Kingswood Index: E – G


John, BA, vicar of Bitton, 1715, see Bigland



Mrs Christiana, (died ) at Hanham, after a long illness, obit FFBJ 8.5.1813



Anna, wife of Joseph & d.o. Nicholas Sweet, will see Nich Sweet 1777

Elizabeth see Wm Gerrish, 1721; Francis, grandson see will of Nich Sweet 1777

Joseph, son-in-law & grandson see will of Nich Sweet 1777

Mrs, mother of Rev Mr Emra of St George, obit FFBJ 23.1.1819

Roger, basketmaker, Barton Regis, 1707, Probate Inventory, BRO

Roger see Mary Trubody, 1717



William, of this parish, died 29.3.1766 aged 31, also James & Mary two of his children died in infancy.

Rachel, relict of Wm Eastbrook, (late widow of Daniel Smith) d 15.12.1787 aged 55, (St George MIs)



Richard, aged 30 of Bitton. ‘Febris’. Dead 1789. BRI



Thomas see James Smith, 1717



Major M.J. First Headmaster of Kingswood Grammar School, 1921.



Edward, yeo, Barton Regis, 1687, Probate Inventory, BRO



Sarah, d.o. Thomas & Dinah, d. Aug 11 1796 aged 11 mths, MI St George

Thomas, of Bitton, article by David Eddolls, see BAFHS 104, p43-44

(The Eddolls family will also be found at Brislington)



William, cm, & Sarah Bryant, mar Bitton, 21 Jan 1759



Rev Thomas see Rev Richard Hart, 1800



J.F., his house at Whitehall, Upper Easton broken into & robbed. See FFBJ 16.9.1809



Ann, nee Gingell, & her husband John see Ambrose Gingell, 1798



Jane, see Edward Wilmot, 1714



Charles Edmonds, merchant, Westerleigh, KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book..

Charles Edmunds, gent, Westerleigh, bur in woollen, Sep 1723. B32433/5 BRL

Ella Edmonds, schoolteacher, 1902-1940, St George Grammar School, d 1972 aged 95, see EP 17.8.00, (picture)

Margaret, Bitton/Nich Landsdowne, Keynsham, yeo, 1665, BMLB



Catherine see Joseph, 1850

Charity, Stapleton, 1720, see BAFHS 72, p15. & Probate Inventory, BRO

Charles, Stapleton, inventory 1720, BAFHS June 1993

Dorothy, wife of Samuel, d 2.7.1768 aged 51 MI, Bitton, Bigland

Edwin, 75, injured hip, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897, Elijah, see Abraham Cook, 1882

Esau of Mangots & Elizabeth Atkins, mar Winterbourne, 17.4.1788

George Edward, vicar, witness, see Ann Strange, 1611

Honor, 56, debility, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897, Honor, 57, illness, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897, (did she claim twice?)

John, husbandman. Inhabitant of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe.

John, labourer, Mr Berkeley’s Liberty, Inhabitant of KW Chase 1684. Ellacombe

John, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

John, Hanham, admitted 1864, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Joseph mar Mary Evans, Puck, 1850, & had children Susanna & Catherine, see BAFHS 59 p60

Mary, Stapleton, 1674, Probate Inventory, BRO

Rodney, accidentally killed by a rod of iron falling on his head and going through his skull in the church ringing loft on Christmas Day 1796. Bur 28.12.1796 Westerleigh.

Roger see George Hook, 1820

Samuel, Bitton, cm, 27.7.1739, BRO 04435/4, Samuel. tythingman of Oldland, 1747, Ellacombe

Samuel see Edward Willmott, 1757, see Dorothy, 1768

Squire, 1719 etc., MD; Stephen, tsp 7 yrs for false pretences. BG 28.8.1817

Susanna, Stapleton, 1709, see BAFHS 72, p15, Susanna see Joseph, 1850

Thomas, in a list of fugitives from KW, 1667, Ellacombe, see also Francis Bastyn

Thomas, 1671, see BAFHS 52, p35, see John Jeffrys 1684, see James Butler, 1726

Thomas of Bitton, cm, bondsman to Jacob Williams, Castle Precincts & Jane White of same. At Stapleton. BMLB, 5.1.1748

Thomas, see Thos Strange, 1791



Walter, see Munck, 1608. See also Iles, etc.



Sarah & William see Ann Pinnell



Vicars of Bitton, father & son:

Henry Thomas, s.o. Wm Ellicombe of Alphington, Devon, Cler. Oriel, Matric 13.10.1808 aged 18, B.A. 1812, M.A. 1816, Curate at Cricklade, 1816-7, of Bitton 1817-35 and vicar 1835-50. Rector of Clyst St George, Devon, until death, 20.7.1885. (see James Clegg, 1838)


Henry Nicholson, son of above, BA, MA, succeeded his father as Vicar of Bitton. Until his death in 1916, making 99 years service of two incumbents, father & son. H.N. preferred his garden to his father’s antiquarian pursuits.   The Ellacombe Mss were auctioned at Sothebys and came to Bristol where they remain at BRL.

Obit: At the vicarage house, Bitton, Ann, aged 31, wife of Rev H.T. Ellicombe, 12.3.1825. (She had given birth to a daughter the previous week, so her death was probably through childbirth.


Henry T. Ellicombe (sic) MA of Bitton to Anne, 4th d.o. William Nicholson of St Margaret’s Nr. Rochester, FFBJ 11.4.1818; their children: Henry Nicholson, s.o. Henry & Ann, clerk, bp Bitton, 18.3.1822, Elizabeth Rous, bp Bitton, 15.5.1823, Georgiana Peach Bridges, bp 28.1.1828, Walter Bridges, bp 15.3.1831 (he died 10.8.1853) (NB H.T.E. spelled himself Ellicombe until 1.2.1835 when he “resumed the old way of spelling.”)

Census of 1871, Bitton Vicarage: (this is Henry, junior, also vicar of Bitton)

Henry Ellacombe, Head Mar 49 Vicar of Bitton born Bitton

Emily, wife, 38, Born Bradby, Yorks

Agnes W,  dau, 14 scholar born Bitton

Isabelle, 12, dau, scholar, born Bitton,

Maud, 7 dau  born Bitton

Margaret, 4 dau born Bitton

Gilbert, W. 2, son, born Bitton

Charles  W. 1, born Bitton

Rose Jay, Governess, unmar 21, born Sittingbourne, Kent

Elizabeth Dunn, cook, wid, 50, born Minehead, Som

Elizabeth Batt, housemaid, 23, born Highworth, Glos

Mary Ann Mealing, 27 nurse, born Burford, Warwick

Jane Pike, 19 housemaid born Combe Raleigh Devon

Sarah Allen, 17, under housemaid, born Newport, Gloucester


Henry J.E. see John Godfrey, 1837; Henry N. (Obit 1916. Gardeners’ Chronicle, 19.2.1916



John, s.o. John, feltmaker, FC, to John & Ann Cooper, as feltmaker. Bristol Apprents, 1668-71 BRO

William see John Willis, 1737



Edward, collier, Barton Regis/Easton. 1608. See Men & Armour.



—–, a fiddler, in the stocks. See Glos Journal, 22.2.1737

Edward, collier, inhab. of KW Chase, 1684, see Ellacombe, husbandman, poor, wife, 2 ch, indifferent house, survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Bitton Vol 10

George, licensee of ancient Blue Bowl Inn, Hanham, 1919. Name changed by new owners  with no egard to history to The Mill House. Local anger caused name to be returned to Blue Bowl. Blue Bowl in Elliott family for 58 years. See article and picture by David Geo Elliott, EP 5.10.1996

John see Thos Willis, 1709, Joseph see George Ralph, 1839

Maria Catherine, see Alban Brown, 1906, Martha see George Ralph, 1839

Thomas of  St James, peruke maker, bach, over 21, & Ann Brain of St P & J, sp, aged 19, at St Philips, Aaron Brain, cm, father to consent. BMLB, 1769, BRO

Winifred landlady of Crown and Horseshoe, Oldland, ca 1930s. “All Around Oldland” EP (BT) 12.9.2006



Arthur, Crown Pottery, St George, 1885, trade card on page 36, “Bristol Potters, 1775-1906”, R.K. Henrywood

George of St Michael’s Bristol, miner & Joan Price of St Michael’s, 31.3.1662, BMBJ 31.3.1662

Walter, esq, mar Mrs Ellison, of Conham, at St George, FFBJ 26.8.1809

William, 13, s.o. a pipemaker of St Philips, Great George Street. Inquest. “Dec’d was rather silly, but trusted to walk about”. Burnt to death in a limekiln. FFBJ 18.3.37



Mrs, see Walter Ellis, 1809.



Robert, cm of Chipping Sodbury & Mary Dooding of same mar Yate, 1702



Richard see Thos Price, 1734



Sir Abraham, see MD, 1719 etc, built first school in Hanham, 1727 (see KW & Hanham Official Guide): mayor of Bristol at time of Oct 1738 Riot. See GJ 14.11.1738

Isaac, 1806, see E.J. p41, Sir Isaac see  Nathaniel Burchill, 1842

John William, the grandson of Isaac Elton, esq., of Stapleton House, Glos, Obit FFBJ 13.7.1822



Rev Mr Elwes of Bitton & Miss Creswicke of Hanham mar at St James. See FFBJ 23.1.1779, see AKW 1756, & Sarah, see AKW 1756

Charles, MA, vicar of Bitton, 1768

Mrs Elwes, wife of Rev Mr Elwes, of Bitton. Obit. 3.5.1787, Bath Chron.

Rev Mr Elwes of Bitton to Mrs Navour of Park Street (Bristol?) marriage announcement Bath Chron 20.3.1794



John, s.o. Isaac of Stapleton, blacksmith to Rich Bristow, limeburner, Bristol Apprentices, 11.10.1701



Hannah see Nathaniel Williams, 1770



Andrew, tiler, Mangots. 1664, BAFHS 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Andrew, 1743, see E.J. p194

  1. 1743, see E.J. p195

Charles, coledriver (sic) Mangots & Martha Amsbury of same, (bondsman, Michael Copy of St Augustine, gent.) 18.4.1724, BMLB

Charles, inhab of Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977; Daniel, 1743, see E.J. p194

Elizabeth Emason (sic) wid, Mangots, 1663 BAFHS, 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Hannah see Edward Hall, 1702

Harnoys, c1599, See “The Forsters of Bristol” J. Goulstone, BAFHS 58, p31-35 with FT.

Harness (Harnoys) signed vestry minutes, Mangots, 1750, (died 1781 aged 73, and his wife Hester d1782 aged 82. Frenchay Unitarian Chapel.)  See “The Forsters of Bristol & some descendants” J. Goulstone, BAFHS 58, p31-35 with FT.

Isaac (written Iickck!) inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

James 1743, see E.J. p194, James, (1753), see Edmund Stone, Queen Elizabeth’s time.

James of Bitton, gent & Phoebe Whitehead, 2.10.1764 BMLB

James, proprietor of Zinc Works, Hanham. “Mr Emerson summoned to sessions but begs me to get him excused”, letter from Henry Creswick saying business would suffer, etc. 1795 see Local Govt in Glos, 1775-1800, Moir, p92. Bought The Grange, Hanham, 1795, see “A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter, p26

James see Rev J.A. Curtis, 1798

Jos. “breaking into house of Benjamin Gay of Siston & assaulting him”. Death recorded, see FFBJ 20.4.1833

Martha see Thos Punter, 1718; Mary see Aaron Ithell, 1726, see James Drew, 1767

Mr see Kedgwin Webley

Mr: watchmaker, discovered John Ward, cabinetmaker of Bromley, Staffs, robbed and bound at Nag’s Head Hill, FFBJ 23.3.1822

Richard of Mangots & Hester Dyer otp mar Stoke Gifford, 13.6.1794

Robert see Thos, 1713

Thomas, yeo of Mangots & Cold Ashton, Will PCC, 1586. See “The Forsters of Bristol & some descendants” J. Goulstone, BAFHS 58, p31-35 with FT.

Thomas see Hannah Hall, 1706

Thomas, baker, Marshfield/Prudence Adams, 27.5.1713, bondsman Robert Emerson, P & J, throwster.

Thomas, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977



Ann see Edward Webster 1768, Ann wife of Charles d 1810 (see Wm 1797)

Charles, Mangots, 1743, see E.J. p194, see Wm Millett, 1763

Charles Emet, jun, d 1794 aged 57, Elizabeth wife of James Lorrimer (dau of Chas Emet) d 1793 aged 34, three children of Elizabeth & James Lorrimer, also three children of John & Mary Luton. Emet MIs at Mangots in West Wall, outside South of Door. See E.J. p 59:

Charles, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Charles of Downend, robbed by person with a gun. FFBJ 12.1.1799

Charles Emott (sic), Mangots, yeo, B21, & Ann Butler, St Nicholas, W21. (Bondsman James Baker of St Pauls.) 21 Mar 1799, BMLB

Charles, see Ann d 1810

Charles Emett, Mangots, gent, W21 & Mary Avis of Redcliff, S21 (Charles Abbot of Westerleigh, bondsman) 2.5.1811 BMLB

Charles Emet, Mangots, 1820 see E.J. p197,

Charles, see Mr W. Chadwick, 1830

Charles d1833, aged 56 see William d 1797

Charles see Richard Haynes Mangots, 1860’s

Charles, d 1885, aged 79, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78; Ellen see William, d1797

Charlotte, see Mr W. Chadwick, 1830

Elizabeth Emmett see Chas Arthur, 1759, see Wm Millett, 1763

Hannah, wife of Wm, (1797), d 1800 aged 56, Hannah, dau of Wm, (1797), d 1809 aged 9

Hester see Robt Howes, 1754, John, d 1860 aged 57, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78

Margaret wife of Stephen, Downend, stonecutter obit 1.4.1815 FFBJ

Mary, dau of Wm (1797) d 1787 aged 13, Mary, 1779 aged 81, MI Mangots, E.J. p39.

Mary d 1839, aged 35, Downend Baptists Chapel, E.J. p78

Mr, 1811, Downend, see Thos Roberts

Mrs Emet of Mangots, 82, blind for 45 years, obit FFBJ 11.10.1806

Mrs Emett, wife of Charles, of Downend, eldest daughter of Mr Harwell, obituary. FFBJ3.2.1810

Robert, 1743, see E.J. p194

Samuel of Mangots/ Joan Chambers, Pucklechurch, mar lic 1779; Stephen see Margaret 1815

Thomas Emet, Mangots, 1820 see E.J. p197

Thomas, Ref 6098/7h, BRO: 28 Dec 1831. Assignment of lease, (1) Thos Emett of Downend, land surveyor & Samuel Bryant of same cm: (2) Frances Brooke of Chipping Sodbury, wid & (3) Thos Waters of Warmley, cm of share in coalworks at Pucklechurch.

Widow, 1743, see E.J. p194, William Emet, 1743, see E.J. p194

William Emmett see Chas Arthur 1759, see Charles Strange, 1772

William Emetts, Glos. Election. No land tax. See SFBJ 15.2.1777

William, d 1797 aged 49, Hannah, his wife, d 1800 aged 56, Mary, dau, d 1787 aged 13, Ann wife of Charles, d 1810 aged 36, Ellen, dau, infant, n.d., Hannah, dau, 1809, 9, Charles, d1833, 56. Emet MIs at Mangots in West Wall, outside South of Door. See E.J. p 59

William Emet, Mangots, 1820 see E.J. p197



Nicholas, Winterbourne, 1680, Probate Inventory, BRO



Elias: amongst those arrested after colliers’ march on Bristol, 1753. See FFBJ 26.5.1753 & Annals of KW, 1753.



Henry, 19, son of the vicar of St George’s, Glos, drowned in the river Isis near Worcester College. Obit FFBJ (?) 4.4.1829

Rev Mr, see Mrs Earle, 1819



Ann, widow of Bitton, bur Kelston, 20 Feb 1762, Harriet see John Wilton, 1826

Daniel aged 22, killed during a riot at Mangotsfield. Inquest 25.8.1821, D260/GRO

Eleanor see Thos Bamford, 1777;  Eliza see Harry Webb, 1889;  Emma see Wm Cryer 1878

George, see Richard Hollister, 1791;  John, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, see Ellacombe

John see Wm Cryer 1878

Margaret see Francis Creswick 1674;  Mary see Edward Cowles, 1734

Mary of Bitton bur Kelston 18 Nov 1770

Robert of Bitton, cm & Susanna Bulgin of All Sts, sp, 1723 BMLB (1-120, no. 42)

Robert, collier, aged 16, indicted with Thomas Caines alias Botty & John Leonard with stealing a £5 note from Henry Hodges. 5 feet and a qtr tall, dark brown complex. Dark hair, oval face, very much marked with smallpox, several scars on back from working in a coalpit, unable to read, very well behaved. Discharged by proclamation, 2.4.1817, Glos Qtr Sessions, QS/GRO

Sarah, see Sam Bide, 1691, see John Parker 1743

Sarah bp 1819 Pucklechurch, see Chas Kilminster 1819

Thomas, Barton Regis, butcher, 1729, Probate Inventory, BRO

Thomas England married Martha Gore, 1739: See article by Susan Weeks “The Monks Family of Fishponds” BAFHS Journal, no. 125, Sept 2006

Thomas see Wm Smart, 1841, see Stephen Hall, 1841

Widow, of Bitton, bur Kelston 6 Jun 1774

William, over 21, bach, miner of Mounthill mar Ann Fox, over 21, sp, works in gardens, Mounthill, dau of Samuel Fox, gardener, mar HTKW 9.12.1849




Bessie, see Samuel 1881, Clara see Wm, 1881

Dinah of Oldland, mother of male bastard child of Samuel Weekes, lab, of St George, Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, Vol 22, W.O.T., BRO

Emily see Wm 1881

George killed coming up a coalpit at Stapleton, belonging to Castle & Co by stone & rubbish falling on his head. Inquest. 25.7.1818 at St George, D260/GRO &KIACP

George, aged 21,Bitton, Light brown hair, fair complex. Dark eyes, scars on top of head, right shin, right thigh, Discharged Glos. QS 14.7.1820, not a true bill, QS/GRO. Charged with another offence in company with Jacob Pillinger, 1820 & found guilty. TSP & died on transport to Australia.

