aged 79

Mary, died Siston, aged 23, obit 15.11.1806 FFBJ

Obadiah, 1680, aged 80. MI Mangots, E.J. p39 & p147

Obediah, carpenter, ts of Mangots wills, BRO; Inventory, 1686, Mangots BAFHS 36 p28

Robert, 1772, Mangots E.J. p145

Underhill, Downend, 1697 see Sam Parrott; 1709,see Joyce King, his great granddaughter, E.J. p158

William, collier, Siston, abt 40, suitable as musketeer. See Men & Armour, 1608

William, “keeper of the forest” 1629, paid 40/- per annum and “vials” (victuals?), see Braine, p64. “William of Stapleton, baker, aged 55. His grandfather was keeper of the forest & when he died there were 1600 deer in KW.” (Source not known).

William see Elizabeth 1674; “Tuker” sic see Jeffrys, 1625



Ann, see Edward Beese, 1759



John see John Britton, 1729



Edward see Edward Andrews, MI at Mangots, 1758.

Edward G, orphan, 13, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Edwin Cole, carpenter’s journeyman, mar St P & J, 1836, lived Twinnell St, then moved to 23 Greville St, Leather Lane, EC1. see BAFHS Journal no 42, p15

Ernest, 10, orphan, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Henry, collier, Westerleigh, abt 20, suitable as calyver, Men & Armour, 1608

Hester see James Timblen, 1723, see Robert 1747

Hester, wife of a quarryman, died cardiac failure, Inquest F.C., 24.5.1855, Co I Acc 1291 GRO

Isaac, cm, F.C., warrant of bastardy for child of Nancy Alsop, 22.9.1778, Westerleigh, BRO

Isaac, cm, settlement exam, Westerleigh, 23.9.1778

James see Richard Prigg, 1760, see Joseph Dudfield, 1811

John, see Henry Nichols 1711, see Wm Lewis, 1754 , AKW 1757

John, cm, o21, bach s.o. John lab, KW & Elizabeth Fisher, o21, KW, d.o. Henry, cm, HTKW 10.1.1842

Mary see Samuel Maby, 1807

Mrs Turner, “a Captain’s wife & Mr Maxfield, preacher, mentioned ironically by John Cennick as being one of the “perfect” people, see J.C. Summer, 1740 & AKW

Robert & Hester of Bitton: their dau Hester bp Keynsham 3.8.1747

Sarah see Bartholomew Fudge 1717

Thomas, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, d 1841 aged 57, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78

—– Turner, a broken thigh at a colliery near Coalpit Heath, ;property of late Lady Smythe, but being worked by Mr Hewitt, see FFBJ 3.2.1853



George see Edward Jefferies, 1683



Elizabeth, 1807, MI Mangots, see E.J., p58



Betty see Robt Gay, 1730



Sampson, of St P & J. 1753. See Bonded Passengers to America, 1663-1775, Wilson-Coldham, Vols V-IX .



Mary see Geo Poole, 1792




Ann, d.o. John, see Ann Strange, 1611

Christopher, inhab of Siston, 1674, vicar’s perambulation, BRO

Edith, “godchild” see Ann Strange, 1611; Edward, jun, see John Britton, d 1648

Ed(ward?), inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Edward see Mary, 1698, see Wm Bush, 1718; Edward, named on Player’s Map, 1750

George, Lot 9, Stapleton Enclosure, 28.10.1779, local press

Hannah, late Smith, widow of Jonathon Smith of St George, to renounce husband’s estate, see Jonathon & Smith 10.12.1771

John, cm, Hanham, abt 40, suitable as musketeer, Men & Armour, 1608

John see Ann, 1611; John see John Flook, 1684

John, collier & Mary Garland, b.o. Mangots, (Thos Seborn, tyler, as bondsman) BMLB 7.8.1721.

John Tyler, FC, wills at GRO,1729

John, 1757, aged…. & John s.o. John & Mary d 4.6.1761 aged 7 yr 3m, MI St Geo.

John, cm & Ann Whittington, mar Bitton, 31.10.1759; John see Samuel 1798

Jonathan, ts Mangots wills, 1693, BRO; Margaret, wid, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Martha see Simon Coole, 1721; Mary d.o. Edward Tiler, collier, bp P & J, 23.11.1698

Mary see Wm Bush, 1718; Mary see John, 1757; Mr, gent, inhabs of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe

Robert see John Gregory, 1684

Samuel, Mangots, cm, intestate, son John, cm, to administer, died 7 yrs ago, under £100, 12.10.1798, bondsman James Palmer of Bitton, yeo., BRO

Samuel, Fishponds/Stapleton, stonecutter, witness to will of James Guest, 1818

Sarah Tyler, see Sarah Say, 1674; Sarah Tiler, see John Summerhill, 1714

William, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

William, of Oldland, cm, charged by Susannah Martin of being father of her bastard child, kept 6 days & gave security to officers of Oldland. House of Correction, P & J, 31.12.1750, Q/S G6 GRO.

William of Filwood House, Two Mile Hill, KW, died Oct 1912, left £8614.13.9d, see WDP 6.12.1912





James Tyndall, d 1860, aged 44, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78

John Tyndale, 1672: conveyance to J.T. gent of Bitton, from James Baylie, glover of Bristol, & heir of Richard, feltmaker & Susan Baylie of Bristol, both dec’d. Staunton Butcher, yeo of Colley Hall, Bitton, s.o. Wm Butcher, yeo, late of Bitton and Walter Kippen, yeo of Bitton of lands adj John Britton, Thos Britton, Roger Harding, John Carpenter, clark (clerk), Japhet Burnell, John Reed, John Perryman, John Holborne, the ygr, Mary Yate, wid, William Davies, Henry Gibbs, Henry Fisher, James Chamberlain, John Holbin, & Wm Tyler. Witnessed by James Watkin, Thos Sherborne, John Burnell, John & Wm Meredith, Wm Foord & John Holbin, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

John Tyndale, see John Seymour, 1679 & BAFHS 55 p34, see also Josias Tizard, 1676

Mr:1719, MD

Onisepherous, see Thos, 1650

Onisepherous, jun, lease of KW Chase, 1734, Braine, p90. See also Farley’s newspaper, 11.10.1729

Thomas, brother of Onisepherous, who purchased lease of KW Chase from Francis Creswick of Melsksham Court (?!); 1650-1711, mar (1) Elizabeth Purnel of Dursley & (2) Ann Deverell of Siston. See “Banking in Bristol” at BRO. F.T.

Messrs Tyndale & Hall, see AKW 1764



Mr see George Hall, 1845