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“Married Emigrants in steerage, 1844.” Drawing from Illustrated London News.

Home Thoughts From Abroad

The two letters partially reproduced for this article were sent in 1859 by a Brislington man, Richard Turner, to his widowed mother, Mary, and the family back home. He and his wife Liz had...
Comet 1811

Is Your Name Comet?

As my small band of followers will know I have a family connection with Outer Space. Way back in the days of yore I was idling through the Brislington parish registers when I spotted...

Brislington Bulletins

Brislington Bulletins 1066-1600 began as “something mediaeval” an idea for my BA dissertation, but when the project became top-heavy, sparse for the early period, and too much at the end, it was unworkable. So...