George, a youth, suffered fracture of skull at Deep Pit, Brain & Co, in which Stephen Newman was killed, see BM 6.9.1851 & KIACP

Laura, see Samuel, 1881

Samuel, 43, collier, killed roof fall, Deep Pit, 26.6.1862, COI/1291/Acc GRO & KIACP

Samuel, head, mar, cm, aged 30, born Bitton, wife Sarah, 29, shoemaker b Bitton, children Thomas, 6, Bessie, 4, Laura, 1, all born St George, 28 Reformatory Lane, census 1881, see Wm Burchill, 1881

Samuel of KW gave evidence at inquest on Thos Cowles killed Hanham Pit, see WDP 21.11.1910  & KIACP

Sarah see Samuel 1881, see Wm, 1881

Thomas cm & Ann Bryant sp mar Bitton, 3.7.1757, Thomas see Samuel 1881

William, head, mar, 27, cm, born Bitton, wife Sarah, 26, born St George, children Clara, 4, Emily, 2, born St George, 1881 census, 25 Reformatory Lane, dist of St George. See Wm Burchill, 1881



—- Erby “at the Salutation, ale seller” inhab, of KW Chase 1684 Mr Chester’s Liberty see Ellacombe

Richard Erbury see Katherine Summerell, 1655



Rhoda, 36, wid, 4 ch, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897



Thomas see John Wood, 1653



Joseph, wire drawer aged 83 of Warmley, obit BG 20.1.1842.



Ann, 82, aged, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Elizabeth Ettel (sic) see George Frame, 1891, Elizabeth Joan, see William Henry, 1908

Gwendoline, “Gwenny”, greengrocer in KW High St, during war years, 1940’s.

Hester see Joseph 1818, Jane, 45, 2 ch, wid, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Joseph see William, 1814

Joseph of KW, aged 33, 7 years TSP for theft of wheat, Glos QS 27.8.1818, removed to await transport 1.9.1818, GRO. Oldland Orders: Hester Ettle, wife of Joseph, now tsp 7 year, has 5 children all under 10. To be allowed 6 shillings per week for her 4 children, the eldest boy being considered able to maintain himself. 7.9.1818.

Joseph Ettel (sic) see George Frame, 1891

William, (Charged with his brother Joseph stealing 4 bushels of wheat & chaff, property of his master T. Ashley of W & A. 2.4.1814 “no bill” but they were charged again 30.4.1814 see FFBJ. & see below

William mar Mary Silverthorne, Walcot, 9.6.1816

William, aged 22, W & A, hanged for burglary, 19.4.1817, at Gloucester, charged with Jacob Pool, 37, with beating up and robbing an old woman. Hannah Ship, blinding her in one eye & leaving her for dead & also robbery of Thomas Ashley at Wick. Pool also hanged see BG 10.4 & 24.4.1817. William’s young wife, probably Mary Silverthorne, above, was left with a young baby.

William, collier, charged theft of turnips from a field in Bitton, property of Mr Mills, pleaded guilty, fined 2/6d and costs, Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, BTM 20.1.1866

William Henry, killed Goldney Pit, Warmley, by falling down shaft. See WDP 22.7.1908: witnesses, wife Elizabeth Joan, Manager Frank Charles Sadler, William Woodman, Peter Lovell, Frank Golding. See also KIACP

— Ettle: Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Emily see Stiles Rich, 1830



Alice see Wm Wocok, 1686, Amelia see Wm Dixon, 1875

Ann mar Robt Gibb of Cliff Farm, Puck, mid 19thc, re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Caleb, d Downend, 1791, builder of Downend Baptist Chapel & founder of Bristol Baptist College. See E.J. p 77. MI at Baptist Chapel: C.E. ob. 9.8.1791, aged 54, bur Redcross St, Bristol. Sarah, obit 1817, aged 78.

Elizabeth, over 21, sp. Mounthill d.o. Samuel, miner & William Fox, over 21, bach, lab, Mounthill, s.o. Samuel, carpenter, mar HTKW 17.12.1849

Emanuel, arrested in colliers’ march on Bristol, 1753, taken to Newgate, see FFBJ 26.5.1753, & AKW

Emanuel of Winterbourne, aged 78, obit, FFBJ 14.1.1815

George, died at cotton mills in Bitton, Inquest 6.10.1797, D260/GRO

George mar Mary Sheppard, 1819, re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

George Nicholas 1826-1915, had children Ann & Mary, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Henrie & Sibell, 1613, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Hester, under 21, sp, KW, s.o. Samuel, miner mar George Leonard, over 21, bach, lab, KW s.o. Solomon, cordwainer, HTKW 30.4.1849

Isaac under 21 miner s.o. Robert, lab & Harriet Kilford, d.o. George, nailer mar St Silas Westerleigh, 11.10.1846

Isaac see Wm Dixon, 1875

James, nephew of Sarah Prigg, 1817, See “Benjamin Caines’ Trial”, B. Mottershead, BAFHS47, p26.

James Frederick Hawthorn miner mar Rosina Jones, d.o. John, lab, St Silas Westerleigh, 30.3.1902

Joan, wid, inhab of KW Chase 1684, see Ellacombe, Joan see George Bush 1722

John, d 9.3.1744, aged 28, MI Bitton, Bigland

John s.o. Thomas, weaver, outparish of St P & J, apprenticed to Henry Haskins, hooper, Bristol Apprents 13.7.1761 BRO

John: Order by Samuel Webb & Thos Daniel, JP, that John Evans, cm, of St George is father of the female bastard child born to Hannah Simmons, single woman of Frampton Cotterell to pay 10 shillings and one and sixpence weekly if child becomes chargeable to the rates. FC Orders, 30.10.1799.

John Parker alias Evans, 1817

Lewis, incumbent at Bitton, see Bigland,  see Francis Creswick 1674

Mary see Robt Jefferies, see Wm Hall, 1797

Mary 1821-1908 mar Joseph Edwards and had children Susanna & Catherine, Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Mary, (d1919) mar ? Worlock & had a son, Robt Fitzworlock, farmer of Hinton Farm, Hinton,  Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Mary Ann, bp 1814 Wick, see Robt Batten, b 1809

Mr of Bitton, 1615, see Braine, p60, see John Norden, 1615

Policeman: see George Groves 1817; Robert, Bitton, wills at GRO,1726

Samuel see George Bush, 1722, Samuel, butcher of Wick, attacked by footpads, see BG 5.11.1772

Samuel see Elizabeth, 1849, see Hester, 1849; Sarah, d 1817 see Caleb, 1791

Sibell, see Henrie, 1613, Thomas see John, 1761

Walter, tyler, inhabitant of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe;  Walter see Joan Smith, 1684

William of F.C. Excise Officer, see Maria Wigmor, 1690

William, mason, rich, wife, 0 ch, good house, pigs, survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Bitton Vol 10

William see Daniel Cribb, 1768

Mr William Evans, of Puck to Mrs Parsons of White Hart Inn, FFBJ 20.4.1816

Rev William, d 11.7.1892 aged 83, 30 yrs pastor of Downend Baptist Chapel. EJ, p 77



James, 1811, see Thos Roberts.





Martha see Walter Holbin, 1709, Mary, wife of  Sir John Newton, 1626-99, Bitton, Bigland

Robert, MA, vicar of Bitton, 1719



Drusilla see John Brain, 1799, Robert see Edward Stone, 1799



Christopher, see Francis Creswick, 1674



Sarah see Thos, 1850

Thomas, collier aged 30, s.o. William, collier & Martha Coleman aged 19, d. o. Abraham, mar 27.9.1850 at Bedwelty, Gwent, their dau Sarah mar Thomas Haynes, s.o. William. See William Haynes, 1829

William see Thomas, 1850



William, see AKW 1770



Arthur, Alderman of Bitton, benefactor to Oldland see Bigland

David, aged 47, widower, miner s.o. Wm Thos, innkeeper & Elizabeth Willis, 41, sp, d.o. David, lab, mar Westerleigh St Silas, 26.2.1908

Mr see Francis Creswick, 1684

Ralph, an ejected Minister from St Nicholas, Bristol, preached to colliers at his house in Hanham, 1662, see Ellacombe.

Thomas, Barton Regis, butcher, 1685, Probate Inventory, BRO

William see Chas Williams, 1853, see Thos  Davis, 1908



Paul see Wm Fudge, 1791



— Farrant, Oldland Common School 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Mr Richard, drowned in River Avon, bur Westerleigh 19.12.1746 &

Richard “found dead in pond at Brice’s Mill, Stapleton” see Bath Journal 22.12.1746. (Perhaps 1751?)



Robert & Sarah Clements mar by lic at Siston 6.6.1731



Giles, Siston, yeo & Mary Radburne, Christchurch, BMLB 1686

Richard, Winterbourne, gent, 1635, Probate Inventory, BRO



Joseph, farmer, Stapleton, KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book..



Hannah see Thos Fudge, 1780, Joyce see Edward Harris 1780

Richard see Thos Fudge , 1780, see Edward Harris, 1780



Joseph, collier, 26, killed by a fall from a horse between Winterbourne & Coalpit Heath. Inquest Winterbourne 7.4.1816



Benjamin Fawkes of Saltford, paper maker & Rachel Ayliff of Bitton, sp, by lic, mar 23.11.1725, Bedminster.

George see J., 1820

  1. J. Faux convicted and left for execution: George Faux & Samuel Brimble transported for life. Samuel Faux, William Sweet & Daniel Sweet, tsp 14 years, horse stealing & forged notes. A notorious gang who came from Keynsham, apprehended in Plymouth, praise for spirited exertions of Mr Palmer, surgeon of Keynsham. See FFBJ 1.4.1820. (These reprobate Faux’s were the brothers of Jane Faux, who married Jonathon Fray, my ancestors.)

Samuel see J., 1820



Stephen: weavers’ riot, 1729. See AKW.



Probate Inventory, Stapleton, 1665, BRO



William, Bitton & Ann Harrow of Henbury, bondsman Thos Davies of Bitton, yeo, BMLB 1692/3



Thomas, alias Lazarus, aged 55, a vagrant  who, in company with James Church aged 80, slept rough in the boiler house at Golden Valley Pit, Bitton. Fennell killed William Pratten who had been tormenting him by throwing water over him. See BMerc 3.4.1886. Charge reduced to manslaughter & Fennell sentenced to 6 mths. see William Pratten 1886.



Richard see Henry Allum, 1813



William: highway robbery, Stapleton, 1748, see Coldham



Elizabeth see Wm 1765;  John see John Hopes, 1794

Thomas fferris & wife, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation

William, d 11.6.1765 aged 77, Elizabeth his wife, d9.12.1776 aged 74, MI Bitton, Bigland.



Luke see Luke Howell, 1859



John, aged 60 of Oldland, “Had known KW Forest for 40 years” deposition, 1629, see Braine.

Mary see Thomas 1636

Thomas, of Oldland, clerk, knew KW Forest 48 years. Spoke for Crown in Attorney General v. Berkeley, Chester, etc, 1629, See Ellacombe “History of Bitton”.

Thomas Fidoe, of Oldland, clerk, will proved 22.8.1636, wife Mary. See Year Books of wills, BRL.



Mrs. Her maid attacked at Stapleton Turnpike by 2 sailors see Bath Journal 10.9.1750 see AKW 1750



Susannah see Samuel Trotman 1651





Albert Henry of Drummond Rd, Fishponds, gave evidence at Inquest after Deep Pit disaster, see WDP Nov 1910.KIACP

Ed(ward?),  Mangots, 1684, see E.J. p178, Edward see Edmund Gunning 1757

Eleanor, see James Dando 1800; Elizabeth see John Turner 1842

Frances, see Isaac Golding 1758; George see Henry Batt, 1866

Henry, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36, & see Mary Haynes 1800, see John Turner 1842

James, tythingman of Oldland, 1747, see Ellacombe

Joan, see Edmund Gunning 1757

Joanna of Downend; executor to will of her late husband Joseph, Mar 10, 1788. Ref 22936/144/2 (1) 1-9 2/8 BRO

John, churchwarden Stapleton, 1683; John, see James Hilman 1684

John, s.o. William of Stapleton, gardener, apprenticed to George Grist, house carpenter, Bristol Apprents, 20.8.1759

John, cm, kcp belonging to Sol Leonard by means of a rope breaking when ascending. Inquest 10.11.1812 St George, D260/GRO & KIACP

John, see Sam Wilcox, 1827

Joseph see Joanna 1788; Mary see Wm Willis; 1757, Mr: 1719, MD

Thomas, at sign of The Crown, Stapleton Bridge. Obit 13.9.1783 FFBJ

Walter of Bitton see Brise Seed, 1661; William see John 1759



Capt. Edward of Co. Kildare, granted coalworks in KW by King James I 1608, see Braine, p 54



Robt (boy) perambulation of IA, 1745



Mary Ann see Sarah Creswicke 1851



Isaac see John Coggins, 1828; Widow: see Thos Willis, 1709

— Flay, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.

— see Sam Wilcox, 1827



Betty see Mary Lacy 1782

Elizabeth of St George, mother of male bastard child of William Francis, currier, of P & J, 6.11.1828, Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, Vol 22, WOT



Ann see Wm, 1802, Betty see Wm 1798/9

Charles, shaftsman of Easton Pit, one of search party who found body of Wm Bolt Monks, 1892, KIACP

Eleanor see John 1702

George, cm, 32, let go cart rope and fell to death in pit. Inq 19.6.1815 Coalpit Heath D260/GRO & KIACP

Hannah see Wm, 1802, John senior, collier, bur Yate 29.6.1701

John, collier, mar Eleanor: their children Eleanor bp Yate 25.7.1702, Stephen, 2, bp Yate 24.3.1706, William, bp Yate 4.11.1708 (bur 6.11.1708)

John Flatcher (sic) see Joseph Suller 1774

John, “hewer”, “vereing boy”, 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

John, aged 40, killed Wimsey Pit, Duke of Beaufort’s, by stone falling on him. Inquest 28.10.1814 at St George. D260/GRO & KIACP

Joseph full age, bach, cm, s.o. Thomas Dyer (sic) & Susanna Simmons d.o. James, lab, mar Westerleigh 25.12.1837

Mary Flatcher (sic) see Joseph Suller 1774

Stephen see John 1702; William see John 1702

William “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, settlement exam, Westerleigh 24.11.1798: Betty Fletcher wife of William, settlement exam, 1.8.1799. Westerleigh PR, BRO

William, collier of I.A. Children. Ann d.o. Wm & Ann (nee Leigh) bp IA 7.3.1802 & William s.o. Wm & Hannah (nee Latch) bp IA 1803

William, underground bailiff at Wethered & Cossham, KW , 1874 during Strike. See WDP 9.6.1874

William see Wm Lovell, 1874



Robert Heleur, aged 79. “Hanham Lane Mystery: Old Man’s Fatal Injuries”; see BO 6.10.1923. (He was victim of hit and run motor accident.)

William, 79, aged, Hanham Abbots outdoor poor, 1897

Flew family lived Victoria Park, KW, at least 1937-2001



Abraham of Oldland, mar Hester, their dau Maria born 2.11.1828, Keynsham Baptists.

Aaron, sexton of St George, in charge when Samuel Barrett was interred after being hanged in 1822.

Alfred,39, wife, 4 ch, ill, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Ann, witnessed mar of Joseph Burchill/Ann King, 1848

Benjamin see Moses, 1769

Charles, kcp 30.12.1799, coalpit belonging to Tippetts & Co, Inquest 2.1.1800, New Inn, St P & J. D260/GRO & KIACP

Charles see Arthur Tanner 1899

  1. (Mr D.) one of founders of Zion Chapel, (Joseph Lovell, A Sketch of the History of KW Circuit, ref f 287.142, St Geo Lib), records details of early KW Circuit & Zion Chapel,

Daniel, cm of Bristol & Sarah Bredy of Castle Precincts, 9.11.1726 BMLB

Daniel of Stapleton & Hester Wickwick, b.o. Mangots, mar Almondsbury 1727

Daniel Flook, cm of Stapleton & William Strange, cm of same; land in KW Forest, consideration £4, 21.12.1793. BRO Ref 29996/4

Dorothy, widow, 8 horses, 4 beasts; inhab of KW Chase, Mr Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684. Ellacombe

Elizabeth see Moses Flook, 1769

George kcp & bur Mangots 17.11.1788, FFBJ 30.8.1788 & KIACP

George, a sinker at Frog Lane, Coalpit Heath, fell whilst sinking a shaft, 19.7.1853. See “Collieries of KW & S.Glos” J. Cornwell

Hannah see John Luker 1771

Henry Flooke, cm, inhabitant of KW Chase, Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe

Hester see Abraham 1828

Isaac Fluke mar Mary Harding, 1723, Winterbourne

Isaac see Samuel 1733, see Thos Tovey 1755, see Martha Pearce 1755

Isaac Fluke kcp & bur West. 6.12.1757 & KIACP

Isaac of Stapleton, cm, right of commons, cottage adjoining Joseph Tolls, value £3. Minute Book KW Enclosure Commissioners, 1779-84, BRL

Isaac, “hewer”, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Job the ygr of Stapleton, cm, Right to a cottage in his own possession nr. The Tynings, Val. £2. Minute Book KW Enclosure Commissioners, 1779-84, BRL

Job, cooper of Wade Street, without Lawford’s Gate obit 8.11.1800, FFBJ.

