Futurology at the Museum of Totterdown

People looking through the drawers to see artefacts in the Museum of Totterdown

We are a family of fossil collectors, and though out of habit I look down at the ground if I go for a walk, I have never thought much of the detritus the filthy human race drop in the street. I’ve never been driven to collect any of it. That is, unless I am in crusading mood and pick up cans and bottles to take home for recycling. My eyes were opened when at “The Museum of Totterdown” last Sunday. Kevin, my son and I met Maria Mochnacz who collects. And I mean COLLECTS, writ large Street Art. Odd Gloves – they are part of the display, all tagged, labelled and dated, each with an imagined story behind it. Then there are the small drawers, each one with a treasure of sorts. Party Hats, out of date bus/student passes. A run over car mirror, cracked into a myriad sparkling pieces, as a bonus still in its metal frame, is a work of art. Who knew? Some were real eye openers – for instance the partially used blister pack of genital herpes medication!  We were fascinated. From now on I shall think of such things in as ‘futurology’ – maybe somebody will do better and coin a proper word with a correct Greek pre-fix. Maria says she has boxes of the stuff. She even takes donations. I read recently of somebody who collects discarded shopping receipts and has written a book about them. I collect the people I meet, both alive now and in history. All the same under the skin.

If you can, get along to the Museum. It’s only on for a couple more days.

Somer artefacts from the Museum of Tooterdown

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