HENRY JONES of Bristol, Baker & Biscuit maker, 36-37 Broadmead – Can you help?

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Royal Baking Powder and Schilling Food Coloring, early to mid 20th century, photographed at Edmonds Historical Museum, Edmonds, Washington, USA.

HENRY JONES of Bristol, Baker & Biscuit maker, 36-37 Broadmead, On 27 Sept 1845 Bristol Times contains this advert re Letters Patent for making bread with the addition of water only.

Dear Bristol History,

I hope you are well at this time. I am an archival researcher with the American Chemical Society (ACS). ACS is producing an educational video about the invention of baking powder. In the video we will review research and products that preceded the invention of baking powder. This work includes self-raising flour which was invented by a British baker from Bristol named Henry Jones who lived from 1812 through 1891. Henry Jones’s papers and patents are held at the Bristol Archives. https://archives.bristol.gov.uk/records/29932

I am writing to inquire whether you are aware of portraits, photographs, paintings, or drawings which depict Henry Jones’s face may be available in an archival collection?

Many kind and sincere thanks for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,
Sarah Katz, MFA
I acknowledge the traditions and culture of the Abenaki Peoples on whose land I work
Katz Tale Media, LLC


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