Job of Stapleton, cm, died intestate, estate under £20, Mary Smith of Stapleton, to administer, 2.5.1829, BRO

John see Thos Taylor, 1684

John Flooke, sen., cm, inhabitant of KW Chase, Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe. Also John fflooke & John Tyler hath 1 pit landing coal & 2 open near Lodge. (Ibid)

John, jun., inhabitant of KW Chase, Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684. Ellacombe

John see Moses 1769

John, 25, Bitton, tumour knee, BRI inpatients 1789, BRO; John see Wm Harding 1796

Joseph, quarrier & bach., 1760, Mangots BAFHS 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Joseph see Moses 1769

Joseph of St George, cm, executor to Stephen Flook, his father. Right of Commons to 2 cottages & gardens, Fishponds, let to Martha Flook, widow. Val. £2.12.0d. Minute Book KW Enclosure Commissioners, 1779-84, BRL

Joseph & Isaac “vereing boys” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Joseph, “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Joseph, cm, 11, kcp falling down Duke of Beaufort’s pit, 18.5.1796, Inq. Rose & Crown St George, 24.5.1796, D260/GRO & KIACP

Joseph cm 18, kcp Soundwell by 2 tons falling on him. Inq. Mangots. 16.2.1809, D260/GRO, Bur Mangots 19.2.1809. see KIACP

Maria see Abraham 1828; Martha see Joseph 1779-84, see Samuel Luton, 1837

Mary Ann see Arthur Tanner 1899

Moses, Stapleton, cm, wife Elizabeth to be exec. Son John, son Samuel, dau Sarah, house occupied by Joseph Flook. Will dated 1769, wit: Benjamin Flook, (marked “B”), Joseph Flook, Jacob More. (Moses marked “M”. BRO

Moses see Aaron Bush 1824,  S. see Rev. W. Rossiter, 1862

Samuel, s.o. Isaac, drowned in a well, 5.7.1733, bur Westerleigh

Samuel see Moses 1769

Samuel Fluke kcp bur Westerleigh. 17.11.1778. (Also KCP)

Samuel of Stapleton., cm, right of commons to 2 messuages let to Wm Harford & Thos Wiltshire. Minute Book KW Enclosure Commissioners, 1779-84, BRL

Samuel see Samuel Luton, 1837

Samuel, Westerleigh, Inquest 25.5.1860, GRO CO1/1/6/B/5

Sarah see Moses 1769; Sarah, wid, see Joseph, 1779-84

Stephen see Wm, 1715

Stephen of St Geo, cm, will dated 1770, proved 1773, wife & ch., unnamed; friend Francis Brain. Witnesses James Harding, Thomas Wills, Isaac Phipps

Stephen see Joseph 1779-84 , see Jane Baker, 1819

Susanna see Thos Watkins, b1787

William Flooke, 1 horse, cm, inhabitant of KW Chase, Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe.

William, Staple., cm, and Jane Harding, Westerleigh, wid, (bondsman Stephen Flook of Staple, cm) no. 149, 1715, BMLB. (Wm Flook of Staple. & Jane Harden.(sic) mar St Augustine, 2.8.1715)

William of Staple., cm, over 21 & Mary Willis of same, sp over 21. Bondsman Wm Webb of St Geo, coal merchant, BMLB, 18,4,1782, BRO

William, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, 15, kcp, Soundwell, Mr Whittuck’s, descending when a large stone fell on his head. Inq. 22.10.1809, Mangots. D260/GRO. Bur Mangots 24.10.1809, “aged 14”. See also KIACP.



Ann see Richard, 1665

Ann d.o. Lamorack & Susanna d.30.7.1730, Elizabeth, spinster, d.o. above, d.6.3.1744, aged 64, Joanna, spinster, sister of Elizabeth, d.23.1.1753 aged 65, Bitton, Bigland

Edward: “Meeting of justices held at Warminster, Edward Flower, coal carrier, convicted in penalty of 20 shillings & costs for riding his waggon at full gallop through town of Warminster. (He came from Coleford, Glos.) (BMBJ 11.9.1790)

Elizabeth, 1724, MD

Elizabeth, d1744, sister of Joanah, d1752, Elizabeth see Ann, 1730

  1. (Mr F. Flower) his house robbed, reward of 20 guineas, allegedly by Isaac Stone of Hanham, ‘a well-known marauder’ see FFBJ 17.8.1833

George see Robt, 1618

Mr George, inhabitant of Siston during perambulation, 1674, Siston PR at BRO

George see Prosper 1710, see John, 1761

George, Boyd Mill, Golden Valley. George & Mary Flower agreed with 8 gents a lease for 21 yrs “Free Liberty to open pits and raise coal in 6 pieces of ground on the Upton side of brook, nr mills, and to erect a fire engine for draining & carrying away way obstructing working of mines. Aaron Brain, Bitton, cm, Edward Stone, ygr, Staple., gardener, James Quarman, Oldland, Victualler, Samuel Brain, Bitton, carpenter, Edward Stone, elder, yeo., Henry Stone, cm, John Brian, St Geo, yeo, William Lacey, Hanham, cm, (Information from Matthew Southway)

Mrs Hannah see Francis Bryant, 1801

James bc1806, poss St P & J, mar Ann Bryant at St James, 1835. For further information on this family see BAFHS Journal no 101, p 20, Summer 2000

Jane see Edward Golding, 1720, see Thos, 1727

Joanah, d 1752, d.o. Lamorock. Her will made elaborate arrangements for her funeral. Sarah Batman, Elizabeth Harrington, Mary Taylor & her maid, Mary Robbins, were to lay her out. Sarah’s husband William Batman was to make coffin. Underbearers, beside William Batman were to be George Harrington, John Nash, blacksmith, Francis Strong, tailor. Her pallbearers were to be Thomas s.o. Mr William, Browning, dec’d, John Goodhind, s.o. Mr Thos Goodhind, Mr William Hollister of Cullyhall, Aaron Strange, Richard Francis & Wm Bush, the ygr of Beach. All were to have gloves, as was Rev Richard Barry, the vicar of Bitton. Full story BAFHS 57, p27, J. Goulstone. see also Ann, 1730

John of Staple., cm & Suzanna Long, (bondsman John Long of Staple., coal driver), at St Michael, BMLB, 4.9.1675

John, sen., & jun., see John Jeffrys 1684; John, perambulation of IA, 1695

John, & Mary Batman b.o. Bitton, mar Yate 29.8.1705

John,  tythingman of Bitton, 1722. Ellacombe, BRL

John, d.24.7.1725 aged 43, John his son, d. 10.12.1738 aged 29, Mary Flower, wid, d.22.12.1763 aged 76. Bitton, Bigland

John, Oldland, will at GRO,1729

John, yeoman, d25.4.1761 aged 77, John, yeo, s.o. Geo & Rebecca of Kelston, d. 7.5.1765 aged 46. Bitton, Bigland

John. Reward of ½ guinea for return of his bay horse. Strayed about 2 days ago. Seen around Kingswood. John Flower , baker of Bath. Bath Chron 25.10.1770

John see Mary Strong, 1834

Lamarock of Bitton, yeo & Rachel Browning mar Bedminster, lic. 18.1.1706

Lamarock, see John Goodhind

Lamarock, re Boyd Mill Bitton, bought dwelling house, water & grist mill & other land, etc. He died 1797. (Info from Matthew Southway)

Lamorock, bp Combe Hay, 1579, & family. See “Lamorock – an unusual Christian Name” Jean Flow, BAFHS 58, p28-29

Lamorack see Ann, 1730

Lamorock Flower otp & Mary Francis of Bitton, mar Saltford, 1.5.1777, by lic. (Marriage Settlement says L. of “Bitton Mill” & possibly dated 1771 (?) is at the Society of Genealogists)

Lamorock, junior, bur 1 Oct 1796, Kelston; Lamorock, Mr, of Bitton Mill, bur 15 Dec 1797, Kelston

Margaret see Richard, 1665,1687

Mary see Isaac Gingell, 1709, see John, 1725, see Thos Cary 1754, see Geo Flower, 1798

Mary of Boyd Mil. In 1803, Mary was married to Peter Gerrish & the mill was let to W. Cater. (Southway)

Mary Ann, 53, cancer, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Nicholas, Boyd Mill, Bitton, Paid £6.13.4d rent to Lord George Berkeley. (Southway)

Prosper, wife of George, bur 4.2.1710, Abson

Rebecca, see John, 1761, see Rebecca Worlock 1820

Richard, Siston, clerk, bondsman at marriage of Thos Prewett, tailor, Bristol  & Ann Flower, Siston, BMLB, 1665. Rector, Siston, 62 yrs, bur 6.9.1687, Lived with his wife Margaret for 57 years in holy wedlock, until her death aged 87 in 1687. See “The Simple of Annals the Poor”, p39.

Robert s.o. George, yeo of Siston as mercer. Bristol apprents 17.7.1618

Samuel, 43, Siston, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Sarah see Robt Williams, 1765, Susannah see Ann, 1730

Thomas of Siston cm & Jane Pierce of West., mar Yate 1702

Thomas & Jane his wife of Coalpit Heath, Westerleigh. Their separation, see 6 May 1727 in Sam Farley’s newspaper.

Thomas collier of West. Inventory 28.11.1730, £11.0.6d, see “Goods & Chattels of our Forefathers.”

Thomas & his wife Anne Box paid £6.13.4d for rent of a water mill & 3 other mills for fulling, tucking & corn. Thomas described as a miller & farmer. Bitton, 1558. (Matthew Southway)

Valentine: mentioned by MD in connection with a new engine “to be worked (amazingly!) without horses drawing it” – in Feb 1723/4 ! could this possibly have been  a steam engine?

William of Mangots. & Elizabeth Winbow, wid, c1751, BMLB.

William Wilcox Flower, indicted with Anne Wilmot stealing 2 ewes at Bitton, property of Abraham Brain. Wilmot found not guilty, Flower tsp 15 years. FFBJ 14.4.1838 (For details of case & descriptions of persons see BAFHS Journal No 60, p29-31, No 61, p10 & no 70, p13-14)

—— see Flower Golding, 1733


See “The Flowers of Kelston” by Jean Flower, with FT, p31 BAFHS 64, and BAFHS 37, p28 and also see “The Wild Bunch or a Rose by any other name” by Penny Deverill, BAFHS 60, p26



Thomas, naylor, now John Milsome, senior, inhabitant of KW Chase, Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe.

William Flueling, yeo, 1678, Mangots BAFHS 36, p26



George, of Bitton, yeo & Martha Sparks, Keynsham, sp, by lic., mar Bedminster 17.5.1737

George, d.20.10.1753 aged 80, Thomas, his son by Mary his wife10.7.1763 aged 60, Mary wife of George, 30.8.1771 aged 89. Bitton, Bigland

Samuel Ffoote, s.o. William of Bitton, apprenticed to Thos Jones as House carpenter, 12.3.1700. BRO



Anna, 86, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Anne see Samuel 1825

Anthony Fforde & Thomas Fford, fugitives from KW, 1667, Ellacombe,  (see Francis Bastyn)

Anthony, one of a list of persons who took part in a riot at KW, 1670. Ellacombe. See John Bampton one of a list of persons who took part in a riot at KW, 1670. Ellacombe. See John Bampton.

Charles, boy, perambulation of IA, 1745

Charles, “engineman” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Edwin, see Elizabeth, 1906; Elizabeth see Thomas, 1684

Elizabeth Foord, wife of John, tanner d. 27.8.1684, George Foord, d. 30.8.1700, aged 41, John Harrington, gent, d.16.10.1714, Betty wife of George, yeo, d. 15.9.1773, aged 69, Ann d.o. John Harrington, gent, by Mary his wife, d.7.1.1774 aged 66, George Harrington, gent, d. 14.2.1781 aged 77, Bitton, Bigland

Elizabeth, St George, Bristol, 78, widow of Edwin, died 19.5.1906, Keynsham Burial Board, SRO.

  1. To represent KW in Miners’ Deputation to see Handel Cossham during strike, 1874 see WDP 29 & 30 May 1874

George, see Elizabeth, 1684; Hannah see Daniel Shipp, 1718

James see Hannah Jefferis 1849

James Ford, 21, bach, collier, s.o. Thomas, collier & Jane Pillinger, 19, sp, Oldland, d.o. Stephen, collier, mar Bitton, 13.2.1859

Jerome Ford, George Riddle, Charles Tippett, Henry Monk, whose 5 pits at Siston were filled up by rioters, Oct 1738. See Glos Journal, 14.11.1738

John Foord, cm, inhabitant of KW Chase, Rochester’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe

John, see Elizabeth, 1684, see Samuel Haynes, 1762, see Sarah 1773, see Ann Hook, 1788,

Jonathon, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

Jonathan, coal carrier of KW Hill, mar Mary Ann; their dau Mary bp HTKW 1826

Jonathon, deputy bailiff at Easton Pit, gave evidence after explosion 1886 which killed George Bennett & others. See BMerc 6.3.1886, KIACP

Mary see Jonathon, 1826; Mary Ann see Jonathon, 1826

Mary, KW, admitted 1892, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Mr Ford & Mr Knight, two Baptist preachers pursued by vigilantes led by Ralph Oliffe, driven into river & Mr Ford drowned. Mr Knight saved by a KW collier, 20.3.1683. See AKW

Mr: see Elizabeth Adams, 1721

Samuel, son of Samuel, victualler of St George, & Ann, bp Queen Charlton 2.1.1825

Sarah wife of John of Beach, d15.1.1773, aged 60, see Elizabeth, 1773

Thomas see Anthony 1667

Thomas: one of a list of persons who took part in a riot at KW, 1670. Ellacombe. See John Bampton

Thomas ffoord, 1 quarry; “colepitts open in Mr Player’s Liberty, Rochester’s”, inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe. “Thomas Ffoord collier, now Elizabeth Foord, widow.”

Thomas, son of George & Sarah Ford, of St George, farmer, bp Queen Charlton, 1.10.1837

Thomas see Hannah Jefferies 1849, see James Ford, 1859

Thomas, 56, lab, Cromhall, Inquest 24.8.1872, GRO CO1/I/18/C/17

Widow Ford see John Wood, 1653

William of Bitton & Marie Britton of Newstock (New Stoke?) Somerset, mar St Werbergh’s, Bristol, 3.6.1647

William Foord, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

William, yeo, 50, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

William of Siston, worsted comber & Elizabeth Tucker of Mangots, (Obadiah Witherley, Siston, yeo as Bondsman) at Mangots or Cathedral, BMLB 1.8.1687

William, cm of Downend, Inventory 1703, No 6. See Probate Invents of Mangots, Peris Jones, BAFHS Journal no 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

William, collier, Grimsbury, Oldland, Settlement Exam Bitton 4.5.1752

William, yeo, found dead Turnpike Rd leading to Filham Brook near Wraxall Moor, Yate, supposed to perish by inclemency of weather, being a cold and very rainy night. Bur Puck. 3.12.1791



Henry fforest & wife, Ann fforest, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation



See King, 1722 & see Mary Dafter



George, 1751, see E.J. p158, & p196. (mar Mary Tillie)

George, John  & Mary, Mangots, 1754-1808, see E.J. p155

John, 1751, see E.J. p158

Mrs Mary, wid, 1806, George Fortescue & Miss Mary Fortescue, see E.J. p158



Mrs., of F.C. Robbed by footpad, see Bath J. 18.2.1751, see AKW1751



John, carpenter see Jonathon Garlick

Rev John, d 1843, aged 73, Downend Baptists, biography p 77, E.J.



Mr, see AKW 1762; Robert, see William Hook, 1780, see Ann Hook, 1788



Christopher, see Sam Bishop, 1667

Christopher, feltmaker, ts of Mangots wills, 1697, BRO, Invent 1698, Mangots BAFHS 36, p26 & Probate Inventory, BRO

Christopher, tiler, Mangotsfield. Will 22 Jul 1735. Ref BRO 14581 HA/D/307

Edwin, 11, Winterbourne, coal worker, acc. Death in pit fall at Frog Lane. 30.3.1861, COI/Acc/1291 GRO & KCP

Francis, badly scalded after boiler explosion at Soundwell Lower Pit, Mr Whittuck’s, His mother kept a beershop some distance away & and a portion of boiler projected. See BM 13.12.1851

J.W. see Sam Wilcox, 1827

Joyce, Winterbourne,1636, Probate Inventory, BRO



Francis see Francis Creswick 1674; John see Anthony Moreman 1607



Rev George, Baptist, arrested after meeting at Hanham, charged with riot & imprisoned in Gloucester Gaol. 25.3.1682. Died in Gaol, 1685. See Chronicles, see Andrew Gifford, 1677



Ann see Wm England, 1849; Ed., see Francis Creswick, 1674

Edward, mason, Bitton, KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book..

Edward, Bitton, will at GRO,1725; Elizabeth see Robt, 1739

Ellen, & Mary, piecers, aged 15, born Bristol, Glos, 1851 Census Ellen Holme, Sowerby, Nr Halifax, see BAFHS 11, April 1978, p15

Ellen, 67, bad legs, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Emily d.o. Samuel, carpenter, & Mary Fox, bp Redfield Chapel, 6.3.1836*

  1. Mangots, 1684, see E.J. p178

Hannah see Richard Peacock, 1720; Hannah, 1721, MD

Harriet b St George 28.1.1844 d.o. Samuel & Mary nee Rivers. (see census below). She married Robert Ridler St Peter, Stepney, London 25.12.1865*

Harriet, 62, debility, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Henry ffox, keeper of 4 “cole horses”, KW Forest, 1666. Ellacombe

Henry, 1721, MD; Henry, d 21.10.1799 aged 61, MI St Geo

James the elder, see Thos Willis, 1709; Joane see Poyntz, 1732

John, Puck, clerk & Elizabeth Edwards, wid, Tickenham, BMLB 1661

John ffox, keeper of 4 “cole horses” KW Forest, 1666. Ellacombe

John Fox, Bitton, maltcarrier & Dorothy Palmer, Stoke Gifford, BMLB, 1667

Mary see Ellen, 1851

Matthew see Edward Parker, 1687

Nicholas ffoxe, cm, Bitton/Hanham, aged abt 40, suitable for service as calyver (lower stature), 1608, see Men & Armour.

Poynz, keeper of 4 “cole horses” KW Forest, 1666. Ellacombe

Poyntz of Bitton & Elyzabeth Slade of Sisson, sic, (Siston) mar St Augustine 2.4.1666

Pointz of Bitton & Edith Luton otp mar Doynton 1.5.1698

Poyntz, Hanham, will at GRO,1730

Poyntz, d.14.2.1732 aged 67, Joane his wife, d.28.2.1762 aged 94, Bitton, Bigland

Poyntz see Samuel Brooks, 1737

Robert, d 29.9.1739 aged 44, Elizabeth his wife, d 10.1.1768, aged 63, see Elizabeth, 1773

Samuel see James Smith, 1717; Samuel, 1722, MD

Samuel mar Mary Rivers botp at HTKW 26.10.1835*

Samuel see Wm England, 1849, see Eliz. Evans, 1849

Thomas, yeoman, Bitton, & Mary Cowper, Stapleton, BMLB 1661

Thomas Fox, Hanham, & Catherine Saunders, Dinton, BMLB 1664

Thomas ffox, keeper of 4 “cole horses”, KW Forest, 1666. Ellacombe

Thomas see Francis Creswick 1674

Thomas, sentenced to death at Gloucester, stealing a mare from Thomas Jefferies, butcher of Siston, FFBJ 19.3.1803

Tobias, St P & J, horsedealer, w21, and Margaret Rogers, sp 21, St Paul, mar lic 31.12.1825

William Fox see Wm Smith alias Fox, 1608, see Sir John Newton, 1674

William Foxe, collier, on list, 1684, inhabs., of KW Forest. Ellacombe.

