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People looking through the drawers to see artefacts in the Museum of Totterdown

Futurology at the Museum of Totterdown

We are a family of fossil collectors, and though out of habit I look down at the ground if I go for a walk, I have never thought much of the detritus the filthy...
Cap badge of the Gloucestershire Regiment

‘Uncle Norman’: Perrett Park Keeper and veteran of ‘the Forgotten War’

We had it pretty sticky for a few days – our casualties up to Wednesday were approximately a thousand, The Gloucesters were over 600 and the other two battalions about 150 each.”    ...

Charles Perrett: Totterdown’s Father Christmas

The following article was originally printed in the September 2016 edition of the South Bristol Voice. “This may seem a silly question,” one of the mums said at the Grand Opening of the playground...