My Booklets for Sale – Proceeds to Charity

To those, like me, who prefer to read from a hard copy, I still have a few of my booklets from the days when I photocopied and bound them for interested parties. They are on sale for £3 each, if collected (Bristol); or plus postage of £3.00 if I need to send by mail (UK).

All proceeds will go to the charity Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK) which provides support for people and their families with Scoliosis and raises awareness of the condition among health professionals and the general public.

Please email me:

BLACK BRISTOLIANS (18th & 19th Century)

BRISLINGTON BULLETINS:Brislington Bulletins by DP Lindegaard (near Bristol, formerly Somerset.) A day to day account of the people and happenings in the parish.

No 1. 1066-1600

No 2. 1601-1699

No 3. 1700-1749

No 4. 1750-1774

Supplement to Vols 1-4 (£2)

No 6. 1800-1824

No 7. 1825-1840

ANNALS of KINGSWOOD: (east of Lawford’s Gate, Bristol) Daily lives of the people who lived in the area of the former Kingswood Forest and beyond.

No 3. 1725-1749

No 1. 1750-1775

No 4. 1796-1820

Pillinger Family HistoryThe SIMPLE ANNALS of the POOR. Comparative 16th century lives, Syston, Glos. & Brislington, Somerset.

FAMILY HISTORY: comprehensive research of the PILLINGER Family:

The Pillingers of Ditteridge & Box, Wiltshire

The Pillingers of Brislington & Bedminster


Index of Names, Historic Kingswood People

Surnames beginning A-B; H-I; S-T; U-Z.

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