William see Elizabeth Evans, 1849

William, 79, wife, aged, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897


* 1851 census Bell Hill, St George:

Samuel Fox head mar 37 carpenter born Bitton, Mary, wife, 37, born St George

Emily Fox, dau, 14, sch, George Fox, son, 12, sch, Ann, dau, 9, sch, Harriet, dau, 7 sch, Eliza, dau, 5, Ellen, dau 3, Samuel, son, 4 mths, all ch born St Geo..

Also in same household were Aaron Iles, 44, & Eliza Iles, 18, both born Hanham.



John, cm, Bitton/Hanham, aged 40, of lowest stature suitable as pioneer. 1608 see Men & Armour.



Joseph, superintendent of engines at Shortwood Colliery (Wethered & Cossham) gave evidence at inquest on Samuel Bennett, see BG 3.2.1853.



Catherine see John 1757; Daniel see John 1757

Elizabeth 28, wife of George, cm, died 4.3.1901, acute bronchitis. Certified by C.J. Perrott, George Frame, widower of dec’d present at death, Stone Hill, Oldland.

Emma, 42, widow, female servant 42, born Iron Acton, with Joseph, 10, lodger, scholar, b. Nettleton, Wilts, Thomas, 16, lodger, ag lab, b Burton, Wilts. (Head of House is George Hull) 1881 cens, Westerleigh.

George, full age, bach, lab, Bitton, s.o. James, lab & Elizabeth Ettel, 20, d.o. Joseph, miner, mar Bitton, 31.10.1891

George see Elizabeth, 1901 see George Frame, 1901

George, 30, widower, colliery labourer, KW, s.o. James, dec’d, lab, & Lillie Mealing, 21, sp, KW, d.o. Thomas, collier, mar HTKW 1.10.1901

James see George, 1891,1901

John, Mary his wife, Lydia, Mary, Daniel, William & Catharine, their ch. Removed 2.4.757 from Taunton St James to St P & J. SRO Q/SR 325/2

Joseph see Emma, 1881

Joseph, 40, lodger, pensioner (ie Army?) born Nettleton, Wilts, (head of house Mary Coggins), 1881 census, St George.

Lydia see John, 1757; Mary see John 1757; Thomas, see Emma, 1881

William mar Hannah Horwood, St P & J 27.10.1771



Edward, enclosed, inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe

Elizabeth, wife of James, d.1767, see Thos Holbin, 1732

James, see Elizabeth, 1767

Mary, wife of Richard of Bitton, bur Kelston 25.1.1763

Mary see Lamarock Flower 1771 & 1777, see Richard 1780; see BAFHS 60, p29

Miss of Bitton, mar Edward Parker of W’bourne, FFBJ 2.12.1815

Mr.:  Sport: a trotting match 2 miles for £50 took placeion Friday on the Lower Bristol Rd between Mr Drewitt’s of Keynsham, black pony and Mr Francis’s of Bitton bay mare. The pony beat the mare by near 300 yards, having trotted 2 miles within 6 ½ minutes. Bath Chron, 26.9.1793.

Richard, 1752, see Joannah Flower

Richard: indenture 1767 between R.F., butcher of Bitton, Aaron Strange, yeo of Siston, trustees of mar of Martha nee Harding & William Millard. Names the 6 daus & heirs of Roger Harding, yeo, Bitton, dead by 1767: Elizabeth Pinker, mother of Thos Pinker of Bristol, Martha mar (1) —-Harrison, (2) Wm Millard, timberdealer of Nettleton, Wilts. Edith, late wife of Jonathon Jefferies, cm, Siston, who died without issue, Ann Strange, wid of Bitton, Mary Seymour, wid of Bitton, Judith Cambray of Bitton, mother of John Cambray, cm, eldest son & heir, 1767, see BAFHS 52, p36

Richard s.o. Richard & Mary Francis of Bitton, bp Kelston, 7.5.1780



Daniel Frankcom see Eliz Peacock 1849

  1. Francomb see Ann & Joseph Powell, 1814

Edward Frankham, coal carrier in par of Staple. 1769-76. BRO

Elizabeth Francomb, d 1810, aged 61, MI, Mangots, E.J. p58

George, yeo, Almondsbury/Grace Willoughby, BMLB 3.8.1717.

George Frankcombe, mason of Stapleton. Electoral Roll, 1734 BRO

George Frankcom, a lad, killed with 10 others after flooding of Lodge Pit KW (Brain & Co) see BM 1.6.1839 & KIACP

George Frankcomb, collier, born county, 1841 cens. West. Hamlet of Nibley in fam gp with Hannah & 2 ch.

George Francombe see Elizabeth Peacock 1849

Hannah see George 1841

  1. “Mr J. Frankcom, timberman at Parkfield Colliery. In June 1936 said that more water was being raised than coal.” See “Some Coalpits in the neighbourhood of Bristol & KW” by DV, Kingswood Library.

John Frankham, “curious death of JF of Hanham, assaulted at Brislington” see FFBJ 8.1.1848

Mary Francomb see Josias Jeffery 1720

Mary Frankham, infant of Staple. Bur in woollen Nov 1723, B 32433/5 BRL

Mary Frankham, coal carrier, Stapleton, had been supplying the vestry for a number of years with coal at 1 shilling and a penny per load. Perhaps she died 1777 as her name does not appear after this year. Stapleton PR, BRO. NB Full details (index) of those who appear in the Stapleton Churchwardens Accounts is to be found in “Stapleton, Glos (2) a Parish History”, by Jane Baker, likewise Stapleton BTs 1675-1700.

Stephen, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Thomas, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Thomas Francombe of Doynton, 6, bur 3.10.1819, “Clerk of the parish for 20 years.)

Walter Frankum, tythingman, Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe.

William Frankcom, killed with 10 others after flooding of Lodge Pit, KW (Brain & Co) see BM 1.6.1839 & KIACP

William, (Charged with his brother Joseph stealing 4 bushels of wheat & chaff, property of hi master T. Ashley of W & A. 2.4.1814 “no bill” but they were charged again 30.4.1814 see FFBJ.)

NB: There are many Frankhams (variously spelt) – of the “Dutch” brassmaking families at Keynsham.



Anthony & wife, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation

Anthony, see Ezekiel, 1699

Ezekiel, inhab of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation

Ezekiel s.o. Anthony of Mangots, agrico, to Richard Baily, Bristol Apprentices, 26.2.1699 (BRO)

John (shown as Frack), Quaker,  a poor man of Beeton, (Bitton), Glos, bur 13.1.1703/4

John Franke, Isaac Garrett & Henry Gay gave evidence that Edward Gregory shot a fawn with a gun & they saw the fawn fall. 29.3.1693. Poaching at KW, Ellacombe.

Samuel, Barton Regis, tailor, 1714, Probate Inventory, BRO



—–of Bitton, prodigious eater, see FFBJ 31.1.1801



Abraham see John Pool 1783

Dorothy see Thomas Snailham, 1704

Elizabeth, d.o. Joseph Franklyn, hatter, b1844, see George White, her son, d1880. She was bur Ebbw Vale, 3.1.1920

John, Siston, blacksmith, & Johan Parker, Puck, bondsman Edward Parker, Puck, mason, BMLB 22.4.1661

John & wife, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation

William, edge tool maker, bur Siston, 20.8.1718

William, 18, b St Philips, 1881 census, RN at sea etc, BAFHS Journal, 73, p27



John, cm, 17, killed at Hole Lane Colliery, Jefferies & Co, by a large stone 1 ton weight, falling on his head. Inquest 4.8.1814 Bitton. D260/GRO & KIACP

Thomas, killed by a fall into a well, bur St P & J, 9.5.1738

NB: This family was originally called “Varoy”. They were one of the families of immigrant brassworkers who were known collectively as “Dutchmen”. I assume that Thomas was a brassworker at Baptists Mills and was part of the family who later went to Keynsham. The Frays were my ancestors.



John see Ann Strange, 1611



George Freke, Cuckoo Lane, Two Mile Hill, killed by being crushed by a coal cart, see B.O. 9.3.1895

Henry, 70, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Jane Frigg, see John Rider, 1744

John ffrigg & wife, John ffrigg, jun, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation

John Freeks, cm, see Samuel Summerell, 1734, 1737/8

Silas, see Susanna Freke, 1872

Stephen, secretary of Friendly Society of men employed on Bitton, Toghill & Common Turnpike Roads, see Geo Godfrey, BAFHS 9, & see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21. See also William, 1816

Susanna Freke, 22, d.o. Silas, collier & Albert Thompson, 18, s.o. Henry, dec’d, collier, mar HT St Philips, 30.6.1872

Timothy Freke, full age, widower, miner, 102 Temple St & Mary Ann Lansbury Constantine, living same house, d.o. Joseph, miner. Mar at Temple Church, Bristol,  4.10.1849.

Walter, 41, wife, 2 ch, heart disease, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

William Freeks, cm, see Samuel Summerell, 1734, 1737/8

William see Sam Garland, 1802j

William Freke, “Father out of his office as surveyor, 5.7.1816” Stephen Freke’s notebook, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.



Benjamin, whitesmith of Warmley, s.o. Benjamin, dec’d, Freeman of Gloucester 1768. (Bristol & Glos. Arch Socy)

Joseph, 14, Hanham, contused leg, cured, BRI 1788 (BRO)

Mr, benefactor to Bitton, see Bigland

Thomas Edwards, benefactor to Bitton, see Bigland



Mrs : 17 June 1808; agreement from Mrs F. to Richard Haynes, Isaac Jefferis, & Samuel Jefferies for coalworking on her estate at Hanham. (Haynes estate paper, BRO)



Daniel, full age, bach, lab, Park Wall s.o. John, cm, & Harriet Jenkins, minor, washerwoman, Park Wall, d.o. William, lab. Mar HTKW 1843

George, lived Park Wall, driver of a wagon noted in contingency plans for evacuation of Bitton, c1800. See “KW v. Napoleon”, D.V., BRL.

John see Daniel, 1843; William see Sampson Crew, 1795



See Wm Smith, 1811



George Richard, 1 John St, Easton, yard foreman at Easton Pit, gave evidence after suicide of Wm Bolt Monks, see WDP 15 Mar 1892

Mary Ann, 75, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Philip Wickham, alias Friend, 1620

Thomas, old servant, mentioned in will of Johanne Barr (Lady Barr of Barr’s Court) 1484

Thomas Frend (sic) husbandman, Mangots, will 1619, see BAFHS, 2.& Probate Inventory, BRO, 1620

William, minor & Martha Bruton of Bitton mar Kelston 5.2.1826





—— “On Saturday last a man named Friggle employed in a coalpit at Mangotsfield was severely injured by a large qty of rubbish falling on him while at work.” See  FFBJ 26.3.1842, KIACP



Robt, Barton Regis, innholder, 1680, Probate Inventory, BRO



John, Chartist leader, sentenced to death 1839, after Chartist uprising in Newport, sentence commuted, to transportation to Tasmania. Subsequently pardoned and returned to England, settled in Bristol, lived Lee Cottage, 68 Park Road, Stapleton, until his death in 1877. Buried Horfield Parish Church. Plaque in his honour unveiled October 2001. See BO 26.10.2001.



Abraham, see Wm Horrell, 1684

Abraham mar to Christian: their sons William & Thomas bp Winterbourne, 29.12.1745

Abraham: 1842, Mar 11, “The Nelson sank at the mouth of the Feeder with upwards of 50 ton wall stones by the neglect of Old Abm Fry, his son & Robt Nurse.” (Couch)

Christian see Abraham, 1745

Abraham, milkman, found body of Edith Cook when making morning delivery and later found Samuel Cook with his throat cut. See FFBJ 12.4.1842

Betty see William, 1818/28; Dinah see John, 1786

Edward Frye, cm & Sarah Fudge, mar Bitton 25.9.1757

Edward see Elizabeth, 1838, see John, 1840

Elizabeth see Wm Horrell, 1684; see William, 1818/28

Elizabeth, minor, sp, seamstress, KW d.o. Edward, collier & James Perkins leather dresser mar HTKW 3 Dec 1838

Elizabeth, witness at inquest on Samuel & Edith Cook, said that Edith had been racking with pains all night but would not let her brother Samuel call Mr Biggs, the surgeon, FFBJ 19.4.1842

Farmer: 1826, Sep 7, “Farmer Fry died on Hanham Green” (Couch); “1840, Jun 24, the wife of Farmer Fry died, bur the 30th.” (Couch).

George see Joseph 1785/6; George kcp & bur Mangots, 17.4.1789 & KIACP

George, d.17.7.1789, aged 29, Bitton, Bigland

George, 28, of Hanham, executed Over Gallows, Gloucester 14.8.1803 for highway robbery. (list of criminals hanged Gloucester 1786-1879, GRO)

George see Thos Moreton, 1848

James, 20, kcp Hudd’s Pit, (Mr Whittuck’s) by coal & rubbish fallen on his head. Inq. 29.7.1798, Queens Head, Oldland. D260/GRO & KIACP

Johane see William, 1678

Joane Frye see Samuel Ward, 1755

John of Bitton & Hester Pocoke mar St P & J 27 Nov 1703

John, Bitton, coalminer, 16.9.1732, BRO 04435/3

John, late St Geo, cm, intestate, widow Dinah to administer. Bondsmen, Hannah Greenaway, widow (!) & Richard Jacobs, gent, effects under £20 5.4.1786, BRO

John see Wm Powe, 1813

John cm, KW Hill, mar Margaret, their child Thomas bp HTKW 1824

John, minor, smith, KW, s.o. Edward, collier & Mary Ann Summerleaze, minor, sp, d.o. Samuel, lab, mar HTKW 17.8.1840

Joseph, esq, Hanham, KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book..

Joseph Fry (19), George Fry, Samuel Ward (20) brought in by command of Sir Wm Codrington, Bart, charged 12.12.1785 stealing £7 and a silver ring from house of Francis Williams & on suspicion of breaking into house of Daniel Gibbs. J.S. & S.W. hanged at Gloucester 21.4.1786, George F. reprieved. Q/SG2 GRO & Annals of KW, see also E.J, p74.

Joseph Storrs Fry, Frenchay, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813

Joseph, bach, collier & Mary Standley, sp, servant mar Bitton, 11.9.1815

Margaret see John, 1824;

Mary see William, 1678, see Fra Haggott, 1745; Mary Ann see Thomas Moreton, 1848

Mr: see Thos Willis, 1766

Nathaniel Fry, Charles Arthurs, John Mallard, Wm Baynton, Francis Bull, James Smith, Thos Jones, Wm Webb, Joseph Jones, Edward Harwood, Jacob Riddle, Isaac Riddle, Edward Dugdale: “The Payers of the Poor” at St P & J who introduced the paupers’ badge. See BG 25.11.1773

Rev Mr Fry, married Cheltenham Aug 28 1849, (Couch)

Thomas see Abraham 1745

Samuel 47, kcp Pokey’s pit by coal & rubbish falling on him. Inq Oldland, 6.8.1796 D260/GRO & KiaCP

Sampson & Mary, counterfeiting at St P & J, in Newgate, FFBJ 21.12.1811 (Sampson was found guilty 18.1.1812, wife acquitted)

Samuel, junior& William, charged with breaking into house of F. Hicks, St George, committed to Gloucester Gaol, FFBJ 23.3.1822; guilty, death recorded & reprieved, FFBJ 20.4.1822. Later described “Sampson & William Fry”, received free pardon, FFBJ 1.6.1822.

Sarah, lived next door to Samuel & Edith Cook, “heard no quarrelling”. Evidence at Inq. See FFBJ 19.4.1842

Simon, 16, Hanham, fractured knee, 28.12.1789, dead. 13.3.1790. BRI Inpatients, BRO

Thomas see John, 1824

Thomas, 21, b St P & J, 1881 census, RN at sea etc, BAFHS Journal, 73, p27

William see Francis Creswick 1674

William, 2 pits in Newton’s Liberty, 1684. See E.J. In partnership with William Crew according to Ellacombe.

William:  Lease of a cottage, garden and one acre of pasture at Oldland neere Jefferies hill in Bitton for 99 years or lives of William Fry and Johane and Mary his daughters and suit and service at manor court ref. GRO  D2957/146/90  – date: 15.11.1678

 William: Warrant Poster 8.5.1795 issued Council House, Bristol re “divers evil disported persons” stopping coal & provision being brought into the City, 50 guineas reward for Edward Peacock, otherwise Peake, Richard Hobbs Henry Lewis, Jacob Porter, Moses Isles, William Fry & George Johnson. See Ellacombe Vol II (no 7) p 128

William see Abraham, 1745, see Elizabeth Willis, 1789, see Thos Pearsall. 1804

William, late St Geo, collier, died abt 1818, admin 3.12.1828 to Betty, otherwise Elizabeth Fry, widow, under £50. (Fry Records, Society of Genealogists)

William see Samuel 1822

William, carter aged 16, in Cowhorne Hill Pit (Hole Lane Company) draws about 2 cwt coal 100 yds on iron plates with wheels to tub, earns 4d a day. Never went to school before he went to work.  Now goes to Moravian Sunday School, KW Hill. Works at night every other week; hauls by the girdle; does not hurt him now: used to at first. 28.5.1841, Waring.

William Fry, John Joy, Joseph Brain, for an assault on Aaron Rogers, Bitton, Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, 2.11.1850, FFBJ

Mr Zephaniah, Lot 2, Stapleton Enclosure, 28.10.1779, see FFBJ

— Fry, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Messrs Fryer & Co. Pomphrey Colliery, nr Mangots. Carried on by Fryer & Co, 2 lads under 18, the younger 15, earns one shilling a day. Both can read & attend Sunday School. Shaft 42 fathoms & work 4 veins 2 ft 6 to 3 ft 6. 25.5.1841, Waring.

John, cm, admitted to Liberties of Bristol 10.4.1784, son of John Fryer. Junior, tobacconist. Bristol Burgesses, BRO



Aaron, b. Hanham, 3rd Foot, 1816-38 (WO)

Abraham cm & Elizabeth Smith botp mar Bitton 2 Mar 1755

Bartholomew, mar Sarah Turner, Winterbourne, 1717

Betty see Humphrey Lear 1759; Daniel see Wm, 1791

Hester see Hester Powell, 1806, see Samuel Hemings, 1815

James see Charity Redman, 1684

James of Bitton, cm & Mary Pullin otp mar St Geo, 20.6.1762, wit: Henry x Isles.

James see Richard Hart 1800

Jane: A few days since died, in the parish of Bitton, Somersetshire, (sic)  Jane FUDGE,

aged 102. Her husband, who is upwards of 100, is still living. From London Chronicle (Semi-Annual ) (London, England ), Saturday, March 7, 1761; Issue 656.

Jane of Bitton, 56, “cutaneos eruptions” 1775 FCH/BRI/3 (e) 9012 BRO

John, see Geo Beese, 1799, see Thos Haskins, 1806

John & George Bush, kcp Golden Valley Bitton, 29.12.1863 COI/1291/Acc GRO & KCP

Samuel, cm, Bitton, 18.9.1732. BRO 04435/3

Samuel, cm, see Henry Stone, 1755

Samuel, engine driver at Golden Valley. Gave evidence at trial for murder of Thos Fennel, alias Lazarus, see Thomas Fennel, 1886

Sarah see Edward 1757, see Thos Smith, 1759

Thomas, cm, admitted to Liberties of Bristol 8.9.1780, by marriage to Hannah, wid of Richard Faulkner, glassman. Bristol Burgesses, BRO

Thomas, cm, Bitton, one vote. (Daubeny) Bristol Poll 1781 & (St George) in 1784

Thomas Fuge, 31, partially blind, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

William of Bitton & Elizabeth Clements mar St P & J 14 May 1719

William shot & killed outside Lawford’s Gate after troop of Scots Greys was summoned to deal with colliers’ march on Bristol, see FFBJ 26.5.1753 & Annals of KW 1753

William, cm, admitted to Liberties of Bristol 6.10.1774, by marriage to Sarah, wid of Joseph Jones, lab, dec’d. Bristol Burgesses, BRO

William, cm, St Geo, one vote. (Daubeny) Bristol Poll 1774

William, cm, admitted to Liberties of Bristol 8.9.1780, by marriage to Hannah, d.o. Joseph Jones, lab, dec’d. Bristol Burgesses, BRO

William, cm, Bitton, one vote. (Daubeny) Bristol Poll 1781

William s.o. Daniel, Bitton, cm, apprenticed to Paul Farr as shipwright, 7 yrs, 12.2.1791 BRO

William see Wm Lacey, 1844

A Fudge family lived Victoria Park, KW, 1940s-50s.



James & John Fuggall see Wm Lewis, 1754 & AKW 1757

William Fugill see Thos Jones, 1794



Thomas, forester, KW, 1485, see Braine, p45/6



Charles see Henry Warn, 1804, see John Manners, 1804



George, one of a list of persons who took part in riot in KW 1670, Ellacombe and see John Bampton.

John, quarryman, St Geo, killed when wall fell, 17.12.1855, Inq. Co I Acc 1291, GRO.

Robert of Bitton, 1828, see BAFHS 60, p29



Ann see Samuel 1841; Daniel see Samuel 1841

Edwin George see Samuel 1841; Frederick see Samuel 1841

Mary Ann see Samuel 1841; Sarah Jane see Samuel 1841

Samuel Fuse, cm, wife Ann Woodington, born Bitton, ca 1841.Their children Frederick bca 1861, Bitton, Daniel, b 1863, Bitton, Mary Ann b Eglwysilan, S. Wales, ca1865, Edwin George b Eglwysilan, S. Wales, ca1869, Sarah Jane, b Eglwysilan, S. Wales, ca1871. Samuel went to Wales ca 1865, he died pre 1871 census. (Information from P.A. Davies, 30 Cefn Lane, Glyncoch, Pontypridd, Mid Glam.)



Abraham, collier, 30, born county, 1841 census Warmley

Abraham Fussell & Sons, wholesale boot & shoe manufrs, KW Hill, established Abraham F. ca 1853

(Progress Commerce 1893, BRL B26385)

Ann, Syston, wife of coalminer, inquest, 29.11.1855, GRO ref CO1/I/I/D/22

Charles, accidentally killed by a cart, Stapleton bur register 26.8.1828

  1. Miss E. Fussell, mar to William Salmon, both of Warmley, at P & J, FFBJ, 17.8.1822.

Helnor (Eleanor) see William Palmer 1689

Jane, dau of Mrs Fussell, of Crown Inn, Warmley, to Mr Robert Sumerwell, marriage announced, FFBJ 11.3.1815

John see Henry Sweet, 1814

Samuel, a parish assessor, shot by Edward Wilmot, who was hanged for murder at Gloucester. Bur Siston, 24.7.1799 see Edward Wilmot 1799/1800 & see BAFHS 36, p17/18

Thomas: house for sale, Staple. See FFBJ 25.4.1778

William, woolcomber, inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684, & see Wm Plommer & John Jeffrys, 1684. Ellacombe.



Thomas, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p194



Tho(mas) Fyld (?) labourer. inhabitant of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe.



Thomas, Somerset St, see Andrew Pope, re donations etc to Cock Rd School, FFBJ 21.8.1813



Daniel see Joseph Dunn, 1806

Henry collier bach & Jane Hill, servant, sp, mar Bitton, 25.12.1814

Henry see John, 1841

Jane see Henry 1814, see Wm Lacey, 1815

John, over 21, bach, miner, Whipper’s Hill s.o. Henry, miner & Eliza Toomer over 21, sp greengrocer, KW, d.o. William, lab, mar HTKW 14.2.1841

Joseph, bp 11 Dec 1803, s.o. Joseph & Betty, Bitton, Whitefield Sch, KW.

Martha see Richard 1841

Mary see Thos Lacy, 1771

Richard, cm, aged 50, 1841 cens Bitton/Cadbury Heath in fam gp with Martha, 55.

Richard see Robert 1847

Robert, full age, bach, miner, Cad.Heath s.o. Richard, miner & Harriet Cains, minor, servant, North Common, d.o. John, miner, mar HTKW 24 Dec 1847

Sarah Ann, d.o. Betty see Joseph, 1803





Elizabeth, d 1897 aged 73, nearly 20 yrs Chapel Keeper, Downend Baptists, see E.J. p78

Hanna, see John Stone, 1685; James, 59, Oldland, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

John, cm, aged 25, 1841 cens. Mays Hill, West.; Robert, 98, aged, KW North, outdoor poor 1897



Elizabeth see Edward Hathaway, 1750

Harry otp gent & Mrs Mary Towers of Berkeley mar Puck. 2? April 1750, by me Henry Gandy.

Henry, see Ulricia, 1757

Rev Mr Gandy bur Puck, 17.1.1768

Ulricia, wife of Rev Mr Henry Gandy, vicar of Puck. Interred in chancel, Puck. 2.3.1757



George, collier, his confession, 21.6.1783, see QS ts open shelves at  BRO

John, colyer, Mangots, aged about 40, of middle stature suitable as a musketeer, 1608. See Men & Armour

John, property to let, next Lady Day, small Farm, near Babel’s Tower, Bitton, late in occupation of John Gane, tenant. Apply Richard Plaister, Redcliffe Pde, Bristol. Bath Chron. 21.10.1784

Samuel, 59, Hanham, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List.

Sarah see Samuel Robbins, 1747.



Aaron, cm, 11, kcp by a large coal falling on his head, violent fracture of the skull of which he died 5 hrs afterwards. Inq. 18.1.1805, Ring of Bells, Cad. Heath. “kcp & bur 20.1.1805”, West PR, shown s.o. James Garner (sic)

Arthur see George Britton, 1899

Elizabeth Gardener see Wm Nicholas b 1818; James see Aaron, 1805

John, army clothing manufacturer, 1801, see EP 4.6.1998

Sarah Gardner see Wm Peacock, 1753

Thomas Gardner, 21,I.A. Executed with Wm Mills of Yate aged 27, for burglary, 19.8.1826 at Over Gallows, Gloucester. (List of people hanged people 1787-1879, GRO) Bur I.A. 20.8.1826 “Huic Homini Propter Fin to lex visitam suspensio finivet”. See BAFHS 43, p23



Albert see Thos, 1881

Alfred, 17, illness, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Ann d.o. Thomas & Hester by trade a colyar of Mangots born 10 Sep 1806 & bp 14 Jun 1807 Kingswood School (Thos & Hester were my ancestors)

Ann see Wm, 1820

Charles, 72, wife, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Elizabeth, wid, 1731, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p26, & Probate Inventory, BRO

Elizabeth see Samuel 1823, Elizabeth see Joseph, 1848

Elizabeth, piecer, aged 15, born Bristol, Glos, 1851 Census Ellen Holme, Sowerby, Nr Halifax, see BAFHS 11, April 1978, p15

George, cordwainer of St Philips & Sarah Low, wid, lic, 1705. BMLB

George, collier, of nr Crofts End, wife Hester, their son George, bp 22 Mar 1818, St George

George, see Samuel 1818

George, collier “Nr the Lodge”, wife Hester, their son Samuel bp St Geo, 1820

George see Wm, 1820, see Samuel, 1821

George, 50, of Rose Green, died in cholera epidemic, bur St Geo, 12.9.1832

George: one of 5 boys trapped in Lodge Pit for 6 days & nights from 11.4.1833 and rescued alive. Portrayed in original print in author’s possession in their pit clothes. Print supposed to be sold in order to give boys a better life. This print was given to me by the late Miss W.F. Lloyd of New Cheltenham. (died 1979) who told me it had hung in Henry Hill’s pub in Lodge Causeway, Henry Hill & his wife Ann Brittain were Miss Lloyd’s grandparents. See also Charles Lewis, Isaac Brittain (Britton), Daniel Poole & Stephen Hill, 1833.

Hannah see John Batt 1746; Hannah (39) bp 17 Feb 1799 Kingswood School

Henry cm, fell down landway or tip of Soundwell Pit, 12 fathoms. Death after 5 hrs. Inq. 22.6.1798, D260 GRO & KIACP

Henry, 73, wife, aged, dead, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Hester, wife of Thomas, d.o. Ann Johnson see Ann .Johnson, 1802

Hester see Ann 1806/7, see Samuel 1810, see Thomas, 1815, see George, 1818/20, see Thomas, 1826

Hetty aged 10, d.o. Thomas & Hester, collier, KW Mangots. Bp 10 Jun 1827. (My ancestor)

Humphrey & Mary Williams mar Temple, 28 Sep 1708

Isaac, cm, kcp, Cock Pit in Staple. When a large coal 6 cwt fell on his neck & shoulders. Inq. 18.8.1800, Mangots, D260/GRO, kcp bur Mangots, 19.8.1800, & KIACP

Isaac cm of Mangots intestate, admin to Joanna his widow, Sep 1800, 10.1.1801, under £100 BRO

Isaac see Isaac Ballard, 1819

James, “employed to keep the steam up”, Soundwell Lower Pit, gave evidence at Inq. On Thos Waller, see BM 13.12.1851

Jane see Samuel, 1821; Joanna see Isaac 1800/1

John of St MR & Elizabeth Shute, Chew Magna, mar St Augustine’s 1.2.1713/4

John, Mangots, 62, lacerated leg, BRI inpatients, 1789

Joseph, mariner, of Castle Precincts & Rebecca Webb, 10.10.1705, BMLB.

Joseph, elder, see Joseph 1793

Joseph cm, bach, 17 & Eliz. Taylor, 18, Mangots. Joseph Garland the elder & Ruth Pearce, wid, her mother to consent, BMLB 28.10.1793.

Joseph, a collier, gave evidence of finding George Britton alive; Benjamin Wiltshire also alive lying in his brother’s arms and praying to the Lord to have mercy. (Wiltshire later died) & William Bassett, also to die, who gasped 2 or 3 times but did not speak. Inq. After Soundwell pit accident resulting in deaths of William Harris & others. See BM 1.11.1845. See KIACP

Joseph & Elizabeth, witnessed marriage of Samuel Summerhill & Emma Wickham 1848

Joyce, see Crane’s Firework Factory, 1935

Mary see John Tyler, 1721, see Samuel, 1818, see Thos, 1881

Mary Ann, 73, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897; Matilda, see Thos, 1881

Moses, 49, wife, illness, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Philip, 23, illness, KW North, outdoor poor 1897

Priscilla d.o. Hannah, pinheader b 13 Apr & bp 14 Jun 1807 Kingswood School

Rose see Thos, 1881; Samuel & Martha Griffiths mar St John, 23.4.1723

Samuel, Mangots, will 1.5.1802. Wife Amy, ch Samuel, Henry, Thomas, Hannah and Mary, wife of Edward Jones. Mentions Inclosure rented by Wm Brain. Witnessed by James Palmer, Wm Stone, Wm Freke. Proved 3.9.1804

Samuel see Ann, 1806

Samuel s.o. Thomas & Hester b 30 Nov 1809 & bp Apr 23 1810, Kingswood School

Samuel, kcp at Soundwell by mortal blow from steam engine which severed head from body. Inq. 17 Dec 1814 Mangots. D260/GRO, & KCP

Samuel, 19, cm, St Geo, 8.10.1818 charged by William Burchill of Mangots with theft of blue coat with velvet collar: dark brown hair, fresh complex, a cast in eyes, blue mark under 1 eye, scars on small of back, 5 ft 1 inch, condemned and reprieved.  25.4.1819, QS/GRO (with Thomas King.)

Samuel, collier, Two Mile Hill, wife Mary, their son George bp 11.10.1818 St Geo.

Samuel, 30, Mangots, patient at BRI, fractured clavicle, “cured”- 1819

Samuel see George, 1820

Samuel, collier, Bitton, wife Jane, their son George bp Bitton 1821

Samuel cm of Soundwell, wife Elizabeth, their son Samuel bp HTKW 1823

Samuel, 34, St Geo, tsp 7 yrs stealing toys value 18 shillings from Mary Hurry of Bathwick. Glos Q/S c1838

Samuel, junior, had worked in pit for 18 mths, gave evidence of the men’s fear of the faulty rope at the inquest on Wm Harris & others, see BM 1.11.1845

Samuel under 21, bach, miner KW s.o. Samuel & Sarah Rogers u21 KW d.o. Thomas, miner mar HTKW 11.8.1849.

Thomas see Hester 1802; Thomas see Ann 1807, Samuel 1810

Thomas & Hester, see Eleanor Johnson, 1815; Thomas mar Hester, see Hetty, 1827

Thomas Garland, head mar 27, cm b Mangots. Wife Mary aged 28, b Bitton, children Rose, 7 sch, b St Geo, Albert 6, b St Geo, Matilda, 1, b St George, 1881 census 26 Reformatory Lane, district of St Geo, see Wm Burchill, 1881

William Garland & Helena Bowen mar St John, 6.8.1720

William, cm, 12, kcp by falling coal, Inq. 21.12.1798 Soundwell, D260/GRO & KCP

William, collier, Mangots, wife Ann, their son George bp Mangots 1820

William see George 1840

—– Garland, 11, KW. Kcp & bur Bitton 1.12.1822. See KCP





Charles, cm, 25 kcp by rubbish fall, Inq 9.10.1812 Ring of Bells CPHeath. D260/GRO, bur West. 9.10.1812. & KCP

Charles cm, 35, born county, 1841 cens West.; Isaac see Wm, 1841

James “hewer” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James, 40, cm, kcp by rubbish fall, left a pregnant wife & 8 children. Inq 18.3.1805, CPHeath, GRO/D250. Bur West 21.4.1805. & see KCP

James see Jonathon, 1815

John cm, killed by stone fall, Inq 13.7.1800, CPHeath, GRO/D260, bur West 25.7.1800. & see KCP.

Jonathon, “filler & strapper” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Jonathon, s.o. James, cm, dec’d apprenticed to John Foster, carpenter, 7 years, 4.10.1815, Westerleigh apprentices. BRO/OP/15/211)

Susanna see Wm, 1841

Thomas, “vereing boy” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William, “mason & lab” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William cm, 30, born county in cens for Mays Hill, Wets. 1841 in fam gp with Susanna, 40 & Isaac, 9.


GARNER (see also GARDINER etc)

Aaron see Aaron Gardiner 1805

James & William, “sinkers” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

James see Aaron Gardiner, 1805



Isaac see John Frank, 1683



Ann Smith, at Parsonage, KW Hill aged 28, wife of Rev John Gaskin, only d.o. Henry Hill Budgett esq. Obit BG 26.5.1842

Rev John: Chairman of KW Relief Committee, FFBJ 10.2.1838, husband of Ann Smith Gaskin, above.



Mary, Mangots, admitted 1863, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Richard see Rich Hannis, 1663, see Thos Parratt, 1667

Sarah, widow, inhabitant KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe



William, hauls by girdle at Sir John Smyth & Co’s pit, does not go to Sunday School, used to, but was too idle. No father, mother has 2 other ch. & obtains help from parish, has a change of clothes for Sunday but not very good. Gets enough to eat but not as much as he would like. Earns a shilling a day, 8 hours. 11.6.1841. (Waring)



Abigail, see Francis & Abraham Brain, 1722

Alfred James, killed in action, B.O. 31.8.1918

Ann see Nathaniel 1674; Anne see Benjamin 1682

Ann mar Geo Jefferies 2 Mar 1741/2 Bitton; Ann mar Geo Godfrey 2 May 1742 Bitton

Anne see Felix, 1745, 1749, see Henry 1841; Benjamin see Nathaniel 1674

Benjamin: bur Anne wife of B.G, collier, 25.2.1682, Siston P.R.

Benjamin of Bristol & Susanna Sands of Bitton mar Yate 20.2.1722.

Benjamin mar Jane Scull 29 Dec 1741 Bitton

Benjamin mar Ann Cary St James 6.6.1753

Benjamin mar Jane Williams Bitton 7 Apr 1773

Benjamin mar Jane Jefferies Bitton 25 Dec 1778

Benjamin mar Hannah Linthorne 7 Jun 1798 St P & J

Benjamin mar Amy Gingel 12 May 1799 WOT

Benjamin see Jos. Emerson, Geo Hendy & Wm Bryant, all 1833

Bert, bca 1909, lived Alma Road, KW, gave the author an original miners’ candlestick used in KW pits about 1851 by his grandfather Robert King.

Charles, 50, wife, 4 ch, ill, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897

Christopher s.o. Christopher bp Hanham Abbots 14 Jan 1721/2

Christopher s.o. Christopher bp Hanham Abbots 31 Mar 1723

Edward see John 1796; Eleanor mar Wm Britton 14 Apr 1745 Bitton

Felix & Anne: their dau Anne, bp Keynsham 10 Dec 1749 (“No Parishioner”)

Filkes (Felix) mar Ann Bever Bitton 2 Feb 1745

Felix, cm, removal order from Midsomer Norton to W & A. endorsed with suspension order due to sickness. 12.10.1816. W.& A. PR BRO

George committed to Newgate after colliers’ march on Bristol, 1753. See FFBJ 26..5.1753 & Annals of KW 1753

George of Siston & Sarah Guest mar Mangots 1 Mar 1767

George of Bitton mar Mary Wilcox, Siston 11 May 1769

George mar Hannah Lewton at St Mary Port 17 Aug 1774

George kcp & bur Siston 4.11.1779

George mar Elizabeth Osborne 29 Nov 1828 HTKW

Hannah mar Daniel Osborn,1757, Siston, also other Gays, see article on Osborne fam, BAFHS 64 p25

Henry, “Parish Clerk of Siston” bca 1600, (FT) & chapters on Gay family, see “History of Osborn & other families”, Bob Osborn, 36 Montrose Rd, Yeovil, Som.

Henry see Nathaniel 1674, see John Franck 1683

Henry, (boy) perambulation of IA, 1745

Henry, West., wills at GRO, 1726; Henry mar Ann Osborne 11 Nov 1791 Siston

Henry collier, 30, born county, 1841 cens Warmley, fam gp with Ann & 5 ch.

Henry died of injuries after Easton Pit explosion, 1886, aged 34 of Staple Hill. Bur 7 Mar 1886 at Downend Church (31 in register) see WDP 19,24, Feb & 1 Mar 1886 & BMerc 20.2.1886 & see also KiaCP

  1. Private, Glos. Regt. Killed carrying wounded comrade to safety. Worked boot factory in KW. Member of Moravian Brotherhood. See Obit 20.10.1817, B.O.

James, farmer, at Wick, shot Samuel Lewis, Christmas Eve, when a party of drunken young men threatened his house. Lewis lingered 2 months. James Gay arrested for manslaughter, see FFBJ 7.2.1835

John mar Elizabeth Williams 21 Sep 1755 Bitton

John mar Mary Anstee 5 Sep 1759 Abson; John, the elder mar Jane Bryant 21 Apr 1762 Abson

John, the infant s.o. Edward & Mary “being one of three twins” sic, 2 of whom survived but a few hours. Bur 24.8.1796, W.&.A.

Joseph s.o. John of St Philips bp Hanham Abbots 12 Jul 1719

Mary mar Robt Trubody Bitton 14 Apr 1745; Mary see John, 1796

Mary Ann, Oldland, admitted 1887, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

Moses, tried for murder of Joseph Jefferies at Tennis Court Inn by stabbing, acquitted of murder & then indicted for stabbing Edward Bigwood in the affray. Three months for assault & 12 mths for wounding. See FFBJ 6.4.1850. see BSAFHS Journal, 62, p28 for full story.

Nathaniel & wife, Henry, Thomas, Ann, named in vicar’s perambulation, 1674. Also Benjamin & wife, & Henry.

Peter see George Brain, 1899; Robert of Abson, & Betty Tutt, mar Siston by lic, 28.4.1730

Richard s.o. Richard bp St P & J 7 Feb 1722/3

Robert s.o. Christopher & Mary bp Bitton 13 Jul 1718

Sidney of Warmley, injured Deep Pit, Nov 1910. See WDP

Susan see John Oakley 1704; Thomas see Nathaniel, 1674

Walter see Wm Palmer, 1908; William, kcp (Leonard & Co) when 1 ton weight of stone fell on him. Inq. 19.3.1817 Oldland Common, D260/GRO, Bur Bitton 26.3.1817, “aged 24 of North Common” & see KIACP. Mentioned also by DV in “Trapped in the Pit.”

— Gay, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.

— Gay, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11

NB Female spouse names of marriages above are not cross referenced in index



Thomas, collier, Easton/Barton Regis aged abt 20, lower stature, suitable as calyver (short musket), 1608. Men & Armour.



Aaron see Abraham Caines, 1726



John Gainer, Mangots, 1743. See E.J. p196

Joseph, also called Gainard in Inquest report, aged 40, Dartmoor St, Bedminster, kcp Easton by carbon monoxide poisoning. See WDP 2,3 &5 Feb 1910. Also see Wm Barrett, 1910 & KIACP.



Edmund, see William Cottle, 1620

Edward, collier, Easton/Barton Regis, aged abt 40, middle stature suitable as musketeer, 1608, Men & Armour.

Edward aged 60, Barton Regis, depositions Glos (5 Car1Mar no 19) re KW 17th cent. Ellacombe Vol I.

James, cordwainer, 1678, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p26

Thomas, gave evidence in favour of defendants Berkeley, Chester, Newton & Player, 1629, see Braine, p65.Thomas see John Harding 1629, see Caleb Sheppard 1773

William see Daniel Smith, 1783

William, collier, Easton/Barton Regis, aged abt 40, middle stature suitable as musketeer, 1608, Men & Armour.



  1. G. Owner, Hanham Court, 1891, see Braine, p121 & “A Short History of Hanham” C.H. Painter, p25

Sir Gilbert, 1662, see Braine, p80



Emma see John Snailum, 1830

Emmerson of Westerleigh, named as father of Sarah Hollister’s daughter and ordered to pay one shilling and sixpence weekly. 3.9.1784, BRO P/W/OP/11/9

Henry, o21, bach miner Oldland s.o. Samuel, lab, & Ann Cook, o21 sp, Warmley, d.o. Peter Cook, spelterman, mar HTKW 24 Sep 1848

John, attending death of Thos Worlock 24 Apr 1820 & his bill for conveying Rebecca Worlock to Gloucester 8.5.1820. Poor Law Book, Bitton, see Thos Worlock, 1820

Mildred, see Crane’s Firework Factory, 1935; Mr, see AKW 1773

Mr, gardener, left Whitehall House, (corner of Gilbert Rd/Whitehall Rd)  by employer, ca 1840s, see BO 15.2.02, article also mentions Devon House, sold to Dr O’Brien, ca 1880 and Dr Cairns ca 1900.

Peter see Mary Flower, 1803, see also BAFHS Journal no 60, p29 & no61, p10.

Peter Gerrish & Ann Cryer, mar Saltford, 1824

Richard Emerson Gerrish,  see Thos Pearsall, 1804, see Timothy Bush 1813

Samuel see John Willis, 1799, see John Willis 1800

Samuel, 18, b Westerleigh, executed Ilchester 25.4.1810 for highway robbery nr Chew Magna. See Padre’s notebook, Ilchester Gaol, SRO.

Samuel see John Vowles, 1849, see Henry 1848

William, P & J ropemaker & Elizabeth Earle of same, 23.1.121, BMLB



Thomas, cm, Shortwood, gave evidence that he had gone down the pit 50-60 yds. Inquest on Samuel Bennett, 1853, see BG 3.2.1853.



John, collier, 45, born county, 1841 cens Wick, in fam gp with Hester, 50, Jane, 15 & Elizabeth, 10



George Albert, engine driver at Easton pit, gave evidence at Inq on Joseph Gaynor, 1910. (WDP Nov 1910)

Henry, KW, admitted 1897, lunatic in Gloucester County Asylum, Warmley Union list, 1897

William, a lad, aged 9, “Without Lawford’s Gate” Rabies victim. See BWI 1 Jun 1751

— Gibbons, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11, see AWK 1751



—- Gibbs, Mangots, 1820, see E.J. p198

Charles, see William Pillinger, 1906

Daniel see Joseph Fry, 1785/6

Eleanor of Bitton & Robt Smith, of St Philips, hot presser, BMLB, 1699

Harriet see John, 1735; Henry, 1672, BAFHS 52, p36

John, a black, who lives with Mr Bayley, Moorend, s.o. John & Harriet Gibbs, (as he say’d) about 39 years old, bp 31.8.1735, Mangots.

John, executed for stealing divers goods from William Belsier, a collier, declared he had found things in a bag in KW, aged about 60, born Glamorgan & well known amongst smiths and farriers in county of Wilts. See GJ 23.8.1737. & Annals.

Joseph, baker bur West. 1752

Matilda, beloved wife of Mr Thomas Gibbs of Bitton, Obit BMerc 31.3.1855

Mr see Francis Creswick 1674, see J Greenway & Wm Prewett, 1674

Peter see Abraham Cook, 1882

Peter, colliery engine driver at Golden Valley gave evidence in Lazarus affair. See Thos Fennell 1886 & BMerc 3.4.1886

Philip Gibbes see Philip Woodward 1660

Rebecca, 63, cancer, dead, Bitton outdoor poor, 1897

Robert Gibb, of Cliff Farm, Puck, mar Ann Evans (mid 19thc?) re Mangots, see BAFHS 59 p60

Sarah Ann see Henry Mills Grace, 1851 census

  1. see Wm Hathway.1814; Thomas see Matilda, 1855

William see Ann Pinnell. see John 1841

— Gibbs, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11




Martha, 28, wid, 5 ch, Kingswood South outdoor poor, 1897



Abraham Gifford, St MR & Ruth Oakley, St Michael, 9.2.1713, BMLB

Andrew, Baptist leader, who had been about to declare for Monmouth when he turned aside from Bristol. 1685, (as told me by Baptist College Historian.) As co-pastor, he preached where he could & joined George Fownes, John Thompson & John Weeks, preaching to KW colliers, 1677 (See Records of a Church of Christ.)

Edward see Francis Sweet, see James Hilman, both 1684, see Samuel Simonds, 1764

Edward, IA, wills at GRO, 1727

Edward, o21, bach, cm, KW s.o. Luke, hatter & Charlotte Ralph, o21, sp, KW d.o. George, cm, mar HTKW 19.12.1840

Elizabeth see John Millard, 1842

James Gyfford, collier, West. Aged abt 40, middle stature suitable as musketeer, 1608, Men & Armour.

James, perambulation of IA, 1745

James, bur West. 1753; John, warden KW 1660, see Braine, p79

John, coledriver, Bitton, see Abraham, 1713

Luke, see Edward 1840. See John Millard, 1842; Richard, 1684, Mangots, see E.J. p178

Thomas, perambulation of IA, 1745



Ric(hard) husbandman, inhab of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe



Thomas & Joan, Winterbourne, 1624, Probate Inventory, BRO



Dobby see Molly, 1761

Edward Gyles, Mangots, 1745, see E.J. p158

Mr, keeper of Gloucester Gaol, see FFBJ 7.2.1784, escape attempt of George Ward & Benjamin Webb.

Molly & Dobby Giles, children of landlord of Lamb Inn without Lawford’s Gate, 18 Dec 1761 – disturbances, alleged witchcraft. See “Witchcraft at Lamb Inn Bristol”, Henry Durbin, printed Bristol, 1800

  1. see John Neale, 1811; William see E. Roach, 1813



William: James & William Haynes apprenticed to William Gill of St Geo, Glos, cordwainer, 1793 & 4, poor children of Brislington. (see Brislington Bulletins, no 5, DPL – Brislington PR, BRO)



Mark, of Siston, coalworker, kcp, hit by car, Bull Harvey Pit, 19.9.1861, Inq. COI/1291/GRO & KCP.



George. MI, n.d., Downend, see E.J. p65



Giles, 1643, Stapleton, Probate Inventory, BRO



Ambrose: usual abode Bristol, entered into pay 17.10.1783 discharged 29.6.1784 at Bristol, ship “Jupiter” Master Robt Craggs, who died, ship brought home by Capt Chas Sloper, Bristol/Africa/Jamaica/Bristol. MV Ships Muster Rolls.

Ambrose, ship “Sally” joined Bristol 22.7.1785 discharged Bristol 2.8.1786, Bristol/Africa/West Indies/Bristol MV Ships Muster Rolls

Ambrose: will dated 1796 & proved 1798: of Oldland, yeo, wife Ann, children Thos, Geo, Ann wife of Geo Edgecom, granddaughter Sarah, executor. John Edgecom son-in-law. BRO

Amy, of Hanham, intestate, effects under £50, son Samuel to administer. 11.2.1830, BRO.

Charles, see Chas Tannell, 1742

George, 19, of Bitton, cm, see Samuel Stone, 1837

Hannah see Abel Hibbs, 1744; Isaac see Priscilla Humphries, 1800

Isaac, 3, s.o. Thomas, cm, burnt to death in his clothes endeavouring to take cover off a pot of boiling water in absence of parents. Inq. 9.1.1812, Oldland, D260/GRO

Isaac & Mary Flower, mar Christchurch, 28.4.1709 (John s.o. Isaac/Mary bp 1709/10 & Isaac s.o. Isaac & Mary bp 1711, Christchurch.)

Isaac see Nathaniel Burchill, 1816

John Gengill, husbandman, aged abt 40, suitable as  a musketeer, Men & Armour, 1608,

John Gingell & Mary Ithells, mar Siston, 22.11.1744

John Gingel, shoemaker, bur 13.10.1768, Siston PR

Jonathon & Edith Byfield, mar St Michael’s 5.6.1699

Joseph & Ann Mouxford mar FC 1702; Joseph, FC, wills at GRO,1728

Joseph, feltmaker of FC, inventory 1787 from Goods & Chattells

Mr Henry Gingell of Wick, and Miss Bryan of same, married Abson, FFBJ 26.9.1807

Mr: “Thursday night the 16th ult., a gang of horse stealers broke open a stable belonging to a poor industrious man named Gingell at Hanham, and stole a horse, which was the only means of support for the man and his family, The thief and the horse were traced to the Severn, and the horse has probably been sold in Wales.” Bristol Journal, 1.1.1825.

Robert, “Rebecca” joined Bristol 2.11.1783, discharged 30.1.1785, ex Africa. MV Ships Muster Rolls

Ruth see Nathaniel Burchill, 1816; Samuel see Amy, 1830

Sarah, wife of Thos Ginghill of Abson, bur Doynton 9.8.1718

Thomas see Sarah, 1718, see Isaac, 1812

Thomas & Ann Packer mar 2.4.1719 W & A

Thomas, cm, a boy, had legs broken in accident at Shortwood Colliery in which Samuel Bennett was killed. See BG 27.1.1853 & Handel Cossham’s Diary, 21.1.1853

Vera, see Crane’s Firework Factory, 1935

William & Mary Hollister mar Mangots, 15.1.1677

William, cm, Stoke, lease CH2/27 1.6.1703, Westerleigh. West. PR, BRO

William, Barton Regis, 1708, yeo, Probate Inventory, BRO

— Gingell, Oldland Common Sch, 30.9.1892, see BAFHS 102, p11



Cicily, see John Simmes, 1664



Edward, 1743, Mangots, see E.J., p194



Betty Glancey see Thomas Caines, 1804

William Glanzey, collier, mar Harriet Haines, 1804, St Geo, d 1832 aged 55, St Geo.



Roger from Mangots. Death by accidentally falling into a stone quarry at Downing (sic). Bur Puck. 17 Feb 1769



Mary see Wm Stone, 1846

Thomas, mar Elizabeth Stark, Stapleton, 1862; Thos junior mar Kate Garraway, 1888, Elsie Violet Glass mar Charles Edward Chapman, 1912. See BAFHS 47 p17.



Hannah see Wm Moreman



Blaunchidyne, collier, Bitton/Hanham, aged abt 40, meanest stature, suitable as a pioneer. 1608, Men & Armour. (A little man with a big name.)

George see Geo Bush 1722; George see Rev J.A. Curtis, 1798

George of Caddymoor, fell into a coalpit and buried Bitton, 12.2.1817, aged 18. (Also mentioned by DV in Trapped in the Pit.) see KCP.

George, jun, Joseph, 1833-7; John  & Isaac 1838/9, Joseph, sickness, etc. Friendly Society for men employed at the Bitton, Toghill, & Common Turnpike Road, see article by E.C. Wilson, p20/21, BAFHS Journal 33

George, see James Harris, 1822,  see Rev W. Sandford, 1862

George: “On Whitsunday night May 30th, 1841 Geo Godfrey sen dreamed that he saw his wife Mary appare (sic) before him & told him that he would have to stay where he was for 2 yrs and then his books and accounts would be all settled for him.” (Witness hand & relate the story, Jun 4th , 1841, Stephen Freke.) See BAFHS no 9

Isaac see George, 1833

John, surveyor of Bitton, Turnpike Road, robbed by 3 men with blackened faces, see BG 22.3.1822, and FFBJ 23.3.1822, 20.4.1822, 18.5.1822

John, 24.8.1837, “bp John s.o. John & Virtue Godfrey, Bitton, road surveyor. Note. The father, the grandfather and great grandfather attended this christening. There were four Johns present. I joined their hands & blessed them.” H.J.E. Bitton. See also George, 1833.

John: May 4 at Oldland Common, 94, surveyor of Toghill & Bitton Turnpike, highly respected by all who knew him. Obit BG 15.5.1845

Joseph see George, 1833

Noah, 23, Bitton, contusion of arm, cured 1789, cured. BRI inpatients.

Samuel, bach, collier & Ann Weeks, sp, servant, mar Bitton, 26.3.1814

Samuel, collier, Easton Pit, in the pit at 6 a.m. awaiting relief. Gave evidence after accident to 3 men & 2 boys who fell to their death due to defective machinery. See FFBJ 23.6.1838, Jacob Pillinger, 1838 &  KCP.

Virtue: see John, 1837

Wm of Bassaleg mar Mary Wathen, of Bitton, at Bassaleg, Mon, 6.6.1805.



Anthony Godsell see Thos Willis, 1709

Edward of St Philips, cm, to Edward Rondell, surgeon. (Servants to Foreign Plantations, 1654-1686 by P. Wilson-Coldham)

William Godsall, St Philips, cm, & Mary Guy of same, bondsman William Waterford, St Philips, cm, 4.9.1663, BMLB

William, Barton Regis, 1672, probate inventory, BRO

William, of Barton Regis, coleminer, bought a horse from Gabriel Aysey, Old Cleave, miller. 28.7.1710, BRL B32433-5



Ann see Samuel Reynolds, 1784; Charles, 25, Hanham, in workhouse, 1897, Poor List

Fanny see Joseph Henry Prowse, 1922; Frederick see Joseph Henry Prowse, 1922

James see Eliz. Cowles, 1849; John see Samuel Reynolds, 1784

Richard H., Private, also known as Dick Palmer of Two Mile Hill, killed in action, see B.O. 22.6.1918

Robert, cut gorse worth 40d in Chase, 1374, see Braine, p39

Thomas, vicar of Stapleton, died 1675

Thomas, Stapleton, clerk, 1687, probate inventory, BRO

William of P & J, & Ann Jones Davies of Stanton Drew, mar by lic, 5.6.1822



—-a collier of beyond Dungen’s Cross (ie Don John’s Cross, St George) 20.1.1683, p259-260, Records of a Church in Christ.



NB: Golding unless otherwise specified A poor man called Spicer robbed of provisions when returning to Downend nr Fishponds, and on the same evening a man called Golding robbed of 7s and left lying in the road.” FFBJ 18.1.1817.

Abraham cm, & Judith Bush s, 22.10.1758, mar Bitton

Abraham, gave evidence after boiler explosion at Starveall Pit, St Geo, which killed Francis Bryant & 7 others. See FFBJ 14.6.1851 & KCP

Caroline see Charles, 1861

Charles, 1861 cens Aston St, Tipton, West Midlands,: Charles Golding, head, mar, 35, cordwainer, b. Downend, Glos, Caroline, 35, wife, b Wells, Som, Thomas, 15, son, b Wells, John,11, son, b Wells.

Edward & Jane Flower, b.o. Mangots, mar Almondsbury, 1720

Edward, wife Jane, son Flower, bp Mangots, 17 Jun 1733

Edward Golden, cm, Inventory 1752, see Probate Inventories of Mangots, Peris Jones, BAFHS Journal, no 36, p26

Eleanor, see Jacob, 1824

Elizabeth see Abraham Brain, 1722, see George, 1823, see Jacob 1824, see George, 1876

Esther see George, 1823; Flower see Edward 1733

Frank see Wm Hy Ettle, 1908

George, 9 of KW Hill, bur 6.4.1823, killed in a coalpit. See DV Trapped in the Pit & KCP

George, collier, KW Hill, wife Elizabeth, dau Esther bp HTKW 1823

George, cm, Soundwell/Mangots, wife Elizabeth nee Hales, son Willie, born 4.11.1876, birth certificate.

Isaac cm, & Francis Fisher, sp, mar Bitton, 1.10.1758

Isaac see Sarah, 1815

Jacob, cm, KW Hill, wife Eleanor, children Elizabeth & Jacob, bp HTKW 1824

Jane see Thomas, 1684, see Edward 1733, see Samuel 1849

John Goulding, inhab KW Chase 1684, Chester’s Liberty, Ellacombe

John of Mangots & Sarah Bennet, otp, mar St P & J, 15.6.1727

John Golden, 19, Mangots, tussis, dead. 1788, BRI Inpatients, BRO

John see Richard Brain, 1789, see Charles, 1861

John Golden for horsetheft at Stapleton, capitally convicted, see FFBJ 28.8.1819

Joseph Goolden, boy, one of 11 colliers drowned in Causeway pit (Lodge) Brain & Co, see BM 1.6.1839 & BG 30.5.1839. BM says no inquest held because bodies lay buried beneath masses of stone & earth & it was feared they would never be found. See KIACP.

Joseph see Samuel, 1849

Pharaoh, Lab, Downend, Bristol Poll, 1820

Ralph Goldyng of West. Glos, deed of gift to William Smyth of Hanam (sic) Glos, tenement with Woodland in Warmley, Ciston (sic) 24 Sep 5 Henry V (1417). Nicholas Smyth, s.o. William of Hanam, a kinsman of Ralph Goldyng to John Kemys of Siston, esq., 22.4.1465, letters of attorney to John Churchley, Thomas Tyler & Nicholas Trubody, re above, same date. Ref P/St P & J/R/D6a, BRO.

Samuel cm, KW Hill. “outvoter, Bitton” Electoral Roll, 1832

Samuel see Stephen 1837

Samuel, o21, wid, cordwainer, Filwood, s.o. Joseph, miner .& Jane Golding, o21, wid, washerwoman. Cockshott Hill d.o. Wm Taylor, mar 4.10.1849, HTKW

Samuel see Samuel Cool, 1865; Sarah, wife of Isaac, see Eleanor Johnson, 1815

Simon, 12, kcp falling down Bigg’s Pit, (Whittuck’s) Inq. Hanham, 5.9.1797, D260/GRO, & KCP

Stephen, P & J, 19 Jun 1828, cruelty to an animal, Lawford’s Gate Petty Sessions, see Vol 22, W.O.T. BRO, p65, BRO.

Stephen o21, widower, lab, s.o. Samuel, collier & Ann Bryant, o21, widow, KW, d.o. William Bryant, collier, mar Bitton, 19.10.1837

Stephen Goolden, boy, kcp, see Joseph 1839 KIACP

Thomas Goulding, 1614, see E.J. p177; Thomas, “his little cottage” see John Wood, 1653

Thomas Goulding, quarrier, his widow Jane. Inhabs of KW Chase 1684, Ellacombe.

Thomas, Goulden, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

Thomas see Charles, 1861; William see John Wood, 1653

Willie see George, 1876

—- Golding, see BAFHS Journal no 33, p20-21.



Matthew, churchwarden, Stapleton, 1681

Thomas, the ygr, husbandman, 1704, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p26


William, Mangersbury (sic – Mangotsfield?) 1658, Servants to Foreign Plantations, Wilson-Coldham



Henry, coachman at Hanham, witness at trial of Joseph Britton (Brittain) & others, highway robbery, see FFBJ 6.4.1850

Henry see John Jubilee Whittuck, 1851

Rev W.S., rector of Yate & Miss Ann Nair, niece of John Nair, Esq. of Lodge, Iron Acton, mar at I.A. BG 15.2.1816 & FFBJ 17.2.1816. (Written as Mair in FFBJ)



Elizabeth see John

John s.o. Thomas, 1752, see Joannah Flower

John, brother of Thomas, (see Thomas, 1845), his dau Elizabeth mar Lamarock Flower whose son Lamarock Junior of Bitton d 1737.

Mary see Thos, 1645; Rebecca see Thos, 1645

Thomas, yeo of Saltford, 1595-1645, PCC will left £5 annuity of lands in Bitton, Upton & Beach to dau Mary, dau Rebecca.

Thomas, 1627, see BAFHS 52, p35;Thomas, see John, 1752



Elizabeth, see Thomas Wallis, 1711

Francis, Upton Bitton, yeo & Elizabeth Roberts of Bristol, now Bitton, BMLB, 1692

Francis, of Upton Cheney, gent, d.5.4.1747 aged 77, John Goodman, his father, d. 2.5.1698 aged 75, Elizabeth, his wife, d.o. Adam Baynsham of Yate, d.11.5.1761 aged 90, Elizabeth wife of George Harrington, d.o. Francis Goodman, d.23.1.1743, Bitton, Bigland

John, gent of Upton Cheney, 50, see Thomas Sledge 1677, & BAFHS No 55, p14

John, 15, Hanham, contusion of back, 1789, Inpatients, BRI



Isaac see Thomas William, 1895

Thomas William, miner s.o. Isaac, lab, & Catherine Poole, mar St Silas, West., 21.4.1895



John & Richard Kingsbury, both of Hanham, aboard the “Lyon” privateer, 1757, Commander Robt Howe, Merchant Venturer’s Rolls.

Matthew, gardener, St Philips, bndsman, see George Lucas, 1708



Vincent, 1627, see John Burnell



Edward & wife, Daniel, Susannah, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation



Isaac Gorden, murdered at Tennis Court Inn, see Edward & Hannah Lewis, 1824

John Gordon, 1791, Mangots, see E.J. p145

Sgt Gordon– see William Bradbury, 1861



Bert, kept corner shop, Plummer’s Hill, picture, collecting for miners, 1926, EP 31.8.96

Dorothy see Elizabeth 1759

Elizabeth, (Tucker) dau of Thos & Dorothy Gore otp, and wife of Thomas Tucker, died 8.3.1759 aged 52.see Bigland, Stapleton

J.S. He wrote to me in 1978 with interesting drawing of miners’ lamp).

John see Thos Lacy, 1771

Margaret, died 8.2.1780, Bigland, Stapleton.

Martha see William, 1731

Martha mar Thomas England, 1739:and other members of Gore family See article by Susan Weeks “The Monks Family of Fishponds” BAFHS Journal, no. 125, Sept 2006

Mr: died at KW in the Prime of Life, Mr Gore, a preacher with Rev. Mr Wesley, FFBJ 13.2.1790

Philippa, see Thos Bubb, 1683

Sgt R.W.(portrait), presented with DCM at Douglas Brothers’ KW Motor Works, undated cutting, ca1915?, possibly first motor cyclist to be mentioned in despatches.

Robt & John, see Henry Batt, 1866

Thomas, otp 63, died 26.5.1761, Bigland, Stapleton, & see Wm, 1731, & Elizabeth 1759.

William, cordwinder, Sciston (sic) KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book..

William, of Sisson (sic) (Siston) brother to Thomas otp died 7.6.1731 aged 65; Martha wife of William d 21.6.1731



William, engineer, at Tom Joy’s Pit, evidence at inq. On Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, 1862.



John see Wm Horrell, 1684

Samuel, aged 13. Fell out of a barge going up Ricer Avon & drowned at Crews Hole, Inq, see FFBJ 31.1.1819



John see Isaac Britton, 1654, Thos Batman 1655



Mr Alfred, see John Thomas, 1841

Ann gave evidence for defence in King v. Edward Stone, on a charge of riot in KW, probably 1738, see Ellacombe, and also AKW.

Charles, see Charles Hale, 1780

Elizabeth Goff, Hanham, wills at GRO, 1727

Elizabeth of KW, wife of landlord of the Boarding House, KW, charged with murder of a pregnant women, see Farley’s Bristol newspaper. 12.10.1728

John: John Cook of Nibley, gent, James Dando, yeo, Joseph Prigg, jun, of Kendalshire. Maltster to pay John Gough, cm, for cottage tenements, garden, 13.1.1757, misc bonds, Westerleigh PR.

John Goff, cm, bur West 7.4.1760; Katherine see Joseph Hale, 1693

Obadiah see Simon Coole, 1721

Samuel, millwright/timber merchant of Frenchay, aged 60, obit FFBJ 24.7.1819

Susannah see Francis Harris, 1735,see John Ponting 1768

William see John Ponting 1768



Mr Daniel, of Siston, a very worthy man and faithful steward of Mr Trotman of Siston Court whose family he served for near 70 years, obit, FFBJ 27.11.1813

Daniel, who served Mr Trotman’s family at Siston Court for 4 generations, died aged 79, bur 28.11.1813, Puck. “Lived in a house called Shrubbery at Puck. Was Steward to Fiennes Trotman. See Braine, p192.

Dorothy, widow, Barton Regis, 1721, probate inventory, BRO

John, collier, (or coal carrier) formerly Robert Hays, inhab of KW Chase, 1684, Ellacombe.

Samuel – see Wm Player, 1782.



Richard Goodhind, bp Saltford 1821, died Overs Farm Siston, 6.7.1847 aged 46, widow Hannah left farm to take over Talbot Inn, Keynsham where she died 1871 aged 55.



John see John Harrison, 1756



Richard, otherwise Livings, see John Roger 1736



Ann see Thos Britton, 1712; Fanny Hellings bur 5.7.1900, Downend

H.M. & W.G, see AKW 1752

Henry of Bourton, Som, yeoman, bach o21 & Elizabeth Mills, Westbury, sp o21, 19.5.1801, BMLB

Henry Mills of Mangots, surgeon, o21, bach & Martha Pocock, 19, St Michael’s, spinster, 2.11.1831, BMLB.


Henry Mills Grace was “The Colliers’ Surgeon” and gave evidence to Elijah Waring, 1841. Said, tersely  that “accidents etc were due to carelessness by the miners not due to machinery, ropes”, when evidence was very often to the contrary. Gave evidence after Starveall Pit accident, see BJ 14.6.1851 that death of 8 miners was due to scalds. Amputated arm of George Britton, 1845. See George Britton

1851 census Mangotsfield:

Henry Mills Grace Head Mar 43 General Practitioner, MRCS(London) born Long Ashton

Martha , wife, 38,  born Bristol

Anne, dau, 16, born Mangots.

Fanny N. dau, 12 born Mangots

Alice B.  dau,  6, born Mangots

Elizabeth G. ,dau, 4, born Mangots

William G. , son, 2,  born Mangots

George F., son, 3 mths,  born Mangots

Catharine McGilbert, niece, 6,  born Middlesex

Elizabeth Bryant, unmar, servant, 26, lady’s maid born Frampton Cotterell

Mary Ann Temple, unmar servant,  23, cook  born Monmouth

Martha Coleman, unmar, servant, 16, parlourmaid born Downend

Sarah Ann Gibbs, unmar, servt, 16,  nursemaid born Mangots

Henry Grace, apprentice unmar, 18, medical student born Mangots

Stephen Langley, apprentice,  18, medical student, born,  Monmouth

William Harris, servant, errand boy, 17, born Mangots.


1861 census, Mangots:

Henry Mills Grace, 53, head, mar

Ann, dau, 26, dau, unmar surgeon’s daughter  b Downend

Fanny Hellings, dau, unmar,  22, surgeon’s dau, b Downend

Alfred Hellings,  20   son, unmar, medical student, b Downend

Edward Mills, 19, son, unmar, medical student, b, Downend

Alice Rose, 16, dau, unmar, surgeon’s daughter, b Downend

Elizabeth Blanche, dau, 14, surgeon’s dau, b Downend

Alfred Pocock, widower, 47, visitor, lithographic artist, b  Bristol

Emma Bales 19 house & parlourmaid, born Swansea

Eliza Thorn, 21 cook, born Westerleigh


1871 census, The Chestnuts, Mangots.

Henry Mills Grace 63  G.P. MRCS born Long Ashton

Martha, 58,  surgeon’s wife born Bristol

Annie dau, unmar, 36, b Downend

Fanny, dau, unmar, 32, b Downend

William son, unmar, 22, medical student, b Downend

George, son, unmar, 20, medical student, b Downend

Alfred Pocock,  bro in law, 57 wid. Lithographer, born Bristol

John Lloyd, boarder 21 medical student, born Wem, Salop

Sarah Bracey, 20, housemaid  born Staple Hill

Mary Bracey, 18,  cook , b Staple Hill


William Gilbert, s.o. Henry Mills & Martha Grace, bp Mangotsfield 8.8.1848 mar Agnes Day.

A superstar: with the exception of Queen Victoria, the most famous person in the world in the 1880s! For his career, see Braine, 202-206. William Gilbert see EP 4.4.2000 for article & photo, see cuttings book., see also BAFHS Journal no 101, p18. For Article “The Grace Trail” & full FT, see BAFHS Journal 53, p26-29.


George Frederick s.o. Henry Mills & Martha Grace bp Mangots 6.1.1850

Henry see May Perrott, 1921

Mr., Surgeon, Lawrence Hill, see FFBJ 30.9.1752


John Walter Dann 26, bach, clerk in Holy Orders. Mangots, so. Jonathon, merchant & Elizabeth Blanche Grace, sp, Mangots, dau of H.M. Grace, surgeon, mar Mangots. 23.6.1869, witnessed by Sara H Dann, Alfred George Dann, Fanny H. Grace.


Henry Skelton, 32, bach, surgeon, Mangots, s.o. Thomas Alfred, jeweller & Annie Grace, 37, sp, Mangots, d.o. H.M. Grace, surgeon, mar Mangots, 23.1.1873, witnessed John Walter Dann & Elizabeth Blanche Dann.


Henry Mills Grace, d1871 aged 63, Martha his wife died 1884 aged 72, George Frederick d 1880 aged 30. MI Downend, E.J. p 65

Dr Henry, surgeon, “of KW” – plaque still at KW Shopping Centre – MI Downend, E.J. p66


Grace family see “With a little bit of luck” by Bob Grace, BAFHS Journal no 62 p34-37.



Mr of Barton Hill, his horse stolen, FFBJ 6.4.1822



Edward, Winterbourne,1636, probate inventory, BRO

Elizabeth see Grant Cottle, 1771, AKW 1771



Betty see George Harrington, 1747/8; Mary see Wm Willis, 1697



Miss, of Moorend, 1820, see E.J. p198



Cater see AKW 1764

Charles of West., lab, & Rachel Tovey by lic Wapley & Codrington, 6.4.1762

Cornelius see Samuel 1826; Eliza see Sarah, 1806

Eliza, 25, keeping a disorderly house, LG 1820, p31, BAFHS Journal no 61

Emily nee Pullin, see Hartley Haskins 1868

George: to take apprentice William Hooper (11) until 21 in the trade & mysteries of a feltmaker. 5.12.1742: Puck. Indentures, BRO

George see Sarah, 1806, see John 1841, see Joseph Witchell, 1847

Hannah see Samuel 1826; Harriett see Joseph Witchell 1847

Henry, miners’ delegate to see Mr Leonard, representing Whitehall Pit: strike at Easton & Whitehall, see WDP 6.6.1874

Hester see William 1757

Isaac “For the Charity House” Michaelmas 1820, Pucklechurch Overseers of the Poor. (BRO)

Isaac see John. 1841, see Mary Cox, 1848

James, (1806) see E.J.p41, MI Mangots, see E.J., p58

James, carpenter, Mangots, Bristol Poll, 1820

John : in Pucklechurch Poor House, Michaelmas 1820 & illness 1822. Pucklechurch Overseers of the Poor. (BRO)

John  cm, aged 35, born county, 1841 census Bitton in fam gp with Rebecca, 35, Thomas, 11, Isaac, 8, George, 5 & William, 2.

John see Mary Cox, 1848; John Holbin, 45, drowned. Bitton bur reg 31.8.1848

John, collier kcp Soundwell Pit, 29.12.1853 when loading a bucket with rubbish. Rope holding bucket broke and fell on his head, a man named Cook conversed with him saying “I wish I had a light” and Green replied “It would be no use to have a light to a dead man.” Cook escaped. The pit was Whittock’s. See FFBJ 1.1.1853 & KIACP.

Joseph, of Bristol, 29, bur Westerleigh, 12.8.1758

Joseph, collier at Coalpit Heath, blown into a pit and killed. FFBJ 28.2.1789, KIACP

Mary see Wm 1757, see Henry Warn, 1799; Michael, see Henry Batt, 1866

Peter, “sinker” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Peter of Westerleigh. Kcp by falling coal No I New Engine Pit, 11.10.1856. Inq. Co I Acc 1291 GRO & KIACP

Rebecca see John 1841; Richard, “engineman” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

Samuel, cm, Soundwell, wife Hannah, & son Cornelius bp HTKW 1826

Sarah see Richard Hollister 1791

Sarah: To the parish of Walcot for the return to Pucklechurch of Sarah Green, widow, and two children Eliza ,4, & George, 11 weeks. 3.10.1806. Puck. Removal Orders, (Widow Green appears in Overseers of the Poor Accounts up 1812 and beyond. Including “Pd Susan Chambers for the entertainment of Wid. Green, 7.12.1807). BRO

Simon, 19, kcp by stone at Wimsey Pit. Inq 24.2.1812 Cad. Heath. D260/GRO & KIACP

Thomas see John, 1841

William, Barton Regis, distiller, 1694, probate inventory, BRO

William, cm, Hester his wife & ch Mary,2, & William, 6mths, settlement cert. Westerleigh from Chipping Sodbury. 10.11.1757 (Westerleigh PR BRO)

William: “Paid for a warrant to bring William Green to justice” Easter 1813. Puck. O.P BRO.
William, listed as a defaulter 1823. Pucklechurch Overseers of the Poor. (BRO)

William see John 1841



Ann see Olive, 1846

Betsy, wife of Henry Olive Greenway, d 1834 aged 26, MI Downend, E.J, p65

Charles, d 1895 aged 64. MI Downend, E.J. p66

Edward Greenaway of St Geo, Martha, his mother to administer, intestate Sep 1779, effects under £100, Bondsmen Edward Wayte, cm, St Geo, William Hicks, horsedriver. (BRO)

Elizabeth Greenaway see John Cottle, 1666/7

Francis Grinaway mar Mary Hall, Abson 25.6.1722

Francis Greenway, 1777-1837, son of  a Mangotsfield mason, forger, “from death cell to father of Australian Architecture” (portrait)  see EP, Bristol Times, 20.3.2001,

Fred, d 1895 aged 69, MI Downend, E.J. p66

Hannah Greenaway, see John Fry 1786

Henry Olive, see Betsy, 1834

  1. Greenway, see Francis Creswick, 1674: J. Greenway, R. Jones, Thos Willis, Mr Gibbs, Poynz Smith, Mr Ric Jones, Wm Underhill, ff Stout.

John Greenway, gardener, inhabs of KW Chase 1684 (Ellacombe); gardener, poor, wife, 4 ch, survey of KW Chase 1691, Ellacombe KW Bitton Vol 10

John Greenaway, of Bitton & Mary Balsom, Staple. Mar Siston 9.6.1735

Jos Greenway, see Fra Creswick 1674

Joseph Greenaway, St Geo, yeo, intestate 24 Mar 1795, bondsman Moses Rennolds, cm, (BRO)

Martha Greenaway, see Edward 1779; Mary Greenway, see Thos Burchill 1777

Olive, d1846, aged 72. Builder of Downend Church. His wife Ann, d1877, aged 80. MI Downend, E.J. p66

Saul Greenaway cm, 25, kcp 27.2.1800, Mr John Stibb’s pit. Inq at Mr Quarman’s Oldland Common. D260/GRO & KIACP


Greenaway BTs at St George:

  • bp Rebecca d.o. Sam. & Elizabeth

          bp Mary d.o. Edward & Ann

  • bp Sarah d.o. Edw. & Ann
  • mar Joseph mar Sarah Jefferies

bp Samuel d.o. Joseph & Sarah

1774  bp Isaac s.o. Samuel & Lucy

1775, bp Hannah d.o. Joseph & Sarah Greenaway

          bp Elizabeth d.o. Samuel & Elizabeth

          bp William s.o. Edward & Ann

1777, bp Sarah d.o Edward & Ann

1779, bp Ann d.o. Joseph & Sarah (born 1777)

          bp Susanna d.o. Joseph & Sarah

          bp Edward s.o. Edward & Ann

          bp Daniel s.o. Wm & Jane

  • mar Richard Greenaway & Sarah Roberts, sp, botp

mar Joseph Greenaway & Mary Smith sp, botp

mar Joseph Greenaway & Ann Barrett, sp, botp

bp Susanna d.o. Geo & Mary

bp Samuel s.o. Samuel & Mary

bp Harriet d.o. Richard & Sarah 



Thomas: Mr, surgeon of Hanham, decoyed from his house & robbery attempt, see BG 15.6.1826



Mr G.C., Manager of Tom Joy’s Pit, KW, where accident took lace killing Thos Brain & Joseph Iles, 1862. He gave £1 to widows’ fund. KIACP


, “many years a servant at Cyder House Passage, a respectable public house, taken drowned out of the river at Crew’s House and carried to her mother’s house in KW. (BMBJ 6.8.1791)



Alice see John, 1794; Ann, widow, will Mangots 1643, see BAFHS,3.

Ann see John, 1794; Arthur see Roger 1759

Daniel, perambulation of IA, 1745

Edward of Puck. (Will, 54, Scroope) 9.6.1630, son Robt & relict, Ellen, dec’d. (Yr Books)

Edward see John Frank, 1683

Eleanor Grigory see Nicholas Woolley, 1662

Eleanor, wid & John Gregory, inhabs of KW, Berkeley’s Liberty, 1684, Ellacombe

Elizabeth see John Luce, 1638

Ellen see Edward 1630; Fanny see John, 1794

Harriet see John 1794

James, of Warmley, engineer, convicted of manslaughter, “neglected to erect a guard at the pit mouth which acts as a preventative of danger when pit is down the shaft whereby a man called Loftus fell back into an empty truck & was killed.” The accident took place at Bedwas Llantwit Colliery. J.G. surrendered to the coroner at Newport. See B.O. 27.4.1867.

Jane, 74, aged, Siston outdoor poor, 1897

Joan Gregorie & John Philips of Puck, mar Swainswick, 9.7.1691

John see Eleanor, 1684; John Gregory & Robert Tyler hath 1 pitt landing coal & 3 open near Broad Arrow Head & Well Green, 1684, Ellacombe

John see John Jeffrys, 1684

John, collier, Iron Acton, wife Alice, nee Box, ch: Harriett bur 1794, Mary Ann  bur 1795, Fanny bp 1801, (wife’s maiden name given as Matthews on this occasion) Ann bp 1806, Alice bp 1808 all Iron Acton. (Poss two families?)

Mary see Jonathon Jeffery 1754; Mary Ann see John 1794

Robert see Edw. 1630; Roger see John Luce, 1638

Roger, s.o. Arthur of West. House carpenter to Henry Perry, feltmaker, 26.11.1759 (Bristol Apprentices BRO)

Samuel, perambulation of IA, 1745; Thomas, perambulation of IA, 1745

Thomas, merchant, Puck, KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book..

Thomas of West., cm, & Elizabeth Higgs of Yate mar Yate 1801.

Thomas: Westerleigh apprents: Elizabeth Skreen apprenticed to Thos Gregory, cm, as housewife, 25.6.1707

Thomas, merchant, Puck, 1734, Electoral Roll

Thomas & William, “stone digging & filling” 16.7.1789, BRO AC/AS/97 8b

William see Edw. Woollie, 1629

William, yeoman of Mangots, keeper aged 60 in 1629, see E.J. p181

William, 1643, husbandman, Mangots, BAFHS 36, p26, probate inventory, BRO

William Gregorie, 1720, Winterbourne, probate inventory, BRO

William, 1743, Mangots, see E.J. p194

William see Thos, 1789

Messrs Gregory of KW Hill, engineering firm specialising in pumps and steam sinkers, circa 1780 see N538, Redland College Library.



Mary, Siston & Andrew Wyke, Castle, BMLB, 1667



Ursula, 1553, see Rowland Hayward



John Henry, mineowner, CP Heath, 1856, summons, see SGMRG newsletter, no 32, Dec 2012



Samuel, of St George, uncle of Sarah Anthony, poor child of Brislington who was apprenticed to him in 1790 (see Brislington Bulletins, no 5, DPL)

 Thomas of Crew’s Hole, 50, died cholera epidemic, 8.9.1832, bur St Geo.

William & wife, living  Siston 1674 during vicar’s perambulation. William Griffin (died 1682) described innholder. Griffin Inn still stand at Bridgeyate on London Road to Marshfield.

William, Yate, coalworker kcp, Dog Trap Pit, 18.12.1861, GRO COI/1291/Acc. & KIACP



Richard, Winterbourne, 1685, probate inventory, BRO

On 13 May, Mr Samuel Griffith headmaster of Kingswood School, to Sarah Bowles, 2nd d.o. Rev R. Smith, Wesleyan Minister, at Holy Trinity Kingswood, Hill. (FFBJ 24.5.1834



Albert see James Ricketts, 1898

David, 19, b St Philips, 1881 cens RN at sea, etc., BAFHS 73, p27

Edward of Hanham & Mary Riss, Wickwar, mar Yate 24.9.1718

John see Wm, 1730/1; Martha see Samuel Garland, 1723

Philip see AKW 1764

Will s.o. John Grifet, bp St P & J, 15.3.1730/1 (For Griffith family see BAFHS 60, p24)



Mr Richard & wife, inhabs of Siston, 1674, Vicar’s perambulation



Rebecca, wife of Joseph, skinner, Mangots, bur in woollen, Nov 1729, B32433/5 BRL



John see Robt Long, 1684 & John Jeffrys, 1684



John, yeo, died St George, intestate, Mary his widow to administer, 31.8.1773

Mary see John, 1773

William Grindle summonsed by Mary Ann Short re her illegitimate child, see BMerc 18.2.1871

Grindall’s the horse traders” at Pile Marsh, see letter from Mrs Whitaker, Bristol Journal, 3.11.1978 E.P

Imposing gravestone at Avonview Cemetery, and road named after family in St George..



George see John Fisher 1759



Sarah see John Sutton, 1715



Sarah, late of Beach, d 26.3.1762, aged 63, MI Bitton, Bigland.



Lively Grove, glassman, drowned in River Avon, with two others, going to Bath. Inq. 10.7.1794, D260 GRO



George: Notorious petty criminal, Cock Road Gang member, and sometime lover of Lydia Caines

For some reason taken up by press as a Robin Hood romantic figure.


1808 stealing breeches from William Snellgrove of Keynsham, arrested 1809 at Chepstow Wool Fair. (See C.R.Gang by I. Wyatt, BRL.).1810 admitted King’s Evidence in respect of case against Joel Lovell, Wm Dunham, James Hall for robbing Francis Winbow, Bristol Assize, see FFBJ 21 April 1810; 1814: George Groves & J. Williams to Gloucester accused stealing banknotes from Wm Carter, butcher, St P & J, 9.4.1814.


“Between 5 & 6 o’clock, Wed. morning, G.G. who has frequently escaped clutches of the law taken at his house 3 miles from this City by Police Officers Evans, Harman, Wilkinson  & Smith and committed to Gloucester Gaol for receiving Bombazit. (Perhaps “Bombazine” a twill cloth?) BMerc 10.2.1817


George, notorious thief.  “G.G. alias George Crossman, well known in this City charged with attempting to pick the pocket of Stephen Hill, shoemaker at Salisbury. FFBJ 14.8.1819.


George Groves, 25, removed from Gloucester by habeas corpus having 50 yards of Bombazit, value 40 shillings, to Bristol Assizes. Acquitted 21.4.1817. Supposed to be in gaol at Fisherton, Wilts, but set at liberty, no bill having been found against him. “It is whispered however that the whole story is a hoax invented by the Captain himself and that when reported at Fisherton he was exercising his vocation in Bristol. 11.9.1819.FFBJ. For Aug 1820 see Glos Journal, 4.9.1820: Jan 1822, transported from Derby and believed to have been murdered in Australia. (See Pamphlet, BRL 3068) .



Sarah see John Sutton, 1715



Ann see Geo Davis, 1842

Cyrus, s.o. Robt of Mangots, dec’d apprent to Thos Osborne, soapmaker, 22.1.1701

Cyrus, grocer of Mangots, KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book..

Edgar s.o. Robt, of Mangots, dec’d apprent to John Butcher, grocer, 5.2.1701

Edgar, grocer, Mangots, KW Country voices, 1722, Bristol Poll Book & Electoral Roll, 1739

Elizabeth see Robert 1621; Hanna wife of Robert, died 3.12.1775, obit Mangots see E.J. p37

Humphrey see Robert 1621; James, cm, St Geo, Bristol Poll Book, 1784

James, cm, St Geo, will 1.1.1818, to Stephen Guest all my right & shares in Air Balloon Colliery, lately opened on property of James Lockley. Witnesses Richard Haynes, solicitor, Bristol, Samuel Tyler, stonecutter Fishponds, Stapleton, John Hicks, lab, Crews Hole, St Geo. (BRO)

James, of KW, “an old eccentric”, report of his funeral, BMerc 19.5.1866.

Maria see Robert 1621; Martha see James, 1818

Mary see Robert 1621; Mary, 76, aged, Mangots outdoor poor, 1897

Miss, teacher at High Street, School, KW, see EP 14.2.1991

Richard see Robert 1621

Robert Geaste (sic) : his will 1621, Mangots., wife Elizabeth, dau Mary, dau  Elizabeth, bro Richard, bro Humphrey (BRO)

Robert, see Henry Bampton, 1662; Robert Guest, Maria Guest, MI Mangots, E.J. p37

Robert see Cyrus 1701, see Edgar 1701; Robert of Mangots & Mary Pinker, BMLB 3.7.1739

Robert, 1743, see E.J. p194; Robert see Hannah 1775, see Geo Davis, 1842

Stephen, cm, St Geo, Bristol Poll 1774; admitted to Bristol Liberties 5.10.1774 by marriage to Martha, dau of Wm Roach, mariner (Bristol Burgesses)

Stephen see James, 1818



Benjamin, 19 of Bitton & John Hawkins, 22 of Hanham, executed for burglary at Over Gallows, Gloucester 11.8.1798. (List of hanged persons GRO). See also Wm Sheppard, 1798

Elizabeth Gullock, West., wills at GRO,1729

John, 33, cm, convicted burglary at house of Elizabeth Hurle at Whatley, nr Frome, on 24.2.1858, 4 yrs penal servitude, BMerc 3.4.1858



James see Isaac Sweet, 1784

James: Advert: for sale, tenements in Bitton, Proprietor, Mr James Gully, front page, FFBJ 1.8.1818

John, born Rose & Crown, Wick & bp 21 Aug 1783, Champion of the English Prize Ring, 1808. See “Strange Encounters” by Jim Brady, BRL

Philip see John Upham, 1789

Thomas of W & A, mar Elizabeth Penny wid, 11.8.1805, Bath Abbey

Walter, s.o. pit blacksmith, New Pit, Bitton, whose memories appear in “Bitton, a South Glos Village” by C.P. Sketchley. (GRO D1658) Gully senior worked there c1896.

William Gulley, Oldland, Polled house in own tenure: objected to. “No Freehold” Gloucestershire Election, BG 20.2.1777 & SFBJ 22.2.1777

William see Isaac Sweet, 1782; William, 73, wife, aged. Bitton outdoor poor, 1897



Susannah, see Wm Jefferies 1806



Ann of Brislington, d.o. Simon Martin Cotterell of Keynsham, mentioned in father’s will 16.4.1789. (SRO,DD BRC 11)

Edmund, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe.

Edmund, mason of Bitton, belonging to “Tyger” privateer. PCC will 11.7.1757, proved 1761 by Joan Fisher, sister, wife of Edward Fisher, blacksmith, having died whilst serving on HMS “Pollurna”.

Edwin, 14, Siston, bur N. Stoke, 14.10.1835.

George, of Bitton & Ann Chambers of Puck. Mar Puck 4.11.1759

Joseph, 63, Mangots, bur 1.9.1849, N. Stoke.

Mr see AKW 1753

Robert, St P & J, 1664, probate inventory, BRO

Robert see Wm, 1701

Robert Gunning & Sarah Bryant mar Keynsham 8.1.1785, by Lic

Thomas, tythingman of Bitton, 1722, Ellacombe

Thomas, sen, d 29.10.1747 aged 56 & Mary his wife d 14 Feb 1748 aged 48, MI Bitton, Bigland.

Thomas of Bitton & Ann Cottrell mar Keynsham 10.12.1782, by Lic

Thomas of Bitton & Sarah Mosely, mar Doynton, 12.4.1787

William of Barton Regis, s.o. Robert, blacksmith, to Peter Bush, butcher, Bristol Apprents, 22.10.1701.

William, tsp life for Highway Robbery at KW, see FFBJ 6.4.1850, see Joseph Britton, 1850

—– Gunning, killed during colliers’ march on Bristol & his body carried to St Peter’s Hospital. See FFBJ 26.5.1753 & Annals of KW.

(Many Gunnings appear in the register of Cold Ashton, Glos.)



George see Philip James, 1796; George, inhab Mangots, 1798, see BAFHS 7, Spring 1977

George, Mangots, 1820, see E.J. p198

Jane, 8 and a half, dau of labourer, St Geo, scalded to death by steam whilst playing underneath boiler at Starveall Pit, St George, see BM 20.5.1858 & KCP

Moses, Siston Hill, sat down in Poor House & expired, see BM 17.1.1829

Mr of Downend, 1811, see Thos Roberts

William – see Wm Player, 1782



John see Abel Kitchen 1614; Mary see Wm Godsall 1663



Frances, spinster, Stapleton, 1733, probate inventory, BRO

Frances see Joseph, 1733

George: Oldest resident in KW aged 90. Evening Post 10.11.1934 with his history.

Joseph, father of Frances, Stapleton, 1733, BAFHS 72, p15

William,  Mable his wife, Thomas, 17, Hannah, 12, Elizabeth, 9, Susannah 7, Mary 4, Martha, 4, Nancy 9 mths. Removal Order Westerleigh to Mangots, 15.2.1764.



Isaac see Richard Britton, 1800.



Beatrix see Giles Daubeny, 1789

Thomas, Winterbourne, 1618, probate inventory, BRO